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AroojA2020’s Profile Photoعروج
I was wondering, again, today that everyone has a dark side. I used to believe that there are pure souls even today. But so far, I haven't been able to spot any. It's just like everything seems good as long as it's afar or you don't get it. People seem perfect but are highly imperfect. It took me a lot of time to believe this. And now, I don't trust anyone no matter how they look. Still, I don't go on slandering them or something, I just prepare myself that they will be a disappointment like every time else. There's this Imam in a mosque where I have often prayed. He seems genuine. His Jummah sermon has helped me many times, Ma Sha Allah. But I felt like, he too could have a dark side. But now I have realized the importance of the verse in the Quran, which states that we must not keep on trying to find or display someone's sins. What I mean to say is simple, as everyone around is bad, then maybe that Imam is bad. But I have no proof, and I don't need to go on finding some proof to justify my intuition. As long as I don't know, he is a Momin. That's it.

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Do you believe in ghosts if yes than tell us why? 👀

egostar57771’s Profile Photoegostar
Ku k Quran m farma dya gya h to us sy barh kr bari daleel ku mngty h log qsm sy unhy lgta h k jhut hota h jinat nh hua krte
Firstly clear boht Kam logo k sth ye experience hota especially jin k Iman weak ho in p jinnat k asr ho skta
Lately mere sth boht hua hn ye waqiyat apny ankho Sy dekha h but us k bd k halat bh Meri logo ny dekhi hn kaise Hoti hn Allah maaf kry ye tb hua jb me namaz prhna chor d thi phr dam wagira bh krwaya th mne so yeah hoty h jinat but wo apko phr bh nuaqsan nh d skty ku k apk pass Iman k taqat h

I see that you are Muslim. Could I ask you how you practice your faith?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
Yes alhumdullilah brother iam a Muslim.... I pray 5 times a day which we call it 'namaz' to worship the one and only God(Allah s.w.t) ...i read the verses of Quran in my namaz and thanks to the almighty as much as i can and trying to follow the teachings of our prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) as much as i can .... trying to become better day by day ...

Girl's Consent (in marriage) should be sought from their Fathers. And silence, is their consent! Holy PROPHET صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم (Nahjul Fasaha)

Well, the correct hadith is
Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) that states: “The woman is not to be married until her consent has been sought.” They said: “O Messenger of Allah! What is her consent?” He replied: “Her silence means consent.” And in another wording: “And regarding the woman, her father seeks her consent and her consent is her silence.”
Now if you see, the constitution of Pakistan amd islamic shariah says that if a guardian gives the girl in marriage without her consent, if she has not appointed him "wakeel" to anyone, that nikah/ marriage is not permissible and she can leave the man and marry anyone of her choice without officially getting divorce and that won't be illegal and won't be considered as "nikah on nikah" which is haram. So, when you want to spread any information kindly have knowledge about it.
In 2004, the Criminal Law Act was enacted under which section 310(a) penalizes badal-e-sulh, under which girls/women cannot be given in marriage as compensation for someone else’s crime. It directly deals with all forms of “marriage as compensation” carried out under different names, such as swara, wani, sang chatt and irjaee. Recently, according to the Prevention of Anti-Women practices (criminal law amendment) act 2011, anyone imposing a forced marriage on a woman would face imprisonment which may extend to ten years but not less than three years and shall also be liable to fine of 500,000 rupees. For marriage with the holy quran, badla-e-sulh, wanni or swara the imprisonment ranges from three to seven years and the perpetrator may be fined 5000, details here.
Islam gives women the right to choose and reject or accept the marriage proposals even against their parents will. The Qur’an states “o you who have believed, it is not lawful for you to inherit women by compulsion…” (4:19).

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For me abaya and hijab has been more of a cultural type of choice. K khandaan mei sab kerte hen to muje b kerna hoga. Idk how it's for everyone else

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Meray khandan mein koi abaya nai pehanta na naqab karta hai .... Quran mein hukam hai humnay shreeyat aur culture ko khud milaya hua hai apnay apnay hisab say

بتحبوا تسمعوا القرآن بصوت مين ؟

كذا شيخ بس اكتر حد من صغرى وانا باحب اسمعه ❤️محمدالبراك،❤️
Listen to سورة الصافات - الشيخ محمد البراك | Surah As-Saffat - Sheikh Mohamed AlBarrak by Quran - قرآن on #SoundCloud

Kira-kira ada yg benci sama lo gak? Kenapa?

