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What do you think is your biggest strength?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Being able to detach logic & my emotions. (Which is a huge problem these days because everyone is so focused on how they feel 😂)
I am able to look at people as individuals without attaching my personal relationship or feelings to them. The amount of times in conversations I am the one that has to say, “of course it hurts. Of course it sucks. But we’re not talking about what it feels like. We are talking about from a realistic logical viewpoint of what’s actually going on despite how we feel/think/want. You can’t just protect yourself just because you don’t like the way something feels. You need to accept the reality of the situation.”
I have notice that a lot people have this issue when they speak about their family, they can’t detach from the fact they are family. Always a sentence that ends up justifying whatever their families behavior is/are just because they can’t just look at them from an outside logical standpoint.

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Are you a slave to your urges?

I'm on a heavy relapse streak at the moment. I've never gone further than about 20 days without relapsing. I want to change but I'm struggling with the mentally with the whole process. Any tips to grow stronger, stamp out these petty urges and free myself from the chains of my urges? In my journey i find cold showers verry helpful.if i had an urge i go under the cold shower and i stayed there for like 5-7 minuites.the cold shower will gave you a shock and you will not thinking about the urge.Or you could go out to public places.you will not fap at the centre of a big mall( i hope)and you will not think about sexual things after 15 minuites because it will not be comfortable.you can go for a run or workout.if youre a pro at meditation, you can meditate, and realize this is just a thought too and you can just let go. Connect with the breath. Meditate daily and alternate sitting and walking meditation when you have time. Sit 15/walk 15/sit 15. Fill your mind with spiritual books and teachings. This is a mental battle and we need all the encouragement we can get. Society doesn't encourage what we are doing so it is best to listen to monks/nuns who are living at a higher and deeper level of spirituality.
I have a wonderful boyfriend since 6 years now (I am 22). Because of our conflicting schedules and the fact we are living separately, I don't get to see him very often those last months. I am happy if I manage to get sex once per month. I am not sure how to make this work out better, I am in medical school and he is very busy as well. Anyways, he has always been there for me as my best friend, he understands me, he is just perfect in every way... However, I talk to all those good-looking men on a daily basis, it is hard to resist the temptation to flirt, I might even do it unconsciously... Of course, I would never cheat. I am just tired of getting those mental images of me having sex with male colleague/friends... Day-dreaming about how it would feel while knowing it could never happen. I can't even concentrate on my work sometimes. I am just very unhappy. I wanted to get that out there. Thanks. Majority of teenagers are addicted to PMO or slave to their sexual urges. It really needs courage to accept your weakness and determination to come out of this addiction. I'm glad you all guys took this decision to become a better version of yourself. Majority of people out there who are slave of this addiction don't wanna talk about it and treating this addiction just as an excuse to escape their reality. Don't fall into this category.

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Do you hope for peace?

Depends what peace or freedom means. Does freedom mean the ability to do whatever to whomever without consequence? Does peace mean that there would be nothing wrong with the world, but you aren't allowed to do what you chose without permission? If that is the detailed choices I would chose peace. If not explain in more details and I'll update my answer.
Freedom. I went to a Catholic School and a teacher told me that "There is no such thing as negative emotions in heaven, pain suffering, hunger has all vanished." Well Naturally that got me thinking, (not religious btw but I like to be philosophical once in a while) Well does that mean humans are incapable of creating suffering for one another? Because then that means that people in heaven wouldn't be who they are on earth, they would be in some sort of alternative state of being rather than our current one where we can experience a whole spectrum of emotions rather than the ones that are positive. This could just be translated as a world at peace as well. Two people can have very different ideas as to what peace would be, no disagreements would require everyone to believe and think in the same way. Even in a high school in order to have peace you would have to understand how everyone is working and understand their intentions. Peace would only be attainable if everyone lived as part of a docile hivemind of no straying of opinion like it's 1984, The WBC or Aldous Huxley's a brave new world. Freedom on the other hand is experiencing the world around you in the purest sense. You will be angry out raged and heartbroken. People will kill. People will steal and burn and rape but a the end of the day you have a choice you can say no. You can decide that this is wrong because it hurts other people and rather than not experience suffering at all you can learn from it. Generations of starvation taught our ancestors to raise their own crops and it was thousands of people dying of infections and disease which taught us to clean our knives before putting them in people. Hardship caused by the choices of others made us evolve and adapt. With peace there is no progress. Freedom is reality. the only way to live. There's nothing wrong with the idea of peace. Hell, most religions even believe that peace is only achievable after great destruction. The things that would have to happen in order to get peace make peace less worthy of having. "Equilibrium" is one of my favorite movies. They have "peace" but are not allowed to feel emotion. So they are slaves. I hope one day we will be able to live all together in peace.

