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When was the last time you went on an adventure?

Buffyfan’s Profile PhotoAlex
I'm not sure, but I definitely have an adventure coming up. I'm going to Iceland with my boyfriend and we have loads of exciting stuff planned. We're going on a horse riding tour, seeing ice caves, volcanoes, waterfalls, geothermal springs and national parks. We're also exploring the city of Reykjavik, going to loads of museums and even an ice bar. I can't wait for it! 🇮🇸

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❖ ⚊ [ @OfSaintisms ] ⚊ ❖

HarleyQuinn_DC’s Profile Photo◈◊Qᵁᴱᴱᴺ ᴼᶠ ᴳᴼᵀᴴᴬᴹ ᶜᴵᵀʸ◊◈
❖In the noisy city of Gotham mainly on the night shift it was appropriate for the villains to plan their evils, a woman with hair and colorful robes was part of them, she had just stolen a motorcycle that was riding through the city streets, at high speed without being worry about traffic laws since following rules was never her strong point. Harley invented a trick on the bike when he spotted that blue flash that appeared in the sky, something that caught her attention until, due to her oversight, she ended up losing control of the bike and crashed directly into a post that cracked and threatened to fall on her. That's when the clown realized the damage she had done, she was on the ground and quickly dodged the fall of the pole that almost hit her, in the end the bike was crushed. Seeing that she had nothing to do, the clown got up and gathered her sledgehammer and continued on her way on foot. She was running curiously to the place where those sinister lights appeared.❖
— "Woow how many lights! Did anyone else see this? Is it some alien invasion? What was that all about?!"

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Need to ask you What do you think about computer games? Are there any benefits from them?

TheKojett’s Profile PhotoKojett | 7he depraved Lynx
I think they're great, to some people they have a bad reputation as there are people who strongly believe they cause people to be violent but personally I think that urge has to already be seeded within someone for a video game to really impact that. They have benefits like learning problem solving skills and increasing a person's memory or navigational skills and things like that but mostly they can just be a good escape from the real world, sometimes the real world sucks penis and you just want to be a mage riding a pretty giant wolf through the wilderness. 😂

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How did your parents fail in preparing you for adulting?

We had no guidance. We just drifted. It's a miracle that my siblings and I all became successful and stayed out of trouble.
My parents never prepared me for anything. I still don't know how money works. I remember being about 6 or 7 and looking at my father and thinking if that's what it's like to be a father I never want to be one. And looking at my parents and thinking if that's what it's like to be married I never want to do it. I've never been married and I don't have any children.
They taught me how to think for myself. Every question I asked when I was younger, the answer would start out with "well, let's think about it..." and included questions so that I could draw my own conclusion. Because of this, I found that I am much quicker than most to understand people's motives, figure out directions, and make a decision.
Both my parents were overweight and never exercised and they wondered why I (out of three siblings) wound up overweight. They also had my older siblings do soccer but gave up on that when I came around. They also didn't have friends so I had no good examples as far as socializing went. My father never taught me how to shave properly either, just handed me an electric razor that always left my face red. I think I resent the fact my father never did any tradition father-son activities with me such as: fishing, camping, hiking motorcycle riding, car repair, cooking, hunting, etc.
My parents grew up with nothing and life was hard for them. But they tried to provide us with everything and made life as easy and as comfortable for us as possible. It made all of us very lazy and self-indulgent. As the youngest, I snapped out of it early on because I hated my sisters so much while growing up that I strived to be the opposite of them. My sisters are now middle aged but they are still unbelievably lazy and self-indulgent. And they will complain constantly if they have to work a little hard. I do catch myself slipping into old habits now and then but I manage to catch myself most of the time and correct myself.
They do too much for me. I never get a chance to cook because mom's too concerned I'll make a mess or that we'll have a subpar dinner one night and starve or something. Any time I ask for help, they take it as a cue to do the entire task for me rather than answer the question I ask. They give me no incentive to move out because they're scared I'll have to deal with roommates I won't like, or end up living in a bad part of town.
I never had the chance growing up to build that social circle of friends a lot of people had or develop my social skills, I got into the mindset of "Why make friends and get attached? I'm not going to be here very long." And for the most part that was true, we would live in a location for a month to 6 months and move. He worked a lot of temporary jobs and couldn't find enough work back then to get things steady.

