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If you ever write book it will be about what

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Mohammed Ali Baloucch recipes
Weight loss book
Juices book !!! which cure various diseases like ginger-cherry-mint juice is natural pain killer ,pineapple-mint-spinach juice cure migraine etc juice for hair growth, strong bone , for curing cancer, diabetes, juice for pimple ,glowing skin etc
Herbal teas book !!! which cure various diseases .I know about herbs so i will write book about herbal tea recipes which is for weight loss ,cure cancer ,diabetes, psoriasis, immunity etc
Numerology book !! After reading 25 numerology books I am super expert in numerology I will write a book on numerology ,tell more about numerology in depth

Do you have any food recipes that is a family secret

Nothing that is a family secret :)
There's cook books that my nan passed down to my mom, but not exactly the same lol. But the cook books have some really nice and yummy recipes in :3
Do you have any food recipes that is a family secret
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How can I lose weight in a sustainable way where I don’t suppress my appetite?

Sarbu2418’s Profile PhotoDr. Angry Bird
Set yourself a weight loss target. Make changes that work for your lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet. Don't give up if your progress is slow. Does It Work? You will likely lose weight on any diet if you eat less than 910 calories a day. But losing 10 pounds in 3 days is both unlikely and unhealthy. To lose just 1 pound of body fat, you need to reduce your daily calories by about 500 a day for a whole week.
Eat more foods high in fibre (ie black beans, pulses, nuts/seeds) with modest carbohydrate content.
2. Eat more protein rich foods. This can be any animal proteins, but in time, move to healthier alternatives (plant-based, oily fish etc).
3. The brain has a 20 minute lag effect in response to hormones released and the stomach stretching to inform us of our satiety. Drink a couple of glasses of water before mealtimes, eat more slowly (chewing food 20-30 times before swallowing) and take more time over your meal.
We need to change our association with food and our cognitive dissidence around eating habits. Moralising foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ encourages failure and leads to binging, largely undoing all the good work. Simply enjoy the right foods. Whether cooking for yourself, trying new ingredients and new recipes. There are plenty of delicious and tasty foods which do not cause weight gain. Certain vegetables, protein, berries and fibre-rich foods.
Hormones such as grelin, can suppress appetite, which ties in with low insulin levels (keep carbs to a minimum). A high protein/fibre, low-carb breakfast could help improve the hormones that reduce hunger. For example eggs, oats, nuts or porridge.

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People of ask who cook, drop in your favourite recipes, it could be of anything :-

anon_j_ymous’s Profile PhotoJANAN
Chapli kabab : take 500 kg meat add grated garlic ,grated ginger ,green chilies finely chopped ,onion diced ,add salt ,red chili powder , black pepper powder ,garam masala , crushed cumin powder ,crushed coriander powder ,pomegranate seed powder ,carom seed (ajwaeen) mix it make 25 small kabab fry it

What things do you usually cook, when you do? I mean, do you make complex recipes or do you keep it simple?

I rarely have to cook myself, I’ll know for sure when I got my own place and need to provide for myself!
It kind of depends on what day it was and my energy levels. It doesn’t matter usually how complicated it is, as long as it has flavour! 😄
What things do you usually cook when you do I mean do you make complex recipes

What things do you usually cook, when you do? I mean, do you make complex recipes or do you keep it simple?

A lot of the time, I just keep things simple! More so for speed lol
I have a tendency of getting myself food when I'm basically starving xD so I don't really wanna wait around too long lol
What things do you usually cook when you do I mean do you make complex recipes

Name a guilty pleasure of yours. For example I like watching some of those short videos (shorts) you see on YouTube and Facebook 😏

I do like watching the shorts too! Some can be pretty amusing xD
The shorts have also been useful! It's given me items of use that I've ended up buying (some cleaning stuff etc), recipes are another thing that pops up in mine :3
Name a guilty pleasure of yours For example I like watching some of those short

If you had a once in a lifetime chance and you can share it with others! let me know your insights?

abadgilani’s Profile Photo00Geez
Is to stay fit ,choose to eat right because everything look ugly when you are fat
I remember 2015 to 2017 I was 80 kg I look ugly every outfit look ugly on Me then I created diet plan by my own and lost 20 kg in 5 months
Still following that diet plan .
I keep sharing my teas ,my stir fry recipes those who are on my page,read my post knew very well

Do you wrote down you favourite movies name in Microsoft word ,song name etc

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I am pretty much organized person so I write down all horror movies name ,thriller movies name in Microsoft word
Favourite Western song names are written in Microsoft word
All quotes which I create on daily basis I type down in microsoft
All tea recipes ,all stir fry recipes are noted down in micro soft word
So yeah 😃😃😃🙌

