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What is your favourite holiday till today? 🗺

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
It's without a single doubt the big trip I made to parts of Asia and Australia in late 2018 🤩 It was one and half month long and got to visit four different countries!
🇯🇵: First we were in Tokyo for a week, got to experience the neon lit streets there, various shinto and buddhist temples and how different the culture was in general. With the weird ads playing in the subway and whole districts dedicated to anime and gaming. We also ate at a local noodle place and got some funny looks while struggling to eat with chopsticks.
🇭🇲: Then we went on to Australia, where we spent the largest chunk of the trip. We travelled along the whole east coast from Melbourne in the south to Cairns in the north. Got to see many cool animals in the wild such as koalas, kangaroos, penguins, dingos... heck, I even got to swim with a wild sea turtle when I was freediving in the Great Barrier Reef, which was a dream come true for me! We did many other fun things while we were there, like competing in a swim run at Bondi beach where you had to carry an inflated duck while also wearing flippers on your feet.
🇸🇬: After that we went Singapore for a few days. Got to see some of the cool architecture there such as the Gardens By The Bay and saw a bunch of wild monkeys and even a flying lemur when we walked in a small forested park. Also got drenched in true monsoon rain, which made me realize I shouldn't complain about Swedish weather.
🇨🇳: Lastly we went to Shanghai, also for a few days. You could say it was very... interesting Haha We did dodge a few bullets when it comes to scammers since we had read up on the tricks they use. We also couldn't really use the internet there cause of the way China blocks internet traffic. The central city was very cool though with the big skyscrapers and the old town really made you feel like you were back in ancient China.
I'll never forget the time I spend there on the opposite side of the world, it was a true trip of a lifetime 💙

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What is your favourite holiday till today

Cite 10 games preferidos, vai vai vaaaaai!

ErickNewlands122’s Profile PhotoErick Almeida Newlands
Aqui tem meus preferidos, já respondido: https://ask.fm/Laylahkinder/answers/168364383315
01. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection
02. Final Fantasy VII Remake
03. Detroit: Become Human
04. Until Dawn
05. The Quarry
06. Cities: Skylines
07. Days Gone
08. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
09. Beyond Two Souls
10. Heavy Rain

кому нужен мир, в котором нет тебя?

kol_ko1’s Profile Photoэксцесс.
` они вторят внутри "крепче, сильнее, теплее". они вторят снаружи "скучал, устал, ждал".
` встреча голубых глаз с карими заканчивается улыбкой.
` наше будущее нуждается в нас, наше прошлое — нет.
` просматриваю тексты песен и цитаты, чтобы найти слова, которые я не могу сказать.
- иван дорн - телепорт.
- иван дорн - бигуди.
- лсп - спл.
- лсп - сектор приз.
- лсп - снеговичок.
- лсп, дора - нет тебя.
- jxdn - comatose.
- jxdn, nessa barrett - i'm dead.
- нервы - бей мое сердце.
- grivina - хочу.
- гуф - он уходил, она вслед кричала.
- justin bieber - 2 much.
- og buda, дора - капли.
- ву индия - целуйся правильно.
- jungkook - my you.
- коста лакоста - эрoтикa.
- коста лакоста - иностранец.
- коста лакоста - сойти с ума.
- коста лакоста - белая луна.
- коста лакоста - рaздевaйcя.
- xxxtentacion - look at me!
- bts - born singer.
- bts - rain.
- только твой инопришеленец.

