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Have you noticed people wearing a red thread on their wrist? Are they part of a cult?

Yes, I’ve noticed it and I had it myself. No, they’re not part of a cult, it’s part of their religion: some Jews wear it and call it the Kabbalah/Red String. Some Hindus wear it too, it’s used in rituals, for example during Diwali.

Pentagram and Seal of Solomon / חותם שלמה = support of war? Since when? On what planet? None I've ever visited. 🤣 You humans and your wacky rituals, I don't understand anything... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Don’t group me in with humans. I want no part of them. Haven’t you realized by now that I’m not like the rest? 😛🤣💗

Do you think that religion gives life more purpose? Why or why not?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Religion's got the power to give life a deeper sense of purpose and meaning ✝️ ✡️ ☪️
It provides a framework of beliefs, values and rituals that help people find their place in the world 🙃
For many, religion provides a sense of belonging to a community and offers comfort during challenging times 😌
Do you think that religion gives life more purpose Why or why not

Ya can't include Yeet. She hates my guts because you and I are friends. 🤣 > i’m not into bs and rituals - True, but that's not the BS or rituals I was referring to. 🤣 > i too do not “date.” - 👍 > also not “married” already either - Riiiiiiiiight, and I bought the Brooklyn Bridge for $7.99... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I have’t worn a ring in three years. He threw his at me years ago and it has been lost ever since. He knows not to call me “wifey” anymore either. 🤣 I spend significantly more time with you online then I do with him in person. 🤣 So what rituals? Secret rituals? 🤔🤔🤔💗

If I could avoid all of the relationship BS and insufferable rituals, I would skip straight to marriage. 🤣 Hmm, maybe Sage has the right idea. 🤣 > who else ya got - V. She has an account but hardly uses it. 🤣 Gotta get N on here... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I’m not into bs and rituals, Lexy. I too do not “date.” Also not “married” already either. 😛🤣 Well, I got all the ladies covered then. I just added a Yeet in there for you. I told you that six is a better number than five. I think she’s ready for another marriage. Just gotta deal with Joshua. 😛🤣💗

> the person i married - Toots, hippie rituals don't count. "Binding." Sounds like somethin' what happens if yous eat too much rice. Yous need a church thing with friends of ours, limos 'round the block, lotsa envelopes and protection. Got somethin' against tradition? We got a guy for that... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Well it’s a good thing it was a hippie ritual instead of legal, right? It was already chaotic enough. 🤣 Plus there were reasons. It was the only option at the time. I don’t gots nuffin’ against tradition. Get ya guy, Lexy. 🤣🤣🤣💗

1) > no fancy satanic rituals in the city - Plenty but they always stop when I walk by. 🤣 > lords of chaos - I didn't like that movie at all. Dead's su!c!de scene was the best part. At least the book got a few things right. Focused too much on Norway tho, practically ignored the rest of the "scene."

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Fortunately I read the book about a year before the movie but yeah, I know it’s not the best source. 🤣🤣🤣💗
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Możesz polecić jakiś płyn do kąpieli który utrzymuje się długo na skórze? Bardzo cię lubię czytać pozdrowienia dla ciebie i Jakuba 🥰

Ja do kąpieli lubię produkty Rituals, Bath&Body Works, Dove, Yves Rocher, ale sam płyn do kąpieli nie zrobi jakiegoś efektu wow na wiele godzin, zapach trzeba budować warstwami.
Warto zacząć od peelingu, potem oczywiście żel myjący, prysznic/kąpiel trzeba zakończyć balsamem, na końcu jakaś mgiełka, perfumy.
Również pozdrawiam i dziękuję!

1)Как ты относишься к адвент-календарям? Покупал(-а) когда-нибудь? Или может быть дарил(-а) кому-то? 2)Семечки: белые (тыквенные) или чёрные (подсолнечные)? 3)Ты любишь наряжать ёлку и украшать дом к Новому году? 4)Ты предпочитаешь варёный или растворимый кофе? 5)Апельсины или мандарины?

1. Люблю адвент-календари с косметикой и смотреть анбоксинг на них.
Себе покупала 1 раз (в прошлом году от Douglas), ещё 2 дарили подруги: от Yves Rocher и NYX. Дарила маме и подругам от Rituals и Makeup Revolution.
2. Ни те, ни другие. Семена льна или чиа - топ.
3. Да.
4. По вкусу больше нравится варёный, но дома у меня только растворимый, потому что мне лень варить.
5. Мандарины.