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Do you prefer swimming in pools or in the ocean? || Preferes nadar em piscinas ou no mar? 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
My favourite swimming is definitely in the sea, river or lake because you’re in the natural outdoors and the water is so fresh and lovely. The waves at the beach are so much fun whether you’re board riding, body surfing or just playing and getting thrown around by the waves. There is also something pretty special about doing a bush walk and coming across a river and just jumping in to get cool before setting off again.
But I also like a swimming pool if i want to do lap swimming or at a friends house and being able to cool off with a swim on a hot day is pretty great too.
So really I think all swimming choices are great but for different reasons.

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Do you prefer swimming in pools or in the ocean  Preferes nadar em piscinas ou

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀riding high, ⠀when I was king.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀played⠀ i t⠀ hard ⠀and ⠀ fast,
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀'cause ⠀⠀I ⠀had⠀ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ʀ̷ᴇ̷ɪ̷ʀ̷ᴀ̷ ⠀ ̷ᴀ̷ɴ̷ᴅ̷ ̷⠀ᴄ̷ʜ̷ᴀ̷ʀ̷ʟ̷ɪ̷ᴇ̷⠀ ̷ʙ̷ᴀ̷ᴋ̷ᴇ̷ʀ̷

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🥺 Décrivez votre voyage de rêve ?

julien2910’s Profile Photo2k29
My dream trip (one I'm going to take in the next two years!) is to fly to Oregon and drive an RV all the way up the coast to Alaska. It looks so beautiful. I'd also like to just travel through America avoiding the big cities and coast lines, seeing the interior of America isn't something I've seen many people do. Driving Route 66 would be a cool way to do it.
My dream is to take a year off from everything and travel. If i ever end up with enough money and time than i would like to visit Moldova, Belarus, Finland Norway Baltic countries, Russia, Mongolia, China Bhutan, Nepal. After that Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Caribbean Islands, some parts of Us, Canada. After that in Africa Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and maybe even more in Africa. And lastly Australia and New Zeland.
"Dream" is foolish because honestly that would be flying into Italy after winning a 200+ million lottery and stopping by Pagani to spec my Huayra, and then a quick stop over to Ferrari to pick up two new Ferraris (one for my best friend) and then we would drive them around Europe a bit before heading to a western coast where they would be shipped back to the US as we fly home.
From Barmera Australia, having never left, at age 23 in 1969 or something close to then he flys to San Francisco. He then proceeds to hitchhike all the way to the southern most point of Chile and then back up to the Arctic circle at the top of Canada. He used every day on his visas in every country in the Americas. Idk how he got across the Atlantic but he then took the Trans Siberian to the full length to Asia and left from there.
I rode about 6-8 hours per day but would stop between cities to look at ancient villages, touristy stuff but cool nonetheless. My itinerary was: Nice (where I rented the bike ~$800 for 6 days) -> Auvignon-> Aubenas (met a fellow rider halfway there and he let me crash at his place in a little village outside the city, apt was in the 400 year old castle walls of a church so that was super cool) -> Montpellier (my favorite city in France. Young ppl and lots to do. Liked it so much I stayed an extra night instead of riding) -> St Maxime (little town on the riviera) -> back to Nice. I would absolutely do that ride again but spend more time in Auvignon and spend nights in Nimes and Aix-en-Provence. Both beautiful cities that I only stopped in for a few hours. Get some more riding experience under your belt as some of the roads were expert level stuff but the drivers in France really take care to watch out for motorcycles. Better than I can say about LA drivers. Anyway, the vistas during the riding were breathtaking but stay away from the highways as they are toll roads and not cheap. Also there are speed cameras everywhere and I got 8 speeding tickets in the mail for minor infractions like 2-8 kph over the limit.

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How can I get a girlfriend that I can actually trust?

