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What's your opinion on one sided friendships?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
It is a delusion. . .
I feel compassion & despair for one who is trapped in such a nightmare
*glamour & despair*
("i went in search of paradise, but she took me by the hand instead . . . ")
[delay on run in]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7WgwVAdGXkigotamatch’s Video 172500399738 J7WgwVAdGXkigotamatch’s Video 172500399738 J7WgwVAdGXk

What type of life would you like to have if you could imagine it?

To live in the country somewhere a bit hilly and has a view of a lake so I'm able to watch the sunrise and sunset dance on the water. I'd have a garden with the chickens and ducks roaming around and my horses, cattle, and goats roaming freely in a pasture scattered on the hill. My kids run around in the yard, playing with the dogs, and my wife watches them from the porch wrapped up in a blanket and holding her freshly poured coffee close to her. UGH! THAT WOULD BE EVERYTHING!!!! 😍
But also I desperately want to travel the world with my future wife. I want to be one with nature, God, and our little family. I'm so in awe of God's creation that it warms my heart. ♥️

Which is worse: putting diesel into a car that has a petrol engine, or putting petrol into a TDI car that runs on diesel? What could be the consequences of such a mistake?

magdamagdalena90’s Profile PhotoMagdalena ¥ =)=
Having filled the tank of a diesel car with gasoline while the light is on, it will not be difficult to start its engine - there will be enough diesel in the fuel system to start and run for several minutes, after which the system will begin to receive gasoline. You don't have to be too scared here. If you just started the engine, then you need to immediately turn it off, call a tow truck, which will take your car to a service, where they will drain all the gasoline from the tank and fill it with diesel fuel. And this is perhaps the best scenario.
Situations when diesel fuel is poured into a car with a gasoline engine are less common. But if this happens, then the signs of an error come out immediately: the engine makes strange sounds, loses power, and clouds of black smoke come out of the exhaust pipe. Due to the greater density, diesel fuel quickly sinks to the bottom of the tank, pushing gasoline to the surface, and penetrates into the fuel system of the car. However, the presence of diesel fuel in a gasoline engine is not so scary. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the car, and then drain the tank, filling it with fresh gasoline. If the diesel was poured into an empty tank, the engine will stall immediately, without any serious consequences.

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When was the last time you experienced nostalgia? What made you experience it? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Ͳҽղąçìօմʂ Ͳօʍʍąվ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I graduated from the university last year and in the fall, when the students start the academic year, it was very unusual that I had to rush to classes, write notes, I didn’t have all these worries.. it was a strange feeling. Recently I needed to visit my university.. and notes of nostalgia for this place run again)

In your opinion, what qualities do you think a perfect person should have? I don't want answers like 'none is perfect blah blah'. I want to know about your theory and what is it like according to you !!

Nobody can be perfect in this life (WAllahu Alam) but there is no harm in trying to be perfect because that will take you to being better at least. It's a chase which gives constant outcome. So yes, it's a good run. I believe, how you look or what your shape is ain't in your control. In this life, you have a very limited control over yourself. So, if one wants to become better then they need to control those things, like: character, morals, and decency. If you have a solid character and chastity intact, that's a very big thing in this era. If you don't abuse or hurt others in any way, you are a good person. That goodness will automatically push you towards being more nice. 🙂

Chciałabym być szczęśliwa, wiesz ?

I ja też, wiesz?
Calanthe jest postacią tragiczną; jedną z tych, które muszą odejść, by umożliwić rozwój innym, o wiele istotniejszym od siebie fabularnie i w tym przypadku, Calanthe pozwala Ciri iść swoją ścieżką przeznaczenia.
To wszystko tutaj to tylko jej momenty, skrawki, wspomnienia zanim Ciri odda Geraltowi, szepcząc lwiątku: to on jest twoim przeznaczeniem, zanim Cintra upadnie, zanim lwica wybierze jak skończy się jej historia.
Dlatego też cieszy mnie każdy jej śmiech, ukradkowe spojrzenia z Myszoworem i to, jak uczy on Ciri magii, a Calanthe run, szczególnie ten jednej, którą błogosławi im największy z druidów; hierofant Skellige. Lubię, kiedy lata z Daemonem na Caraxesie, kokietuje go, przyjmuje od niego prezenty i w zamian daje swoje serce i gościnę. Lubię, kiedy gości książęta, wyspiarzy, tańczy i podnosi w dwie ręce miecz.
Lubię, kiedy żyje.

