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ايه اكتر لعبة كنت مدمنها على الكمبيوتر بتاعك زمان؟ 🕹️😎

يااه كتير اوى كلهم كانوا ادمان بجد .. feeding frenzy و Magical racing tour disney و spider man 1 و chicken invaders و الجار المشاغب و الحلزونه و حرب امبابه و اللعبه المرعبه اللي دبلجوها بالمصرى بتاعت ابوس ايدك ارحمني😂😂😂😂😂😂 .. انبسطت اوى وانا بكتب اساميهم اصلا💜

What is your favourite way to relax and chill out? 😌 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
My go-to way is to write. I can spend hours writing, especially on day/nights when I’m just having an overflow of emotion, thoughts, etc. It is so calming for me to just let everything out that I need to, and actually, if I write at night, it helps me sleep better. This way, I’m not going to bed with my mind racing. And honestly? It can help me after I wake up too, if I wake up anxious. It frees me of that weight I’d otherwise be carrying with me all day. 😄
What is your favourite way to relax and chill out

Are you on this app, Rachel? I thought we were dating on Snapant. I don't like Antbook and Antstagram. Mark Antonberg blocked me. I went on Twitter. Elant Musk blocked me there too. Why are they so mean to me, Rachel? Post some secret pictures of Mark and Elant racing each other. In jeans. -Sage

I cANT. I’ve been suspended for suspicious activity because someone keeps adding and deleting me. 🤣
I’m going to listen to some rock and roll with Anton now.
Are you on this app Rachel I thought we were dating on Snapant I dont like

With bordeline personality disorder can you get racing thoughts all day everyday, ur brain doesn’t shut off and when stressed or upset can’t stop being sad for hours and then okay in the end and the thoughts will make me emotional sometimes and euthoric

how do you know that's borderline personality? were you diagnosed? because those thoughts or feelings can be anxiety, overthinking or simply another disorder.

Do you ever struggle with voices in your head?

Jayemdee52980’s Profile PhotoJay Dawes
Indeed, sometimes they're louder than others. I can drown them out easier in the sense of auditory when they are quieter, they just tend to appear in the form of racing thoughts instead. If they are loud cause of a trigger or set of circumstances then it's much harder

Is horse racing a cruel sport?

Yes, for the most part. There are a few people in that industry that actively try to find the best homes for horses that aren't in the best shape anymore or aren't "fast enough" but sadly a lot of them end up being shipped abroad for meat when that's the case or shot and killed due to broken limbs. I've met a few ex racers at work and they have many behaviour/health issues :(

What does your ideal life look like?

SavvyMae87347’s Profile PhotoSavvyMae
Living a life close to nature in a sparsely populated place (a cabin in the woods/mountains of my design with a bit of land to it?) where I can largely avoid people (and listen to my music freely), and where basic needs are easily met. (Not having to worry about basic necessities or health decline of my loved ones.)
A small cabin with essentials. Grow and eat my own produce. Enough space for my dog (and most likely other animals) to run around in the field.
As well as plenty of time for hobbies like racing and playing the drums.. Living an active lifestyle that involves travel, cycling and hiking and the money to sustain the lifestyle..
What does your ideal life look like

