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is it important that the future mr livi have the same religion as you? would you consider dating out of your race?

No not at all, I’m not religious so that wouldn’t be an issue. Or rather, it’s very personal and private to me. I would have an issue if someone wanted me to convert to their own religion though.
I already have done once in truth, and whilst it was mostly platonic on my end anyways and he himself wasn’t religious, his family very much were, so that was a potential roadblock that I was concerned about :)

Do you have any stories of when you got sunburned? If not, when was the last time it happened? ☀️🔥

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My ex was participating in Tough Mudder (an outdoor obstacle course race where you have to climb walls, wade ice water, cross mud baths, run through live wires... Sh*t like that) back in 2017, and I had to drive him there and I was staying to watch and bring him home again. We didn't know that no shade was going to be provided by the organisers (like tents or anything), and we didn't know how blindingly hot that day was going to be. I ended up with the worst sun burn I've ever had, so bad that it's actually scarred the skin on my chest and back to the extent that I still have a tan line to this day that never goes.

Canada is literally made on English and French and Indigenous languages but it seems like Justin Trudeau is letting in people who type in handwriting.

Brooo i have been reading canadian history since grade 4 and i had history courses till grade 12.. Canadian culture only revolved around aboriginal ppl and first nation ppl.. which was lost decades back by British taking over and red Indians .. since than Canada has always been a multicultural country. Canada is known for its multicultural nationality. Canada doesn’t have his own culture or identity.. canada is made from different race and culture. First nation and aboriginal ppl still exist but rarely..

You ever fart on the cops 👮‍♂️

Damn the cops some of them are just ehh And don’t know how to treat a human being ppl have died in the hands of a cop and it’s sickening that I have to see that every day and ppl should know these guns that are loaded these days ain’t those water guns no more that we used to have as kids this is serious now and it needs to be stop no one should died in the hands of a cop !! JS ppl can hate me and drag me for sayin this but I am tired of seeing someone my race being target and kill over nothin

Feel very insecure and lack of confidence because of my face acne 😭

My whole Heart, My Jan, just some acne doesn't make you any less of a person, you're acceptable with anything and everything you have to offer, until and unless it's not harming anyone on purpose, ab be it acne, pimple, stuttering, color, race, ethnicity, or literally anything......
I've been through the same, I've had acne as well and I still have it to an extent, it's mild now, it's not that bad, but it still is there thori bohot, I'm still recovering....
So I completely understand what you must be feeling. But believe me, acne is not even the last thing I would notice about someone. Even if your whole face is covered with it, YOU ARE ACCEPTABLE AND LOVABLE, I DON'T CARE....
Your face doesn't describe who you actually are.
Plus, one thing I'm telling you right now is that, as much as we have it in our minds (because some people do make you feel low for having it so it does sometimes end up upsetting you) other (genuine/sensible) people don't even care about it.
So yeah, acne for sure will go with time and right treatment, but even if it doesn't or it takes a longer period of time, you're not to be blamed here, because as i said, YOU'RE ACCEPTABLE EVEN WITH ACNE OR ANYTHING.
All the love in the world for you.
If you feel like venting, leave me a message anytime.

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What should be the goal of humanity?

EloquentlySagacious’s Profile PhotoEloquentlySagacious
The goal should be unity. The pentacle of human achievement will be becoming a class one civilization. That is a singular unified race/nation with mastery over our planet and resources. There is something called the kardashev Scale. It started off in the realm of science fiction authors, but a physicist designed it originally. It's how to measure the advancement of an alien race based on how much energy they control. Humans don't rank yet. We're about .7 to .8. Since we don't utilize all the planets energy without undo harm to the planet itself. It's nearly impossible to ensure unless we were one people one nation. A United Earth

Как вы относитесь к тому что молодое поколение перестало уважать старших? И почему это произошло?

adalat2018’s Profile PhotoAdalat Aliev
respect is based not on the age difference, but on the personal qualities of a person, his ability to think soberly and clearly, make balanced and fair decisions, the ability to take responsibility for his actions and for the fate of other people, showing empathy for people, for the ability to compromise to achieve common goals, for selfless help to others people. this is something that people can respect, and if these qualities are not there, then age is just one of the signs of a person, like gender or race.
Как вы относитесь к тому что молодое поколение перестало уважать старших И

What do you think women fail to realize that is actually hard for men?