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кому нужен мир в котором нет тебя

So apparently it's "tragic" that our houses here in the UK don't have air conditioning. I mean, before global warming, we were lucky to get 2 hot weeks in the summer time! 🤷

I've had someone say the same to me, then try to argue with me about it lol
UK houses are built and designed to withstand cold and heavy rain! Not heat xD
So apparently its tragic that our houses here in the UK dont have air

каким словом опишешь своё настроение сегодня? 🌱

mood_2836’s Profile PhotoՏᎪᎠ ᎠᎬᎷϴΝ
Кто-то рядом со мной
Мимо косится взглядом
Подле струится алым
Не ухватить рукой.
Начало лета.
Infected Rain - Dancing Alone.
каким словом опишешь своё настроение сегодня

Why do people always complain that it’s hot? It’s summer, Carol. Wow, its hot in the summer😵😵😵 ZOMG!!! unheard of! Such a strange phenomena

Lemme give you a lil lesson!
Here in the UK, homes are not built for hot summers! They are built for the purpose to sustain large amounts of rain fall and colder weather.
It's common for homes here to not have air conditioning. Houses are built to keep heat in, which obviously in the hot summers we are now having, that is not a bonus. So yeah, it's hot and not exactly easy to keep cool!
I've complained today alone that it's hot. The air conditioning at work was broken. I did an 8 and a half hour shift yesterday in a store which was almost 30 celcius. If you don't like people complaining, okay! Just move on lol
But just think first, cuz there is sometimes a good reason.
Why do people always complain that its hot Its summer Carol Wow its hot in the

Do you love the heat? Or do you feel better when it's colder outside? 😄☀️

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I don’t cope well in the heat at all! Even yesterday I overheated a little bit combined with a blood pressure drop and anxiety and couldn’t walk for a bit or see properly 🤷🏻‍♀️ Give me cold over that any day or like mildly warm with a breeze or rain 🥺

Did you have a Jubilee Street Party? 👑🥳🍰

I didn't lol
I was working, and it has been raining pretty much all day lol
There was a local event, but I didn't go. I came home from work, washed my uniform, got something to eat etc
According to the group chat with my neighbours, not many went because of the rain sadly.
Did you have a Jubilee Street Party

"عِش ضَاحِكاً مَهمَا شَقِيت ؛ إنَّ الجُروحَ بصَوتِ الضَّحِكِ تَلتَئِمُ"

Aziz_MD12’s Profile PhotoAbdulaziz
This reminds me of a quote by Bram Stoker “Keep it always with you that laughter who knock at your door and say, 'May I come in?' is not the true laughter. No! he is a king, and he come when and how he like. He ask no person; he choose no time of suitability. He say, 'I am here.' ... Oh, friend John, it is a strange world, a sad world, a world full of miseries, and woes, and troubles; and yet when King Laugh come he make them all dance to the tune he play. Bleeding hearts, and dry bones of the churchyard, and tears that burn as they fall - all dance together to the music that he make with that smileless mouth of him. And believe me, friend John, that he is good to come, and kind. Ah, we men and women are like ropes drawn tight with strain that pull us different ways. Then tears come; and, like the rain on the ropes, they brace us up, until perhaps the strain become too great, and we break. But King Laugh he come like the sunshine, and he ease off the strain again; and we bear to go on with our labour, what it may be.” ~ Bram Stoker, Dracula.

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Post something good (STAIF)

usmanjunaid44808’s Profile PhotoUsman
Anton's voice:
Sweat tickles down my stomach under my shirt, she is my summer with a very deep neckline, I carefully licked her hot tongue. Burned to a scream and even a little frightened by such a passionate challenge. Because if this summer is love... then only in the leather backseat of a hot black car, burning with every movement. In the smell of dust, gasoline, rubber, painfully scratching my burnt back, pouring the sun into my eyes, summer loves me for no reason, and I myself climb into the inferno into her fool who misses the warmth. Knowing that I will suffocate in the stuffy anthill. A granite city sleeping to the chirping of a Geiger counter ... in a stuffy kitchen, coffee grounds stuck tightly to the cup, and on the thick it is written that tomorrow it will rain and you will again be distant and desired and no one's...

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Post something good STAIF

why is there so much sorrow in the world , if everyone shows themselves to be kind and gentle ?

