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Universal Love. Beyond borders, races, and creeds, Universal love spreads its wings, A silent song that vibrates within the soul, A language understood by all hearts.I t knows no barriers, fears no differences, Unites humanity in a warm embrace, A bridge of light that overcomes every obstacle.

Brutalzone’s Profile PhotoSALVATORE BALESTRA
What beautiful words Salvatore. I hope you don’t mind me sharing them here. If I may, I was speaking with a friend the other day about a similar concept. We were discussing what a better world would look like. He had mentioned how it would be one where people didn’t just care about themselves— care would expand past one’s own being and everyone would help and care for one another as if that’s the way it was always intended.
We lose sight of this in our generation. We give way to selfish desires and survival instincts. We respond to hate with hate and put up guards because of pain that others cause us. We fear not having, so some will not stop to care for others in an effort to maintain for themselves. We do not live in a Utopian society.
However, if we do not attempt to change individually and as a society just because the desired world seems impossible, then we have already chosen to remain stagnant. Do you know what happens to water when it is stagnant? It becomes infected. It becomes a breeding ground for microbial pathogens that cause harm to humans.
Anyways, all of that just to say—We have to believe in a better world to practice becoming a better world. The minute we stop fighting for it, we become a part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

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Universal Love Beyond borders races and creeds Universal love spreads its wings

What’s something interesting you’ve learned of/about recently? 💁

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
The “White ” population in the UK is over 80% and “White British (identifying as English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, or British) is over 74%.
The “Asian” population is about 9%, and other ethnicities much less.
I checked the statistics having seen someone here on Ask calling themself “Templar” (often a term used by ethno-nationalists) bringing up the Great Replacement Theory (though not using that term) so beloved of the far right, neo-naz*s and their ilk.
I mean personally, who cares if eventually in hundreds of years races mix more and humans gradually change how they look and so on, but some people are terrified of this idea that “pure” white people will eventually die out.
I hope fascism dies out, is what I hope.

Поделитесь своими впечатлениями от путешествий, расскажите о том, что разочаровало вас больше всего, а что наоборот приятно удивило✈️

Vierral’s Profile PhotoAlina Vierra
It's so long , if ever , that I've been impressed . . . . in such a way .
When expectations have long died, disappointment lies extinct , and fossilised in decomposed hope .
Pleasant surprise , . I can feel in my recall . . . . 'numb wonder' ~ can anyone imagine such a condition ?
The second-last time I flew , home from Greece . The craft gave a horrific , prolonged creak-snapping groan ran through the cabin/ fuselage on each manoeuvre ~ climbing, levelling out ~ pilot seemed to be throwing it into each change .
It was forgotten on the longish flight to Glasgow (lived near Aberdeen at the time)
Drank lots of small bottles of sparkling wine , using up lots of Drachma (yes it was before Euro-isation, May 1987 to be precise ~ my oldest had celebrated his first birthday in Tolo )
The sun rose brilliantly, high above the cloud level . . . . when we dived recklessly down through the cloud toward Glasgow , again that dreadful cracking noise shot along the structure, we dived into hell , after the brilliant sunshine in was black as night in the Glasgow rain . . . . . the next day that plane fell out of the sky , killing all .
Next time I flew , it was a tiny Cessna , xmas eve , '95 ~ first access to my 3 , then aged 6, 7, 9 . . . after their ma had bailed out . 9-yr-old piloted quite a time (he who was one yr-old in Greece . [After 5 month passive battle for access]
I soon got full custody ; after countless rescues from their ma being arrested for drunken insanity & assaults . . . .
many happy landings , bumpy flights
I'm easy to please , never surprised
*a day at the races, 15 yrs ago*

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Поделитесь своими впечатлениями от путешествий расскажите о том что разочаровало

To anyone: can we assume that humans and angels, as well as demons and many other races, are considered brothers and sisters among themselves? After all, God created us all. and also, if he created all of us, then who created him?🐇

Ba'al: This is one of those questions I myself have had but there's saying he has always been. Always from the start. A being of pure eternity.
Melech: Is that possible. How can you always exist out of mere nothingness?
Ba'al: Can't wrap your head around it now can you? How is it possible? Imagine, a being of infinite proportions. It never ends. Do you even know what he looks like? He is you and I. He is everyone.
Gadreel: One of my favorite things to ponder!
Ba'al: Gentlemen, we have much to discuss tonight it seems. Another interesting book of books studies.
Hemot: Mmhmm! It is curious. A being of absolute infinity. Knows and sees all. Allows things to happen for a purpose. *Laughs* Scary. To think father is such an entity.

