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Your team is a rip off always cancelling last minute and not saying anything last minute not even you say anything you dont give us our money back for our refunds

We as a team and I personally love you we want you all to have a save and happy show but with my mental health being low and me feeling exhausted I feel I don't have the energy and sometimes things are really short notice but we sit and talk about if its the right decision and how to proceed and what to say

Tagesfrage #Gestern ist die Queen verstorbe*. Wie gehst du damit um?♡(9.8.2022)

austriawienbarbie23’s Profile PhotoMama_von_7_wunder♡
Mit etwas Verspätung 🥀 ..... Man muß nicht unbedingt ein Brite oder Royalist sein, um ihr Anerkennung zu zollen 👍 Bereits als Kind habe ich gerne die Geburtstagsparade der Queen angeschaut 😁 Früher, als sie noch zu Pferd und in Paradeuniform die Truppe inspiziert hat 🇬🇧 👋 Irgendwie hat man immer gedacht, sie lebt ewig 🤔 Natürlich ist 96 ein stolzes Alter ! Aber die 100 hätte ich ihr durchaus zugetraut 🍀 Ihre Mutter ist ja auch 101 geworden 😁 Das es so plötzlich gekommen ist, damit hat wohl kaum einer gerechnet 🤔 70 Jahre im gleichen Job ! Wer schafft das schon 😱😁 Vielleicht hat sie den Tod ihres Mannes doch nicht so gut verkraftet wie es nach außen gewirkt hat 🥀🤔 Dazu noch der Zirkus innerhalb der Familie 🤬 Vielleicht hatte sie bereits abgeschlossen und gedacht: " Macht doch euren Scheiß alleine " und sitzt jetzt gemeinsam mit Prinz Philipp auf einer Wolke und schlürft einen Gin 🥃😁 ..... Oder war das ihre Mutter Queen Mom die gerne einen gehoben hat 🤔😉 .... R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II 😇

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Tagesfrage Gestern ist die Queen verstorbe Wie gehst du damit um982022

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/170890408176

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Katherine watched him intently as his eyes roamed the room, she had begun to wonder if he had heard her at all until he spoke, proving that he was indeed listening. Brown eyes narrowed as he started, curiously tilting her head to the side anticipating the continuation.
It barely took her a second to understand exactly what he was hinting at, chuckling softly in response, eyes snapping to meet his as a seductive smirk stretched her lips.
He was stepping closer to her, leaning in, and she struggled to not immediately capture his lips in a bruising kiss. He continued talking and Katherine's smirk faded as she stepped backwards led by his steps until she gasped softly at the cold wall hitting her back.
Her hands reflexively found place on his firm chest. Her lower lip caught between her teeth without her even noticing. Her heart skipped a beat and because of the closure she was sure Damon had noticed.
His last words, a mixture between a warning and a promise, left the doppelganger with a lump in her throat. She tried to think but she was trapped, physically, mentally and even emotionally trapped.
Her eyes got lost in his shortly before she slowly dragged her gaze across his features and down to his lips, licking hers almost reflexively at the mere thought of tasting him again. Her hand on his chest slowly moved up and wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer till his body pressed flush against hers. "I'm not sure that's a good idea, Damon." She started, playful but intentionally making it sound like a rejection even as her body instinctively clung to his.
With her hand around his neck, fingners buried in his dark locks at the nape of his neck. "Considering what we just told the reception, I might have to scream another name." She smirked proudly, devilishly. This was teasing at it's finest; she wanted so badly to push him off the edge, probably just as badly as he wanted to push her, and she was certain the mere thought of Katherine screaming her ex lover's name while Damon ravished her would be beyond enough. She didn't care if he'd rip into her neck in a second, she was just done waiting, she wanted him, or at least that's what die convinced herself of, later reality would dawn on her that it was no longer wanting him; rather a need for Damon that she absolutely refused to admit. Damon's possessiveness had always aroused her and she couldn't help but want to feel more, she'd been too reckless to even notice how she had begun rubbing against him slightly.

