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💢What are some unspoken rules for people around you?

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
I’m not someone who’s into crowded places, i like quietness, peace of my mind, sound of waves, music, the sunlight when it met the floor in the morning and how the clouds paint the blue skies.
I’m someone that you will know if he’s happy, sad, angry, crying, in love, disappointed, from my facial expressions, i can’t pretend, i can’t do something that i’m not feeling or feeling the opposite.
I follow my heart in 90% of the decisions i make and i’m never regretting it, because no matter how many times it disappointed me or it was not the best decision to be made, i feel like it’s me, it’s what defines me, and i’m happy to stay the way i am no matter what or who i’m gonna lose instead of staying in love with being true, real and loyal to my things.

➥ Does silence bother you? If so, what would you do about it?

megansworld932’s Profile Photomegan
I'm not bothered by silence.The thing is it's never truly quiet around me. It's either the living or the dead that keep me busy. Day and night, every hour and every second of my life. Throughout the years I learned that the only kind of silence I'm allowed to enjoy is being occupied by my own interests. Whenever I read or do something that requires my undivided attention. These moments are the only ones where I'm surrounded by something that resembles something close to quietness.

Would you rather improve your cooking, creativity, body, logic or charisma?

I love deep conversations about random things at random hours in the quietness of the night with random people. And I love how such random conversations lead you to the depths of any topic and those random people become special and so close to your heart before even you realize it.
Nothing can make a girl fall for someone faster than the beautiful, magical words and deep conversations about life and death, love and friendship. No, girls don't fall for the words of praise they get for their physical appearance or their voice or how hot they look. You can't either impress them with your looks, your stupidest sexist jokes, the way you compare them with any other girl, or your cheap old opening lines. These tricks don't work anymore except for your female versions.
Have discussions about the things that mean something to you. Ask about the things she is passionate about. Tell him what scares the hell out of you, ask her what is her biggest fear. Open up about your insecurities before pushing her to trust you. Take care of her heart instead of playing with it.
Believe me, this kind of connection is everything...
⇣⇣✿⇣⇣ 🖤 ⇣⇣✿⇣

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How are you feeling..? 💛🧡❤️💜🖤🤍💚🤎💙 Take this opportunity to talk or vent or whatever it is you need to do! Or just post a picture.. 💕

QJLJJJ’s Profile PhotoSSZ
My God, I was having such a tough day today.. it’s so hectic that I feel heaviness on top of my chest and stressed out
But guess what? Took a warm shower, relaxed for a while, talked to myself and reminded myself on all the accomplishments I did and how intellectual I am and grateful for being alive today. Trust me.. don’t hurt your brain alot, don’t over think what will happen. Be confident in yourself.
We always tell ourselves it’s okay to not feel okay, and that’s true we all have these days=) take my advice and don’t overthink events. You get tired when you’re in full concentration. Therefore, take a rest you deserve it and get back up again and fight like a legend you are.
It’s a very confused concept.
For your information: your brain hurts when you’re in full concentration mode.
This is an example to give you a flavor about (what is stress ?)
Every person has it’s own views on stress
•Managers point of view : stress at work employees are expected to be more productive right? this creates tension and pressure on the person.
But theres a problem with that, unions don’t want to eliminate stress in the workforce because if they eliminate employees then there is no reasons to join the unions.
It’s very complex, stress is what makes employees work effectively ..
•Teachers point of view: stress is what makes students study. If it’s difficult, the the students are learning
•Engineer point of view :Stress is like a current that goes to the system and we must do something about it ..it’s a force of energy that deforms us.
•Doctors point of view: stress is a natural defense mechanism that what happens withing the body when the body is being attacked, such as bacteria; the body reacts as a defense mechanism .. to defeat danger.
•Psychologist point of view: stress is a cluster a group of psychological changes taking place within the body when people try to cope problems that are very intense that surprisingly people tend to break down. The body will collapse and burn out psychologically
The consciences of stress is very serious, people must take action
Speaking about myself..stress is annoying. Being in a very noisy area makes me stressed it irritates me..I can’t focus. Quietness is a relief for myself.