School of Gods | my mind is racing

Ich weiß ich schieße mir selbst ins Bein mit einer zweiten MMFF, aber der Gedanke geht mir einfach nicht mehr aus dem Kopf.
Sie hat noch nicht mal einen Namen…es gibt ein paar Optionen, aber es steht noch nichts fest.
Aber die Idee…School of Gods…entlockt meinem Hirn so viele Ideen.
Hier mal ein bisschen Brain dump…
Also folgendes:
-eine Schule voller junger Götter, denen in ihrem Alter andere Dinge eigentlich viel wichtiger sind, als die göttlichen Aufgaben
-die Schule, die genau dafür da ist. Die emotionsgesteuerten kleinen Götter unter Kontrolle zu bringen
-und die kleinen Götter, denen ihre niederen menschlichen Bedürfnisse in dem Moment eigentlich viel wichtiger sind und die auch nicht davor scheuen ihre Kräfte dafür einzusetzen
-romance, slow burn, crack, action, fantasy, angst, fluff, “slice of life”
-für die Pairs werde ich nur Stray Kids zur Verfügung stellen
-ich suche demnach bis zu 8 OC’s, aber bin auch mit 3 zufrieden 😂 also ich brauche nicht zwingend für jeden Stray Kids member ein Pair
-die God of “…” Attribute für Stray Kids habe ich schon festgelegt und auch schon die für die OC’s, es gibt mehr als 8 zur Auswahl…
Ich glaube ich belasse es mal bei der Info und lasse mich berieseln, ob überhaupt Interesse an sowas besteht 😊
Die Idee lässt mich einfach nicht mehr los…
Rabbit ❤️

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*Geno's a bit bruised from being dropped but gets to his feet, he sees @ToxinTale injured and teleports away returning at her side with bandages and food to help her heal, he wraps her wound and makes sure she isn't delirious before heading over to check on Papyrus* Paps?

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
/It's good that Allura had gotten some help because the tall skeleton isn't able to do anything as of now, he just sits there on his knees, with his head hung down..he either didn't hear Geno or flat out ignored him..there were so many things racing through his mind right now..how his very presence just draws danger..or that's how he views it..all the events that took place in his timeline.. how he couldn't even defeat Sans or the human, how in the world did he think he stood a chance against Nightmare? So many many things he tried to keep buried were starting to resurface..those negative feelings he kept pushing and pushing back..faking smiles all around..pretending to be "fine" and shrugging off his wounds..he can't do that now..in the brief moment Nightmare was here, he did so much damage in so little time..so much so that the skeleton stopped using his healing magic..he had nothing to numb his wounds now..nothing to hold back his feelings either..after he had raised a arm to aim a blaster at a anon nearby who was just trying to give advice, in a twisted sense of karma, his arm falls off with the skeleton breaking out in tears/

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Liked by: Dream Nova Shadow Geno

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170733506367

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
The longer he remained silent, the thicker the air got. A lumb had formed in Katherine's throat still her eyes never left his, searching and scanning for answers in every line of his face. Her ears picked up on the racing heartbeat and it assured her of the utter happiness she'd granted Damon with those simple 3 words.
He spoke finally and Katerina swallowed, watching the spark in his blue eyes, she relaxed slightly, her lips forming a faint smile once he continued.
Caught off guard, His lips collided with hers, sharing a kiss that wasn't something Katherine could ever forget; a mixture of bent up desire and passion enough for Katherine to almost melt between his arms. She gave in, kissing him back with just as much emotion as a single kiss could convey.
Once their lips parted, Katherine eyes searched his, her expression didn't hide her surprise to what he said; she couldn't believe that a love so pure and selfless could exist and then last that long, let alone that it was directed towards her after everything she had done.
Realizing She'd been silent for too long, Katherine still knew that she couldn't really form thoughts yet so instead she threw herself into his arms, face nuzzled into his bare chest as she inhaled his scent. Only now realizing the effort she was putting into hiding her feelings, regardlessof whetheror not it worked, it was tiring nonetheless.
"You don't have to, we just need to be careful." She whispered into their embrace. Her arms wrapped around his neck,instinctively maintaining the closure before she pulled back slightly, just enough for her eyes to meet his. The words about to come out of her mouth too unfamiliar even to herself but she could voice her thoughts now, her pride was no longer an issue at least not for the moment where the rest of the world seemingly faded. "I can't have anything happen to you. Cause frankly, Damon, I don't think I can survive losing you."

