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Do they bring you food to your table at fast food restaurants in your town/city ? like McDonald’s for example ?

No I went into KFC the other week order it from the screen thing wait for my number go collect it and collect it from them
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Lahore k best restaurants konse hain?

anon_j_ymous’s Profile PhotoJANAN
Umm for continental you can go to Cafe zouk , Cafe Aylanto and Arcadian cafe ✨ You can even try Andaaz Restaurant ( Shahi Mohalla ) and Gai’a Japanese Fusion (Phase 5, DHA) ✨ For Mexican food you can try Taco Man and Taquito and for Italian you can try Pasta la Vista and Tuscany Courtyard ✨

One thing you love AND one thing you hate about your place? I practically live in the downtown of a city and while it's great not having to drive -all the shops, restaurants etc. are right under my nose- it's never quiet, there's alwys crowds,traffic, ambulances, police cars passing under my window.

I live in the countryside! So I love that it's quiet! I also love that I have the fields and an abundance of nature right on my doorstep!
Spring here is truly beautiful, and once the wildflowers are out, it can be breathtaking!
Only issues I have are due to it being the countryside, people tend to speed... a lot!
It's also likely to flood during a simple rain fall as well!
One thing you love AND one thing you hate about your place I practically live in

Have you ever witnessed the process of someone going crazy? If so, how was it?

I had a sleepover party for my birthday in 7th grade. I had all of my friends over an we went to sleep. This one guy, new to the group, Mike seemed normal. Quiet, mild-mannered, nothing out of the ordinary. Then in the middle of the night, I woke up to screams of pain from my friend. Apparently, Mike couldn't get to sleep because of this guy's snoring, so he grabbed a stapler and beat my friend in the face with it until we got him off. My parents dragged him upstairs and his parents came to take him home. Never hung out with him after that.
The most striking example was my boyfriend's late mother who had a dis-associative episode where she forgot most of her memories. She was having hallucinations and talking to them, a lot of the time what she said was "gibberish". 999 were called and couldn't do much. I sat down and talked to her for about 20 minutes and managed to talk her back to a lucid state (this had never happened before and I was the first person to ever do so)...Really the trick was realising that what she was saying wasn't "crazy", it wasn't without reason. I empathised and in that moment it made sense to me. It was raw primal emotion, confusion and fear. I spoke to her as a person, not as a mental patient. I communicated through tone rather than logic. Apart from that tragic case, though, there was a guy who moved to my station a couple of years ago who I got on with initially because he was ex-Royal Logistics Corps and we used to swap stories on watch. He seemed a bit odd, but harmlessly so, at first and I could hardly complain, being considered a bit mental by the other staff myself. His attitude to the work, though, was a bit slap-dash which there isn't much room for in SAR and he took longer to train on station-specific stuff than most people, but my boss was a good egg and I felt a sort of loyalty to the guy as he was an ex-soldier so we really tried to help him.
As he got to know us better he started to open up to us about his personal life, including his fights with his landlady, his rather creepy attempts to find a girlfriend by approaching waitresses at restaurants in town and a lot of other stuff that made me gradually less and less keen to talk to him. Manpower shortages meant there was a reshuffle of a few staff, though, and he got moved to a different watch whose boss was a bad-tempered old fart who'd spent thirty years shipping containers of 'rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong', as it were, and we just knew this wasn't going to go well. He started calling in sick all the time with really weird-sounding illnesses and he became increasingly aggressive. Eventually there was a stand up row in the ops room and he went off with stress. I didn't really hear from him again after that, apart from increasingly angry and incoherent posts on Facebook that I suspect indicated increasing alcohol consumption, drug use or something even more serious.

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Never eat it raw Throwing it out once prepared What is it?

Gyrlikas’s Profile PhotoRevi Wing
Bay leaf
If it is fresh & succulent , I do eat it . . . .

