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Anyone ever seen their teacher in an embarrassing situation?

riverslucy04’s Profile PhotoLucy Glaze
Yes .
I used to go fishing some evenings , when I was about 14 .
I liked to hike upstream a couple of miles upstream , out of town.
One evening , as the light was fading & I was making my way home ~ there on the river bank was my chemistry teacher , bumming my physics teacher, grunting like pigs. . .
I just said, as I detoured around them: "nice evening for it , gentlemen. . . "
I never told a soul.
I would have hoped they might have showed a little respect after that, out of gratitude for my discretion . But the nasty one continued to be a dick , and the reasonable one , well maybe he was a little more reasonable . so I stopped ripping it out of the latter , and continued to put the other down . . . .

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Some positive words! 💖

omnia_kadry’s Profile Photoأمنية.
“One day you will pass with joy and happiness equal to all the pain you have been through. You will look into the eyes of a little girl sleeping in your arms, you will meet new wonderful friends, you will eat delicious food that you have never tried in your life, you will be able to look out from a high place for a beautiful view without You think about the possibility of you falling and dying.
There are so many books you've never read, there are movies you'll watch eating huge popcorns, you'll dance and laugh and love, you'll run along the river, you'll have great conversations late into the night, you'll laugh until your stomach hurts. Life is waiting for you. You may be trapped now for a while, but the world will never go away. Resist if you can. Life is always worth the struggle."

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very touching and thought-provoking pics from the 80s Liverpool. ever from here in mid-eu. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/arts-culture-news/photographer-who-captured-true-heart-15601283 today it's different. Wasnt it the same as Newcastle?

those pics are a superb piece of social/cultural history for sure
the faces of the people are so evocative
pretty much the same
great river cities , the Tyne and the Mersey
reasonably similar size population
both combine beautiful architecture with 1960's brutalist buildings
both friendly people and great football clubs
specially the Toon lol

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Where was your favorite place to go as a child and why did you love it there?

SimonDAmore’s Profile PhotoSimon D'Amore
I used to go to river bank with my uncle in my childhood and I loved that place to see fish under water, play with water and the cold wind blows on my face made my mood good. I am stubborn since my childhood and when I felt upset I requested my uncle to take me to that river bank to feel good.

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Has anyone ever saved your life?

XoTeaTea’s Profile PhotoAcid Palace
I'm not sure if I would die in those situations, but there were a couple of cases when the river was taking me away, and I couldn't swim very well, and somebody from the camp saved me.
Almost the same situation happened on the same river, different year, in the same camp. I was drowning, and my best friend saved me.
There was another time when I fell on my back and couldn't breathe, but it came back by itself later

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Has anyone ever saved your life

What is your favourite place in your city/town? Your bedroom doesn’t count, has to be a public place 😅

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoBlueEyesWhiteGuy
You know, I'm not sure just yet! I haven't been living in this town for very long and I am still settling in and finding my way around. The other week, however, I did discover a beautiful walking trail not too far from my home. It runs right down by the side of the river and it's so quiet, so peaceful.
If I had to pick a favourite place, it'd probably be that trail.

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(➊ NEW MESSAGE ) ‣ ✉ Czy Kapitan ma realny wpływ na Ciebie jako autora? Czerpiesz od niego jakieś inspiracje w życiu realnym?

YXUR_REVDER’s Profile Photoreisa's place ⋆ ♡
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Decyzja o prowadzeniu Kapitana – właściwie decyzja o pierwszej próbie przedstawienia jego charakteru – pojawiła się w moim życiu dość nagle, powiedziałbym nawet, że nieprzewidywanie. Wstrzeliła się jednak jak ulał w okres, w którym potrzebowałem dokładnie takiej odskoczni – choć w tamtym momencie nigdy nie przyszłoby mi do głowy, że Rogers będzie towarzyszył mi przez następne lata i w kluczowej chwili okaże się decydującym argumentem.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Kapitan jest odrobinę mniej naiwny niż ja, ale równie zadziorny i skory do pomocy tym, których uważa za bliskich. Podobnie skrywa wewnątrz siebie negatywne emocje, nie chce nikogo martwić i uwielbia samotność, mimo że momentami ma jej serdecznie dość, acz wtedy nie ma odwagi, by poprosić kogoś o towarzystwo. Jest samowystarczalną maszyną do autodestrukcji – i nawet gdybym chciał zaprzeczyć, to nie ma co ukrywać, że pod tymi względami jesteśmy do siebie horrendalnie podobni. Czy ma na mnie wpływ? Powiedziałbym nawet, że ogromny. Myślę, że najlepiej ukazują to jego własne słowa, które skierował do Parkera, a które osobiście (i nieświadomie) począłem obierać za dewizę: „When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world: „No. YOU move”.”
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Dziękuję za pytanie. ♡

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La próxima temporada de la Serie B será la más histórica al contar con Cruzeiro, Gremio, Vasco da Gama, Bahia, Sport Recife, Guaraní y Chapecoense

jajaja va a estár como la temporada de la B Nacional 2011-12 cuando descendió River, creo ha sido la única vez donde esa liga parecía un complemento de la Primera pues tenía además de River a equipos como Rosario Central, Chacarita, Gimnasia (el lobo), Gimnasia Jujuy y Huracán. Además tenía equipos que próximamente se iban a ganar su permanencia en primera como A. Tucumán, Aldosivi, Defensa y Justicia y Patronato. Ferro, Almirante Brown y Quilmes como siempre aspirando a subir pero quedándose en el intento xD.
La verdad el Gremio dejó ir feamente su permanencia, en la recta final del Brasileirao irónicamente le ganó a varios con los que tenían mayores posibilidades de perder, a unos le sacaron el empate y perdieron contra los que en sí no representaban riesgo.
Al Cruzeiro se le complica más su regreso al tener a equipos como Gremio o el Vasco que creo se está re estructurando.

