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Do you have a secret you want to share..!💭

RandomQuotes69’s Profile PhotoPickle rick
it's not a secret, more like a stupid fact about me 🙃
i love romantic novels & fan factions and when i find a good one i finish it in two days maximum doesn't matter how long it is..
then i get depressed for a whole week trying to move on and find a better one :'D

Were you named after someone in particular or did your parent/s just like the name?

My mum desperately wanted to call me Rebel
My Pop said “No! 😠 Imagine what all the boys will think”
So she changed her mind to Gypsy and my Dad said
“Oh geez, that’s just as bad “
So for 3 days I was known as “The baby”
Until my dad remembered a romantic drama, he’d watched with my mum earlier on in the year.
Poetic Justice, a role played by Janet Jackson
A kind, loyal, considerate, strong willed woman
Mum decided she liked that one and everyone else did too
The end

Name some traits of your zodiac sign??

-observant; notice literally every little detail
-naturally distant
-overthinkers; creating imaginary scenarios before anyone has even said anything
-blinded by their own emotions
-never get jealous, simply lose interest
-very romantic
-real neat freaks
-crave knowledge
-very loyal
-nice on the outside, naughty on the inside
Also 👇
Name some traits of your zodiac sign

Do you have any regrets regarding a past relationship? Wether it’s romantic or just friendship? Like someone toxic who didn’t deserve all the support and energy you’d given them at the expense of your well being?

Yes, both friendships and a relationship. I don't regret being friends with those people or giving them my time and energy cause at the time I cared a lot about them or I wouldn't have. I am a big believer in these situations teaching us lessons and I think they help us to determine where our boundaries need to be and at what point we need to say I need to step back here for my own sake 🧐

How often do you remember your dreams? What kinds of things do you usually dream of? Do dreams influence your day? Like, do you ever wake up feeling happy/sad/confused? What's the craziest dream you've ever had, if you remember it?

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
Unfortunately I rarely dream because I’m rarely in a deep sleep. Most common theme is love though when I do. *hopeless romantic*
How often do you remember your dreams What kinds of things do you usually dream

Do you think live music is important for the ceremony? Like a string ensemble that adds a romantic, wedding like vibe. When you get married, do you want that? or if you're already married, did you have that?

I think what’s important varies from couple to couple and they decide if things are important for them or not. I’m not married and don’t think I am wanting to be but it’s not something I’d feel was important

You seem so ready, are you? Yet unprepared for the fuss... A foot on the floor... And other in the dunk of darkness...

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Someone from here recommended movie to me 👀. The start was thrilling 👍 middle part romantic ❤️, but why they always must finish with tragedy ? 😭😭
I think I stay faithful to my scary horrors only! 😅 Dahmer tomorrow continues 👍😂 Better to go to bed feared than sad! Good night! 😴
You seem so ready are you 
Yet unprepared for the fuss
A foot on the floor

totoo kaya yung sinasabi ng iba na di mo sya kailangang hanapin dahil dadating din yun sa tamang panahon?? hirap na kasi panindigan to eh parang antagal nung tamang panahon

this quote is taken out of context, and most people have no idea what it means. people misinterpret this quote to mean "wait for the right person," when in fact it means "take a chance when the opportunity presents itself, but continue living your life in the meantime." please, guys, life isn't a romantic comedy. u have to go out there and seek opportunities for yourself. there isn't a "right moment."
people say things like that because they want the world to be all flowery and everyone to "just" get their sweet piece of cake. of course it's not. such a world would also be undesirable.

De ce pentru o fata e normal sa se comporte uneori ca un copil si sa se bucure de lucruri precum dulciuri, un film etc si pentru un baiat e nasol si e vazut ca fiind imatur emotional si alte rahaturi de genul asta ?

Da, de aici pleaca si ideea ca barbatii nu pot plange ceea ce e toxic.
Bai, depinde.
Sunt femei care cauta un barbat alfa sau whatever si nu suporta genul acesta de sentimentalisme, sa nu fie romantic si asa mai departe. Si sunt femei carora le place sa vada umanitatea, emotiile la un barbat si nu le intereseaza cum il face sa para.
Depinde de femei.
Descarca te, plangi, gaseste ti un echilibru iar pers potrivita va aparea.

