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ممكن ترشحيلي رواية يا جميلة؟

Don’t really have something particular in my mind right now but maybe check one of these:
1- Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
2- Autumn by Ali Smith
3- Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
4- Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
5- Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (Don’t ever watch the movie, the book is a thousand times better)
Well, that’s all I have off the top of my head right now ✌🏻

do you think kids should learn about gender identity?

MikeCiavato’s Profile PhotoBekai
No child ever had a gender confusion ~
~ until "freak-evil-perverts" - - fukkt with their consciousness developement
- not to be confused sexuality -
- there was no s.i. - i.d. confusion -
~ yeah , the 'rainbow' freaks should be tipped into the pit
do you think kids should learn about gender identity

*tbc switching back to her bubbly, inoccent facade and hops over to him* Your RainbowStars mom..! I know we've met once before but it was so long ago I think I have to remind you! I'm Geha! Rainbow told me lots about you! *she holds up a stuffed animal..of a owl.. ._.* including your worst F E A R S

ScytheWeilder’s Profile PhotoGeha
*Dream is able to sense from her aura that the innocent act is just that an act, but he's willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as she is only a kid. Until the plushie comes out and he jumps slightly with a startled yelp*
I-I appreciate you thinking o-of me, b-but could you please put that away?
*he's still trying to be nice despite the scare*
Liked by: Dream Ink Geno Geha

¿Has pensado en qué escribirás en tu lápida?, ¿Qué sería?... Te leo 🐦

Hola Sofrosina un gusto leerte 😄
Hay una canción de Mago de Oz llamada El templo del adiós que es una adaptación del tema The temple of the king de Rainbow, esta adaptación me encanta, tiene una letra hermosa.
Nunca me había puesto a pensar en lo que me estás preguntando, pero sin duda pondría el siguiente verso de El templo del adiós ✨
Has pensado en qué escribirás en tu lápida Qué sería Te leo

What's the closest thing to real magic?

MarnieDavage’s Profile Photo✿ Marniee ✿
Well, magic I suppose.
🌝 Doing ritual at neolithic standing stones every full moon come snow, fog, or bright moonlight, is a magical experience in and of itself. Especially if it’s a bright moon and the stones are pale and/or quartzed - it can look incredibly magical.
🧚 Also natural fairy lights: the only time in my life I’ve ever seen them was in Northern Ireland in the late 1990s.
🎄 It was furiously warm weather and water droplets had formed on the trees near the cottage where we were staying and the sun was in exactly the right position to beam light through them.
🎄 🧚🏼‍♀️ This entire rainbow of magical lights covered the trees, honestly exactly like lit Yule/Xmas trees, and a small crowd gathered round them in appreciation. I can’t describe what that was like really to someone who hasn’t seen it, but to be lucky enough to catch that phenomenon happening was definitely magical.

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Hope you have a great week 😸

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I'm devastated and heartbroken, my dog is going to take it's steps up the rainbow to a better place tomorrow afternoon. 😢 He's been my therapy dog since I was 11, he won't make it to his 16th birthday in December. I'm honestly gutted and I'll be worse tomorrow, he's family! 😭😭💔
Hope you have a great week

Your favorite writer? 🖤

engy_amin’s Profile PhotoEиgy Ezz-eℓdiи
I don’t think I have a specific favorite one, I love J. K. Rowling, John Green, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Austen, J. R. R. Tolkien, Rainbow Rowell and many many others, these are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head right now.
I generally read for any author as long as the book piques my interest.

Hiii, sorry for bothering but just wanted to ask do you use any product for hair? Affordable I mean. Pakistan main aik to milty mushkil Hain upper sy milly to mehngy bohot hoty hain. So..... 😶

muzzaf999’s Profile PhotoMicro.7
Hiii, I use a Suave conditioner both for cleanup and as a leave-in sometimes. You can get it easily from AlFatah or Rainbow stores across Lahore if that's where you're from. For curl definition Aloevera is my go-to in an everyday routine. If I'm feeling a little fancier, I use a tiny amount of Blesso hair gel (red one) and scrunch the curls for a good 1-2 minutes and let them air dry. I don't use any heat on my hair, at the most only once a year. Hope that helps, you've got beautiful curls ^_^