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmthesalvatorebrothersanswers170733506367

„Teurer ist immer automatisch besser.“ Würdest du dieser Aussage zustimmen? Warum, oder warum nicht? Begründe bitte deine Antwort. 😊

shinebright5394’s Profile PhotoFaten dasilva
Nicht unbedingt.
Hatte ausversehen Racing Sprit getankt. Abgesehen davon dass dieser 19 Cent teurer war, hatte ich keinen Unterschied bemerkt... Und da ich nur auf den Tankgutschein der Firma getankt hatte, ging durch dieses kleine Malheur auch nicht so viel in Tank wie für den normalen Diesel...
Gourmet Restaurants. Überteuerte Preise für mikroskopische Portionen, aber dann dafürmit Gold überzogen...
Auch bei manchen Maschinen muss es nicht immer das teure Produkt sein, um hervorragend zu funktionieren.
Aber es gibt eben auch die andere Seite der Medaille. Z.B. hatte ich auch mal einen Test mit Schraubenschlüsseln, unterschiedlicher Preisklassen gesehen. Da waren die teuren Produkte dann doch effizienter, stabiler und das Geld Wert.
Manchmal ist aber auch nur die Handhabung entscheidend...

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/170881017328

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Katherine eyed him suspiciously as he shared his thoughts, swallowing at the mention of her unfinished sentence, eyes squinting as she wondered just what assumptions he came to as to what the continuation could be. "I was gonna tell you that we needed to leave." She stated, trying to brush off the topic as nonchalantly as possible. "We had wasted a lot of time and needed to move." Katerina reassured, her face void of emotions as she pulled her best poker face. A waste of time couldn't be more wrong of a word to describe that little encounter but she couldn't give in, especially when Damon was being that smug about it. "We're gonna be stuck together a while, Damon, there's plenty of time to continue whatever had happened there." Her smirk matched his own as she playfully teased.
He stepped closer to her and Katherine's breath got hitched in her throat, this man was doing things to her that she hadn't felt, not since she's been human and encountered a very charming Klaus once upon a life time. Katherine's gaze stayed on him all the way till he reached her, she gave in; leaning against the car as he physically requested. His face inches from hers and just as she thought he was diving in for a kiss, her eyes racing between his eyes and lips. As soon as he dipped lower into her neck, her skin became prickly at his breath blowing on it.
He tucked a loose curl behind her ear and it took all she had to not lean her face into his soft touch. His comment made her lips press together, teeth gritted; it seemed her expression had betrayed her back then and it resulted in Damon getting way more than what Katherine bargained for. "Damon." She whispered, a warning tone to her voice; Katherine wasn't used to getting teased and she didn't make her annoyance a secret (..)

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Посоветуйте какие-нибудь интересные оффлайн игры

я пока что не играю в серьезные игры со сложным сюжетом. игры скачиваю, чтобы отдохнуть, убить время, отвлечься. может, потом буду играть в сложные игры, но пока..
• rainy attic room. это очень нежный и уютный кликер. цель игры: помочь другу выйти из депрессии, слушая его истории, принося ему молоко, читая его дневник снов и гуляя с ним по парку. первые уровни могут показаться скучными, потому что нужно будет постоянно укладывать героя спать и ловить звездочки, чтобы были средства на задания. но с открытием подвала и улицы все изменится!
мне нравится музыка в этой игре. в ней можно отрегулировать громкость мелодии и дождя. иногда ложусь спать с нарисованным хеном, слушая дождик. сделал коллаж из скринов.
• улица сезам: приключения гровера + антошка: невероятное сафари.
когда мне было 5, у меня было только два диска с играми, поэтому я прошел их очень много раз. мне не надоедало! сейчас бы тоже хотел перепройти.
• subway surfers.
обычный раннер, которому исполнилось 10! мне нравится, что обновления выходят каждый месяц, появляется возможность получить новые скины и доски. в игре много заданий: ежедневный рекорд, слово дня, эстафета, сбор жетонов, шкала монет.. это не дает потерять интерес. потому что, например, в игре "том: бег за золотом" заданий особо нет. тома я прошел уже два раза, потому что локации не добавляют. собираюсь скачать раннер от миньонов.
• hill climb racing.
расслабляющая игра. люблю гонять на своей раллийной тачке! вложил в нее миллиона 4 уже, но это того стоит. любимые этапы: луна, американские гонки, шоссе. хочу купить ночь.
• игры от майкрософт.
играл в солитер (карточные игры - косынка, паук, три пикс, фри селл и пирамиду. жаль, нет дурака.) первую половину лета, прокачался до уровня "выпускник" и стало скучно. потом собирал паззлы, собрал все офлайн коллекции. теперь играю в маджонг. хотя.. маджонг "tail fun" намного круче, чем майнкрософтный.
• atti land.
милая раскраска.
спасибо за вопрос.

