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What's trust to you? Is reconciliation ever possible when trust is broken? If yes, how so?

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To me, trust is a mirror. If broken, the shattered pieces can cut deeply. Yes, it could be repaired but that would require an industrious restoration effort. Sadly, the one who broke it may never cast the same reflection...
Whats trust to you Is reconciliation ever possible when trust is broken If yes

جمعة مباركة ،، للأجر | 🌼🕊

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"""Happy Friday, for wages""""
~ there is neither happiness nor restoration for the destitute ~
all is cavalier:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTvLI3fhqgEigotamatch’s Video 171110931322 QTvLI3fhqgEigotamatch’s Video 171110931322 QTvLI3fhqgE

Old amalgam restoration w hsl fracture l cusp simple وغالبا هيدخل عصب بعدها هنعمل كمبوزيت ولا لازم كراون؟

الاول شيل الامالجم وال recurrent caries وتعمل idirect pulp capping لو كانت ال symptoms عادية مش انديكيتد اندو بعد كده حط مؤقت فولو اب اسبوعين لسه فى نفس ال symptoms اندو.. تخلص الاندو قفل كومبوزيت واعمل كراون

Yes, I love listening and going to orchestras and symphonies. I haven’t been for a long time sadly. The last time I wanted to go, the event got cancelled due to covid. The violin is such a beautiful instrument which a wide range of sound! I think it’s very lovely that your daughter plays the violin😊

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Dear Yentl,
This Covid pandemic has destroyed many lives, ruined economies and inflicted great damage upon the worlds population. I believe that there is a powerful movement developing throughout the world where millions of people are becoming outspoken about the need to end the lock downs and return to normal with a 100% restoration of our personal liberty. The truth is that humankind cannot continue to live in isolation where every aspect of their lives have been manipulated, controlled and effectively crushed.
I fervently believe that people are finally admitting that there is no cure for Covid and that humanity will need to accept the Covid virus and it's variants, as we accept the flu and common cold. At this point, it is fear of death and the unknown that is causing humanities paralysis, panic, psychosis and other irrational behaviors. Once we can control our fear, only then will we be able to put this pandemic into proper perspective and return to a normal existence. In the end, we have no other choice but to live our life, control our fear and move forward.

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What is your favorite color

Purple has meaning in holy scripture of the Bible
Red🔴 – Blood of Jesus, love of God, blood of lamb, atonement, salvation
Blue🔵💙 – Heaven, the Holy Spirit, authority
Purple💜– Priesthood, kingship, royalty, mediator, wealth
Gold💛– Glory, divinity, kingship, eternal deity, foundation, altar, beauty, precious, holiness, majesty, righteousness
Sapphire – Law, commandments, grace, the Holy Spirit, divine revelation
Turquoise – River of God, sanctification, healing, New Jerusalem
Green💚 – Praise, growth, prosperity, new beginning, flourishing, restoration
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What is the worse injury that you've ever had?

well it all started with my pet parrot Ralph [ as a Spurs fan, he's called after Ralph Coates] and like Ralph he was folliclely and phallically challenged , so one day I brought Ralph to the Hair restoration Clinic and when I let him out of his cage he went nuts , chanting Jack Wilshere is a winker , is a winker and when we tried to re incarcerate him , he crashed into a picture of Pope John Paul 2 on the wall and it fell down onto my foot causing severe bruising, Ralph is now a season ticket holder at Spurs

"I'm no guardian angel, but I am half-angel. My dad is human. But from my angel side I have a number of celestial abilities, including abilities regarding the restoration of life and health. That's unique to my mother's family. I help out people who accept me. You didn't turn away from me *tbc*

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀⠀ˊ⠀✦⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ!
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀❛⠀ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ; @ ɴᴏᴠᴀ ❜
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀📁⠀⠀───⠀❯❯ ⠀❯❯⠀ ❯❯⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀⠀Majima's yellowish eye focused entirely on her, invaded by the feeling of the shock to all her words, questioning the odd veracity because it all sounded really crazy, but... the more he knew, each time the emotion consumed him.
The goofy grin on his face reappeared like that time at their first meeting, giggling a little.
⠀⠀⠀────── ❯❯

What is the thing that gives you the most comfort?

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This old boi ^^
Poor picture, taken when I visited my dad ~3 years back (his bachelor pad of a house is messyyyy 😆), but that was the newest and I couldn't be bothered to take a new one. But anywho.
I've had this pupper almost since birth, and even 29 or so years later he keeps giving me comfort 😄 He was often my only friend and comfort as a child, maybe that's why I'm still so attached. Poor thing has seen better days, but one day I'll pay a pretty penny for his restoration.
What is the thing that gives you the most comfort

What's the charity that you like to donate to? Which ones are most transparent and efficient with their funds?