With only a few centimeters between their lips, Katherine was holding on by the finest strands of her will but not even that was enough when before she knew it, her lips collided with his, releasing that bent up desire she'd been suppressing since the first drop of his blood hit her taste buds, hands messily caressing his chest, back, hair, desperately to feel more; she'd later deal with the consequences,maybe try convince him it was nothing beyond a way to fill the time.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmdasalvatorebrothersanswers170890408176

Deine Meinung zu Karl Lauterbach.

In3ss5’s Profile PhotoInes
Man sollte keine "Meinung" zu Menschen haben, die man nicht kennt.
Kann Leute nicht ernst nehmen, die noch nie mit jemandem gesprochen haben, nichts über die Person wissen, aber denken in einer Position zu sein, urteilen oder gar verurteilen zu können.
Hab ich erst kürzlich bei meinem RIP Shoutout erleben dürfen, da es hier scheinbar von Verschwörungsspastis wimmelt oder von Menschen, die anderen gern die Taten ihrer Ahnen anhängen würden, aber zeitgleich die Stirn runzeln würden, wenn man das selbe bei ihnen macht.

Why did you say “RIP” to queen Elizabeth, you know she and Charles did an uncover job for Diana’s death right? That was planned and soon after their divorce. Charles is a nasty man

Not sure what Charles being nasty has to do with wishing the Queen a peaceful death...but whatever.
What you're describing is a conspiracy theory, meaning it hasn't been proven.
I'm no fan or follower of royalty, and being a US citizen...couldn't really care less about any of it.
I'm also aware that historically, royals are not the nicest or squeaky-cleanest of humans, morally.
I'm personally more affected when an artist or actor whose work i respect dies, than any politician or royal figurehead.
But getting up in arms because people say "Rest in Peace" to a historical figure seems like you just want to start an argument.
What stake do you really have in it?

R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth 🙏🏻

Devils_never_cry’s Profile PhotoMatt
Ja, die war irgendwie schon immer da. Dass da jetzt n "King" sein soll klingt irgendwie falsch.
Aber hey, sie wurde 96, musste nich im Heim verrecken, war körperlich noch einigermaßen fit und nicht dement. Mehr geht halt auch nicht.
Mal gucken ob die Briten traditionell bleiben oder demnächst die Republik ausrufen. Könnte beides verstehen.

La regina è morta rip 🤫😭🥺😢😩😫

Il fatto è che il tg ha messo l’edizione straordinaria interrompendo i programmi e la prima cosa spontanea che mi è venuta da fare è stato insultarli perché ste robe dovrebbero metterle per cose di guerr4.. che riposi in pace la queen, ma la gente va all’altro mondo ogni giorno 🙏🏼

▬▬▬▬▬⠀∫⠀Continuation ⊱

fangsandstilettos’s Profile Photokatherine pierce.
Her thigh pushed between his legs, for more reasons than just to find balance. One last lustful look before she stroked her bared fangs against his neck, his smell filling her nostrils before she slowly sunk her teeth in. She was gentle, especially in comparison to her previous move having pushed her against the wall with enough strength to break a human's rip.
She couldn't yet decide why she'd been so gentle but perhaps it was just how much this whole scene reminded her of their past, when a fragile human Damon Salvatore allowed her a taste of his life force. For now she was in no condition to think or talk, Katherine was lost, he tasted so familiar yet slightly different, it was intoxicating, and her grip on him softened the more she drank. She slowing down, pulling back slowly, trying to savor the last few drops in her mouth just a little longer. Finally her eyes met his and she looked like she might as well have been riding out an orgasm; whoever said blood sharing was intimate was underestimating it.

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*Shadow growls and suddenly his claws grow longer, he swipes his clawed hand down the blinded side of Goro's face, his claws rip through the eye patch, and draw blood, in that moment, the flow of blood, should make it clear this is no dream or nightmare, you don't bleed in dreams*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀⚠️⠀ᴛ̛ʜ̕ᴇ̵ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏ͠ɢ ́ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴ̢ᴏ͜.̨⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀Sensing that the demon was approaching his position, he quickly got away from that point, but couldn't avoid the wound caused on that old deep scar on his blind eye. As a consequence, the patch broke and fell to the floor, the blood began to fall all over that side of his face.
He winced at it. He watched one of his gloved hands stain with drops of his own blood.
This worried him more than it should. He didn't care about the pain, or what kind of individual that young being was, or if this fight was going to last too long.
He worried about the fact that he can ended up almost dead.
And when that happened... ꜱʜᴇ ᴡᴀꜱ ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ.
Goro regained a completely different composure from before, now would choose to be very defensive thinking about how not to end up in limbo. Escape did not exist in his language, he only had to fight until found out how to get rid of that boy.
Now looked very serious.