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Посоветуйте какиенибудь интересные оффлайн игры

🦆 Do you agree that pigeons are rats with wings or do you think it's more seagals? xD

Presumably you refer 'feral pigeons'.
It is debatable which can be more hazardous to health . . . .
I think inland seagulls who feed on obnoxious carrion , are likely more dangerous to health if they shit on you ~ particularly if you are looking up with your mouth open-wide!
But the 'pigeons' . . . .
These are not really pigeons . They are the superfast breeding offspring from 'lost' homing pigeons ; which were human created, bred (it is thought) by crossing & inbreeding from rock-doves (+) , many centuries ago .
(the only pigeon that is indigenous to UK is the Wood Pigeon , and quite pretty & edible , if one is that way inclined . When I was about 12 y-o , I once shot , cleaned & cooked a Woody for my parents ! - They said it was very tasty!!)
*this is a royal racing pigeon, a homer ~ NEITHER feral , nor a woody*

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Do you agree that pigeons are rats with wings or do you think its more seagals

How competitive would you say that you are? Even in seemingly casual things such as games, activities etc. 🎲🎳🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When it comes to things like racing games or crazy golf... God help anyone who plays against me! I'm stupidly competitive at both and have a need to come out on top xD
Thankfully I can still have a laugh whilst being competitive lol
How competitive would you say that you are Even in seemingly casual things such

What is the first memory you can recall... Like, your first reclaimed consciousness as a child? 😛🙌😵‍💫

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Hmm, the earliest memory I have is probably of me racing around on a riding toy in our kitchen! I'm assuming that's my first memory since I couldn't have been very old at the time 🤔
Though the funniest memory from my childhood was that we used to pretend to deliver lots of plastic plates we'd store in the back of our for three wheeled bikes. One time a bunch of those plates on my bike fell into a drain. The next day I saw a huge truck with a suction pipe next to that very drain 🥴 I was like Steve Urkel "Did I do that??" 😆
What is the first memory you can recall Like your first reclaimed consciousness

Have you ever had panic attacs? If so, how did you handle them?

Yes, I still do. I went through a stage of having them several times a day and they were exhausting. I have a better combo of meds now plus I take valium if I feel one coming or if I am doing something that makes me particularly anxious i.e the train. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen there's not much you can do other than ride it out. Some are worse than others. Some are hyperventilating and others are going quiet whilst my hearts racing so fast I think I'm gonna die. Learning triggers has been a big help in me knowing I can take meds if I see that trigger etc. I've had a few in the last couple days.

Te gusta/juegas videojuegos?

/Tuve una pequeña temperada en la que jugaba todo el día, lo que se dice todo el día lo que se decía todo el día jugar Dragon Ball Z: Budokai al lado de mi primo, y yo escogía mucho a Vegeta, Yamcha, Androide número 18, Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bash, Crash team racing, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex strikes back, Crash Bandicoot N. sane trilogy, Tekken 3. Pero de que me gustaban, me entretenían a diferencia de ahora es muy poco, me gusta verlo jugar sea mis amigos y/o a mis primos, pero que lo juegue con gusto así sea poco, pero ya no es como antes.

How would you describe yourself?