Or , at least chew it . . . . then surreptitiously return it (well chewed) to spoon (if eating 'out')
Though rarely found whole in restaurants)
~ IN THE UK ~ not to be confused with common LAUREL , which is toxic . . . . there is a plethora of americant shyte on the inter-nonsense-net
The culinary Bay Leaf , in Europe including UK is a Mediterranean tree called the bay tree ; LAURUS NOBILIS

It is most certain that Caesar's 'Laurel Wreath' was BAY .
*Prunus laurocerasus, common laurel, cherry laurel, English laurel, leaves and berries*
Never eat it raw 
Throwing it out once prepared
What is it

What's your favorite fast food chain?

I don't really have one :)
I prefer meals at like restaurants or cafes over fast food places! They're always much nicer and wayyyy less greasy xD
If I had to choose, then it would be either mcdonalds or kfc. But I'd rather not have either lol
Whats your favorite fast food chain

What is the typical food in Australia? I know only the vegemite🇦🇺🥪

😂 vegemite is an acquired taste 😝
Aussies have lots of roasts but really we have so many other nationalities here we have restaurants from all quarters of the world.
Each state has their specialty, for instance Tasmania is lobster, Victoria has meat pies and South Australia has this specialty, a meat pie floating in pea soup
What is the typical food in Australia I know only the vegemite

What do you find especially fun to do together with others? 🍣🎳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It largely depends on a person i am with and to some extend also other stuff like seasons and what my current hobbies, likes and needs are.
For example now that i haven't really sleep in 3 weeks and i am sooo exhausted, there is nothing i would like to do more than nap. Anybody who i would feel safe with, i would simply wanna nap together. I would be so happy if somebody was scratching my head/back while i can nap next to them (just like i was doing it to my roommate, such cute bonding moments).
Whenever i was around younger friends (most friends of my parents have kids years younger than me) i loved playing with toys with them. Like barbies etc. Or watching cartoons. I wouldn't exactly suggest to do so with older people 😅 activity i love to do with my husband is working out, which in general i don't like doing infront of people but i do like to walk and chat with everybody. I also love going out to restaurants or make feasts at home.
I have a thing for taking crushes/boyfriends to the pool for some reason 😅 there was only one guy that i had a thing with and we didn't go to the pool of some sort. Like other have dates at movies etc, well i have them at pools and wellness centers 🤣 speaking about boyfriends, in both cases where they had a car, i loved just sitting in the car with them and talk, listen to music or just be present while they drive, especially at night🥰
But what matters most to me is not activity itself, it's the people :) with people i love, i would be happy doing anything.

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Sollten öffentliche Toiletten kostenlos sein? Warum?

Nadii_ne’s Profile Photoɴᴀᴅɪɴᴇ ♡
Sind sie das nicht? Ich weiß es echt nicht, weil ich nie eine öffentliche Toilette benutze. Außer diejenigen natürlich, die es in Bars und Restaurants gibt.
Sollte auf jeden Fall ohne Bezahlung sein. Denke den Reinigungsdienst könnte die Stadtverwaltung übernehmen. Das sollte von unseren Steuern abgedeckt sein :)

Würdest du mit einer Jogginghose rausgehen (aus der Wohnung, aus dem Haus, auf die Straße)?

TreborRhoBert’s Profile PhotoTrebor Rho Bert
Ich trage sehr gerne eine Joggingshose... Ich würde sie wohl immer und überall tragen... 😅❤️ Aber für Termine, Arbeit, Restaurants etc. bevorzuge ich doch eine andere Hose, damit sieht man einfach ordentlich aus, mit Joggingsgose sieht man doch irgendwie zu mega 'gechillt' aus... 😂🙈

What exactly do people mean when they say they live in the middle of nowhere? I picture "middle of nowhere" as a field, surrounded by trees, wheat, rivers. No neighbors, no shops, no salons, no malls, no restaurants, like a wilderness. In picture it looks nice but living there sounds like seclusion

Kinda lol
My boyfriend is someone that I say lives in the middle of nowhere xD
He does have neighbours but not many. And he's literally in the heart of the countryside! I also live in the countryside, but I reside in a village.
He has to travel a good 10-20 minutes to go to shops etc I think :) So it is secluded, but not to the point where it's lonesome if that makes sense?
What exactly do people mean when they say they live in the middle of nowhere I
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What exactly do people mean when they say they live in the middle of nowhere? I picture "middle of nowhere" as a field, surrounded by trees, wheat, rivers. No neighbors, no shops, no salons, no malls, no restaurants, like a wilderness. In picture it looks nice but living there sounds like seclusion

