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Pourquoi dès le début de l'humanité, les femmes ont eu un statut social moins important que les hommes.

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Ah non pas depuis le début de l'humanité... On sait que les groupes de chasse étaient mixtes... En Europe néolithique du moins les religions tournaient souvent autour de déesses de fertilité aux grosses hanches... Puis les Indo-européens sont venus et ont tout gâché avec leurs dieux du ciel à la con... C'est avec la civilisation que les femmes furent opprimées... Les hommes sont lâches, il nous faut former un cartel pour être au pouvoir... Un pacte d'assistance mutuelle contre le sexe fort, le seul capable de donner vie...

I'm a European Christian and I'm in love with an Egyptian Muslim girl and I'm really fond of her. I wanted to get into a relationship with her but she refused because of our different religions, what do you think I should do?

Dude, why are you sending me a personal question in English? You think I'm English? Anyway, I answer in English too.. It is her right to refuse if she considers such a relationship forbidden by her customs. Accept her decision and look for another girl.

I'm a European Christian and I'm in love with an Egyptian Muslim girl and I'm really fond of her. I wanted to get into a relationship with her but she refused because of our different religions, what do you think I should do?

Research on Islam. Read the books and if you get comfortable from it then Accept it otherwise forget about her.

Do you hope for peace?

Depends what peace or freedom means. Does freedom mean the ability to do whatever to whomever without consequence? Does peace mean that there would be nothing wrong with the world, but you aren't allowed to do what you chose without permission? If that is the detailed choices I would chose peace. If not explain in more details and I'll update my answer.
Freedom. I went to a Catholic School and a teacher told me that "There is no such thing as negative emotions in heaven, pain suffering, hunger has all vanished." Well Naturally that got me thinking, (not religious btw but I like to be philosophical once in a while) Well does that mean humans are incapable of creating suffering for one another? Because then that means that people in heaven wouldn't be who they are on earth, they would be in some sort of alternative state of being rather than our current one where we can experience a whole spectrum of emotions rather than the ones that are positive. This could just be translated as a world at peace as well. Two people can have very different ideas as to what peace would be, no disagreements would require everyone to believe and think in the same way. Even in a high school in order to have peace you would have to understand how everyone is working and understand their intentions. Peace would only be attainable if everyone lived as part of a docile hivemind of no straying of opinion like it's 1984, The WBC or Aldous Huxley's a brave new world. Freedom on the other hand is experiencing the world around you in the purest sense. You will be angry out raged and heartbroken. People will kill. People will steal and burn and rape but a the end of the day you have a choice you can say no. You can decide that this is wrong because it hurts other people and rather than not experience suffering at all you can learn from it. Generations of starvation taught our ancestors to raise their own crops and it was thousands of people dying of infections and disease which taught us to clean our knives before putting them in people. Hardship caused by the choices of others made us evolve and adapt. With peace there is no progress. Freedom is reality. the only way to live. There's nothing wrong with the idea of peace. Hell, most religions even believe that peace is only achievable after great destruction. The things that would have to happen in order to get peace make peace less worthy of having. "Equilibrium" is one of my favorite movies. They have "peace" but are not allowed to feel emotion. So they are slaves. I hope one day we will be able to live all together in peace.

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what you think about Islam?

I'm not a fan of religions. I feel like it makes people narrow minded. But to each their own. If that's what you believe in, good for you.
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what you think about Islam

alasan putus yang paling gak masuk akal ?

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I'm bored with you
You are too good for me
I want to focus on my career first
You have changed
We are different religions

You attend Mass every Sunday?

