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Is it creepy if someone you knew had a crush on you messages you out of nowhere after all these years?

If the person never revealed anything before, it might seem a bit odd to suddenly say something but it wouldn't bother me. I would appreciate the candor and I might be tempted to ask why it was not mentioned previously... 🤔
Rowing to Picnic Rock (1900) / Abbott Fuller Graves
Is it creepy if someone you knew had a crush on you messages you out of nowhere

Most annoying song of all time?

It was one I saw on Top of the Pops in the late 1980s featuring a bunch of hunky men doing a version of the floor dance that used to be done in discos to “The Rowing Boat Song” on the studio floor with lyrics that went something like “row - ee - oh, rooooow”.
No idea what it was called or who sang it, they thankfully vanished into immediate obscurity.
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What is an unpopular hobby or interest you have?

beyondfeartalk’s Profile PhotoLiving Beyond Fear
I like to write non fiction and fiction, play with modeling clay, and draw. Most obscurely, I enjoy undertaking the process of building programs that build other programs. Interpreters, compilers, assemblers, or language translation of any kind seems to give me a satisfying and complex process to get my mind entwined in. Recently I've been looking to build programs that regular users might enjoy too.
Buying and shooting guns. With current events, gun ownership has a great deal of negative connotations. I just collect old military rifles form WWI and WWII and shoot them. I like to handload my own ammo for them, research the history of them, etc. I'm very hesitant to tell people what I like to do because I'll be perceived as a next mass shooter or something. It really sucks. I don't even own an AR-15, I just like Bolt-Action rifles, I buy some new ones for hunting and target shooting. Whenever I tell someone that I'm into guns, they think of pistols and/or assault rifles. I just like old fashioned firearms. I don't like the optics of firearm ownership in the U.S. where gun owners are viewed as paranoid are relatively stupid.
Unfortunately, as a guy in my early 20's, most folks doing this are twice my age, and it's super hard to find girls who are into this sort of thing - my last gf was very into it, but we just didn't get along in most other ways. With that said, some adventures are best spent alone. Being in the Western Quebec/Ontario wilderness as the only human for miles is daunting, humbling, and liberating. It's one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life, and it's only a map and compass away! Watching anime and playing video games, it's weird in my country specially for a woman.
I picked up sailing in college and have continued learning since. I did it for fun as a spur of the moment decision after strolling around the club sports fair freshman year I spotted a group of people in bathing suits screaming "BOATS!" at passerbys. I thought "I can fit in with people like this." Ended up getting really into it, sailing A team and of course started drinking like a sailor. I'm not kidding the sailing team parties were insane. During regattas people would be throwing beers to other sailors between races. Also this is not to be confused with crew lol rowing is different from sailing though I could see how the two could be mixed. I started collecting arms and armor. I always had a fascination with pre modern warfare, and now that I have a stable job, I can afford to get a decent sword or something once a month, or a suit of armor if I were to save up for it for a year. So far, i have a suit of maille, great helm, A cheap arming sword, a suit of samurai armor, and a custom made katana. I plan on getting a Viking vendel helm, a decent arming sword, an Ulthbert replica, a rapier, and hopefully, a suit of Armstreet's Kingmaker armor.

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Have you ever been in a sauna before? Tell me about your experience if you have. If you've never been in a sauna, would you ever try it? They are nice and relaxing.

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
Saunas are hot af. You have to have a tolerance for heat to relax. I’ve been in a regular sauna and also to a place where they have lots of saunas and a different workout in each sauna. I did Yoga, Pilates, spin, and rowing in a sauna. Tough, but a great workout!

Do you have a favorite form of exercise? Do you like walking on treadmills? Lifting weights? Bike riding? Swimming? Stretches? Or do you just really not exercise at all?

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
Yeah, I'm a powerlifter so I love lifting the most. I'm not a fan of benching tbh, usually bc I've no one reliable to spot me but I love dead lifts, squats, curling, rowing etc. But I also used to play a lot of sports so I really love Gaelic football.
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frt ce diferiti sunt olandezii fata de romani, la barbati ma refer acum. aia sunt mega inalti si din cate ai zis tu fac mult sport.in shcimb romanii sunt lenesi si pitici :)) app, aia ce sport fac cel mai mult?

In general pe aici se practica mult fotbalul, inot, rowing si cam toate sporturile pe apa. Plus, desi nu e sport, sailing care nu credeam ca poate fi asa misto pana sa ma mut aici:)) Oamenii astia chiar isi iubesc barcile/yachturile etc.
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What is your favorite pastime? Anything at all? Eating out? Watching a sports event? Movies? Parties? What?