Best Advise I can give assuming your a guy. Be a real man, show her why your worth her time, support her unless she’s obviously hurting herself somehow, give her trust, maybe love her unconditionally, show her off, take her out, whatever it fucking takes make her laugh, always pay for dates period, keep an extra jacket for her if she ever gets cold, always smell good always dude, whatever she’s going through no matter how insignificant it is too you actually fucking listen and give her good feedback, Make every moment you can special, you see her struggling ever without her asking help her, pay attention to her features meaning she changes her hair notice without her telling you, she gets new ear rings tell her how beautiful she looks with them on, offer to help her with anything you can, never lie or keep secrets always always tell the truth, keep a stash of snacks just for her, whatever she drinks better have it cold and on deck as much as possible, play music she likes, when you take her out don’t tell her where your going just plan a whole day fucking wing it man but let the day happen, be excited to meet her parents and be the absolute best guy you can in front of them so skip the mf parting when you do, take pictures of her and y’all together, when she does something you don’t like put it out on the table respectfully so you can talk about it, be willing to change yourself for her you want her goals like yours well you added all hers to yours you gotta do things different to accomplish this shit so be willing to change, don’t act violent or throw things in front her, if she complains about her back YouTube how to give a back rub and get to fucking work 10 minutes goes a long way brother let me tell you, take her to places she’s never been that are cool, dam sure make sure you can get her off, buy her gifts and flowers every now and again, always be dependable, weather your hot or cold you make sure she’s just right, always talk good about her so when she hears you been talking she smiles, speaking of which make sure she always got one, Always hold doors open, pull out chairs, You meet someone and she don’t like them now you don’t like them, never let her get disrespected, let her see your messages if she wants yeah it’s crazy but really what you got to hide keep it 100, every chance you can do something cool to make her go wow you do it, watch her tv shows with her, she stays the night buy her soap body wash shampoo conditioner and have it available, Don’t talk about things that make her uncomfortable, look for body language if your somewhere and she’s not easy you leave period, don’t get mad at her for “having to go home early” sometimes get over it, make sure your car is clean so she’s not riding in nasty shit, idk there’s a lot but try some see if she wants to stay.

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What's The Most Beautiful Place You've Ever Seen?

caszia’s Profile PhotoP ☀️
An engrossing journey highlighted by traveling in a car, living in a wooden 🏠 where a chandelier invited everyone's eyes upward by virtue of its sparkle & to adore its glory, it made us feel more welcome to that house :D , observing rabbits & clicking a pic with them🐰, walking besides a beautiful river, daily eating tasty breakfast, and food. 。◕‿◕。 , horse 🐎 riding😄, seeing market,
And when the day finally arrived to visit Rohtang Pass,... :D ✨😻 ,
*arousen* by my family😹😂😂, and they told me to quickly dressen up,. At that time I thought, Why sooo early we have to go!??
But later on, I realised there wass soo much traffic jam🥺 and we almost get caught up in that for more than 1 hour, *I guess*, so that made me realise it was pretty reasonable in the morning to do like that 😹😹😂😂
I can't travel for very long hours, it makes me sick😅, but still we were waiting to visit Rohtang Pass as we were stuck in a jam & there was no turnin' back as everyday it would be like that😂😂😹,
But after much time, we finally reached the place, Rohtang Pass, And when I got out of my car, I got soo much mesmerized by its beauty that I no longer felt ill😃😄😍☺️☺️,
We really had a good time there!!! ☺️💛🧡❤️
Overall wonderful experience!!!! ☺️☺️🤗🤗💝💖💓💕🥰🥰

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Whats The Most Beautiful Place Youve Ever Seen

Where are you planning to go on your next holiday?

I'm going to Iceland at the end of November with my boyfriend. We're going on the Golden Circle tour, and hopefully seeing the Northern Lights. We're visiting the city of Reykjavik, going to museums, visiting an ice bar and going on a horse riding tour. We'll see glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and black sand beaches. I'm so excited for it! 🇮🇸

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What was your life like growing up?

I had mostly everything I could ask for. I learned how to ride a bike at a really young age. I was born and raised in the west coast so I was always outside doing something like riding my bike around town or playing basketball.
Growing up was pretty shitty. I was a fat kid from a single mom home. Mom worked her ass off for us, but wasn't around too much because of it. Went to school in a not-too-nice area. Wasn't a complete ghetto with bullets flying around, but there was a stabbing on campus while I was there. 2 people I graduated with are now on death row for rape and murder. So it wasn't Compton but it wasn't exactly safe either. 50% of the school spoke no English. Entire classes were taught in Spanish. Was pretty crazy. Got bullied a ton. I wanted to do well in school and I learned that if you fight back you get suspended too, so I just took it. I had kids who would kick/hit at me just to laugh at how white skin changes color (becomes whiter for a second) from the pressure "Look it left a footprint on him!" Kept my head down, worked hard at getting good grades, and got the hell out of there. Went across the nation for college because I wanted to get the hell out so badly. Now life is good. I've got a good job that pays well, a lovely wife, 2 great young kids (2 years and 3 months each). College was a blast. Made all the world of difference to get the hell out of a bad area and into a place where people wanted to be smart. Spoiled only child who got most of the things I wanted, although I was taught not to want too much. Learned to talk and read early, school was a joke, got good grades every year without trying and largely without studying or doing the required homework. Now I am not even a year out of college making good money working regular (7-5ish) hours. Personality is largely unchanged, I'm very nice to most people but also very entitled to my opinion and don't do well around stupid people or people who can't be criticized. Main hobbies include guns, art, music, snowboarding, videogames, weightlifting. Tl;dr, I was a spoiled only child and I think I ended up becoming a pretty good guy (especially taking into account the type of people I see more and more every day. The quality of people I see on a daily basis is becoming more and more disappointing.)
I had a tough time, we were on and off homeless, my mom bailed on my dad right after my brother was born. My dad is back to being homeless My life's not terrible, trying to figure out ways financially to afford college and work in Ca, and I live with roommates. Trying to find a new job so I can struggle a little less, I definitely work too hard to be this poor.
I was hyperactive in grade school and I got yelled at so much by my teachers I started wearing hoodies every day by 5th grade and by freshman year of highschool I had become mostly antisocial outside of my small group of friends. Still don't do well making new friends.

