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What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years? ✨

BradJones427’s Profile PhotoBrad
In English, this is the letter "M", and in Russian it is the letter "N", if you translate the riddle into Russian, I thought for a long time... 😏
В английском языке это буква "М", а в русском языке это буква "N", если перевести загадку на русский, я долго думала... 😏
А similar riddle:
She is alone in heaven, not on earth, her grandmother has two, but her grandfather does not, the ram is in front, the goat is not. What this is?
To solve the riddle, you need to translate it into Russian)
Аналогичная загадка:
На небе она одна, на земле нет, у бабушки ее две, а у дедушки нет, у барана впереди, у козы нет. Что это? Чтобы разгадать загадку нужно ее перевести на русский)
What comes once in a minute twice in a moment but never in a thousand years

Wie findest du bis jetzt die Staffel 4 von Stranger Things? ( also falls du sie guckst) ?😃

Smiilerx3’s Profile PhotoM
Very good series.
Talented actors and, in fact, we have them from Lithuania as well: - Karolis Kasperavičius (Russian security guard), Andrius Paulavičius (lead interrogator), Vaidotas Martinaitis (supervisor Melnikov), Saulius Bareikis (Russian doctor), Tomas Žaibus (Russian security guard)
I’m proud that something was created that caught my eye ☺️

Hola, qué tal estás?

Человек, пишет на испанском, спрашивает: "Привет, как ты?"
Если переводчик меня не подводит конечно надеюсь на это)
Hello, everything is fine, thank you for your interest ^^ and please write in English, Russian or German, I was looking again in what language you write to me, it's fun for me to receive a message from you, but I can not reliably write in unknown to me language, thanks in advance Spanish is a beautiful language, but I don’t know it from the word at all ...
Привет, все отлично, спасибо за интерес^^ да и пожалуйста пиши на английском, русском либо на немецком, я искала сейчас опять на каком языке ты мне пишешь, мне прикольно получить от тебя сообщение, но я могу не достоверно писать на не известном мне языке, спасибо заранее
Испанский красивый язык, но я его не знаю от слова совсем...

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Hola qué tal estás

Tell me tips and tricks to learn a new language rapidly?

nourhans55555’s Profile PhotoNourhanYahia
1. You need to work out what the average amount of hours that it will take in order to learn your chosen language.
For instance, for an English native it takes 800 hours to learn Spanish but 1200 hours to learn Russian.
I dedicate 4 hours per day every day to learning Russian, therefore I can expect to become fluent at the 300 - 350 day mark.
2. Daily practice - If you don’t use it, you loose it, not a day goes by where I am not learning Russian.
3. Full and absolute Immersion - I spend my evenings watching Movies in my chosen language without the subtitles on, this forces me to pay attention, listen, and pickup phrases that I wouldn’t otherwise have known, I spend my days attempting to say what I am doing, where I am going in my head but in the other language forcing myself to continuously build sentences, and take every opportunity to use my skills with a native of that country.
4. Spaced repetition - Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat until it sticks, did you know that we only retain around 15% of what is learned once? Therefore, be vigilant regarding what you have previously learned, go through it at least 10 - 15 times, until you can live and breathe the material.
5. What is your “why” - Why do you want to learn another language? What benefits will it bring? List them, know them, and be able to repeat them, get then firmly in your mind as otherwise you won’t have the daily motivation to keep moving forward and maintain consistency.
6. There is no such thing as “fast”, language learning takes time, you must put the hard and gruelling hours in, being wrong thousands of times over just to be right.
7. Inches per day become Miles in years, just every day move forward a little bit, on your path will be obstacles and challenges, each day just take your time over coming them, do not focus on the end, just focus on each step each day as it comes, don’t be too concerned about the finish line.

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Tell me tips and tricks to learn a new language rapidly

What has been on your mind lately?