Bocepous’s Profile PhotoRobin Hood
When I am feeling particularly lazy, or any time at all for that matter, I adore reading. Watching football matches with my family is always a blast.
When I want something more physical, I love long walks in the city by myself. Yes, I sometimes end up in the library, but that was inevitable. Tennis and rowing are favorite pastimes too.

Did you regularly exercise this year (2-3 times a week on any kinds of sports, high-intensity trainings, dancing, aerobics, yoga, etc)?

Yes, I was engaged in the summer of rowing. Rowing is a cyclic sport. Athletes are in boats and rowing with oars, using the muscles of the back, arms and legs, passing the distance with their backs forward, unlike rowing on kayaks and canoes.

Run for your lives, death has arrived Try save your soul, run from the sound of rowing oars Out of the mist Breaks a dragon ship Even more feared Than the nail-ship "Naglfar"

Legend of a banished man
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bak o adamın vücudu şekilliymiş zaten demek istediğim kas yapacağın için altyapıyı iyi oluşturman mide rowing şınav falan altyapı için çok iyi etki gösteriyor.

Knk 10 gündür sabahları gidiyorum sadece karın çalışıyorum sonra eve gidip kahvaltı yapıp normal antrenman için gidiyorum
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Likers get a tbh🌝 tbh me n yrs mo type tbh bei nei Liu tbh Ho chi always mo gin gum🤔tbh eat dor d lunch ji mo tbh hui Korea buy hand letter Mm goi😁tbh garm jor fei mei leh huh tbh Tmr nei rowing me is tai Mm dou☹️tbh dim neh nei OT me ot hai shockedddddddd tbh Mm Ho always cho ji mah hai tht acc✨

why_nicolee’s Profile Photofusinyan
Che hai nei gum busy mm Tung ngo sik lunch jeh super cha
Meh giu shocked

Its just aboy i love him for like almost 5yrs and he was areally good friend he likes me and i know from the way he look at me his eyes light up like a beautiful dark chococlate his hair that is soft i want to touch it xD and HIS FREAKING ADORING SMILE OH GOD okay his muscles he plays rowing so!

Okay this is cutee ❤❤

Likers Get Food Tbh? ? - Wow, You're Perfect! ? - Damn! You're hot ! ? - Such A Cuttay! ? - You're a total sweetheart ? - You're hilarious. ? - I Love You ? - You're so annoying, stay away! ? - We should chill someday ? - I can trust you ?- I miss you so much! ? - You're a close friend.

Alright...will be slow coz I'm at the junior national rowing championship right now.

Rylee you are so funny!! Maadi party was so crack up, everytime we made eye contact i would start laughing and i don't even know why 😂 its been cool getting to know you better through rowing and hopefully i will continue to do so in the up coming season! spin a yarn whenever gf 😋 xx

Yes Maadi party we know who that was about thought eh 😉👦🏾😂 next season is sounding just as rowdy as last 🔥 I will do thanks gf xx

Likers get a tbh❣tbh Abby tbh 2X tbh eng same set tbh swimming wudgay tbh indoor rowing wudgay🔥tbh love bts ad monster X a lot😂tbh always play and gao les with @kamyeenim tbh gayau in everything and exam ah

no les no @kamyeenim no wudgay thanks buhbye
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Likers get if we date💑: If we date you can teach me soke volley ball skills and we can play volleyball tgt😹😋 And we can go to the beach, USS, and like some int places in Spore and spend time there tgt cos thats just so nice🌴🌊🌅🎢🎠🎡We can also go row boat tgt HAHAHAH🚣idk but that seems fun👼

wxnnxechoo’s Profile Photo©★※Winnie※✩©
Haha, thanks, my vb skill not so gd though, but rowing boat seems fun😆

[tbh from hhl😈] tbh I miss rowing 😈tbh me like nei post for dare that pic😂🌝 tbh barn mm g bin gor gor sang ging chi tbh swimming gayauuuu tbh exam dou yiu gayauuuu tbh we should chat more😀👋🏻

helenyoooo’s Profile Photohelenho
Tbh miss rowing also tbh ngo gok duk rowing team is the best team😌tbh chat more and nei everything dou yiu gayau❣
👇🏽F2 rowing💕
tbh from hhl tbh I miss rowing tbh me like nei post for dare that pic tbh barn

Dicono che i profumi sappiano risvegliare i sensi, i ricordi, le emozioni. Esattamente come le note di alcune canzoni che ci rimangono impresse, ti sembra di averle scordate sino al momento in cui orecchio ode. Parlami di un profumo o una canzone, se vuoi