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Chciałabym być szczęśliwa wiesz

What would you do if your mother humiliated you in front of public ?

I wouldn't call its that but more embarrassing that when your mother argue with taxi driver as he was sneaky did longer run to get extra money..deep down I was like I'm not related to her just paid it move on but not my mother he just threw her shopping bags out of the taxi she moan he didn't help her after insulting him i think the part calling him didn't do her any favours 🙈
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Does mental illness run in your family and if so which ones?

Oh yeah. My kids don't stand a chance. They may not be in therapy right now, but they definitely will be in the future. Bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, prsonality, and eating disorders. As for the other mental illnesses my relatives struggle with, I believe they're caused by environment vs. genetics.

Seems like FAA would be able to work around the kind of problem they claimed caused the outage. Not buying any of it.

I worked as a Senior Network Engineer for fortune 500 companies for over 40 years until I retired. During that time I worked on designing, installing, configuring and troubleshooting large enterprise networks. Every element within the core network and server farms had redundancy and were protected by firewalls, access lists, network mgmt systems and intrusion protection systems. In the event that we suffered a software or hardware failure the affected systems would failover and their network traffic re-routed automatically without user intervention or down time.
Those of us who are paying attention understand that democrats, RINOS, and their deep state operatives will do literally anything to maintain power even if it means destroying America's infrastructure. I honestly believe that this attack was instigated by the deep state. They did it with Russian collusion hoax, Ukraine hoax, Marlargo home invasion, labeling parents as terrorists for attending school board meetings, funding Antifa and BLM to burn down cities, hire 87,000 IRS agents to attack the middle class, leave billions in military hardware in Afganhistan, take control of the MSM as a propaganda tool to be used against American citizens, destroy our southern border, advocate for an international carbon tax to fund the Climate hoax, invade sovereign nations, remove conservative professors and teachers from the Universities, Public schools and confiscate weapons, indoctrinate our children with LGBT nonsense and take control of all Main Street Media to brainwash and dumb down the population.
The attacks on our constitution never end because the democrats are determined to destroy America and implement a New World Order run by globalist tyrants.

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All I have ever wanted was to have my own family. It doesn’t matter what I do because when girls look at me and see a f***boi. I just want a genuine connection with someone. I’m in my 30s now and idk what to do.

Live your life doing those things that give you satisfaction and stop worrying about what females say or do. Also, you need to know the attributes that you are looking for in a woman. If you want to meet a woman who is kind, humble and giving, you might consider working with disabled children or a homeless shelter or some other work where people actually care about those among us who are less fortunate.
When I completed college at age 25, that is precisely what I did. I worked at a state run hospital for the disabled and an angel appeared. And the truth is that I wasn't even looking. I simply started a Music Therapy program and scheduled music programs for the young adults.
So I encourage you to simply live your life and become a "good deed" doer and eventually, when the stars align, you will meet a woman who is compassionate, giving and who truly understands the meaning of love. Be patient and passionate with your work and hobbies.

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I recently joined this app (at the weekend) and already had a lot of hate on my page, meaning I will have to delete this account. If you would like to add me on my new account then feel free. New account: Mollie27555 Very sorry for any inconvenience! :(

Mollie50367’s Profile PhotoMollie
I wouldn't let no loser run you of your profile just take breaks I do haters think Im like gone for good its like guess who back no one can't get rid me but myself 🤣

If you truly love someone but things get hard and complicated do you stay or run for the hills?