I don't and I'm at this point that I don't want to.
In 2020, I joined a church organization. I did it because I got curious and I was looking for directions in my life. In the end, I couldn't keep serving Him. Besides, deep down I know the only reason why I did join that org was because of my crush. He's religious. He's the only person who taught me well about Catholicism.
But to tell you honestly, I respect those religions that are politically right. I just no longer see myself being active in the church.
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⠀⠀‧•ʚ❀💌❀ɞ•‧⠀⠀ Do you follow Hinduism ?『 @laxmikanth_cool

⠀ ⠀⠀‧ ● ═══ ‧•๑ʚ❀ᖗꕥᖘ❀ɞ๑•‧ ═══ ● ‧

⠀⠀ ‧ʚ❀ঔৣ ❀ɞ‧⠀⠀ I belong to the Matriarchal Cult of the Dark Mother . Goddess Kali for Us is one of the many faces of the Goddess . The Dark Mother exists in all religions . I read prayers to Her every day ‧📿‧

⠀⠀ ‧ʚ❀ঔৣ ❀ɞ‧⠀⠀ I love studying Hinduism ❢ This is true religion ❢ In Hinduism , all the Gods of the world , and the deep wisdom of the scriptures are represented .

⠀ ⠀⠀‧ ● ═══ ‧•๑ʚ❀ᖙꕥᖚ❀ɞ๑•‧ ═══ ● ‧

⠀ ⠀⠀Thank you for your question ❣
⠀ ⠀⠀Кali_Кa_Ki_Jai 🙏🏻
ʚɞ Do you follow Hinduism  laxmikanthcool

Who is never hungry during Christmas?

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I had to search the Internet for an answer, because as you and I figured out the traditions we have are different and we live under the domination of different churches, Catholic and Christian, the answer is stuffed turkey, yes you eat it on Christmas according to tradition, we traditionally have tangerines, champagne and Olivier in New Year)
New Year from December 31 to January 1 is more important than Christmas, because in Russia not everyone believes in God and many other religions, many do not celebrate it in vain, but how do you remember Christmas in Russia on January 7🌲🍾
Пришлось искать в интернете ответ, ибо как мы с тобой вычислили традиции у нас разные и живем по господству разных церквей, католической и христианской, ответ фаршированная индейка, да вы едите ее в Рождество по традиции, у нас по традиции мандарины, шампанское и оливье в Новый год) Новый год с 31 декабря на 1 января важнее, чем Рождество, ибо в России не все верят в бога и множество других религий, его по попусту многие не отмечают, а как ты помнишь в России Рождество 7 января🌲🍾

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Who is never hungry during Christmas

Are we so consumed by one gods! that we fail to recognize! they are only our idols?

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Personally, I am a practicing Catholic, not a fanatic. I was interested in various faiths, including Buddhism and Hinduism. All the old world religions have some common features, but some religions have more exposure and less exposure in others. Sometimes only the names of the Gods change and the properties are similar
Are we so consumed by one gods 
that we fail to recognize
they are only our

Après l'esclavage, la colonisation et le néocolonialisme français en Afrique, les blancs mérite t'il le pardon des noirs ??? Le sentiment anti français en Afrique ne menace t'il pas les relations entre la France et l'Afrique ???

Je suis blanche donc mon avis ne vaut pas grand chose, mais je pense que si pardon il doit y avoir, le minimum serait une reconnaissance satisfaisante des faits... Une conscience... Nous restons sommaires, faisons bref, passons... Après, même avec des efforts, je ne suis pas sûre qu'on le mériterait,et je ne le souhaite pas particulièrement... Je prends encore trop de plaisir à récuser mon pays et les blancs, je ne voudrais pas me priver d'une bonne raison... Et je pense que le sentiment anti-français peut être très fédérateur, y compris avec les français eux-mêmes, du moment qu'ils sont un peu lucides... Tout un ensemble de pays, de cultures et de religions, solidaires dans la même passion justifiée... Moi j'aime bien...

Pride is a sin so don’t celebrate pride month repent and return to Jesus

You know, if that religion was created in the current day, it would be called a cult instantly.
Most religions are just long-lasting cults in my opinion.
And cults are about brainwashing people to do what they want with threats of higher power etc.
Also everything is debatable based on perspective. And what's a sin to one person, isn't at all to another. So i'mma do what I like, and you do what you like.

How do you feel about Christian Scientists?