Ginilo non nabi aja yg akhlaknya baik manusia pilihan Allah aja banyak yg gasuka kan. Apalagi aku yg manusia biasa . Dan didunia real ini banyak yg punya ilmu. Ilmu bukan dari alquran. Dan uyutku seorang kiyai ustadz yg pande ngaji kata tetangga sini cuman satu yg blg gtu. Dan aku keturunan dia salah satunya karna ditengok nya aku srg baca quran. Dan dunia dia terkena fitnah sampai dia meninggal dalam keadaan lupa siapapun (sakit jiwa) 😭😭 kecuali Alqurannya. Aku dgr sih gitu
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قولوا كلام إيجابي ممكن 🥺❤️

shooabdelrazek’s Profile Photoشِيم اليمانى ❤️
مافيش كلام ايجابى اجمل من كلام الله جل فى علاه
Listen to سورة الرحمن - الشيخ محمد البراك | Surah Ar-Rahman - Sheikh Mohamed AlBarrak by Quran - قرآن on #SoundCloud

Ibrahim 14:42 And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them [i.e., their account] for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror].

Your religious scripture is too basic and summarised as compared to Hindu scriptures. There's nothing in Quran that isn't mentioned in Hindu scriptures, but there are many things in Hindu scriptures that aren't mentioned in Quran and Bible. You know that souls exist but you can't explain me the details, you know that there's afterlife but you can't explain me the details, you know that there are jinns and magic (black and white) but you can't explain me the details.

One verse from the Qur'an? 💫❤️

AW_rehman’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Awais Rehman
بڑی برکت والا ہے وہ اللّٰہ جس کے ہاتھ میں بادشاہی ہے اور وہ چیز پر قادر ہے اسی نے پیدا کیا موت اور زندگی کو تا کہ تمہاری آزمائش کرئے کہ تم میں کون اچھے عمل کرتا ہے اور وہ زبردست بحشنے والا ہے

According to you, what can and should we do for the religion Islam in an attempt to bring back its real image in society? (Serious and practical answers only)

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
Today I realized kay humaray pass deen ki itni knowledge honi chahiye k humaray dalail mein bazurgon ka nahin Qura'n or Sunnat e Nabwi (S.A.W) ka hawala ho, So of course, we should learn more about our religion siraf tabhi hm apni baat mein sachy ho sktay hyn, confidence bhi ata hai or phir Allah ta'alla ki madad bhi milay gi

According to you, what can and should we do for the religion Islam in an attempt to bring back its real image in society? (Serious and practical answers only)

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
Hmm I'm a big sinner, I'm not a perfectionist, bt I am practicing my deen.
According to me, to bring back islam real image in society:
*we shud do pabandi of Praying 5 times of namaz, wid including tahajjud.
*we shud Try nd normalize the following of Quran.
*"la illaha illalah muhammadur rasoolAllah". We shud Normalize following Sunnah nd hadees, they are frm Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
As sunnah is the acts done and hadees is the words said by our beloved prophet.
*we shud Try to know about sahaba e kram nd Hazrat Ali R.A., as prophet (P.B.U.H) said if I am the door of knowledge, Hazrat Ali R.A is the key to the door.
*we shud normalize Takhreer's nd ijtema's every week like Qutba every Friday's.
*we shud always Remember Allah (swt) by doing loads of zikr nd dua.
*we shud Repent as many tyms as u can nd try not to repeat sins, nd don't get attached to this temporary world though as much you can. Bcoz eventually "Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajioon"
*we shud Do always remember the main motive for which we are here in this duniya. "Takbir- Allahuakbar" nd "la illaha illalah muhammadur rasoolAllah"
*May Allah(swt) guide us to the straight path. Ameen ya Rab. ❤️
*May Allah(swt) forgive all our Sagheera gunah. Ameen ya rab.❤

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Is there one book that changed your life or had a lasting impact?

Riffatluv’s Profile PhotoRiffat arif
I recently read Namal by Nimrah Ahmed and its one of my fav books now. One of the most beautiful things that I learned from that book is:
There's a famous ayah of Quran Paak
إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
'Verily with every hardship comes ease'
it's clearly written that with the 'hardship' comes the 'ease' but we always misinterpret this ayah and we perceive that the 'ease' would come after the 'hardship'. We wait for it and we simply ignore the fact that EASE HAS ALREADY COME TO US ALONGWITH THAT HARDSHIP. We are so lost in that hardship that we ignore the ease. So this thing, this little piece of knowledge has changed my perception to some extent whenever I'm worried I j look around to find my 'EASE' and i often find it :)