KaylaniLeeMaui’s Profile PhotoKaylani Lee Maui
Theres nothing more that a pirate loves best
Than coming across a magnificent chest
But digging a hole's just the start of the task
The real quest is getting inside of the cask
Unsheathing your weapon to open the locks
And finding the treasure inside of the box
In right stormy waters, through night and through day,
'till the poop deck is covered with salty white spray.
You don't want to end up shipwrecked.
I'm questing upon the poop deck.
You'd be better off watching star trek
I'm questing upon the poop deck
Sailing the red sea's a dangerous duty
But there's more than one way to plunder a booty
Plunging your sword through a gaping axe wound
You'd be better to wait until the new moon
If you are brave you can sail round the back
By rowing your ship through a forbidden crack
By dropping your anchor in murkier waters,
you can be sure you'll have no sons or daughters.
You don't want to end up shipwrecked
You're questing upon the poop deck
This song is a pain in the neck
You're questing upon the poop deck
È una canzone degli Alestorm e si chiama Questing Upon The Poop Deck. E mi rispecchia molto perché parla della sete di un pirata che è sempre alla ricerca di nuovi tesori ed avventure. La sento molto mia.

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Actually that was Rowing Hunter -.- you haven't been eating almonds have you? Me, sympathetic and you just can't go in the same sentence ;)

RowZee3’s Profile PhotoRows Before Hoes ✋
No -.- I made the Sassy Bookwarm and then ya spouted three others, one of which was Rowing Hunter 👯 Come one nah! Today's even tuition free day so 😉😄😋

I love how you say you like to meet new people but the only people you actually socialise with are girls...

True. Very true. Come down to the Bengal Rowing Club, Muslim Institute or Good shots. Have a look how I really meet and talk to new people to learn in life. All you people will criticize for no reason. Look at at least one of my positives. :) Snooker has made me meet a hell load of people to teach me and guide me. Bunk ya, I just socialize with girls. Please kisi ko bolna mat.

I have more money than my dad, I'm the smartest guy in my grade at the best prep school in western Canada, I've been on 13 flights paid for by myself since September, I'm going to rowing nationals in June and probably getting into Harvard next year but I'm average

Oops, looks like my roast was a little above your average standards because you got so upset you reported it! You made the mistake of underestimating me, and needed to spare your rep because you didn't like it. If you want some I have some tampons in my bathroom cupboard. Have a nice day👍🏼

Barney The Dinosaur and Eminem fuck Rosie O Donnell at pentecostal church during baptism with Christina Applegate uploaded March 10 2014 139 likes 22 Dislikes Views 23456

Motherfucking Jesse Eisenberg jesus christ fuck dude motherfucking Facebook movie bullshit jesus can you fucking believe this shit
Goddamn created Facebook and fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss Twins goddamn rowing the boat fuck yo shit i can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck i just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man
Motherfucking Spiderman Spiderman you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking build shit with his bare hands fucking best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg
No man i’ll just talk about the Facebook movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit i have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude i just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man he fucked over Spiderman crazy Winklevoss Twins rowing trent resin or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Facebook i don’t like dying i can’t think of who the fuck invented Facebook all i can think is the guy who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook

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yes i will do all the rowing for 20 seconds . then we put faith in the sea and let it take us to a safe place . just hope its not back to the docks haha . and oh thats awkward haha i can be rather stupid at times .

Good, sounds brilliant. I hope the boat goes in the way I want it to. Don't worry about that, I wasn't very clear. I just said huge box. Could have meant anything lol. ???
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[likers get a tbh] hello jodyyyy💗 tbh convectioners tbh lesson time always ho sleepy💩💩 tbh ng ho joi gum sleepy nah! tbh rolling ho chi ho ginggg tbh smcs sik tbh exam gayau ahhh tbh all the best lah💟

xiexieee kada💟 lesson time yau magic make dou ngo hou sleepy 🙈 hai rowing ahh nvm hou dor ppl dou spell wrong lol ksud row duk hou slow always bei advisor ding 😛😛
all the best too 💪💪💕

Tbh. we both were in our school rowing teams.. and not to forget.. same names😝😁 Cheers! I remember you used to cheer your team the most.. at the top of your voice.. and fight the most too! :P anyways, I find you really cute.. Hope to know you more :))

priyala104’s Profile PhotoPriyal Agarwal
Hahahah Yesss lol and thank you so much.❤️
I've never fought ya.🙈
Only cheering 😁

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