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I'm in love with him or us se gunpoint pe shadi krna chahti hu!

zoyahere’s Profile Photozoyahere
it all feels so dramatic, until God forbid you experience something like this.
all bad guys out there don't have looks and abs like danish taimoor, nor they have ages between 18-28.
these dramas fantasize wrong side.
rich men are in between (48-60) with a round hairy belly, curled mustache, curly 2 ft long oily hair, and they wear gold watches + with black or white starched dresses.
and names are not arham to ab, hamza to huzi, they have names like goga gujjar, faisal dugu, akbar kana,
they dont force you on gun points to marry you, they rap* girls, & throw them off the buildings, cut them in pieces or burry them,
in reality villains dont look like handsome heros,
they are ugly. more dangerous and harmful, they may show no mercy. 🌚🥀

What Do You Care About The Most?

ProfeesorAmmar’s Profile PhotoAmmar
I care about everyone around me. Like I can feel the energy when someone's not good. I might not be a good friend but I'm a good listener for sure and even can advice you if you really need it or can motivate you.
But y'know the sad reality? Nobody in this whole freaking world really care about what I feel ! But still like an optimistic person I'm all happy to go to people around me ♥️ they are truly my people no matter what !

Ok so there was this guy who was trying his hard to be in relation with me. He hit me up by appreciating my poetry skills. Lol when I said no to his proposal he directly started to dislike my poetries and said “I WAS LYING THIS WHOLE TIME IN FACT YOUR POETRY SUCKS NIMAL” :”)😭

nimal_shah’s Profile PhotoNimal Shah
REALITY CHECK 101: 90% of the fan following that girls have which they think is because of their amazing skills and talent , is actually because that 90% are all men trying to be with you.

What’s wrong with loving God?

You're loving a glorified fairytale with moral truths used to control the gullible and fearful. It's delusional, not based in reality and promotes weakness and needlessly submissive behavior. I am my own God because in the end I am responsible for myself and no one else.
It can also be easily manipulated by those in power. Look at the overturning of Roe v. Wade as an example. 6 out of the 9 people on the bench are Christian theocrats who want to turn the US into a Christian Nationalist shithole. Legislating from the bench. They all said Roe was precedent but then when they had a clear majority, they all conveniently decided to change their minds and overturn it and are looking at gay marriage and inter-racial marriage next. They use "its not in the Constitution" as an argument to cover up being power hungry. This shows hypocrisy and contradictions at an egregious level.
This is what has turned me from atheist to anti-theist.

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What makes Silicon Valley and Israel such innovation hotspots?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Because of its high concentration of cutting-edge technology companies, Israel has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of the Middle East — or Silicon Wadi ("wadi" means "valley" in Hebrew).
Many would say that the historical events that Jewish people suffered through were the catalysts of the founding of the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and that they had powerful influences on the country's technological prowess, culture and economic success. Israel started as a country of survivors and immigrants who were entrepreneurial risk-takers. The country's geopolitical reality, having no allies surrounding it, has created a country-wide mindset that excellence is an element of survival. The country's industrial expansion is due in large part to its strong national economy and access to foreign markets to fuel subsequent expansion. Over time, locally grown citrus fruits transitioned into advanced technology exports.