Umiałbyś ryknąć jak typowy rockman ? 😁

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym Sercem♀❥
Musiałbym dużo wypić alkoholu, bo mam słuch do słuchania piosenek, ale głosu do śpiewania to ja nie mam. Gdybym nie miał słuchu muzycznego, to bym mógł ryknąć jak rockman śpiewający hard rocka lub heavy metal. Po odpowiedniej dawce C2H5OH to nawet "Rainbow in the dark" by mi wyszedł: https://youtu.be/zcsE9ObDPxAKubaGR571’s Video 170766432485 zcsE9ObDPxAKubaGR571’s Video 170766432485 zcsE9ObDPxA

What are your reasons to be happy?

when I finally get something that didn't work out for a long time, when it's beautiful outside, when it rains, when the food is delicious, when it smells of fuеl оil, when it smells of roses, when it smells of tаr, when I stroke animals and their hearts beat and they are alivе too, when there is fog, when there is a rainbow, when something shines beautifully in the sun, when I look at the stars, when I look at equations, when I sing, when I swing on the perfectly right swing or rush somewhere at brеаkneck speed, when I dance, when I trаnsplаnt plants, when I solved sudoku, when I walk through puddles, a beautiful sound when a light bulb brеаks, when I find something that I didn't have, but I always wanted, when someone does unplеаsant duties for me, when I stumblе, but find a beautiful stone on the ground

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Why do women always go for the money ?

they are complex creatures ...
they spend on their looks, cosmetic surgeries, constantly changing what made my ALMIGHTY.
I mean born with black hair will change it into blonde, blonde will change it to some other color, now they run for one to two and now rainbow hair.
eyebrows plucked, shaped, trillion types just the differey stlye of what they naturally have.
increase decreasing body sizes,
changing skin and eye colors,
they believe spending makes them look cool,
dating a multi millionaire makes you cool,
living with a guy that owns a villa makes you look cool,
a fancy birthday with a guy to pay bills makes you look cool.
while these dumb heads dont know
earning on your own makes you look more worthy.
the assets you build on your own makes you cool.
bloody brown culture, and nonsense women!
still ya all fell for the bitches who sell their beauty to be by your side. 🤣
you are all like pets to each other!

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Чувствуешь ли ты, когда тебя любят или симпатизируют тебе? И как на это ощущение влияет взаимны ли чувства или нет?

masenka19811475’s Profile PhotoФея
Конечно чувствую. Тебя, например, просили изобразить сразу всю группу Rainbow, исполняющую Звездочёта? Кого попало о таком не просят! 😎
Liked by: Марина Фея

Lahoriyon ny zindagi mei eik bar rainbow kia daikh li spam krna ni chor rhy 😂😂😂😂😂

دھوپ سات رنگوں میں پھیلتی ہے آنکھوں پر
برف جب پگھلتی ہے اس کی نرم پلکوں پر
پھر بہار کے ساتھی آ گئے ٹھکانوں پر
سرخ سرخ گھر نکلے سبز سبز شاخوں پر
جسم و جاں سے اترے گی گرد پچھلے موسم کی
دھو رہی ہیں سب چڑیاں اپنے پنکھ چشموں پر
ساری رات سوتے میں مسکرا رہا تھا وہ
جیسے کوئی سپنا سا کانپتا تھا ہونٹوں پر
تتلیاں پکڑنے میں دور تک نکل جانا
کتنا اچھا لگتا ہے پھول جیسے بچوں پر
لہر لہر کرنوں کو چھیڑ کر گزرتی ہے
چاندنی اترتی ہے جب شریر جھرنوں پر
Lahoriyon ny zindagi mei eik bar rainbow kia daikh li spam krna ni chor rhy

Есть ли у вас любимая игра, и если да, как называется?) Моя любимая игра к примеру это The Evil Within 2. (Хотя и линейку Resident Evil тоже люблю)

DarkErion’s Profile PhotoDark Erion
The evil within 2 - 🔥🔥
Rainbow six siege люблю, но давно уже не играла)
И три последних Лары Крофт

What makes life worth living?

MEE57’s Profile Photoᴀɴɢᴇʟ
Nothing makes life worth living. The fact that this is even a question underlines the lack of life itself to provide a natural answer.
You can say: sex, children, a flower, a rainbow, the feelings of success , etc. But all of that lasts moments.
Most of life is a sentence of failures and pains, punctuated with only the briefest of moments of happiness.
One thing that makes life worth living is that it’s really hard to kill yourself.