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What kind of genre of music do you listen to?

LunaDelARose’s Profile Photoluna
My music collection is quite eclectic.
In fact, in my music library… I have everything recorded from 1943 to the present day.
Everything from classical alternative top 40 and some other Rip securities.
I'm also quite an accomplished musician as Wellers skilled in audio and music production.
So music to me, is the language of the universe.

How long do you think you'd survive in a zombie apocalypse?

Just about... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

*three rotting zombies amble forward, claw at my flailing limbs and drag me out from under a table for some bloody brain munching*

🥀 RIP 🥀
Here lies Aisyah
Who fought relentlessly
To keep her golden chicken nuggets safe
Where 'X' marks the spot.
She died as a martyr for the nuggies.

Kodėl vyrai, kurie kabinėjasi prie atsistiktinių moterų, prašo nusišypsoti?

beepboop19’s Profile PhotoSaida suisaida
vyrai gauna mažai tiesioginių komplimentų; labai retas vyras žino, kaip į juos reaguoti. Toks status quo sukuria situaciją, kai vyras yra pripratęs prie labai mažo dėmesio jam kiekio, ir yra ištroškęs bet kokio tipo validumo įrodymo, kad jis yra šio bei to "vertas". Jam tikriausiai nelabai svarbu, ar tas įrodymas yra nuoširdus ar net sintetinis, tiek mažai jo gavęs kad net ir ironišką pašaipą priims kaip gardų kąsnį.
Enter woman; mūsų andro-hyperseksualumą puoselėjanti hetero-amatonormatistiška visuomenė (lmao, rip hipopotomonstrosesquipedalofobams :D) plauna smegenis, kad "tikras" vyras gali priimti asmeninius komplimentus (as in, kompetencinius gali priimti iš visų) tik iš moteriškos lyties ir privalo juos interpretuoti kaip potencialią progą santykiams - tai yra, kad mergina, sakanti komplimentą vaikinui yra pats tiesmukiškiausias merginos mėginimas kabinti vaikiną. Žinoma, tai nėra tiesa ir merginos gali sakyti komplimentus neturėdamos jokio romantinio ar tai seksualinio intereso recipiantui. Bet, socialiai, tai kaip ir dogma hetero-hyper-seksualizuotoje amatonormatistiškoje visuomenėje.
Taigi, prieinam prie tavo klausimo; aukščiausias įmanomas validumo įrodymas vyrui gali ateiti tik iš potencialios partnerės, ypač jei ji domina (ir ji turi dominti hetero-... žinot kas čia seka). Tai suteikia vyrui malonumo, nes jis yra pozityviai įvertinamas. Todėl jis mėgina tokią situaciją sukurti - jam daug svarbiau, kad jis gautų tą validumo įrodymą, nei kad jį užsidirbtų - prašydamas nusišypsoti, kas yra palankumo ir priėmimo gestas, dažniausiai.
Bet man kažkodėl atrodo, kad tu visą šitą jau ir taip žinojai, tik ieškojai pritarimo dėl savo patiriamo engimo būtent šiuo principu.

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Teaser tuesday Es ist mal wieder so weit das ich lust habe zu erfahren, welche MMFF Ideen oder Kapitelideen Charakterconcepte euch derzeit durch den Kopf spuken. Wie sieht es da bei euch aus?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Ich nutze diese naja zugegeben mal schon etwas ältere Frage, um das Character Builder Moodboard zu Alani zu droppen, die seit gestern nun auch auf der at Choice Seite von Kissed by the devil von @almostalife ist 🥰
Vielleicht schaffe ich die Woche auch noch das richtige Moodboard, ich bin nur grade schon etwas im Pre-Umzugsstress rip
Teaser tuesday Es ist mal wieder so weit das ich lust habe zu erfahren welche

kiss kill marry hookup with the stryke boys (rip)