Emma_Rfq’s Profile PhotoEman
RUSSIAN PRESIDENT, Vladimir Putin Says: Pakistan Is A Cemetery For Pakistani’s:
"When a Pakistani becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to London/ America for Medical treatment.
He invests in Uk/ Dubai. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.
If he die, he will be buried in his native country of Pakistan.
Pakistan is just a cemetery for Pakistani’s. How could a cemetery be developed?"

If there is a new rule you want to add in ur life ...what is it going to be ?

flowur123’s Profile PhotoSarcastic Bee
I will not speak Russian till end of my life 😬. Today one man around 60 from Ukraine started to speak with me on the bus stop and after listening his personal story I made a/m decission. This war is something what is not possible to understand, to justify and to forgive! 👎🙄😪

London Council Claimed Three-Month-Old Babies Are Racially Biased.

"Racist Babies" by Alex
Racist babies!
Pregnant men!
Transgendered men competing against women in sports and winning!
White people are racist!
White supremacy!
Math is racist!
Language is racist!
History is racist!
BLM is peaceful!
Antifa is peaceful!
Fraudulent elections!
Tampon dispensers in boys bathrooms!
Puberty blockers!
Abortion 28 days after babies birth.
Unlimited NATO expansion!
Open borders!
Fake media!
Printing fake money!
Hyper inflation!
Food shortages!
Baby formula shortages!
Manufactured viruses!
Fake pandemics!
Mandatory masks that do not work!
Vaccines that are not vaccines!
Energy shortages!
Increased suicides!
School lockdowns!
Peaceful protests that are violent!
Corrupt ruling class!
New World Order!
Tyrannical One World Government!
Cultural Marxism!
Public school indoctrination!
College indoctrination!
Corrupt NGO's!
Corrupt WEF!
Corrupt CDC!
Corrupt WHO!
Corrupt United Nations!
Fake Russian Collusion Hoax!
Ukrainian Corruption!
Biden's Laptop!
Corrupt DOJ!
Corrupt FBI!
Corrupt CIA!
Corrupt Judges!
Corrupt politicians!
Corrupt military complex!
Attacks of Free Speech!
Ministry of Truth!
Woke Cancel Culture!
Cultural Marxism!
Attacks on founding fathers!
Attacks on Constitution!
Attacks on Electoral College!
Attacks on Supreme Court!
Defund the Police!
Attacks On Right to Bear Arms and self defense!
The premeditated attacks on America and it's citizens!
Build Back Better!
Great Reset!
Open Border Society!
Media Matters!
George Soros!
Bill Gates!
Klaus Schwab!
George Bush!
Warren Buffett!
Bill and Hillary Clinton!
Intelligence Agencies!
Military Complex!
Corrupt DOE!
Failed Schools!
Corrupt Media!
Mass Formation Psychosis
Mental Illness!
Sustainability (Agenda 2030)
Build Back Better!
Great Reset!
New World Order!
One World Government!

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When do you consider yourself fluent in a language?

I mean, even in our native languages, there are tons of things we don't know. You start reading a book in an entirely new domain and there will be new ideas and concepts, but it doesn't challenge our notion of fluency. I feel like there is a point in learning a new language where the things you don't know or can't say stop feeling like they undermine your ability in the language, and just become "oh, yeah, this is something some people don't know, now I know it."
For me it starts when I can confidently talk around a word I don't know without using hand gestures and helplessly repeating the word in the language I know (ie explaining a German word without switching to English or Russian), and still be understood. Native speakers use filler words a lot, btw, it's not something to feel bad about.
I don't worry about it. You're probably always going to need to improve a language that's not native/one you use every day. Focus more on what you can do in the language and what you still need to learn (can you read the news? watch a movie? travel to a country where it's spoken and get around without trouble? debate politics?)
I started considering myself fluent in english when I tried to remember a conversation with someone and couldn't remember if the conversation was in french or english, not sure if it make sense but I felt like I didn't need to make that extra mental effort to speak/understand english, it was almost completely natural.