It is 7 a.m., after drinking my coffee I will bake something sweet and cook lunch for family and iron full balcony of shirts washed yesterday😅. In the afternoon I will read book, sleep 1 hour and maybe we will go out for short walk or to watch horse racing 🐴👍. In the evening I will watch some movie and browse social sites. 😁..... So, I am ordinary woman taking care of family and loving not ordinary things which life brings to me 😉💙
How would you describe yourself

Lucas your questions are amazing well done 🥰

I strive hard to come up with the greatest questions I am able to come up with. My imagination is running away with me.
My imagination is too vast, it's uncontrollable.
My imagination is full of faces - both joyful and sad - of displaced people, I get out of bed because of the displaced, in the evenings I prepare things so as to be a better companion to them the following day.
I am thinking my imagination is running wild.
Unfortunately, my imagination isn't quite that vivid.
If my imagination is playing tricks on me, I'm going to put a stop to it.
Don't you think my imagination is unbelievable?
My imagination is already working overtime.
So, I mean, when it comes to you, you know... my imagination is bound to run a little wilder. My mind is most alert at night.
My mind is taken with other thoughts.
My mind is going a mile a minute.
My mind is one step forward. My mind is starting to play games on me now.
My mind is spinning with questions.
My mind is just reeling with questions.
My mind is full of strange and inexplicable images.
My mind is a beacon of bright ideas.
My mind is such a muddle of confused thoughts, and I feel like I'm snapping at everyone all the time.
My mind is full of ideas for great songs I could write... down the names of and then cover.
My mind is performing in the right direction and I can see opportunities, and I am working on making my future good.
My mind is so often clouded, but it is clear now for a moment.
My mind is going twice as fast, as though it were trying to catch up with all the thinking it didn't get around to.
My mind is clear, and I'm sharp as a tack.
My mind is stronger than ever, by my body is failing me.
My mind is open to all musical styles: I practiced realistic song, singing variety and - with great success - the traditional Slavic song.
My mind is no match for the power of your mind.
My mind is a whirl of questions, none of which I can answer, running like a tape loop around and around.
My mind is not as sharp as it used to be.
The position of the Bloc to my mind is unfathomable.
Now my mind is racing with even more questions.
And my mind is more creative than ever!
I just got a lot on my mind is all.
Although I've gained popularity, my mind is consumed by my work, so I can't even marry.
Even when my mind is jammed with a thousand voices, I can hear you like a snake hissing underneath.
They come and go, but... my mind is sharper than it's ever been before.
I may not be in the best of health, but my mind is razor sharp and never gets tired.
I find the world very confusing and chaotic because my mind is very literal and logical.
I'm barely keeping it together, and the only thing that's keeping me from going out of my mind is you.
I come back more relaxed, my mind is free, I'm inspired and my work gets done more easily.

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You have found a mysterious/magical box in your basement. Describe it. What does it do or what's in it? 📦

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I imagine it looking like a small, ancient and golden treasure chest with an indescribable pull of attraction. It creaks open and a sweet scent emanates from within. On the right, there's a round and gleaming ruby stone. On the left, there's a scroll of parchment that contains instructions on making wishes upon a stone. But wait, it warns that blood revitalization is a price to pay for each wish granted. I grab and lay the cool stone on my palm. It buzzes with an electrifying energy, light bouncing off its surface. My mind is racing with grandiose thoughts. I turn over the stone thrice on my palm and whisper a peace wish. Just as my voice trails off, I feel a pair of hands wrap around my neck, suffocating my windpipe. As I topple to the floor, the world comes to a momentary standstill before everything changes to a scene devoid of pain and destruction. I hear the cloaked Grim Reaper hum a gleeful tune as he rolls up the parchment and shuts the chest before turning towards me, his sharp talons reaching and tearing out my beating heart while training his bloodshot eyes onto my lifeless ones. The end.