It's Ramadan, and I am trying to be a better Muslim. I pray five times a day, and today I was listening to a Quran recitation. Idk but whenever my mother gets angry she uses my that little struggle of being religious against me. If i made a mistake, she said kia faida namaz or quran prhny ka.💔

Its alright, don't be hard on yourself
One can only try but to soften ones heart is in Allah's hand, so you Pray and keep Striving to Do Better and Be Better
It is Tough as well as Harsh, this is an Indication of you being on the Right Path 😇

Please motivate me to avoid listening songs. staif

I had your same problem. First realize the reason why your doing it. It’s for Allah . So that reason must be strong. Make a strong effort not to listen to music on purpose. Move yourself away from things that give the desire to listen to music. For example Instagram and tik tok fb . Delete it. It’s for your own good. Wallah it’s helped me tremendously. It should help you to. The apps used to bring out my sexual desire and cause me to fall back into sinning. Now that they are gone I’ve gotten better. Remember. You're doing this for Allah. So you should give your best or play Quran headphones or read.

But if you convert to Islam you will have the respect you are looking for in this world and you will have heaven in the afterlife

Your respect for me should not be based on my religion, your respect for me should be based on the fact that I am a HUMAN BEING. I am worthy of respect and love just as much as anyone else. Does the Quran not teach you to love and not insult or judge? If you truly don’t understand that, then there is no point in me talking to you anymore because you have a disgusting mindset if you really cannot understand what I am saying.

In ramadan you said by your self lesbian hona guna nahi .mai giri huee sahi mujh mai khuda ka khoof hai.i have that screen shot should i post on wall and tag you.

Han kro post Maine kaha tha lesbian hona gunnah hai aur mujh mayy Khuda ka khauf hai bnda apna dimagh istimal krta hai ajeeb insaan ho bahi Quran khol k agar tarjumah sayy parha Hoga na tou pata Hoga k Kitna barha gunnah hai yeh ajeeb bakwas hai bahi aa k shuru ho jatay ho

I am probably at the lowest level of iman right now, inspite of regularly praying, crying infront of him. Please motivate me to not lose hope or atleast pray for me that I don't give up on myself and that He doesn't give up on me. 😭

There are days when you’ve the highest Iman days and then there are days when you’ve the lowest. In both of these, just know he loves you more than 70 mothers, there is no way he give up on us. Just keeping repenting. Tauba open doors we would never imagine. “ Do not lose hope nor be sad “ Quran 3:139

اديني اغنيه وهديك واحده عشوائيه من عندي 💀

somELzaha2’s Profile Photowasting time
بدل ما تضيع وقتك.
Listen to سورة الأنفال للشيخ المنشاوي - Quran 8 by تلاوات الشيخ المنشاوي on #SoundCloud

ياريت ال يعرف ازاي ابطل اسمع اغاني يقول وله الاجر ان شاء الله. كل ما ابطل برجع 💔

لو الأغاني عالموبايل امسحيها
ونزلي ابليكيشن قرآن يكون متاح اوف لاين زي Golden Quran وحملي القرآن بصوت قاريء صوته جميل زي عبدالرحمن مسعد إسلام صبحي أحمد النفيس الشيخ المنشاوي الشيخ محمود علي البنا وهاند فري جميله وحطيها ف ودنك وشغلي القرآن حتى لو مش مركزة تمام التركيز واحدة واحدة هتسمعي وهتحفظي آيات كمان ب التكرار وهبكون خير أنيس ليكي

And in the same context. How can we explain couples in which the husband is literally a drinker while the wife is most pious woman someone can find. And even vice versa? (3)

The context in which that verse was revealed now. Some hypocrites had accused Aisha{R.A} of having an affair or committing Zina. Then the Prophet PBUH came to her to ask her if this was true and this verse was revealed to the Prophet at that time. I follow tafsir ibn Kathir because most scholars say that it is the best one out there. The tranlsation of this verse in Tafsir Ibn Kathir is as follows:
'Bad statements are for bad people and bad people for bad statements. Good statements are for good people and good people for good statements: such are innocent of (every) bad statement which they say; for them is forgiveness, and honored provision.'
Basically implying that hypocrites and bad people are gonna take part in spreading such rumors. Here is the detailed explanation.
'bn `Abbas said, "Evil words are for evil men, and evil men are for evil words; good words are for good men and good men are for good words. This was revealed concerning `A'ishah and the people of the slander.'' This was also narrated from Mujahid, `Ata', Sa`id bin Jubayr, Ash-Sha`bi, Al-Hasan bin Abu Al-Hasan Al-Basri, Habib bin Abi Thabit and Ad-Dahhak, and it was also the view favored by Ibn Jarir. He interpreted it to mean that evil speech is more suited to evil people, and good speech is more suited to good people. What the hypocrites attributed to `A'ishah was more suited to them, and she was most suited to innocence and having nothing to do with them.'
So one of the most authentic tafasir of the Qur'an says that this verse was talking about evil speech being the hobby of evil people and it doesn't suit good people. Which makes way more sense when related to the time this verse was revealed. But, lets assume for the purpose of this argument that this verse does mean that evil men are for evil people. I'll talk about this in your next question, again cuz of space.

