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If smarts or talent wasn’t an obstacle, what would be your dream job? I’d love to be a best selling author.

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda Is Entertained
I’m of the opinion that to earnestly declare oneself a writer is a step away from becoming a published author. No, it hasn’t worked for me thus far, but the point still stands…
My dream parallels yours, and while I do concede that writing is an incredibly difficult craft to market (and not merely a difficult craft in itself), the value of your work really does depend on your own estimation of it. There was a time when I wondered if I possess the talent to write fiction – which is really to say: do I possess the ability to entertain readers? – but nowadays my energy is spent more on wondering if I possess the ability to put in the seemingly gargantuan effort it takes to produce something I deem worthy of marketing. Thus, nowadays I’m concerned mostly with developing the motivation to put pen to paper, as it were, of going through the actual process of presenting my work to prospective publishers, of dealing with all the rejections and the ’helpful critiques’; the suggestions such as “we would like your dystopian sci-fi novel down to 500 words”, and all other such internal, technical communications and means of marketing.
It’s an old cliche, but I do sincerely believe that self-belief aided by the reliably impervious shield of good, old-fashioned stoicism really is the optimal method here. And although your work may or may not be the best, it is, nevertheless, better than some, and you could safely assume that it is infinitely better than that which is *not* written (or recorded, painted, programmed, sculpted, crafted, or whichever creative outlet may apply to you, dear reader).

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Hola. ¿La película que me recomendaste de "Una pasión secreta es la de The Reader? Si sí, ya la vi y fíjate que es de las que menos me ha gustado de Kate Winslet, aunque la trama es muy buena. No lo había notado porque yo la conocía como "El Lector" Las otras sí no las conocía. Saludos. :3

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Hola. Sí, hablamos de la misma. Yo no sabría hacer comparaciones porque creo que solo he visto tres películas de ella (Titanic, Eterno resplandor de una mente sin recuerdos y El lector).
Saludos. :)

How do you type or answer questions, im curious.. Does someone help you?

I'm using screen readers to navigate through the virtual world, be it typing or knowing what's on my screen. In smartphones, there are built-in accessibility features and applications for the visually-impaired. In Android, it's called TalkBack. In Apple, it's called VoiceOver. And assistive applications that can be downloaded include TextGrabber, Lookout, Seeing AI and Be My Eyes.
A screen reader is a form of assistive technology that renders text and image content as speech or braille output. Screen readers are essential to people who are blind, and are useful to people who are visually impaired, illiterate, or have a learning disability.
TalkBack 101 - The Basics - The Blind Life
https://youtu.be/YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EI
How To Navigate Your iPhone Or iPad With VoiceOver — Apple Support
https://youtu.be/qDm7GiKra28AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 qDm7GiKra28AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 qDm7GiKra28

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AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EI

I do not know who the other four. I looked at many of your followers and the only one who stood out as someone special, because of his outstanding writing skills and ability to take complex ideas and simplify them while informing and entertaining the reader. He is, without doubt, a gifted writer.

Yep, you're right. As you could easily tell, I am a fan😊 It's unfortunate that you weren't able to guess the other four because they are amazing as well. Who knows, you might be one them😉

Ребят, как преобразовать документ из пдф в ворд, чтобы можно было редактировать текст. Желательно проверенную прогу, чтобы можно было работать на телефоне, подскажите, плиз🤗

В идеале через прогу распознавания текста типа Fine Reader.. можно через онлайн-сервисы, но там возможностей обычно меньше..

Did you read all these books you put quotes from gamila?

First of all, it’s Jamila 😁😂
And yeah I have read all of them and much more, I have read so many books that I have lost the count of how many. I’m an extremely fast reader, I can finish almost any book in a maximum of 2 or 3 days if I have the time 😄.
In my previous job, books were always the easiest thing to have around anywhere, so I always had a book or two with me all the time, I have felt a little bit lonely many times when I was working as a flight attendant, you are away from your home, family and friends most of the time, you move from one place to another, from a hotel in one country to a hotel in another, and sometimes as any other job you are not so familiar with your current colleagues and you may not get along very well with them, so books really helped me in that aspect when I felt that little bit of loneliness.

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Do you think words in a book should be simple to ease access or complicated to improve vocabulary?

unnecessаry advice from me - never start your book. Well, or, in any case, immediately disаble comments. So one day I found out that it was very difficult for most people to understand me and this became my personal problem.
but it shouldn't be.
there are writers who write for one level of readers, and there are those who write for a higher level, that's all. It is up to the reader to choose the right book.