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Drakor recomended donk

1. Awaken
2. Doctor Stranger
3. Sweet home
4. True beauty
4. The uncanny counter
5. Extracurricular
6. Dark hole
7. He is psychometric
8. Doctors
9. Memories of the alhambra
10. River where the moon rises
11. Romantic doctor teacher kim season 1 dan 2
12. Ruler; master of the mask
13. Search
14. Hotel del luna
15. Kingdom 1 & 2
16. Leverage
17. Descendants of the sun
18. Two world
19. Blood
20. Doctor john
21. Lets fight ghost
22. School 2015
23. Happiness
24. Hwarang
25. Legend of the the blue sea

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Do you like to sit on a cafe terrace dinking whatever and watch people go by ?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
By the River Seine ?
"" "Good evening
Your vehicle does not seem to have a passenger
Can you, will you receive me
Without disturbing you too much
My boots won't echo too much in your hallway
No noise with my farewells
Not for us the wasted moments
Waiting for an uncertain goodbye
Because I have the madness
Yes i have madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
Once upon a time there was a student
Who wanted strong, as in literature
His girlfriend, she was so sweet
That he could almost, eating her
Reject all vices
Repel all evil
Destroy all beauties
Who, moreover, had never been his accomplices
Because he had madness
He had madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
And if sometimes we make confessions
Who to tell them to
Even the good Lord let us down
Another place, another life
Yep, that's another story
But to whom to tell everything
In the shadows of the night
In the early morning, in the little gray
How many crimes have been committed
Against lies and so called laws of the heart
How many are there because of the madness
Because they have madness
They have madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
Yes it's madness
Madness" ""
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL6j1YKEaKgigotamatch’s Video 168819529594 ZL6j1YKEaKgigotamatch’s Video 168819529594 ZL6j1YKEaKg

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igotamatch’s Video 168819529594 ZL6j1YKEaKgigotamatch’s Video 168819529594 ZL6j1YKEaKg

Drakor apa yg bagus?

• Crash Landing on You
• Moon Lovers
• Goblin
• Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
• While You Were Sleeping
• Descendant of the Sun
• My Love from the Star
• Vincenzo
• The Devil Judge
• Navillera
• Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
• Mine
• The Penthouse 1, 2, 3
• Sisyphus: The Myth
• River When The Moon Rises
• True Beauty
• The K2
• The Heirs
Banyak lagi sih

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Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?

Summer because it allows me to enjoy my favorite things, camping, hiking, & shooting targets. But then again I’m able to do all of those things during the winter also.
Summer everyday! Its warm and sunny and you can wear just shorts and no shirt and not be cold. Days are longer so you can stay out and its still light and nice. Summers the best! Winter. There’s something so magical about snow, it makes me feel like a kid again. Everything is so silent and peaceful, it’s like an entirely different world. Driving through it is less magical, however.
Autumn, short as it may be it's a beautiful mix of hot sun, chilly wind and days are just starting to shorten. And mushrooms. Love mushroom hunting.
Winter, lovve winter. I drive with my windows down in the dead of winter because it's so refreshing. Then I'll blast my head and do it all over again. Winter, as breath taking as it literally is, is amazing to me. I loathe the heat with the passion of a thousand suns. You cannot take off your skin when it's too hot which is exactly how hot it feels here in the South every summer. If you are cursed enough to end up in a/with a car with no AC in the dead of a southern summer it feels like torture...the heat, the sweat, the funk. Burning your legs on your car seat...wanting to wear shorts but being absolutely murdered by the mosquitoes...summer is absolutely the definition of misery to me. Truly hate it.
There are others out there. Every time I explain this to people, I get the weirdest looks, like I'm from another planet. Summer. I don't like feeling cold, I don't like wearing layers, I don't like being covered up from head to toe, I don't like dealing with rain and snow, I don't like the inevitable colds and flus I always seem to pick up, I don't like the shorter, darker days.
Summer 100%. I can deal with bad weather, but I can’t deal with the cold when I have limited heating, and I hate dark days/long nights. When I first hear birds singing again in spring and colour popping from flowers, it honestly makes me so happy.
Summer 1,000%. I ride motorcycle and am just generally obsessed with sunshine and patios and such. I like the change of seasons and cool weather until around January, and then I’m just seasonally depressed for ~4 months. I probably shouldn’t live where I do, but I can’t think of a state/city I’d prefer to live in, so I just stay out and whine about it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Summer. We only really get one rrally hot week here, the rest of the time ot sits aroubd 25C so its not unpleasant, I can bike to work in sunlight, spent lazy afternoons in pub gsrdens or reading in the park by the river, and its full of fun events like frstivals and outdoor plays and concerts.