I always throw $50 a year at Wikipedia (I use them a lot, and I support free knowledge). Otherwise I tend to stay local. I donate to a local homeless shelter that requires tenants to get jobs, and work towards independence.
Not sure about charities to donate to, but I’ve spent some time volunteering at my local food bank and I’d highly recommend it! It’s only a couple hours out of your day and it’s nice to know that you’re making a direct impact on your community. Plus I had some really great conversations with other volunteers.
I have a list of charities in my head that will never see a cent from me. Basically everyone that invests money into annoying on the street recruiting schemes. Most I've donate was probably to the Tor foundation, because i am a huge sucker for free internet.
I donate primarily to my church and a local mission. Other minor donations go to a camp for disabled children, the local arboretum, a local train restoration organization, local ham radio club, the planetary society, national space society, the food bank in my favorite vacation spot, and the surfrider organization who keeps beaches clean.
I like using the UNICEF marketplace to buy gifts for my mum and dad on their respective parent 'day'. I also buy greetings cards and Christmas cards from them (I'd buy them anyway, so why not do it this way). I like the work they do internationally to help children in plight. I make regular donations to Mountain Rescue. I'm a keen mountaineer, and these people keep me and my mates safe on the hill. I had a friend die not so long ago, and MR did a great job in helping the rest of our group down safely, and finding/bringing his body back.
Avoid the Salvation Army. I know the bell ringers are omnipresent but resist them. They are virulently homophobic and refuse to use their funds on LGBTQ people who ask for help. The Salvation Army is run by an evangelical Christian church who believes gay people to be sinful and "sexually impure" and will kick them out of shelters, refuse to give them food or medicine, and are generally just massive assholes about it.
Had a friend who was in the Army delivering supplies to Sri Lanka after the tsunami in 2004. He would fly out with the big cargo planes, and help organization with dispersing donations. He said that the people there were inundated with bibles and other useless religious propaganda, when what they really needed was food, water, and other supplies.
According to my friend, they were most thankful for the coffins. His unit would fly these massive planes out there filled with wooden coffins, and bring them to these people so they could bury their dead. He said the people would be in tears, thanking him, his buddies, and all the other military personnel for the coffins - it meant so much to them to give their loved ones a proper burial.

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https://ask.fm/Lex_Talionis/answers/168379621553 Great! Can you write more about pragmatism? But let me go on.. What does being pessimistic/optimistic mean to you?

> Great! Can you write more about pragmatism?
It's a philosophical tradition. The early pragmatists viewed their epistemology as a restoration of common sense / experience. In their estimate, it was a rejection of the flawed philosophical heritage which had distorted(?) the work of previous thinkers. They sought to explore how we may make inquiries in a logical and substantive manner. The Pragmatic Maxim suggests that it is a form of empiricism - the theory that knowledge derives from sense-experience. With respect to ethics, pragmatism seeks to bridge theory with practice. There is a great deal more to say about *classical pragmatism* but that is the basic overview...
> But let me go on.. What does being pessimistic/optimistic mean to you?
In simple but crude terms, an optimist is a naive idealist while a pessimist is an optimist with experience. We would strive to accomplish very little if failure was expected as an absolute certainty. We are born optimists or we wouldn't bother getting out of bed in the morning but experience teaches us to expect (and hopefully to accept?) occasional setbacks, to learn from our mistakes and to come to the pessimistic realization that we are not infallible - which is a rather optimistic way of looking at things. ;-)

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دكتور هو لو هشتغل كلاس 2 كمبوزيت بس مفيش neighbouring ناحية البوكس .. كده استخدم ماتريكس ايه و مفيش ويدج وكده؟

هستخدم اي نوع متاح بشرط يكون قافل ال البوكس جداً لتجنب اي overhanging restoration تضر اللثه و العضم بعد كده 😌💐

What was your dream life as a child? Did it change much as you grew up? What do you think of your life now?

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When I was little I thought I'd be some powerful art snob in a big city working as like a gallery owner or a restoration expert or something.
Now I'm a suburban freelance artist who's married and living in a fairly modest home with 3 cats, but it's great honestly I love my life

Can it be said that trust is a more tangible and, therefore, pertinent human connection than “love”? How superfluous, sentimental and vapid has the latter term become and what contributed to its precipitous fall from meaning?