What’s something that you thought you’d have already done by now, but haven’t?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
The never ending story of me and my book.
I will one day finish that shit i have already written the major stuff that i would like the reader to know and not know in addition of teasing the reader on some hidden stuff.
Thanks uni 🔪🙂🙂🙂

Hừm, anh sẽ nói với em, cảm ơn em đã ghé :3 Chúc em tuần mới thật xinh đẹp, cố lên <3

Yunero_II’s Profile PhotoPhạm Thanh Phú
em cảm ơn anh nhiều ạ 🙆🏻‍♀️ .
vì quá lười nên bây giờ em mới rep được lời chúc đáng iu của anh đây hjhj 🙆🏻‍♀️ .
mà tự nhiên dạo này em thích dùng cái icon 🙆🏻‍♀️ này ghê :vv .trông nó cứ bị buồn cười ấy.
em vừa dọn cái tủ sách của em, để lâu quá mối ăn gần hết rồi, em buồn nhiều lắm :< .
hồi đầu năm em đi xem tarot, reader bảo năm nay mọi thứ đều ổn thế mà hiện tại thì em đang thấy không ổn lắm ._. cuộc sống vẫn hơi lộn xộn tí, chắc vài hôm em phải book lịch xem lại thôi.
lảm nhảm nhiều quá ạ :’33 thôi thì xem như em mượn câu hỏi của anh để viết nhật ký một chút vậy. cảm ơn anh đã gửi câu hỏi cho em 🙆🏻‍♀️ em cũng chúc anh nhiều niềm vui anh nhé.
Hừm anh sẽ nói với em cảm ơn em đã ghé 3

Chúc em tuần mới thật xinh đẹp cố lên

Lest ihr noch normale 📚 oder benutzt ihr eher einen E Reader bzw. nur digitale Versionen?

Da ich viel unterwegs bin habe ich meine meisten Bücher digital auf Kindle oder Apple Books, aber Daheim lese ich am allerliebsten ein normales Buch👼🏼

Compliment your 4th @ 🌚

Usama_gujjar’s Profile Photoا سے اسامہ گ سے گجر
Why so different from the world like he was not from this buzzing sphere. He was a quite, carrying thousands of overwhelmed storms in his chest a desire to loom out and tell this freaking world the scars on his chest waiting for ointment and embrocation. The scars on his scattered soul were so cavernous and profound that a person looking at his face could feel the vehemence of fire burning in his eyes, so intense and deep. He used to ask people to sit beside him so that he could tell them the real stories of the alones, in this world full of people. He was a reader, could read the faces wearing smiles and the pains behind those laughters....

What is a book that changed you, and how did it change you?

Zezowafa2000’s Profile PhotoⲞⲘⲚⲒⲀ
No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai!
This won't be about how it necessarily changed me or even about the book specifically, but I'd like to take this opportunity to rant about a certain fascination I discovered with this book. Usually, I like reading about the pain and try to see the subtle beauty in it, the way it shapes mentalities, the glimpses of hope, the ways of coping, etc. I also naturally like reading books that leave the story up to your interpretation, I think it gives the novel a personality and the experience changes from one reader to another. Furthermore, when such a book becomes popular and loved among a vast diversity of people with countless interpretations, it just raises its value even more. Anyways, I also have a weird fascination with mentalities in general, no matter how twisted they are.. well, maybe especially how twisted they are, and the process that carved them out this way. The kind of mentalities that shine in all its vivid real glory, with no whitewashing reality but still a reality that is nothing like the reality we see, it really just is fascinating. Take Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" for example, I'd expect a person who wakes up one day to the sudden realization he turned into a giant bug to at least try to know how it happened or how to turn back, y'know anything to acknowledge how weird the situation is? Well, his first and all the rest of his thoughts were about how he'd be fired and his mundane sad life responsibilities. Well, anyhow, the story was centered about all the negative feeling he had and how he made no effort to cope with them or make his life any better. He even projected them onto his perceptions of the people around him and lived a miserable life to the very end of it when he dies alone as a giant bug. There was no beauty is it, just horrible agony to the end, and the fact it was inspired from Franz Kafka's life adds even more silent horror about all the psychological implications of it.
Another book that feeds this weird fascination of mine is Post Office by Charles Bukowski. It doesn't have anything supernatural about it but it was horrible too. All and every aspect of it. The protagonist narrated his life, he didn't think he was a good person, he didn't twist his beliefs or sugarcoat his terribleness, alcoholic, womanizer, talentless, rude, desperate, you name it. He didn't make any of that sound good, he was terrible and he knew it. And there was no way to find beauty in his life even if you looked through all the cracks.
Now, No Longer Human, combined all that. The psychological manipulation and torture, the feeling of being betrayed by life and blaming others for his own shortcomings proving slowly how twisted he is, the feeling of being rejected by life, imposter, the realization of not being qualified to live in it, his twisted coping mechanisms. In short it was a guide on creating a monster, a miserable one at that who in the end inevitably faces the very same fate of its writer, suicide.