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I've had the great pleasure of studying most religions & philosophies. Anything I could get my hands on since I was a kid. I'm fascinated by it all. That being said christian Scientists are on a different level of rediculous. I once heard someone who grew up in the religion say they basically believe modern medicine is against god. That you just need to pray away the illness or injuries. No matter how severe. He went as far to say many of his family died unnecessarily from treatable illnesses. Doctors are important people

🕍 Does religion do more harm than good?

It can do... it depends on the person!
Sadly it's the people who follow specific religions that cause the damage, not the actual religion itself!
There's a person on here who will harass women about Christianity. Only thing is, he isn't even speaking on his religion correctly. But it is people like that which are one of the reasons as to why I left that particular religion.
The people are what can be harmful, especially when they are blind to what they are doing.
Does religion do more harm than good

Is there like a dress code in church? Like do you have to wear formal dresses and shoes

There is no dress code in the churches I attend (except for musicians and choir members). Wearing levi's or sneakers is accepted as are members of the LGBTQ community, the homeless, the disabled and all minorities. The services that I perform at focus on the teachings of Christ and the practical applications of those teachings. The church does not condone or encourage hate, division, racism, homophobia or misogyny, etc. Instead, the uniqueness of each individual, our differences and shared humanity are celebrated. For example, I am a heterosexual, but I respect the rights of alternative lifestyles and people to make their own personal decisions as long as they do not hurt other people in the process.
I understand that religions have made many mistakes in the past and will continue to make mistakes in the future, because we are human; but, in my opinion, the churches that I belong to (Catholic and Unity) are accepting of all people and they try their best through education and various charitable ministries to make the world we live in a better and more hospitable place for all.

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What was the best mistake you've made?

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The best mistake that I’ve ever made was
Yeah, they’re all mistakes. Big or small, right or wrong whether in the eyes of any and all religions (and atheists, I know you’re there. You’re included) Or by social laws of justice (apa jadah yg ku merepek ni)
Mistakes actually has a very deep meaning. Let’s examine this;
Part 1
Wrong, is; wrong. That’s it.
But the trick here is that two(or three) words; “That’s it” or “That is it”
Part 2
Wrong, is wrong (oxymoron — dah kata, nak kata lagi sekali… Tapi, kita boleh je kata kali ketiga, keempat, kelima,
Oi, nak buat salah berapa banyak kali ni?
Part 3
Wrong, is wrong…?
What went wrong?
(Apa yg salah tu?)
Where did it go wrong…?
(Dimana kesalahannya?)
How did it went wrong…?
(Bagaimana boleh terjadinya kesalahan ini?)
Why is why wrong…?
(Kenapa boleh terjadinya kesalahan ini?
When did this went wrong…?
(Bilakah/Tanggal/Jam berapa berlakunya kesalahan ini?)
Why is why wrong…?
(Kenapa boleh terjadinya kesalahan ini?)
Can we make this right again…?
(Bolehkah perkara/isu begini diperbetulkan semula?)
This, is The Fix. Memang nampak sangat la I tengah membawang. Tapi cuba baca part 3 sekali lagi, tak yah kali kedua.
Boleh jawab tak;
Where is the right answer…?
(Dimana jawapan yg betul?)
Kalau dah dapat jawapan utk penyelesaian tu, usah patah hati sebab tak betul. Kita pun bukannya sempurna. Kan?
Perasan tak, I tak tanya satu soalan?
Whom made it wrong…?
(Siapa yg buat kesalahan ini?)
Soalan Taboo/Janggal yg I mati pun I tak akan tanya soalan ni. Hanya satu sebab je soalan ini I janggalkan dalam hidup I. Sebab bila seseorang tu tanya
“Siapa yg buat ni!?”
Boleh rasa tak orang yg tanya soalan ini seolah-olah dia seorang saja yg tidak bersalah.
Mentor dari Taiwan yg ku sanjung sangat ajar satu perkara aja.
“Minta maaf, ya ampun. Ini memang kelalaian saya yg tak dapat sempurnakan perkara/isu ini. Temen² yg ada di sini sudah cuba sedaya-upaya untuk siapkan perkara/isu ini. Usah salahkan mereka. Bagaimanapun, kita akan selesaikan perkara/isu ini juga”

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CROYANTS : de quelle confession êtes-vous ? Que pensez-vous des autres religions ?