StaceyShade’s Profile PhotoStacey L Shade
There are hard moments in every relationship. Another thing to consider is whether those "hard complicated" moments happen because maybe you're not with a partner who gives you a healthy relationship. If that's the case, then it's better to walk away from those relationships. If it's just a challenging moment in life, of course, it's best to keep your relationship and support your partner, because life gets complicated all the time, and if in every hard moment people would change their partner, life is going to become miserable and pointless.
If you truly love someone but things get hard and complicated do you stay or run

We have such saying👉 What you are doing on 1.1., you will do all year! So, what will you do on 1.1.?😁

new weird year) the first plan was a 2023m run on 1.1 but failed because my cousin has arrived...🦥
если так то еще один год разрушеных планов😎
We have such saying What you are doing on 11 you will do all year So what will

حديث كامن في الصدر ..

lia_0o’s Profile Photoوَهج.
When will the beast underground ever be satisfied..?
I can see it'll only be more, More, MORE until It's bled me dry..
I could cry, but I'm suffocating
I could run, but I'm desiccating
I could SCREAM for help, but only vultures are around
I want to defend myself, but guilty, as the VILLAIN, I'll be found
Do I bury myself as dirt is piled up on me.. without.. a sound?
Or do I push up, BURSTING like a force of nature from the ground?
حديث كامن في الصدر

Who is that one person you despise the most?

My ex best friend Rommeh. She threatened to kill me, said a bunch of racist things about me and my family, called me vulgar names, told me to go kill myself. For the threatening to kill me part she either said "I will run you over with my car and watch as the ground feeds on your blood" OR "I'm gonna bash your skull in with a hammer and watch as the ground feeds on your blood". Either way I despise her.

Why is it that the one you like always has the attitude problem?

afiyah_khan’s Profile PhotoAFIYAH
Because they know you like them and they won’t have to make any effort regarding it and they think they deserve this too and they are assholes. Run in the opposite direction whenever you see someone like that. Nice humans never do that. They treat you right only.

По последнему треку, который слушали (:

first_gangsta’s Profile PhotoПупсик
Отвечу @elDiabloDavy про SKZ-REPLAY и запилю тир лист от наименее до наиболее понравившейся.
8. Hug Me (хотя, зная Чонина, должно быть "please don't hug me stop oh god pls chan stop"). Я с бoлью ставлю её на последнее место, потому что... Ну Чонинка же умеет петь, ну твoю мaть! Почему! Он звучит так плоско! Опять! Я безумно люблю его тембр, чуть ли не peвeть начинаю, когда слушаю его полтора выступления с тротом и те две с половиной удачных партии из общих песен, где он раскрылся как боженька. БОНЧЯН БЛЯTБ или кто за это отвечал СДЕЛАЙТЕ МАКНЭ НОРМАЛЬНЫЙ СОЛЬНИК ЧТОБЫ ОН ЗАЗВУЧАЛ НАКОНЕЦ LIKE AN ANGEL HE IS
7. RUN. Джисон может лучше, я знаю, у него есть. Песня хорошая, но не зацепила – слишком фоновая. НО на 2:08 он запилил какую-то очаровательную дeмoничecкую ёбaнь, мне такое нравится – срочно нужен сиквел с развитием.
6. Connected. Если бы Бэнг Чен жил в России, он был бы королём кальянного рэпа. Приятный вышел клубнячок, басочка навалил как надо, чисто как в лёхину приору.
5. Love Untold. У нас, конечно, есть Чанбин и Джисон, но я никогда не перестану восхищаться читкой Хёнджина: расслабленной, всё ещё чутка шепелявой и крайне страстной. Он окончательно убедил меня в этом своей партией в "Muddy water". Я переживала, что трек из риплея будет очередным мямямя под синтезатор, но нет, он мне почитал, и я ему благодарна. А ещё нравится зажигалка на фоне.
4. Stars and Raindrops. Вроде ничего особенного (да и в плане исполнения он пока не переплюнул самого себя в юнитном выступлении на Кингдоме), но она такая вайбовая, что я не могу не улыбаться. Отсылает в то время, когда я засматривалась старыми дорамами. Это был бы идеальный ост. Невероятно тёплое звучание.
3. Limbo. Щас переслушивала и 5D-эффект словила, глядя на заставку рабочего стола, где этот дед напился чая и сидит залипает в окно на деревья. Мне нравится, какой он эмоциональный, как будто прорвалось что-то, что давно копилось внутри. Ощущается как прогулка под ливнем.
2. DOODLE. Разъебал и не обернулся. Бит в припеве такой ceкcи эсс мaзaфaкa. С 2:18 становится очень cтpaшно.
1. Deep end. Сразу заметно, что чел ходил на уроки вокала и явно не xyи там пинал. Он ТАК ПОСТАРАЛСЯ. Я всё ждала, когда же он бахнет незабываемый сольник типа АОТМ Хёнджина, и думала, что это будет хоряга, потому что Феликс у нас дэнсрача, да и пивец_ртом он не самый гениальный на свете, нО ОН- Спасибо, что использовал тембр ✨пО нАзНаЧеНиЮ✨. Я безумно рада, что он не просто что-то пробубнил в своей субконтроктаве, как это обычно бывает, а показал нeeбический ДИАПАЗОН: насколько бархатно он звучит на низах, настолько же кристально – на верхах (хрен знает, затюнили его или нет, но на ухо ложится натурально). При этом невероятно стильно переплетён минималистичный инструментал и объём за счёт многоголосья, КОРОЧЕ ГОСПОДИ Я СТОЛЬКО МУЗЫКАЛЬНО НЕГРАМОТНОЙ XУЙHИ НАГОВОРИЛА не знаю, как описать, насколько пиздaтa эта песня. Кто бы знал, что Феликс раскроется именно как вокалист.

