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If you had a chance to be described by a color, what color that would be? And why?

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photoalee_naaah
Blue. It represents calmness and serenity, as well as communication and trust. And I love how often it is associated with the ocean or the sky - two vast, beautiful things that remind me of how small we are in this world. And it is a soothing colour. It reminds me of moments of quiet reflection or spending time alone in nature. ✨️
If you had a chance to be described by a color what color that would be And why

What types of personalities do you tend to gravitate towards? Why do you think that is?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
When it comes to personalities, I tend to be drawn towards people who are sincere, empathetic and have a positive outlook on life, those with a quiet steadfastness, and individuals who are not afraid to delve beneath the surface and connect on a deeper level. I believe it is a reflection of my own yearning for genuine understanding, a kindred spirit with whom I can be my true self. 🌻

What types of personalities do you tend to gravitate towards? Why do you think that is?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I gravitate towards independent, outspoken, passionate, competitive, and strong-willed personality types because those are the traits I wish I had and it’s what I’m attracted to. I need someone to take the initiative for me since I myself am not one to make changes unless someone encourages me to do so and those personality types are more likely to take the initiative and change their life for the better than I am. I look up to outspoken individuals because I’ve always been quiet in school and was never able to speak up in a classroom setting and those people tend to not hold back, not caring about what people think of them. Competitive and passionate individuals encourage me to be the best at whatever it is that I do but unfortunately, I haven’t had anyone that really motivated me much over the past few years.

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The last time you cried?

arsalsajjad798’s Profile Photoarsalsajjad798
Life feels like walking through a fog where nothing really reaches you. There's a constant heaviness, an emptiness that words can't quite capture. Nights stretch on, filled with a silence that isn't peaceful but hollow. The world moves on, but everything seems muted, like a film with the sound turned off. It's a quiet kind of pain, one that doesn't shout but whispers, always there in the background, reminding you what's missing.

Do you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert and how has that made an impact on your friendships/interactions with others? Has your level of being introverted or extroverted changed over time?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I'm an introvert and I've seen how it affects my relationships and friendships. Being quiet and not talking much has sometimes felt like a setback. People seem to like those lively, chatty types who light up a room, which isn't me. I've been working on being more outgoing over time because I don't want to miss out on opportunities.

Say something you have always wanted to hear from someone

Vixen98o’s Profile PhotoVixen98o
"I know you’re silly, but I love that trait.
Your reactions can be pointless, but at least you care.
Sometimes you go quiet, but we still know what’s inside your mind.
And, sometimes you stick to bad decisions, but.............OKAY, THAT'S ENOUGH. THIS IS DUMB ACTUALLY...!🌚"

what insecurity holds you back the most?

As a phlegmatic person, I often compare myself to outgoing, lively people who do well in social situations. It makes me doubt myself and wonder if my quiet / calm/ reserved personality is good enough, or if I should try to be more like them. I'm always questioning whether I'm okay just being myself.

What's a significant canon event of your life?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
Leaving school. That particular change of environment affected me so much. I went from being overtalkative, over expressive, and incredibly extroverted in general, to being quiet, reserved and introverted. I used to be someone who knew how to exist in every room, now even the familiar ones feel like examination halls.

Isn't it strange how nowadays a lot of people want to leave the city and relocate to the countryside? Many years ago, during industrialization, everyone moved to the city from the country. Now, we want to live somewhere quiet, with clean air, and lots of green spaces and nature.

People mostly moved to cities for jobs and access to things you couldn't have in the sticks, with the development of better tech and remote working that's less necessary so people are leaving for greener pastures, just like I did 😂

What's your favorite time of day? ☀️🌙

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It is either early in the morning or late at night cause there is somethin' magical about those quiet moments when the world seems to slow down and you can just be present with your thoughts and feelings. But if I had to choose just one time of day as my favourite, I had to go with either sunrise or sunset. 🌇 🌅 ✨️💙.
Whats your favorite time of day

Describe what a perfect morning looks like to you.