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*A fair amount of time later a dark hand emerges from Vio's shadow, the hand tugs at him indicating he needs help, Vio grabs his partner's hand and helps him exit the darkness, eyes widening as the scope/scale of Shadow's injuries come into view, the teen's dark 'blood' spattering all over the bed*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*he tries to process what he's seeing as Shadow collapses, whatever injured him was no normal weapon or monster, for his injuries to be this severe and show no signs of healing.... no thinking about what could have caused these injuries helps no one right now. Vio gets up, ears lowering hearing Shadow cough up more dark 'blood' he comes back with bandages and a few blue potions*
"Shadow I need you to drink these, alright?"
*he tilts his partner's head back and slowly pours the blue potion into his mouth, Shadow sputters on it at first but then is able to drink the revitalizing liquid. Many of his major injuries begin to heal allowing Vio's pulse, that he didn't even realize was racing, return to normal, he works on bandaging his partner's wounds as they're now in a far more manageable state*
*I hope you're proud @TheGoddessOfLife *

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So How can I help him ya ereny?

Hmmm, love him extra on his bad days.
Guys need support just as much as girls!
He might get irritated fast something,his mind might be racing with so many thoughts that he's quite .
Instead of getting mad at him, talk to him ,let him know he can come to you! '))

You're obsessed with?

HaayaaNoor’s Profile PhotoHaya Noor
Where do we keep all our longing when love ends?
I watch the rain drops falling, incessantly making their way past each other, racing to hit the ground. And shatter. And die.
There is a gravity about us, a basket of long-lost letters we never wrote to each other, phonecalls carried away by the wind and the days and the hearts that forgot to yearn.
But longing is a seven-letter monster tiptoeing through the walls we've named after those who let us in but can't let us out, holding on and letting go at the same time.
You looked at me like I'm an emergency, seventy-two firetrucks trying to contain the fire I hold for you. Your fingers sought mine and a universe collapsed in the distance between our eyes. We became words and soon, the silence became us.
And then we waded away, holding tickets with the names of people instead of places, a quarter-hour's train journey away from the homes we built inside each other, becoming the emotions we once felt while watching the miles between us become pregnant with our absence.
Where do we keep all our longing, when love ends?
But love never ends.
And neither does longing.

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Vai Tu telefonā spēlē kādu spēli?

⛓ Tieši telefonā spēlēju Pokemon GO un pēdējā laikā pamazām atsāku arī Real racing ✌🏼
Citas spēles man gan ir uz planšetdatora, lai nepiegruzītu telefobu pilnu ar liekām lietotnēm.
Labāk gan dodu priekšroku datorspēlēm, bet šad tad var arī pakavēt laiku ar kādu spēli telefonā.
Vai Tu telefonā spēlē kādu spēli

Are you trained to ride horses, do you enjoy it if so? I know your horses haven't been backed for it but what are your views on riding? (Not racing)

I prefer groundwork personally, I feel like I connect better with horses on the ground and they have a choice to participate or not. If I do ride, I like the rope halter and no bit style but it's rare to find someone who doesn't think a bit is necessary over here. I hate seeing people pull on horses faces with heavy hands. You got to have a relationship with the horse from the floor first 🤷🏻‍♀️

what is the difference between tachycardia and tachyarrhythmia? هذاا🤧ومداعرفلة

A racing heart rate is known as tachycardia. If it is fast and an arrhythmia, it is called tachyarrhythmia and it can be a potentially serious medical problem. You may be able to sense a tachyarrhythmia, but sometimes a faster-than-normal heart rate isn't always noticeable.
هذا جوابة حبيبي

this is just a question where you can answer with whatever you’d like. tell me how your day was, show me your pets, vent, etc. ❤️

i'm listening to rain/thunder sounds and trying to write something, but my mind is racing with a million thoughts and i can't seem to go anywhere further than one sentence. it's frustrating, and i don't even know where to go from here.
this is just a question where you can answer with whatever youd like tell me how