Do you think atheists live in a world that’s dark/bleak considering they don’t believe in a higher power like a deity?

Wouldn't it depend on the person's mindset? People of faith can navigate dark oceans too. With respect to atheists, the prospect that humans are the highest form of intelligence or mere accidents is as bleak and presumptuous as any apocalyptic prophecy or threat of eternal damnation. All crews have more gods, rituals and convictions than I'd care to hoist. They should be recognizable to any yachtsman. While nothing prevents people from evaluating others as individuals according to their unique attributes, deeds, personal experiences and so forth, both groups are tempted to point fingers and accuse the other side of drowning in despondency. Any insistence that one's personal beliefs (be they religious or secular) can lend solace or keep one afloat is often dismissed or ignored by the opposing navy. This offers us a glimpse of how seaworthy some people are in their own waters. In my opinion, few seas are murkier than those which anxious sailors create for themselves. I've heard reasonable arguments on both sides but how one views the world may not necessarily be influenced by one's acceptance of a higher power or a complete revocation of it. Anchors were designed to keep vessels in place. However, I've come to the conclusion that they have no bearing on if, how, when or where one chooses to sail. ⛵

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Do you think atheists live in a world thats darkbleak considering they dont

kā tu no rītiem celies uz darbu? kāds ir tavs ik rīta darba "rituāls" ?

~ Man agri jāceļas ir tikai divas dienas nedēļā un tas tāpat nav lai ietu uz darbu 😂👌
Soo nav nekādu "rituālu" ir vienkārši galvenais uzdevums - tikt laukā no gultas 😂
kā tu no rītiem celies uz darbu kāds ir tavs ik rīta darba rituāls

Are you done making a fool of yourself?!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
How many people in Prophet Muhammad's era rejected religion saying It's barbaric and inhumane.
They all rejected it because it was going against their ancestors' rituals.
How many people in today's world rejects religion saying It's going against our forefathers' traditions.
They're rejecting it because they find it inhumane and barbaric.
Speaks volume that everything we know and we've taught about Islam is misinterpreted

What do you dislike most about dating?

missingraven5’s Profile PhotoDivina222
The rituals, expectations and complete lack of imagination. I'd rather attend a funeral. Alone. Unless the lady appreciates my b̶e̶d̶s̶i̶d̶e̶ graveside manner. 👍
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EZkgyp9D18talionislexx’s Video 172439441203 -EZkgyp9D18talionislexx’s Video 172439441203 -EZkgyp9D18

Hey Lex I'm Tiffany friends with your girlfriend Rachel, you both make a great couple:)

Hello Tiffany. It's very nice to meet you but just to be clear, Rachel and I are not involved. We're visiting your planet and studying human rituals. You earthlings intrigue us... 👽🤪🤣
For those of you who might be following me and sending questions or comments. My apologies, very busy time, I'll be back as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience... 👍
Hey Lex Im Tiffany friends with your girlfriend Rachel you both make a great

Can.anyone tell me the difference between Religion and deen?🙄🙄

syedmurtaza9’s Profile Photoظلمت شب
Deen is the way of life i.e. complete code of life while religion includes spiritual and practices/ affairs only.
Deen includes religious and secular aspects of life e.g. economic system. Religion only caters to belief system and rituals.
Deen is dynamic and evolves with time but religion is static.
Deen is multi-dimensional encompassing relationship with God and transactions i.e. human relationship. Religion deals with the relation of God with man.
Deen is only one i.e. Islam but religions could be many i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism etc.

unpredictable answer! but u missed one important ingredient 😌. + have u ever been to a fire temple?

Nuclear answer. Let's see! we covered earth and fire so I assume you are referring to air. Right or right?
I was once in a buddhist temple in a limestone cave. There was some rituals but I missed the fire. I would love to feel it though.

What would you change about modern dating?