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Dear Reader, your eyes will be blessed with Ziyarat e Kaaba soon🕋❤️ IN SHAA ALLAH!🌸

Alinakhan16’s Profile PhotoAA L I N AA
"ہم دیکھ رہے ہیں بار بار تمہارا آسمان کی طرف منہ کرنا تو ضرور ہم تمہیں پھیردیں گے اس کی طرف جس میں تمہاری خوشی ہے"
سورۃ البقرہ (۱۴۴) ⁦
Dear Reader your eyes will be blessed with Ziyarat e Kaaba soon IN SHAA ALLAH

Moja przyjaciółka nie chce mi wierzyć, że znaczek Yatta Reader przy HQ nie oznacza, że będzie to wersja i elektroniczny i papierowa a nie tylko elektroniczna 😅 weźcie wy ją przekonajcie xD

SJG: Droga Przyjaciółko Czytelniczki z Aska! Potwierdzamy oficjalnie - Haikyuu! zostanie przez nas w wersji papierowej, a dodatkowo będzie dostępne w wersji cyfrowej.^^

ف attack on titan ساعات بسمعهم بيقولوا "فالكو" وساعات "فاركو" وقبل كدة ف Death note كنت بسمع "لايتو" و"رايتو" هل ده له سبب ولا أنا اللي محتاج أكشف ع وداني؟

صباحُ الخير..
أهلًا بمُحبي الأنيمي الكرام :"D
إجابةً ع السؤال خلينا نقول حاجة سريعة، معروف إنه مش كل اللغات تتفق في نفس المخارج، وكل لغة لها مخرج معين قد تتميز به عن غيرها، ولغة تانية تفتقد لنفس المخرج دا.. فاللغة اليابانية أبجديتها الصوتية مفيهاش "ل" سواء النطق العربي أو الإنجليزي.. فهو شخصية "L" بالنسبة لهم اسمه iru دا نطقه، حتى في تحريف الكلمات الاجنبية، بيبدلوا ال L ل حرف ال ル " ru"
فاا، حضرتك ودانك شغالة الحمد لله، لكن هو أصل النطق أنه رو، ولو سمعت غير كدا بيكون لسرعة الكلام أو غيره. لكن L أصلية خالصة النطق، لا يوجد..
* مثال حي ع ما أقول؛ إيسو سنسي مُعلمتي اليابانية في الكلية، كانت بتكلمني كتابةً، كتبت لي:
"Reader" بدل "leader"
فحضرتك كلنا بنعاني هنا، مش بس ودانك :"D
ف attack on titan ساعات بسمعهم بيقولوا فالكو وساعات فاركو وقبل كدة ف Death note

😂 you read my posts sweetness, have you ever seen me call anyone else sweetness? 🤗🥰😘

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
Of course I read, because I am your most important reader, boo😏❤️😏❤️
But to say that, you should have been on your guard 😏❤️

Hi tita, you think Kindle is worth to buy? I'm not really a reader but this year's resolution is to read more books and I think an e-reader would really help. I just can't justify buying one since I have a phone (but so many distractions). I'm losing my mind for days now, please enlighten me 🥺

How about download a book or two on your phone and if you actually read them and want more e-books, then try getting a Kindle. I like my Kindle but I barely use it. What I've learned is that you shouldn't buy things to motivate a behavior. Develop a behavior and then get a device that facilitates that makes that that behavior more efficient. Become a reader first. Then get the Kindle once you've proven you're actually one. Not the other way around. Plus emergency fund first or else you have no basis buying anything.