We don't have emotional support. We can't call up a guy friend, cry to him, ask him to tell us everything is going to be ok, and give us a hug. People assume we're predators when we're around kids, especially if they're not the same race. This one might cause some trouble and surprise, but we are constantly unwanted, rejected, and outright feared, just for existing. Society forces us to not speak up for women constantly attacking us. As a man, you have absolutely no implicit value. Men are not seen as having any sense of valuable identity, beauty, or character. The absence of romance. Yes, ladies, we do like romance and WANT YOU THINK OF US ROMANTICALLY! Buy us that damn box of chocolate, too. Y'all already know we've been conditioned since birth to not express our emotions, and if we do, it's deeply frowned upon and sometimes gets physically harmed. We're not allowed to be sensitive and show weakness even when it's called for. How incredibly stressed out we are and that we're not allowed to speak about the physical and mental torture we are often put through at work. It may come as a shock, but we get sexually harassed too. I can not tell you how many times I have been sexually harassed and assaulted by women and men and not be able to speak out about it. There is so much that women don't know about men, and I barely touched the surface.

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*tbc this is separate from the ones you have going on already--**The man stepping through looks as confused as can be and I bet it's the same for the hylians* Where the heII am I!? Is this some movie set? Let this be some weird movie set..or prank.. the people here look like FREAKS..

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
*he might remember @forgottenfifth though from his encounter with the Demon before when Shadow used his shapeshifting to screw him over*
*Vio however just gives him a bored look, as if a man walking out of a portal into his reality were something he saw everyday*
"You do realize that it's Humans like yourself that are uncommon here, Hylians are the dominant race in Central Hyrule. How is it you've never met a Hylian before. . . unless."
*Vio tilts his head, his chin resting on his hand as he studies the man, his odd way of speaking, his unusual garb*
"Unless you're not from our world at all, are you."
tbc this is separate from the ones you have going on alreadyThe man stepping

Hey I need an opinion on this I'm a 22 year old girl healthy and chubby I can lose weight but I'm too lazy and my family is thinking of me to get engaged or married because everyone in my family my cousins are getting married or engaged so I have this pressure on me but I don't want to get married

Life isn't a race & you are not in competition with anyone here.You don't have to follow other peoples timeline.You have every right to live your life the way it makes you happy living it so don't let anyone pressurize you into doing something you might regret for the rest of your life.

Does your country have a black friday? i always thought it was global since it was the day black slaves were sold at a cheaper price. we all know the slave trade was all over the world.

ErodJr’s Profile Photoj u n i o r
* Yes, we have black friday.
*Black Fridays in Latvia kinda suck. We have a huge % markup.
*Latvia wasn't really involved with slaves. We don't have any other race here, and we didn't really have them back then. (Latvia is not convenient for emigrants of any kind)
*I think we have black fridays because it's just something international. Just like halloween, we have it, but it's not really what people here celebrate.

What do you think makes someone a “good person”?

I think a good person is someone who respects everyone, no matter their race, gender, sexuality and believes. Someone who helps out others without wanting anything in return.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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What do you think makes someone a good person
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What do you learn from your life? Like Whats that one advice you want to give others based on your life lessons?

buttni_here’s Profile PhotoAmnah
Apna ullu seedha rakho. Everyone else has learnt from past mistakes. Mistakes they don't want to repeat. We're all getting there. Slow n steady wins the race 😁

What bothers you about the people of today?

MrScorpiooo’s Profile Photoꌚꂑ꒒ꈼꋊꋖ ꀯꂑꌅꀯ꒒ꈼ
GenZ in general is the stupidest generation, zero grace. No manners.
No productivity, lost in the race of social media, we 90s kids have blend of both eras but these kids think abusing is cool, smoking is cool, being fake is cool, doing unethical activities at public place is cool. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Which era in history do you find the most fascinating? Why? 🏹🗿⚱️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Probably doesn't count... but can I say the jurassic period? xD
Animals will always fascinate me more than the human race... and heck! Dinosaurs will always be one of the most fascinating things to me! There's still so much we don't know about them :3
Which era in history do you find the most fascinating Why
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La liberté de presse et d'expression est-elle de plus en plus en danger et menacée en France ?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Mec sérieux je suis pas méchant mais j’ai compté 80 questions depuis aujourd’hui midi, il est 20h05
Franchement je vais finir par te bloquer ou t’insulter ta grosse race, t’as des questions intéressantes parfois, mais t’abuse tellement