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
Waking up after a good dream to a cool, breezy morning with the birds chirping outside. Starting the day with some walking, then sitting down to have an easy breakfast – granola cereal and some tea – while either having a chat with family or a friend, watching the sunrise on the rooftop, or watching a Sitcom.
I like slow, lazy mornings filled with quiet laughter or just quietness. I always wake up an hour earlier than I am meant to (or whatever) just to be as lazy as I want to be.

What about you do you seem to get the most comments about?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
A lot of people tend to mention how quiet I am… which I mean, I understand why, I am quiet, always have been. I’m definitely one to sit and observe rather than engage in most situations. To give you an idea, I was the extremely shy kid in school who sat in the back of class and didn’t speak unless spoken to. I was also the kid (especially when I was little) who almost always preferred playing by myself than with groups of kids. 😅 But yeah, people to this day, comment on it fairly frequently.
I’d say the frustrating thing about people making comments though, is that there’s almost this unspoken expectation that I’ll somehow be louder, more talkative, etc, after someone points it out. Which may work for some, but certainly not for me. I just get embarrassed and awkward, and have an even harder time knowing what to say. 😶
One thing that is a positive is that once I warm up and feel safe with you, I will open up and be way more talkative. Honestly, when I feel comfortable, I can be quite the chatter box. And sometimes, you may even catch the side of me that is louder and wild. I think that is something people close to me can attest to, is that yes, I’m quiet a lot, but I can and do open up after a while. ☺️

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What about you do you seem to get the most comments about

Do your parents ever think that you’re talking to them for the sole purpose of arguing/fighting when you’re just expressing how frustrated you are without intending to argue?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Not my parents, but sometimes I think expressing my feelings can be taken the wrong way. If I'm expressing how I feel it's usually so the other person knows and has an understanding of where I'm coming from. Expressing myself isn't meant to lead to argument. I actually hate arguing and fighting. I'm more of a stay quiet and keep my distance if I'm upset or disappointed.

If you could fast-forward to age 70, would you prefer to be surrounded by a lively bunch of grandchildren or enjoying the peace and quiet of living solo?

roshsmile’s Profile PhotoMisba T. Awan
I don't wanna be that old..getting older sucks, trust me... I'm already 10 years ahead of my time... not mentally, not at all 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

How would you describe your ideal work space? 💻🗃️🔧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’ve noticed that air quality and light is so important!
My ideal workspace isn’t all too bright. I have photophobia, so I’m sensitive to light. It shouldn’t be too dark either, otherwise I have to squeeze my eyes harder and that’s exhausting.
I like a place that is not too quiet, but not too loud either, but if I really have to I can also work in loud environments.
I don’t want a lot of movement around me, so I prefer to be in a desk cell or just a room remotely from other people.
Besides that, I like to have a lot of place for movement. I implemented a lot of activities in my therapy sessions and I need to have the space (and the materials) for it. The cabinets at work are full of toys, games and other handy tools I can use to make our goals tactile and fun.
I mean, look how cute these little figures are!

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How would you describe your ideal work space

Is it strange that I always kept quiet in school due to having social anxiety? I went to school with the same people from middle school to high school yet was hardly ever open to having conversations with my peers & after I graduated, I didn’t hear from anyone again. Did you keep in touch w/ others?

Maybe not strange as such but a little surprising you didn’t make a few friends of note at school I guess.
My longer term school friends came from sports teams not school classes as such though 😂😂😂

When you have friends that don’t get along, what’s your approach to keeping peace? Do you mediate, keep your mouth shut and listen, or advise parties separately while maintaining the confidence of what each party told you?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I remain silent, listen, and maintain the confidentiality of what each person has told me. I simply stay quiet and do not get involved any further.

Do you think those who question everything are wiser than those who don’t? How do you define wisdom?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Sometimes the quiet ones are the smart ones٫ while those who ask questions tend to be smarter. It's hard to say. Wisdom has a couple of meanings in my opinion. My favorite though are the ones that have the knowledge to survive the nearly impossible.

Что изменилось в Вашей жизни в 2019 году?