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I miss my home town very much. It was years since I last went there. I either miss living at our house very much. Peace and quietness has disappeared from my life since I left the town في الجملة دي اربع اخطاء ومش في التهجي عشان متدورش 🙂 انا عايزه الأربع أخطاء دول 👀😌

It was المفروض It is
I either المفروض I also
living at المفروض living in
has disappeared المفروض have disappeared
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↬ Bist du offen für neue Kontakte? Schreibst du lieber an oder wirst du lieber angeschrieben? Let’s talk!

fakequestionss’s Profile Photolilac sky
while I’m very much open for new contacts at any time, I must admit that I rarely ever text people first. unlike the first impression people usually get of me, I’m actually a very quiet person. quietness that at a first glance could almost be confused for shyness, therefore I need a while to warm up with people. (tumblr: vicious-vale, my platform of choice)

♔.https://ask.fm/The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask/answers/159272620126 & https://ask.fm/The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask/answers/159272617566

The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask’s Profile Photo【Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ Pɪᴇʀᴄᴇ】
Derek Hale had been back in Beacon Hills for about a year now. His plan didn’t involved him staying for so long but the circumstances have changed. However, now he was an alpha, having his own pack, or at least trying to make one. Lately everything in Beacon Hills have been quiet, too quiet. Even though Beacon Hills had many “animal attacks”, people would often say it is a quiet town, but Derek and his friends knew better. This town was everything but normal. Hunters, werewolves, banshee. This town had everything. Lately the quietness was making Derek nervous. For the last three months, nothing bad had happened. Scott and his friends were living their normal life and Derek Hale was trying to do the same. However, something deep inside him told him that something bad was going too happened soon.
The feeling that Derek Hale had two months ago was not just a feeling. Rumors were spreading about someone killing werewolves in the near town. Derek knew that too good was never just good and right now the bad was coming for them. Derek warned Scott and Stiles to be careful and tell him if something happens. He, himself, talked to sheriff Stilinski to find if he had some kind of information. Derek was surprised to find out that not only one boy was killed but two. Derek Hale had no information about the second boy and didn’t know if he was a werewolf but soon or later, he was going to find out.
A few days passed by. Derek Hale was trying to find more information about the four boys that now were killed. The number was growing and Derek had no information. His main concern was that he had no idea what was going on and he couldn’t protect himself or his pack. The werewolf hadn’t heard from Stiles or Scott in a day. He was about to call them when he heard a car’s tires. A scream for help was followed afterwards. Derek quickly run downstairs, seeing Scott helping Stiles get inside. All Scott said to him was to invite the person outside in. Derek gave him a confuse look and went to the door. From all the people he knew, Derek Hale was not expecting to see her here. ❛Kathrine, what are you doing here? ❜ He asked looking at her. He was looking at her without any expression on his face, but inside he was surprised to see her.
The Hale family put that spell long time ago. In the past werewolves and vampires never got along and nowadays things hadn’t changed a lot. Derek knew she had to be invited to walk in but he was waiting for an answer. After she gave him one, he looked at the boys. It was obvious that she saved their lives and now he owned her. ❛ Come in. ❜ He said, looking at her finally being able the step through the door. ❛ You two. ❜ Derek said turning to the boys. ❛ What the hell have you two been up to?❜ Derek asked looking at them with frowned eyebrows. The boys started talking together, saying all kind of stuff. ❛What? ❜ Derek asked looking more confuse then angry now. ❛Shut up.❜ He said before turning to the girl that was standing next to him.

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Haha don’t we all plus it’s nice to forget everything and be like a child. Oh that’s very close. Got any plans to celebrate? Mine is the end of May. Yeah too much quietness can be too boring at times but you can always annoy your brother😂

Toootallyy agree.
Yup it is T_T I'll be 21 ugh haha. Nope, no plans haha. Dont celebrate my birthday. Wbu? Are you planning something for your birthday? C:
Hahah naah. I cant annoy my big bro. That's too dangerous :x 😂

Du verspürst Angst, Trauer, Wut oder befindest dich in einer anderen Extremsituation. Zeige deine Reaktion in einem RPG-Text, einem Bild oder Collage.