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How long did it take you to learn to speak English fluently? What methods did you use? What methods were most effective?

About a year once I came to US at 15 yo. Before that I studied it in school, took private English courses, and additional after-school courses. When I came to US I could communicate on a basic level but the expressions I used were not in tune with how people talked. Initially the biggest issue was I couldn't understand people, even on TV. I started reading books and watching sitcoms and because I wanted to follow what the characters were saying it kind of forced me to start understanding it. Once I went to high school the process accelerated even faster.
School. One thing I’ve learnt through my experience is that Russian schools teach students grammar, but really when it comes to using the language - here is a huge black hole. All the people who I contacted with on a topic of learning English, universally say that they are “afraid” to speak in a wrong manner, hence why they tend to not to speak at all. My school gladly had a very passionate director so he set up a lot of english classes based on purely speaking, watching, discussing, arguing and debating. That fact really elevates your level of using the language and overall confidence.
According to some I am still not fluent. Fluency is rather subjective measure. Reading helped the vocabulary, watching TV and movies helped comprehension and pronunciation. Google dictionary with vocalization help is great.
I've been always believing that getting myself sunk in a world full of native speaker could get me become fluent in speaking the language as an adult learner until I read your comment. So in your opinion, it isnt necessary like that? Because I've never experienced it, I've got myself outa my own country but am not living in a native English speaking country, so I couldnt tell. I can see how my English improved by engaging constantly in listening, thinking and speaking English, but am nowhere near the fluent point. Im not a language talent as well. So you dont think submerging in a native speaking world could be significant help, isnt it right?
Living in an English speaking country mainly helps with preserving the desire of learning English since you have no other option but to keep striving to learn the language if you want to do well in general. It keeps you committed and determined. It builds a long term consistency which is very important if you want to become fluent. However, it hasn't helped me a lot in practical terms. Especially when you are nowhere near the level of a native speaker, they won't give you the opportunity to practice English with them since they lose interest pretty quickly. If you don't go past that point where you feel confident conversing in English with them, they are really not much of a help.
Sure it can be done. I have seen it numerous times - even amongst those with little formal education. However it requires a level of commitment that many adults just are not prepared for.

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Generally speaking, do you like the way you look? If not, why not? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
The thing is, I wrote and write, the answers are all in secrets and about the character and habits, appearance, I wrote, but in Russian) I also wrote about modifications, so I answer your questions at a time to sweep them away at a time😄😉🔥 💫👍 I am completely satisfied with everything in myself🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥💫💫💫 I accept my dark side with all my might, but about the fact that what I lack and what I wanted to see in the feed, there are fresh posts in English😉🔥💫 Yes, thanks for the questions, cool ideas🤩🔥😉💫 my dark side, if you think and fantasize, necromancy attracts😈🔥💫😄
Дело такое, я писала и пишу, ответы все есть в секретах и по поводу характера и привычек, внешнего вида я писала, но на русском) о модификациях тоже писала, вот отвечаю за раз на твои вопросы, чтобы отмести их за раз😄😉🔥💫👍 меня все устраивает полностью в себе все🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥💫💫💫
принимаю свою темную сторону со всей силы, а про то что чего мне не хватает и чего хотелось увидишь в ленте, там есть да на английском свежие посты😉🔥💫 да спасибо за вопросы, прикольные идеи🤩🔥😉💫
мою темную сторону, если поразмышлять и пофантазировать влечет некромантия😈🔥💫😄

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Generally speaking do you like the way you look If not why not

What's your favourite verse from Russian classics? (Ваш любимый стих из русской классики?)

musa_dereliquit_me’s Profile PhotoMusa Riddle
Александр Пушкин — Письмо Татьяны к Онегину(отрывок из "Евгения Онегина")
Марина Цветаева — Мне нравится, что вы больны не мной
Александр Пушкин — Я вас любил, любовь еще, быть может
очень lovely стихи..я ещё их на изусть знаю..