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What’s on your bucket list?

dadair7584’s Profile PhotoFacts Over Feelings
I'd love to own a house with land, run my own escape room place, travel to quite a few places, visit all the museums and places with history that I can, there's a couple of projects I am thinking about at the moment too. Before all of that, passing my driving test!

What was your first toy and how much did you use it?

if my beautiful mom was with now…. i quickly would ‘run’ and ask her….
now because this question more for mom and interesting question….
but i will never have a such an opportunity again….and i won’t to be able…. to ask my beautiful mom about ….
part of my childhood gone with my mom….😞
i can’t remember my very first toy….
i can tell you about the first toy i remember….
it was a light brown bunny 🌹🐇🤎
who was with me …. for very long time until i became teenager…. and somewhere in the moves he got lost
i remember how i cry …..
i had so many toys…. so many ….
a lot of them i still have 😊
lying in the trunk for long time i haven’t looked at….haven’t done my travels in childhood….and memories
without my beautiful mom i don’t even want… maybe someday when i will be old i will be able to show at least one toy to my granddaughter….and tell her my stories oh….😞
me with my loved 🕸❤️
when we will grandma and grandpa 🙏🏻❤️
and many favorites but bunny was my first( i remember)….and favorite

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Would you describe yourself as “healthy”?

When I was younger, my body was an outfit that I wore for other people. My ribs weren't there to hold my heart in - that didn't count for much - they were piano keys to be plucked at. That suited certain people.
It's taken me a very long time to take that outfit off. I still say no when my boyfriend offers me a bite of his lunch, still get green tea when my mother joins me for coffee. But these little things are little, yknow? I've competed for my country more times than I can count, run the circumference of the world (and a bit more.) That being said, it's only now that I'd say I'm healthy. I like the girl in the mirror today.

"So I take it you come by this place often?" *She tries something innocuous to lead into further conversation, there's a melancholy about him that tugs at her heartstrings and compels her to try helping him*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ꜱ ᴏ ᴛ ᴇ ɴ ʙ ᴏ ʀ ɪ, 09:XX ᴘᴍ.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀【🍾】⠀ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ

⠀⠀⠀Those words had stopped him, not really expecting a step of interest on her part. It could be said that man felt hesitant to continue.
⠀⠀⠀❝Eh, not much. I come only when I need release stress from work, if I have time. Gettin' a day off is a pain in the ass.❞ He just limited himself to smiling, however, his body movements betrayed how tense and exhausted he was. Majima did his best to combat it by looking strong and friendly. The least he wanted was to worry others unnecessarily.
⠀⠀⠀❝Pay a visit to The Grand, the cabaret that's near here. I run the place.❞ He flicked his eye to her drink.
⠀⠀⠀❝I can offer ya better drinks than those.❞

What is the oldest item you own? When I was a newborn, my super religious, superstitious grandmother gave me a red rhinestone brooch, she attached it to my crib to protect me from "evil eye". It probably didn’t, but I still have it❤️

I love learning about things like that! It's always so fascinating to me! :3
The oldest thing I own is a rattle doll. Sadly I couldn't find it, pretty sure she's in storage in my wardrobe lol
But the next oldest thing I have is Dolly. She was given to me by my grandparents when I was a baby! She use to have a face but over the years, she's seen a lot of wear and tear and I've had to replace fabric.
She also apparently had a squeaker or rattle.. but when I was still in my pushchair, I threw her out and no one noticed... luckily my dad did once we were back at the hotel. He went back and found her. She had been run over by a car xD
What is the oldest item you own When I was a newborn my super religious

Do you know anyone or have known someone who wasn't a bad person deep down they just ran with the wrong crowd

I have met a lot of people like that. They run with the wrong crowd because of childhood traumas that have made them feel insecure & there’s something comforting about the bad crowd. Like they understand the persons pain. People want to feel a sense of belonging & they will to anything to have that feeling. We are very social creatures.