Kalian suka baca wattpad nggaa? Ayo spill cerita yang lg kalian bacaa, atau sukaaa banget sama cerita ituu 🖐🏻

cahyaayu_’s Profile PhotoCay
Nando author sekaligus reader di Wattpad, tapi masih newbie sih. Paling suka sama cerita author yang namanya 'GindzKnight', judulnya 'Loka, the Spellblade Knight'. Cerita fiksinya bagus banget, tentang pemuda bernama Aditya Pradana yang baru datang ke Purwokerto buat nyari kerja. Adit terperangkap dalam Dunia buku dan terpilih menjadi prajurit sihir 'Loka'. Coba search aja di Wattpad. Nando rekomendasiin nih soalnya cerita nya seru, apalagi bagi yang suka fiksi
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What you learn from life so far?

sahar_991307’s Profile PhotoSahar
No fairytale, no Alice, no Peter Pan
Versace style, Louis V pattern
We strike the street hard, no FIFA plan
Kick you from Mobay, Halfway Tree you land
We born fi get dough, no need no man
We life a sort, ask the reader man
We balls a work, we a the breeder and
Nah laugh with it, badman riddim
Smoke high grade and fly like pigeon
Real badman, we no haffi have image
Score like scrimmage inna any gyal village
Fuck dem wicked and squeeze out liquid
Sharp shooter like big lip bigot
Haffi live twice fi do things that they did
TJ, tell dem we're wild and wicked.
What you learn from life so far

How would you describe yourself?

I am a person and I smile a lot even when I'm not actually feeling good, but also when I do feel good obviously.
Lonely, cooking, working, and a trustworthy guy. A lonely loser piece of shit who’s never been in a relationship at almost 24 years old and I’m too old to think it’ll ever happen. I hate myself and knowing that I’m meant to be alone and to die alone. I hate living this lonely existence. I hate that I work two well paying jobs and then go home to an empty apartment with no to share my life with. I hate knowing that it’ll never happen. So that’s how I would describe myself, a lonely loser.
Smiley, open (if distant), and hopefully lucid. An observer, a walker, a reader, a show-and-teller. Too serious for someone who laughs as much as I do. A keep-to-myselfer who laughs like a delighted goose.
Socially awkward introvert with a very narrow set of interests.
Mentally weak. Grudge-laden. Handsome but not worth your Time. Askew personality. I'm only human full of faults yet I get through my days knowing I am making changes to be better day by day. I would describe myself as an average intelligence, below average looks male that is funny about once in every 100 jokes.
I'm crazy, judgemental, quiet around strangers, & I'm generous to my family. Cries at everything with a dreamy preoccupied and vacant gaze.
Someone who cares about people so much, but fails to show people that he cares for them. A good hearted person that will help anyone if I can, but once I start drinking and doing coke than watch out because the devil comes out.
I am the type of guy who is easily forgettable. I am a physically strong masculine man that is introverted and loves women and I am a warrior.
A guy who cares probably too much about being extraordinary, and fears oblivion or being forgotten. Someone with high morals in an almost moral less community. Animated, anxious, ardent, athirst, attracted, avid, bugged, concerned, devoted, eager, earnest, ebullient, exhilarated, exuberant, fanatical, fascinated, fervent, fervid, forceful, gaga, gung ho, enthusiastic. So average that even twenty five words can't describe me.

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Are you an avid reader? If yes, who helped you develop your love of reading?

My parents, first by teaching me how, and then by planting me in the local YMCA's afterschool program, which was so unstructured and excruciatingly boring that I did nothing but read books or solve the problems in logic puzzles/recreational mathematics magazines until my mother came to pick me up.
I could say that my second-grade teacher helped, but she did everything she could to hinder me. She would physically wrench books out of my hands on the excuse that they weren't "age-appropriate", by which she meant they were of a higher reading level than was "normal" for 2nd grade. She had an obsession with pounding out any differences and making all her students average. She would have been an excellent teacher of the gamma children in Brave New World. However, if she'd allowed me to read, then I would have because her classes were boring too. Part of her obsession with making everyone the same involved handing out the same worksheets every day until every student could get it. And she handed out all the worksheets for the day in one go. So I'd finish them all in an hour, sometimes because I'd seen them so often that I had the answers memorized, and then try to read, which would infuriate her. I love to read! Mostly fantasy, like Harry Potter (all time favorite), Hunger Games, Divergent, Scythe, A good girls guide to murder, currently reading book 5 of The dark tower by Stephen King. As a teenager I read quite some Dutch thrillers and other Dutch books about drama, romance, etc. As a adult im more drawn to English books.

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Are you an avid reader?