Rachel, what do u like about fixing races? U and your mob friends are so mean. If I win, we're going on a date. -Sage

But Sage, I already told you that we can only date if you leave up the donkey picture forever. So we have to wait until then before we can date so I know that you were telling the truth.
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So now you have me intrigued, lol. What are the top 3 things you tend to think about? 🤔💭🤪

Excluding work…
1. FOOD! When will I eat next? What will I eat? Do I cook something? Leftovers? Take out? Sit down eatery?
I bought a slice of cheesecake Monday. All day Tuesday at work I looked forward to devouring that cheesecake.
2. People. Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances…and (cough cough) women appealing to me.
3. Audio/visual entertainment. Movies, tv, music. As I type this, tv is on mute with a basketball game with music on my airpods. My head is full of useless information about such topics. Sometimes people will ask “Neo, what’s the name of that movie about a guy who races his car and crashes in the desert?” Yeah, “Driving Death.” (I made up that example.)

Howdy again DM, our horse goes up in class so the races are a bit harder to find her, normally anything from a week to three weeks break between races though. I’m suffering under the 16C night time heat here atm 😂😂😂

Ahhh OK that makes sense. It's nice that she gets a good long rest though, do you see much of her in between?

Tu conseilles le malinois comme 1er chien ?

Je conseille surtout de voir l'élevage et de bien le sélectionner si on n'a pas les compétences/temps/force pour la rééducation d'un chien de refuge, de prendre un éducateur pour partir sur de bonnes bases, et ça ira tout seul :) Et ça pour n'importe quel chien, le malinois n'est pas un monstre, c'est un chien avec des patrons moteurs spécifiques à sa race et peut être un peu plus de besoins physiques et mentaux à combler que chez les autres races, mais c'est un très bon chien de famille.
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Do you ever feel like people are never happy for you or celebrate with you when good things happen to you and for you?

Yes, I’ve won in races and challenges and even happened to be placed as number one one time but no one really cheered for me or congratulated me meanwhile they congratulated others who weren’t even placed as top three in those races but yet, the people around me cheered for them and they were acting as if they did better than I have. It’s as if the effort that I put in in order to win and actually ending up winning in the end didn’t matter to my “friends” at all. It was also my birthday once and my dad said that he couldn’t care less about it being my birthday, because he got mad at me for something I did earlier that day but it still hurt hearing that. I always felt like I wasn’t acknowledged for my hard work and accomplishments but as I got older, I’ve been acknowledged more and more by teachers and my parents the last two years of high school when I actually started getting good grades, so that was nice. Now, it doesn’t affect me that some don’t cheer for me at all or when they fail to be supportive when I accomplish things because I do everything for myself at this point and take pride in how much I’ve developed/changed throughout the years.

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Has your mind ever go blank all day

Desijgoingup’s Profile PhotoDesi j
My mind is rarely blank, unless I force the situation.
It races through a million things, at once, most of the time.
I have to actively shut off all outside stimuli and put myself into a sort of meditative state, to get it to calm down.
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*She bows her head in gratitude* "My thanks" *right I just realized Nova would technically be a lowbie here huh?*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Considering Momonga is max level - -
"Enjoy your time in E-Rantel then. And if any unscrupulous characters try to take advantage of you, know that I will know."
With that, he would turn and leave.
"The Sorcerer Kingdom is a safe haven for all races. I will not allow prejudice within it."
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(cont) *as their intestines fall into the proper places their other lacerated organs begin to mend before a protective layer of fat forms over their internal organs and skin grows back to cover them, their other stab wounds similarly have sealed themselves, the light of life returning to their eyes*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
A voice says from behind, the Sorcerer King and the Prime Minister being already there behind her,
The various citizens scuttling about gathering in awe of his sudden appearance.
"Blood healing may not impress Magic Casters, but an experienced sorcerer knows such an art is particular to a few select races, such as vampires."

*███ was used to being harassed by humans, though in this new world she couldn't hide her nature at all, and had been run off from every settlement she had been approached, she had even left a few times to avoid being attacked, what confused her most ███ couldn't call herself ███ here*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Prejudice was a wanton thing.
Natural to the human races, for they fear things they can't understand or control, and the same also goes for the demi human, even heteromorphic.
But within this land of prejudice and monsters, there existed at least one pillar of light, even if he was somewhat picture of neutrality.
At a towering height, and clad head to toe in pitch prismatic ore, he was none other than MOMON, the Raven Black Hero.
Currently, he was accompanying a carriage piloted by his female companion Nabe, on their way back to E-Rantel when they notice commotion.
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What kind of movies do you like the most?