This rain is just like you
Neither it falls nor holds
Though you... are like clouds
Neither you go nor halt
Clouds.. carrying around the rain
Keep glancing at me ungranted
By your beauty, like myself,
the clouds too seem enchanted
I wait here in anticipation
for the clouds to depart
for the rain to impart.
As I’m lost in imagination*
A queer anxiety leaves me hollow
For clouds and rain talk no more
As air and water wage a war...
Like yourself, like your sorrow
Your sorrow too, is just like rain
It does not hold, nor does it fall
If ever you, or your pain
Hear my plea, and answer my call
Then by all means, please do come
And wake me from my imagination*
But when you do, come with care
You’ll find me as you left me here.
why is there so much sorrow in the world  if everyone shows themselves to be

I'm breaking down like the rain - чёт не догоняю, что автор имел ввиду, просвети )

Я ломаюсь, как дождь
Как мои заботы в ветреный летний день
Что еще, все равно
Ты можешь мне помочь
Ты можешь помочь мне чувствовать себя хорошо?

Habt einen schönen Tag, Schöne!🥀🥀🥀 Was ist der ungewöhnlichste Track, den du gehört hast?🥀🥀🥀

Seelenfeuer011190’s Profile PhotoRhein
I will write in English Thank you and have a nice day, but rain, rain, rain, very canonical...
Rain, you asked me a problem and I found a solution😉
I found an Asian from the Republic of Tuva, Eastern Siberia, Russia, a throat singing teacher... he still speaks excellent English🤩 oh gods he is very talented and in general here is a cover for
Linkin Park - Numb, enjoy💫🧝‍♀️🔥
Буду писать по-английски😁
Спасибо и хорошего дня, но дождь, дождь, дождь, очень канонично...
Рейн, ты задал мне задачу и я нашла решение😉
Я нашла азиата из Республики Тыва, Восточной Сибири, Россия, преподавателя горлового пения... он еще отлично говорит по-английски🤩 о боги он очень талантливый и вообще вот кавер на Linkin Park - Numb, наслаждайся💫🧝‍♀️🔥
https://youtu.be/jV4ASCadZ4sDeep_Six666’s Video 169515137031 jV4ASCadZ4sDeep_Six666’s Video 169515137031 jV4ASCadZ4s
Habt einen schönen Tag Schöne Was ist der ungewöhnlichste Track den du gehört

🎵🎶 I see a ray of light, Oh oh, I see it shining right through the rain When I see you smile 🎵🎶 🤗

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
And when the rain is falling I don't feel it cause you're here with me now
And one look at you baby is all I'll ever need you're all I'll ever need 🎶🤩

Write down what's in ur head ..

Life gives us what we want to see ... it gives us everything but we have chosen nothing except what our eyes focus on .
It gives us " light " so there is no need for a torch ; it gives us an eye contact therefore looking for another eyes to look on is silly ; it gives us love and this is a massage for those the pessimistic who just believe in hate ; it gives us body contact so ya as u call it " cuddling " but in fact it should be called : soul containment .
Life gives us kisses but human beings still looking for lips ; life gives us a rain and I think it's an expression for a new beginning .
Finally : u just need to focus on what you need so the life will help you and give you a hint to reach your aim .
Write down whats in ur head

Możesz ocenić solo debiut Miyeon z Gidle? Title track 'Drive', a cały album 'MY'.

Oczywiście! Bardzo przyjemna epka, podoba mi się akustyczna gitara użyta prawie w każdej piosence, teksty również nie są złe , jedynie mam wrażenie, że w większości piosenek jej wokal był za delikatny. Najbardziej podobają mi się TE AMO i Rain, właśnie ze względy na to, że zaśpiewała troszkę inaczej 😉
Możesz ocenić solo debiut Miyeon z Gidle Title track Drive a cały album MY

Podaj kilka swoich ulubionych piosenek napisanych do filmów.

