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How would you feel if you tried so hard to destroy someone and God blessed them with 100x more right before your eyes to show you who’s boss?

Imagine having to lie about things to obtain a position to someone who brought you to god .
Regarding 3:28, Ibn Kathir writes, “… believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers… are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly.” Ibn Kafthir quotes Muhammad‘s companion, Abu Ad-Darda’, who said “we smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them,” and Al-Hasan who said that “dissimulation (Tuqyah) is acceptable till the Day of Resurrection.”
How can you have peace when you are supposed to religiously lie to “Non-believers”?”
Be at peace

bertahan atau enggak? Jika pasangan kalian udah tidak menghargai kalian

Gua tuh orangnya sensitif bgt soal attitude, jadi kalo ada orang “do bad things” ke gua, pasti gua juga gabakal baik ke dia. Kalau putus blm jadi pilihan, jalan keluarnya adalah BALES AJA ANYING. Ibaratnya, dia lempar lu pake botol, lu lempar dia pake tai. Cobain deh, itu puasssss banget.
Kalau kata quotes klise gini, “baiknya gua jangan ditanya, jahatnya gua boleh dicoba” anjoyyy.

Lex, I didn't take you for a spectrum of personality. Thanks for the encouragement, the inspirational quotes and being a member of the community.

Since I'm on the spectrum, I can appreciate your sentiment from every direction. Simultaneously. 🤣 Thank you. ❤️
Lex I didnt take you for a spectrum of personality Thanks for the encouragement

المؤمن لا يخاف .. المؤمن يرفع يده ليلًا في قيام الليل يجد مشكلته قد حُلَّت. د.أحمد عبد المنعم

كلام غلط الصراحه هو اقرب لكلام عشان يتاخد quotes زى ما انت عامل كدة مثلا لكن عادى جدا المؤمن يرفع يدة وربنا ميحلش مشكلته و هادى جدا المؤمن يخاف الصحابه نفسهم كانو مرعوبين ف غزوة الخندق وكان وسطهم رسول اللهﷺ وربنا عز وجل بيقول فيهم " وبلغت القلوب الحناجر" من شده الخوف هل دول مكانوش بيقيموا الليل ويدعوا😅

Woah you definitely won't believe this I found you profile by pure coincidence but I used to know you back in 2019 I deleted my acc back then anyway its nice to see u again I still love your profile very much the movie quotes were my favs thank u for the sweet memories 🖤✨️💫

شكرًا جدًا جدًا علي كلامك الجميل دا بجد، الحقيقة أنا سعيد بجد بأني سبت ذكرى حلوه ليك وأنك لسه فاكرني بالخير فَ شكرًا جدًا يا جميل <3 ، و أتمنى يفضل الحال كدا طول الوقت :) .

Do you use film/movie quotes on a regular basis? If so, what are they? 🎬 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ʎɐɯɯo⊥ snoıɔɐuǝ⊥™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Sometimes) Now remembered.. "This is either madness or brilliance.. it's remarkable how often those two traits coincide" - Jack Sparrow..

Do you like denim jacket on which something written by prints

Disapproved !! I like plain denim jacket
Or ripped denim jacket like ice blue, basic blue , dark blue ,black
Something printed on denim jacket with white ink is gross
I don't buy !!! I don't like such Denim jackets it should be plain no quotes nothing written on it

Share some good quotes or poetry.

laraibajmal72’s Profile PhotoLaraib Ajmal
Dedicate to me
Carry your sunshine wherever you go , spread your happiness joy around your circle and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali Baloucch
Focus on your goals work hard achieve them stay successful in life. Mohammed Ali Baloucch
Stay you ,real you let world like you for being you and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali Baloucch

Post your last copied text 😁 mine : You don't go through all for nothing 🤞🏻

usernamehiba’s Profile Photohiba
Tbh i love being original I create my own question , I never copy anyones questions it's against my rule
I am known for my originality, I create my own quotes ,shair ,meme , poetry etc
Everything I create from scratch
I am reflection of mine, I shine through my breath taking ,ravishing magnificent personality