Diffrence between sadness & depression?

Sadness ... comedy yah Romantic movie Daikh K Thora Rona or Sadness Khatam Dil Khush .....
Depression ... horror movie main devil Jin Churail Pay Tarass ana or Un k baray Main Dukhi ho k Rona Serial Killers pay Tarss ana...Dil Or Ziada Tang Hona Or Bilwajah He Serial Killer Yah Azazil Ko Acha Samjhna.....

Do you think live music is important for the ceremony? Like a string ensemble that adds a romantic, wedding like vibe. When you get married, do you want that? or if you're already married, did you have that?

I've been married, will never get married again. Absolutely would not have wanted a 'live string ensemble' at my wedding no. That's way over the top, way too tight and not at all the kind of thing i'd want.
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Romantic text in your way ♋️

pretty_Filth’s Profile PhotoPainkiller
ماذا تُسميني بلغتك المتواضعة؟
انا اعلم انني مسحور
بحركة اجفانها
بزيارة حدقةِ عينيها لوجهي
بذلك الشعور الذي يُسكن هيجان قلبي بقربها و يهجر وحدتي
كانت القطعة المفقودة التي حاولت وضع الكثير كبديلٍ عنها فتقرح قلبي رافضًا اياهم كرفضِ الجسد لعضوٍ جديد

*Jasper shivers at the thought of rabbit meat being used in dishes like that*Eesh so avoid any butcher or hunter looking hylians? Gotcha..Wait are you two..?A.. *she gestures with her arm*A thing? *she means dating if it wasn't obvious*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
*Vio just looks at Shadow, before they both look back at the rabbit*
"Yes, we are. Ah you didn't realize I meant romantic partner did you, I prefer that to the term boyfriend."

*her eyes widen*That's some impressive magic...How is he doing that...?*she seems baffled how he's in Vio's shadow she gently places her fuzzy paws on the shadow*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
*I wonder if she picked up on Vio meaning partner in the romantic sense*
"That's closest to his natural form, and during the day it's easiest for him to stay in my shadow. Hey Shads do you feel up for talking?"
*his shadow shakes his head*
"Fair it's incredibly bright out, you'd be exhausted fairly quickly. If we were inside he could emerge from the darkness and greet you properly, but sunlight is a bit of a problem."

I genuinely feel bad for everyone who's never experienced true love in their life. Love is special and magical it's surreal. What's a life without love?

Romantic love? Can often be quite overrated. But loving someone unapologetically and expecting nothing in return. That’s a
beautiful experience.
I genuinely feel bad for everyone whos never experienced true love in their life

Que opinas de los animes de hoy en día? Crees que alguno merece la pena?

Pues ayer me vi con el bae uno de Netflix que se llama Romantic Killer y nos gustó bastante a ambos. Tanto que queremos que saquen pronto la segunda temporada. 🥹💕
Que opinas de los animes de hoy en día Crees que alguno merece la pena

What can your SO do to make you feel wanted?

To feel appreciated, it's the random touches he gives me or just the things he says about my body and mind. I certainly feel loved because of how often he tells me he loves me and the sweet, romantic things he does (like putting a blanket on me while I sleep or comforting me during a nightmare or checking in on me). He's an incredibly gentle person when he touches me, kisses me, takes care of me. He'll take breaks from his video games just to come over to kiss me on the forehead or ask for a kiss too. Sometimes he just wants to hold my hand. He asks me to sit next to him so we can be physically close. He sends me texts throughout the day, unprompted, about how he misses or loves me. I have never felt so cherished in my whole life. To feel wanted is a different thing although certainly entwined. I like feeling like he can't keep his hands off of me or like he can't get enough of me physically. I love kisses or that feeling that he's losing himself in me as easily as I lose myself in him. Comments about my body, about how attracted he is to me, about how I taste or smell or feel or look, all increase my feeling of being wanted and desired. Additionally, if he goes out of his way to do the things he knows I love feeling physically (like biting or kissing my neck, lingeringly touching my ass or hip, putting his hands around my waist or pulling me against his body, whispering in my ear, all the urgent, passionate kisses, all the slow touches). I like being told he wants me, in plain language, or HOW he wants me ("I've been thinking about how you do such and such when you...." sort of statements). I'm a very affectionate person, so touching does it for me. Hugs, kisses on the neck and surprise ass slaps usually put a shit-eating grin on my face.
We've been living together for 1 1/2 years. Every time we come home after work he still has the same huge smile as when we first started dating. When we're at work he still sends me "i miss you" messages even though we live together.
I love affection and feeling like someone can't keep their hands off of me. Cuddling, kissing, spooning. Touch my butt. Whispering in my ear you want me right now. Dirty texting, public affection (not too much). Telling me how you want me, putting your hands on my waist and rib area (that's one of my favorite things and an instant turn on).
He makes me feel wanted all the time! He's both physically and verbally affectionate all the time and he's always trying to make me happy. The best is when we're having a regular conversation and he'll slip something real smooth in there like a compliment or a flirtation. I also really love it when I think my touches are innocent but it totally turns him on (sometimes he'll even tell me to stop because it's too distracting for him); it's like cute and fun to know he wants me so much. I'm very lucky and I hope I make him feel just as good!