ما هي معايير الثقه بالنسبه لك لتقدر تدخل شخص بحياتك ؟

Alihd69’s Profile Photoكلمات
السؤال ذكرني بشيء ما، احد الحاجات يلي انحفرت بقلبي لما كنت أقري Anne of Green Gables هو مفهوم ال Kindred Spirit.
من كم يوم بالمواصلات جلس جنبي رجل بمنتصف أو نهاية الأربعينات كذا، أول ما لمحته الفكرة يلي خطرت ببالي ان ذا الشخص from the race that knows Joseph، وهو تعبير من الكتاب المقصود فيبو ان لما تلاقي حد وتتآلف ارواحكم كذا بدون سبب.
المشوار كان طويل، وعند نقطة ما من المشوار ذا تحدثنا عن عدة أمور ولوقت طويل.
بشكل عام أنا مش حد يجد الحديث مع الغرباء أمر سهل أو ممتع، وحتى لما أنزنق بهدرة واهدر برضو ما يكونش الموضوع برد وسلام على قلبي، أكون أشتي أقفل الموضوع بأقرب فرصة.
بس مع هذا السيد كان الأمر جميل فعلا، وحسيت بحزن لما نزل قبلي وودعني💔، يلي هو حضرتك نحنا كذا معد بنشوفش بعض خلاص🥲؟ ذا دورك بحياتي وخلصنا🥲؟
سيد جميل جمييل للغاية، كمية الرحمة والعطف واللين والتفهّم يلي فيه تخلي أي حد جنبه يهدأ، تقدر تشوف إنه مفعوص بالدنيا فعص مش هيّن بس برضو محافظ ع لين قلبه، ما قابلتش بحياتي أبدًا شخص أقدر أصفه بذي الصفات.
أتمنى لك كل الخير أيها السيد الجميل، وأتمنى نلتقي أجين.

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Az mi az a csillag nomád nem ad ki semmit a kereső,olyan mint a starseed?

Az csak egy másik megnevezése a lightworker-eknek és igen starseed.
“Lightworker is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Lightworkers are special starseed souls who come from a variety of planets, realms and star systems. They don’t call one place home. Their primary purpose is to spread love, light, and kindness. There is no maliciousness behind their behavior. What makes them so unique? They aren’t beholden to any culture, race, or planet. They solely work for the light.”
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You're not the first, you won't be the Last!!!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
I dont get tht perception much tbh , what if the whole world is sharing the same agony as me , it doesnt make it easier or less painful .. i think the journey is almost individual when it comes to pain or agony ..
But it might be helpful to know tht there is nothin wrong with u for going through those hardships ، and tht it is part of the fate of the human race in this version of life ..
Most importantly i think that fate is supposed to make us merciful and more considerate towards each other not the other way around :"

have you dated outside of your race? how was it

I'm dating one at the moment.it's both fascinating and challenging. Our cultures and religious beliefs tend to clash. But as long as we are open and willing to learn and adapt, these issues can reach a compromise. Communication is always an eye-opener on such things.
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Do you prefer the city, country, or suburbs?

I live in a cookie-cutter suburb and I hate it, but I still live with my parents, so I don't really have a say and I cannot really afford to live on my own. It's primarily because I want to my own thing, and don't get why neighbors make a big deal of having manicured lawns and I hate how all the houses look the same and everything seems so bland, boring and superficial. Thankfully, there is some diversity when it comes to race, ethnicity and religion. I lived in another suburb before this one, and I really liked it because it was the neighborhood standards and expectations weren't so strict, and the neighbors mostly kept to themselves. Another plus is that there was more diversity with houses. We had a big backyard that was home to all sorts of plants and animals, and I felt closer to the nature, and just seems more natural to me. I could also walk to church, the store, and restaurants, but in my current neighborhood, we have to drive everywhere. As for the city and the country, I don't really have a preference as I see the pros and cons of both and they both have their own charm. On one hand, I like the isolation of the countryside, and the closeness with nature, and I could live off the land instead of having to work for someone else, but I also like the convenience of being able to walk everywhere in the city instead of having to rely on the upkeep of my own car. I could also take advantage of public transportation. Unfortunately, the city closest to me is one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. in terms of violent crime, but I think it is gradually getting better. While there would be lots of people on the streets, we would probably be all carrying about our own business and I probably wouldn't have to socialize with them all that much. I love cities for the access to things that I enjoy and the anonymity; I live in the country, and paradoxically I feel like I'm on more peoples' radars now than when I was living in the downtown center of a city (part of it goes with the job, but still).
I'm not sure really. I've lived in the country all my life. What I really enjoy about it is the nature, and being able to go for a run in the forest and be quite sure not to meet anyone, and since we don't have any neighbors, you can also be outside, and no one sees you. And it's quiet and peaceful most of the time. But the people here kind of suck. Small schools, lots of gossip. And the only things that are really going on outside of school is soccer and partying, and if you don't like it, you're just weird. The classes are kind of small (we were about 35 in each grade), and my guess is about 3 of them would be intuitives. So kind of hard to find people similar to yourself.