А ты мне опять улыбаешься, а у меня сердце болит. Зачем же ты мне так нравишься. К тебе тянет, словно магнит. А ты мне в ответ улыбаешься, а у меня сердце горит. Но как же ты мне, сука, нравишься😍

Holy shit! Let me give you the translation of this one.
(And you smile at me again, and my heart hurts. Why do I like you so much. It draws you like a magnet. And you smile back at me, and my heart burns. But how do I like you bitch😍)
What a fucking love letter. Russian love letters, my friends!
А ты мне опять улыбаешься а у меня сердце болит 
Зачем же ты мне так нравишься К

What's your favourite verse from Russian classics? (Ваш любимый стих из русской классики?)

musa_dereliquit_me’s Profile PhotoMusa Riddle
А. С. Пушкин
Мы любим тех, кто нас не любит Мы губим тех, кто в нас влюблен. Мы ненавидим, но целуем Мы не стремимся, но живем. Мы позволяем, не желая Мы проклинаем, но берем. Мы говорим и забываем о том, Что любим-вечно лжем. Мы безразлично созерцаем, На искры глаз не отвечаем, Мы грубо чувствами играем И не жалеем ни о чем. Мечтаем быть с любимым рядом, Но забываем лишь о том, Что любим тех, кто нас не любит Что губим тех, кто в нас влюблен...

Прикольного тебе дня)😉

andreyk0904’s Profile Photoandrey.k
I'm just wondering, besides the Russian and Ukrainian languages, do you even know something? for example, Romanian or English, because it is so easy to know at least an international language.
I'm just wondering, why are you sending tsemchiks to everyone? for example, I don’t send this to anyone, because I’m afraid of native maniacs, bad people, jailers, psychotic personalities.
If you do not know Romanian or English, you can not answer.
Mă întreb doar, pe lângă limbile rusă și ucraineană, știi măcar ceva? de exemplu, româna sau engleza, pentru că este atât de ușor să cunoști măcar o limbă internațională.
Mă întreb doar, de ce trimiți tsemchik tuturor? de exemplu, nu trimit asta nimănui, pentru că mi-e frică de maniaci nativi, oameni răi, temniceri, personalități psihotice.
Daca nu stii romana sau engleza, nu poti raspunde.

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To my river pirate crew: we have a new adventure. The Maldives is full of Russian Oligarch superyachts. I say we steal one. If we can just get it out of the harbor, I doubt the Maldive gov’t is going to care about a stolen yacht. We navigate it to US (for fun), then abandon. What role will you take?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNeo
Can I just be the cute poodle that distracts people with charming doeful eyes while y'all do the hardwork? 🐩

Are you actually living on Madagascar ? ~ May I ask your origins & ethnicity ?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
No, no, my dear friend!
I live in the Russian Federation. I am an ethnic Russian.
And Madagascar and Antananarivo are something like a cover.
It's more interesting this way.)
Are you actually living on Madagascar   May I ask your origins  ethnicity

what's the weirdest fact you know ?

The Irish at the start of Lenin's Russian Communist state gave them a loan in return for recognition of Irish Independence,
The Russians reneged but the Irish had the Russian Crown Jewels as collateral, and they were hidden here in Dublin in the house of Bram Stoker who wrote the novel Dracula , the Irish threatened to sell the jewels at auction lol unless the Russians paid back the loan.....and they did!!

Ideas where one guilty pleasure what cannot be able to sweets are wearing right side if yes, which?

@astoldbyjoanna Hey Jo, look at these really nice wooden bears. 🐻😸👌✨
I unfortunately don't know or don't remember the name of the person that made this great woodwork. 😐🤷‍♂️
- I noticed that my answers to these 'questions' from russian bots stay on my profile so it's finally not temporarily sharing. 👍
I don't think I shared this picture yet I hope. 🤔
Ideas where one guilty pleasure what cannot be able to sweets are wearing right

Dlaczego teraz dawni antyszczepionkowcy stali się prorosyjskiemi trollami i podważają istnienie wojny w Ukrainie?