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Why do some people enjoy life and others don’t?

Javedm24254546’s Profile PhotoFaizan malik
Depends on demeanor,😊💝
One who is always curious to experience & encounter new/exhilarating things, lessons, and spending time with the precious ones!!! 😊💝, Feels very happy🦄🐰🐞🦋🐦🥰💞,
There're even many nice activities to do like skiing, horse riding, playing with pets🦓🥰, roller coaster rides, visiting a fair😁🤩🥳, watching movies in 4dx or 3d🤩😁😁🥰, playing games like table soccer,etc., Skating, visiting new destinations.
Can't know why some people can't enjoy life but sometimes such circumstances arouse which can lead to that way, but one must pass that rough path🤩🥰 & should do something which is worthwhile to do in this life, 😜🤩
It's challenging to do!!! 😆😁😁

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Why do some people enjoy life and others dont

Do you workout? What's your routine?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photoꪖ᥅ᥴꫝ꠸ꫀ
Every single day I diet and workout. I don't exactly have a routine some days I work out extra and some days I just work out normal. Just a lot of lifting walking running getting up and down up and down. I love riding bike! That is so much fun getting up really early in the morning and riding a bike to a destination with a group of friends

Are your parents still alive?

My Mom passed 26 years ago, Dad passed 5 years ago. I admire them a great deal and am proud to have been able to call them Mom and Dad. My parents both worked hard, dad had 2 jobs. I have no memories of when they weren't there for me, riding a bike, graduation, buying my first home. Mom taught me acceptance and how to treat everyone equally. Dad taught me how to always be there for family and how to fix things and make things. I'm pretty handy as a result. I try and parent similar to how I was raised. I am just doing the best I can. I feel lucky that I have great examples to follow. My husband's parents are the polar opposite of mine. We have been estranged from them for many, many years. I think they both passed on at this point. He got over the guilt and obligation to keep them in our lives a long time ago.
My mom is still around and she is a pretty wonderful person. She never gave up on me even when she should have. I have spent the last several years trying to get to know her as a person, not just my mom. I take her places and try to get her to tell me stories of her and my dads lives. I want to hear all about what it was like growing up during the depression and WW2, what it was like to live on a farm with no running water or electricity. And what it was like to be newly married in the early 50's and living in the mid west. At first it was like pulling teeth getting her to talk about that stuff because she thought it was so boring. But once she became convinced I was truly interested she began to open up. I have heard some great stories. If your folks are still alive I recommend trying to get them to tell you stories of their lives.
I was an only child, and an unwanted one (Mum was 37 when I was born; she had given up on having children and was enjoying the party life of a childless housewife; furthermore, if she were going to have a child, she wanted a girl, which I obviously was not). They did not do a great job of bringing me up. Dad worked shifts and, when he wasn't at work, he spent his time gardening or down the allotment. Mum was exceptionally house-proud, and a messy child was a nuisance; I was banned to my room most of the time.
Parents living, but very elderly. Still love my mom to the moon - she is a very loving and forgiving person, even though she made lots of mistakes, mostly by omission rather than comission. My dad, otoh, is kind of an asshole that drank his way through his depression, and couldn't wait for all of us to move out so he could have his house to himself. Half of us kids still visit him once in a while in the nursing home since he has very bad dementia. He is always so happy to see us! It's the love that he responds to. I'm still working my way through my feelings about him, as memories surface that are not pleasant, trying to understand things from his point of view (WW2 vet, strict moral values, raised us with the stick more than the carrot). It seems to be working - I still love him even with his faults.