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Do you think Britney still needs help? I was (and still am) very pro #FreeBritney, but in all honesty if you follow her on sm, she's clearly not well. Her posts, most of the time, don't make any sense and they're just bizarre ramblings, she seems disconnected from reality. It makes me sad :/

i’m gonna be real. i think people forget that britney is like an anti social forty year old woman that’s using social media in her own for the first time.
she sounds like a boomer more than anything to me.

Do you find beauty in imperfection?

Obviously. I mean beauty lies only in the imperfections. You imperfect cooked food. My imperfect teasing. Your imperfect eye liner. My imperfect gazing into them. Your imperfectly straight hair. My imperfect fingers in them. The imperfect weather, and me imagining the One Who made all this imperfect, but in reality not so imperfect world. I mean beautiful.
Do you find beauty in imperfection

Do you think Britney still needs help? I was (and still am) very pro #FreeBritney, but in all honesty if you follow her on sm, she's clearly not well. Her posts, most of the time, don't make any sense and they're just bizarre ramblings, she seems disconnected from reality. It makes me sad :/

I mean...yeah...she was in a traumatic situation for YEARS, of course she isn't right and needs help. She doesn't understand society, she wasn't allowed to be her own person. Of course she rambles etc.

Do you think Britney still needs help? I was (and still am) very pro #FreeBritney, but in all honesty if you follow her on sm, she's clearly not well. Her posts, most of the time, don't make any sense and they're just bizarre ramblings, she seems disconnected from reality. It makes me sad :/

I don't concern myself with celebrities too much because what we see is just a small portion of the truth, we can't make a judgement based on distorted portrayals.

Totul era ipotetic, nu ca ti-as spune eu tie ''Vrei sa iesi cu mine in oras ?''. Ziceam ca in contextul respectiv si m-am dat eu ca exemplu, dar putea sa fie orice individ pe care il cunosti in realitate. Nici nu indemn pe cnv sa rasp afirmativ la asa ceva in online, cu atat mai mult fetelor.

A fost un afront cu un iz bine cunoscut mie. Si prefer sa nu zic a ce mi-a mirosit mie deoarece va trebui sa punem un odorizant Glade pentru fiecare intrebare primita. Este cel putin ciudat sa pui o intrebare cuiva in care te victimizezi, te subapreciezi, and furthermore reprosezi acelei persoane un eventual refuz? Ok, inteleg ca nu toti putem sa coboram de pe norisorul nostru uneori, dar prefer ca majoritatea sa isi dea un reality check inainte sa plece cu mintea asa departe. Te salut!

How could we forget those we loved the most? How can't we feel sad for them? not for ourself after all its their loss. ❤️🖤

From my experience i think we should stop thinking about them by destructing yourselves .
like learning new things or make some healthy relationships or discover new hobbies and i know when i say it like this it seems easy but in reality it's not .🤎

You seem like a sane sage. Puck up a rage and spun it until something interesting comes out!!! No!?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
There's a storm that lives within me. It would terrify you if you would see.
The rage that resides within me you would see if you follow the trail of bodies. I am good at burying secrets. I am good at making a facade. I'll make you think I am here when in reality I am just a mirage.

What do you think about modern love shits? TBH it always make me feel cringe 💢

Sanyan567’s Profile Photoمحمد ثنیان
modern "love"? I don't think so we even know the meaning of love anymore, all we see is our lusty desires, they want to reach your body before reaching your soul, the harsh reality is we want to love and loyalty but we are not willing to give the same in return 🍂

Ang dami ganito sa askfm. Mindset: Mag anak tayo ng madami para maiahon nila tayo sa kahirapan. Reality: Ayun nag anak ng madami, hindi naman kayang buhayin at paaralin hanggang kolehiyo. Paktay. Kasalanan na naman ng gobyerno.

Yep, I wish people would think more about their children's future before having them. Sana they'd be able to support their children as well as their interests and dreams. Hindi yung i-asa nalang sa bata na magsumikap, na maski education fund walang na set aside.