fucking hell i forgot about that house 😭😭😭😭 you just brought back so many memories loooool. definitely kill james and woody oops, kiss connor and marry elijah?
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Ihr liebe ich weiß wir sind noch meilenweit von der Entscheidung entfernt aber eure Ocs auf der At Choice Seite von Kissed by the devil sehen so spannend aus mögt ihr schon 3 Fakten oder ein Moodboard von ihnen teilen?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
ich und moodboards, ne. ewiger kampf. aber ich bin ganz happy damit. (und es war echt schwer nicht einfach nur sein faceclaim auf's moodboard zu klatschen und es dabei zu belassen, haha. da wär er voll dabei.)
davon abgesehen...ja, drei fakten~
1. Malkhaz' Name (und er) kommt aus Georgien ("wow, you're from georgia?! my cousin lives in atlanta!" "...") - Malkhaz bedeutet dabei soviel wie "schön, elegant, jugendlich" und ich bin SO stolz auf den Namen weil er so gut passt. Vom Klang, von der Bedeutung, boah. :D
2. Wäre er ein Tier, dann wohl am ehersten ein Pfau. Dabei nicht mal unbedingt wegen dem Äußeren, sondern vom Verhalten her. Immer schön aufplustern, everybody!
3. Er ist definitiv der Älteste auf der At Choice-Seite (rip meme), aber sein Alter steht dort absichtlich nicht - sowas fragt man einen Herren von Welt nicht! :'))
(bonus...ich hab stalker's tango von autoheart beim moodboard-bauen im loop gehört und...joah. irgendwie passt das auch zu ihm. textlich und...vibe-lich.)

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Ihr liebe ich weiß wir sind noch meilenweit von der Entscheidung entfernt aber

Ihr liebe ich weiß wir sind noch meilenweit von der Entscheidung entfernt aber eure Ocs auf der At Choice Seite von Kissed by the devil sehen so spannend aus mögt ihr schon 3 Fakten oder ein Moodboard von ihnen teilen?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Why Not both?
⛰️ Gottlieb seines Zeichens Sohn von Gotthold und Enkel von Gottfried (Heeey, @Jouluku ich habe dir gesagt, das ziehe ich durch) ist your local Cottagecore Boy aus den wunderschönen Alpen
⛰️ Menschen sind seltsam, beängstigend und ew. Tiere, Tiere mag er. (Zugegeben, Menschen irgendwie auch, aber sie ihn nicht so, RIP)
⛰️ Vollwertige Mahlzeiten wofür? Die gute alte schweizer Schokolade, mehr braucht man doch nicht...oder so? Könnte er jeden Tag essen.
Ihr liebe ich weiß wir sind noch meilenweit von der Entscheidung entfernt aber

Твое отношение к пирсингу?)

Alla_deniz’s Profile PhotoAlla_deniz
The Amity Affiction - R.I.P. Bon
Я даже не знаю что вам должен ответить человек, у которого 10 проколов есть, ахаха
Твое отношение к пирсингу

https://youtu.be/JWDSVGo4jUk nu-s eu mare fan manele, dar mel asta imi aduce aminte de copilarie. 2004/5. Perioada iernii, când veneam in casă de la sanie și abia așteptam să se difuzeze pe taraf, n-aveam net atunci. toata lumea o fredona, era mare hit. RIP! 5 ani de când s-a dus...

Ce imi place cand anonimii imi trimit chestii nostalgice doar mie :))) ❤️da, si eu o iubesc, e preferata mea💔saraca Denisa

*Nova will rip off the child's arms use her magic to reattach them, just to rip them off all over again, they spewed backwards viewpoints to the wrong lady*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
/Frisk can be a true monster, they don't have any problem saying whatever they feel like saying in order to hurt others but they may have just hurt the wrong people/

Szép napot! Milyen viszonyt ápolsz az alkohollal?

Sophrones’s Profile PhotoSophrone
Szeretek inni és részeg lenni, viszont vékony a jég az alkoholmámor és a refluxos rosszullét között. "Jól" kell innom ahhoz, hogy előbb rúgjak be, mint, hogy elkezdjen marni a sav/hányingerem legyen. Mondjuk a legrosszabb, hogy már olyan öreg vagyok, hogy spiccesnek se kell lennem ahhoz, hogy másnapos legyek, rip.