StrawberrySweet03’s Profile Photo♫ Moonwalker ♫
Wyszło trochę więcej niż kilka 😅
Heaven Bryan Adams
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) Phil Collins
I Have Nothing Whitney Houston
Kiss From a Rose Seal
Hungry Eyes Eric Carmen
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Bob Dylan
I See Fire Ed Sheeran
Pretty Woman Roy Orbison
Purple Rain Prince
Shallow Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio.
Podaj kilka swoich ulubionych piosenek napisanych do filmów

Do you prefer hiking or jogging? Why? 🎒 🥾 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Well, here is the final block of questions
Ну вот и заключительный блок вопросиков
1. Last summer, the spirit of running attacked me, and a day later I ran through the park and along the path at the school stadium, even the warm summer rain was not a hindrance, it complemented the whole surroundings, and walking around the city at night is a thrill, silence ... empty streets , roads and smell, oh this smell of night air... favorite music in headphones...
Прошлым летом на меня напал дух бега, да я через день бегала по парку и по дорожке на стадионе школы, даже теплый летний дождь не был помехой, он дополнял весь антураж, а пешие прогулки по ночному городу это кайф, тишина... пустые улицы, дороги и запах, ах этот запах ночного воздуха... любимая музыка в наушниках...
2. I hate to pay for something that is really not why pay
Ненавижу платить за то что реально не зачем платить

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Do you prefer hiking or jogging Why

Not a fair poll... a contagious grin vs someone who feels like rain 😔

Luv_freckles’s Profile PhotoM____Adam
Great to see that positive humanitarian people still exist, when unexpected and random kindness is shown to strangers,this literally 'll make their day better and different.. I wish the world had more people like u Adam !!!

poleć mi jakiś dobry serial 🤗

fajnababa’s Profile Photokate
🌸 Kto zabił Sarę?
🌸 Ginny & Georgia,
🌸 Dare me,
🌸 The Rain,
🌸 Grand Army,
🌸 Jeszcze nigdy,
🌸 Blood & Water,
🌸 Ty,
🌸 Dom z papieru,
🌸 BlackSpace,
🌸 Lupin,
🌸 Sprzątaczka,
🌸 Kendall na instagram stories.
poleć mi jakiś dobry serial

Sisliydi kirpiklerin ve gözlerin yağmurlu...

Was foggy ….tears like a rain were dripping from your eyes…. ( translation…. - of the meaning of this phrase from anonymous….)
thank you anonymous….
(i just saw it now….
months later…. )
it’s about my beautiful mom….
anonymous expressed in such a form…. what I wrote then….
if i had read it earlier…. when my beloved mom was with me….
and when i sometimes was just upset…. and sad ….
I would have thought how beautiful and romantically expressed….
but now these words…. fog …. rain …. on eyes…. and on eyelashes….
it’s so painful….

I was out eat ice cream and it start to rain so it got destory 😂 So we play in the water i just got home and mom is mad because i am late 🙄 I am almost teenager she need to chill 😎

Oh dear haha. Poor ice cream 😅
And you might almost be a teenager but you're still her baby - always will be. The world can be a scary place, she gives you a time to be home cause she wants to keep you as safe as she can whilst still letting you have fun :)
Liked by: Gilbert Thomas Chel

What is your favourite sound, and what is your least favourite sound?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
My favourite sound is the sound of heavy rain, although I'm not the greatest fan of being caught in it, I do enjoy sitting indoors (where I am warm and dry) and listening to rain. It's incredibly relaxing to me.
Meanwhile, my least favourite sound is the sound cardboard makes when you rub or touch it. It's one of those noises that just goes right through me, and I truly cannot stand it.

What is your favourite sound, and what is your least favourite sound?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Favourite sound would probably be either birds singing, or the sound of rain falling outside :3
I find both quite soothing!
Least favourite would be like chalk squeaking on a chalk board, or when you run cutlery on a plate and it makes that horrible squeaky sound... it just goes through me and makes me shudder xD
What is your favourite sound and what is your least favourite sound

Aj applegate, Valentina nappi, candice dare.. se conhece esses nomes você é uma pessoa muito legal 😂😂😂😂

Lana Rhoades, Riley Reid, Abella Danger, Janice Griffith, Lena Paul, Elsa Jean, Nathalia Knight, Lacy Lennon, Jewelz Blue, Riley Star, Megan Rain, Jessie Saint, Jesse Rosae, Ava Parker, Piper Perri, Vanna Bardot, Ellie Eilish, Lulu Chu.