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{L.I} ❝ I was a river of living water until you hurt me ❞ -T

/Una vez fui su salvación a mitad del naufragio, su punto y coma en la muñeca, el primer atajo para salir del laberinto. Fui la niña perdida en un parque, su amuleto perdido, un café en una tarde invierno, la media sonrisa entre el alboroto. Pero también fui el tatuaje que borró con cu.chillas, su nudo en la garganta, las lágrimas ardiendo en las mejillas, su puño cerrado con impotencia. Fui las dos caras de la moneda, sus risas y su llanto, los gritos y las palabras bonitas susurradas a dos centímetros del rostro. Amor, éramos todo pero perdimos el tiempo intentando descifrarnos. Hasta que nos cansamos. Hasta que desistimos. Nos rendimos. Y es lo peor que hemos hecho. Que alguien como él y como yo coincidan pasa una vez en la vida. Y nos gastamos la oportunidad demasiado pronto. Demasiado jóvenes. Qué pena pasar el resto de su existencia aprendiendo a no extrañar, a olvidar, a dejar de querer.- María Celeste R.

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What is your favourite way to spend time on your own?

I live alone, but on the weekends (when they don't call me at work), I like to make a breakfast of things that I usually don't eat (due to lack of time), while singing whatever sounds on the playlist, then take a long shower, put on a mask for my skin and my hair, then dress something comfortable, without a bra, then I fix my apartment a bit and dance while I do it, then I put on a movie while I eat a pizza and sleep the rest of the day because I have to take the opportunity to make up the nights I didn't sleep.
My favorite way is to go to a place of natural beauty. I live near a little river, and I go there all the time alone in the early morning and observe the seasons and animals. There is a peacefulness to the natural world that is not to be found anywhere else.
Reading, going for walks, and shopping. I've hated shopping with other people ever since I used to go with my sister when I was younger. She would spend 1 hour tossing up whether to spend $15 on a pair of shoes whereas if I see something I need/ have been wanting to get, I'll just get it without hesitation. Go to the gym early in the morning, come home and have a nice long shower, shave my legs, use my favourite shower gel and get in comfy bottoms and a baggy hoodie. Drink coffee and watch tv. Perfect.
My faves are either cooking/baking or painting! I have recently rediscovered how much I love to cook and bake and I've always loved to paint. They are things that don't necessarily require a "rulebook" but a little studying can improve them a ton!
Reading. Video games. Getting high, blasting music and deep cleaning the house.
Since having my kids, it’s usually a toss-up between sleeping or taking a nice long hot bath/shower, or taking a bath of boiling water.
In a tent somewhere in the woods with a fire going, heating up a big kettle of tea to sip all day and night. With my boyfriend who tends to the fire and pours tea, while I read a book out loud to him. And at night, I go catch some frogs by the lake because I just love frogs.
Being out and about with my friends. I'm fairly extroverted and outgoing, and I feel like a day spent indoors isn't a good use of my time. Go to the diner for a greasy breakfast and then watch a movie at like 9:00 in the morning. Normally movies are an evening thing that we have to make time for, so doing it in the middle of a weekday morning feels so damn decadent.
Make coffee before walking the dog, so I can take a thermos of it with me and go for a long stroll. Then curl up with him on the couch and play some games. There are some parts of this that are dependent on other factors. Is it a friday and I'll have the rest of the weekend off? Head start on resting. Gonna sleep a whole lot and have more energy by Sunday.
Is it a Monday and I rested all weekend? Maybe I'll go to a park or a zoo. Spend time with my kids. Use that time and energy for experiences worth having.

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Użyj tekstu piosenki do przedstawienia siebie.

What I never did is done
A penny for my thoughts, I'll sell 'em for a dollar
They're worth so much more after I'm a goner
And maybe then you'll hear the words I've been singin'
Funny when you're dead, how people start listenin'
If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song
The sharp knife of a short life
Well, I've had just enough time

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Użyj tekstu piosenki do przedstawienia siebie

Where was the geographical location of the "Sanmiao" in the Xia Dynasty?