I say it but it’s not quite as extreme as what you mention. I live on a rural road with houses very spaced apart, an acre of land surrounded in forest, cornfields down the road… it’s pretty secluded but not all that far from small downtown and shopping areas in neighboring cities. Also not all that far from THE city. Give me three-four hours and I’m in the big 🍎. Give me less than an hour in the opposite direction and I’m in the mountains 100% secluded.
What exactly do people mean when they say they live in the middle of nowhere I

Nowadays there is no time for couples to interact with each other when you have smartphones on hands. Both sitting together playing with their phones and forget about each other.

imsyedaofficial’s Profile PhotoHoorain
I believe you didn’t find the right person. We always put our phones down when we are spending time together. We go out together, we do dates (like restaurants) or simply cinema or bowling 😁

Have you ever had bad chippy before the food was horrible ect ?

missygls’s Profile PhotoGₑₘ ☆
I’m fortunate that I live somewhere where the chippies are mostly decent (certainly the ones we use). TBH I don’t recall ever having bad chips from a chippy.
I’ve bad food from various takeaways and restaurants here and there over the years, but I think the chippy chips have always been good!
(As an aside I once had a chow mein from a now-defunct Chinese takeaway, and they didn’t bother cooking the noodles at all. When I got down to them they were still dry and crunchy, straight out the packet …)

Bist du ein spendabler Trinkgeldgeber? Lässt sich bei dir eine prozentuale Richtlinie erkennen in Relation zum Gesamtpreis? Wo vergibst du Trinkgeld, wo nicht? Beispiele: Hähnchen-Wagen, Restaurant, Dönerbude, ...

LukasSteigerwald’s Profile PhotoLukas
Naja ich würde mal sagen, es geht so :D je nachdem wie gut es mir in einem Lokal gefallen hat. Bei unfreundlichen, miserablen Bedienungen finde ich, muss man kein Trinkgeld geben!
Ich bin eh kein Mathe-Genie, darum halte ich mich auch nicht an diese 10%-Regelung (?) beim Trinkgeld. Da jedes Mal ausrechnen wie viel das wär - ne danke!
Bei kleinen Centbeträgen runde ich meist auf den vollen Euro auf, bei größeren Centbeträgen über Komma 5 oder wenn es ein Stammlokal ist oder es mir irgendwo besonders gut gefallen hat, runde ich schon mal auf den übernächsten Euro oder mehr auf.
An irgendwelche Essbuden oder beim Lieferservice habe ich glaub noch nie Trinkgeld gegeben :D ich finde, Trinkgeld basiert vor allem auf einer freundlichen, zuvorkommenden Bedienung und einer angenehmen Atmosphäre, was man vor allem in Restaurants oder auch Bars finden kann. Bei der Dönerbude geh ich rein, hol mein Essen und geh wieder - für was Trinkgeld? Das Essen zahl ich ja schon. Höchstens wenn es mein Stammdönerladen wär und ich mit dem Besitzer super auskommen würde :D. Bei Dienstleistungen gebe ich eigentlich grundsätzlich auch kein Trinkgeld, das ist irgendwie schon so ein Lokal-Ding :D der Friseur ist zum Beispiel eh schon teuer genug... Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass auch die Großzügigkeit beim Trinkgeld in nächster Zeit eher wieder zurückgehen wird.

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hey its all good no stress, im okay bit tired aww sounds fun are you going with your bf x

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Yes, I'm going to Amsterdam with my boyfriend. I can't wait! We're going in March because it was cheaper, but we already have a ton of stuff planned. We'll be going to the Anne Frank House, different museums, the zoo, bars and restaurants, something called A'dam Lookout, a canal cruise and we'll be visiting the red light district. It's gonna be so fun! 🇳🇱

Do you prefer the city, country, or suburbs?

