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What’s one fun activity from your youth that would be cool to experience again? I totally miss the skating thing and Blockbuster rentals. 🛼

I miss skating too but I tried again as an adult and broke my elbow lol. I like to watch rollerskating dance videos.

how did the rollerskating go? still doing it? how many followers do you have here and how many do you follow? what makes you follow the ones that you do?

I'm still not very good at it, haha. I was doing it wrong this whole time, in fact! I rarely skate because my mom has to help me, but she is usually in some kind of pain or too busy. I follow about 115 people, and I have 1,168 followers. I follow these people for any or all of the following reasons: they asked me to follow them in exchange for following me (I do not always comply; it depends on their content), they ask good questions, or they give good answers.
+40 answers in: “random facts about yourself 😃”

I mean you probably could put it in kls when you bring it back because well rollerblading would be awesome but how would she go at roller skating? And if you wrote a book set earlier in time it'd be and ideal dating thing I guess - or if you wrote it in like a scene within your stories now (2)

Oh, no, I definitely wouldn't include rollerblading or rollerskating in KLS, seeing as Kami is paralysed from the waist from chapter 2 onwards!

Alter➖Größe➖Augenfarbe➖Schuhgröße➖Mama oder Papa?➖Ich liebe➖Verliebt➖In➖Lieblingsmensch➖Beste Freundin➖Sprachen➖Beziehungsstatus➖Herkunft➖Handymarke➖Lieblingsfarbe➖Geschwister➖Jeder der liket diese frage?🌹💋

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13/167/ Grün-Braun / 38,39 / Mama / Rollerskating / Ja / Geheim / Lea / Lena / Deutsch, englisch, Französisch / Single / Deutschland-Polen / Apple / Schwarz, weiss, Rot, Grau, Pastell / 2 Brüder / Mal sehen

Did you ever see a woman coming out of New York City , with a frog in her hand ? ~ Who was the woman & who was the frog ?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
Well the consensus today seems to be that it was Gloria Jones with a Kermit . . . rollerskating in Central Park ; I recall at the time someone-else's name ...
>> "According to Marc Bolan, he and Rod Stewart were sitting on a park bench in New York when a girl roller-skated by holding a frog. Hence the song's only real line, "Did you ever see a woman coming out of New York City with a frog in her hand?"" <<
>> "According to another boley story it was David Bowie he was with when he saw this mysterious woman. According to Gloria she was the woman and the frog was a toy kermit. Remember he was into congac and cocaine at the time. he could have seen a frog walking down the road with a woman in its hand. Would that have worked?" <<
~ this also enhances the preceding Q&A below ~ http://ask.fm/igotamatch/answers/140575980666
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Ok I have been dating this girl for 3 months now and we have gone out on dates and now for our next date she wants to go rollerskating but I don't want to because I don't feel comfortable doing it I want to go bowling how can I tell her that I don't want to go rollerskating without hurting her

Hmm... Maybe suggest bowling instead nicely? Ya could always tell her ua don't feel comfortable doin it, and she should respect that decision. -J

Tbh|| your gorgeous😍😍 and your bae asf💓 we need to go rollerskating or hangout asap😩 the carnival was fun and so was my party. We need to have a sleepover with you Me and Bella and "try" to pull an all nighter😂 you and Kyle need 2 date please😭 I love you❤️❤️

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Fr we need to make plans soon, thank you bbg && I love you moree 😘😍

tbh/ you're perfect, your hair and your eyes and your outfits and your face i want to be you, you're so nice and really funny and good at basketball! we need to hang out again and I hope you had fun rollerskating ahah ! love you meg rate/bms❤️

ILYSM pey thank youu .
plans soon!!! ❤️
thank youuu ! ❤️❤️❤️
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If I were to throw you a surprise Birthday Party which would you prefer? 1. Rollerskating Party 2. Bowling Party 3. Bonfire on the beach 4. Backyard Movie Night Projected on screen like a Drive-in movie

Hmmm well I cantbskate worth shit soooo...
And ink bout bowlin
Number 3 & 4together sounded pretty good together

If I were to throw you a surprise Birthday Party which would you prefer? 1. Rollerskating Party 2. Bowling Party 3. Bonfire on the beach 4. Backyard Movie Night Projected on screen like a Drive-in movie

Surprise me with pizza.
Lots. So much that I probably won't eat right away but later.
Ill heat it up and stuff.