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This race will never end but our lives will. Participate in the race that will benefit the next world

isi race k chakar mein log sara saal namaz nahi parhty aur 12 rabi ul awal py duniya jahan k kam krty hain aur wo bhe logon ko dikhane k liye, I'm not saying na kro but sara saal bhe toh Allah, us k Rasool SAWW ka kaha mano na. and there is no race which will benefit in the next world, your yesterday is your only competition, if you're not better than what you were yesterday, no other race is gonna benefit you

ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ᴍᴀᴋᴇꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀɴɢʀʏ ¿?

Many things - but these actualy now:
- bad gossips
- judging people without knowing them
- humiliating people because of things they are not responsible for such a race, sexual orientation, medical handicap
- reality of these days that people educated and ready to work are not accepted by employers and cant get a chance to show their abilities.

Random thoughts maybe.

When you are in the age of 20 above and still single. Do not think that no one likes you, or no one is destined for you. Why? It is because Allah has a better plan for you, and He will give it to you when you least expect it. People, getting married is not a race. You just need to love your self first and He will give you the one who will love you for the rest of your life. Trust Him.♥️🌻

🍂 Monday 19th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"Slow down. Life is not a race. Enjoy the journey. Look around, take it in, notice the beauty around you."
- Bloom Post: Shaman's Toolbox: Practical Tools For Powerful Transformation.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "Slow down and take time to enjoy the simple things, like the sunsets, the gardens growing, the wind in the trees, and the clouds high in the sky."
- Coy Theobalt, Gypsy Wind Speaks: Life Lesson from a Sailboat.
• "Happiness, like a fine wine or a great meal, should be cherished and enjoyed - slowly and deliberately."
- Michael L. Yergin, Megamorphosis: How to be Happier Right Now.
Monday 19th September 2022

Дождались! Вчера, 4 марта, музыкальная группа Sabaton выпустила новый альбом - The War To End All Wars! Послушай его и напиши подробное мнение о каждой песне 💜

С тех пор, как он вышел, послушала его раз двести)) Не по собственному желанию, конечно, т.к. не увлекаюсь творчеством данной группы и не слежу за их новинками, но в моем окружении есть их фанаты
Альбом действительно неплох, добавила в свой плейлист треки Неllfighters и Race to the Sea
Все, кто отвечал на этот вопрос, уже об этом сказали, но не могу не отметить, что Christmas Truce нереально проникновенная и трогательная песня
Жду каверы на Stormtroopers от Келли и на Dreadnought от Рейчел

https://ask.fm/natalehjayne/answers/172211347884 - Possibly 😅 We should take a leaf out of their book, unless dinosaurs are reintroduced, Velociraptors can run faster than the T-Rex 🤪

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
I’d quite like to have a race against a t-rex, reckon I’d come home with the gold 💪🏻 you can go against the velociraptors 😝

Saathiyo, Sukoon hae jeewan mai?

SpontaneousKabir’s Profile PhotoSpontaneousKabir
You are asking this to the generation in which people suffer from depression anxiety at the age of 16, 13yr old children find their true love and at the age of 14 they face cheat n betrayal 🥀
This is the generation where small action n words of happiness can't give full happiness n satisfaction
In this time people wants to find their happiness in other people,they try to find or get love umm true love they want attention all the time, the children or youth of this age is just surrounded by their sexual desires, for them true love is just a fun their true love lasts for only 6months to 1yr hardly.. Small kiddos are suffering from depression anxiety..This is the worst generation i may say, they dont know that they get real Sakoon only through Allah God worshipping him❤
No one is having Sakoon nowadays there's race in society to be on 1st bcz of this they are loosing their Sakkoon🥀
Turn to your god you will get the real Sakoon❤
True love exists but the person who loves u really truly he will never let you go for a silly reasons True love never demands Najayaz🥀 in the name of loyalty n love❤

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A good piece of advice for girls?