I live in a cookie-cutter suburb and I hate it, but I still live with my parents, so I don't really have a say and I cannot really afford to live on my own. It's primarily because I want to my own thing, and don't get why neighbors make a big deal of having manicured lawns and I hate how all the houses look the same and everything seems so bland, boring and superficial. Thankfully, there is some diversity when it comes to race, ethnicity and religion. I lived in another suburb before this one, and I really liked it because it was the neighborhood standards and expectations weren't so strict, and the neighbors mostly kept to themselves. Another plus is that there was more diversity with houses. We had a big backyard that was home to all sorts of plants and animals, and I felt closer to the nature, and just seems more natural to me. I could also walk to church, the store, and restaurants, but in my current neighborhood, we have to drive everywhere. As for the city and the country, I don't really have a preference as I see the pros and cons of both and they both have their own charm. On one hand, I like the isolation of the countryside, and the closeness with nature, and I could live off the land instead of having to work for someone else, but I also like the convenience of being able to walk everywhere in the city instead of having to rely on the upkeep of my own car. I could also take advantage of public transportation. Unfortunately, the city closest to me is one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. in terms of violent crime, but I think it is gradually getting better. While there would be lots of people on the streets, we would probably be all carrying about our own business and I probably wouldn't have to socialize with them all that much. I love cities for the access to things that I enjoy and the anonymity; I live in the country, and paradoxically I feel like I'm on more peoples' radars now than when I was living in the downtown center of a city (part of it goes with the job, but still).
I'm not sure really. I've lived in the country all my life. What I really enjoy about it is the nature, and being able to go for a run in the forest and be quite sure not to meet anyone, and since we don't have any neighbors, you can also be outside, and no one sees you. And it's quiet and peaceful most of the time. But the people here kind of suck. Small schools, lots of gossip. And the only things that are really going on outside of school is soccer and partying, and if you don't like it, you're just weird. The classes are kind of small (we were about 35 in each grade), and my guess is about 3 of them would be intuitives. So kind of hard to find people similar to yourself.

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Do you prefer city life or country life? Why?

This is a hard one for me. I really like both. I love being close to stuff and if I'm awake at 2am and want a snack there's always some place open. And you don't have to drive too far to go out to restaurants, the grocery store, or shopping. But I also really like the idea of living out in a pasture on a cute little ranch with a garden and not having people around all the time. I think overall I'd lean towards the city though. Maybe just have a good little chunk of land so that it's a little isolated.
I'm a massively introverted person so that in itself might make me sound like I'd prefer living in a place that has less people in it and is less crowded. However counter to that is I'm big on technology to support my way of life so a city will be more suitable for me in that respect. Anyway, being an introvert in a small town with less people around might actually be a disadvantage in itself. I like being anonymous - a face in the crowd, so to speak - and from what I know about small towns and from what Mitsuha (I think she said it somewhere) said people in smaller municipalities tend to be more tight knit than people in large cities. It would be harder to have privacy and stay anonymous. I guess I'll pick living in a city over living in the countryside, considering my interests and way of living. But I can't say some perks of living in the boonies don't interest me either. If a new city life is what you have been longing for, then congratulations to you! Just like Mitsuha who was able to make it to Tokyo in the end (even though it was kind of by an unexpected force).
Well, this topic post and comments look like people prefer city life over countryside life. In fact both sides have different good stuff and bad stuff. I think a big move from one side to another side is not an easy job and it can take some time to get used to a new life. Living a happy life is the most important thing. I remember the precious times when I lived in countryside I used to read books on my way to school by train, and I often enjoyed looking out of the window during my 40-minutes long train trip. I think by the change of four seasons, the shapes and the colors of the sky have been seen differently during these three high school years of mine, and all these can be connected to my current works. Now, the landscape, the scenery, and the emotions in the past, become a powerful tool for me to try to make something when I have grown up to my adulthood.

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Do you prefer living in the city or county and why?