faqforyourpg’s Profile PhotoFAQFORYOU
Silently, Jon stood and watched. His body was motionless for the most part, he was barely blinking, barely reacting to what he saw right in front of his eyes. The squared circle vibrated under the thunder of the loud music that filled the arena, guitars and drums ringing in his ears, but he remained quiet – eyes focused on nothing but that black belt with the golden ornaments which wrapped so smoothly around the waist of the other man. Rollins should enjoy it while it still lasted. He should enjoy the past couple of minutes he would have with the World Heavyweight Championship.
Pettily, the other man climbed on the ring corner, allowing the fans to react but staring right back into Jon’s eyes. There was no fear in either of the two of them, just plain focus. Silence in the crashing storm of emotions that filled the room. Seconds passed and they stared at each other in constant concentration.
For a brief moment, when Seth jumped down onto the matt, both of their figures moved along the slight dip. The brunette came closer and for the first time since the champion had entered the arena, Jon too, moved. Where usually a storm rolled through his mind, yelled at him, slapped his thoughts back and forth, there was nothing but quietness in his brains now. High pressure, extreme expectations, the foresight of violence - the only way to calm down Jon Moxley. Big steps brought him closer to his opponent until their chest bumped into each other. Insults, rants and threats were thrown back and forth, not audible for the viewers around them but very real for the two of them. In here, between the ropes, they were in a world of their own, in a league where nobody could touch them. Seth rose the title above their heads as he was announced the current champion, screaming on about keeping his title but Jon ignored it. It didn’t tickle just one nerve inside of him.
The arena fell quiet, the bell rang and the energy which had kept his body too tense to move in its jerky and naturally uncontrollable manner, it busted free. First and elbows were thrown by the dirty blond, ecstatic screaming erupted, and bodies connected with each other in heavy manner. It was those extreme moments in which Jon found himself at his calmest, at peace even. Focus – nothing but that – had place in his head as the violence took over and hatred increasingly emerged.

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PLS ANSWER I’M CURIOUS THANKS EVERYONE. 1) what country/region of ur country do you live in? 2) what stereotype is there abt rednecky/country people where you live? 3) what kinda of music would they listen to? genre, artists, etc.

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
I live in a province called Free State. Free State is mainly known for its quietness and friendly people. A lot of people like to say people of the Free State are boring, which isn't true. In South Africa we don't really have the "country culture" or the "redneck culture". I don't even think we have country music artists in South Africa, not that I know of. A lot of people here listen to house music, hip hop music, rnb music, etc.
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1- اسمك 🙊 : 🍃 2- عمرك 🙊 : 🍂 3- محافظتك 🌆: 🌿 4- تاريخة ميلادك : 🍁 5- مرتبط/ـة 😻 : 🍀 6- وزنك 🔢 : 7- لون عيونك 👀 : 8- لون شعرك 🙇 : 😁 9- اكثر شي تحبه 😁: 💜 10- اكثر شي تحبه بشكلك 🚶 : 👤 11- اسم ابنك/بنتك بالمستقبل👶: 💌 12- تحب اسمك 💓:

1- Yasmin
2- 22.5
3- pors3eed bs 3ysha fe cairo mn 3 snen
4- 5/11/95
5- la
6- 68
7- brown
8- black
9- quietness / shopping / drowing / reading qour'an
10- every thing الحمد لله
11- Lara /Taim - youssef
12- gedn


❝ possiamo ancora vedere la luce di stelle che non esistono più da secoli. così ancora ti riempie e folgora il ricordo di qualcuno che hai amato per poi vederlo andar via. ❞ – khalil gibran
- che mi risponde anche a #immagine citazione?

There's a lot of truth in that & so beautifully expressed. Knowledge of stillness is very underrated. Calmness which comes from discerning is perhaps the only way we can deal w/ what cannot be grasped & understood in fullness. I think stillness could be our only salvation - too much noise out there.

William Burroughs (who knew about these things) wrote about an "absolute need": a need which may be alleviated but which is never satisfied. The need for noise and intensity is a craving to be satisfied at all costs. I purposefully avoid people who complain about boredom - their bored disgust with themselves is an abnormal condition - stillness and quietness seem to terrify them.
Romanticism is profoundly anti-intellectual. The abdication of reflection and contemplation in favour of restlessness and sensationalism is the spirit of our age. The stressed tension between the real and the ideal is short-circuited by coming to terms with the "real" (i.e., constituted reality). The craving for the ideal in life and politics is a fool's errand.
+3 answers in: “I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope / For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love / For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith / But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.”

