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What if people are making fun of your feelings? I was in a relationship, and that man was not brave enough to stand for this relationship. But he is also not giving up. This behaviour is causing serious damage to my mental health. What should I do?

U need to back off.. the longer you stay in this, the more you are blocking your blessings and making things difficult for yourself and your loved ones!

Kya ideal leky srf novels mai exsist krty hain?

Having been through an era of loathing men and loving Jahan Sikander (who btw is a terrible red flag but that’s another story), I’ve realized that in order to love, you have to love the messy parts. It’s not always going to be happy good mornings and 12am cuddles. Sometimes, you’d go weeks into ugly fights where you hate each other. That’s where it gets tricky. You can’t have perfect, we carry our insecurities, our past, our scars, our worst shades into an intimate relationship. Perfection, then, is someone loving you through the uglies. That’s it. That’s all. Just someone who is in it for the happy days and the sad. Someone who’d rather stay up with you till 3am trying to fix the mess than run to find peace elsewhere. That’s where novels ruined reality for us.

Share the name of your favorite movie/series/drama. And why is it your favorite? 🙂

usmanjunaid44808’s Profile PhotoUsman
I loved the series "The Originals" as it shows the complexed bond between siblings.
Parents might leave too soon and spouses come late in life but your siblings remain by your side most of the time and it indeed is A beautiful relationship ❤

Why do you always go after someone who doesn't want you and then cry on social media? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD.
I feel sad for people who do this really..they find social media as a thing to make them get rid of their pressure or negative energy, maybe they find someone on social media to help them in something or to listen.. i feel they're in a situation like illness makes them unable to heal .. like they want to get rid of this illness but they can't or don't have the courage to move on.. even when i get anonymous questions about relationship problems, i feel so sad for people who ask like " how can i make this person likes me, how can i move on, how can i forget who hurt me.....etc " these questions make me want to scream and say " don't be stupid please u deserve better!if u don't find who appreciates u then u better stay alone and enjoy your solitude ! .. being alone is much better than being lonely with someone else..

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Glinda, why do so many crave to be in a relationship when they can’t just be happy alone?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoAre You Not Entertained?
Maybe it’s a combination of societal expectations, or general loneliness, or they haven’t yet learned the pleasure of their own company. Maybe they are a hopeless romantic at heart.
Personally, I had to live through some bad relationships in order to fully appreciate the peace and tranquility that is my cozy feral abode. I will choose this over drama and disappointment any day lol *sips tea while reclining on white couch*

@kandydevil is very pretty

She is but you have NO right threatening people to kill them or threaten to call the police on you for not dating you. Women have every right to say no to you. You can't force anyone in a relationship. That's bad. That's known as r*pe and abuse. Also cops won't do anything if someone refuses to date you.

How do stop hating someone for walking out of your life after you have always been there for them?

I can relate to this and I guess the best way to move and with no harsh feelings is by acknowledging that it wasn’t your fault that they couldn’t see the loyal and devoted person that you are and were. It’s on them to realize your worth and if they couldn’t, they just weren’t as mature as you or on the same page as you when it came to your friendship or relationship with that person. As long as you did the best you could to keep them around and tried your best to be their friend/interact with them, then that’s all that matters. You didn’t waste your time because you found them to be worthy of your time all along, until they chose to suddenly walk out of your life one day. You deserve better than what they did and hopefully you’ll be more picky about who you choose to give your energy and time to in the future. You aren’t alone and there’s still so many people out there that you haven’t met yet who could reciprocate the energy you give them :)

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What are the most important lessons you’ve learned about love?

lnr87’s Profile Photoʎǝspuʎ˥
Compromise doesn't mean sacrificing who you are, your own morals and principles, or your individuality, and if any relationship asks that of you it isn't right.
Mistreatment is never acceptable, no matter how many excuses they have or how much they twist it to make it your fault.
If a relationship feels like a series of fights, it's not right.
Love should lift you up, not hold you down. Love feels like being seen and understood, being supported and cared for without judgement, pressure or agenda. Love isn't ever easy per say, but it shouldnt be so hard either

What are your deal breakers in a relationship?

saria90454’s Profile PhotoHauntedHouse
Ummm. Yaar ab relationship krna hi nai hai. 1, 2 maah baat kr k direct rishta krna hai !! Lekin haan if you say deal breaker in this, then I'd say
1) Not putting your trust in me and targeting your insecurities on me.
2) Dishonest or a liar
3) Short height
4) Skinny
5) Kam prhi likhi mtlb mere sath beth k sangeen baaton pe discussion na kr sakay.
Simple. Isn't it?