Opinione non richiesta: dare un voto alle persone sull'estetica è oggettificante e infantile. Evitiamo almeno su ask? :)

lovemusicday’s Profile PhotoOssimoro (Sophie)
È dai tempi di Kiwi che ło dico, basare la propria autostima su un numero dato da una sconosciuto o sconosciuta è un qualcosa di insensato.
Mi ricordo che mi dissero " tu sei solo invidioso perché fai vomit*re" ah beh, questo capire l'intelletto di chi vota e di chi si fa votare. Rip.
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How many deaths are required for the salvage , A salvation, you have been seeking.

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
I dont need death of anyone to be happy😱. But generally 👉the best death is a natural death.🤔 And if people are supposed to secure the best health care for themselves thanks to their millions and to live to a great age, they simply fall down the stairs in age of 73 🤷‍♀️.RIP Ivana Trump, Czechoslovak skier who conquered USA - for someone woman of many talents, for someone woman who just found the right d...
How many deaths are required for the salvage  A salvation you have been seeking

*The God blocks the blade with his own scythe as he reaches a hand over to grab Frisks to instantly kiII them, Death touch* Heh, you really shouldn't of assumed I was just a Sans in a costume kiddo..maybe it wouldn't of been so easy to kiII ya then..guess I have to go ahead and take ya back to Lifes

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
*You would of thought it'd be that easy to defeat a human..but this was no ordinary human, they felt their soul ready to shatter but it refused and a sudden reset occurs that automatically reverts back to when they swung the knife but this time, they use one hand to grab the scythes handle to try and rip it away from the skeleton and the other jabs their knife into the skeletons ribs* "What was that about taking me back to who and being easy to kiII?"


tvoe_miloserdie’s Profile Phototvoe_miloserdie
1. Правда
2. Мотивация - неправда.
Сам Тиньков высказывался против военных действий, а так же его банк был единственным крупным, кто не попал под санкции. Так как он был частным. По этой причине, тупо угрозами, у него банк забрали. (Типичные рекет). Якобы "купили" но на самом деле захватили.
Тиньков своё мнение по этому поводу сказал и покинул Россию.
Что же делают те, кто захватил чужой банк? Начнём с того кто его захватил - владельцы другого банка. И вот им достался чужой банк. Что сделал бы человек с могзгами? Воспользовался бы этим шансом и управлял банком в тихую, не раскрывая свою личность, дабы не попасть под санкции слишком скоро.
Что делают идиоты? Они понимают, что открыто банком управлять не выйдет, да и он им особо не нужен. И они занимают позицию собаки на сене. Они решают угробить банк и создать там настолько абсурдные, невыгодные, воровские условия, чтобы клиенты банка сами от него отказались и ушли в тот банк, которым управляет его настоящий владелец. Им похер, что их основной банк под санкциями, они просто хотят уничтожить Тинькофф. Так что да, они воруют переводы из-за рубежа. Они обнуляют счета с акциями, они просто украли все деньги с валютных брокнрских счетов. И система их прекрыыает.
Банк Тинькофф умер в тот момент, когда его захватили. Теперь вы имеете труп, подвешанный за верёвки, который прялет при подёргивании кукловода за них. Тинькоффа больше нет. RIP.

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*I haven't RPed Error in awhile and haven't RPed a fight with him in even longer, so just reminding you, I stick close to canon on what he can do, and what works on him/his strings, he will not show mercy*

TheBrokenGlitch’s Profile PhotoError
*lol maybe ink could distract him during the battle or help her escape wasn't planning on her dying the first day on ask just wanted tension rip xD*

The famous vlogger & youtuber , student of aga khan university karachi Abdullah khattak has passed away in a road accident, this is so unreal 💔. He was such a vibrant personality ,got so much to learn from him .Kindly pray for the departed soul. May his soul rest in peace.

dictator_1059’s Profile Photoshafique
I'm still in shock.
I've been following him since his A-levels time.
Came to Khi all the way from Peshawar to study medicine.
Such a brilliant student, a great mentor.
I just can't believe.
Gone too soon Abdullah 😭

Jak wrażenia po wczorajszym odcinku?