Yeah, I could understand why trust might be viewed as more tangible in the modern era. It could be argued that very little would be accomplished without it: personal and professional relationships, business ventures, etc. With love, I'm afraid the meaning has been deluded for years - social media has put the final nail in its coffin. There are those who know what the term implies and yes, many still use it appropriately - but it's becoming a lost art. As I study / observe the current dynamics of society, I am encouraged by certain sentiments which have been expressed by some. There seems to be a monumental wave of dissatisfaction with pretensions, manipulation and BS of all manner. For the first time, I'm finally seeing "influencers" being called out too - it wasn't long ago when just about anything fraudulent was championed and exalted to god-like status. These days, many people seem to be yearning for authenticity. I feel there's a genuine anger fomenting across the landscape against anything disingenuous. Should this current trend continue, we may witness a restoration of basic values, simple honesty and perhaps, people will no longer feel compelled to alter the meaning of certain terms. Forgive me if I sound redundant but in my view, everything is cyclical and a pendulum shall always return...

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Что такое PRI? Я в интернете только сайт нашла американский. И как это связано с твоей фибромиалгией?

Раз ты задаёшь этот вопрос, то ты явно читала мои рассуждения на эту тему ниже. Я же там писал, что в постсовковой рашке ничего такого нет и по сути и не могло появится. Это есть разумеется в США, где вливаются баснословные бабки в медицину, в некоторых европейских странах, в Дубае ещё вроде, в Японии, и.т.п. Если бы основатель PRI родился бы в россии, то вероятно, что он бы никогда в жизни не реализовал бы себя как врач тут или вообще бы спился или типо того. Ахаха, но ладно, сейчас не об этом))
Фибромиалгия, её боль и её десятки всяких различных симптомов это следствие ассиметрии тела, неправильных мышечных паттернов, которые сформировались по каким-то причинам. Симптомы и боль никогда в жизни не пройдут, чтобы ты не делал, так как они следствие. Нужно убрать ассиметрию в теле и в следствие этого уйдёт боль и симптомы. Убрать ассиметрию тела и восстановить (заново научить нервную систему) правильным мышечным паттернам могут только методы Postural Restoration Institute, вся эта наука изучает эту тему. Это блять гениально просто.
Вон я на ютубе их канал знаю, вот видео шестиминутное, но там на английском всё.
Но есть и канал на русском моего специалиста, с которым я сейчас работаю, но там мало очень именно теории.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXS8rCxXwQg&t=8sliverpool4l’s Video 161236952740 gXS8rCxXwQgliverpool4l’s Video 161236952740 gXS8rCxXwQg

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liverpool4l’s Video 161236952740 gXS8rCxXwQgliverpool4l’s Video 161236952740 gXS8rCxXwQg

ты бы мог поехать к нему и пожить там. если бы конечно имел кучу денег и если бы въезд-выезд был разрешен. , вирус же. но летом-то эта херня дрлжна закончиться, срочно колдуй себе деньги, мечтай что к тебе прилетит чемодан с наличкой ибо заработать практически невозможно столько

У меня сильные сомнения, что вирус летом кончится, и что карантин его сдержит. Маловероятно. Но возможно.
Хз, насчёт ехать, я сначала в январе поизучал подход и метод Postural Restoration Institute, понял как это работает и его принцип, это топ наука о теле, до которой рашке ещё явно надо будет расти и расти долгие десятилетия. И с начала марта начал работать с иностранным, но русскоговорящим специалистом онлайн. И уже чувствую, как впервые за долгие годы мне становится понемногу всё лучше и лучше. Там же суть в том, чтобы моя нервная система работает сильно неправильно, у меня сформировались неправильные мышечные паттерны и из-за этого весь этот пиздeц и поэтому ничего не помогало. Исправить это можно только специальными, под каждого индивидуальными, уникальными упражнениями, и изменением повседневных привычек/паттернов. В рашке о таком никто из врачей даже близко знать не знает, тут многие аспекты медицины устарели лет на 30. Я уж молчу о трешаках в регионах.
Бл, о чём вообще твой вопрос то был, я забыл... А, этот специалист ценник не заломил, вполне адекватный. Он же европеец ещё, они совсем другие люди, он приятный человек, я это вижу, хоть мы с ним и общаемся на ВЫ, а не какой-то отсталый абориген с дикарским мышлением, думающий только о себе и наживе.