Advice- run as fast as you can from an abusive (mental/physical) relationship/marriage.

Ab ye baat sab married woman aur aunties ko smjha do. Zaroori nahi ki har baar sacha pyar husband hi de. Hum jaise aashiq hamesha un married woman ko sacha pyar dene k liye tayyar hai.

What are some of your red flags in a relationship 🤔

shiraleejoyce3768’s Profile PhotoShiralee Joyce☯️
I have a few
•Love bombing at the very beginning of a talking stage/ relationship
•Pet names (baby girl, bubba, princess) despite from being just gross names hahah
Those at the very beginning of any situationship/ relationship are a very big ick and red flag
•Crossing boundaries, boundaries are set to protect yourself and the minute those are purposefully overstepped. Adios 👋
•Communication is important but the second it’s 24/7, it crosses into co dependency and I am not f ing with that. Independence is so important in relationships so you don’t lose yourself, if it does end and it keeps your relationship
Happy and healthy
•That L word
If it’s used at the beginning of a relationship
If it’s used in context such as “I’m only doing it because I love you” or “this is for your own good, they don’t love you like I do”
🚩 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
Babes, run immediately if you’re experiencing any of that

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Do you prefer to figure things out on your own or do you have a hoard of friends that you like to run your ideas by?

Everything I do has been done before so I usually google the project and look for tips. I am open to suggestions but I won’t wait for help 😂😂

Any supernatural experience

Last year I went to my grandparents village (close to a forest area). It was saturday night and I was walking on the village road closer to the forest, it was dark so I had to turn on my phone's flashlight. I was walking when my phone's battery suddenly got discharged. I somehow managed to find a hut, I knocked the door and a very beautiful girl opened the door (I think she must be around 25-30 years old), she was very hot, she wore a yellow translucent saree with no bra so I could see everything partially. She welcomed me and washed my feet (just a part of village manners), while washing my feet she looked up at me seductively and bit her lips. I understood that she wants something hot. So I asked her whether I can stay at her place for one night and she readily agreed. We slept together and had a great night. I can't remember when did I sleep but I suddenly woke up at 3 a.m and saw the most horrible sight of my life! She was bleeding to death. At that time my thinking process just stopped completely! I rushed out of that hut and ran towards the main village road but I stumbled and fell down, I got hurt and my elbow was bleeding. I got up and somebody put his hand on my shoulder, I turned back to see his face. It was the same dead woman! She was smiling and said, "Itni jaldi bhi mat jao na." I tried to push her but I can't! Her body was made of smoke my hands went through her body, I somewhat tried to run away from her but she held my left ankle and I fell down, when she held my left ankle it felt as tho some air held my ankle, she came over me and started kissing me and I couldn't push her, I even tried to slap her but my hands went through her face but didn't hit her. She was smoke! When she was kissing my body it felt as tho strong breeze was touching all my body parts. My clothes were on but I felt the strong breeze on all my body parts even my dick and I ejaculated. I couldn't tolerate such a scary thing and fainted in the forest itself...

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Best skin care routine from inside (eating) and outside (applying products)...for even skin tone...i am from rawalpindi pakistan 🇵🇰

smartabdulhanan221’s Profile PhotoAbdul Hanan
Drink alot of water 6 litres a day eat healthy fruits specially and run a little everyday and also some good multivitamins skin k lye b mil jati hn

What does your ideal life look like?