blpolska’s Profile PhotoDramy BL Polska
Więc tak to póki co obok odcinka 4,7 i 10 mój ulubiony. W końcu dostałam oczekiwany przeze mnie wątek. Po pierwsze bardzo mi się podoba to jakie zostały wprowadzone zmiany co do novelki, że nie dostaliśmy żadnych r@p3 scen. I mam nadzieje że już tego nie zepsują. Fajnie też rozwiązali zniknięcie Pete. Chociaż Kinn początkowo o nim zapomniał jak w novelce to tutaj przynajmniej to rozwinęli i dali logiczne wytłumaczenie. Poznaliśmy Vegasa z innej stron. Wątek Vegaspete i ich zmieniające się spojrzenie na siebie oraz odkryte podobieństwa i przeżycia, KinnPorsche żyjący swoim najlepszym życiem, RIP KimChay. No i w końcu pojawili się zapomniani przez twórców TimeTay. Ogólnie jestem zachwycona tym odcinkiem i będę do niego zapewne wracać często.
Jak wrażenia po wczorajszym odcinku

*Blue strings wrap around the confused god as the antivoid's antisocial inhabitant noticed him, a pixilated rip in reality to Reapertale opens and Reaper is tossed through* G͖͈͑͒et̬ͫ ͦ̈͑t̞he ̥͚̤ͯ̋͆fuck͙̤̘ ̊̽ỏ̅û̼̝̘̍͆t̯̼̣͌̀̋ ͂o͇ͭf ̯ͭm͉̐y ̳͕̒ͣä́̽ͮnti͖̇v̮̺̳̍͂̑o͖ͣid̞͙̠̂̂̄

TheBrokenGlitch’s Profile PhotoError
Wh--h-hey!! *Reaper blinks as he gets suddenly grabbed by strings and yeeted back to ReaperTale-* You would be happy to have Death as company and you know it! *xD you weren't even planning on Error being there in the first place-*
Liked by: Error Shadow Geno Vio

Powiedzmy, że są do rozdania 3 nagrody na asku nazwijmy je... złote mASKi. W kategoriach: 1. Najlepszy wizualnie profil 2. Najlepszy profil pod względem treści. 3. Najlepszy profil z memami. Możesz nominować po jednej osobie do danej kategorii, mogą się powtarzać. So the winner is...?

rezerWR’s Profile PhotoLightman
Nikogo :P.
Nie lubie wywyższać kogokolwiek. Zawsze tak jest jak się kogoś nominuje do czegoś pominie się jakąś osobe i potem rip :P Ja ogólnie obserwuje tylko 6 osób i mogę polecieć te osóbki i tyle :P.
Powiedzmy że są do rozdania 3 nagrody na asku nazwijmy je złote mASKi W

Co Ci dziś serduszko śpiewa? W wersji dla tych co sądzą iż nie posiadają : Twoja dusza. Wyprzedzając brak duszy - wstaw po prostu piosenkę ładnie proszę.

Beatitudoo’s Profile PhotoBeatitudoo
Leave me in the dark with a hole for a heart
As low as I can get, burn the bridge, rip the stitch out
Guess I'll play dead
It's all in my head
To you I don't exist
Call it bliss
Rip the stitch out
https://youtu.be/DE7oZ9nVFB0nyan9’s Video 171694664122 DE7oZ9nVFB0nyan9’s Video 171694664122 DE7oZ9nVFB0

It's not about sharing information, you r*tard, lol. It's about how you word it. The WHOLE point of it is that no one says they're a "wife". That is an outdated thing for old people. They simply say they're married. You're so f*cking moronic, I'm done. You must be the cr*ckhead here, rip braincells.

1. Don't ever use that word as an insult.
2. Literally every single married woman is a wife.....and yes we all say we're wives, thats literally what we are such a wild concept ik😂😂😂 My sister isn't even married yet but she refers to herself as a wife constantly lmao. You're crying over something so fucking insignificant but i'm the one who's stupid? Dude who hurt you so bad that you're attacking a random stranger online over nothing. You need help.
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"Stop screaming ya little brat dis is y'all's fault" *She can feel the demon she's trapped in writhing in pain* "Why my eye, what in Hylia's name made y'all rip out my eye, I could have gotten ya out easy if ya hadn't tried enterin my body thru my effin eye"

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That's how we Parasites take control of our host, we enter their body mostly through the easier areas like your eyes~ Someone feels pain, oh well! At least you'll be going down with me! I doubt you would of helped me, I saw that look in your eyes-or eye now..you would have kiIIed me!