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Dopóki śmierć nas nie rozłączy, czy Twoim zdaniem istnieje wieczna miłość? Uzasadnij

lansik96’s Profile PhotoDเค๒lเςค
Zakładając, że nie szukasz w realnym życiu...
W amerykańskiej literaturze popularnej („Tuf Voyaging”, George R. R. Martin):
“And you and I have become the stuff of legends, Tuf, the most celebrated lovers since, oh, puling hell, since all those famous romantic couples from ancient times—you know, Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah, Sodom and Gomorrah, Marx and Lenin.”
W sztukach wizualnych („Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, F.F. Coppola):
Dopóki śmierć nas nie rozłączy czy Twoim zdaniem istnieje wieczna miłość

Which one is worse - Never falling in love with someone or having no one to fall in love with you?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Since I have never been in love or had anyone love me (in the romantic sense), I am not entirely sure. I suppose most people would probably say the latter but I may be wrong. 🤔
Jason and Medea (1907) / John William Waterhouse
Which one is worse  Never falling in love with someone or having no one to fall

*întrebare adresată la mai multă lume* cum ți-ai cunoscut partenerul/partenera? care e povestea voastră?

Pe Facebook.(da, știu, basic). El mi-a dat cerere de prietenie, habar n-am cum m-a găsit, probabil a dat la mai multe fete=))) eu i am dat accept, și culmea eu nu dau accept în general la băieți nici pe fb, nici pe ig, însă, cumva, a fost mâna destinului de s-a întâmplat așa, mi-a scris, mi-a plăcut că vorbea și vorbește corect gramatical, mi-a plăcut că este și frumos fizic, că are totuși o mentalitate sănătoasă deși e un Don Juan, am continuat să vorbim câteva zile până ne-am văzut, ne-am plăcut și am decis să rămânem împreună. A fost totul rapid, dar cred că a meritat. Uite că ne apropiem de doi ani de relație și suntem destul de bine.
Am uitat să punctez. La prima întâlnire a venit cu flori, ceea ce m-a bucurat și nu m-a invitat la un vin cum fac gherțoii disperați sau la el acasă, ci la restaurant să cinăm împreună. Mi s-a părut un gest politicos și romantic.😊

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Do you prefer being single or in relationship?

I've healed, made peace with and moved on from a lot, but even so, I've recently realised that romantic relationships just don't appeal to me - nice in theory/to think about at times, sure, and I have crushes/feel physical attraction and all that, but the reality of dating/relationships just isn't for me. I'm just not there anymore and don't think I ever will be tbh, I'm kind of loving being in my (romantically) unattainable and pressure-free era. All things dating/romantic relationships are officially off the table and solid, genuine friendships (maybe a fwb since I'm human, but only with the right one since I'm not even bothered about that) are really all I care about/need/want, all I'm open to, from now on 🙏💜✌️

"XChara do you want a chance with me? If you do, I'm laying down some ground rules now, break any of them and nothing will ever happen between us. 1. No kinks I'm uncomfortable with. 2. No outside romantic or sexual partners. 3. No attempted Multiverse conquest 4. We go at a pace I AM comfortable /w