~ ᴀ ʀᴇᴍɪɴᴅᴇʀ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ ~

RaziaShah_’s Profile PhotoKURKURE ❥
Karbala ne btaya, Yazeed ki jitni mrzi bri fouj ya lashkar tha, Ground reality me beshak jeetna yazeed ne tha.
Lekin Zulm kay khilaf larna bohot zruri tha.
Nawason ne Shahdat de kr bhi Islam ko Bacha lia,
Or wo Yazeed, Naiki ki gardan cheer kr bhi Badi or Zulm ki Hifazat nahi kr ska.
Ye Sabaq Tamam Maa Baap Bachon ky liye hai, jo sirf Zulm kay khilaf is liye nahi lartay, kay maray na jain, Hmary future ka kia bany ga,
Hm Sab ka future sirf Qabar or Moat hai. Koi gari, ghr, bangla nhi.

https://ask.fm/FracturedSoul/answers/170784127030 ((yes protect pure lady she's too good for this world x3))

FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Morningstar
⠀⠀⠀❪❀❫ ⠀❝(ᴹʸ ˡⁱᶠᵉ ⁱˢ ⁱᵐᵖᵒʳᵗᵃⁿᵗ, ʰᵘʰ?) Now I see...❞
He muttered mid-sentence, thinking and watching the female. Curious that the world would bestow the gift on a person with a heart of gold...perhaps it was an unjust punishment? any sin? whatever it was he wouldn't turn out to be so surprised. Life was a cruel reality. People like her were very unusual in that they end up being corrupted the wrong way in the end.
He would never believe receiving a comment like that from a human, but there it was. Her, with her good deeds and kindness, without judging for his terrible species.
⠀⠀❝It's an honorable conscience you have there, woman...❞ The conspicuous sound of trinkets indicated that the man closed the distance between them being only a few centimeters, face to face. His free pale hand gently cupped a strand of her hair. It was intimidating.
⠀⠀❝ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴍᴀᴋᴇꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇᴀꜱʏ ᴘʀᴇʏ… Be careful.❞ From one second to another ended up giving her a threatening expression, followed by taking a step back and regaining the former composure.

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httpsaskfmFracturedSoulanswers170784127030 yes protect pure lady  shes too good

https://ask.fm/FracturedSoul/answers/170781820982 ❤️

FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Morningstar
⠀⠀⠀❪❀❫ ⠀Being at the right distance, he could better preview what her condition was and find out what was special about that woman. Her ability to see between mortal reality and that of monsters, being one more reason to smile gracefully. He was silently grateful no longer being pointed at with the light, likewise, stowed the sharp weapon in a scabbard that hung from his belt with a silver trim.
⠀❝Isn't this the first time?❞ He blurted out a rhetorical question. A soft voice, low and dangerous, acting matter-of-factly as if it was nothing impressive.
He came to notice her crippled leg, tilting his head slightly. It's not like it was his business, but this girl had a gift that he couldn't ignore. It had aroused a certain curiosity inside of him.
And he found it funny how she was heading towards his person.
The umbrella lowered to one side revealing the individual's facial appearance: a young, handsome man, lacking one eye and the other an intense red color. So intense in that moment, of his own volition, that would be able to convey to her the truth that he too was an entity, a ᴠᴇʀʏ ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀᴏᴜꜱ ᴏɴᴇ.
⠀❝What made you think that wandering around, here, at night, was a good option?❞⠀ He inquired, smiling slightly mischievously.

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Would a man date a woman with a low body count (1-2) or they would keep searching because they will think is difficult to get sex from her?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoG4l4xy
Here’s the thing, every man is different. Even if a bulk are fuckboy pussies, men are exactly the same in their thinking. Not to give a cop out answer but it would depend greatly on the man in question.
When I personally hear of a low body count I think either one of two things:
1. The woman in question is a challenge. I like challenges. Time to go.
2. Said woman is either socially awkward and/or has a low sex drive.
Their body language and demeanor gives it away pretty quickly and exposes which option is the reality.