Je suis née et baptisé Catholique et j'ai même fait le catéchisme etc.... Et mes futurs enfants pareil je vais les baptisé Catholique. Les autres religions je leurs respecte mais pas plus... Chacun sa religion...
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Do you hate people who believe in religion?

No. But it should not be something someone is shunned for for not believing either. What I don't like is when several members of the religions use their beliefs and try to make laws and force it upon others.
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Do you believe in life after death?

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Any talk that may be said on this subject simply is no more than metaphysical ideas, because no one can provide certain information, death and after death remain a matter that we are completely ignorant of and everything related to it, just as we are ignorant of the secret of the soul, we do not know what the soul was before it left the world, and it remains Everything that is mentioned in all religions (if you correct my words are superstitions and myth) I will say that they are just assumptions and illusions that are not known for certain. If we mentioned an example in our Holy Book, the Qur’an, it did not mention these unseen and summed up the saying: “And they ask you about the soul, say the soul is from the command of my Lord, and you have been given only a little knowledge.” I do not think that any religion can provide this information and assure its authenticity by 100%, with all due respect to all monotheistic religions.
Do I believe in life after death? Yes, of course, because this is part of my belief

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Які запитання любиш отримувати?

All that should not be in the questions that people and people in general ask me is:
1. There should be no vulgarity.
2. There should be no personal insults and name-calling of my relatives.
3. There should be no imposition of languages and religions (at least if you do not believe in God, then there is nothing for me to impose disbelief).
4. Everything must be written correctly.
5. Express your thoughts clearly, and competently, and do not write some kind of nonsense.
6. Don't swear while talking.
7. Let's treat everyone with love, and not force one of the people to do those things that he does not want to do or is unable to do.

Why are ppl so quick to call someone “islamophobic” for saying that religion isnt compatible with women’s rights and LGBTQ rights? It’s literally a fact. In SOME of those countries women dont have the right to work, study or do anything and being gay is literally a death punishing crime

i’m not too educated on this sort of thing, so i’m sure there are many complex factors involved where intersectionality is involved. regardless, yeah — most religions are actually pretty intolerant of women and queer folks.

Why do you think wicca is so misunderstood compared to other beliefs and religions?

Going by personal experiences, people just associate it with stereotypical views of witches. Like "omg are you gonna curse me" being one of the most common things said to me...
Wicca is broad! There's many subs to it. It can be broken down. Wicca is also, in some ways, quite a personal path! With varying deities that may speak to people, differing rituals and such, it can be easily misunderstood to those who don't practice!
It can be a very personal and true path for someone. That alone can lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings. But I think a lot of it comes down to varying folklores and stereotypical ideals.
Why do you think wicca is so misunderstood compared to other beliefs and

Wow. Vous êtes des génies. Ne croyez pas en Dieu, qui aurait pensé cela. Pire que les fanatiques religieux sont les fanatiques athées qui pensent avoir atteint la connaissance kantienne et l'hyperuranium. Je parle de ceux qui répondent à ma question sur un ton moqueur. Et je parle en tant agnostique

TheGloomyLady’s Profile PhotoTheGloomyLady
En vrai les non-croyants ça n'existe pas car ne pas croire en une chose c'est croire en le fait qu'elle n'existe pas. Donc quand les athés défendent bec et ongles (je crois c'est ça l'expression mdr) qu'aucun Dieu n'existe, ils défendent leur croyance et cherche à endoctriné au même titre qu'une personne croyant en Dieu souhaitant que les autres y croient aussi. D'ailleurs de par mon expérience personnelle j'ai plus souvent vu des athés voulant endoctrinés en tournant les religions au ridicule que des personnes croyants en un Dieu

Is there a difference between purpose of life and purpose in life? Any thoughts?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
Yes there is a subtle difference between the two questions.
The purpose of life is an inquiry into the reason why we, collectively known as the human species exist. It is a question that all of the great religions of the world have attempted to answer.
The purpose in life is a similar question that asks the question why do I, the individual exist? It might be that the answer to both questions are the same; however, I believe that the answers to both questions differ slightly. Let's assume that the reason humans exist as a species is to work together to make the world we share a better place for all, right? The next question might address the issue of what is my purpose in life? And this latter question really addresses the issue of the individuals specific goals and objectives while the former addresses the question of shared goals.