The ones that don’t follow the trend and do not include all races, minorities, lgbtq, women that fight for their rights, etc…
Every time I watch a new movie in the cinema, everything’s good until one of those propagandistic factors come out, and it doesn’t even change the plot of the movie! It just kills my love for movies that I had long time ago…
I know that these can be important topics for someone, but it gets annoying and irritating already 😤
The best example of that is tv series Ann with an E. I love the original story from books, and I love old tv series, but this adaptation has very little of what actually was written in books. Instead, they included all that you could possibly imagine: lgbt, racism, women’s rights, immigrants and other things that I forgot already.
I guess it’s because people lost imagination and try to compensate it with “popular” problems that society has, so that they can receive award at least for bringing these topics up 😒

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Done, but I don't use it much, mostly for 7 🙂 Granturismo races

spidermax2’s Profile PhotoSpidermax2
Thank you so much anyways! It means a lot to me! Growing on Twitch is hard lately. 😩
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on Twitch, Instagram, Onlyfans, Facebook, Telegram, Tiktok, Snapchat and Geocaching under @NoraKitties
Done but I dont use it much mostly for 7  Granturismo races
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Name underrated cartoons that you watched as a kid

Cow and Chicken was supreme! I swear most of it wasn’t even child friendly either 🤣
Ed, Edd and Eddy, Tom and Jerry (the original cartoons), Scooby Doo, Wacky Races, Looney Tunes, SpongeBob SquarePants, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter’s Laboratory… Cartoon Network was fantastic back in the day!
Name underrated cartoons that you watched as a kid

What is your ethnicity?

I'm Māori, I can say with certainty that one of my great, great grandparents on my mother's side was Scottish. My sperm donor's side, though, is predominantly Māori but I’m not sure about any other ethnic races on that side.
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💍Would you marry someone of a different ethnicity?

-There are some races that I cannot marry, and others that I can marry because their beliefs may not match my religion and their traditions contradict mine. 🕊️✨
- Il y a certaines races que je ne peux pas épouser, et d'autres que je peux épouser parce que leurs croyances ne correspondent peut-être pas à ma religion et que leurs traditions contredisent les miennes.🕊️✨

What makes every races attractive in your own opinion? For example; Malay - religious Chinese - fashion style Filipino - sweet & jolly

d1anne’s Profile Photonur dhaniyah
all races have attractive traits and qualities. to single them out would seem unfair to other races. there so much beauty in all of our collective heritages, ethnicities and cultures. there simply would not be enough space in one single answer to list them all out. 😌
What makes every races attractive in your own opinion For example Malay

Name 5+ positive things we've learned in college/university life, while being broke?

1.the brilliance of intellectual evolution
2.the importance of contraception
3.the maintenance of an open mind is a good thing
4.a sense of self purpose
5.College as a catalyst to high levels of personal ambition
6.respect for other races and cultures in a relaxed environment
7.self confidence and self worth gained from Academic pursuit is good for personal evolution
8.sexual experimentation can be fun
9.how to budget in a clever way when in the canteen or coffee shop on campus
10.the ability to debate matters openly and honestly not like in the social media 'echo chamber' especially subjects like race and slavery

Is absolute equality ever possible?

Fully not.
Equality between genders, races and everything else I didn't mention, yes, it's possible and I love that the world is heading the correct direction.
But most of the people need someone to follow. Someone will always need to be higher than the other. Some people love to let the others know that they're more important.

Into guys unlike yourself?

Yep. I tend to find attractiveness in odd things and have never wanted to be that gay guy who only finds 'himself' attractive.
I'm into all races. All sizes. All types. Just because I've got an all-American, muscular look doesn't mean that's what I want in my personal life. Quite to the contrary.

You said America is in a massively dangerous time, well that may be an understatement. The Dems just lost VA and Trump is stronger than ever. Armed Trump supporters in my neighborhood flying black American flags, first flown by the Confederacy, symbolizing no surrender. Biden and Dems too weak. SMH