Can a man and a woman only be friends?

That's the only type of relationship I have. Until the day Alicia gets divorced and begs me to marry her and adopt her kid. Yeah, because that will probably happen. Damn, I don't know how to get her attention. Yesterday, I came up with the idea of crashing a fucking wheelchair in front of her feet on the red carpet and acting like a retard. Maybe she would help me up and give me a big, warm hug. But then I realised that shit probably gives bad karma, and if I end up like a fucking vegetable, she probably never wants to marry me.
Nah, I think I have to regroup and rethink this shit.

Do you agree that just because a woman or a man who identify as bi/queer are married to a man/woman, doesn't mean they are less bi/queer than a woman/man who is in a same gender couple?

Absolutely agree, your current relationship does not define your bi-Ness, and you can't win anyway coz if you date someone of the same gender they'll say you're gay/lesbian, someone of another gender and they call you straight 😂

How do you manage to forgive, and how do you know when you finally forgive? What does it feel like?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
🌷 I tried to understand other people's circumstances first, as to why they act the way they do. Also I ask myself, if I somehow contributed for them to feel like they have the right to do such things towards me. It's good to observe first and be self-aware.
Most of the time, the negative feelings they've stirred up in me always turns into pity. I pity them especially when they don't take accountability of their actions and too prideful to apologize. Because I know justice is always going to be served no matter how. I've seen it happened many times, hence I end up pitying those people. I forgive even if the person does not apologize for their actions, because I do it for myself. I don't forget though. And I feel good, in terms of my relationship with Allah.
But based from my recent experience, I've realised there are some people who takes advantage. They think they got away from the wrongs that they did, despite of not taking accountability of their actions. So they mock and have the audacity to change the narrative of the story and try to manipulate and lie to save their faces. Which of course, I won't tolerate. I choose to walk away. I don't have to deal with those kind of people. I leave everything to Allah, knowing I've done the best I could in the situation. People should know Haqooq ul'Ibaad - the right of another human. I don't have to forgive the person again. I'll let Allah (Al 'Adl) deal with them .

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Mów, literacki aniele.

hijadedios2453’s Profile PhotoV. Daaé
I know it hurts. It’s a very strange feeling how someone can be in your life for months or even years and then one day all of a sudden not be there anymore. Maybe the relationship ended on good terms or maybe it was completely catastrophic. Either way, it’s so bizarre how relationships can change so vast and rapidly. And you know what you may not be at peace with what happened between the two of you and thats perfectly fine. Sometimes the end of a relationship can literally be one of the hardest things we go through in life. I want you to know it’s okay that your heart still hurts because of what happened. You have made alot of memories with this person and these memories that you have made is something you can’t erase no matter how hard you try. Whether you like it or not, they are a part of your story. I know looking on these memories can be hard, and you may wish you could forget them. But instead of forgetting, maybe we should try to focus on what came from the relationship.You two joined paths for a particular reason. Maybe you walked through some of the hardest times together. Maybe you understood each other in a way no one else ever did. Maybe you encouraged one another to be strong or to embrace who you genuinely were as a person. Or maybe your relationship with them opened your eyes to what you truly needed in your life. Regardless of what the reasoning was, it’s okay to acknowledge that person meant a lot to you. And it's okay if they still do. It’s also okay that they aren’t in your life anymore. What alot of people dont understand is, not every relationship we encounter will last a lifetime. You shouldn't be lingering in the past questioning why everything happened the way it did. What you need to do is to take what you've learned from that relationship and move forward in your life.
Knowing there are other relationships that will give you exactly what you've always dreamed of and more. I need you to know that you're not going to feel this way forever.

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Mów literacki aniele

Is money important in a relationship??

MuazRana860’s Profile PhotoMuaz Rana
Money doesn't assure the stability of your relationship just understanding towards each other does, no doubt money is a prime need these days but i believe as long as your partner is satisfying your basic needs everything's fine, ppl who think money defines their relationship they're nothing but just mentally ill and miserable.

Do you think it’s easier to be in a relationship or easier to be alone?