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So my question is. In Qur'an, it's said (and interpretation is) that pious men are for pious women and vice versa. Similarly righteous for righteous, Pure for pure. wicked for wicked, impure for impure men for women and women for men etc. (1)

Before you question any verse of the Qur'an, it's important to understand the context in which that verse was revealed. Also it is important to understand that Qur'an is not a book of rules. The rules of Shariah are taken from the Qur'an and ahadith. Some people take Qur'an as a book of science, some take it as a story book, some take it as a book of rules but the truth is that it's none of that exclusively. It is a way of life. Now what does that mean? It means that it has examples of almost every kind of situation a person will possibly face, so you study that and you get inspiration from it. It also is a book that teaches us who Allah is. And yes it does have some rules that are very strict and there's question about those rules not being obligatory upon us, because of the way they've been worded.. An example of such a rule would be verses that say drinking alcohol is a great sin. Surah baqarah verse 219 btw.
Or the quran saying don't even go near adultery in surah isra verse 32 I believe.
Just two examples, but the point is that if Qur'an mentions a rule, it is worded in a very clear manner. So clear that there's no question about it being forbidden or about it being a rule. Remember this point.
Coming to the first part of my answer, context. I'll explain it in the next question cuz no space here.

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Yaar jaadu Yaa ultaa Quran parhay Jo aap par , uskaa Kya torr hai??? Kesay bacha jaye in cheezon se??? Pls serious answers only

Last two ayats of surah baqarah isha ki namaz k baad before going to bed.
Ayatulkursi after every farz prayer.
And recite the below mentioned dua thrice after fajr prayer and maghrib prayer.
Also keep reciting HAA MEEN LA YUNSARUN all the time.
Yaar jaadu Yaa ultaa Quran parhay Jo aap par  uskaa Kya torr hai Kesay bacha

اقرأ ما استطعت من القرآن، و احفظ و لو آية واحدة و زِد كلما استطعت. قال رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: «إن الذي ليس في جوفه شيءٌ من القرآن كالبيتِ الْخَرِب» تابع الورد هُنا 🌿 @ragboon

ragboon’s Profile Photoإنا إلى الله راغبون
القراءة الأفضل للمنشاوي، أحسن القصص.♥️♥️
Listen to محمد صديق المنشاوى - من سورة يوسف by Telawat Quran Kareem تلاوات قرآن كريم on #SoundCloud

Sprichst du arabisch?

Nein, ich kann lediglich Grüßen, ein paar Gebete sprechen und wenige Stellen aus dem Quran rezitieren. Ich würde aber gerne Arabisch sprechen können.
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Yaar jaadu Yaa ultaa Quran parhay Jo aap par , uskaa Kya torr hai??? Kesay bacha jaye in cheezon se??? Pls serious answers only

سورۃ الفلق اور سورۃ الناس
آیت الکرسی۔
اپنے اور اپنے گھر کی عورتوں کے بالخصوص ناخن کٹوائیں۔ طہارت کا خیال رکھیں سختی سے۔ اور نماز کی پابندی کریں۔
ان شا ء اللّٰه تعالٰی ۔ کچھ نہیں ہوگا۔
اللھم انا نجعلک فی نحورھم ونعوذبک میں شرورھم۔
اس دعا کا ورد کریں، کوئی چیز ہی نہیں جادو اس کے آگے ۔
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Salam, Spread Positivity in here with your own words ✍🏻🤍

You can get disappointed by yourself but you must never feel disappointed by the mercy of Allah. If you live as He commanded then In Sha Allah all your worries will be gone sooner or later. Somebody told me a few years ago that there may come a delay in God's mercy (means it may take some time) but there can never be eternal darkness in His domain. It was not much of a pacification then, but with the coming years, I learned what it meant. The tunnel ends at some point. There is a time for everything. We can neither delay something nor make it quick. That's why in Quran it is said that the successful ones are only those who are believers, are patient, do the right, and preach the same (about being patient and doing good deeds). Everyone else is said to be in loss. May Allah Almighty show us the right way and make us satisfied with His blessings. May He protect us against evil of all kinds. Ameen.
وعلیکم السلام ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ۔