While I wasn't into reading books in high school, I've matured a lot since then and read voraciously now, probably an equal mix of fiction and nonfiction. I am not a reader anymore.
I only had a small window when I was.
I have a juicy case of ADHD and concentrating without meds is near impossible.
But there was a time right after I got on my ADHD meds where I found out I could read.
I read everything I could get my hands on.
I read the dictionary, a Psychology book, the Bible and everything in between.
I was a reading fool for about two years.
Then it faded and I am back to looking at the pictures again. Not anymore but many years ago I used to haunt used book stores. I get through around 50 ebooks a month. Thank goodness for sites like smashwords as I couldn't afford to but them all.
I could read all day. I'd say an avid reader is someone whose main hobby is reading, and they do so frequently. I was avid reader from kindergarten, all the way up until college. A good deal of my free time (which was a lot, since I was a shy introvert) was devoted to reading. A few of my classmates assumed all I did was read, but considering my options of pulling my head out of an enthralling book consisted of being largely mocked or ignored by them, the book was preferable.
I don't think speed reading or the number of books you read has anything to do with it. I'd also argue that what you read doesn't really matter. I'd consider "well-read" to imply someone that has read a lot of the classics and what not, but someone could still be an avid reader by reading only fantasy novels or mysteries or so on. It just comes down to truly enjoying reading; if you find yourself looking forward to the chance to read and consider it a fun hobby, you're an avid reader in my book. I saw something a while ago in the Huffington Post that took a poll and found iirc over 25% of people hadn't read a book in a year... That's sad to me.
Never liked reading all that much until college when I found some fiction that really grabbed me. After that I discovered that my tastes and my Mom's overlap and I can always pick up a book or two when I visit. Maybe half of my reading is books she's finished. I'm an avid reader. When I was in kindergarden and first I was often ahead of the class in whatever we were learning, and aparenrly it made the other kids feel bad. They offered to let me skip two grades but my mom said no. So my teachers just stuck me in the back of the room with books and art supplies. This period in my life gave birth to my love of reading and drawing.

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Are you a dreamer or a go-getter?

GingFreecss755’s Profile PhotoEnigmatic
Both.. there are things that i like and can get and there are things that I prefer to dream about em. I love dreaming… I don’t think about my identity much but if i had to choose who i am i would say I am a reader and a dreamer. “I am a dreamer. I know so little of real life that I just can't help re-living such moments as these in my dreams, for such moments are something I have very rarely experienced.” - Fyodor Dostoevsky, White Nights.

Drop the last text that u have copied.

kemoandsa’s Profile Photoكٓريم صلاح
رايتنج الانجليزي👍
The word computer has its origins in the 16th century; Where this term used to refer to a human employee who performs certain mathematical calculations, and this term remained associated with humans until the end of the nineteenth century, when this term came to refer to the machines through which it was possible to perform arithmetic operations, and the appearance of the first computer was in 1833 AD; Where the scientist Charles Babbage, who is considered the godfather of computers, designed a mechanical computer with the aim of using it for general purposes. Charles Babbage called the device he designed the Analytical Engine, and this computer included several parts similar to what is contained in existing computers; Where the device contained what was known as the mill, which is the central processing unit, and contained what is known as the safe. Charles also provided his machine with a data entry unit known as the reader, in addition to being able to print the results of the processing operations that occur through this machine through what is known by printer.
My opinion is that this device changed human history and helped develop it. It is a great invention
Somaia Azzazy

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"A mind reader, and no you can't cut it out of me. Be careful with that scythe of yours kiddo, my blood might be a bit much for you to handle."

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
I LOVE the sight of blœd..~ You say your a mind reader..but if that were true..you'd know that I've kiIIed more monsters than the others in this pathetic family~ *Gehas eye starts flaring red, for a 6yr old she's really twisted--* and..I do it for pure F U N~ I love seeing everyone squirm, cry..beg for M E R C Y ~
*Nova might be able to tell, Geha puts on the sweet, cute, inoccent act for a couple reasons
1. To see what her targets are capable of and 2. If she can catch her target off guard by acting like a normal sweet kiddo
3. She also does it to manipulate/ control others, if someone thought she was entirely harmless and sweet as can be..things would more than likely go in her favor, she might even be able to convince that person to do things for her..
4. She also does it to see what she can get by with, to see how far her sweet and inoccent act will get her..
She is very very messed up--
I wonder if she would spook Nova*