Country. Because I never have to drive in traffic ever in my life. Can leave in the woods and still be 10-15 minutes from any type of store you would need. I'm an outdoors person, nature is just beautiful to me. Creeks and rivers you can swim in, they're plenty out here. Ever seen the night sky out in the country compared to the city? You can see everything including the milky way going across the sky, it's beautiful.
As I grew older, and the credit I was building by my behavior was actually positive, it was nice to move to a small town. Walking into a bank where the manager knows your name, getting greeted at the post office and not going through a hassle picking up packages, etc. Once, I even had a wallet returned to me because the lady recognized my picture from church. Mind you, there are less opportunities. My wife worked as a graphic designer for a bit, and demand wasn't terribly high or lucrative. Non-city life makes it a bit easier to be a part of the community. Bedroom communities. They're small towns that are close to large cities. Most of the people that live in these towns don't actually work in these towns. You get the feel of the community of a small town, people know you, yet you still have stuff to do that isn't too far away.
I generally have much more in common with city people. I also like concerts, theater, public transportation and good restaurants, and that really only comes with cities. I like visiting the country but have no real interest in that lifestyle.
Rural within easy reach of a city is ideal for me. I live in a city currently (for university) and I really struggle with sleep because there is always light and noise coming from outside, also I hate crowds. I'm from a small village originally and much prefer the peace and quiet, and the green countryside
Rural, because I was born in it. I've problems when I'm sleeping at friend's house because I'm used to the noises of the cities(and I'm talking about small cities <30k citizens), for instance my grandma had problems sleeping because they opened a railroad that passes almost 2km from our house, but you are able to ear it in complete silence. Also the idea to have a garden or to walk outside without the traffic, I feel like I'm in a box while being in cities like Milan.
Being in a larger city can be nice sometimes, but I would never live in one. I just find it too crowded, too hectic and very weird if you are just surrounded by city. I like small towns/cities, something around the 30-60k population mark. You have enough people there that the place isn't totally empty, but it's not too crowded, the city is small enough that can easily bike everywhere and the city is just large enough that you can do some stuff in it. I grew up in a city with around 30k people living there, and I just like the feeling there.

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Can you think of any construction projects which drastically improved things where you live? 🏗🏢🛤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
They put a new Walmart here when I was in 8th grade and since they have dramatically been adding 🥴 I just wish they would stop with the fast food restaurants and start making more places for teenagers and families. More places for younger teens/kids, it probably would help them more than "hanging out on the streets or friends houses that aren't good influences". 😊
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• Que pensez-vous de la différence d'âge dans un couple? • Pourriez-vous vous mettre en relation de couple avec une personne qui a 10ans de moins ou 10ans de plus,que vous?

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
Je n'ai pas spécialement de problème avec la différence d'âge, après, je suis encore jeune donc sortir avec une personne avec dix ans de moi reviendrait à sortir avec un mineur donc on va éviter 😂 mais à l'inverse, dix ans de plus ça serait possible car du moment que ça marche entre nous et que nos projets de vie se suivent c'est l'essentiel 😊 ma demie sœur à 27ans, son chéri n'est plus très loin des 50, ils ont trois enfants ensemble, ils sont gérants de deux restaurants et sont très épanouies donc je pense que l'âge n'est qu'un détail 😌
Que pensezvous de la différence dâge dans un couple

 Pourriezvous vous mettre

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, What would it be?

Boys there have no idea what they are talking about. Firstly, when you say vending machine, should the fast food restaurant put it themselves or you're saying why can't a third party do that. But in both cases, the issue is profit margin. I'm not in this kind of business but I have a few people who have hotels in Gilgit and all. Secondly, about a year or two back I was listening to an interview of some guy who owns most of the Burger King in Pakistan, I think he was the same guy who got it in Pakistan the first time. He has a few more restaurants too in Islamabad, I can't remember names anymore but one was fine dine. He said the most profit that we make is from beverages (that might be in terms of margins not sales), now I don't know too much details into it but as much as I understand business after 8 years of being in business, I would say it has something to do with profit margins, because fast food restaurant buy at low prices from whatever brand they are selling or from wholesaler and sell it slightly above the market price. In the case of KFC and many other fast food chains they do offer cans and bottles but as far as I can remember McDonald's doesn't. Reason being they make the drinks they serve at the restaurant. In the case of McDonald's they get supplied with the syrup that they have to mix with water and add that carbon dioxide, they make it on-site. One reason might be that it tastes much even every time you get it and second is profit margins. I don't remember the price of a medium glass of coke but I think it's over Rs130 and it's not even 500ml, you can get a 500ml bottle for Rs60 I think. You could work on vending machines in other areas like malls and other busy spaces but I think another issue would be that people won't know how to use them. I have a friend who is also my business partner. He recently started working on vending machines and ATMs in the US...