Riqra’s Profile PhotoRiqra
Just saw a thread where more than two women are roasting other women just because of the way they look and about their fashion choices, I mean come on. Where's that girl's power and all that? Imagine if some men were doing the same I get these same women would scream their lungs off telling how disgusting men race is.

O que falta pra vc ser a pessoa mais feliz do mundo?

DaianeCamilaPelentir’s Profile PhotoV0DK4
Race ov man! The errors ov a wise man make thy rules ye shall see!
Rather than the perfection ov the fool
The most divine! I am many! Among so very few. Beyond redemption, beyond the weak thus I beheld the truth.
None ov thy empty gods, shall ever stand above me!" - Conquer All
O que falta pra vc ser a pessoa mais feliz do mundo

dạo này thi xong với cũng trúng tuyển rồi nên cháu thấy thằng em ở nhà lướt tiktok suốt, gần đây phát hiện nó xem khiêu dâm nam nhiều lắm. Dì có rcm nên xem cái gì ko ạ? Kiểu vừa học vừa giải trí, học nhẹ nhàng ạ. Có nên báo gia đinh nó xem khiêu dâm ko ạ?

- về kinh tế thì dì nghĩ gen Z nên xem về cuộc đại khủng hoảng toàn cầu năm 2008, vì các cháu đã là 1 phần của nền kinh tế rồi. (nhiều dạng vid giải thích từ 5p đến 1 tiếng)
- về giải trí thì nên xem rupaul's drag race - show đàn ông giả gái. xem để tìm hiểu về pop culture củng hay. từ show này sẽ tìm hiểu được hình thức giải trí của chị em bóng gió xưa nay và lịch sử đấu tranh bình đẳng của lgbt từ những năm 70s.
- để yên cho nó xem p orn đi & mind your business.
là 1 người chị thì cháu khum nên quậy đục nước lên mà hãy làm bạn với ẻm. Phước phần kiếp này của 1 bánh bèo là có 1 BFF bê đê.

🤔 Have you ever questioned your gender?

Counter question. How can one identify as something they have never been or experienced before? Isn’t it merely a collection of ideas they have of said gender that they have learnt and been taught to come to a moving conclusion of believing and feeling they are said gender? Because I cannot say that I feel a specific race, because that would be just what I stated no? Or saying I feel like a pilot for instance. I’ve never been one, I’ve never experienced what a pilot has, therefore I can only go with what idea I have of what one is. How can we truly say we are a gender if we have never been one before. (This question is with all respect)

Post whatever you like❤️.

Mai pedal fruit leny gya tha, 2 LARKIYAN tezi se gari chalati hui aain oor barish wala pani keechar sara uchal kr mere kapron pr gir gya, Mujhe gussa charha lekin mai kuch nahi kr skta tha.
Wo thora agay jaa kr gari se utar kr mere pass aa gayin. Or kaha
"Mistakenly mujh se race press ho gayi thi, Hmari intentions ye nahi theen, Aao apko drop kr dety hain"
Khair mene kaha thank you, Apka itna kehna hi enough hai.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?🎃

Bike seekhne ka shok tha, aur me tha chawal ghar me bike start kar k race de raha tha achanak Gear or pau laga bike chali samne thi Amma Jani, woh to by chance samne kuch rakha tha jis se lag kr me gira. Uske baad 4 years tak bike ko hath nahi lagaya 🙄

Confess something 🦋

What Is Love ?
Love is when Khadijah (R.A) spent her entire wealth on this Deen (Islam) for the Man she loved.
Love is when Muhammed (S.A.W) took the glass that Ayesha (R.A) drank from and put His lips on the exact place she put hers on and then drank.
Love is when Muhammed (S.A.W) had a race with Ayesha (R.A) and teased her when she lost.
Love is when Muhammed (S.A.W) would take a bone that Ayesha (R.A) sucked meat from and would put His lips on that same place she chewed the meat from.
‎❤❤ صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم ❤❤

What is your political ideology??

behnamkarami’s Profile PhotoBen K
Try to be a decent human being, be kind to one another and to the planet, let people love who they want to love and mind your own business, separation of church and state, don’t regulate other people’s bodies, people have a right to clean air, water, healthcare which won’t bankrupt them, fair and equal wages regardless of race or gender, fair housing and cost of living, the right to defend yourself with a handgun, age and term limits on people in government, corporations should not be able to influence laws by donating to politicians, politicians should not be able to profit by insider knowledge, fair and free elections where the popular vote decides the winner…there is so much more lol I don’t identify with a political party any more
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