Why have the former anti-vaccineists now become pro-Russian trolls and question the existence of a war in Ukraine?
Are you sick or sick of the head! You don't have the courage to write who you mean and you're a coward! You can only use clichés with an anonymity. Turns out you are the Russian troll!

Do we live in the matrix?

"The Matrix" by Alex
Yes I believe the Matrix is alive and well and is controlled by the members of the World Economic Forum. Those who have taken the "red pill" are able to see how the Information System (Media and Western Governments) manipulate citizens to advance their Globalist New World Order through the use of Mass Formation Psychosis, False Narratives (pandemics, climate crisis, Russian hoax, impeachments, Election fraud, Border crisis, inflation, censorship, BLM, Antifo, CRT, The 1619 Project, racial division, Cancel Culture, Woke Activists, violent protests, fuel shortages, food shortages, mandates, lockdowns, reverse racism, WEF, WHO, U.N., Dark campaign contributions, bribery, fear and murder).
And those citizens who accept the blue pill believe everything they see and hear and attack those people who have taken the Red Pill, understand the truth and who oppose the globalist New World Order and Centralized World Government run by brutal tyrants, corporate interests and western governments whose goal is to control every aspect of human life from birth until death and everything we think, say and do, all in the name of global sustainability, population control and the accumulation of power and wealth for the ruling class, their corporate donors and their family and friends.
The epicenter of this battle of civilizations is currently be waged in the Ukraine where the winner will ultimately control the world's reserve currency, wealth, power and humanities future. The question is this: who will win, the red pill or the blue pill?

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Do you think Putin will get arrested for war crimes at this point?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
Oh just look at that brainwashed 🤡, could it be even more mainstream? Reason number 1 why I loathe this site. Don't know why I have not blocked you months ago, when you opened your row mouth and spoke utter vulgar nonsense about Russia and Ukraine business . But I think now is the time. YOU and people like you who have 0 intellect or sense make me sick, I throw up my hands in confusion, looking at what you people are doing. Eating sweet fresh dump from the media and willingly sharing it with others, disguising it as a "Good Deed".
Boy, what you see/hear in the MEDIA is not the ultimate truth ffs.
Try to use critical thinking instead of soaking up everything that this cruel and unfair world of the press and green notes is trying to give you.
January 2022 was the most brutal month in more than 5 years of air war waged by Saudi Arabia with US support in Yemen. Have you heard about it ?
Since March 2015, the coalition has carried out over 23,000 airstrikes in Yemen, killing or injuring over 20,000 civilians.
The Biden administration continues to sell weapons to aggressor countries. It increased direct support for the UAE.
So, on 26 March, the UAE again invaded Yemen. Do you hear the condemning mouthpieces of the media ? No ? Nobody cares about the children of Yemen dying of hunger for many years, the starving people of Yemen?
That's all there is to know about the media.
Go and arrest the whole of america circus for their endless war crimes (or did you now know about them? What about the most recent Afghanistan or have you already forgotten ? Or what they have done to Yugoslavia ? Or you just don't know / don't care due to their lack of education and the fact that it did not flood the Internet / media so much?)
YOU have no idea what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine and why. You have no idea what Ukrainians have been doing since at least 2014. So shut your stupid mouth and feel sorry for yourself, not the Russian people.

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President Zelenskyy addresses the Dáil [ Irish parliament]

princessali6’s Profile PhotoMáire Ní Einstein
As a country that fought and got rid of its colonial oppressor,
so shall Ukraine and liberate the Ukrainian territories of Crimea, Luhansk and Donbas,
Kick the Russian Fascists out,
as was used against the Irish he said, the Russians are "using hunger as a weapon"...
that didn't defeat the Irish nor will it defeat the Ukrainians.
Beidh an bua ag An Úcráin!
President Zelenskyy addresses the Dáil  Irish parliament

The ukranians neo nazid will face anihilation by the mighty Christian russian forces!!!