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Salam Spread Positivity in here with your own words

Hello, salam alikum! Why do I feel that Islam is not a simple or (smooth) religion, I feel that it's complicated and it's not suitable for anyone to embrace it?

we'alikum El Salam!
First, we must know what we mean by the word "simple" or "smooth"? Does it mean that this religion's practices should align with how we live our lives? also, it shouldn't have a deep impact and change how we view the creator, ourselves, mankind, and the world, thus it changes how we behave?
if that's what we mean by the word simple/smooth then yes it's not simple, and it is not suitable for anyone.
But if we meant by the word "not simple" that there are lots of things to learn, to practice, and there are lots of things we do are haram and we should "immediately" stop doing it the moment we became Muslims, if that's what you mean then we have to make some clarifications.
Allah says: يُرِيدُ ٱللَّهُ بِكُمُ ٱلْيُسْرَ وَلَا يُرِيدُ بِكُمُ ٱلْعُسْرَ
Allah desires ease for you and does not desire hardship for you.
You're not required to become a Sahaby, Tabeey , or even a scholar! you don't have to make all the good deeds that is mentioned in the Quran and sunnah!, you don't have to be at some perfect level that you don't do any harams to become a Muslim or practice Islam! that's not true at all and it's not the essence of Islam.
There is a hadeeth of the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم where he was going to send Moaz ibn Jabal رضي الله عنه to Yemen and he told him صلى الله عليه وسلم: "You are going to some people from among the people of the Book (They were Christians at that time), Call them to bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah.
If they obey you in that, then teach them that Allah has enjoined upon them five prayers every day and night.
If they obey you in that, then teach them that Allah has enjoined upon them Sadaqah (Zakah) from their wealth, to be taken from their rich and given to their poor.
If they obey you in that, then do not touch the most precious of their wealth, and fear the supplication of the one who has been wronged, for there is no barrier between it and Allah, the Mighty and Sublime."
If you noticed that the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم didn't tell Moaz to tell them all the Pillars of Islam at once! but step by step and he started with the most important one which they are required to believe in Tawheed and say the shahada لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله La ilaha ela Allah Muhammad Rasulu Allah, and ONLY IF THEY DO SO ONLY IF THEY believe in it and obey Allah and his prophet, THEN they should know that there are 5 prays to do day and night!
Allah didn't ask that they change their whole life once they said the shahada! but they are required to take small steps so that they can bare it and continue to worship Allah and in that the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم when was asked: "What deeds are loved most by Allah?" he replied: The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few." He added: "Don't take upon yourselves, except the deeds which are within your ability."
In that meaning, it is simple and suitable for anyone.
limit reached

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Kash Allah ta'alah ham se baaten karte hamen gallay lagate or saray dard gayab ho jate!

Malaika_1010’s Profile Photoسنو!
Allah tala se baat karne ke liye namaz hai, aur Allah ke jwab humare har swal ka jwab Quran mein hai, i would suggest you ke esi baatien social media pe share na kiya kare log bht zalim hai kufer ka fatwa laga ke bura bhala kehna start kar de gey, baqi Allah aap ki mushkilat asan farmaye aur aap ko jald us trha mile jese aap cha rehi hai

Would we appreciate life more if it was easier?

ukashafakhar’s Profile PhotoUkasha .
-Allah quran mein kehta hai k "Beshak, insaan nashukra hai."
Very big percentage of people is taking the biggest blessings of their lives for granted just because they were given before or without asking. You guys have no idea. I'm glad that I learnt my lesson. I wish everyone learn theirs too before it's too late.

What are some of the hard truths about life that no one tells you?

SinisterKnight’s Profile PhotoDEEDZ
-one of the most hardest truth to realize is, that we are not here to enjoy this life, are not here to get admission in the best college of the city, we are not here to get the best and high paid job, we are not here to impress all the opposite genders of our class, we are not here to please our nafs, we are not here to chill with our friends. We are here for a very big test.
"Every soul has to taste death. It is on the Day of Judgement that you shall be paid your rewards in full. So, whoever has been kept away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has really succeeded. The worldly life is nothing but an illusionary enjoyment." (Quran 3:185)
My fellows, please don't waste your time turn back to Allah before you are kept in your grave 6ft under the grounf where there will be no one to save you but Allah. You are risking your hereafter and Jannah for this delusional world where no one cares about you but the things you have. If this still doesn't scares us then surely we will be with those who will be thrown away in jahanum.

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