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Gehst du auch mal alleine in Restaurants? Falls ja wie sehr unterscheiden sich die dort verbrachten Zeit wenn du alleine bist im Gegensatz zu Besuchen mit Gesellschaft?

irgendjemand29’s Profile PhotoDragon Warrior
Ja, wenn ich es mir leisten kann, mache ich das tatsächlich sehr gerne. Ist für mich aber ein ganz anderes Erlebnis als mit jemand anderem essen zu gehen. Ein Restaurantbesuch mit einem oder mehreren Herzmenschen ist zum Plaudern und gemeinsam Spaß haben da, während ich einen Restaurantbesuch allein eher zum Entspannen und/oder Kreativsein (meistens Schreiben) nutze.

„Teurer ist immer automatisch besser.“ Würdest du dieser Aussage zustimmen? Warum, oder warum nicht? Begründe bitte deine Antwort. 😊

shinebright5394’s Profile PhotoFaten dasilva
Nicht unbedingt.
Hatte ausversehen Racing Sprit getankt. Abgesehen davon dass dieser 19 Cent teurer war, hatte ich keinen Unterschied bemerkt... Und da ich nur auf den Tankgutschein der Firma getankt hatte, ging durch dieses kleine Malheur auch nicht so viel in Tank wie für den normalen Diesel...
Gourmet Restaurants. Überteuerte Preise für mikroskopische Portionen, aber dann dafürmit Gold überzogen...
Auch bei manchen Maschinen muss es nicht immer das teure Produkt sein, um hervorragend zu funktionieren.
Aber es gibt eben auch die andere Seite der Medaille. Z.B. hatte ich auch mal einen Test mit Schraubenschlüsseln, unterschiedlicher Preisklassen gesehen. Da waren die teuren Produkte dann doch effizienter, stabiler und das Geld Wert.
Manchmal ist aber auch nur die Handhabung entscheidend...

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Gehst du auch mal alleine in Restaurants? Falls ja wie sehr unterscheiden sich die dort verbrachten Zeit wenn du alleine bist im Gegensatz zu Besuchen mit Gesellschaft?

irgendjemand29’s Profile PhotoDragon Warrior
Nein ich gehe nie alleine essen. Da würde ich mich nicht wohl fühlen und brauche eine nette Begleitung 🙂 Ich mag Gesellschaft weil ich mich dann wohl fühle und diese Wärme spüre. 😉

Was findest du so richtig Respektlos?

shadow8899’s Profile PhotoAkho98 (أوس)
Übergriffiges Verhalten in jedweder Form.
- ungefragt mit seiner "Meinung" ums Eck geschissen kommen, was man in Situation XY gemacht oder gesagt hätte, wie man etwas findet etc.
- vermeintlich kluge Ratschläge, was anderen Menschen steht oder auch nicht, und in welcher Weise sie viel "besser" aussehen könnten
- sich überhaupt überall einzumischen und im Grunde nur kritisieren und abwerten
- Entscheidungen und Lebensmodelle von anderen Menschen nicht ernst nehmen und klein machen. Bestes Beispiel: gewollt Kinderlosen Personen sagen, dass sich das bestimmt noch ändert, dass das "noch kommt", man irgendwann "anders denkt" und "warte nur, bis du den richtigen Partner gefunden hast!"
- Äußerlichkeiten von anderen thematisieren, kommentieren und wieder gaaaaaanz viel Meinung dazu haben
- Respekt und Achtung von anderen erwarten / einfordern, während man selbst alle wie den letzten Abfall behandelt
- die einfachsten Regeln des Grundanstandes nicht beachten. Kein "bitte", kein "Danke", nicht Grüßen, nicht verabschieden, in ganzen Sätzen sprechen, Freundlichkeit überhaupt scheint bei vielen ein Fremdwort zu sein
- keine Achtung vor fremdem Eigentum, anderen Menschen und auch Tieren. Tiere sind keine Spielzeuge!
- wenn Eltern ihren Kindern alles durchgehen lassen. Herumrennen, kreischen, Dinge beschädigen, sich insgesamt benehmen wie die Axt im Wald und keinerlei Verständnis dafür haben, dass das nicht jeder "süß" findet. Kein Wunder, dass immer mehr Hotels und Restaurants Kindern quasi Hausverbot erteilt haben!
- seinen Müll überall hinwerfen, auf den Boden spucken oder seinen Hund überall hinmachen lassen
Viele Menschen haben einfach ein Selbstverständnis von sich, dass einem nur noch das kotzen kommt.