【🚕⚠️】The man fell to the ground completely on the brink of being unconscious. Something twisted inside him, a terrifying feeling that forgot long ago and appeared now... looking at her now. “N-Nova-chan...” he whispered her name, facing the floor, not being able to move.

ONEEYEDDEMON’s Profile Photo✖⠀ 真島 吾朗 ⠀?
*Even lost as she was, she recognized her name, and looked up to see who called out to her, seeing someone else injured causes adrenaline to kick in, she's not sure how she knows, but she knows removing the shrapnel won't kill her so she rips it out, and blood gushes from the opening like a crimson waterfall, though as the blood pools on the ground it begins to glow golden and rise in little droplets, these celestial droplets fall on the injured man like soft rain, pure vitality from them filling his form, and though you'd expect him to now be covered in blood, he isn't. Nova stares down at the pool of blood as the golden glow fades, returning the pooling liquid to a sinister scarlet. How did she know how to do that? She got the feeling she had performed miracles like that one before, but couldn't for the life of her remember right now. She was alive when she shouldn't be, her blood may have just brought someone back from the brink and the trauma of the vehicular expl0sion seems to have blocked a fair amount of her memories*

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¿Anime que más te gustó?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Berserk (1997), Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Wolf's Rain, Tenkū no Escaflowne, Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls, Kenshin, el guerrero samurái, Sailor Moon, Sakura Card Captor, Darker Than Black, Fairy Tail, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion,
InuYasha, Ranma 1/2, Naruto Shippuden y así un largo etcétera son los que más me gustan.
Pero el que más One Piece, sin ninguna duda.
Anime que más te gustó

Какие грустные песни послушать? Порекомендуй, надо пополнять плейлист 😅

metr_k’s Profile PhotoИлья М.
У меня из грустного только рок баллады. Что ж, может из этого что-нибудь приглянется🤔
★Disturbed: Darkness, The Sound of Silence, A Reason to Fight, Already Gone
★Dir En Grey: 朧 (Oboro), GLASS SKIN, Diabolos, 赫 (Aka), Inconvenient Ideal, VANITAS, LOTUS, Zetsuentai, undecided, Hotarubi, Bottom of the Death Valley, ain’t afraid to die, Behind a Vacant Image, Conceived Sorrow
★Three Days Grace: Human Race, The Real You, Car Crash, Give In To Me, Give Me A Reason, Unbreakable Heart, I Hate Everything About You, Get Out Alive, Running Away, World So Cold, Last To Know
★Linkin Park: In the End, Pushing Me Away, My December, From the Inside, Iridescent
★Black Veil Brides: Walk Away, Lost it All, Done For You, Saviour
★Skillet: Falling Inside The Black, Hard To Find, Everything Goes Back, Don’t Wake Me, Lucy
★Dead By April: For Every Step, Perfect the Way You Are, Love Like Blood, Within My Heart, Carry Me, In My Arms, Cause I Need You, Replace You, I Can’t Breathe, Breaking Point
★Hollywood Undead: Lion, Rain, Circles, Pain, The Loss, Live Fast Die Young, Nobody Likes Me, Bad Moon, Don’t Approach Me, Sometimes
★Korn — Tearjerker
★Cinema Bizarre — Angel in Disguise
★Blue Stahli UltraNUMB (acoustic)
★The Rasmus — Living in a World Without you (у них есть ещё piano ver.)

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Have you ever seen anyone wet themselves?

riverslucy04’s Profile PhotoLucy Glaze
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo . . . .
~ each day , when I answer my door to the assemblaged , writhing, anticipating group off crossing & uncrossing legged pulsators , already leaking in squirts & dribbles . . . . .
~ I shield my eyes from your stinging rain, my eyes I cover . . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f40LN6zNmcigotamatch’s Video 170417835130 2f40LN6zNmcigotamatch’s Video 170417835130 2f40LN6zNmc

Language: English