There’s sadness in the air today

Ramsha_parachaa’s Profile PhotoRamsha Paracha
#HistoricalAnalysis #ReadingSomeHistory 🙂
Reading the history makes me sad because it gives me a glimpse of reality. By studying the rise and fall of empires, nations, and communities; you get to understand that humans have done so much cruelty to one another in many ways. It is a hard pill to take.
I feel bad about the fall of Muslim nations because they chose to abandon Islamic laws, teachings, and methods that became the reason of their failure. When you forget Allah then Allah will forget you. Without God Almighty's help, success in both lives is unachievable. Non-Muslims are given an edge, they are given the success of this world even when they intentionally choose to be on the wrong path.
But Muslims on the other hand cannot accomplish anything without having the essence of pure faith. It is a great blessing for us that our failures and troubles of this life act as a live reminder for us to realize our shortcomings and get back on the right track. And surely, historians really fabricated a big portion of what happened. They deliberately mixed in their personal agendas while recording the history of events. That's why a sound mind can never agree with everything narrated; as it's so hard today to verify the reality of those events. Yet, there is no doubt in that millions to billions of humans died and suffered extremely due to the ambitions, greed, immaturity and tyranny of the few. 💔

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Theres sadness in the air today

How do you deal with haters

I am lion you are 100 i am 1
be ready to get insulted one by one everyone turn will come 😃 I am known for my straight forward nature 🌚🌚🌚
I am mirror which shows reality ,you have to listen as you have no choice 😃
So next time think twice should i spill my negativity 😁 or stay quiet
Liked by: شاہ 007

Does hardship make a person stronger? If not, what makes a person stronger and better able to deal with reality?

> Does hardship make a person stronger?
Speaking from personal experience, yes.
> If not, what makes a person stronger and better able to deal with reality?
Hardship definitely helps but how we deal with challenges can make the difference in how we view / embrace reality. We can draw strength and / or inspiration from a multitude of sources and adversity provides us with some of the most formidable opportunities - when we can recognize them. 👍
Does hardship make a person stronger If not what makes a person stronger and

That's what they all say. Men too. Expressing how we're all different and not like the others, when the reality is we're all spawned forth from the same decomposing filth. and that's where we're all heading back to. Drink the Kool-Aid, follow the herd.

I didn't say anything about me being different or special..I just said I'm not other women... You don't know me yet you stereotype me without really knowing who I am... Just like everyone else...

Anche io ho già pagato di recente.

dogtheblog’s Profile PhotoUn cane di nome Stan
Vorrei parlarti di cosa pensi del fatto che comunque pare che un signore che conosco mi abbia detto che lui fa hai presente lui organizza reality shows sul canale bidoo ma quindi lui potrebbe fe risparmiare le persone fino al 99 per cento del prodotto ai clienti che comunque vogliono pubblicizzate hai presente avrà i diritti televisivo prr fare pubblicità ai prodotti giusti?

I feel unmotivated to go to work. Not feeling lazy but alam nyo ung wala ka lang talagang gana. Do i have to stay sa work ko or let go na?

lunaticmist060’s Profile PhotoNerissa
talking from a responsible adult point of view, you have to consider your current financial capacity, status, etc... as much as you want to quit and start a new work asap, the reality is.. you cant haha lalo na kung hindi naman tayo pinanganak na mayaman :) you have to consider those things para hindi ka din mastress o mamroblema in the long run.
kung okay ka naman sa ibang factors, then id say why not quit and find something that will motivate you to work everyday or rest for a while til mahanap mo yung will mo ulit to work :)

Why do we change positions when its same hole??

So that our bodies can touch each other from all around and our muscle memories can be filled for always, with the touch of the one's we are fucking right now... You are just a kid imagining things and trust me, reality tastes much livelier than mere imagination but reality have an expiry date printed on it... It keeps on changing...

Dont you hate it when people assume negative things about you, like theyhavent talk to you or gotten to know you at all?

Unfortunately, too many people are blind to the truth because they have been conditioned to believe everything they read, see or hear. And as a result, their perception of reality becomes a distorted and dysfunctional self-fulfilling prophecy.

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