Elixir77’s Profile PhotoElixir77
It’s a horses for courses thing, it’s more fun in a relationship and it nice to share ideas and plans with someone but that does limit impromptu spur of the moment changes sometimes, so..sometimes it’s easier in a relationship sometimes it’s easier being single.
When I was in a relationship I decided that my partner could make the final call on all the small unimportant decisions, like what car we had, where we lived, if we renovated etc, and I would make the final call on all the serious, important decisions, like which planet to move to if earth was threatened for example 😉

ما وجه الشبه بين الغراب و طاولة الكتابة ؟

سؤالك ليس له اي معنى عند طرحه باللغة العربية و انتظار الإجابة ايضاً على نفس الوتيرة .
السؤال الصحيح هو :
What is the relationship between the Raven and the writing desk ?
السؤال تم طرحه من قبل الكاتب الانجليزي لويس كارول و كان السؤال غريباً و لم تصله اجابة مرضية .
فبعث له احدى القراء يوماً رسالة مضمونها ان الرابط بين الغراب و طاولة الكتابة هو المؤلف الاميركي إدجار آلان بو وقد كان نصها :
Edgar Allan Poe wrote on both .
بمعني ان الكاتب كتب رواية الغراب مستخدماً طاولة الكتابة ..
و لكن دعني ارسل لك اجابة ترضيك و بنفس الوقت تتماشى مع ثقافتنا العربية ..
العلاقة هي "غاية الاستعمال "فريش طائر الغراب يستعمل للكتابة و الطاولة تستخدم لنفس السبب .

Tips on how to un-love somebody?

maryambaig19’s Profile PhotoM A R Y A M Z A F A R
Look at him,
not how the brain wants you to see, but with your wide open eyes to see reality.
1- look for what are his qualities, try to make sure you are not taking help with your infected heart / brain.
2- look at yourself, your sacrifices, your pain, your efforts.
3- calculate, if the wounds and damage given by him/her are worth taking.
4- ask yourself about taking decisions like, keep loving to set aside.
5- don't blame them for hurting you, blame yourself for not being capable to read humans.
6- don't hate them for leaving you, know there is someone more deserving to have you.
7- delete every memory with them each one of it, don't stalk, don't look back,
8- don't rush into a relationship just because you are sad, try to take control over yourself.
9- try to give up on emotions like anger and hate for them, it will take time may be a decade but stay strong.
10- if live at a turn put you infornt of them, don't cry like a baby, or avoid contact, be confident, confront them. Like nothing happened.
There is no going back, no looking back, no just friends forever shit, no brother and sisters, no energy to be their enemy, nothing.
Relax it's just a phase and it will pass! 🕊️

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Exactly. You haven't had a serious relationship since your ex, because you don't think anyone can match your expectations.

i haven't had a relationship because i didn't vibe with any of them, lmfao. either way, being single isn't the worst thing in the world. idk why it has such a bad stigma.

Would you rather be single or with someone?

r1yaa’s Profile Photo⁑M⁑o⁑k⁑k⁑a⁑
This depends on whether you met the desired person or not?
If you met him, I think that the option of staying alone isn't on the table..
But if not I 'd prefer to be single cuz that toxic person 'd make me lonelier than being single, my life doesn't start when I get married. It has ALREADY STARTED. With or without a partner, I have purpose in life.
Think of your life as a cake and this relationship is like a cherry on it... It’s not the cake!

اي مفهـوم ال toxic relationship من وجهـه نظـرك...؟

nadagammall’s Profile Photoندى
انعدام الثقة
لما تدي كل حاجة ومتلاقيش اهتمام
قلة التقدير
التجاوز والسلبية وعدم التفاهم
والتقليل دايما من الطرفين لبعض
مفيش ضمانات لاستمرار العلاقة دي مهما كان

اي مفهـوم ال toxic relationship من وجهـه نظـرك...؟

nadagammall’s Profile Photoندى
الحقيقة اخر ابديت وصلته ان العلاقه التوكسيك مش شرط يكون الطرف التاني توكسيك ، ممكن تكون كويس الطرف التاني كويس و انتوا الاتنين فيه اعجاب بينكم بس الازمه كلها ف اختلاف الشخصيات و اختلاف الإهتمامات ،و بجد الاختلافات دي ف الاول هتشوفها صغيره بس مع الوقت هتلاقيها فجوه و بتكبر بينك و بين الشخص التاني لحد ما هتبقي حاجز يمنع امكانيه التواصل بينكم ، فبجد علشان تبعدوا عن العلاقات التوكسيك اختاروا ناس شبهكم تعرفوا تتكلموا معاهم و لما تتناقشوا توصلوا لنقطه تكونوا راضيين عنها في نهايه اي نقاش ، و اهتماماتكم تكون متشابهه تعملوها مع بعض ..