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/167872657136

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀(⠀⠀damon⠀&&⠀sarah ⠀⠀/⠀⠀ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ₉⠀⠀)
⠀⠀the blonde's heart gladly jumped at the moment Damon said that he would really like her to be the QUEEN of his kingdom. Definitely, he perfectly knew how to treat a woman.⠀⠀❝does it mean you'll be my king?❞⠀⠀Cameron girl quickly answered, flirtatious tone easy noticed. Sarah deeply loved what they were creating: that could be the beginning of a beautiful and exciting love story ━━ or at least that's what she was expecting. What she wanted. Maybe he could repair all the broken pieces of her... the ones her tragic past left.
⠀⠀proud smile crossed the blonde's sweet lips by the time the raven-haired admited that he certainly was a box of surprises.⠀⠀❝hah! I knew it!❞⠀⠀ she snapped her fingers while giggling funny⠀⠀❝but be careful, Damon... I will actually find it out. I'm even better than Sherlock Holmes❞⠀⠀ she joked, still laughing, proving how happy she felt. Well, that was the way he made her feel: happy, safe, perfectly fine.
⠀⠀her heart beat raced as soon as the Salvatore with blue eyes shortened the distance between them both, standing just a step away from her. Honestly, while he talked Sarah barely paid attention to his words due to the closeness. Her big eyes were straight focused on his lips. It was obvious she was distracted, but hiding it no longer mattered to her.⠀⠀❝the decision is all yours. I'm up to whatever you want❞⠀⠀ she provocatively bit her lip, her glance racing to get lost in his eyes once more.⠀⠀❝I guess we can do both. The night is long❞⠀

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Играешь в какие нибудь игры?

Из мобильных игр, в основном - Real Racing 3.
Иногда бывает время, чтобы поиграть и за ноутбуком. Там я играю в American Truck Simulator 2, Euro Truck Simulator 2.
Ещё я, обычно, игру на ноутбуке совмещаю с просмотром каких-то видео на ютубе (на телефоне), в основном про автомобили и транспортную инфраструктуру, но иногда и на других ресурсах в интернете включаю фильм/сериал и смотрю параллельно с игрой.
Но несмотря на всё это - много времени я на это не трачу, играю не каждый день, да и не довожу себя до состояния, чтобы много времени на это терять - как только насыщаюсь необходимыми эмоциями и всей этой атмосферой - так сразу и закрываю всё.

Уходит на это всё от 40 минут до 3 часов, в зависимости от того, насколько актуален недостаток в этих эмоциях и атмосфере.
Играешь в какие нибудь игры

Quel est votre sport favori ?

Soccer!! I used to play soccer SOOO much when I was younger. I have stopped for a really long time though, I almost never play it and it makes me kinda sad. I'm planning on doing something about that once winter ends though. I'm really good at goaltending but I'm sure I'm going to need a lot of practice to regain my skills. I've only recently started getting into watching soccer. I used to watch basketball and have watched hockey all my life though. Love those sports too.
I grew up in Alabama, which has no professional team. The university teams (especially Auburn University & University of Alabama) are the highest level, and I actually like watching them better. Going to a game live is really fun. The cheerleaders actually lead cheers with signs and the "mic man" (male cheerleader who uses a PA so the student section can hear and cheer along). Also, I like the halftime shows better (which they don't show on TV because of music copyrights issues) because I'm a former marching band geek.
Play: Basketball. It's basically the only thing I know how to play at a high enough level. (Too skinny to play football most of my life, hate soccer, too weak to actually play baseball, and chose track & field over playing volleyball.) Plus getting a neat little dopamine rush when scoring a lot or doing really impressive things like defensive stops or pinning someone's layup on the backboard, that's also nice.
It's a sport that's still in it's infancy. We're still figuring out how the hell it's all going to work in the long term. I like following along with a sport as it goes through it's "wild west" phase. It can be a complete shit show sometimes, but it's also a mad crucible where we're figuring what actually works in combat sports.
It's a draw between AFL and basketball. Both to play and watch on tv - I don't really like going to either of the games though. AFL has too much of the crowd screaming at the umpires about what call to make whenever there is a tackle and it's always miraculously the call that will give the home team possession of the ball. Basketball is kind of spoiled by the announcer constantly trying to hype up the crowd. I think tennis is my favourite sport to watch live.
I don't like playing sports or watching them, but if I have to, I'll watch hockey or basketball because they move quickly. Hockey in particular. Watching a full football, soccer, or baseball game is like torture to me. I mean, if we're talking less-conventional sports, I used to be good at archery and skeet shooting. And I'd rather watch some kind of auto racing than any ball-based sport. And there's nothing like taking a nap to a game of golf on a lazy sunday.