三苗 (Sanmiao) was in Canaan (Palestine and Israel), at least there was an important ethnic group in Canaan. 苗 Miao, 畲 and 瑶share the same origin and common ancestor, which originates from the ancient "Jiuli" and "Sanmiao". No matter what the relationship between 苗 (Miao) and Huaxia (China) is, Miao girls do wear Huaxia on their bodies. At least at this point, they are more qualified to be called Huaxia than the Han people today. The Miao costumes have many elements of flowers and fish, which is a typical characteristic of Sumerian Yu (虞) Dynasty.
British archaeologist Leonard Woolley discovered the mausoleum of Puabi, the queen of the first dynasty of ur, a Sumerian city. One of his amazing discoveries in puabi's tomb is a gorgeous and heavy crown ornament. The components include gold ornaments (gold flowers, gold leaves, gold ribbons, gold discs, gold rings), lapis lazuli, manau beads and shells. However, the puabi crown which they tried hard to recover was inherited in the Miao costumes in Southeast Guizhou, China. The prototype of "虞Yu" character is composed of two pictographic symbols: flower and fish. The combination of flower and fish is a symbol often used by Sumerians. It has been found in 仰韶文化 (Yangshao culture), ancient Indus River Basin culture and ancient Greek culture. Sumer Uruk Dynasty is the Yu (虞) Dynasty in Chinese legend. And The prototype of the character "黑" is exactly the Sumerian blackhead.
During the period of 尧 Yao (Iry-Hor), 舜 Shun (Sekhen) and 禹 Yu (Narmer), the scope of "三苗 Sanmiao" activities should be in the areas of Canaan and Sinai; 尧 , 舜 and 禹's battle against Sanmiao should also take place in the areas of Canaan and Sinai. In 2012, archaeologists found about 60 paintings and inscriptions from 5200 to 4800 years ago in a place called wadi ameyra in the Sinai desert of Egypt, which is considered to be the rock carvings left by the mining team sent by the early Egyptian Pharaoh. In these rock carvings, I recognized the king names of 尧 (Iry-Hor) and 禹 (Narmer). According to the genealogy, my ancestor 伯益 was the intended successor of Narmer, but 夏启(Hor-Aha) killed my ancestor after Narmer died and inherited the throne himself.
The symbols of Sumerian and ancient Egypt, such as Eagle, snake, flower, fish, lion, sun, lotus, Scarab and Crux Ansata, are intensively reflected in the Miao costumes. The lion symbol originally derived from Sumer is also one of the main patterns on Miao silver jewelry. "Hero game with two lions" is a typical Sumerian communication symbol. In the process of its transmission to the East and West, there are many changes and gradually evolved into "one person and two animals". This animal can be lion, tiger, leopard, dragon, etc.

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Where was the geographical location of the Sanmiao in the Xia Dynasty

Stephen King is to Glinda what cricket is to me. She can't get enough of him! What would be your equivalent of cricket. Disclaimer: Only answer if you feel comfortable answering. I feel that should go without saying, but sometimes it's best to reinforce things...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photocf
For lunch, I grabbed some carryout and parked down by the river. I noticed a coal barge moving along. Just a few steps down from me was someone launching what appeared to be a fishing boat. This caused me to switch to:
I ran down to the fishing boat and said to the guy "There is a big leak under the engine of your pickup." When he went to investigate, I pushed the boat off the trailer and hopped in. The skiff was already too far away for the owner to jump in it when he noticed it floating. I managed to get it started (key was in it) and hit the throttle full speed headed upstream. In a few minutes, I reached the tugboat pushing the barge, tied my skiff to the side, and made my way to the navigation bridge. The crew of two were shocked to see me. Boldly, I yelled out:
"I am the River Pirate Neo, scourge of the mighty Ohio river. I'm taking this boat and cargo. If you surrender easily, I won't have to harm you."
Well, they started laughing so hard they passed out due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. I dumped their unconscious bodies in the skiff and set it free. I now have about 100 tons of coal.
@GlindaBells I'm headed your way and will need to unload all of this. Please be ready.
@Applepop do you know of any buyers?

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Do you like to get wet in the rain?

I enjoy the rain but I'm not a fan of showers, the water coming out of the showerhead feels too forceful and the diagonal angle is a poor substitute for rain. I DO take showers when I need to really scrub and get clean, but I prefer hot baths for bathing because I don't like the sensation of hot water bearing down on me.
Less apt to run into people and be forced into inane conversation. Alone, safe, unbothered, clean, wonderful sound. We even put a metal roof on our house-shop to amplify the sound. Like riding long distance on a train - the rhythm - auditory meditation. I'm one of those people that finds silence deafening. Getting caught in the rain is great, when its windy and you get a gust of wind that carries the rain and sprays it in your face, walking in the woods and hearing it clatter the tree tops, walking alongside the river seeing the little circles the rain drops make even the smell , its great. When i walk in the wood Sometimes I imagine i can hear the trees and bushes stretching out to catch more rain in their leaves and thirstly drinking it up as it runs down thier trunks and into the soil to their roots. The greenery always looks happy after some rainfall.
I love water and swimming, just not in the ocean (I have a thing about not being able to see what's swimming at me out of the dark/deep). I'll sometimes take a long hot shower when I'm feeling anxious. I love the rain. How it feels, how it smells. Actually I just love water. Rain, showers, washing my hands, lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, oceans. I absolutely love it all.
I absolutely love rainy weather. I used to not be bothered by getting wet in it, but it’s a definite annoyance now.
Of course I tend to wear jeans and a t-shirt/turtleneck and those dry out pretty quickly once you're out of the rain and unless you're totally soaked through.
I live in a very rainy city and ride my bike to uni every day. Although I love the aesthetic, sound, and smell of rain, there are few things I hate more than riding my bike to lecture in the cold and rain, only to spend the next three hours in soaking wet clothing.
When I was small I was terrified of thunder, but my grandma took me outside and let me see thunder wasn't anything to be afraid of. We sat on the porch and counted the cars going by in the rain. Still makes me smile to remember.
I love walking in the rain. At home I'll go out and play in the thunderstorms. I love the water running all over me. I'll even out my hair down because I like the way it looks when it's wet from the rain. I like to imagine I'm some fierce warrior goddess about to smite my enemies in battle, and the atmoshohere of the rain/being drenched makes it that much better. Then I go inside and get dry and curl up in my blankets. There's nothing as comforting as being warm and around people you love after being in the rain/wet.
I use the sound of rain storms to get to sleep most nights, and I listen to it at work when I am doing things that need focus.