SavvyMae87347’s Profile PhotoSavvyMae
Living a life close to nature in a sparsely populated place (a cabin in the woods/mountains of my design with a bit of land to it?) where I can largely avoid people (and listen to my music freely), and where basic needs are easily met. (Not having to worry about basic necessities or health decline of my loved ones.)
A small cabin with essentials. Grow and eat my own produce. Enough space for my dog (and most likely other animals) to run around in the field.
As well as plenty of time for hobbies like racing and playing the drums.. Living an active lifestyle that involves travel, cycling and hiking and the money to sustain the lifestyle..
What does your ideal life look like

¡Bn día! ¿Tienes una canción favorita para animarte?

Take that 🇬🇧 - The Floods
https://youtu.be/aCHg5r6rFoIjosequiroga93’s Video 166756662093 aCHg5r6rFoIjosequiroga93’s Video 166756662093 aCHg5r6rFoI
Standing, on the edge of forever,
At the start of whatever,
Shouting love at the world.
Back then, we were like cavemen,
But we map the moon and the stars,
Then we forgave them.
We will meet you where the lights are,
The defenders, of the faith we are.
Where the thunder turns around
They'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away.
You know no one dies,
In these love drowned eyes,
Through our love drowned eyes,
We'll watch you sleep tonight.
Although no one understood
We were holding back the flood,
Learning how to dance the rain.
We were holding back the flood
They said we'd never dance again.
Bleeding, but none of us leaving,
Watch your mouth son or you'll find yourself floating home.
Here we come now on a dark star,
Seeing demons, not what we are.
Tiny minds and eager hands
Will try to strike but now will end today.
There's progress now where there once was none,
Where there once was none, then everything came along.
Although no one understood,
We were holding back the flood learning how to dance the rain.
There was more of them than us now they'll never dance again.
Although no one understood
There was more of them than us learning how to dance the rain,
We were holding back the flood they said we'd never dance again.
We will meet you where the lights are,
The defenders, of the faith we are.
Where the thunder turns around
They'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away.
Although no one understood,
There was more of them than us learning how to dance the rain.
(learning how to dance the rain)
There was more of them than us now they'll never dance again.
Now we'll never dance again.
Oh ah,
Oh ah,
Oh ah,
Oh ah,
Oh ah,
Oh ah,
Oh ah

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Bn día Tienes una canción favorita para animarte

*Oh sh-t Majima not happy xD funny eye patch man is angry- don't tell him I called him that* W-why are you so scary!?!? Uhhhh... *he looks shocked when he was thrown to the ground, he wanted to insult Majima for calling him a sh-tbag but held back from fear xD* is it..too late to run away now?

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀⠀⠀

⠀⠀ ❝Ha..., ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I’d cut ya in half if I wanted to ʀɪɢʜᴛ ɴᴏᴡ.❞⠀ A look of contempt was showered on him by Majima, making a disinterested wave with a gloved hand.
⠀⠀ ❝Get out. Don’t come back ’ere again, or else. . .❞
Oh sht Majima not happy xD funny eye patch man is angry dont tell him I called

What thought bothers you the most?

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i saw some company run campaigns to promote taking naps during work hours. unka slogan hai: dairh se dou, sone do. pehli baat to adhay ghanti ki neend, neend nahi zulm hai but its a good initiative but i feel like yahan nahi rukhna chahiye humein. kyunke 24 ghante bohat kam hote hain din mei; insan 24 ghante mei namaz bhi parhay, soye bhi, nahaye bhi, nashta bhi karay, khana bhi pakaye, safayi bhi karay, billiyon ko khana bhi de, university bhi jaye, office bhi jaye, grocery karne bhi jaye, socialize bhi karay, parhayi bhi karay, not to mention raaste mei hi adha din guzar jata hai. at least 48 ghante ka ek pura din hona chahiye jisme work/uni hours stay same aur raastay thore chotay hojayen bas thora saas lene ka waqt mil jaye. 24 ko 48, hone do

I don't mean to sound like a spoiled brat but why do I gotta wait so much for my order to be shipped, like Idc if your staff is under covid attack again and the staff is underemployed and the requests are big during this time of the year, I WANT MY THINGS ASAP! isnt that what we pay fot???

technically you pay for that if you pay extra for expedited shipping. but if you paid for regular shipping, then you're treated the same as every other order.
have some compassion for people during this time of year, smh. it's the holidays, COVID is peaking again, companies are already understaffed (as you said), and all these operations are run by people, not robots. they can only do so much.

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