What are the few things you write down in Microsoft word

I daily create 3 quotes I write down in Microsoft words
I daily create tea new fruit tea recipe and chicken stir fry recipe I make sure I type down in Microsoft word
All favourite horror movies names written in Microsoft words
All favourite western song with singer name written in Microsoft word
I am organized person so I love doing this all the time
I have been doing this since 2017

Cara menerima kenyataan hidup bahwa ga semua orang bisa suka sama pribadi kita gimana gesss?

Kalau aku, ditampar dulu sm beberapa quotes + lht kenyataannya. Aku br bs nerima 'Kalau ada org lain yg nggak suka sm pribadi kt' itu, pas kuliah
Jdnya, skrg yah aku lebih bisa terima pribadi yg sprt ini... 👀
Liked by: Fifi Aleena Wow

Quotes dong untuk teman yang akan nikah

Hhmmm apa ya..
Kalau kata temen-temenku yang udah nikah tuh perkara paling sulit dalam rumah tangga adalah taat sama suami. Kata mereka, mau ilmu setinggi apa ya perasaan pasti lebih dominan. Jadi kadang kalau gak di izinin suka ngambek padahal tau harus nurut. Hehe
Ya intinya belajar buat lapang dada aja ketika nanti saat menikah, pasangan atau rumah tangga kita diluar ekspetasi kita, kalau ada masalah yang datang dll. Lapang dada juga buat dapetin ridho suami walau kadang enggak sejalan dengan perasaan atau yang kita mau.

Emang yeu kalo kita bikin quotes, kita mikirnya itu keren, padahal bagi orang lain kek "opo se" wkwk

ioyeongi’s Profile PhotoClarissa
antara 2 kemungkinan😁 ‘ga nyampe’ atau jokesnya ‘beda level’ hehehhe
kan jokes tuh ada macam-macam Ka, semuanya butuh kecerdasan tertentu atau kecerdasan umum, misalnya ; candaan biasa kek komik gitu, jokes ilmiah, jokes jargon, anekdot, satire dst
saya suka mikir gitu sih soalnya saya kurang suka yang satire gitu-ngerti tapi ga bisa ketawa lepas cuman nyengir aja hahaha🤣

Σταματήστε να ανεβάζετε διάσημα quotes και γράψτε κάτι που πραγματικά έχει ενδιαφέρον η απορία για εσάς ..!

kavouras2’s Profile Photokavouras2
Ναι ρε, αυτό που άτομα που δε μπορούν να σταυρώσουν μια πρόταση παν και αντιγράφουν ότι σοφό διαβάσουν στο ίντερνετ και καλά ότι το σκέφτηκαν αυτοί καταντάει ενοχλητικό... Δε κράζω απλά λέω

Unexpected bond with an unexpected person and then an unexpected goodbye~

ujalaniazi459’s Profile Photopoison
I believe there are no unexpected goodbyes. The thing is people use Islamic quotes to justify their shortcomings, just to satisfy their ego and validate their wrong doings. What's the point in this camouflaging? Remember, Is dunia main har cheez Allah ki ijazat aye hoti hay, Allah ki merzi say nhi. Agar Allah ki merzi say hoti toh shayad dunia ka ye haal na hota. It's never too late to repair your bond with your loved ones. GO MOVE YOUR ASSES, SHOW SOME MATURITY, SHOW ACCOUNTABILITY, AND FIX THE MESS YOU BOTH HAVE CAUSED. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. SAVE YOURSELVES FROM REGRETS!!!
I can only help you open your eyes my brothers and sisters. Because I don't want you guys to suffer like I do. Best of luck ❤️

How do you know if you are somebody's favorite person?