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SHORT STORY CONTEST! Napište mi nějaké dílko (nejlépe krátkou povídku, ale může to být i básnička nebo cokoliv jiného, co se vleze do rozsahu odpovědi) na téma: CESTOVÁNÍ ČASEM. Pojmout to můžete, jakkoliv chcete. Jsem zvědavá na všechny příspěvky těch, kteří se rozhodnou se zúčastnit 😊

MyTurtleNeedsToEat2’s Profile PhotoRuu
Bohužiaľ som nečítala žiadnu knižku o cestovaní časom. Ale pridám sem výroky/citáty postáv z môjho obľúbeného anime, ktoré hovorí o cestovaní v čase.
“Maybe there are copies of me on countless world lines. Maybe all their minds are connected, forming a single “me.” That sounds wonderful, don’t you think? Being in all times and in all places.” – Kurisu Makise
“To rule time is to rule the world.” – Suzuha Amane
“No one knows what the future holds. That’s why its potential is infinite.” – Rintaro Okabe
“You must not change the past, once it’s been established.” – Rintaro Okabe
“The”‘present” is a leaf floating on top of the river. It moves along with the flow from past to future.” – Rintaro Okabe
“Keep the past, for all intents and purposes, where it is.” – Rintaro Okabe
“Theories are nothing more than words. Accept what you’ve seen.” – Rintaro Okabe

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Napište mi nějaké dílko nejlépe krátkou povídku ale může to

Korzystasz z platformy Netflix? Jeśli tak to polecisz jakiś serial?

Chosieruchac69’s Profile PhotoMów mi Ojcze ;3
Korzystam 🤗
Kurcze ja ogólnie kocham seriale i już tyle ich obejrzalam że trochę się tu rozpisze 😅
👉 aktualnie oglądam DYNASTIE i polecam
👉 Lucyfer ♥️ wszystkie sezony obejrzałam i jest mi przykro że już nowych nie będzie 🥺
👉 Riverdale
👉 Virgin River czekam na nowy sezon 🥰
👉 Dziewczyny nad wyraz
👉 Dom z papieru - czekam na drugą część 5 sezonu i pewnie to już ostatni sezon
👉 Jane the Virgin - mega serial serio polecam ♥️
👉 Zemsta pięciu sióstr - bardzo mnie wciągnął ten serial czekam na kolejny sezon
👉 SQUID GAME to chyba każdy oglądał 😅
👉 Bridgertobowie
👉 OUTER BANKS też bardzo fajny
👉 Teen Wolf
👉 Shadowhunters
👉 Szkoła dla Elity
👉 The 100
👉 Mroczme pożądanie♥️ podobno drugi sezon ma być na początku roku 🤗
👉 Stranger Things
👉 Sky Rojo
👉 Valeria
👉 Sex Life
👉 Przeznaczenie Saga Vinx
👉 Jeszcze nigdy...
👉 Emily w Paryżu
👉 GO!
👉 Greenhause Academy
👉 Julie and the Phanioms
👉 Rzymskie dziewczyny
👉 Glee
👉 The Alist
👉 Titans
👉 Chesapeake Shores
· A z tych co nie ma na Netflixie to mega polecam
👉 Pamiętniki wampirów ♥️♥️

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Can you all please answer freely, by original you, without trying to put an impression on someone?

lol why on earth would i make even a lil effort to impress someone i j throw sh!t thoughts outta my brain & free some space there basically i consider ask a d u s t b i n for the emotional trauma wrapped in g a r b a g e lying in the part of my brain & a burden on my neurons bec they like to decide everything based on previous zalalat and force me to jump off the river w the help of this garbage so why not throw it here without the fear of judgment bec who'll judge? these class-less p o o r men or these i d i o t immature girls