I'm going rollerskating with my friend next week and I was texting the boy I like and I said that he should come and he said yes. I want to talk to him and my friend what do I do?

You need to tell your friend that you invited him and that you can all skate together. You could be in the middle so that both of them can talk to you. I hope that this helped and please tell me your end results. :)
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Tbh; I'd pull your Walmart thong down with my teeth because you hottttt. Date: obviously(girls that wear Walmart thongs are sexy) Kiss or Diss: kiss. We should: Hang out, go rollerskating or bowling, go out to eat and then go Walmart thong shopping. Rate: 10 ;)

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hahahahahahahh thanks Jesse

what do you think is wrong with this generation? instead of hitting a pillow or going for a run or doing something fun to get rid of stress, anger, and sadness, we get drunk, smoke, cut, and plenty other stupid shit. why are we so stupid. its sad that there are only a select few that live a kid life

ha. I dont know i think the people that do those things are just dumb. Like really? Your going to damage your own body that you should even be thankful to have and its all over a boy, or drama? Come on guys you dont need to do this. What i notice though is that most of the people that do this want attention or just are messed up in the head. I personally dont feel sorry for the people that cut because its stupid, go ahead and hate me for not caring though :P And I agree with Noah, I wish i was born 20-40 years ago when life was good and the music was better and just everything was happier. I would enjoy rollerskating in a hippie outfit xD

I will definitely try to visit!!:) isn't there a rollerskating rink around you? Maybe a bunch of us could meet you there :D and nothing has been going on here really:/ some girls are still obsessing over Adler but that's about it haha keep me updated (I'll keep you updated too) :)<333

Thebrightgreentoaster’s Profile PhotoMary Annabelle
Yess! We will definiately do that!:3 and hahaha yeah same here and lmfao of course ;D <33 ;*

Im going too watch on sunday hahahaha. :) But, someday soon we'll meet :) It's really been so long :O One day we're sliding down the IB stairs and rollerskating around my house and next day outta contact for years . Haha, and who is this Samyam? ;) Aheemmm adity. ;)

Ohh well samyam is you know :P haha and I miss the old days.
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owww. i was rollerskating and my friend (who is also a ranga) couldnt skate so i helped her and she massively lost her balance and we fell over and hit our heads together and i think i have concussion. I also badly hurt my knee and my ancles hurt... :'( wat do i do???

aww you poor bub :// first thing to do is stick your head in a bucket of frozen water (for your concussion), lie down and find a miracle cure (for your knee so you can play soccer), and find a dictionary for you ancles :// i'm sorry ;p i meant i'll kiss it better don't cry~
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who's the friend that most likely will be a... Actress, comedian, chef, model, dancer, or really famous when there older ?

Really famous~Ambo for her famous rollerskating -___-

everybody's making plans to do roller skating in term 3, theyve already decided, bro,I used 2 do little athletics, I know what its like, and I PROMISE ill do it in term 4 please?

u do rollerskating
me and mehak are doing athletics
there is no point doing a sport twice
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Haha, I'll let shopping pass :P..I'm into playing and watching football, skateboarding, swimming, jogging :) Support any teams?

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Cheers :D
I've always wanted to be able to skateboard :) But on flat ground, I never seem to be able to pick up much speed, and if I was ever on a slope the speed used to scare me so Id lose my balance and fall off :D
I love rollerskating though :)
I grew up supporting Liverpool, because my mum fancied some of their players :D and then my ex boyfriend also supported them so I have been to Anfield twice. I wouldnt say Im a massive supporter or anything, but Ill always suort them to win above other teams. But if Liverpool arent playing, or they get kicked out of a tournament, Ill always hope that Chelsea to do well as my little bro is a MASSIVE fan and I love to see him smile :))
What team do you support?

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