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Are you afraid of horses?

nikki_rides’s Profile PhotoYᴏᴜTᴜʙᴇ: Nᴏᴄᴛᴜʀɴᴀʟ Eᴏ̨ᴜᴇsᴛʀɪᴀɴ
I am not I love horses. I actually have been talking to my husband about getting a zebra LOL for years I have always wanted a zebra. You can actually look into buying them and you can actually own one of course if you feed it and take care of it correctly just like you would a horse though they are a bit different. But I have always wanted to see if we're just because I absolutely love them they're one of my favorite animals. I love Dolphins I like swans dogs orcas and then if I had to pick another animal I like zebras. But horses can be like any other animal scared and naturally do what they have to do to protect themselves or they get startled or loud noises or such and sometimes that can be a little intimidating to us people sometimes and a lot of people can become scared of horses but I don't try to fear horses but I did give them their space and respect them and try not to startle them but I love horses. I love grooming them and taking care of them not more or less riding them I just I love taking care of them and feeding them

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What do you hate about shopping?

Yes - shirts are never long enough. It's hard in a professional environment where you get something, realize it stops right at your natural waist, so when you bend over to file something you risk it riding up and showing your back. Heaven forbid if a little of your underwear band shows because they are a different cut from your pants...My best friend has a large bust, short torso, broad shoulders. If something fits in the top, it's baggy/boxy at the waist. Proper fit at the waist means it's too tight across the top. And getting a larger size for the shoulders could mean some square and v-neck shirts show too much. I have a smaller bust, longish torso, pear shaped. Shirts regularly are not long enough, or if they are long they aren't generous enough at the hips. I went to walmart a few days ago and food stamps had just hit so EVERYONE was there. There were kids that couldn't have been much older than 10 climbing on shelves, throwing large rubber balls, knocking over displays, you name it it happened. Moms with kids hanging off the buggy, babies standing and jumping in the kid seat, fighting with the cashier because they can't buy cigarettes without a legal ID. Grown ass men pushing people out of the way so they could get their own crap first. Like fuck man, I'm hear for a box of bandaids, don't touch me! I yelled at a family of strangers because all the kids had a bike horn and dad was basically conducting an orchestra. Clothing shopping: I have bad self-esteem. I used to never want to go clothes shopping because I felt I just looked ugly or dumb in anything so why try. Nowadays, I still have not the best self-esteem, but I at least try and find things I think are cute, regardless of whether I look cute in them or not. I still have no idea how to match clothes either apparently, if my mother has anything to say about it. Like female fashion is so ducking weird. I can't keep up with it, if I think it goes together then it's gonna go together. Grocery shopping: I'm the kind of shopper that lets everyone else go first. Like when you accidentally almost bump into someone around a corner and you both just like motion for the other person to go, I always let the other person go first. Or like, if it's crowded in the aisle, I'll always try and make more room by trying to take up less space. But goddamnit. I'm about done with that. Now, I'll just about run you the fuck over if you're being rude about the whole shopping etiquette. I've had one to many nasty people just pushing themselves past me or practically shoving me out of the way or just cutting me off without apologizing. If I'm in the grocery store now, it's every man for himself (unless you're can remember your manners). I hate when I stop by a store and see something really cute and affordable, but when I go to purchase it the line is extremely long.

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What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?

UmeHabiba778’s Profile PhotoUme Habiba Hashmi.
QUESTION: A woman got d!vorce on the wedding night because because she didn't bleed. Her husband accused her for z!na but she never did wrong in her life. There is tradition putting white cloth on bed to check the bride bleed or not if she didn't then she get divorced. What Islam say about this?
ANSWER: This is absolutely prohibited and has nothing to do with Islam!
If it is to prove that she is v!rgin and to get the blood on it, this is sinful and a disgrace for the woman and her family. If a woman does not bleed after intercourse, this does not mean that she is not a virg!n as not every woman bleeds after intercourse!
The vast majority of v!rgins don't bleed nowadays either due to the nature of the hymen that doesn't break from the first night or due to the fact that it was broken due to playing sports, bicycle riding etc.
If he accused her of z!na, she must take him to the muslim court where he either produces 4 make witnesses that had seen her forn!cating with a man or he will be flogged 80 la*shes for slandering a Muslim woman!
SubhanAllah this is islam.

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What’s your preferred way to travel? By walking, biking, car, boat, plane?

mtaubs_fitness’s Profile PhotoMichael Taub
I love the outdoors.....boating, fishing, hiking, ATV trail riding, and seeing nature. I have seen deer, bear, and an animal the department of wildlife says does not exist.....A black panther....And I knew no one would believe me....until trail cameras started getting pictures of it....and vehicles seeing it cross the road.