Aktív gamerek, mivel játszatok leggyakrabban?

CsakWolfie’s Profile PhotoCsakWolfie
Nálam a videojátékok útján való kikapcsolódás két nagy kategóriába sorolható:
1. Énidő: ide főleg stratégiai játékok tartoznak, mint a Stronghold, Heroes 3., Saga: the rage of the vikings. Ezek a jó hangulatú bambulást, egyfajta alfa-állapotban lebegést szolgálják - ilyenkor egy félóra alatt megnyerhető meccset simán elhúzok fél napig, építgetek, fejlődhetek, meditálok.
2. Minőségi idő a párommal: ez két alkategóriára bontható.
a. Amikor együtt játszunk: együtt mindig valamilyen lövöldözős játékot tolunk, amiketrettentően szeretek. Nehezíti azonban a dolgot, hogy borzasztóan célzok, ezért szegény párom hiába NAGYON tehetséges lövész és stratéga, soha az életben nem fog szintet lépni semmilyen játékban, amíg engem carryz. :'D De a szerelem áldozatokkal jár. 🤷🏼‍♀ Legnagyobb közös kedvencünk a Valorant. Itt a képességek ügyes használatával kompenzálni tudom, hogy bénán lövök. Hasonló megfontolásból szeretjük az Apexet is.
b. Amikor csak nézem őt: furcsa, de nézni, ahogy a párom játszik, számomra nagyobb kikapcsolódás egy jó filmnél vagy sorozatnál. Ahogy egymás mellé kucorodva közösen átéljük a történetet, közösen hozunk döntéseket, ahogy látványosan szurkolok neki (néha plüssöket is bevonva a cheerleader-munkakörbe :D), ahogy egy-egy elcseszett döntés vagy halál miatt közösen esünk letargiába... Pótolhatatlan. :) Itt millió példát hozhatnék, mert a párom a PS-en mindig mással játszik, de amit a legjobban szeretek nézni, az a Rainbow Six (ebben mindig megengedi, hogy kör elején én irányítsam a drónt ❤), a For Honor, a Sekiro, és az különböző páholós játékok, pl. Mortal Kombat (ezt én is nagyon szeretem játszani, főleg a kriptában bolyongani), Tekken, Dead or alive és hasonlók.

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Какие песни 1960-1970 года знаешь?

Прямо все перечислить?) Это очень интересный и богатый на достойных исполнителей период. Из тех, что вспоминаются и на слуху сейчас: The Monkees - I'm a believer, Frank & Nancy Sinatra - Something stupid, The mamas and the papas - California dreamin', The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction, Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world, Roy Orbison - Oh, pretty woman, Marvin Gaye - Ain't no mountain high enough, Andy Williams - Moon river, Gloria Gaynor - I will survive, Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive, The Beatles - Let it be, Rainbow - Since you've been gone, Deep Purple - Smoke on the water, Blue Swede - Hooked on a feeling... Наверняка кучу всего забыл.
Особо выделю: Chuck Berry - Johnny B Good (это, правда, ещё 1959 год) - с детства нравится) Впервые услышал в трилогии "Назад в будущее". Ещё отдельно выделю: Eagles - Hotel California, Nazareth - Love hurts, AC/DC - Highway to hell, Queen - Don't stop me now и Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath. Вот такой список у меня получился)

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Os consideráis una persona romántica??

@sofia_rodrig_00 🌼 Hola Sofía, pásate si gustas 🍻
Ettoo... tengo parte romántica en mi personalidad y en mis relaciones, pero sana, no-tóxica, equilibrada, igualista 😎
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Led Zeppelin - Candy Store Rock (2010)

Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times (2010)

Led Zeppelin - In the Evening (2008)

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven "Escalera al Cielo" (2009)

Leigh Nash - Ocean size love (2008)

Lemuria - Wise People (2012)

Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes (2016)

Linkin Park - Final Masquerade (2014)

Liv Moon - The Show Must Go On (2012)

Lou Reed - Caroline Says 2 (2008)

Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby (2008)

Lou Reed - Perfect Day (1972)