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مرحبا شفتك معلقه بتفكري بجديه تاخذي ٨علامات ...... بصراحه انا الي دارسه يا دوب ٣ ارتكل وزمان صار معي ظرف ومش عارف شو ادرس ومن وين وشو هي الشغلات المهمه اكثر مره بحس حالي ضايع جد بتمنى مساعدتك تحكيلي الارتكل المهمين وبكره اذا ما عرفت احل شي رح اسلم الورقه فاضيه 😓😓

انت ادرس وشوف الاسئله بالامتحان اذا قدرت تحل ف ممتاز اذا حسيت معلوماتك مو أكيده او مو كافيه للسؤال هون خد قرار تاني
اهم ارتكلز تقريباً هدول نزلهم محمود الحكم ع القروب
في عندك ارتكل posterior composite restoration
نزل محمد قدومي بوست عن المقارنه بين الاملجم والكومبوزيت بتقدر تستغني عن الارتكل هاد وتحفظ يلي بالبوست
شوف كمان بوست رند كتبت اهم الاشياء يلي الدكتور ركز عليهم ب اخر محاضره
لو تلاقي جواب ممتاز لكل سؤال منهم وبعدين تحفظ بخفف عليك كتير
كونه ع الاغلب هيك الاسئله رح تكون
+ اترك ارتكلز الاندو هلأ
اذا درست ارتكل من يلي بالصوره ممكن تعتمده اذا اجى سؤال عنه
بس لاتضيع الوقت ع الكونز والاندو
كونه الكونز 4 اسئله ف ادرس بس كونز لتحلهم وتاخد علامه عاليه
مرحبا شفتك معلقه بتفكري بجديه تاخذي علامات  بصراحه انا الي دارسه يا دوب  ارتكل

Are MoC who ridicule white girls for being “basic” punching up or down. I’ve noticed a lot of comedians going to town on white girls while never mentioning white men? Thoughts?

Intersectional considerations like this will always be complicated, so the 1st response has to be that there's not going to be any clear answer to this.
You didn't ask for one tho; just some thoughts. As far as I can tell, there is something of a problem in "traditional" discussions around white ppl that assumes "ppl" means "men" by default. This is a sexist habit among white folks as it is, & one that it's been said quietly excuses white women for their specific role in historical & contemporary racism.
From this perspective, calling out white women specifically has a deliberate purpose. From a discursive standpoint however, this allows racial critiques to "unofficially" indulge white sexism; in the example of comedy, it allows white men to guffaw along at the expense of their female counterparts, while excusing themselves from criticism. At its worst, this simply leverages sexism to escape backlash for criticising whiteness, softening the blow somewhat for what should be the intended audience.
Intersectionality in no small part exists to highlight these problems. Conversely, black women do not have the same experience of racism that black men have; this seems fairly self-evident, but the question of what to do about this in the course of public discussion continues to be an open one (to my limited knowledge). Black criticisms of masculinity risk becoming a reinforcement of white stereotypes of black men, leading to inevitable resistance as being a "betrayal" by black women of black men. Whether this is just the kind of male whining we're all familiar w/ or a cogent point to raise doubtlessly varies from example to example.
This seems to me to be one of the core tenets of "intersectionality" as an idea, however: while racism & sexism may be institutional in their various forms of oppression, easily-learned systems of rules we are born into & then adapt to circumstances as we engage with them day-to-day, their specific instantiations will always be more complicated, & thus more difficult.
An apt simile for me is a hollow-point bullet: they're all completely uniform when they go in, but removing them is a unique problem every time. This cruel truth of life - that destruction is simple, while restoration is complicated & difficult - is a large part of why fascists are uniformly lazy simpletons. Reinforcing simple, bad ideas is easy, while overcoming them w/out simply making more or worse problems, is hard. When the upshot to doing so is usually a reduction in institutional power & psychological comfort, it's not hard to see why so many buffoons - even non-white buffoons - are eager to take part in upholding oppressive traditions.
Or, in the case of liberals, why it only takes minimal difficulty for them to decide these problems aren't serious, don't exist, or are best ignored & thus tacitly endorsed, ego intact.

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If you could live in anyone's head for fifteen minutes (Being John Malkovich style🙂), whom would you choose?

BasmaUtopia8’s Profile PhotoBæsmə ( Bardolatry bibliopole)
The moment his arc went into water... When the earth have started spilling water out of its vanes... I would just love to have the feelings of that restoration of faith in a most faithful manner... Or the strongest imagination of a belief... that Noah went through that moment when the his fears were equally balanced with his desires... That is the moment of true freedom, when you can meaningfully and most powerfully see things, the other way around... But only if I could... He lived 1000 years and i just want those 15 minutes...