When going to somewhere you need to be (work, for example), have you ever stopped for a few minutes, simply to immerse yourself in the view around you and for no other reason? Why or why not? BQ: How do you view this question? Thank you :))))

Seagullicarus’s Profile PhotoYam Yefet
I usually go walking if it's nearby, taking in everything that is around me. Gives a better sense of perspective rather than just rushing away on the vehicle.
On some days I do stop, if there's a bench I'll sit there doing nothing ; just observing people, activities, stray animals. If it's night I'll just stare at the sky.
Those few moments of quietness help to re-connect. With everyone and everything rushing around, it just gets a little overwhelming sometimes. But then not too long, because then I start questioning everything and who wants an existential crisis in the morning?
This is by far the best question I've received in all these months, except the usual ones seeking validation. So, thank you for this. :)

Do you wish Ask was like it was in 2015 when it was super active and the feminist group was still around on here?

askfm was certainly more entertaining when it was more active a few years ago, but i do enjoy the quietness of the app now. back then, you couldn't state any opinion without a million people jumping down your throat for whatever reasons they could muster, but askfm seems to be more relaxed these days.

Do you agree that after a storm comes a calm?

‘Verily after hardship comes ease’ hm. Ever wondered about calm before the storm? The absolute silence, brimful peace, period of an intense quietness, air seems still and overflowing troubling thoughts but knowing that its temporary keeps hope alive, the only thing stronger; in joy we face the storm and defy it.
Do you agree that after a storm comes a calm

What comes to your mind if you hear the word: insanity. If you were to write your own definition poem of the word, what would be your definition of insanity? I know you have a talent. ^^

it's the quietness in your scream
it's the brightness of the shadow
it's the color of your limbs
it's a knife against my neck
when the words start make no sense
and the world begins to fade
it's an hour of your sleep
when you killed yourself in it
you think your suffering already ended?
my sweet little pumpkin
you couldn't be more wrong
scrip scrip scrip
just a marionette of your own mind
a mind which has been lost in the sand
while building castles and pretending
pretending pretending pretending pretending
can you see the end?
like the light at the end of the tunnel
oh darling it's cause there's no way out
of your sick mind
rotten mind
it's just you
and me
to the moon and back
love love love love
love what
love who
love why
love to the moon and back
before everything
there was emptiness
emptiness will be there
when no one will be there anymore
the father of everything
everything beyond
the moon?
the moon
oh what a beautiful moon
i can see the cat walking on the moon
was there a cat before everything else
a little cat
lost cat
stray cat
like a short fairytale
just with no happy ending
oh ending
i hope it comes soon
but no
no no no
I want to see a stray cat
and hear a tale about a boy
and a kitty
little white kitty
and a bow in the boy's hands
and an arrow piercing little stray cat's heart
sunsets are red
sunrises are red
but the moon is white
even the moon sometimes becomes red like a little stray kitty pierced with an arrow
have anyone said to you, you're good enough?
rudolph has a red nose
what if you don't have a soul
cold cold
so cold
jump from a balcony
jump jump jump
what if i will fly
shiver till death
till death do us apart
until fingers are cold
as ice
ice ice
till the last snowflake gently kisses your cheek
who cut my wings?

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What comes to your mind if you hear the word insanity If you were to write your

in the bible it tells Christians that they must honor their wives. that means and is not limited to: no cheating on them, no hitting them, no abusing them (both physically or mentally), no lying to them, and no yelling at them. cause they are the life givers.

Ahahaha That's a lie :) tell these things to someone stupid .. ill bring you a short verse of what it says about women .
( A women should learn in quietness and full submission ) and another one
( if a women teaches .. cut off her hand and do not forgive her)
The Bible is actually more aggressive than the Qur'an . Like i said you might fool everyone! But not me ;)

#EVAK &. https://ask.fm/ofvaltersen/answers/142386283120 and https://ask.fm/ofvaltersen/answers/142387189616