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What's your favorite thing about where you live?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
I live in the middle of nowhere in England. The nearest McDonalds is 40 minutes away for example. If you like the outdoors then this place is perfect. Everyone knows everyone and you can walk a mile down the road and be in the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen.
I live on a river, in a secluded cove. It gives me access to the ocean, and adjoining rivers so there are favorites and new places to explore. The neighborhood I live in is very old. There is 5% turnover at best, no one ever leaves. So I can leave my door open all night and not worry about it, and UPS has no compunction about leaving a $700 laptop on my front porch in the dell box.
I live near a city, but actually on the outskirts of a very quiet village. So I can enjoy silence and nature, yet if I want to go shopping or need city life, all I have to do is get on the bus that stops a few hundred meters away from my house and within forty or fifty minutes I'm in the city's center. I don't actually need a car since I can do most of the everyday stuff with a bicycle. And also, we have a surprisingly awesome and fast internet connection.
My family is here, we get some good concerts. Summers are hot, winters are cold, and it's just a two hour drive if I want to go shopping in the US, see Niagara Falls, or visit a muséum or gallery in Toronto. I guess that's several things. My town: it's a good medium between rural and the city. 30 minutes in one direction takes me to the middle of the capital city, and 30 minutes in the other takes me to the country. But I can also get pretty much whatever I need without leaving my town itself. My house specifically: it's warm, dry and quiet. We're also lucky enough to have a good view of nature from our kitchen windows and we wake up to the sound of native birds. We've got a good bit of space and a great outdoor area for those months when we have great weather.
I'm about two hours away from North Shore Pittsburgh which is really convenient when concerts, sports, and other activities come around. But, for where I live, it's in a very quiet/isolated place. Peaceful, but I would prefer the city by a mile if I had to choose.
The apartment where my friend Larry and I live is next to the city zoo. The zookeeper for the Siberian tigers, Joey, gets a bit tipsy during his shift sometimes and forgets to lock a few things up. Because of that, Larry and I get to watch tigers chase and kill the ferrell cats that live around our apartment complex.
Honestly? I actually kind of hate where I live right now. Oh the suburb I'm in isn't too bad... It's just... not where I'd like to be I guess. I want to move back to my home towm... but my partner is from here and reluctant to move there.
I love my town and by far the most favourite thing for me to do is to go down for a walk in the garden of the Royal Palace and maybe end it with a nice dinner near the ruins of the Roman predecessor of the city.

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What is one of your fondest memories of your mom/dad as a child?

My mom worked during the day, and my dad worked nights so they didn't have to pay for daycare. My dad has so many homemade "cooking shows" of 5 year old me pretending to be Julia Child. Including a makeshift chefs hat out of a diaper. We also have a few videos of me pretending to be Tony Little in an infomercial. I was a strange kid. Also, I wouldn't classify this as the most awesome memory, but when I was 7 my dad took me to get my hair cut. I had long, thick, and wavy unmanageable hair. Think of me as a less smart Hermione. Anywho, he decides it'd be a great idea to get straight across bangs. As soon as my mom saw me, she threw up her hands and said to my dad he's stuck styling them. Style them he did. He took a curling iron to them, which he'd never used before and got a little too close to my forehead. I had an awesome burn across my head for like a week. My dad. Back in the 60's when I was about 10, my dad would take me out on Alton Lake on his fishing boat. It wasn't fancy. It had an outboard Johnson motor. He used to let me sit on the bow, straddling the metal "loop" that the rope was connected to and we'd jump the waves after the barges came by. Alton lake is actually the Mississippi River in front of Corps of Engineers' Locks and Dam. This without a life vest. Boy, back when I was a kid there were no seatbelts in cars, helmets on bicycles....surprised that there is so many of us boomers still alive!
My parents rarely ever spoke when I was a kid, and every time they did they were pretty much always arguing. My siblings and I would often wake up at night to my dad throwing things against the walls and floor, and my mom begging and crying. My family was pretty broken, I'd say. We were financially unstable and my dad was never around, used to be off to hang out with friends. Sometimes we'd go for weeks without seeing him.
My mom and I didn't have much when I was growing up. Not being able to afford daycare/sitter, her boss agreed to let me stay behind the counter as she worked the cashier in a gas station. So 6am, she would gather me in blankets and carry me to the car then place me on a makeshift bed by her feet, and work until next shift.
He was/is! I'm not really sure what my mom's deal was. When I joined band in 5th grade, I wanted so badly to play the clarinet, but she made me play the flute because she did, and then pressured me to switch to bassoon because that's what she had done--but she never taught me (or helped me practice) either. & that's awesome about your dad, too! I don't think I've ever heard my dad play anything aside from guitar and harmonica, so we never had a duet, but that would have been a really great experience!
My mom was a piano teacher before I was born, so we had a piano in our house.

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https://ask.fm/LilMissCrazyGirl/answers/168910645573 - French is quite a difficult language to learn (in my opinion, at least 😹), as for swimming I can understand why you weren't keen on it 😹 Didn't stop you pushing me into that cold river though, did it? 😜

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ᵀᵉⁿᵃᶜⁱᵒᵘˢ ᵀᵒᵐᵐᵃʸ™ ✌ ♚ ☻
True, to me any language is difficult to learn just because I’m not good at remembering things haha 😆 right so glad they knocked the swimming pool down, and you still remember that 🥴😂

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ڪ ⇣⇣ ⇠ ® 💞 ƒ૨εε รpαcε ⇢ ⇡⇡ ڪ

Esoparati’s Profile Photo✠ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ Δпgєł ☮® ⇠ ⇣⇣
Lisboa is the Portuguese capital and is considered one of the oldest European cities, and it is a charming romantic city with many palaces, gardens, monuments and museums with tourist attractions. Lisbon is also characterized by its mild climate, even in the winter months and throughout the year. The picturesque Tagus River passes through it and it is one of the most densely populated Portuguese cities. Tourists come from all over the world.