Lou Reed - Street Hassle (2012)

Lou Reed - Vicious (2007)

Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side (2012)

Lyriel - Leverage (2012)

Machine Head - Hallowed Be Thy Name (2009)

Madball - Born Strong (2014)

Majesty - Thunder Rider (2012)

Maligno - Shine (2011)

Man Overboard - Splinter (2015)

Mandrage - Siluety (2013)

Manilla Road - Mystification (2014)

Manowar - Warriors Of The World United (2015)

Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus (2009)

Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People (2009)

Marmalade - Rainbow (2006)

Maroon 5 - Sugar (2015)

Mary Lambert - She Keeps me Warm (2015)

Mastodon - Asleep In The Deep (2015)

Mayhem - Freezing Moon (2007)

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Os consideráis una persona romántica

أنا بقيت بكره ربنا جدا ولو أطول أقتله فهقتله عالاحساس ال جوايا وبمر بيه بسببه وأنه ع اساس قادر هه ومش بيعملي حاجة أهه وانا بتقطع من الحزن وبموت ميت مرة فاليوم وروحي بتطلع بقيت جثة عايشة من حزني من الل مريت بيه ف انا بكرهو جدا وبكره اسمه وهو كداب ومش قادر ع حاجة ومش رحمن ومش رحيم ولا عادل وبقيت ملحدة

والله هو ثقتك في جانب "الملحدين" برضه مش فماكانها لأنهم و ثقافتهم فيها كام حاجة مش تمام، مش بسبب ان العيب في القيم بتاعتهم علي قد ما العيب في انهم بيجبروا الناس تتقيم بيها من غير ما تحس زي :
1.هما بينادوا "بالحرية" في حين ان اي حد بيعترض علي وجهة نظرهم من "الحرية" (رغم اننا بشر و كلنا مش عارفين لسة المعني المطلق للحرية ايه) بيقولوا عليه عدو الحرية و بيضطهدوه.
2.بيبيعولنا منتجات بتبان حلوة و طعمها جميل في حين انها بتضعفنا جسديا زي ال fast food و الكولا و صناعة السكر و الحلويات كلها، الكلام دا يبان جميل لكنه addictive
3.السوشيال ميديا مصميمنها انها تبقي addictive برضه و متقدرش تستغني عنها بالإضافة انها مرهقة نفسيا و بتجيب اكتأب ( جربي تبعدي عنها و لو فترة صغيرة هتبقي احسن، البشر عمرهم ما كان عندهم سوشيال ميديا اساسا و كانوا مبسوطين)
4.كرتون الأطفال بالأخص و الأفلام و الاغاني بشكل عام كله ايحاءات بالشذوذ و الإلحاد و اتباع باقي الحجات اللي تودي نظامك الداخلي فداهية و غسيل الدماغ و مش بعيد تكوني حاسة بالشعور دا منها.
5.الناس ديه عملت حقوق لكل حد و حاجة بداية من حاجة تبدوا بريئة زي حقوق المرأة و حتي انتهاء بالشواذ و المتحولين جنسيا
لكن ليه مش عاملين حقوق للرجال رغم ان دلوقتي اغلبهم بقوا beta و شخصيتهم ضعيفة و مش "جبارين" زي بتوع زمان؟
ببساطة لان الرجالة هما اللي بيعملوا الثورات فهما مش عايزين رجالة عشان محدش يعترض
6.ليه مسمحوش بعلاقات تعدد الزوجات زي ما سمحوا بتعدد الأزواج و التحول و علاقات نفس الجنس رغم ان فيه ناس بتوافق عليها برضه؟
دا لو اعتبرنا ان العلاقات الجنسية متعددة و rainbow زي ما بيقولوا ومش ذكر و انثي بس، فمش كان اولي نضيف التعدد بتاعنا لل Rainbow ده ؟
لان ببساطة هما عايزين يمنعوا كل أنواع العلاقات اللي بتجيب عيال عشان يسيطروا عالمجتمع و هما اتنين ( العلاقة ال Straight العادية و علاقة تعدد الزوجات)
لان المجتمع اللي مبيزيدش بيموت سواء بالمهاجرين زي ما بيحصل في أوروبا و أمريكا و الرجل الأبيض علي وشك الانقراض او بالحرب و دا مبقاش كتير دلوقتي
النظام دا ظاهره بيمنحك كل الارادة و باطنه بيسلبك كل الارادة
فعالاقل لو حاسة ان نظام ربنا اللي خلقك و عارف انتي محتاجة ايه و مش محتاجة ايه "غير عادل" فبلاش تتبعي نظامهم دا لانه اكيد مش كويس

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I believe askfm only deletes posts or suspends accounts that violate their Terms Of Service. If your posts are being deleted or if you are receiving Warning messages from askfm concerning account suspension, you might want to take some time to consider if your posts violate the askfm TOS.

