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Vreau sa ma intorc pentru o zi in anul 1987, in comunism, sa ma plimb pe bulevard, sa intru la Cocor, sa vad numai Dacii 1310, sa intru in casa dupa ce am stat la coada la lapte si paine, sa ma uit la ceasul cu cuc, mileul si pestele de pe TV si sa vorbesc la tlf fix cu disc rotativ.

Si sa dormi cu 3 geci pe tine, să ai electricitate câteva ore pe zi, sa nu poti sa sufli o vorba, ca poate fi interpretat împotriva sistemului, sa nu ai ce alimente cumpara din magazine :)) fain fain in comunism.
Dacă tot vrei sa vezi chestii, mergi la Romanian Kitsch Museum in Afi :))

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what. why i'm racist? which one of my questions was racist? I just wanted to know more about your religion and your beliefs. people nowdays use the word racist too easily.

You are right, but the second and third question are so strange to me.
I'm not used to ask foreigners is there Christians in the country or like this, i am not Romanian btw, i'm Egyptian that is why I am not used to such questions.

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I'm a bit late to the Lana Del Rey party xD That makes sense and shows you have good priorities!! Doggo first, phone later! Spaniels are my favourite!! We always had them on the farm but that was before my time! Awwwww!! Well go you for rescuing as well! All dogs are good dogs! 😍

JoeeeMason’s Profile PhotoJoe Edward Mason
Haha, never too late to find some good music tbf! Sometimes I find a good band or something and I’m like omg how have I never heard these before?! 🤣
Yeah he’s getting worse ☹️ it’s so heartbreaking but I’m doing all I can.
They are so cute tbf. Especially their long curly ears 🤣
Yeah they are. I follow this Romanian rescue too recently and they bring them over and give dogs who are about to be killed homes, it’s so amazing 🥺

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Hello. Imagine you find dirty secret of your family about bloody big wealth waiting for you to turn certain age, after that it will be yours. I'm talking about - money, diamonds and etc. Will you keep it and live the dream, or give it to the authorities. What if they lock you up? Regards, smileys

I'm kinda confused. The big fortune was obtained by bloody means, which would mean that we obtained it by force, which means it's not quite ours? Or that my family has some internal issues and my parents made some plots that will give me the right over it, even if I wasn't the rightful heir? Or do I find out that my family left me a big fortune but I can't use it before I reach a certain age because of certain reasons? (I read a lot of manga on this topic, so my mind is a tad confused as I don't know what exactly you mean).
Depending on your answer, my answer also changes.
If I find out that they obtained it through force, I'll try to find the rightful owners and try to come to a compromise with them. If they are dead or missing or whatever, I'll enjoy the dream.
If I find out that my family made me the heir through some plots, I'll see who the rightful heir is and again try to reach a compromise with them. I might not talk with them (as in explaining them the situation) but share the wealth with them.
If it's the last one, I'll try to find out why they didn't say anything until now, why must I wait to be a certain age and see what I find. I might live the dream afterwards, but again, I wouldn't go overboard with it as I don't like to show off.
I wouldn't give it to the authorities in neither case. I'll put it to better use and if it's money obtained through devious means, authorities should find the truth without me having to tell it to them. ?‍♀️
What if they lock me up? As in taking me to jail? I'll just protest and do my utmost to get out. But then again, when thinking of Romanian police, they wouldn't do such things as they wouldn't bother finding the truth without me telling it or doing things that could bring suspicions over me ?‍♀️

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When asked to name a country you'd like to visit, which one would be your first choice? What country would you rather not visit? Why those countries?

Cameliee’s Profile PhotoCamelié.
I wanna visit Australia firstly.
Before that india is our neighbor country specially i wanna visit places like assam,kashmir & goa.i don't wanna visit Israel being a muslim.
nowaday,i wanna visit romania too.because you tell me so much about romania and its culture.i wanna meet you too.
Do romanian people speak in english?or alternative languages?

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Actually rumanians share a lot with latinos. Our languages isn't that different. I think it's easy for both latinos and rumanians to learn eachothers language

That is kind of true, but is easier for us, Romanians, to learn Spanish. That s mainly because we have more sounds in our alphabet so there is no new sounds to try and pronounce, you know? For Spanish speakers is harder to learn Romanian

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da, le mai vad si pe social media ce se sparg ca pun ele poza cu berea, cu tigara, cu astea. astea de 14-15-16 ani. si mai au si un tupeu fantastic de iti vine sa suplinesti tu locul lu ma-sa si sa le educi romanian style cu coada de la matura.