The ukranians neo nazid will face anihilation by the mighty Christian russian

Do you think it will the end of the Russian Federation if sanctions against Russia persist?

hard to say,
real killer sanction would be not buying any energy at all from there,
my feeling is as Putin runs a Kleptocracy some in that may turn on him and his cabal and oust him
but the Federation will endure,
what they are doing in Ukraine would indicate depravity so no bad thing if that whole country underwent not just regime change but cultural as well

I'm so sorry about what happened to your dog. Did someone kill it? So terrible. Are you going to buy another dog now?

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Hi, Jens! I am very glad to have a question from you.) Sorry, it was not very polite of me not to answer you right away, but I had to exit the ASKfm application. Today I still decided to correct this state of affairs.)
Thank you, my friend, for your sympathy. You really are a very kind guy, since you managed to understand that the loss of this animal was really a very serious shock for me. I get very attached to anyone, and this dog was really a member of our family for all of us.
You ask, what happened to him? The night from December 31 to January 1 in Russia is usually celebrated on a grand scale, with feasts with the use of unlimited amounts of alcohol.)) This is, so to speak, a Russian tradition. My whole family fell ill with COVID-19 for these New Year holidays, and not only did they not celebrate, but they were lying with a high fever. There was no one to walk with the dog and they let him run alone. He knew the area very well and never got lost, all the neighbors also knew this dog very well, other animals, as I said earlier, he never offended. And yet, it is a very sporty hunting dog that requires daily physical exertion. The fact is that my brother's hobby is hunting. I don't share the killing of animals, but what can I do, it's still a man's hobby, and I treat it with understanding. And the dog was my brother's friend and companion in his hobby. So, the dog was released to run on his own, but he did not return home for a very long time. They already wanted to go looking for him, but the well-being of none of the relatives did not allow it. The dog returned very late and was already in a very bad condition. My brother, a dog handler by his occupation, immediately realized that it was bad. He was taken to the vet, but could not be saved. And an analysis of the animal's saliva showed that he was poisoned by meat treated with rat poison. This poison is sold in general access in Russia, and anyone can buy it. So, poisoning a dog is really the work of a man. And I don't know if it was accidentally or intentionally, or if someone did it under the influence of alcohol.
We are not planning to buy a new dog, Jens, yet. We have come very hard from the loss of this. But we didn't buy this dog either, it was given to us by one of our friends, the breeder of this breed.
I don't speak English, Jens, but I hope that you will understand something from my story.)
пришлось исправить, в текте было повторение. хотя уже можно было и не дублировать.)

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Im so sorry about what happened to your dog Did someone kill it So terrible Are

Почему мой бывший как только видит меня говорит «блин еле сдерживаю себя,так манишь,лучше не появляйся у меня перед глазами. Рад был видеть тебя» с учетом того что у него есть девушка! Расстался он со мной,а не я, теперь говорит такие вещи…

Is he also Russian? I thought all Russian men were like Ivan Drago in Rocky 4:
"If he dies, he dies", and all that shit.
I'm fucking disappointed, and you should be too.
Forget about him and move on with your life. You can find better.
Почему мой бывший как только видит меня говорит блин еле сдерживаю себятак

Может кто то помочь с корейским?:)

Valena22’s Profile PhotoValena
Firstly, I don't know Korean at all. I know the international language - it's English. No other is given. Secondly, it is not written correctly in English "kyiv", а "kiev", it has always been more correct this way, and the word cue does not even exist in the language, because the cue was created for playing billiards.
The second point is that people can be terribly stupid, and not even stupid, but stupid. Do you know why? this is especially my ex who instead of "plum" - creamy, instead of "we will find" - we know, and generally does not know literacy in general.
Therefore, do not tell anyone what and how to do and how to speak. This surzhik is sick of me, you need to talk to me in Russian, not surzhik.
That's all!