اي مفهـوم ال toxic relationship من وجهـه نظـرك...؟

nadagammall’s Profile Photoندى
الشخص الي بيحبط الي قدامه … الي دائما بيقلل من الاشخاص الي حواليه الي شايف نفسه احسن من الي قدامه ومش بيحاول يساعد …

do you believe in love at first sight?

mondaeinnov’s Profile Photoprompt
it's possible to be interested in or attracted to someone after just a brief encounter, a deeper romantic connection typically takes time and effort to develop. it's important to spend time getting to know someone and build a relationship for love to truly blossom. however, there is something special about that initial spark or connection that we feel when we first meet someone, and it can certainly be a catalyst for something more. so in short, while I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight, i do believe in that initial spark of attraction and interest krub :-)

How long did you go before you had friends again? I feel this will never end for me.

Again? I had a few friends in grade school. I had one friend as a teen. We grew apart when I entered my first serious relationship. My entire adulthood up until recent has been without friends with exceptions of occasional off and on friendship with that ex from first serious relationship and another ex that I was friends with after the relationship ended.

My girlfriend got 200 boys in her insta and she dated 12 of them and she still talks to them i dont like 😔 can some girls drop there insta so i can follow them 😔 to make her possessive a little

Add her in your s**t list bro, do not try to change another person. If you are in a relationship with her who is not showing you the love you deserve, or who does not love the way you need to be loved, accept that you are incompatible. find the person who is capable of loving you for you. 🖤

She is with him when you’re asleep.

of course anonymous I know that such man…
like my fiery lion ….🕸❤️

he could have a
millions girls and women….in any country… in which he wishes
not just from where he 🕸❤️was born …. or where grow up….
and i’m not
i’m not Caligula
who brought his men, and ordered them to throw spears into the water….- because he wants to kill Poseidon
if you understand what i mean…
but love for me lies in the fact the existence of others disappears
i feel like this…. and only like this…
and you guys….who read and love me…not love like love
you understand…
i’ll tell one secret … how quickly to understand do you love your
if you are in relationship… or i don’t know just starting…
it’s only for man…
for all man…
just without telling anyone anything
check yourself…
if you wake up ( or go to sleep)
it’s most important moment …time…
because it’s start and over
of new day…
if you wake up in the morning and check
how another girl or others girls
woke up… some news from them…
it’s doesn’t mean that you love them…
it’s mean that you don’t love your girl …
because if you are really in love … you yourself will not notice that you will be interested in little or big , bad ,
or good things ( it depends on your girlfriend
what she is in ….
in that you are too
it’s your choice and your taste in women
)in the affairs of your beloved right off hook
it’s important moment…
even other
women are imposed a lot of ways of ignoring are exist….
and about you anonymous… and you guys….
it’s from general questions…
i used to answer general questions… because it was not visible that others were responding
and i was written by people why maybe didn’t really understand the ask and asked a general question
and think that it’s private question…
now i won’t answer on general questions
it’s somehow unpleasant
for me if someone writes i love you Inna and immediately other answers
who is Inna i’m not Inna and etc
ask a personal questions….
about you ….anonymous how do you live with heart like yours…(

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the lovely bones saoirse ronan is in it shes my crush lol my gf hates her

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
I don't think I've watched it but it seems like an interesting movie.
It's normal for your gf to hate her. It's totally understandable but at the same time there's really no need to feel insecure or jealous. It's not like you're gonna start a relationship with the person you have a crush on. The chances of this happening are extremely low. But if you had a chance to be with that person maybe you wouldn't have chosen your gf and these thoughts can be quite painful if she has them. She might feel as if she is not good enough for you. Anyway, I'm looking too deep into this. 😅😅I'll stop analyzing this situation.

ايه هي الـ healthy relationship بنسبالك ؟!

اللى تكون معاه كانك مع نفسك مهما تقول و تعبر عارف ان الشخص التانى فاهمك حتى لو مش عارف تعبر هو حاسس بيك، لما تكون العلاقة مريحه و مفيش تكلف او تصنع انا زى منا مش محتاجه اتعامل بشكل اخر غير كونى انا، ومش بتكلم هنا على العلاقة بين راجل و ست بس حتى الاصحاب حتى الاهل، التفاهم و الراحه و تقبل الطرف الاخر بعيوبه و بمميزاته دى اكتر حاجه صحيه ف العلاقات ده من وجهة نظرى.

Is it okay to go clubbing with your friends when you are in a relationship?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Provided it is Joe-Biden's skull that everyone is clubbing . . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D56bzVv2XZYigotamatch’s Video 172928545658 D56bzVv2XZYigotamatch’s Video 172928545658 D56bzVv2XZY
~ even when he's . . . "shaaatttt"

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