What are some random things you love? I’ll go first - pomegranates, good pens, freshly washed hair and 80’s music

Autumn , when the leaves turn pretty colours and leave a crunchy path
The little glint in people’s eyes when they’re excited about something
When I crawl into my freshly clean bed and the linen rubs against my soft moisturised legs
Taking my dog to his favourite places
Strawberries and Mangos
That first warm windy breeze of Spring
When you drive towards the ocean and can smell it
The elderly, their hearts and their happiness to share recipes or stories
When it’s a cool crisp day and the warm sun hits your back just right
Every single shooting star I have ever seen
Sitting passenger with the windows rolled down , good music, on a summer afternoon
That feeling once you’ve complete the hike and then the feeling after you’ve set up camp
Bed socks

What is your favourite food to cook?

Thank you so much for posting this! I visited India a few years ago and I got a cold while I was there and some awesome and sweet little old Gujarati ladies found out I was sick and fed this stuff to me. They tried to tell me the recipe at the time, but I couldn't remember it later and didn't know what it was called to look it up again!
Meatball sandwich. I'm not very good at cooking and I don't eat very many different things. I mix 97% lean ground beef with bread crumbs, cook those on medium heat. Add prego meat sauce, cook on high for 5-10 mins, put 2 slices of provolone cheese on a french roll, add meatballs and bake on broil until cheese melts. It's quick, easy, and taste delicious
Enchiladas. I make spicy red sauce, then put that in the fridge. When hungry I heat up three corn tortillas, put in mozzarella and any veggies or leftover meat, roll them, put sauce on them, then microwave for two minutes.
Tourtière. It's a québécois meat pie. I use a lard crust (recipe from the Tenderflake package), ground pork, mashed potato, and spices. Do the google, most of the recipes are pretty good. There are regional variations that don't use ground pork, but I prefer it.
My favorite dish to cook is Bolognese. My favorite recipe here . I just love taking my time in the kitchen sometimes and this is a great recipe to spend an afternoon on. In the past I've used different meat blends (can't always find ground veal, I've used just beef/pork, beef/turkey, I've even made a version with only minced chicken) and typically use bacon in place of pancetta. I've had it with a lot of different pastas, but my favorite so far has been shells (like velveeta mac). Although it's one of those really traditional Italian pasta sauces, I've put a handful of spins on it and it comes out great every time.
I kind of just wing it when it comes to food measurements and it always turns out fine for me somehow. The lasagna is basically layers of the noodle, spicy tomato pesto sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms, chicken, spicy italian sausage, a ricotta/mascarpone/parmesan cheese mix and then topped with a mozz/parm/asiago cheese mix, parsley and chili pepper flakes. Woo boy.

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a tip? what to do to have your hair always well cared for and that you do not fall so much? I have tried everything and nothing works for me

Maybe falling is caused by something else in your body (like vitamins or something else). Maybe check that with a doctor first.
For the hair, I do recommend Kerastase, heat protection if you use it, a good trim every 3 months, a good hairdresser that won’t agree to kill your hair for money and homemade masks that you can find recipes for on internet.
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( if you know how to cook) what do you love to cook and eat the most ?

BurlacuGabriel’s Profile PhotoTiganu.
I love to cook anything that is out of the ordinary. I like to try new things, or recipes from certain regions in the world. When it comes to eating, I looooove pasta and nigiri.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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if you know how to cook what do you love to cook and eat the most

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Am looking for some inspiration since I'm gonna be working morning shifts starting next week 🥪🥓🍳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
As I need to be careful with sugar levels now, I try to keep it high in protein and low in carbs 😄
I usually have stuff like this or scrambled eggs on toast or pancakes made from protein flour. There are more recipes if you wanna try them on Pinterest.✨
What do you usually eat for breakfast Am looking for some inspiration since Im

Your sleep schedule is automatically fixed when you don't have anyone to talk to.

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoEmptiness
Nah. Watch recipes, make a snack, watch a movie, plan out your siblings' weddings down to a t, get excited, dance around, miss old people, regret your past mistakes, stare at the ceiling for hours on end untill you pass out. Much more satisfying.