Nonsense. This site's reporting system is extremely faulty, trolls are constantly exploiting it and complaints are usually ignored. With respect to the TOS, the site acts *arbitrarily* when it comes to enforcing its rules. As many users can attest, this has been an ongoing problem for years. Should someone be "offended" by colors and an image containing a rainbow is reported, there is a high likelihood that it may be removed. I'll tell you what's really offensive - the notion that "askfm 'only' deletes posts or suspends accounts that violate their Terms Of Service." Let's try a little "experiment" and see how long it takes for this post to vanish:
I believe askfm only deletes posts or suspends accounts that violate their Terms

Kann mir jemand RICHTIG GUTE Animes vorschlagen? Bitte kein 0815 Animes wie Naruto, One Piece, Pokémon oder Yu-Gi-Oh. Eher so etwas in Richtung Vampire Knight, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan :))

Rainbow, Monster, Ergo Proxy, Orange, Michiko to Hatchin, Samurai Champloo, Haibane Renmei, Cowboy Bebop, Hunter x Hunter, Psycho Pass, Banana Fish, Noragami, Mushishi, Steins;Gate, Wolf's Rain, Demon Slayer, Made In Abyss, Aku no Hana, Aoi Bungaku Series, Erased, Code Geass, Death Parade, Kara no Kyoukai, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wa Shitteiru (wie Vampire Knight nur in sehr gay :')), Violet Evergarden, Promised Neverland.

Które piosenki z całej kariery Katy wywaliłabyś?

No jest dużo tych piosenek Katy gdzie psują jej karierę, m.in są to te: Not the End of the World, Ghost, Birthday, This Moment, Love Me, Double Rainbow, Mind Maze, Roulette, Deja Vu, Swish Swish, Power & Pendulum.

Was für Animes magst du so? Vllt hab ich ja dann was neues für chrunchyroll

Devils_never_cry’s Profile PhotoMatt
- Shikimori is not just a Cutie
- Detektiv Conan
- One Piece
- Bakuten!!
- Hunter x Hunter
- SK8 The infinity
- Food Wars
- Iwa Kakeru
- Battle Game in 5 seconds
- Haikyuu!!
- Kuroko no Basket
- Nagi no asukara
- Paripi Koumei
- you lie in April
- Spy x Family
- Meine Wiedergeburt als Schleim
- Tokyo Revengers
- Akame ga kill
- My Hero academia
- Carole &Tuesday
- Free
- Mamotte! Lollipop
- Parasyte
- Mushoku Tensei
- no Game no Life
- Rainbow: Die sieben von Zelle 6
Des sind jetzt mal welche die mir spontan eingefallen sind^^

MTL: Dye their hair rainbow colors | propose to their partner infront of thousands | gets pregnant [themself or their partner] | travles to the moon | adopts a bunch of stray dogs | adopts same amount of stray cats | lets all the plants in their apartment die | eats a living worm

_dye their hair rainbow colours
☾ artemis ☽
Taehui [she’d probably shave her head just to spite someone]
Bingbing [if the colours are pastel and not too bright]
☼ apollo ☼
_propose to their partner in front of thousands
☾ artemis ☽
☼ apollo ☼
Liu & Seungho (would never propose in public) & Wootaek (wouldn’t propose but wait for his partner to do so)
_get themself or their partner pregnant
☾ artemis ☽
☼ apollo ☼
Wootaek [if that boy had any game]
Liu [gay]
_travel to the moon
☾ artemis ☽
Bingbing & Meili
☼ apollo ☼
_adopt a bunch of stray dogs
☾ artemis ☽
☼ apollo ☼
_adopt a bunch of stray cats
☾ artemis ☽
Midori & Taehui
☼ apollo ☼
_let all the plants in their apartement die
☾ artemis ☽
Meili & Aera & Bingbing & Midori
☼ apollo ☼
_eat a living worm
☾ artemis ☽
the others would rather die
☼ apollo ☼
Seungho (protein source yk?)