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
XCH: Are you serious about giving me a chance!? HOT MAMA!!! I'm in heaven! Ahem, of course my lady! I won't ask you to eat me! But can I request you to hit me? *LMAO* Rule 2 interferes with my harem idea..but if it's for you, I guess I can let it go..but are you sure you won't change your mind about rule 3? Changing the world into a perfect place for beings like us? I think you should reconsider.. rule 4 can't be that bad.. unless your planning on waiting until my funeral to say ok to a date..*I think Nova just made the biggest mistake of her life*
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What are some small things that make your day better?

misha705’s Profile Photo__Misha
Nothing is making my days better so, lemme tell you about some little things that actually make me happy; lanterns, red capes and hoods, scented candles, old book shops, winter's first rain, sweat shirts, shawls, birds, nightingale's song, tree houses, butterflies, golden hours and sunsets, river sides, deserted curvy roads, long drives, cliff jumping, flute and violin instrumentals, star gazing, bare foot walks on dewy grass or crunchy maple leaves, wooden bridges, bamboo pens for calligraphy, singing and listening old ghazals, romantic ballads, sunflower fields, beaches, colorful stones, flower wreaths, night time outings, fireworks, full moon, and everything that is aesthetically pleasing. ❤️💯

How do you describe your personality?

An antisocial introverted homebody. I just want to stay home with my dog! But if you’re in my inner circle and you need me, I’ll bend over backwards for you. If you work with me, you’ll never guess I’m an introvert. I’m non confrontational by default but my silence should never be mistaken for acceptance. I’m also a deeply empathetic realist.
I’m pretty damn anti-social, even when at simple places like a park with other strangers there. I’m really unapproachable but will be much nicer than I look to people I haven’t met yet. I’m kinda weak mentally and physically (unlike my mom and my sisters they’re fricking QUEENS). When somebody agitated me so much to the point I can’t take it anymore, I sometimes snap at them (which I wish I could stop), and I behave a little impulsively.
Mr Toad when it comes to my interests, whimsy and mania and all. Very curious and feeling, insecure with romance but very romantic. Told I look intimidating (tall, dark hair, pretty, etc) but I feel like a sweet baby bunny on the inside. I feel masculine but like to play with femininity and express both. I like to be around people and be alone, its all about balance. I have things about myself that I'm working on like shame and anxiety. I love emotional intimacy and stimulating conversations. Smart ass with dad energy and silly, very silly.
I’m extremely loyal to my loved ones. No-drama, just a shoulder to lean on and someone to depend on. Honestly, though, really damn stubborn. Also the kind of person who will never ask for help and prefers to work things out alone.
Chaotic (in a charming way), intellectual, playful,, open-minded, flexible, childlike, knowledgeable, verbose, analytical, disorganised…introverted energy, habits and preferences but , extroverted appearance of social skills (mostly when around introverts, the extroverts see through it quite quickly)…self-reflective, forgetful, self-deprecating, obsessive, hypochondriac, over-thinker, unfocused, impulsive, authentic, honest, book smart but I appear ditzy in social and practical situations. Always curious… always caffeinated…
I’m nice to everyone I meet but I live in Northern England so nice behaviour is seen as suspicious and disingenuous. It takes people a while to realise I’m just…. Nice.
Outgoing, approachable, empathetic, and outwardly-confident. Also I have a fucked up sense of humor most people like.

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What makes you genuinely happy ?

ar0173166’s Profile Photoyourpsychologist
There was a time in 2017, when going to college late was the biggest reason for my happiness.
Those were romantic winter mornings filled with frost & deep fog & in those beautiful mornings, we poor students were so addicted to hashish that we didn't even set foot in college until our eyes were completely red.
It all sounds strange but only I know how beautiful those times were! ✨️
What makes you genuinely happy

you are a very handsome, charming, smart and romantic guy, for sure many girls are in love with you😜

arthurtier666’s Profile PhotoJuliy
Спасибо, очень приятно. ☺️ Но я бы так о себе не сказал. Если и так, то они очень хорошо это скрывают. 😂

What floor did you get to in the husband store?