Will humanity continue to advance technologically or will we fall back to how we lived for thousands of years or fall back further to how we lived for a hundred thousand years ago? هل تعتقد ستستمر الانسانية في التقدم التكنولوجي ام ستنحدر الي ما قبل الاف السنين من الان؟

BasmaUtopia8’s Profile PhotoBæsmə ( Bardolatry bibliopole)
It feels like Technology will consume all the resources and then when there is nothing left, then it'll come the restoration period, when mass extinction will happen. The species we are seeing and living with will be lesser in their varieties, types, classes and numbers and then it will be a period of just survivalism... then greed will also be reverted back to its instinctive stage. That will be the worst of the times cuz rising up no painful then falling down...

تمام طب ممكن سؤال لو افترضنا ان احنا سيبناه كده فيه نوع restoration هينفع نقفل بيه في الاخر ولا مفيش حاجة تنفع مع old amalgam😅😅

مفيش حاجه تنفع معاه لا 🚫
😇علشان كده الافضل نريح نفسنا من الاول و نعمل الوول كومبوزيت و نكمله و نقفله لما نخلص 😌💐
+1 answer in: “يا دكتور لو سمحت انا جاتلي بيشنت عندها لور 4 محتاج اندو وهو محشي امالجم واخد نص الضرس فعلياً فلو شيلته اي عضة هتكسر الوول المهم يعني اعتبرته كراون وعملت اكسيس فيه واشتغلت اول جلسة النهاردة 🙈😂😂 عاوزة اعرف كده فيه مشكلة بعدين ولا ايه”

I like capitalism, does this mean I am evil? It's not perfect but I'm happy living in a capitalist society. I truly am.

If you're "truly happy" with whatever paltry lifestyle you enjoy being built on this much grief & suffering & cruelty, & more importantly with this much wealth inequality in exchange for so little scraps, then yes you are the very definition of evil.
This might seem strange to you because your evil is so banal you assume it can't be serious, but the loudest lesson of the 20th century's atrocities was precisely this banality of evil.
If you don't survive its undoing, if capitalism comes to fail you later in life & leave you in privation, it would be nothing but justice. A restoration of balance. You would deserve that ill-fortune as much as anyone can deserve hard times.
If that's what you mean by evil. I don't know what you think evil means, if you think there's an interpretation of it that leaves this attitude in some kind of grey area. tbh the mental gymnastics you guys go thru to get your hands to seem clean have always been mysterious to me.

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حابب اقلك حجه انتي لسه في اول طريق 😅😅 لما تكبري سنه هتلاقي بتقويلي في نفسك فين ايام ماتريال و ايام دلع 😍😍😍😴

amr71818’s Profile PhotoDevil
لا متحاولش .. الماتريال رخمة عشان تفاصيل الاوفر عن كل restoration ود. ناجي الله يسامحه بس عشان احنا ف رمضان مصعبها علينا ، يا بخت ال كانوا أيام د دكتور احمد مجدي 😂💔
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Do you ever feel physically sick because you know you're not good enough for anyone and can't do anything right, No matter how hard you try?! ???

Yes,because we are human beings who are exposed broken and betrayed, which loses us the ability to do anything, but we go back and restoration ourselves to can complete our life?✋️

Leh lma tigi maya 3la el amalgam w y7sal expansion w kda bib2a f pain m3a el cold e4m3na el cold bezzat y doctor

I don't remember the exact answer but i think it different from pt. to pt. amalgam is thermal insulator in general so we can't said pt. feel pain during cold at all some of them maybe but not all ......
There are many Causes of pain after put amalgam restoration ........ I think you know that 😊💐

طاب حضرتك تقدر تفيد السائل دا؟ https://ask.fm/medicalteam155/answer/143710865679?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=android