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ڪ     ƒεε รpαcε   ڪ

Describe the best walk a person could take.

I am sure that there are thousands of great walks a person could take. In my personal life, the best hike I have taken was in the White Mountain National Forest located in New Hampshire, and more specifically a place called Tuckerman Ravine. This hike I have done 3 times with both of my sons and their friends when they were teens. We would arrive at base camp by 6AM and not return to base camp until 6PM. It was an all day affair. In fact, one year, the teens decided (along with Dad) to race down the mountain for about 0.5 miles. Talk about exhilarating and intense where rhythm, agility, conditioning and secure footing all are critical to avoiding injury.
New Hampshire is home to the tallest peaks in New England, and at 6,288 feet, Mount Washington towers above them all. There’s no more classic way to climb to the top than on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, which ascends more than 4,000 feet up Washington’s east slope, starting in mixed hardwood forest and following rocky scree up to the mountain’s bare summit. Tackle this challenging day hike, and you’ll reap a top-down view of the White Mountains, from verdant river valleys to snowcapped peaks.

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Describe the best walk a person could take

Kartky - słuchasz? Ubiony utwór?

Słucham, ciężko o jeden ulubiony ale do takiej topki zaliczyłbym:
- niemanieba
- azrael
- wolni
- karuzela
- 0
i wiele innych ale za dużo tego, aby wymienić wszystkie.
Do Halloween pozostało 22 dni! 🎃
Jeśli jesteś miłośnikiem przerażających filmów, być może wiesz o Bell Witch. Film The Blair Witch Project jest oparty na tej historii. Już na początku XIX wieku człowiek o imieniu John Bell przeprowadził się z rodziną do obszaru w stanie Tennessee zwanego Red River. Po osiedleniu się w nowym domu zaczęły się dziać dziwne rzeczy. Rodzina Bellów zaczęła słyszeć dziwne odgłosy, w tym szczekanie psów, grzechotanie łańcuchów, żucie szczurów i szeptanie kobiety. Wkrótce ta kobieta stała się znana jako Bell Witch i wielu ludzi wierzy, że jest duchem byłej sąsiadki Bellów, Kate Batts. Batts i Bellowie mieli spór o ziemię, a ona przysięgła zemstę rodzinie Bellów przed śmiercią. Później Bell zmarł z powodu zatrucia i podobno jest to dzieło Bell Witch.

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Kartky  słuchasz Ubiony utwór

What are the best first date plans?

Going for a walk because it's more natural, more fun, more appealing, and more sensual. If you're really feeling the date and you're nearby a park, well, fireworks are going to happen. Or even if you're in front of a lake or a waterfall or a river. I don't know, that's how I want my first date to go. I don't wanna get stuck in a movie theatre or restaurant.

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Quel a était ton rêve le plus drôle que tu as fais ?

I haven't had a funny dream in many months. I never have those. The last dream I remember was the other night and it was of me having sex with some asain girl I used to go to summer camp with when I was 13 and she ended up giving me herpes. I woke up relieved it was just a dream. My dreams are bizzare disturbing bullshit.
This is more of a silly dream. Had set my alarm clock to get up early but when it went off I just dreamed it was my cell phone ringing. So in my dream I'm trying to answer the cell phone but soon realize that it can't be done. Looking around me I notice I'm in a store that sells phones. At the entry is a basket with phones on sales and I convince myself that the sound is coming from one of those phones. So while I'm oversleeping some good twenty minutes, in my dream me and another dude tries one phone after another to make the noise stop.
Had a dream about a homless dude living inside some abandoned building that I was wanting to get into. Homless guy looked like bill from King of the Hill. Wearing only a flannel black and red shirt he struck ginyu force poses. I could see that he had a actual toothpick as his manly bits. When I approached the building he told me I couldn't leave because he had a mission to do. His mission was to fly to the top of the building and shit on everything by just suspending himself in the air while shitting. I think about this dream and just crack up because of how fucking stupid it is.
I once had a dream that I adopted a few puppies. They were adorable, and I loved them more than anything. Curious feature of these puppies was that if you put a drop of water on them they turned into Pom Bears so that you could carry them more easily in your pockets. For those who haven't heard of them, Pom Bears are these teddy shaped crispy potato snacks. Well, I showed my best friend my beautiful beloved puppies in their Pom Bear state. Lovingly placed them into her hand. She then brought her hand up to her face for a closer look, and she crushed my puppies in her fist. Woke up feeling betrayed and heartbroken and was mad at her for a few days afterwards.
I had to return a sloth home.... One day I was playing in my yard when I see a sloth in my tree, but all the trees were cut back way far and we're practically stumps. It couldn't stay there and survive, it needed a new place to call home, maybe it was lost. I told my mom we had to get the sloth back to its home so we went down my dreamy mansion to an underground river. Somehow I ended up with a plastic bowl full of shells, they were light blue. We approached a super tall waterfall with the sloth wrapped around me like belt from the Croods. We only had one way down, to jump. My mom was telling me not to break any of the shells and I told her I would do my best. Then, we jumped. It was at least a 5 second fall but we hit the shallow and clear water. I got up and looked at my bowl full of broken shells.