Mindwatch’s Profile PhotoГалактоза
Окончательно понял, что не могу справиться с содержимым своей головы без посторонней помощи. Но по разным причинам задержался с обращением за ней ещё на два года.
Сначала я провалил семестр в университете, доведя дело до того, что не пошёл на 2 экзамена и не позаботился о том, чтобы мне проставили ещё один зачёт. Летом работал и продуктивно общался на практике с одногруппницей (которая собрала, к слову, то же самое комбо из долгов). Её отношение к происходящему и жизни вообще на некоторое время вправило мне мозги. Дома я ещё некоторое время занимался физкультурой, и в итоге осенью первое время буквально летал и не мог вспомнить, когда в жизни чувствовал себя настолько хорошо. К концу года запал начал выдыхаться, и я помню, как слушал Movements на прогулке и эти строчки впечатались в мозг как то, от чего уже невозможно отвертеться:
And it's getting harder to pretend like I'm okay
When there's this constant reminder being drilled into my brain
I still believe in happiness and I want to find a way
But lately my whole world is being swallowed by the grey
For now there's comfort in the quiet, solitude, and rainy days
I've got my sadness to a science, all I can do is hope for change

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Can you identify an event in your life, that "Sliding doors" moment, when a decision that you made changed your life? How do you think things would have turned out differently if you'd made a different choice?

jigsaw20216838’s Profile PhotoJigsaw
Oo this is a hard question. An interesting one, though. The first thing that came to mind was when I admitted myself to the hospital. It changed my life for the better as I met some amazing people and managed to get a bit healthier. I wouldn't have been given electroconvulsive therapy, got my BPD diagnosis and had animal therapy if it wasn't for being in hospital. I don't know where I would be right now if it wasn't for the ECT. It literally saved my life. However, there were some issues. I was treated really badly by the staff there. They would make rude comments towards me, laugh at me and ignore me when I was injured. I caught some of it on video and they threatened me and bullied me into keeping quiet. I feel so sorry for anyone else who had to go through what I did. Overall I'm glad I went into hospital, as I did get better in the end. Like I say, I might not have even been alive now if it wasn't for the ECT.

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What problems did u had in the past

I had problems with keeping friends due to being annoying once I was comfortable around them when I was younger, I struggled with finding my purpose in life and became a people pleaser to be satisfied (which only satisfied me temporarily) but didn’t realize how much I was making a fool out of myself by being that way, I had and still have OCD that makes it harder for me to find certain things that people consider as “normal” to be normal for me because of the way I view events, and people would try to boss me around or control me because I was quiet and didn’t know how to speak up for myself in cases when I should’ve.

Honesty isn’t always pretty. Are you afraid of someone telling you the truth or do you desire it?

I desire it so long as it’s said nicely. There’s a huge difference between someone who slαрs you with a truth than one who arranges it with delicacy, love, and good intention. When hurt, unfortunately, I tend to do the former. I wish I didn’t. Sometimes truths are better left unsaid. Love covers a multitude of sins and it takes a much stronger person to be quiet when their feelings are hurt by another.
Honesty isnt always pretty Are you afraid of someone telling you the truth or do

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

shimaasamir88’s Profile PhotoShimaa.
A PhD in Computer Science
dedicated to studying and scientific research and I wish I find genuine passion and curiosity in my studies, where every subject and lesson ignites my interest and drives me to explore and understand more deeply
A quiet life path without deviations or drama

A partner who shares my dreams

Ребята,кому ещё не спится по ночам...Кто замечал эту убивающую тишину?🙉🙉🙉 Сегодня в начале второго вышла и подумала,что оглохла😱 Жутко капец...

AnnabelPoe’s Profile PhotoAnnabel Lee Poe
I don’t sleep at night; at this time of day I have meals.
I have very acute hearing, so I can hear the heartbeat and blood flow of thousands of people around me.
You are probably already accustomed to a constant cascade of explosions and shooting, so when they are not there, it seems to you that everything around you is too quiet.
Ребятакому ещё не спится по ночамКто замечал эту убивающую тишину Сегодня в

What are your optimal conditions to get a good night's sleep? 😴🌡️🔇

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Temp cool, at 69 F (20.5 C)
Soft memory foam mattress topper
Crisp cotton sheets, laundered once a week
New pillow every 6 months
Dark, quiet, with an air filter fan on low
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