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You’re welcome. It’s one of the teachings of the Prophet, there’s many references and stories of why he warned Muslims to beware and protect yourselves from it. Are you into exploring other religions or what?

ArabiaYousaf’s Profile PhotoAraiba
You are replying to my question about a principle you mentioned where the jealousy and envy of a person results in damage to the person.
I am very much interested in what is taught about God as there can only be one first principle to all things and that first principle is God who is truth and yet so many conflicting things are taught in the name of God.

What is the point of non-alcoholic beer?

Well some people like the taste of beer, but not the effect alcohol has on the body.
Some people need to drive back home, so they need to stay sober. Drinking beer has been normalised so much over the decades, maybe this way they can still enjoy what they always do, whilst keeping themselves sober.
In some religions you’re not allowed to consume alcohol, so this way people can still try these drinks, without doing something that’s against their religion’s ideas.

Laisserai tu le choix à tes enfants ou à ton enfant de ça religion ou de sont orientation sexuelle ? Ou préfère tu choisir de lui imposer certaines valeurs ?

C'est pas des valeurs, chacun à son orientation sexûelle en naissance, et concernant les religions quand ils seront plus grand ils feront chacun leurs choix et leurs décisions. Nos enfants ne sont pas nos jouets.

What do you think about freedom of speech?

FiaSaif’s Profile PhotoM.
Freedom of speech is a great concept! But to have this luxury, we need tolerance only then freedom of speech can be achieved by a country.
However, it doesn't mean you should go all out against religions and disrepects everyone's beliefs.

Many advises are given by many prophets, found in books of many religions to remain loyal to truth only. Is it possible to do so in every moment of life? Or we are just some hypocrites in true sense?

All people are hypocrites in some sense. If there was one truth, all earthlings would have come to only one religion long ago. And since this is not the case, we are hypocritical in believing that there is only one truth. No one can follow all religions at the same time.

Pourquoi les gens croyants ont tous comme point commun de ne rien avoir dans la tête ? Les enfants croient au père noël jusqu'à 6 ans et les adultes continuent à croire en leur dieu imaginaire. Ca relève de la psychiatrie non ?

lucalyptus9045’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Je n'irai pas jusque là, mais le pire c'est que le même Dieu a plusieurs noms selon les religions, et les mecs se battent pour mettre en valeur le leur, sans avoir compris que c'était le même...
La religion, c'est un poison pour la société.
La religion, quelle qu'elle soit est une dangereuse secte.
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Une musulmane et un chrétien pratiquants peuvent-ils vraiment bien s'entendre dans l'éducation de leurs enfants et dans la tolérance au sujet de leur foi ?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Ma grand-mère paternelle est chrétienne, mon grand-père paternel musulman. Mais ils ont divorcé assez tôt. Je pense que dans ce genre de situation, il ne faut rien imposer à l'enfant. On lui présente les deux options, et il fera son propre choix quand il sera en âge de le faire (il peut choisir l'une des deux religions, ou une toute autre option : athéisme ou autre)...

Wherever I go people are jealous cz I'm going to heaven, what's your excuse?

Given what you said previously about executing all animals maybe people are actually jealous of your utter fucking audacity and not of you as a person... My excuse is that I don't necessarily believe in Heaven or Hell as I'm not a devout follower of any organised religions. Especially whatever yours is that would seemingly send people with views on animals like yours to Heaven, seems like a pretty shit religion to me. 🤷‍♀️
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tu vois les gens par quoi alors?^-* !!

Bahh par leurs attitudes leurs caractères leurs façons d’agir leurs mimiques etc fin leurs religions je m’en savonne hein comme leurs orientations sexuelle etc si tu veux m’en parler avec plaisir et sinon c’est pas moi qui vais demander blc

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