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I see your boy is planning another trip to Warren County. Better act fast. I calculate at least five beautiful women from around the world, who are fixated on this long haired hunk and have chosen him as their one and only everlasting somewhere over the rainbow pot of gold.

> your boy is planning another trip to Warren County
As I understand, it is a lovely region of his state. 👍
> at least five beautiful women from around the world
Truth be told, there would be more if he played a "really really really really big violin." 🎻
> fixated on this long haired hunk
He has "loooong hare" like another fine gentleman? 🐰
> pot of gold.
I wouldn't be surprised if his "pot" is made of gold too. This refined lad seems to have the most exquisite taste:
I see your boy is planning another trip to Warren County  Better act fast  I

Have you ever been so bored that you painted yourself bright white and started jumping around saying “I’m a Cloud!”

Haha no but I'll add that to the list of ideas.
I have painted random rainbow colours on my skin though(I was painting something else, and had excess paint left so, in my bored state, I decided to paint the left over paint on my skin haha. Felt quite freeing actually

Qué tipo de música escucháis??

armendariznovoroxana7121’s Profile PhotoxoЯ
@armendariznovoroxana7121 🏝️ Holi, pásate, tu puedes 🍻
Ettoo... metal, rock, pop, R&B, jazz, tecno, altenativa 😎
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Dalriada - Búsirató

Dark Sarah - Hunting the Dreamer

Dark Tranquillity - Uniformity

Darlingside - The Ancestor

Daughter - Youth

Dead By Sunrise - Crawl Back In

Death - Spirit Crusher

Death Angel - Left For Dead

Def Leppard - Hello America

Def Leppard - Hysteria

Def Leppard - Love bites

Def Leppard - Promises

Def Leppard - When love and hate collide

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Deftones - Romantic Dreams

Deicide - Conviction

Demon Hunter - Artificial Light

Demons And Wizards - Fiddler On The Green

Desecrator - Red Steel Nation

Destine - In Your Arms

Destruction - Carnivore

Devildriver - Sail

Diabulus In Musica - Inner Force

Dio - Rainbow In The Dark

Dire Straits - Communique

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

Dire Straits - Once upon a time in the west

Dire Straits - Sultan of swing

Dire Straits - Tunnel of love

Disturbed - Down With The Sickness

Disturbed - Indestructible

Disturbed - The Vengeful One

Dokken - Dream Warriors

Donots - Come Away With Me

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Qué tipo de música escucháis

هي الناس اللي حاطه قوس قزح جنب اسمها او صورتها دول مالهم!

انت اللي مالك !!!!!! rainbow ملوش دعوه ولا علاقه ب علم المثليين
علم المثليين 6 الوان بس
مفيهاش اللبني وهو رمز السماء
وع فكره الفرق واضح جدا ومحدش يقول علي المثليين rainbow
عشان ال rainbow له معني كبير جدا سواء علميا أو دينيا
متخلطوش الأمور وحافظوا علي حبكم لل rainbow 🌈

what flower would you like to be?

cciicc_699’s Profile Photoلـَــيـْث
If I ever became a flower, I would be
A flower that never dies, throughout the seasons. It would have healing powers and a guaranteed wish for good souls only. No matter how cold or hot the weather is, its color never pales. A white flower with a rainbow shineْ
what flower would you like to be

What is the best thing that ever happen to you ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
▪︎Things change. People and circumstances come and go. Life doesn’t stop.
▪︎Life moves very fast. Everyday, It rushes from calm to chaos in a matter of moments.
-->It seems, we all our in search of Peace. Inner Peace. I believe, I found it!
▪︎Its actually a place. Ive always referred to it as, "Gods country". (Its probably; why I'll likely remain single, its several hours north of where (i think you are in Canada), in no-mans land😅).
▪︎I was 14 years old, when I initially discovered it with my dad and grandpa. We had come to town to take hot showers at a local inn (after camping all week/fishing). A Dairy Queen was less than a block away. As we were walking over to DQ, we noticed a rainbow was touching the sidewalk in front of the Dairy Queen. I stood on the exact spot on the sidewalk (nothing happened), but I announced, Id live there one-day. Town was perfect, it had one of everything you could want. The views and trails were to die for.
▪︎Recently offered a job/housing near there; when I graduate.
▪︎Moving there will be my ultimate goal, once that's completed. Then life will start a new chapter with new goals.