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2 Bücher haben mich (aufgrund ihrer Einzigartigkeit) beinahe erschrocken. Ich habe sie bei mir verlinkt. Ist es euch möglich, diese Bücher (bzw. 1-2 Seiten daraus) flüssig zu lesen? Hakt es ggf. am Inhalt, an der unkoventionellen Schreibweise oder an beidem? Eure Rezensionen:

andy4me’s Profile PhotoEverle, der weise Feuerschluck
Ich weiß nicht, inwieweit dir der Komplex um den "Drachenlord" (Rainer Winkler) bekannt und bewusst ist, deswegen antworte ich darauf jetzt noch. Zusammengefasst: Dieser Mann wird seit Jahren auf widerlichste Art und Weise von einer großen "Community" (die diese Bezeichnung nicht verdient hat) gemóbbt, online wie offline.
Generell möchte ich aber keine Fragen zu dem Thema erhalten, solange es nicht um Aufklärung über (Cyber-)Móbbing geht, weil ich das Thema unheimlich verstörend finde.
Wie von der Persönlichkeit des Mannes zu erwarten sind das wohl sehr im weitesten Sinne verträumte Romane, die ihn als Helden sehen, der die Erfüllung seiner Träume als beliebter, begehrter Mensch erlebt. Typisch für bspw. auch "x Reader" Fanfictions.
Ich kann beide Bücher lesen, das erste eher noch als das zweite, weil es authentischer ist. Der "Editor" raubt dem zweiten Buch die Authentizität und Erzählstruktur.
Es liest sich wie ein simples Buch einer Person, die sich darüber auslebt. Die literarische Qualität würde man eher in kindlichem Alter erwarten, aber eben gegeben dessen, was mir über die Persönlichkeit des Autors bekannt ist, eine Entwicklungsverzögerung nicht unwahrscheinlich, scheint es mir angemessen. Ich finde die Detailverliebtheit auf den ersten Seiten des ersten Buchs sogar angenehm; wie er versucht, das Setting logisch und begründet aufzubauen und offensichtlich sehr in seinen Gedanken und Bildern hängt, aber definitiv ein Mindestmaß an Reflektion aufweisend. (Gedächtniszitat: "Er wollte Erótik schreiben, aber meist wurde es doch pórnographisch", was sich ziemlich eindeutig auch auf ihn selbst und seinen eigenen Roman bezieht.)
Der Inhalt ist für mich nicht ansprechend, was in erster Linie aber mit mir selbst zusammenhängt, weil mich dieses Thema besonders in dieser Umsetzung nicht anspricht. Es ist eins dieser typischen Werke, die lieber privat bleiben sollten.
Die Schreibweise benötigt definitiv ein Lektorat, aber keine Person, die das Buch nach eigenen Vorstellungen umschreibt, sondern jemanden, der mit dem Autor daran arbeitet. Würde man zumindest in entsprechenden Einrichtungen machen, wenn man jemandem wirklich helfen wollte - und nicht sein kleines, von Minderwertigkeitskomplexen geplagtes Ego an den vermeintlichen Unzulänglichkeiten aufbauen würde, und ja, ich meine "die Hader" :-)
Für viele Menschen ist das Schreiben etwas Erfüllendes und ich finde es schrecklich, sich darüber lustig zu machen.
Ja, es kann befremdlich sein. Mir fallen allein mindestens zwei Autoren auf ask ein, bei denen ich "Ach du Scheíße" denke und ihnen ein gutes Lektorat wünsche. Aber y'know, ich les es nicht. Ich muss mich daran nicht aufbauen. Wenn ich ihnen wirklich helfen will, biete ich ihnen konstruktive Kritik und ggf. Unterstützung an, ansonsten - none of my business.

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Hey Giiiirl, nächste Woche ist der Einsendeschluss bereits zwei Monate her. 🤯 Und langsam muss ich echt gestehen, dass ich die Aufregung gänzlich verloren habe... Denkst du, die Entscheidung kommt in den nächsten zwei Wochen oder eher erst im November? 🥲