TruexPp’s Profile PhotoNeptune ム
Someone who thinks you're cute or funny..
I mean someone who wants to know every insignificant detail about you. someone who wants to read every word you write.. someone who wants to hear every note of your favourite song, or watch every scene of your favourite movie..
Someone who wants to find every scar on your body, and learn where they came from..
Someone who wants to know your favourite brand of toothpaste, and which quotes resonate deep inside your bones when you hear them.. there is a difference between attraction and interest..
Find the person who wants to learn every aspect of who you are.. ✨🖤

🍂 Monday 3rd October 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"If you focus on problems, you will attract more problems, so always count your blessings, cultivate positive thoughts, focus on the good and be optimistic."
- Arif Gilany, The Ministry Of Miracles.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "The small wins and little things in life matter. Look closely and you will see that there is much to celebrate on a daily basis."
- Chris Isaie, ‎Beth Clarke, Use Your 24 Like Never Before.
• "Always count your blessings: count them one by one!"
- J. P. Vaswani, Why Do Good People Suffer?
Monday 3rd October 2022
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🍂 Tuesday 20th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"Forgiveness does not start with healing; rather, healing starts with forgiveness. The moment you decide to forgive, your healing starts."
- Lehlohonolo Lucas Mazindo, Together Till the End.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "We all get hurt some way or another, but not so hurt that we should want to stop being who we were designed and created to be."
- Cynthia Addison, The Devil Hates Marriages.
• "We have a choice when we get hurt; to fight back or forgive. The hardest choice is to forgive, but it is the choice that helps to build a peaceful community."
- Jean Howarth, Mike Walton, Moments of Reflection.
Tuesday 20th September 2022

Do you wrote down you favourite movies name in Microsoft word ,song name etc

I am pretty much organized person so I write down all horror movies name ,thriller movies name in Microsoft word
Favourite Western song names are written in Microsoft word
All quotes which I create on daily basis I type down in microsoft
All tea recipes ,all stir fry recipes are noted down in micro soft word
So yeah 😃😃😃🙌

🍂 Monday 19th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"Slow down. Life is not a race. Enjoy the journey. Look around, take it in, notice the beauty around you."
- Bloom Post: Shaman's Toolbox: Practical Tools For Powerful Transformation.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "Slow down and take time to enjoy the simple things, like the sunsets, the gardens growing, the wind in the trees, and the clouds high in the sky."
- Coy Theobalt, Gypsy Wind Speaks: Life Lesson from a Sailboat.
• "Happiness, like a fine wine or a great meal, should be cherished and enjoyed - slowly and deliberately."
- Michael L. Yergin, Megamorphosis: How to be Happier Right Now.
Monday 19th September 2022

🍂 Sunday 18th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"It's not always easy, but if we are able to embrace the journey, we can enjoy the ride."
- Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler, Brian D. Mendler, Discipline with Dignity.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "Sit back and enjoy the journey of your life, and dream that which tickles your fancy in a special way, from dreams come plans, so be daring and follow those plans."
- Esor, Spirit Creations.
• "Imagine, how beautiful our life would be if we do not overthink, do not compete, and just enjoy the journey with ourselves because ultimately, we are all destined to climb the mountain alone."
- Vedant Dubey, Elixir to Young Life.
Sunday 18th September 2022

🍂 Saturday 17th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"When you chase your dreams, you begin to live your dreams."
- Scot McKnight, One Life.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "Dreams don't meet you half way. It doesn't work that way. Determination fuels you."
- Mike Babcock, Rick Larsen, Leave No Doubt.
• "When you chase your dreams, you set a positive example for everyone who sees you doing it. When you achieve your dreams, the journey you went on to get there impacts an untold number of people."
- Mel Jolly, Becoming Future You.
Saturday 17th September 2022