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What is paradise for you?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
My paradise is an empty hockey rink. I strap on my skates and head to the ice. I bring out a few pucks with me and fire shots till my wrists shake. I have no stress and no worries when I'm out there. A smile on my face the entire time. I focus on the sounds: the sounds of my skates ripping into the ice, the sound of my stick making contact with the puck, the sound of a few ringers of the posts or the crossbar, the sound when I occasionally miss the net and hit the glass ;), the silence when the puck is absorbed in the netting. There is nothing greater to me. Alas, with a broken ankle it will be awhile till I hit the ice again...
The most peaceful I think I've ever been was drinking beer in a hot tub on the deck/balcony of a log cabin in the mountains overlooking a valley and the glittering lights of the town below. Crisp chill night, not terribly cold, but cold enough that steam rises from your skin as you raise your arm out of the water. Smell of pine, grass, wildflowers, and earth in the air. No sound except the animals, and the bubbling of the hot tub.
I live in a small town. A five minute walk gets me to a pine tree forest on a hill. Paradise for me is walking there in the early morning when my favorite niece is visiting. We have a flask of coffee, bacon sandwiches, cappuccino muffin. We spread out a blanket in a little hollow in the forest, on a soft bed of pine needles. We lie down, staring out over the rolling hills and discuss anything and everything, but mostly our talks are Tolkien related. Pure bliss.
The top of a mountain, mid December, with a light snow falling at 24 F and the whole day ahead of me on my freshly waxed skis. My cheeks sting from the cold and I can feel the snow melting on my lips. My eyes search for my perfect line downward, and my hands grasp my poles tighter in anticipation for the inevitable adrenaline rush that will warm me through and through. The whoosh of my skis through the four inches of fluffy fresh powder is overpowered by the cacophony of wind that assaults my ears and chills them to their numbing point. After racing down the mountain, I slide onto a lift and give my shaking legs a rest. My hands slide out of my gloves and gladly accept the hot air I breath through them as I prepare to do it all over again for the rest of the day.
The first thing is the scent. The delicious salty, ocean smell. Accompanies by the smell of fresh vegetation. I'm relaxed sitting in a chair. Just my significant group of friends. Laughter between all of us. You look out to see a deserted beach. It's ours for miles. The noon day sun is high in the air. There are birds flying, fish jumping, insects bustling. A cold beer in my right hand. The ocean is a crystal blue unimaginable except to those who have seen it.

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she's getting married in 2 weeks, just told me. it's finally over. my heart is racing so bad.

Oh my
Awwwwww .
Jhoot bol rahi hai lmao.
She just told me k
"ye pagal insan intehai chipku hua wa tha so I told him k 2 weeks baad meri shadi hai lmao 🙈 ....2 din hogaye hain . Koi msg ni aya. sakoon hi sakoon hai zindagi mein kiya bataon 😆 "
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she's getting married in 2 weeks, just told me. it's finally over. my heart is racing so bad.

ask her if she has guts to stand. go ahead, cry, fight, do whatever it takes to convince your and her parents.
its not easy it might sound dramatic, but you still got time, a chance to fight,
nothing matters nothing if you both want each other.
if not, forget her 🌚🥀

she's getting married in 2 weeks, just told me. it's finally over. my heart is racing so bad.

Jab kaise ko pasand karo tab he shadi ki baat karlo jo sacha pyaar karty wo nikkha ky liye wait nahi kiya karty aur jo late kary samaj jao dono main se koi ek sahi nahi

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