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You almost got ran over 2 days ago when cycling?

KatelynShaff13’s Profile PhotoGinja4Life
I did! There was a piece of road where both cars and bicycles come together. And this car was behind me, had no patience, started yelling at me and almost drove over me. I almost lost control of my bike as he was riding so close to me.
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You almost got ran over 2 days ago when cycling

What do you do to keep yourself sane and what is helping your PPD or helping you from getting it?

My family is only my parents, and they've already made it clear they won't watch him at my apartment. I refuse to bring him to their house because it's a health hazard, I'm talking it smells like dog pee and poo the moment you step in the door. His family is all talk, as much as I hate to say it. They're quick to say "Call me if you need anything!" and such, but then when I call they kind of shut me down and aren't very helpful/there for me. So I'm kind of riding solo here but with some help from my mom when she is able to stop by. Thankfully my husband will have good communication back home, so it's not like I will go weeks or something without speaking to him. So I still have his support it's just from a distance.
With the weather finally warming up, getting outside helps a lot. Even if it's just a quick walk around the block with LO, it clears my head and puts me in a good mood. It also forces me out of pajamas, which is another thing that I think helps, sanity-wise.
I also started getting into photography when LO was new and sleeping all the time. It's good to have a hobby and I ended up with some adorable memories to put on the wall! Today, the sun is shining (literally lol, but figuratively too), and I am considering whether I want to take my daughter to a nearby petting farm or just to a park. When the weather is nice, I try to get out and do something fun every day. Sometimes that's just a walk around the block or playing in the backyard, but doing something is key. I often try to do one-out-of-the-house errand every day too. It passes the time, and the baby loves to see other people. If the weather is crappy, I look online for a sensory activity or craft we can do. This obviously gets easier and more interesting as they get older! There were definitely some hard days, and days where I felt completely overwhelmed. I just tried to stay positive, and I'd vent to DH a little! He'd reassure me, and between that and the sweet smiles of lo I powered through! Breastfeeding was a little challenging the first few weeks, and definitely the first time she started cluster feeding! I whined a lot lol! But I am SO glad I am able to breastfeed and that I stuck with it. The extra bonding and all those feel good hormones you get from nursing have been priceless! The bassinest was one of my absolute favorite things I got too, I hope you like it as much as I did!! It will definitely be a huge help through the nights for you! It was also peace of mind for me. I could look right over at her and check her whenever I wanted! Which as a ftm, especially in those early months, was constantly! Other than the normal cleaning and stuff, I try to workout at some point every day or go spend some time outside with the little one. He loves it outside. As far as PPD, my Dr prescribed my zoloft, and it's been a GAME CHANGER for me. The first couple weeks pp, I was a crying crazy hot mess.

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what do you do to boost your self esteem? ☺️✨

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
My primary method is working out. I feel it gives me a great confidence boost even if I only exercise for a few minutes. Sometimes that's all my body needs. Of course, the more the merrier, but if you can take a few minutes out of the day just to do a little work out, it'll go a long way. It may even motivate you to keep going. You never know. You start exercising for five minutes, and it turns into a 30-minute workout. Then you feel a hundred thousand times better than you did before, and you'll probably feel like that for the rest of the day. You're riding off of a natural high that you'll be thankful for in the long run. You're not only making your mind happy, but you're making your body happy. If you can make every ounce of your being happy, you can live life knowing that everything will work out beautifully.
My secondary method is meditating. I like meditating because it calms down my brain. So if I'm having a pretty active day, or my mind is in overdrive, I can take solace in knowing that I can meditate at any time, anywhere. I don't always have to close my eyes and meditate. Sometimes all I need is just deep concentration. If I can get that, I can meditate anywhere and feel good knowing that I can at least control some of the anxiety and intrusive thoughts.
I have some tertiary methods as well. If I can think about compliments that people have given me, that can boost up my self-esteem because it reminds me that I am worth something in this world. Sometimes when we're in a pretty bad mood we tend to forget about all the times we were brought up by other people. These could be simple things like having a compliment on your hair, or a compliment on your eyes. Or somebody just holding the door open for you because you're holding bags and can't open the door yourself. It's the small things that go a long way they can sometimes be overshadowed when we're in that kind of dark State of Mind.

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Do you wear seatbelts in cars?

Of course i do. The seatbelt has saved so many lives.
The trick to car accidents is to not tense up. When your body is tense the seatbelt locks so tensing adds more of an impact on your body but if you just kinda let go, you actually have a higher chance of not getting seriously injured. & NEVER use your legs/arms to embrace an impact.
Its the same if you are riding a horse and you’re going to fall off, dont tense up just roll with it.