What does being in love really feel like?

It's a feeling that fills you with a warmth and vigor like nothing else. It makes you feel a happiness and lust for everything like you never have before. That person is now a shining beacon of everything that's wonderful. The effect that they have on you is warm comfort in which you feel that you can weather any storm. It shows you a side of yourself that can do anything, be anything, and have anything. It's an energy that fills you with a red hot ball of life as you've never known it. Love is a sunshine that never darkens, even in your lowest moments. It's that warmth of life that burns hot through any cold. It makes everything taste better, every song sound sweeter, and every moment filled with the hope of a new day. It picks you up before you can drop low. It's the muse of life that makes you able to do things that you never thought possible. It's a feeling of belonging and a lovely place to be at the end of any day. It's a fire from within that makes you able to be what you never knew was possible.
But that's what makes it so dangerous. Love is the single most destructive force that you'll ever invite. In order to feel this way we have to allow it to becomes a part of us. We have to remove our armor. We have to tear down the walls that we spend years strengthening. We have to give that person the ability to meet us at our very center of being. We need to do this because being in love involves having a piece of them enter your very core so that they become part of you. But, being in love or loved doesn't makes someone good for you. When something goes wrong that pain now resides deep withing your very essence. Every other pain can be deflected by our armor but staved off by our walls. But not the pain of love. It's a hurt that originates from the deepest, most vulnerable center of your being. Because that's where it now lives. So when they hurt you it's destroys you from within. It harms the regions in your heart that have never felt pain before. It burns with a confusing pain of emotion in a combination that you never knew existed. And when that person finally leaves they take with them a piece of your very happiness. Because that's what they became to you. A part of what makes you, you. They rip it from your chest and leave you bloody and wounded. Love means giving someone the power to hurt you and hoping that they never do. Love fills you with an intensity for life that you never knew was possible. And when it's gone it's burns with the exact same fire. And when it's all over, we never open up that much again. We never trust as easily again. The burn creates a wound that deadens our senses. We callous over. With every new time we feel the pain of love we lose more of the ability to feel it.

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Was college different in your days than it is now?

Yes. Big Time!
When I attended college we did not study: gender studies, black history, feminism, equity and inclusion, etc. I studied composition, arranging, harmony, counterpoint, improvisation, music history, conducting, ear training, guitar, piano, bass guitar, digital systems, analog systems, power supplies, electricity, physics, calculus, English Literature, US History, Ancient History, Fine Arts, Public Speaking, Psychology, Philosophy, Network engineering, machine language, basic programming, pascal programming, C Programming, IP addressing, Subnet masking, OSPF, BGP, RIP, WAN, LAN, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, OSI Model, Access Lists, etc
And after acquiring all of this knowledge I worked hard to apply what I had learned. In the case of music, I performed in bands and practiced to continuously improve. In the case of engineering I became a Cisco Certified and Baynetworks Certified Network Engineer and worked for many organizations over a 40 year career i.e. Motorola, Nortel, Cabletron, Bay Networks, Cisco, State of New Hampshire, Vital Networks, Bloomin Brands and Tech Data.
Whenever possible, I studied subjects that interested me and that I knew would allow me to earn money and provide for my family. I also studied music, not for the money, but because I love Music and that has always been my dream to earn a degree from Berklee College of Music. Some people say, so what? Who cares? Here is the thing, when we are moments away from death and we reflect upon the life we have lived, what will we think? Will we regret our life because we only did those things that made us money? Or will we have a more balanced appreciation that we utilized our time to not only provide for our family but that we also achieved our dream and thus satisfied our soul? The choice is ours to make and only we, as individuals, can make those choices and be honest enough to own whatever choice we make, and refrain from blaming other people or society, and thus become "victims."
My father once told me the following: "son you've made your bed, and now you must lie in it." Which translated, means that we are responsible for the decisions we make and the consequences of those decisions whether good or bad. Said differently, we must take responsibility for what we think, say and do.