BonnieEldritch’s Profile PhotoBonnie Eldritch
Soo, jetzt kann ich dir auch endlich deine Frage beantworten... Ich wollte nicht mit einem flachen "IDK" antworten, aber nun lo and behold kann ich verkündigen, dass SEHR bald die Auswahl veröffentlicht wird ✨😍
Gestern konnten @buttercup241447 und ich uns gemeinsam die Ocs angucken, haben über jeden gequatscht und sind am Ende mit 6 Oc verblieben... Ja es wird einen VIP Oc geben - ne shame, no regrets.
Ich wurde einfach dermaßen überzeugt und ich liebe die Truppe jetzt schon.
An dieser Stelle möchte ich mich aber ganz herzlich bei allen Erstellern bedanken! Ihr ward alle wirklich klasse in Kommunikation, Geduld (oh Gott, ihr hattet so viel Geduld mit mir 😭. Ich danke euch so dafür!), und ganz viel Kreativität.
Ich finde es einfach toll, dass ihr euch alle auf die eher fremde Welt von HDM eingelassen habt und mit euren Ideen erweitert habt. Echt genial ❤️
Und auch war es für mich wirklich eine Reise... Ich hab nie damit gerechnet, doch so weit zu kommen 😅😊 Hoffentlich läuft es auch weiterhin so gut 😋
(Außerdem Pro-Tipp für alle MMFF Autoren: Haut euch die Steckbriefe auf einen E-Book Reader, eure Augen und Handy-Akku danken euch. Ich vermisse es jetzt schon auf dem Ding im Zug zulesen C: )

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What's the funniest dream you've ever had?

Once I had a dream that my friend came over to my house. We were sitting on the couch because we ran out of stuff to do. He asked if I had any ideas. I suggested that we play a game called "Pencil Donkey". He refused because "last time the round took three hours!" I eventually convinced him to play Pencil Donkey. He walked outside with a football (american) and I stood about ten feet away from him. In that moment, I completely forgot how to play Pencil Donkey. Then the details of the dream became a bit fuzzy. I think my friend said something about a deck of cards, even though all he had was a football. Then I saw a giant bee the size of a tissue box. I ran inside, but my friend had no reaction. "Why are you scared? It's just a little bee!"
During some sort of viral epidemic at Costco (people coughing up blood and dropping dead within a few seconds), I fled to my car (apparently dream me can afford such things?) with a hanky over my mouth. As I attempted to flee before the authorities could quanartine the scene, a plain cothes officer who had been in Costco forced me at gun point to let her come with me. I explained that I would not be going home, because I didn't want to infect my family. I wanted to head out of town so I could wait and see if I'd been infected without putting anyone at risk. I didn't want to be quarantined, because that might get me infected. She was cool with it, and we started driving. I took us up on this Dr. Suess looking bridge with lots of sharp curves, and floored it. (At this point real me was feeling panicked, because I knew the car would go off the bridge). I couldn't make the turn, and we flew off. The cop screamed. I reached my hand out and grabbed onto the ledge of a building as we fell past, and told the cop to do the same. The car fell to the road below, and we were standing on the ledge. I grabbed her gun. She said something about "You could have gotten use killed" and I said something like "But I didn't, now come on". Then we took off running. I awoke with a smirk, because the "special effects" of the ledge grab were so awkward. I'm guessing this doesn't seem funny to a reader, but that's because it's the visual side of the dream, not the story, that made it funny.
One I'll remember until I die is that me, my mom, and my grandparents were in a huge city and a small Asian man in a business suit walked up to my grandfather, screamed, "For the sake of my love!" and slapped my grandfather across the face. The man then just sorta blinked out of existence. Laughed myself awake.

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Why do you enjoy reading?

I read for entertainment, education and to better my understanding of others. If you arent enjoying the books you're reading, try something else! What kind of shows do you watch? What kind of video games are you playing? Look for books with similar styles and themes and I bet you'll enjoy it more. As an example, my mom was never a reader beyond religious texts and only read because she was "supposed to" for her church and religious obligations. She won a gift basket that had a couple of SciFi books in it and she read them because of feeling obligated to use her gifts (my mom is an intense people pleaser) and it turns out, she LOVES YA science fiction. Now she reads a book a week because she is having so much fun reading. Also, books are very personal interests and everyone has different tastes. If you're not enjoying a book, you don't have to keep reading it. You can put it down and try something else. Life is too short to read books you don't like. As a new reader, it might take you awhile to get a good grasp of the types of books you like, so don't be discouraged if you don't like the first 10 or 20 or even more books you pick up. Most of us have been developing our reading preferences for years if not decades so it's easy to find something we know we'll like.
Reading is a skill you can learn and relearn. I used to be able to read book after book when I was a kid, but now I never seem to be able to just sit down and read. I still love reading though because of one key experience I had. I read a book for the first time at thirteen, enjoyed it, put it down. I picked it up at eighteen, and it blew my mind. I couldn't believe it was the same book. It wasn't just a book, it was an experience: I spent hours reenacting the scenes in my living room, playing each of the characters, re-writing the book from different perspectives, because I didn't want it to end. That's when I really realised that books are more than just words on a page.
I’m not too keen on games outside Terraria and Ori and the blind forest, but I’m quite keen on anime. I can absolutely say that reading is a far more worthwhile hobby for me. With the exception of some truly amazing anime like Mushishi or Chihayafuru, most anime just doesn’t last long in my mind or incite much thought. I also like anime for the wish fulfilment aspects and entertainment. These, unlike the first category, I do find myself regret spending time over. In defence of reading though, it allows the reader to feel far closer to the artist than video games or tv shows. Just consider the impact that The Little Prince or The intergalactic railroad has on children, what reading a book by Audre Lord means to young black women, what reading Asimov is to a sci-fi fan or what HP Lovecraft is to horror fans, or what reading the LOTR means to a fantasy enthusiast. It calms me down. Reading helps me breathe easy in this very competitive world. It makes me understand different cultures and also helps me better my language.