What kinds of activities make you lose track of time? 🕖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
• Jamming sessions
• Dancing
• Researches
• Cooking
• Photography
🌟Jamming Sessions
When it comes to losing myself or fully immerse myself to the point that I forget about the existence of time, one of the more commonly performed activity in groups would be jamming sessions.
Given that the world isn’t plagued by the pandemic, I used to gather a handful people that are experienced in music and the uses of instruments with another handful of people that has zero knowledge in music. Then, I’ll leave the floor open to everyone’s choice of music as we jammed to the songs we may or may not heard of.
This can be challenging as everyone has to be very open and accepting of others’ choices of musics — However, this is also one of the methods I used to pull them out of their depressed state as everyone tries to jam in the songs of their choice, it allows them to feel that their opinions is valid and they could feel ‘alive’ again.
I’m bad at choreograph dances but mimicry is my best teacher. This puts me in my flow state entirely and I lose my senses of time after I’ve managed to make a few steps into any choreographed steps or even just freestyles itself.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten the time until the sky went dark 😂
This is relatively very random, but more often than not this brain of mine would just pops up a question in which I have no answers to, and that would eventually be the things listed on my ‘future researches’ list.
This is where I tend to learn more and even went out of bounds most of the time, far away from what I was taught back in school, college/university, or even in my workplace alone. With the help of Google, knowledge is free.
I am bad at cooking. Still bad as I’m still an amateur cook. But that doesn’t mean I can’t cook myself so I tried to research recipes myself and try them out.
Sometimes, once I’ve learned how to cook without the recipes, I would eventually find a way to modify the recipes to cater for various tastebuds, or to see if there will be a birth of a new item. This is where I draw the line and called the things I cook through experimentations: FrankenFoods. Judging by the name, yes, the ingredients can be very odd at times 😂
But alas, to every meal that I cook, I tend to have a crafty mind to articulate the meal themselves to make them more presentable (even though I don’t sell nor work at a restaurant in the time being) and that brings us to the next thing that makes me lose the trails of time.
It’s self explanatory, but as I take photos, the essence of perfection comes into play as I want things to ‘look presentable’ and not just to trash them onto any social medias to tell what I’ve been doing, but more of a photo that is presentable even to the point that it can be on magazine covers.
Well, magazine covers is a little too far fetched but a kid could dream. And I won’t take a bad picture and excuse myself from trying again.

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What kinds of activities make you lose track of time

Do you usually delete photos in your phone or do you keep them? 📱 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo❄ ❅ ❆ Շєภคςเ๏ยร Շ๏๓๓คץ™ ❆ ❅ ❄
Keep them. I don't take many pics so that's ok. My problem is I take screenshots of literally everything. Stuff that I wanna buy, memes to send to other people, texts and any other evidence that I think I might need later in life, recipes even though I don't really cook, just everything.

اخر كوبي يلزمني ♥️🙃

import { Text } from 'react-native';
import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { recipes, categories, ingredients } from './dataArrays';
export function getCategoryById(categoryId) {
let category;
categories.map(data => {
if (data.id == categoryId) {
category = data;
return category;

If you were transported 400 years into the past with no clothes or anything else, how would you prove that you were from the future?

I would write a Harry Potter book because I know it very well, so I would definitely do it. I know a few poems and songs, so I would also write songs and poems that I know. They wouldn't know them, so I would be the author of songs that I know are good.
I can cook and I am a confectioner by profession, so I would write recipes that I know.
The knowledge I have, I will use and be an artist, and you might hear about me haha. Finally, if I were famous, I would somehow prove that I am from the future and that I can work for society.
But first, once I figure out where the hell I am, I'd have to find a place to live: D
If you were transported 400 years into the past with no clothes or anything else

happy easter lovely x

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Thank you. You too. I made Parmesan Chicken Wings. They turned out really well surprisingly. I've never cooked chicken before. But I loved mixing the sauce together and dipping the wings in the garlic sauce. A lot of people liked the chicken wings and I'm learning how to make more chicken with honey mustard. I have a few recipes saved that I was told to save.

One things about 1950s you wanna get back?

How yummy some of the home cooked meals looked and must’ve been, those forgotten recipes everyone’s great great grand mother made but nothing other then that

Who has Pinterest? 😊 if you do, what kind of boards do you tend to create? 📌 if you want, you can follow mine: @ YentlGrande and/or YentlGrandee

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I have gaming boards, so inspiration for minecraft, animal crossing, and the sims!
Interior design, storage and decluttering ideas, art, tattoo ideas, food recipes etc :3
I'll give you a follow!
Who has Pinterest  if you do what kind of boards do you tend to create  if you
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Who has Pinterest? 😊 if you do, what kind of boards do you tend to create? 📌 if you want, you can follow mine: @ YentlGrande and/or YentlGrandee

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I do! Mine has loads of stuff! DIY, crafts, mental health, guinea pigs, recipes... at one point I was on Pinterest a lot! Now I do go on occasionally but not as much. Will check yours out! I'm @catasintiger on there.
Who has Pinterest  if you do what kind of boards do you tend to create  if you

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