Кто сдесь с Донецкой области? Я с г. Славянск! А вы?

Here you sit yourself on the Internet and you can not understand one thing. Do you know what? Why do you write in Russian the word "сдесь", but not "здесь"?
For example, I know how to write well in Russian, but with you Ukrainians, I always communicate in English so that you don’t slander me in anything.
Since one such person appeared here that anonymously calls me names and imposes intimate proposals on me and, in general, himself.
Why are you forcing yourself on people? I don't force myself on anyone. I do not impose anything on society, but if I were cruel, I would force them to communicate not in Russian, but, for example, in Crimean Tatar.Why, I can’t live in peace when a person simply escalates the situation.And so live that there is everyone who will crap you.

Write down the first word that popped up your mind when u finished reading this!!!

lil_steph5’s Profile PhotoStephanie
If you insist on 'WORD' solely , it would be 'BIG' . . . .
But, I, me, myself . . . . . insist on the full picture . . . . anthologised:
(translation of RUSSIAN intro: "Citizens , take your seats ; the train is leaving, the train is leaving" [this is Trotsky's Train] )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDW8cpsvqAwigotamatch’s Video 169989369978 jDW8cpsvqAwigotamatch’s Video 169989369978 jDW8cpsvqAw

Вы бы стали заводить знакомство с россиянином зная что во время войны ничего не делал (молчал, игнорировал), говорил "я не причем"?

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I have been talking to Russians for many years on various websites, and the only person they don't like is Stepan Bandera and those who support him. They treat well only with those who love the Russian Federation and do not wish her harm. Those who treat the Russians badly and they neglect the president.
This was before 2014. After 2014, they are all set against Ukraine and their people. At the same time, they are afraid of Ukraine, and at the same time they hate it because we joined NATO.
Converso com russos há muitos anos em vários sites e a única coisa que eles não gostam é Stepan Bandera e aqueles que o apoiam. Eles tratam bem apenas com aqueles que amam a Federação Russa e não desejam mal a ela. Aqueles que tratam mal os russos e negligenciam o presidente.
Isso foi antes de 2014. Depois de 2014, todos estão contra a Ucrânia e seu povo. Ao mesmo tempo, eles têm medo da Ucrânia e, ao mesmo tempo, a odeiam pelo fato de termos aderido à OTAN.

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Мирных людей убивают в Украине, а ты пишешь "крымнаш", ты вообще человек?

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What can I say about Crimea? First of all, this is the fact that you do not hear the Crimeans and their desires. Almost everyone has a desire to be near the Russian Federation. What are you doing? you impose Ukraine on them.
Crimea is really Russian, it was Russian back in 1919.

Я считаю, уезжать из России, оставляя здесь Навального, просто подло

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Do you know what the coolest thing in the Russian Federation has always been? this is life under Nicholas II, when all the pans went to balls. When was the Victorian style. When they were all feasting.
But there is also a bad side of the coin - this is the poverty of the people themselves, when ordinary people ate porridge, and lived as if .. just survived! ..
What do you think, now such a topic would have a ride in the Russian Federation?

«Кто видел настоящее, тот уже видел всё... ». Марк Аврелий. Так чему ты ещё удивляешься и от чего иногда негодуешь?)