medicalteam155’s Profile PhotoMedical Team
اهلا بالناس اللي بتنور الكلية من جديد وكلها نشاط وحيوية ربنا يوفق الجميع :
الاناتومي :
القسم كويس وجميل كان علي ايامنا مفيش كتاب قسم كنا بنذاكر من كتب د احمد مصطفي كمال مع سماع د سامح غازي
حاليا القسم نزل كتب تقريبا والناس بتقول كويسة يعني
سواء كتب د احمد مصطفي او كتب القسم الاتنين هيأدوا الغرض ان شاءالله مع سماع د سامح غازي
بالنسبة للمذاكرة ف الشيت ثم الشيت ونحاول بقدر الامكان نمشي مع القسم اول باول او منتأخرش عنهم كتير نحاول نذاكر برسومات ولو كروكي حتي نركز ع العناوين الكبيرة ثم الصغيرة وهكذا .
الهستولوجي :
كتاب جامعة القاهرة ونسمع عليه فيديوهات د جيهان
طبعا هنشتري كتاب القسم عشان كراسة العملي وعشان الام سي كيو بس مصدر المذاكرة يكون واحد وهو كتاب جامعة القاهرة.
المذاكرة بقي فالقسم عندنا مش بيهتم بالدش والحفظ يعني فنكون فاهمين الدنيا وبلاش كلمة المادة ملهاش لازمة زي ماكنا بنقول ايامنا لا هيا ليه لازمة وكبيرة كمان فنفهم لان الامتحان بيبقي عبارة عن اسئلة قصيرة ، mcq , match , complete مع مقارنات صغيرة كدا
فالحفظ البحت دا مش بينفع فنركز ع اللي بين السطور
البايو :
كتب د سعيد عرابي طبعا مفيش غيرها
ممكن تسمع عليها بقي د عباس او د انس الدهشان الاتنين كويسين جدا يعني بس مصدر المذاكرة يكون كتب د سعيد وليس ورق الدكاترة لانك هتتوه في الورق
الفسيولوجي :
الكتب في الاول كدا بس ممكن يكون فيه حاجة اتغيرت اننا بس اعتقد الدنيا زي ماهيا يعني
اوتونوميك ANS و blood كتب د يسري الامير
Nerve & muscle و GIT كتب دكتور سعد كمال طه
CVS و Restoration كتب د مجدي صبري هيا تقيلة شوية بس فيها كل حاجة
طبعا انت هتجيب بس الكتب للبرانشات اللي هتشتغل فيها بس ومتجيبش كتاب برانش تاني الا اما تبدأ فيه يمكن كتاب تاني غير اللي انا كاتبه يعجبك فتجيبه واعتقد بيبدأو ب ANS و N&M فتجيب دول بس في الاول.
سمعت ان القسم هينزل كتب بس انا معرفش نزلت ولا لا ومعرفش عنها حاجة
بالنسبة للسماع ف بيبقي تسجيلات د ناجي او البرت مع الدياجرامات بتاعتهم وبعدين تذاكر من الكتاب اللي معاك وتركز ع الشيت .
ملاحظة مهمة جدا
نذاكر اول ب اول خاصة وانك لسة في سنة اولي وطالع من ثانوية عشان متدايقش اخر السنة وانت قدامك حاجات كتير محتاج تذاكرها
اللي مش حافظ قرآن يحفظ من اول السنة.
ربنا يوفق الجميع 🌸💜

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Madam, aku habis baca ini http://www.paulaschoice.com/ingredient-dictionary/thickeners-emulsifiers/sodium-lauryl-sulfate.html Menurut madam gmn? habis order facial wash yang ada sls nya, jadi rada raguu. i read that it damages acid mantle too. wouldnt it be way too stripping?

The notion of SLS is exaggerated, especially by society with grandiose subjectivity. Its scientifically corroborated hazards are real, but there is no need to exaggerate such hazards.
FYI, there is no such thing as unselective-acid-mantle-specific surfactant, or colloquially, cleanser. To certain extent, no matter how gentle a surfactant or cleanser, acid mantle will be stripped, partially or thoroughly.
In regards of surfactant and acid mantle, there are 2 key takeout points that must be underlined:
1. How fast the skin in restoring and stabilizing acid mantle after surfactant utilization.
2. How long the time interval provided between each cleansing for acid mantle restoration.
Since your question focuses on the type of surfactant, I will emphasize on number 2.
Basic rudiment: The stronger the surfactant, the longer the time interval between each cleansing required for acid mantle restoration and stabilization.
Therefore, when you choose cleanser with strong surfactant, such as SLS, then give longer time interval between each cleansing.
But do keep in mind, that everyone has different needs, therefore individually specific adjustment is required.

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You had a way that you part with a person, but after a long time you can not forget it. Do you think there is a hope for the restoration of the same relationship?

kant23’s Profile PhotoVladislav
It was. It depends on what situation you are at this stage of your life. If you have other relationships in which everything is fine, why go back to the past. This is not an easy choice. Return to the one with whom it was good then, which excites the head, being at a distance of 1000 km or being with the one that is next to you, with whom too many moments have been lived. The feeling of something wrongly done will haunt you all your life if you do not do as your heart wants ..
Было. Смотря в какой ты ситуации на данном этапе жизни. Если у тебя есть другие отношения , в которых всё отлично складывается, зачем возращаться к прошлому. Это выбор не из лёгких. Возращаться к тому, с кем было хорошо тогда , который будоражит голову, находясь на расстоянии 1000км или быть с тем, который рядом с тобой, с которым прожито тоже не мало моментов. Чувство чего-то не правильно сделанного будет преследовать вас всю жизнь, если вы не сделаете так как хочет ваше сердце..