BiCarrie’s Profile PhotoSam BFBO
smh here too
just saw that news
my fervent hope is that there are still enough decent progressive Americans to save the country going down that dark nationalist, nativist path
I have always thought it was telling that when those thugs stormed the Capitol on 6th Jan they referred to it as " our house"....as in white, selfish and nationalistic people excluding all other Americans.
It is so worrying that stoking culture wars over critical race theory, even wearing a mask has pitted people against each other.
far too many people by into that garbage on Fox News.
i cant imagine what it must be like to see those goons swaggering around your hood , I 'd love to ask them when they say "no surrender" ...to whom or to what?
add in voter suppression, gerrymandering 're-districting' and plain old corruption at local level and the Dems are not even at the races with the Republicans,
I still hope though the 7 million majority that Biden had , the real 'silent majority' in a way does represent a situation where decency will prevail...
as for the Dems , get to it ...end the filibuster, increase the seats on the SCOTUS and counter electoral suppression or just meekly hand over to Trump and his goons.
btw on a slightly more optimistic note, that GOP guy in Va did not want to embrace Trump too closely, there may be a 'moderate Republican' electorate still....? not sure

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Imagine that you are a person directing TV shows and monitoring them. Do you have the responsibility to be more diverse than earlier? Should you include people of different ages, races, and gender in your TV shows to ensure diversity awareness in the viewers?

I am going to let statistics answer this one for me. If you compare movies/series made now with more diverse roles you will find that the ratings have dropped a lot.
They have been noticing that people are going back to rewatching older shows just because those shows aren’t playing identity politics.
HBO for example you will see that they aren’t focused on anything other than good content no matter what.

La stigmatisation des banlieusards par des gens qui n'y mettent pas les pieds, n'est ce pas une forme de racisme ?

Le racisme consiste à vouloir hiérarchieser les races et je tiens à préciser qu'il n'existe pas de différentes races chez l'être humain comme il existe plusieurs races chez le chien, c'est juste de la bêtise et de la méchanceté gratuite.
Vivre en banlieue n'est donc pas une race mais un style de vie (choisi ou non).
Après il y a des clichés sur toutes formes de personnes mais ce ne sont que des on dit qui ont été au final généralisés sur toutes ces personnes donc je ne pense pas qu'il soit vraiment utile de s'arrêter là dessus.
La stigmatisation des banlieusards par des gens qui ny mettent pas les pieds
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If you were to participate in a race with no rules whatsoever, how'd you deck out your race car to give you an advantage over your opponents? 😈 How'd you want said car to look like in general? 🏎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
"If you were to participate in a race with no rules whatsoever, how'd you deck out your race car to give you an advantage over your opponents?"
I'd go for those candy themed racing karts like the ones in wreck-it-ralph. I'd deck it out with all of those sweet treats that will give me an advantage during my races. 🏎🍭🍬✨
"How'd you want said car to look like in general?"
adorable, delectable, and powerful. 🍡💫
If you were to participate in a race with no rules whatsoever howd you deck out

My favourite thing about him,was the fact that he was such an ordinary guy,despite Ripjaws being portrayed as one of Ben's most monstrous transformations.

I like it when the alien races span that kind difference within the species
+3 answers in: “Out of curiosity, whose idea was it to give Magister Patelliday a bigger role in Omniverse?”

What should be the goal of humanity?

Our goal should be to establish a sustainable relationship with our environment, become united as a global civilization, and become very discerning and discreet regarding our relationships with other races of intelligent life in the universe.
Right now it seems to me that we’re doing quite poorly on all fronts. And right now these races are in our own backyard.

If you could become a part of any typical fantasy race, which'd you choose? Why do you think said race would fit you the best? 🧝‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧜‍♀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
i've always chosen elven races in fantasy games. they're more stealthy, and i've always been a proponent of stealth in fantasy games (my main weapon is a bow and arrow).
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What do you think about interracial couples/relationships? Do you support or oppose? I personally do not support as it does more damage than good by increasing FTs in Singapore, while Singaporeans struggle to put food on the table.

"What do you think about interracial couples/relationships?"
they're great. I'm all for it.
"Do you support or oppose?"
I support them!
"I personally do not support as it does more damage than good by increasing FTs in Singapore,"
I respectfully disagree with you on this anon via shoutout. interracial couples and relationships promote tolerance, harmony, and an increased understanding between races and religions.
"...while Singaporeans struggle to put food on the table."
it doesn't matter if they're singaporean or not! everybody will experience struggles in life. for some, yes, it is putting food on the table. for others it could be finding a way to marry their partner, or getting accepted into the job/school they want.
please, dear anon and any other person reading this, do not let your ignorance blind you.
the process of falling in love and choosing to stay in love despite racial differences is a beautiful one.
https://youtu.be/1j3SPeUV0KI?t=175nurbzee’s Video 166759376839 1j3SPeUV0KInurbzee’s Video 166759376839 1j3SPeUV0KI
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn1jib2SWV8nurbzee’s Video 166759376839 hn1jib2SWV8nurbzee’s Video 166759376839 hn1jib2SWV8
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrEquqHYn3Inurbzee’s Video 166759376839 QrEquqHYn3Inurbzee’s Video 166759376839 QrEquqHYn3I
read also: https://ask.fm/nurbzee/answers/131317397959

