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Have you ever experienced hail before? Talking about the type of precipitation. (You do not have to answer)

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As Earth's climate changes, we can expect more destructive hurricanes. As sea level and surface temperatures rise, more solar energy is trapped in the atmosphere, revving up the hydrological cycle of evaporation and precipitation and sometimes manifesting in terrifying storms.
Have you ever experienced hail before Talking about the type of precipitation

Tsk tsk my mum used to had a turbo car and once my dad was at the lights and there was a guy next to him revving his engine then when it went green my dad went flying it was so funny and then the guy was like to my dad what sort of car is that

Hahaha I have a turbo car???
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Padrona che ne direbbe di un gioco divertente ma dove si diverte solo lei : lei al volante della mia macchina fa del revving con la portiera aperta io sono in ginocchio davanti a lei e ad ogni accelerata dopo corrisponde un calcio nelle palle finchè non ce la faccio più

Non mi piacciono i giochi con le auto, li trovo noiosi

Sorry every fight at school has been involving a hick, they pick a lot of fights and rev their engines like douches through our parking lot. I pay for all my shit, my car's wrecked and won't be getting fixed until I can pay for it. And also saying not to mess with hicks isn't bad mouthing you.

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and im sorry i should have crossed your name out cuz there's a lot of people saying stuff about the Hicks and I know the seniors last year were A of assholes you are revving their engines everyday and shit like that but they are gone witch is nice

lool jheeze u cant even handle that car, look at the wat your revving it, or is it cos u dont know how to drive? lol

U don't even know Dubai roads ...
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There was quite rumors taking rounds that there is a issue with the 300i's acceleration that it is not free revving and takes its own course to accelerate! As per your Riding experience please clear it and secondly the power delivery is also not up to the mark.. please clear these points! ? :)

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Those who said that are chutiyas who find fault in everything. it is an amazing bike. go for it :)

Triggering is false, no one gets triggered, if you get triggered by everyday things you are an insane, crazy, stupid idiot

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ T W A T A L E R T ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I bet I could make this cumstain piss his pants just by revving my motorcycle a few time LMAO - begone or be blocked.

Yes big boii kamal....one trick for you that will surely win her heart over just tell her what car you drive

Which girl? Your mum? That's easy then ?? Manoman drives a 'FORD FOCUS GHIA' pulling all the kuriya on Warwick Road... revving my 20 BHP whip... 1.6 petrol ? drag racing Mrs Smith and Steven Hawkins down Stratford road... rolling with them p's yannoe??

you better run run cuz here we come revving our engine under the sun ur crusin' for a brusin' ohh keepin it cool smooth n steady slicked black hair man things are getting heavy ur crusin' for a brusin' two wheels and open road warpped in leather ready to go so don't stop stop the muisc we ride fast

Bubble gum, cheery pop, go to the hop, haning' with my brother, coz' his friends are so hot while there crusin' for some brusin'. #skippedtomypart.

haha its funny how you say it was him I've heard that too when all I see is you skippin shifts in videos and revving the piss out of it

Well I know this is you Braden and honestly I can drive my car how ever the fuck I want because I pay for it you on the other hand do not pay for it and when Im nice enough to let you drive it you don't have the decency to drive it respectfully and you try telling people it was me so they think I'm being an ass the video you posted on the internet shows you driving my car like an asshole and wrecking it you don't have the respect to even apologize when you did wreck it and then I trust you with my car again and I hear from people you are out drifting in my car and doing burnouts in it you think that's right for you to disrespect my property ? You can't even respect your parents vehicles honestly you need to treat other peoples shit the way you would want them to treat yours

Don't tell a beautiful person that they are ugly ok? Because karma's a bitch. In this case, I just happen to karma. Dont run because bitch, I'll find you, turn your house into a gas chamber, cut ur lips off, and eat pudding with them while u and ur family is dying from lack of oxygen. Part1 to hater

U better run run run, here we come, revving our engines under the sun, ur cruising .... For a bruisin.
Ilysm Emma <3

thats a lame answer; interests, features, likes,dislikes, language, things you find inspiring, facts about yourself, future aspirations, travel, family, friends?

i like music
i like polyrhythyms and weird time signatures and odd rhythyms in general
and sounds
sounds are really interesting and i wish i had a microphone on me all the time so i could just record little sounds that i hear
like today i was crunching popcorn really loudly and it was just so satisfying to hear ah
like those leaves you find and you just need to step on them
i want to record that omg
and rain at night on lots of leaves
cars revving in the distance
that really faint sound of fingernails lightly on skin
noises people make when they sleep
crunchy grass too
kittens meowing
typing on keyboards/typewriters
air con starting up
the noises matt makes when he eats
idk i really like sounds okay theyre pretty
and i like train rides when I'm not really trying to get anywhere quickly but im not trying to avoid getting there either
i like driving fast and i like driving on smooth roads that go up and down but not with many corners because front wheel drive
I like facial piercing and pretty tattoos and beanies
I like it when matt wears black shirts
I like it when it's cold at night and I have a warm blanket and I like fans on while I sleep
I dont like sleeping in the quiet
I like lying in a room with people I like at night when everyone's asleep or quiet and just listening
I like perfect temperature showers
the sound of the ocean at night
i like people who mouth the words along to their ipods
i like it when peoples noses and cheeks go red when it's cold
I like not having to do assignments so I can just sit and do nothing
I like cuddles
I like patterned stockings and band shirts
I like people who can pull off hats and sunglasses
I like talking to people
kitties and ferrets
ferrets that have leashes and go for walks omg
listening to things through a microphone and headphones rather than with my ears
I like working on movies
I got really carried away with this oop but i hope i answered your question anon!

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Does living on a farm change people's attitude toward animals? 'Cause apparently this guy did, and this article seems somewhat less than affectionate: http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-things-no-one-tells-you-about-living-farm/

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It can go either way. I have experienced some level of desensitization to go along with my immense empathy. When you're on a farm, you see many things that would horrify the average person. I can't relate to most things on his list, but I love Cracked =^-^=! (Why the website changes, though? I'm not liking it.) All of my neighbors are nice, but they really are insane. Shooting after dark is a regular occurrence around here, as is the revving of loud engines in the middle of the night. Animals ARE dicks, but they are cute and lovable dicks. Turkeys jump on your back, donkeys bray and kick their gate until you drop whatever you're doing to brush them, and chickens will shit on you. Overall, I would say that the animals bring out a person's true feelings about living things rather than change them.

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Hahahah duuuuude u thought there was a rapist outside your house?? HAHAHAHHA it was Devon and after we finally got the bikes in lol we were driving real fast so I stuck my head out the window and then it started rolling up and I was like "whaaaa?" And then my hair got stuck hahah..., ....rapist lol

k that was soo scary, i heard voices and his engine was revving and his tires were screeching..i was laying in bed all peaceful and everything until SOME people decided to hijack a polar bear ;)
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basically yeah, me and ma bladrins roll real sik in dat tuned Micra cuz. Mainz do u turns and circle tings round Ladypool Road on Eid ennit . den we hire mad cars like some sik Merc E Class cabrios and do laps round dem roads like mad hypers. manz stop @ red lights revving dat ting up like mad fam

Oh shit ma bredda is dat you now? Bigman! Manz be doing missions to Alum Rock in my cuzzy bro car, blasting Tere Mere on da speakers 8) dressed in ma gucci scarf and ma reebok trackeyz, we be pulling da bitches cuz dats da way we roll fam. Swear down you are too sick bluurd! I'm loving dem alloys on your green micra doe styll
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