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You had a way that you part with a person but after a long time you can not

What If damage scaling in destiny worked just like wow? Like if I go to the level 2 boss at the restoration mission he still takes many shots to take down where if I was playing wow takeing on a lvl 2 boss as a level 40 would be and instant kill with an auto attack. Would you be upset or happy?

So, the reason why something like this isn't a thing in Destiny is so that all content is relevant in terms of combat. You wouldn't get to a point where you could just one shot anything that's super low level. This is partly because of the fact that (Bungie has said) if you wanted to play co-op with a friend or someone on a new character, that the game would still be combat balanced and you wouldn't just stomp around one shotting stuff. This is also why you can't just stomp through old raids, to keep it combat relevant.
If they changed it now, I dunno if I would be too down with that, but then again, it doesn't really matter to me too much. It makes sense why they do it and I'm ok with that. But if they wanted to change it... no strong feelings one way or the other.

My point is, people do not desire the rigidness of conservative or traditionalist values, doing what marxists did and coating their goals with a veil of "Liberalism" will make it a lot easier to achieve those goals.

OmarHanbali’s Profile PhotoOmar Hanbali
So false advertising then? Sure, that'll work.
The entire point of the Restoration is do what's good for people and not what they want. If people wanted what was good, we wouldn't need a restoration. The clever and capable will understand. The middling will (as they always do) follow. A restoration based on "consent of the governed" would, ipso facto, NOT be a restoration. Getting rid of universal consent is the entirety of the point.

So I've not been on in awhile but I'm trying to get back into the swing of ask since I'm officially broke into my work schedule lol. How's everyone been? What's new and how is your December so far?

reachel_n’s Profile PhotoReachel♥️
I've been successful with weight restoration (recovering from anorexia) except I'm not doing too well right now as I'm back to some of my "old tricks" again.
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What are skills that transitioned -maybe unexpectedly- from your surgical/medical side to you everyday life? :)

ItsCrow’s Profile Photovārna
Well friend, I can get an EJ access (external jugular) on myself at any time, and resuscitate myself from my previous night's efforts/endeavors lol with relative ease and speed - -
Bigger veins = faster restoration of circulating blood volume - - 14 gauge erryday lol - -
And I can correct any electrolyte deficiencies quickly and get back to functional status quo in a rapid manner.....every surgical resident in America knows how to give themselves IV fluids - - "Nurse, bolus them 2 liters of NS" - you will utter that statement 1000s of times in your training (dont forget to order it on the computer too lol)
good night.........
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Все усилия для восстановления единства планеты. Ответь пожалуйста под этим вопросом) буду тебе очень-преочень благодарна за перевод❤️

...for the restoration of unity. Не за что :)

Most Asian countries trace their modern history to the actions of 1/most 2 nat leader (such as ghandi-nehru, soekarjo-hatta, etc). Japan doesn't. Why do u think this is the case???

Aleyakiki’s Profile PhotoAlya RP
But I have another opinion.
I can say that Emperor Meiji (Mutsuhito) along with his prime ministers (Ito Hirobumi, Matsukata Masayoshi, etc) were responsible enough in influencing earlier Japanese modern history.
Meiji Restoration marked the substantial growth of Japan. Under the rule of emperor, Japan had successfully lined with European technology and transformed itself into great empire. Prior to that, Japan was closed and undeveloped country governed by Shogunate, a feudal body with landlords, while Japanese society was highly agricultural, poor, and influenced by Samurai class.
Although there was no formal colonization of Japan, most "struggles" of Japanese leaders at that time was enhancing modernization and facing with conservative landlords and samurai. Soekarno-Hatta of Indonesia and Gandi-Nehru of India (as you mentioned) were battling against colonialism to achieving independence, while Mutsuhito of Japan was battling against his compatriot to achieving modernization.
Basically, all countries in this world were and are battling against "something".

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rate goes from 50 sitting to 90 standing up. How can I cope with all this food? Ed is screaming saying that I am going to get fat and gain 20 lbs by the end of the program in 2 weeks help!!