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Do you wear seatbelts in cars

Kya ap hr trhan k imtehaan k liye tyar hein ?🙂

22 -28 is not a nice age.
Your dream career has started, Your ex partners are getting married , elders treat you as a wise adult , college guys feel that you are too old to have in their group. You seem to enjoy both cartoon and news.
You can no longer eat whatever you wish without putting on weight.
Every Aunt you meet asks “When are you getting married!!” whilst uncles ask “What are you doing with your career?”
When the reality is that you are just riding the wave and going with the flow.
You are a stranger to people whom you consider family, you have all the confidence in the world but little achievements to show. You already have the first hand experience of living , You know that whatever you have been taught about life in school has been a sheer waste of time.
You know now that love is not that blind and when you decide to be with someone it means being forever , you realize that friendship has its terms and conditions, you know there is nothing for granted and that your overconfidence is now making its way for a humble conscience.
You now know it is not exactly what you thought it would be

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Vous préférez vous habiller en jean ou survêtement ?

tom_Pce’s Profile PhotoTom
I actually do consider myself a lady and wear dresses or skirts 90% of the time. I rarely wear pants, sometimes jeans or shorts, depending on the weather, but only for more sporty activities, like riding my bike or maybe going to a sports event, outdoor concert etc. But I go for more elegant outfits usually. I find dresses more comfortable than pants, plus they look good on anyone. I don’t like either one but if we could include leggings, jeggings and sweatpants the latter three are definitely for me! They are so much more comfortable. Dresses no no no! I haven’t worn a dress for years. Jeans well they are OK but if they don’t have enough stretch in them they bind, roll over and do all that crazy stuff. But the remaining, well they are so comfortable and you can dress them up or dress them down.
I live in Toronto, and I’m retired. When I was working, in the early years I wore dresses and skirts to work because that was the norm at the time. I ended up wearing pants to work as the years went on and it became more acceptable. Much more practical, modest and comfortable in every way. Plus if I wore skirts, I also had to wear pantyhose which are the work of the devil AND pumps/court shoes which are also not very comfortable. Pants and flat shoes rule. In places with real winters, pants are much better in every way, never mind warmer. We get hot humid summers here, and then skirts and dresses with bare legs can be more comfortable, particularly if they are knee length or longer so they don’t restrict movement. Seriously though... We like it all... You women are always beautiful and intriguing to us. As far as preferences go, I think it's more dependent on context and setting. We love you in those yoga pants if you're workin out. In casual stuff for a casual time, and all done up in a gown for a gala event.

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What is your favorite country and why?

I've only been to Norway once but it was outstanding. Gorgeous nature and cities, incredibly kind (and beautiful) people, and also one of the most socially progressive and economically stable countries in the world.
However, I really enjoyed England when I visited London for a week several years ago. The people were very friendly and helpful, the Underground was easy and convenient. The food was amazing. I love London's steakhouses, and they also have really good Indian and Japanese restaurants as well. And the history was very fascinating. We stayed only a few blocks away from the Tower Bridge and Tower of London, so we crossed the bridge and toured the tower basically everyday. Back at home, my favorite state out of all 40 states I've visited so far, Minnesota is my favorite because that's where a lot of my family lives, but my second-favorite state has to be my home state of Colorado. I love that I'm less than an hour's drive away from the plains and the mountains. I like to hunt pronghorn antelope in the fall, so the plains hold a special place in my heart for that. Plus, it's always fun to take my dirtbike out and tear down the country roads as fast as those two wheels can take me, which is close to 80 mph. The mountains are awesome too! I participate in a sport called endurocross, AKA trail endurocross, AKA enduro. The mountains provide me with a beautiful challenge of riding my dirtbike up some of the most insane hills for the best views. America. We have a right to freedom of speech. We have the right to bear arms to prevent government tyranny. We're also "Capitalist pigs" who have a reasonable tax rate (this doesn't apply to California). We don't have universal healthcare, but I'll make do with corporate group insurance or a government job if it comes down to it.
Also yes, this is one of the few countries that give you the right to bear arms with the exclusive right to defend oneself from not only individuals trying to harm you or your property, but also a tyrannical government. This is rare as fuck because in the vast majority of countries you’re expected to wait until police arrive lol. We’re also one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world, you can choose to live in the tropics of Puerto Rico to the cold urban city of New York to the deserts of Arizona.
Ireland. I love the culture, the traditional step dancing, the music and the food. Hell, I even took two semesters of Gaelic in college. Because of that I was tempted to take a few more Irish centered courses in order to get my "Celtic Studies" certificate but I didn't because it would've cut into my minor. Plus I'm half Irish.
Berlin is arguably the best capital city in Europe, imo. It's has the perfect blend of everything you'd want from a trip abroad. It's very multicultural and has amazing, vibrant night-life, but it's all set against the backdrop of incredible European history.