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Do you prefer swimming in pools or in the ocean? || Preferes nadar em piscinas ou no mar? 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
My favourite swimming is definitely in the sea, river or lake because you’re in the natural outdoors and the water is so fresh and lovely. The waves at the beach are so much fun whether you’re board riding, body surfing or just playing and getting thrown around by the waves. There is also something pretty special about doing a bush walk and coming across a river and just jumping in to get cool before setting off again.
But I also like a swimming pool if i want to do lap swimming or at a friends house and being able to cool off with a swim on a hot day is pretty great too.
So really I think all swimming choices are great but for different reasons.

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Do you prefer swimming in pools or in the ocean  Preferes nadar em piscinas ou

hello, master Bones, if you're back from that trip (in dick with the satellite),imi spui niste documentare cu serial killers care ti-au placut (dau o cafea si-un soric)?

Hello. Recomand foarte tare ”BTK Killer” (Dennis Rader), ”Green River Killer” (Gary Ridgway), ”Co-ed Killer” (Edmund Kemper”, ”Night Stalker” (Richard Ramirez), ”The Milwaukee Cannibal” (Jeffrey Dahmer), ”Son of Sam (David Berkowitz) & ”The Iceman” (Richard Kuklinski). Le includ la categoria ”must see”, mi s-au părut geniale, ah, dacă ai Netflix, poți să urmărești ”Mind Hunter” dacă te interesează astfel de subiecte. VIZIONARE PLĂCUTĂ.....sau NEPLĂCUTĂ....hehe.

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What's The Most Beautiful Place You've Ever Seen?

caszia’s Profile PhotoP ☀️
An engrossing journey highlighted by traveling in a car, living in a wooden 🏠 where a chandelier invited everyone's eyes upward by virtue of its sparkle & to adore its glory, it made us feel more welcome to that house :D , observing rabbits & clicking a pic with them🐰, walking besides a beautiful river, daily eating tasty breakfast, and food. 。◕‿◕。 , horse 🐎 riding😄, seeing market,
And when the day finally arrived to visit Rohtang Pass,... :D ✨😻 ,
*arousen* by my family😹😂😂, and they told me to quickly dressen up,. At that time I thought, Why sooo early we have to go!??
But later on, I realised there wass soo much traffic jam🥺 and we almost get caught up in that for more than 1 hour, *I guess*, so that made me realise it was pretty reasonable in the morning to do like that 😹😹😂😂
I can't travel for very long hours, it makes me sick😅, but still we were waiting to visit Rohtang Pass as we were stuck in a jam & there was no turnin' back as everyday it would be like that😂😂😹,
But after much time, we finally reached the place, Rohtang Pass, And when I got out of my car, I got soo much mesmerized by its beauty that I no longer felt ill😃😄😍☺️☺️,
We really had a good time there!!! ☺️💛🧡❤️
Overall wonderful experience!!!! ☺️☺️🤗🤗💝💖💓💕🥰🥰

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Whats The Most Beautiful Place Youve Ever Seen

What do you do on Christmas?

Anyway, that’s how my parents see it. I love Christmas! I love the ‘smell’ (winter nights, we drink hot chocolate once a week), the lights outside, the Christmas trees, the presents; the spirit is definitely real even though I have no memory of my family celebrating it. I know it’s not his birthday but just the idea of it. I’ve ‘celebrated’ it with friends, but that was just exchanging gifts; I haven’t woken up one day in the morning to open any gifts :l. Though, once I move out, and have my own family, I’ll definitely celebrate it. I’m so excited for it and just eagerly waiting.
I actually stopped celebrating it a few years ago. I don't want to spend my money on decorations and gifts for everyone. Sure, Christmas trees and lights are pretty but I will just admire other people's decorating. I do however still bake lebkuchen cookies (a family tradition around Christmas) and buy a few gifts.
Hang out with my family. We no longer exchange gifts, and I absolutely love that. No stress on finding something that they'll like, no stress about how much to spend. We usually just watch Christmas Vacation and have dinner together, and it's so much more satisfying.
I live alone in my own 1 bedroom apartment. I love Christmas and decorate my place every year. Christmas morning I wake up, make a cup of coffee, turn on the TV and catch the yearly Christmas specials and relax until my small family (Brother, Sister, Mom, Step Dad) comes over and hangs out for a bit to exchange gifts. It's not too bad.
My husband and I live on the opposite coast from all of our family and most of our friends. We fly home sometimes but usually stay here and tag along with a friend's family. We are pretty good guests (bring lots of wine, a couple joints to share, and I always offer to bring dishes/cook.) Our friends have told us that having us around is great and helps break some family tension. We know everyone so it is comfortable, but they say our presence keeps some conflicts in check (racist uncle, bitchy sisters...). This year for Thanksgiving we decided to not wear out our welcome with friends and rented a cabin on a river in the middle of no where for ourselves. Going to cook a small dinner (roast chicken, stove top, veggies) for us, go hike around some giant redwoods, laze around in bed. I can't wait.

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