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What do you think about interracial couplesrelationships Do you support or

[♥ ️] Phrase ❥ 「Maybe I’m with you for a little while; but I hope to become a memory that will make you smile ... 」Was there a person in the past who left a mark on your life, why did he leave? Is there someone who makes you smile when you remember him / them? Have a nice night ⭐

giasantiago13’s Profile PhotoGia
「 They were just trials, but my mind still races for miles.」
Oh of course, several people. Only a few are glued to my memory and fuel my emotions though. I still think about 2 exes of mine. One didn’t give me what I needed at the time. I miss him a little now and then. He was a sweetheart and I hope he is well. The other left a bigger mark on me.. I even dreamt about him years later. When we first broke up; I was blind with anger, confusion and sadness. After a while, we reconciled and wished each other no ill will. I couldn’t keep in contact with him though, I still loved him too much and it was too painful for me. However, I look back now and smile. I want to thank them and others I did not mention. I’ve learned a lot and am grateful for where I am today. Thanks for the question, I hope you also have a relaxing night! ^^

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Childhood? I mean what? What does it even mean to be non-white if you and your family were all so white and passed as white so well you weren’t even aware of “being a poc.” I dont follow them anymore so can’t include @ but that Eggy acct was who posted.

I havent been told who called him out.(I didn't know that he goes by he/him & Raven in my earlier answers bc I've been MIA recently) I know Eggsy was mentioned but Im not aware of how shes involved or what she said. I also havent had any issues(that Im aware of) with Eggsy & I like her & her Qs. We have misunderstood each others tones before & thought one another were pissed but when we brought it up we realised that was never the case & we just misunderstood. I like that we're both v direct like that & I appreciate it a lot.
Tbh I think race is more biological but that white privilege, racism and racial discrimination is more of a societal and cultural thing. Like, if you're a white kid raised by a black family in an all black town, then that doesn't make you black. Looking white is what I meant by "white passing" and I also had no idea that the term wasn't being used anymore or that white presenting was even a term that existed so I've been learning a lot with this conversation. Thank you for that.💚
If you look white but have one white parent and one black parent then that doesn't make you white, but it does give you white privilege bc you're still all three black, white and mixed race/biracial. I see race as a biological thing in that sense and privilege/racism/racial discrimination as a societal thing.
You can find out you're family tree isn't just one race a good bit into your life. It's happened with my family.(just to clarify, it happened to my cousins who I'm related to through my aunt. I'm white and as far back as I know, so is my family tree. The other races and nationalities were found in their Dad's side of the family so I'm not a poc)
It's quite common for Romani people to not practice their culture anymore what with the discrimination they face due to our society not being suited to traveling people, people who live a nomadic lifestyle, the government needing your address and so on. Many Romani people settled in one place and started living according to "society's standards" in that sense. While Irish traveler and Romani are different, we've even seen that here with Irish travelers. Also, Raven said that he never said he was a poc, that's just what other people said when he said he was Romani.
Claiming someone's a poc is a big issue as is claiming to be something you're not.
As someone who's culture, history, language and religion has been oppressed due to British colonialism in my country, I celebrate the Pagan holidays(I am actually religious tho and those would be the holidays) that my ancestor's celebrated and picked up on old family traditions as I've aged and learned just so I can keep them alive but I don't claim to be raised that way and as far as I'm aware Raven doesn't either. I feel like simply stating that you've Romani ancestry isn't an issue at all and neither is educating yourself on it. If I found out my ancestor's were from a specific culture, I'd want to be educated on it.

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+14 answers in: “Umm @ thesmokingnymph is claiming to be a person of color even though they are visibly white. This is incredibly inappropriate, no?”

Have you ever had someone make multiple side accounts to send hate? Because I'm sitting here blocking the fourth account from the same person like: 😐😑😐 Do you think ask.fm will ever make more security measures?

Yeah there are two or three different people on here that have made thousands of accounts and they continue to do it today. Just to talk 8B races and more. People are really strange and have nothing else better to do with their lives. And yes I agree I wish the site would be a little bit more lenient with banning people permanently by their IP if they're going to continue to do these types of things. Especially scams and continuous harassing trolls

Ein Zitat dass dich beschreibt

Time flies by.
One moment races the other.
Sometimes you wish moments were frozen.
Sometimes time can't even fly by fast enough.
Where did the good times go?
I want them back.
Ein Zitat dass dich beschreibt

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