=))) Subscriu la ultima parte. Aici e atat de mult de discutat, chiar e un subiect foarte complex. Copilelor de genul chiar le lipseste ceva, fie ca emotional, moral sau pur si simplu o relatie mai ok cu parintii. It's an entire debate

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If you were offered the leadership / presidency of your country would you take it? If so, What would be your first change of law?

It'd be tempting, but I'd probably pass. The job seems exhausting, stressful, intense, etc. Every move you make is under intense scrutiny, and one mishap - even a small one - can result in backlash. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to take on all of that responsibility. However, let's assume I'm crazy enough to say yes.
The first thing I'd do is make the internet a human right, and lower internet rates immediately. I would even threaten to make the internet free. In Canada, we have some of the most expensive internet in the developed world despite having "okay" speeds. We're paying more than we should. In Romania, their internet speeds are amongst the top in the world, AND their prices are amongst the cheapest in the world. I'd model after them, and force Canada to be following the Romanian standard for the internet.

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Ce faceți când aveți o viață de toată jena??. Și părinții voștri NU vă lasă să mai ieșiți afară din curte, să stați numa în casă și în curte, ce ați face??.

anamariapescar1356i0’s Profile PhotoAnamaria Pescar
I don’t know how to say it in Romanian so I’ll say it in English. First don’t ever let other people define you and never seek their approval if you do that then you’ll never feel embarrassed as for your parents you can always sneak out as long as you are willing to take the risk. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone so stay strong and focused and go after what you want

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Do people assume ur race? What do they think you are. People assume I’m romanian and domincian but I’m not either KKKK

AmorBrasil01’s Profile PhotoMariá_Mimosa
I get a lot of responses it depends on my skin and eyes and hair that day. Out of everything the most common I get is African/black, Mexican, Latina, Russian, Scottish, Italian, Arabic, Indian. Most of the time they don’t know or can’t guess though and call me exotic

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How did you learn so many languages?Besides romanian and english I don't speak any language even though I tried to learn French at school. I hated it. Now my father pressures me to learn German but I can't focus on learning anymore since my depression. I can't even learn for the BAC.

I've been coming and going to Spain for the last 12 years so I just naturally picked that on. Music and telenovelas helped as well. Italian is somewhat related to Spanish so I kinda picked that one as well by ear from music and some telenovela (I watched two in Italian I think). In regards to French, it's mostly what I learned at school and intuition (meaning I look at how the words are written, compare them with Spanish and see what it could mean).
I don't think German is a language that you can learn while feeling pressured. Well, one won't be able to learn most things if they feel pressured and don't like the said thing.
And in regards to BAC.. If you did a good job along the years of high school, just some reminding two weeks before the exams could be enough. At leat, in my case it was. Still, do some daily exercises and don't force yourself to do everything at once since that's backfiring. I wish you good luck.

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+1 answer in: “What is the most common first language in the country you're in? What is your first language? What languages do you speak? What languages do you wish you knew? What is the most beautiful language in your opinion?”

What is the most common first language in the country you're in? What is your first language? What languages do you speak? What languages do you wish you knew? What is the most beautiful language in your opinion?

urlsareshittbh’s Profile Photourlsareshittbh
Romanian is the most common language in the country I live in. That's also my first language. I speak Romanian (obviously), English and Spanish. I also understand some Italian and French (mostly written). I would like to know Russian and Japanese.
Spanish is the most beautiful language in my opinion.

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As a very young child i used to confuse the words "coldslaw" and "Coldplay".? Were there ever words that you confused with one another? If so, what were they?

urlsareshittbh’s Profile Photourlsareshittbh
Even now I am confusing 'sobrinos' and 'nietos', which both mean nephews, but one means nephews for grandparents (nieto) and one nephews for aunts/uncles (sobrino). In Romanian it's the same word for both, but my sister in law (which is of Spanish nationality) told me the difference and if I don't stop to think about it for a bit, I still confuse those two.
As a child I have no idea what words I used to confuse.

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I've never heard that expression before. Is it a Romanian idiom? And yeah, I know you don't trust me but please show me some Christian love and give me the benefit of the doubt! I promise you won't regret it because I really do want to be your friend...

Christian love isn’t about someone doing what someone else wants. Christian love is about being patient with people and love them even if they are mean to you. I haven’t reached that spot yet.
Sorry,but friendship for me is about trusting. I have just a few friends: God,my unique Friend who never lets me down, my family and my bff (I will not write her name here for you to bully her too. )

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