🍂 Friday 16th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"Random acts of kindness are externally focused demonstrations of love."
- Teal Swan, The Sculptor in the Sky.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "When you are full of love, you choose to act with kindness, patience and forgiveness. "
- Beryl Maurine Hammond, Making the Mosy of Each Day in Life.
• "In a sense, kindness truly is the acting out of out deep and real connection to everyone and everything around us."
- Editors of Conari Press, Random Acts of Kindness: An Illustrated Celebration.
Friday 16th September 2022

🍂 Thursday 15th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"A true friendship is like a fine wine. It requires a special process that is not known by everyone. Time must be spent aging and seasoning it. You cannot rush or hurry it. If you try to, you'll spoil the end result."
- Steve Reed, Road Tales: A Rambling of Motorcycle Stories.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "True friendship is like a burning torch, always providing the necessary light to continue."
- Bhakti Sangeet" Digital Edition.
• "We must treat our true friends with love and honesty. We learn from each other and we reach out to each other."
- J.A. Coppersmith, Poetry is Life.
Thursday 15th September 2022

🍂 Wednesday 14th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"I often say it's your attitude, not your aptitude, that's going to determine your altitude."
- Juanell Teague, Mike Yorkey.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "Attitude is the difference maker! Attitude isn't everything but it is one thing that can make a difference in your life."
- John C. Maxwell, The Difference Maker.
• "Your positive attitude has got to be something people can depend on in good times and bad."
- Sam Silverstein, The Accountability Advantage.
Wednesday 14th September 2022

How long have you been on ask? What made you stay? 😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I probably discovered ask in 2018.
I guess it was a mix of interesting questions, the opportunity to share my thoughts and quotes and read other people's thoughts and maybe broaden my horizon by reading those.

🍂 Tuesday 13th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"Overthinking is a mental leak, spitting thoughts in excess everywhere. And like a water pipe leaking behind a wall, no matter how small it is at the beginning, it needs to be fixed."
- Lison Mage, Guy Langlois, Act Before You Over Think.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "Overthinking does no good. It creates problems that never existed. You'll put in the work only when you'll keep aside the unnecessary drama."
- Santushti Tyagi, Candid.
• "That's what overthinking does. It finds a negative soundtrack and then plays it over and over again. I've listened to "Sweet Child O'Mine" a thousand times. I've listened to "That friend didn't respond to your text message because they're mad" a hundred thousand times."
- Jon Acuff, Soundtracks.
Tuesday 13th September 2022

🍂 Monday 12th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"Keep calm and remember that no one has the power to disturb your peace unless you give it to him or her."
- Alex Tumparov, Joy if Life.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "To find your passions, you should speak your truths and always prepare yourself for brand new adventures."
- Dennis van der Heijden, The 99 Day Challenge.
• "The best way to keep calm is to know exactly what to do and to keep busy doing it."
- Robert Fischer, Richard J. Janoski, Loss Prevention and Security Procedures.
Monday 12th September 2022

🍂 Sunday 11th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"We don't need more definitions of success but we do need more mindsets of success."
- David Anderson Iregbu, Wisdom the Principle Thing.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "When you live your life according to character, what you use to measure success changes."
- Jason McClure, Sarah K. McClure, How to Find Your Dream Job and Make It A Reality.
• "The road to success is a straight and narrow path; it is a road of loving absorption, of undivided attention."
- Mahesh Jethmalani, The Secret Door to Success: Learn the Knowledge of Spiritual Law.
Sunday 11th September 2022

🍂 Saturday 10th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"We will remember you with fondness for as long forever is."
- Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh, Daily Geaphic.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "We will remember you with gratitude today, and tomorrow, and all through the days to come."
- James Taylor, Everyday Psalms.
• "Gone from our lives but alive in our hearts."
- Ransford Tetteh, Daily Graphic.
Saturday 10th September 2022

Quotes from a song .. !

I'm gonna show you everything's alright
End of the tunnel, there is always light
You're in the middle of the darkest night
I know you're hurting, baby
Whenever you look at me with those
Those sad eyes
I'm gonna dry your sad eyes
I'll make it right, so don't cry
I'm gonna dry those sad eyes

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