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What kinds of wall decorations do you have in your home? Maybe post a picture of one of your favorites? 🖼

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
we have paintings, flags, etc. my roommates and i have posters in all our rooms, too. my favorite is the bisexual pride flag in my room and the rainbow flag we have in the living room.
What kinds of wall decorations do you have in your home Maybe post a picture of

I said to a friend as a JOKE that I wanted a rainbow colored whisk(we were talking about rainbow washing during pride month) and he really bought it for me, I had it delivered to my doorstep. That goof. I should invite him for dinner and cook his fav meal using it as a ty. Ever got a novelty gift?

Oh you shoulddd! And then you should tell me all about it because I absolutely love things like that 🥺
Haha, I've had some lovely gifts like that. I'm always the friend who threatens to kill off anyone who annoys us, so my friend bought me a spade for Christmas 😂 another got me a king sized packet of plasters because I'm kinda a klutz, my best mate brought me a hard hat because I walked into a door - I love dumb presents like that 😂

I said to a friend as a JOKE that I wanted a rainbow colored whisk(we were talking about rainbow washing during pride month) and he really bought it for me, I had it delivered to my doorstep. That goof. I should invite him for dinner and cook his fav meal using it as a ty. Ever got a novelty gift?

Not gonna lie, that sounds awesome xD
I mainly just have novelty mugs and cups :) so like I think my last one is shaped like an octopus xD
I also have this Oddish planter :3
My boyfriend 3D printed it for me :)
I said to a friend as a JOKE that I wanted a rainbow colored whiskwe were

I said to a friend as a JOKE that I wanted a rainbow colored whisk(we were talking about rainbow washing during pride month) and he really bought it for me, I had it delivered to my doorstep. That goof. I should invite him for dinner and cook his fav meal using it as a ty. Ever got a novelty gift?

I was literally just talking with my daughter about making a "gay cake" for a trans family member of mine, they love rainbow & pride everything & would love a gay cake

Каковы, на ваш взгляд, должны быть рамки стеснительности? Чего стесняться нужно, а чего - совершенно излишне? Вам нравятся люди, умеющие легко говорить на темы, на которые вы говорить смущаетесь? Я не о полной распущенности и пошлости)

do6g’s Profile Photochacun
А дайте мне, пожалуйста, пример темы, на которую "смущаетесь говорить", а то я не совсем понимаю вопрос, и откуда там какие-то ещё рамки вдруг торчат)
Потому что, конечно, есть личные темы, которые вне общения тет-а-тет я с большой вероятностью буду обходить/игнорировать и т.д., но совершенно не из-за смущения.
Хотя, тут даже не про "обходить" речь... Я их просто выпускаю из внимания — за отсутствием хоть какой-то необходимости, пользы, интереса или удовольствия проговаривания.
А сейчас по касательной: мне нравятся люди, которые умеют говорить, что у них внутри тоже не сплошь и рядом ромашки с одуванами цветут и пони радостные скачут (хотя, такие тоже бывают — не мой контингент, но ладно)), вот к таким стопудово потянешься, потому что признавать, что у тебя тоже "всякое бывает" — важно. В совсем открытую или как пойдёт, это уже суто персональное. Может, от маски everything's awesome all good i shit rainbow терапевтический эффект и есть, однако, внутренней херни это никак не перекрывает, по факту.
Бывает по-разному. И справляются с этим тоже — по-разному. Есть сила в том, чтобы об этом говорить).
Спасибо за вопрос, в любом случае 🖤🔥

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Каковы на ваш взгляд должны быть рамки стеснительности Чего стесняться нужно а

Есть песня, которую слушаешь «до дыр», стоит на повторе несколько дней?

Периодически летом мой мозг изнутри захватывают две песни.
Это Rainy day (10.000 Maniacs) и Over the rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole).
Ну и ещё все песни The Beatles, где солирует вечно молодой Пол🥰

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