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Space, post anything you want..

I have writer's block on my main story. The last thing I wrote was chapter 12 of Is this Hell? I'm not a fan of the word limit on here. So annoying.
You walked into the store unnoticed. Well, you thought you did. You had only been in the comedy section for a few seconds before you felt like you were being watched. For a brief second you thought it was Billy or Stu, but when you turned slightly around you were met with the smirk of Steve Orth. You almost did not recognize him at first. His hair was styled, and he was wearing jeans and his football varsity jacket.
Ignoring his crowd of friends, he focused his attention on you.
"Hi there, beautiful, he said when he got close."
"What do you want, Steve?" You said bluntly.
For a split second, Steve looked startled, but he covered it up quickly. "How do you know my name?" "We went to school together, Steven. A long time ago. But you also need to know that I am not interested in whatever you have to say. So can you please leave me alone?" You paused and took a deep breath to steady your nerves.
Two shades of red appeared high on Steve's cheeks. "Drop the act, you do not have to be a bitch." he commented.
"Trust me, it's not an act." You said with a laugh. "What would Casey think about you hitting on other girls?
Steve's jaw dropped. "What did you just say? he hissed. You shook your head in annoyance at him and started to walk away when he grabbed your arm harshly. Your head snapped in his direction. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" You fought to control your emotions, to find the strength not to rip his head off. Then you heard him chuckle darkly then leaned towards you and whispered. "I could make you feel so good, baby. I bet that is why you are being so mean."
You looked at him in surprise. "Is that so?" you asked. He released your arm and a grin spread across his face. "Absolutely," he spoke.
You looked at him with a smirk. "One: I am not interested in sleeping with you. Two: You are a disgusting excuse of a guy. And three: The very sound of your voice makes my vagina run as dry as the Sahara Desert.
"You...bitch" Steve shouted.
You simply gave him a smug smile, "Did I hurt your little ego?" He stormed past you seething with anger out of the store, his friends following him.
You slid your sunglasses down over your eyes and walked over to your group of friends. "Hey, guys. How is it going?" Randy's eyes snap to mine and I see his body visibly stiffen. Sidney purses her lips like she is deeply uncomfortable and does not know what to say. My eyes glance towards Billy and Stu and I see they have their eyes trained on the door watching Steve. "Well, I will go first, Tatum says. "What was that about? Why did Steve Orth call you a bitch?" You shake your head, a smile growing across your face. "He was doing a poor job of flirting with me, and then dared to ask me to hook up. I told him I was not interested."

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blessed with ___? 🌚

Is it me or does he like the word 'subliminal' 😕
Eminem’ - Till I Collapse
https://youtu.be/Pi3_Zs-oRUoAisyahIsHere2’s Video 169917849411 Pi3_Zs-oRUoAisyahIsHere2’s Video 169917849411 Pi3_Zs-oRUo
'Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak
And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up
But you got to search within you, and try to find that inner strength
And just pull that shit out of you
And get that motivation to not give up, and not be a quitter
No matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse
'Till I collapse I'm spilling these raps long as you feel 'em
'Til the day that I drop you'll never say that I'm not killing 'em
'Cause when I am not, then I'mma stop penning 'em
And I am not Hip-Hop and I'm just not Eminem
Subliminal thoughts, when I'mma stop sending 'em?
Women are caught in webs, spin 'em and hock venom
Adrenalin shots, the penicillin could not get the illing to stop
Amoxicillin's just not real enough
The criminal cop-killing hip hop villain
A minimal swap to cop millions of Pac listeners
You're coming with me, feel it or not you're gonna fear it
Like I showed you the spirit of God lives in us
You hear it a lot, lyrics to shock
Is it a miracle or am I just product of pop fizzing up?
For shizzle my wizzle, this is the plot, listen up
You bizzles forgot, Slizzle does not give a fuck!
'Till the roof comes off, 'till the lights go out
'Till my legs give out, can't shut my mouth
'Till the smoke clears out, am I high? Perhaps
I'mma rip this shit, 'till my bone collapse

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AisyahIsHere2’s Video 169917849411 Pi3_Zs-oRUoAisyahIsHere2’s Video 169917849411 Pi3_Zs-oRUo

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