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Happy Birthday jaan ❤ Tu best bnda hai. Sense of humor or sarcasm end hai aap pr. You are always by my side and Listen to my shit xD aney wale result k liye good luck. Goin to be a Ravian InshaAllah ❤ Stay Happy always and make others too ? Enjoy the beautiful day!

Thank you so much jaan ♥ haha apka mere se b high hogaya wa ab sir ?? apki side nai leni tu kiski leni ? InshaAllah ameen ? Bss jald mulaqaat karte hain dobara ?. Apka barapan 3,3 jaga wish kar rae bhai ???? stay blessed ♥ once again thanks ?

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Dont wait for a question mam becoz i am blocking you before than u . Retarted mind kemcolian . Go get a life in mental care ward of filthy mayo hospital please .

ibneali320’s Profile PhotoIbne Ali
Mje block kr ka bad kisi aur kemcolian larki ka peechay par jao gay us se zaleel honay ka bad usay apni taraf se sunao gay aur phir kisi aur ka peechay. Desperation ki bhe inteha hai wesay.
It's a shame kay ravian aur army doctor honay ka bawajood aesay ho. :')
Btw apkay lia bht jaga hai mayo kay psychiatry ward main. Apna checkup zaroor krwain. :)

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LIKE/TBH//Okay??Akbar is now RAVIAN *_*Allah apko isay bhi ziada de AMEEN.FSC SUCKS BUT ITS OK APP TO LIKE FAIK LOGG HO MA SHA ALLAH😍😍STAY KHUSH HAMESHA KAY? KAY??😂😂Never give up... keep trying💪💪May Allah fulfil your all dreams n DESIRES💕💕AMEEN Stay blessed🙈🙈Allah achay nambaron say pass karay.💪💪👌👌☺

TYSM. 😂 same to you. Allah Kamyaab kare. Best of luck! :)

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m if you really just want to go to *computers field n like to b ravian is yr dream though,so then okk go for it.goodluck!

Yess! thanks ☺ comp enginering is better nowadays, sbse zada jobs b aj kal computer enginering ki hain. Elec and Mech engineering are too common these days and merit is also very high in NUST and UET. or yehi 2 univ achi hain elec or mech mai. inka merit bht zada hai.

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Session is coming to an end...few words about academy,fun,famous fights,anon,parhai? #staysuccessful #answerzarrurkarnasab

Saniya khan
2 sales guzr Gaye pta hi nahin chla unique ki wahid class his may 15 bachay ravian wo class may late Ana GC say aur tashan Kay sath dakhil hona wo khas logon say pangay Lena wo class may jugtaay lgana sir abdul samad ka khabees kehna haahahahahah thank u bros for the last two year it was one hell of a ride

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TBH.... mehdi....one of the most confident n extrovert person i ever met......dill ka bht acha h.....brave...bht acha dost b hai...n 7 days ravian b.:p.. respect...apne right k lye kisi ki fkr kie baghair reaction de deta h....thats good.......:):)...stay blessed...jeete raho khush raho......:)

tabishchaudhary’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Tabish Arshad
Awww Thanks Bro!
This is honestly the best compliment I've ever got from a topper guy! 😊😀😁

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I don't know where she is. She's not my girl. I was in it for Ravian insult. You made it clear that what was that abt so.. There's no more point. I don't want to personally take a girl and rip her apart. That's not fair for her. You wait for your fish. Beware when u use "Ravian"

alizarraza’s Profile PhotoAli Zar
you started insulting me before i posted anything about ravians
you just want to laugh and make everything funny and just take girls as your next joke
its not funny when you call afsheen stick did she say somthing about ravains ? NO
its not funny when you call amna malik kaif wali did she say somthing about ravians? NO
Its not funny when you call sophai darazan Did she somthing to ravians? NO
ITS not funny when you call khushbakht overcoat did she say somthin about ravians?NO
its not funny when you call nimra cake did she somthing to ravians ? NO
YOU HAVE NO IDEA when or what can make a girl depressed
i dont giva single shit about you posting any kips crushes from boys side but if aisha will post or say a thing about girls she will face it

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Are you saying that the fight is between aisha and yourself and u can't handle the ravian pressure. Right..

all i am saying aisha is hiding behind ravians and this is not about ravians its like you are standing at just one point and you dont wanna move because you want to fight with me and make it all about you
why dont you just shutup and let her come or you dont want her to come or JUST SAVING YOUR GIRL ?

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Yeah! Having a crush is no crime at all and neither does anyone have the right to poke his/her nose into somebody else personal.life! U r right but u did have other options to attack her right? Other than ravian thing!

where were you when she posted shit about kips crushes
where were you when she called ravians paidu
where were you when she insulted formanites
and where were you when she said only punjabians are better
i just used one word and all you soo called respected people are against me?
if you cannot fight just let me
above all where were you when your so called ravian was insulting a girl's physique ?????

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Tbh : Hassan bhai apko konse lambe tbh ki zarurat hai. U are one of my best friend. such a nice, cool, decent personality. Ravian k sashke. Tmhain nam pata kr dya tha xD Ab koshish kr lou. :p Football k sir ap mahir hain. I enjoy playing by your side in the ground. You are best. (y)

MohidKhurram’s Profile PhotoMohammad Mohid Khurram
thanks for such an outstanding tbh
also thanx for info 😉😉
I also enjoyed a lot playing with you and meet you soon 2 days left only 😀

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