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Hello, what do you think about the technology? Does it make us smarter or dumber?

It has given us the ability to find out new knowledge, broaden our perspectives, and reach places which weren't originally possible.
But technology has also clearly stunted our communication skills. You see it all the time! People on their phones whilst out with friends at restaurants etc
Hello what do you think about the technology Does it make us smarter or dumber
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Can you speak Chinese?

Just a little bit of daily conversation, such as how to ask for directions, how to make an order in restaurants, communication with the bank, how to reserve a room (in a hotel), etc. Yet, I'm still a beginner 🙊
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Stell dir vor du hast morgen Geburtstag und weißt dass du viele besondere Kleinigkeiten geschenkt bekommst, die perfekt auf dich persönlich abgestimmt sind. Was darf dann unter den Geschenken auf gar keinen Fall fehlen und warum?

Bücher, Filme, Gutscheine für Restaurants oder bspw die Eisdiele meines Vertrauens, Geld, Tankgutscheine, Snacks süß oder salzig...

Was war das beste Restaurant, indem du je warst?

Jzorn_Fotografie’s Profile PhotoJonathan
Puh das ist schwer zu sagen. Manchmal war die Location besonders toll, manchmal eher das Essen, manchmal hinterließen einfach die Stimmung und die Menschen einen bleibenden Eindruck.
In Italien gab es zwei schöne kleine Restaurants am Meer, in Frankreich auch, da gab es tolle Menüs und es war trotzdem recht günstig dort. Generell waren wir im Urlaub oft in schönen Restaurants, du siehst ich kann mich da kaum entscheiden 🤷🏼‍♀️
Was war das beste Restaurant indem du je warst

Do you have a favourite food truck?

I like the coffee shop in the city center, which is made in the form of a mystical machine from scooby doo. By and large, food on wheels is not entirely lеgal here (that is, you can have either a vehicle or a stall, but not at the same time), but this prohibition is often circumvented by removing the wheels during trade or selling from the trunk. Usually, outwardly, the owners of the food trucks rarely try to stand out, so beautifully painted ones can be found only in tourist places. The others... well, just white. I often buy milk, tandoor tortillas and groceries in such places, there are many with a mini-bakery, a butcher shop, cafes and restaurants of oriental cuisine.

Suggest some good places or restaurants in Islamabad / Rawalpindi, except Monal and Damne Koh.

If you want to go eat a burger go to howdy f-6 or sally's f-11..!! If you want to eat shawarma go to i-8 saudi shawrama if you want to eat stake go to ox and grill f-6 and if you want to go for desi go to bismillah f-8 or go to shenshah rwp stadium and if you want to eat bannu pulao go to tarnol bannu pulao if you want to eat shinwari go to fazal shinwari gt road near taxila 🙃🙃

Suggest some good places or restaurants in Islamabad / Rawalpindi, except Monal and Damne Koh.

If you are interested in junk food then you must visit sector F6,7 or beverly center. If you are nature explorer then you should visit shakar pariyan monument, shah Allah ditta caves or hiking trails even you can visit F9 park. However, Islamabad is beautifull city wherever you go you'll find pleasant environment and you'll enjoy the moments

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