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becaus i nte past i was bad yes i was a mind reader short story i was in a bar see a cute girl her bf was ther too i have know he was cheating he and i chanche numbers and he was cheating with her sister

that is some tale
how can you know this ?
through vibrational communication or just instinct?
did you tell her ?
her sister is one bad lady lol

what's your opinion about inspirational quotes? do you think they're important and effective or deceptive and give a false feeling of determination?

> what's your opinion about inspirational quotes?
They can be useful if one wishes to make a point quickly and they may spur interest and / or encourage conversation. If you find my position inspirational, feel free to quote me... =D
> do you think they're important and effective or deceptive and give a false feeling of determination?
It would depend on the mindset / disposition of the reader.
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Em chào anh ạ. Hiện tại em đang tìm các nguồn thông tin học Tarot, đặc biệt là nghiên cứu về hệ thống và đối chiếu các lá, các trải bài. Anh có thể cho em xin môtk vài nguồn chính thống không ạ. Những web Tarot.vn, tarothuyenbi, mystichouse em đã có xem qua nhưng không tâm đắc lắm.

luonghueman’s Profile PhotoTrần Thanh Thanh
Em cần xác định rõ hệ thống mà bộ bài em đang sử dụng là hệ thống gì, như marseille , hay RW, hay GD hoặc Etteilla v..v...
Khi ta biêt thì ta sẽ tiện cho việc google sách hơn, cự thể là gì thì ví dụ RW và GD thì em seach các tài liệu về Golden Dawn đặc biệt là cuốn book of T v..v.. (cái này inbox nhé, để anh xem có cuốn gì không anh send cho)
Các nguồn tiếng Việt thì cũng có nguồn đảm bảo tuy nhiên đa số là viết giấu đầu giấu đuôi (sợ mất nghề), hoặc có nhiều chỗ viết chả có căn cứ hay cơ sở gì chỉ là cảm nhận cá nhân, (viết cho có chữ). Anh khuyên là nên tìm các nguồn nước ngoài , nếu không thạo tiếng Eng lắm thì dùng google translate. Không có gì phải ngại cả, anh đã phải dịch mấy cuốn tiếng pháp bằng google translate rồi, miễn sao mình hiểu là được, check thật kỹ cấu trúc ngữ pháp, và đọc hơi lâu một chút thôi.
Đa số nếu em đi lang thang các hội nhóm tarot nước ngoài em sẽ thấy chả ai giấu, hay cãi cọ về việc ..."lá bài này có nghĩa là gì" bởi nghĩa là một thứ hiển nhiên ai cũng biết mà thực ra chả cần phải giấu, vì biết nghĩa họ vẫn xem nhưng không thể gọi là chuyên nghiệp được nếu như họ không có một thứ gọi là "hệ thông riêng" mỗi người có 1 phương pháp trải, phương pháp giải riêng, không ai giống ai, điều đó tạo nên phong cách giải khác nhau của từng reader và đó mới là bí quyết của họ.
VD: học nấu ăn, chả ai giấu các công thức nấu ăn như luộc trứng, ngâm mì, xàu rau, kho tàu cả. Nhưng các kỹ thuật làm sao để món đó ngon tuyệt đỉnh thì mới là cái họ ít khi đề cập.
Do chúng ta mới được truyền bá tarot còn thiếu nhiều thứ, và đôi khi bị bưng bít nhiều nên mới xảy ra lắm chuyện viết lan man, viết hack não như vậy thôi
Xin lỗi vì để đảm bảo là anh không thiên vị bất cứ một hội nào nên anh không thể share mấy nguồn VN được tránh thị phi. Nhưng anh có thể giới thiệu em join 1 số hội nước ngoài

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