ofvaltersen’s Profile Photo❛ isak valtersen !
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀there were no visible signs of isak being upset, besides the quietness that roamed around them. however, they often indulged in comfortable silence so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. but, even with all that, ᴇven felt like he had to ask, just to be sure. “i hope, that i didn't upset you with what i did earlier. i just thought, that being truthful to your friends was the best choice, as we both know where lies can lead us.” another thing, he thought, was that it felt good to have control over his own life in that moment. he then pressed another kiss on isak's lips and jumped back on the bed, letting his boyfriend finish all the packing. “fun fact..” ᴇven spoke up soon after, hoping to change the subject as there were many things on his mind, that he could share with isak, but he feared, that it might turn in to an argument and that is the last thing he wanted. “my parents loved having you over for dinner and they already are wondering when will they get to see you again. i told them that we're leaving for a month, but they made me promise, that we will repeat that dinner after we come back. that is, if you're down for it, of course.” ᴇven informed isak. it was true, that the evening they all spent together was an amazing one. his parents were cautious at first, because they knew sonja well and she had taken care of their son perfectly, or so they thought, and having someone new in ᴇven's life was quite surprising to them. however, they quickly grew to love him and they were exchanging jokes in first half an hour. suddenly there was a knock on the door and a familiar voice spoke behind it. “can i come in? are you both decent?” ᴇven erupted in laughter, but he still managed to get out an answer. “no, eskild. we're just in the middle of having xes” and just as he answered, the door opened and eskild's ginger head popped in through it; that only made him laugh more. “what if that had been the truth, eskild. do you ever think before doing something?” ᴇven asked, as he wiped away his laughter tears. “i always think. if that had been the truth, i'd still be looking.” he answered, lifting his eyebrows up and down as he exchanged his stare from isak to ᴇven and back to isak. “eva just came over and she brought some alcohol. anyone want anything?” to that, ᴇven lifted himself off the bed in a heartbeat and was already out the door in next few seconds. he made his way towards the kitchen where eva and noora were sitting. “i heard, that there is a party starting here. why aren't you two packing?” blonde boy asked as he picked up a beer from the counter. “no, let me guess - you've already done it, right?” he asked and lifted his eyebrows up in a questioning manner. with a playful smile on his lips, ᴇven's fingers were on top of the beer, opening it up.

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EVAK  httpsaskfmofvaltersenanswers142386283120 and

Damn I really want to study a major about harry potter universe you feel me? And yeah at dawn everything seems more interesting, peace and quietness ahh, I'm watching hp & the order of the phoenix rn, dont ask..

Ayee like you want to go grab that woman and interrogate her, read trivia and listen to theories about it on YouTube the whole day -which I did today hah-. oh well Order of the Phoenix, in which Harry's hair is most on point lol.. Have fun yo
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Do you find that 'societal expectations' (For example, the right thing to do is to return lost items to whoever lost them) sometimes conflicts with what you think, personally?

sometimes I do///
bc everything is different for everyone tbh
we all have different senses of humor; we can't all laugh at the same joke, even if it's expected of us
and something that's valuable to me isn't necessarily valuable to someone else
and even expectations can be different! huehue
for example, let's take a look at Japan and America
in Japan, being polite and diplomatic is the norm. it's actually viewed as friendly and respectful
on the other hand, being quiet and polite in America isn't as highly viewed as Japan (if you know what I'm trying to say lmao)
in fact, quietness in America can even let people believe that you're cold and distant (??? somehow)
so blah blah tl;dr
ye social expectations sometimes differ from my own ideas bc everyone has different ideas although they are centered on one main expectation??

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As an actor do you have any pre-show rituals or superstitiouns before being able to film a scene? (Btw I love you in the role of Emmett you're an amazing actor and to be honest Switched at Birth inspired me to become a Sign Language Interpreter 😊)

Munchkin_1129’s Profile PhotoAna R. Espinoza
Hi Ana. I normally read the scene over and over again at home. I fantasize a lot and that gives me visualizations. When I get to the set, I stay in my trailer to be alone in pure quietness and to delve into depths. Between shoots, I like to remain myself in the same mood of its scene.

& that's when she knew she'd screwed up. kai knew her too well & she was a terrible liar. lips firmly pressed together, eyes rolling at his remark. ‘angels need no sleep. and whatever is left from my grace allows me to stay sleepless. you were supposed to know that, prick, you're a damn hunter. ’

waspure’s Profile Photo* tainted grace.
️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️a mere quietness settles in the air, even though he doesn't really want
️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️to comment on it. it's because kai knows cadriel, sometimes more than
️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️she knows herself. ' god damn, i'm offended. ' he answers breezily, a
️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️hand resting on his cheek as he grins at her. ' maybe you do need some
️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️sleep, that's why you're grouchy all the time. '
thats when she knew shed screwed up kai knew her too well  she was a terrible

Could we all please take a minute in quietness right now and keep shelby in our prays She is going through a tough time at the moment.

Of course, I knew she was having a rough time but I didn't know it was this bad.. I really hope things get better for her. 🙁😔

kaka penyendiri ? atau emang ga suka ngabisin uang untuk chilin sama temen sekedar makan minum mahal buat update foto instagram hmm

lol what's with your tone?
I enjoy both. I appreciate quietness more than anything else, really ㅡ this is just a matter of personal preference ㅡ but I do enjoy going out with friends, minus the expensive foodie experience. I prefer hanging out somewhere moderate rather than somewhere expensive or fun, bcs my friends tend to think the same way, too ㅡ it's the talk & company that matter, not the place. 😊

She turned her head and stopped walking, putting a small smile on her face. "I have too much on my mind. You seem like you don't intend to either."