TristLaAlo’s Profile PhotoTimeless
Since I don't date, I am not familiar with most modern rituals. When my schedule allows, I prefer meetings and allowing things to unfold on their own. Café, lounge, dinner, museum, concert, recital, art gallery, that sort of thing... 👍
The River Café, Brooklyn
What would you change about modern dating

To think life came from nothing is illogical. The law of biogenesis states that life can’t come from non life. Therefore we had to have a creator aka God. (And God is eternal he does not need a creator… he never began and will never end he just “is” you cannot have an infinite regress)

okay….let’s talk about anonymous….)
you know ,
this is the one from most relevant topic right now….. for the people….
question about of the Existence of God…. And i have a lot of questions….
about this…. in last time….
these all are very difficult questions…. in you delve into it it will definitely break your brain….
Because exist a major question….
for what all this ….?! And for what it was all created for….?!
i have more questions about the devil through the question…. satanists…. about all sorts of rituals…. traditions….
i think ( it’s only my opinion ….)
of course energy exists….
and maybe people have somehow
learned to cope with it….
I will unite my answer…. people will read and understand who asked About Baphomed ….about devil ….
i’ve read that a lot of influential…. famous people believe in it …. and perform rituals….)
maybe it’s no so
you know i think people need to believe…. to believe that something like this happening….
to believe in God….
because without faith…. people deeply lonely….
about myself and my attitude….
i’m absolutely light anonymous….
and if influential and famous people in something like this…. and know me….( big if….)
i think they deeply admire me and love…. and wish me only best thing….
but if …. if…. if….
i answer like this because someone
always write me about….
ask me about what are you think Inna about….

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Wat vind je van de Rituals? Heb je een collectie die je het lekkerst vindt?

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Ik vind Rituals wel oké maar niets bijzonders. Ik heb geen idee hoe de collecties heten haha.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Wat vind je van de Rituals Heb je een collectie die je het lekkerst vindt

Why do you think wicca is so misunderstood compared to other beliefs and religions?

Going by personal experiences, people just associate it with stereotypical views of witches. Like "omg are you gonna curse me" being one of the most common things said to me...
Wicca is broad! There's many subs to it. It can be broken down. Wicca is also, in some ways, quite a personal path! With varying deities that may speak to people, differing rituals and such, it can be easily misunderstood to those who don't practice!
It can be a very personal and true path for someone. That alone can lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings. But I think a lot of it comes down to varying folklores and stereotypical ideals.
Why do you think wicca is so misunderstood compared to other beliefs and

Hello shaireen, mind to share your daily routine :)

Hi! My daily "routine" is effed up lately haha. It goes like this now:
-wake up between 6 to 8am depending on how late I slept the night before;
-do my morning rituals;
-have breakfast(or skip) and coffee;
-pray/meditate/any mental prep necessary to survive the day errr;
-work (should be 8 hours but since it's the busiest season of the year, I tend to work till midnight T^T), I do take small breaks in between for lunch/dinner/more coffee coz I can't function well if hungry/sleepy lol;
-do my night rituals;
-have tea while chillin just for a bit;
-and finallyyy get my sleep
This daily setup is kinda draining for me, but a day only has 24 hours so we gotta make do of what lil time we have :/

Can i receive a short message even if we ain't close? i'd like to know your opinion/first impression/any advice or any suggestion to me.🥀

thinking about how life really is just about the little rituals we set up for ourselves. a long shower to wash off the day's hardships. peeling your orange in the morning before you rush to catch the bus. watering your plants, noting the changes of the soil, of the leaves. those moments that we give ourselves, the bubbles in our life where we allow ourselves to just breathe and exist. thinking about how those moments are laced with intention. i am taking care of myself, of my environment, of my body. i am nourishing my heart my soul my mind. because i deserve to love and i deserve to be loved.

How do you cope up with stress?

YouuuBelongWithMe’s Profile PhotoRishiroxxx
Regular physical activity
Intake of healthy fruits and vegetables
Follow meditation and yoga
Spend more time with family and friends
Make time for hobbies
We can overcome stress only by thinking that stress management is your best happy hunting ground where you can get rid of stress in a stylish way. Stress is not going to help you anywhere in your life note this point in your mind. We have to tackle it with special care.
When you are having great rituals, love for everyone unconditionally and meditation is your best tool to live life wonderfully. Stress cannot give you any help to solve any problem of your life. Then why to worry. Just enjoy the life as a great warrior.
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Your thoughts on Pakistani rituals nowadays?

It's people's choice how they want to celebrate. If they want to have fun, let them. The problem is when expensive celebrations become a social expectation. The only solution to this is if individuals stop worrying about log kya kahaingy and start doing their own thing according to their own choices and their means.

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