1. You are obviously unwell
2. Nutritional restoration is needed no matter what weight you are
3. Your current bmi could potentially be underweight or healthy for you
4. They are doctors- they do not want or make you unhealthy
5. You cannot gain 20 lbs in two weeks
Just do what you are supposed to do and make the most of this opportunity to get better xx

In addition to the development of the appearance of the teeth؛ What problems can veneers correct? #Jubara

dentists_’s Profile PhotoNew 4th stage
2- bite force restoration
3- correct speaking restoration specially in ant.teeth
4- protect to tooth

hey lea, ich bräuchte bisschen hilfe (musst du natürlich nicht beantworten). 1. wie bist du mit weight restoration umgegangen? war das schwer? 2. wie viele kalorien hast du beim recovern min. zu dir genommen? 3. hast du deine bewegung eingeschränkt oder etwas in der richtung? (danke schonmal. ❤)

1. Akzeptieren und nicht die ganze Zeit darüber nachdenken. Und ja, es war schwer, aber alles davor war schwerer und schlimmer.
2. Mindestens 2600, maximal 5000.
3. Ich hatte absolutes Sportverbot für die ersten paar Monate.

"Trump is a stepping stone not a God Emperor." A stepping stone to what? This sounds like callow historicism to me. Some Trump-chumps (not necessarily you, Piragon) like to think that by bargaining that Trump is just a 'stepping stone', they'll avoid the buyer's remorse when/if he disappoints them.

My ideal goal with Trump is to see more room for the average american to walk to the Right in the overton window. If Trump wins in office the most realistic goal I'd like is respecting border policies again and trying to fix the demographic influx from Mexico. The opportunities he has in the White House are massive to both actually change things or do very little to live up to the hopes of his more extremist fanbase that we're discussing and probably a part of.
You have a good point here and it's something we need to be reminded of that Trump is still not stronger than the deep prog bureaucracy,academia and constraints of our democracy. It's also important that we use this election cycle and rare event of having someone at the top speaking some common sense to power to build our own bases locally. While there are arguments against getting your hands dirty in local politics this is a great time to consider that,buildin irl networks of capable men, or even just talking to relatives about the state this country is in. Sadly we are in a place right now where politics must be survived lest someone be eaten up by it before you can start with the virtues and restoration that is needed in each of us to get away from the inner death that is modernity. So let's start using Trump as an inspiration to find people sick of the media lies,pc culture and anti-nativist sentiment then give them real hope to fix their country by building from the ground floor up with inner cultivation and families.

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Tell me what you know about the beaches of Florida. Do they have healthy ecosystem? Are they bringing profits for the locals or are they merely a source of fame for tourism industry?

Florida's Strategic Beach Management Plan does not appear to use beach ecology as a factor in beach restoration projects. The state does a limited amount of biological monitoring: "Environmental monitoring consists of the collection and analysis of nesting and hatching data for marine turtles, shorebirds, density and diversity of epibiotic species on nearshore hardbottom and artificial reefs, and some fish surveys. Environmental monitoring is used to assess the effects of beach erosion control projectsand the success of artificial reefs required as mitigation for project impacts."
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Is it weird that I'm well into the weight restored range but I still obsess over other people's eating? Like I get rly worried if my friends say they aren't hungry and I count their calories obsessively? Idk I just badly don't want them to lose weight or become ill?😓😓

Counting their calories is definitely not normal but those things are typical of EDs and unfortunately mental recovery doesn't automatically come with weight restoration
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Do you recommend me to ate 2500 or 3000 in recovery? That's something about metabolism? i mean, if i eat more i'll have a faster metabolism??

yeah, it doesn't quite work like that! the way my doctor explained it is that everyone has a baseline metabolism of when their body is working normally and how much they need. when you are engaging in behaviours and restricting your intake, the body slows this right down to conserve it's energy. think of this as temporary metabolic damage. in recovery you need to eat enough to heal your metabolism and body overall! this requires more calories than usual, as not only do you have to provide power to your cells but you also have to heal them. you experience a period of elevated metabolism for around a year post weight restoration (there was a study demonstrating this but i do not currently have the link on hand.) then, you return to your baseline - whatever it would have been if you hadn't developed anorexia. if in recovery you don't give your body sufficient fuel, you can weight restore without healing your metabolism and therefore maintain eating less than that baseline.
so, it's not a case of, well, if i eat 10,000 calories a day in recovery i'll maintain on 10,000 calories forever. also, although people with eds seem to be obsessed with this idea of having a 'fast metabolism' and being 'able' to eat as much as possible, it's a really disordered thought. in reality you just want to eat freely, an amount that satisfies you and maintain your health. i was on 3500 for part of my refeeding and i am glad i don't require that much to maintain 😅
basically, to work out your individual needs, see a dietician with experience in eating disorders x

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