Tbh I didn’t go into the link until you asked me 😂 I liked the deadly terms 😳 and honestly I would of stopped at romantic, good looking loves kids and does the house work 😅
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تمہاری ٹانگوں کے درمیاں جوعدالت ہے اس میں اپنا مجرم پیش کرکہ عمر قید چاہتا ہوں

muhammadkashann’s Profile Photoتلخ حقیقت
جنسی رومانوی (romantic) اور جنسی ہیجانی (errotic) تحاریر میں کافی فرق ہوتا ہے۔ اگر یہ فرق ہمیں معلوم ہو جائے تو ہماری تحاریر میں ایک نئی جان پڑ سکتی ہے۔

Can love be infinite?

I believe so, as I believe we are love, not our manshaped corrupt earthly bound form, but our true universal form of pure light. We have the choice to access this and live a life of love or we can choose fear hate and prejudice. I chose life.
Love is not infinite. It is probably not going to serve you well to over-romanticize love and forego the recognition that humankind is a bunch of atoms made conscious, with passing emotions and lifecycles. It is good to develop love for yourself, friends and family, a romantic partner, and a general love for strangers, but not good to become attached to an unrealistic idea of love. That will end in disappointment. Love is not infinite* it is rarely unconditional. Accept it and take it for what it is, not what you want it to be. Infinite emotion is an abstract, unuseful concept. To others it may very well "be" infinite. This is a semantic, personal definition worth clarifying but not worth arguing. Cheers!
I can't answer for everyone but I can stand as proof that love at first sight exists! I met my husband when I was 14. He is the brother of a friend. She and I had just met because we would be attending the same high school. I was at her home and she introduced me to her family. I met her brother and saw stars. Not overwhelming, kick-in-the-gut kind, but the kind that gently whispered to pay attention...this man would be part of my life for a long time.
Fast forward 44 years later. We are still together. Has it been easy? Not always. Did we jump at the chance to get together? Not at 14 and 17 yrs old. But an acquaintance turned into a friendship then into a courtship and the rest is history. We've been together for 34 years.
Why do we fall in love with someone we barely know? I believe the answer is yours to find if you let yourself hear the answer that comes to you if this is a situation you find yourself in. I've since met coworkers who have told me their stories...saw his future wife in a photo and they had never met and he knew she was the one. He's no stalker, but happily married for decades. A woman who dated in high school with a man she loved but never got together are now happily married after leading separate lives for decades. In the words of his family after getting back in touch with him, "He always loved you."
And because I consider my relationship a gift from God, whenever my husband and I have to endure one of the rougher patches of life, I always go to the memory of the moment I met him and I know that my life is complete with THIS man regardless of the hurdles life throws at us.
I've read the previous answers and they all have validity. I don't disagree with them, I just wanted to add my perspective.
All the best to you. To love and be loved without reservation is one of life's greatest gifts!

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Would you trade your ability to feel romantic love for the wisdom to see through ill intent?

The trade would not be required since we can see through it if or when we choose to. We mustn't underestimate / undermine our abilities or potential.
Would you trade your ability to feel romantic love for the wisdom to see through

Do you feel like the love you give is equal to the love you receive? If not how would you describe your love life as it relates to this? Is it fair? Is it sincere? Is it proportional? Is it joyful? Is it worth the effort?

In general throughout my life? No I do not feel that it’s been equal. I feel I’ve usually loved more strongly in the end. Now? It’s not a concern. I feel that I reside in a place of love. I give love and I feel that I receive love. It’s not all romantic and it doesn’t have to be. I feel surrounded and loved by beautiful energies. There’s no effort. It’s my natural state of being. Anything else mentioned? That’s all ego and that’s not where real love comes from.

انا بنت شخصيتى hyper و romantic والmix ده مش بتاع بنات خالص، بجرى ف المطرة، وبنتسابق، وبفرقع صواريخ، وبحب اتمشى كتير جدا لحد ما اصحابى رجلهم توجعهم، واسكيت، وبكتب نثريات وشعر، واقرأ كتير، ومش هادية ولا روتينيةولا بحب الهدوء لانى باشعر بالملل والكآبةف هل لما ارتبط، ده مقبول بالنسبة للشباب ولا over ؟!

لا مقبول عادي مش اوفر ولا حاجه وعادي فيه ولاد زيك كدا اصلا لأن الموضوع متوقف ع شخصية كل واحد
ف خلي نفسك زي ما انتي ومتسمعيش كلام من حد يقلل من شخصيتك في حاجه

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