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Let me write to you in English, if you understand what is at stake, you can answer. If not, just don't worry. Why can't I write in Russian? because there is one inadequate here who asks for an intimate relationship. If I refuse intimacy, he, as inadequate, writes about "killing his parents", and about the fact that he is engaged in boxing. A person behaves quite inadequately, and because of this, I simply cannot write in Russian, because he always finds me, and if he doesn’t write some kind of vulgarity, then he will switch to personal insults and call you names in different ways, for example that you are pimply, even if there are no acne, that you are fat as a pig, and makes you dress like a prostitute, if you say that you don’t wear it, he goes on personal insults, although before that he hinted that he wanted a blowjob and other vulgar things that made him sick. I've seen everything in my life, believe me! this beast writes nasty things anonymously, he can’t write insults or say personally in person, because he knows what he can get in his terrible face, because I don’t think that this is a very handsome man who writes, he just shows off in order to increase his self-esteem and show that he smarter than everyone. And when you write to him in some foreign language, after that he gets dirty, because he cannot answer anything, because he is stupid and does not understand the language.
Therefore, to be honest, I told a lot in my life. And told many inadequate who does not understand. But this frame is somehow inadequate and most likely with the first group of disability. Adequate, I think I wouldn’t call a thin one who wears size L, and wouldn’t call him some kind of scary, etc., if the girl looks much prettier than this one.
This is life, and of course, sometimes you need to somehow survive with such people, because this person himself does not know anything, and at the same time he comes up with illnesses that do not correspond to me.

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Мої нескінченні дороги Сплелися, мов доля моя, Я знову вернув до порога, Де батьківська рідна земля. Країно моя — Україно, Ще пращурів пам’ять жива, Знайома тут кожна стежина, І сонце мене зігріва. Хай пісня твоя, Україно, Злітає, як птах у блакить, А мова твоя солов’їна У кожній оселі звучить.

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To be honest, it surprises me that you are together with Europe for one thing, and you cannot understand one simple thing, that what you are doing is really Nazism.
A person who came from Crimea and speaks Russian with a Tatar accent, he also remains beaten, despite the fact that Crimea was Ukraine at that time. Anyway, they beat me, they twisted my arms because I spoke Russian. I was not a Crimean Tatar in their eyes, with Jewish roots, I was their Muscovite. And now no one is friends with me either. It is very strange that the people are so stupid that they cannot distinguish between a Crimean Tatar and a Jew. It is very strange. They see that the girl seems to be beautiful, but they still hurt her.
Honestly, I would not tolerate someone beating me in order to show my love, it’s already hard for me in life. They twisted my arms, Andrei asked the little children to pull my hair, despite the fact that it was very painful.
He apparently didn’t understand what I shouldn’t do at all - to do it, but to the stupid one explain what, don’t explain. If I behave like a little one - I read adventure novels, play with a teddy bear and watch cartoons, then he decided to offend me in this way. Someone's pain is dead parents like yours, and my pain is to lose them now. The most important thing is that it hurts a lot that I can’t return to Crimea at all, since it is already Russian, and I don’t want to get bombed.
But I have always loved and will love Crimea because it is my mother's homeland.

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Як ти? ❤️Як день проходить? Сподіваюсь усе гаразд 🙏🇺🇦

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I want to tell you right away that I have a complete mess with the Ukrainian language, since my mother herself is from the Crimea and our native language is Crimean Tatar with my mother. Of course, there is a sister at home, but she communicates in Moldovan. And our native languages are 3 languages, all the same, Crimean Tatar, Turkish and Hebrew. Speaking of which languages I have learned, these are two foreign languages: Portuguese and Russian. I understand that you will now be offended that I am writing to you in Russian, like the rest of the people from Ask. There are just a lot of inadequate people in the ask and it’s easier for me to write in English what I want to tell you personally, because I don’t understand the Ukrainian language very well, and I don’t want to offend you with Russian, since there is a war with Russia in Ukraine.
My day went well, I hugged a teddy bear, ate chops and rejoiced at the purchased headphones. I'm saving money for a laptop. As this war ends, maybe I'll buy it for myself. At 12 noon I will go with my mother for a walk around the city in a dress, God willing, good weather.
And so everything is fine, except for the fact that I have a mess with the Ukrainian language, and every second offends me here.
And not only because of the Russian language, but because I hug a teddy bear and read children's adventure novels. They call me bad words, they tell me that I am fat and pimply, even if this is not all.

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