ElvenCarnage’s Profile Photoᴇʟʟᴇ (Chandrelle) Gᴏᴜʀᴀᴇʟ
"I'm used to this. And I like the quietness of the night." He said and gulped then, putting his arms behind his back. "...This might be a rhetorical question, but are you scared about the battle? "

6o'clock again The night is at an end In the quietness Into your love, I feel When the winter's gone When I come undone The way you make me feel The way you make me feel

Gladly blocking you, ok?
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Did you listen to November Rain by Guns and Roses. It did hit me many times. Comment on the song please

Yes of course I did...it's a beautiful song
The girl wants some time alone of her own like everybody needs of their own he's saying don't u know u need some time all alone...!!
It's all about November rain...it's quietness it's love it's pain only those who are wise n have an awesome taste will like or understands it

What little things in life do you love, but most people seem to forget about (for example I love the smell of an old book and the quietness of a library).

youcuntx’s Profile PhotoJ.
I like double crossing the road. Like when you're at crossroads and the lights go green for you to walk both ways across.
I love waking up to my favourite person, the most beautiful person in the world next to me.
I love the feeling of swooning over him when he kisses me.
I like getting two for one items in vending machines.

What little things in life do you love, but most people seem to forget about (for example I love the smell of an old book and the quietness of a library).

youcuntx’s Profile PhotoJ.
No drama and no gossip when I was in my late teens and early twenties. It was so quiet and uneventful I actually thought something was glitching big time in the matrix. I didn't know what to make of it really.
The stars up in space. They're just so beautiful and magnificent it makes you question your place and significance in reality.
Everyday objects like television's that we just use without realising and consciously thinking about their weird and meaningful existence.
Exercise. Sport and the pleasure and leisure of what you haven't been able to do for ages and what you've missed like running and swimming.

What little things in life do you love, but most people seem to forget about (for example I love the smell of an old book and the quietness of a library).

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I love :
- Listening to birds chirping outside the window
- Children who laugh
- Savoring what I eat
- Sharing a moment in family

What little things in life do you love, but most people seem to forget about (for example I love the smell of an old book and the quietness of a library).

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That sounds lovely (●~▽~●)
- The sound of opening a new bottle of soft drink and it makes that 'pizzzzzch' sound
- Opening a packet of chips
- The next time you open the car door after putting a scented freshener in it (´・ω・`)
- Stopping to look at nature/flowers~ I appreciate that a lot more now that I've actually gone on a holiday and experienced how lovely nature is
- When games load after you think they won't xD
- The sound of the Playstation One loading up omg the memories
- The smell of strong coffee
- Cats purring~
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Hola Buenas Noches solo paso a dejarte esta pregunta para aclarar bien las cosas 😒😏 La neta no se quietness te Iso pesos aninimos y neta ni me imoorta😂👊 Pero si tús anonimos leen esto Quiero que dejen de molestar a ti y a Vania estoy hablando enserio ✋👊 Buenas Noches .

Graciaaaaassss, buenas noches 7uu7
¿Quién eres? 🌚😏😱

Would you rather get locked in a dark room for 3 days or get locked in a very sunny room for 3 days bardo? ?

Okay Let me tackle this from a scientific point of view; Staying in a dark room for 3 days would cause me to lose my eye vision and go blind and staying in a very sunny room for 3 days would cause me to develop skin cancer . Given these options I'd prefer the dark not because going blind is less painful than developing cancer but because I love the serenity and quietness of the dark

You can take your time, if that helps. But I really think we'd be lovely while together. I know we are relatively strangers, but you know that sensation, of standing on the precipice, not knowing what lies in the abyss below, but the quietness of it draws me towards it. I have that right now.

who are you lmao
you are a stranger if you go anon and we haven't met?!
Oh and also, im trynna not be in a relationship so no. You'll find awesome people wherever you go, trust me c:

You can take your time, if that helps. But I really think we'd be lovely while together. I know we are relatively strangers, but you know that sensation, of standing on the precipice, not knowing what lies in the abyss below, but the quietness of it draws me towards it. I have that right now.

Sir i m not open for a relationship but come off atleast

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