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How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?

leahtvergara’s Profile Photo✿ ℓεαɦ ѵ. ♔
I was like...8 years old. I had a bike with training wheels for forever. I was really wanting to learn how to be on two wheels. But my parents wouldn't teach me. IDK why, if they didn't have time or what. So my best friend at the time listened to me complain about it. She knew how to ride a bike so I had my dad bring my bike to her house and SHE taught me how to ride. I learned very quickly and showed everyone that night at my house.
No clue. I don't remember ever learning how to ride a bike, but I do remember riding a bike as early as kindergarten.. and not just riding down the street, but I have a vivid memory of riding through ND farmland and being freaked out by a herd of bulls (verified by my siblings as true). We only lived there for kindergarten & first grade. I also remember riding down a really muddy hill.
I was 8 or 9. I had a red, pink, and white bike that I was super proud of. It took me awhile to learn how to ride, but I got it eventually. I hurt myself constantly, because I'm clumsy and I liked going really fast. I remember always having blisters from the hand grips. After I pitched myself off my bike for the 100th time my parents banned me from riding too far from the house.
I was 20. One of my friends, who I met while studying abroad, thought that that was a proper tragedy. So, the day after we met, he taught me to ride a bike. It was pretty grueling, but he was really supportive. I got the hang of it in a little less than a week, and he had me bike everyday thereafter for months to gain some muscle memory. My biking skills were admittedly poor, but that’s how I got my start.
I think I was around the age of 4 or 5 when I learned to ride a two-wheel bike. My grandmother taught me by holding onto the back as I learned to keep my balance and then she'd gradually let go for longer amounts of time. From what I recall it was a lot of fun. I think I was around 8-10 years old? My dad took my brother and I to the park and taught us at the same time. It was awesome! It was the classic "dad's holding on to the back of the bike so you're not scared to fall, and then you look back and dad's not holding on anymore and you're riding all by yourself!" scenario. I think it's one of my favorite childhood memories.
I was 19, did it during the summer before my second year of uni. It was rewarding to tackle something new and overcome it, and it was fun spending summer evenings practising cycling round the neighbourhood with my mum. She doesn’t bike any more so that was a one-off experience.
Confession: I've never actually learned to ride a bike, I'm 21 now. Actually, I have ridden a bike successfully before and could prob figure it out in minutes...but my family were never bike riders. I just didn't grow up in that environment, although in my neighborhood bikes are a constant.

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DantehijomayordeSparda’s Profile PhotoFerrowill, Dante, 'n' Others.
*It was a slow day to the demon hunter, no much work but the good side was he could sleep uninterrupted in his chair and desk but suddenly a man, with dark skin, great beard and stylish clothes came in his agency and he said.*
-Morrison: Hello, my boy. Whatchu doing?
-Morrison, I hope you have something good for me, I really could use a gig. *Reply the white hair man as he correct his posture and talk to that old friend.*
-Morrison: I’m happy you mention it, I just received a call from a friend in a dark city call Gotham. Apparently they have problems with demons. So I think you could be like home. *That was enough for the Son of Sparda to leave that place, after a little more information he closed tight the door and riding his recently acquire demon bike, after a couple of hours the man arrived to that city, riding in those streets he could noticed how dark, depressive and blue that city was.*
-Something in here it’s really bad looking… Maybe there are demons here after all. *He said as he stopped in front of gotham special police department and he get inside the building, with his classic aptitude he approached to the receptionist and said.*
-I’m looking for a man named Gordon I think… It was that moment when both the girl in cat clothes and the man with big moustache came out of their office, he smiled and with confidence he walked to him and he told to that man.*
-That moustache has “Morrison” on it. You must be Gordon. *it was that moment when she asked him all of those questions. The son of Sparda laughed a little and he did something he loves. Talk about himself.*
-Wow wow, slow down kitty, I’m not gonna spare any of your seven lives. The name’s Dante, I’m the demon hunter on red grave city and the best and most handsome man alive that can deal with any kind of demon. So Morrison just told where to go but he didn’t mention what was this gig about.*

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