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Si hicieras un Podcast ¿A quién invitarías? ¿de qué temas hablarías?

lera_maria’s Profile PhotoMaría
Creo que sería sobre experiencias paranormales 🌟
Me gustaría invitar a artistas que me dan buenas vibras como Cariño, Siddhartha, Carlos Sadness, Chayanne, Valsian, etc.
Si hicieras un Podcast A quién invitarías de qué temas hablarías

~Sempre io, oggi continuo il dolore dato ieri e vi chiedo perdono, ma spero anche di darvi un sorriso. La frase è questa, ditemi tutto 🌻 "Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? You build up hope, but failure's all you've known. Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go, let it go"

Juventud23’s Profile PhotoNicowski
Personalmente sono arrivata a capire, (non so ancora se sia una cosa totalmente positivaquindi spero bene)che la vita sia più semplice e amabile quando ci sono compromessi, ma visto anche in termini di negoziazione, baratto, scambio.
(Per restare in tema-> fallimento/perdono e speranza) Per ogni cosa che va male bisogna guadagnarne qualcosa di positivo ma anche per non finire in quel loop di pensieri nocivi, inconcludenti e anche tossici molto spesso.
Questo non vale a dire"prenditi per cul0 e ditti che sei stato comunque bravo" no, magari puoi aver imparato una lezione, oppure, nello stesso momento o periodo, sono successe altre cose importanti che potrebbero rivelarsi dei veri e propri traguardi, ma che non valutiamo perché diamo più importanza ad alcune questioni piuttosto che ad altre.
Di conseguenza, sentirsi un* fallit* a causa di una serie di fallimenti, molto spesso mi sembra di capire sia a causa di una nostra prospettiva di vita, più che di una realtà effettiva
Probabilmente giudichiamo troppo negativamente i fallimenti, quando andrebbero presi come incidenti di percorso, semplici momenti no e non come la meta finale, qualcosa che ci definisce.
Chiaramente è un discorso anche utopico, comunque sono emotivamente ""full""h24, quindi mantenere un equilibrio, un ordine mentale costante e duraturo è difficile, però sto afferrando questa attitudine, lo vedo ☠️☠️

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~Sempre io, oggi continuo il dolore dato ieri e vi chiedo perdono, ma spero anche di darvi un sorriso. La frase è questa, ditemi tutto 🌻 "Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? You build up hope, but failure's all you've known. Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go, let it go"

Juventud23’s Profile PhotoNicowski
Sai, la verità invece è che nel corso del tempo ho imparato che la mia capacità di avere a che fare con il dolore emotivo è discretamente buona, anche se questo non mi salva in alcun modo dalla paura di tale dolore.
Io, credo solo sia questione di capire cosa ci salva.
In ogni caso, non mi fido di chi vorrebbe dimenticare i brutti ricordi o il dolore, perché è evidente che se hanno una simile considerazione della vita, non riescono a capirne la fondamentale importanza 🙃

Post anything you like💫

shaeerahmad’s Profile Photo『SHAHEER』
Having sabr doesn't mean you're not allowed to have emotions. Sabr means that even with all that anger, even with all the sadness, even with all the nights you cried your eyes out you still were grateful to Allah. You still turned to Him and trusted His plan.

What's worse? Being lonely or being sad?

ZK5223’s Profile PhotoZoya Khan
As for me, — it is loneliness cause sadness is more like a fleeting feeling that comes and goes, but loneliness is a thing that has weight and it gets heavier over time. The worst part about is that it seems impossible to admit it's. It's almost like admitting defeat or like letting go of a cliff and not knowing when or if you are going to land, it feels like there is this huge invisible and weighty presence, suffocating you constantly and if you admit that it is there it will disappear but you will feel horribly exposed cause it had slowly crept up on you, covering you so that without it it feels wrong, dangerous and when it is coupled with depression, it becomes something worse on a whole other scale cause all the time you feel like you are living in shadow and darkness.

Why these winters are so depressing?😔

lavieenrossie’s Profile PhotoAnusha.
There could be a number of reasons why you might be feeling particularly down during the winter months. For some people, the shorter days and longer nights can lead to feelings of sadness and loneliness. Additionally, the cold weather can make it more difficult to go outside and engage in activities that you enjoy, which can contribute to feelings of depression. It's also possible that you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression that is related to the change in seasons. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, it's important to talk to a healthcare provider for help.

Please share one of your breakup stories with us. Feel free to embellish the drama lol

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda
She said to me…
“If I were suffering in the d*mnation of h*ll and my only way out was to be with you again, I would choose to burn in eternal h*llfire.”
Ok, maybe not, but sounded good.
No breakup drama. They ended in sadness, ambivalence, or relief, but not in anger.

How do you deal with a mental breakdown?

memoonanasir77’s Profile Photoمیمونہ
Lots of crying, comfort food, comfort movies, art therapy, talking to a psychiatrist, taking anti depressants if recommended, going on a walk, observing and enjoying nature, writing, cooking, sleeping a lot, doing things at my own pace, spending time with loved ones, making a constant effort to get better, reminding myself that it's just a bad phase, not a bad life, everything is temporary even sadness...
All of this helps me.
Find out what works for you, what makes you feel even a little alive, and do that. Remember you're worthy, you deserve happiness. Allow yourself to heal. May Allah bless you. ♥️🌸🌻 Sending a big hug and prayers! ♥️

What's in your mind???

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
“Happiness is a pop song. Sadness is a poem.”
It has been a while and I haven’t been able to forget. When I sit alone in the middle of the night, listening to the silence, I try to find you in the dark. I know that there still are people willing to help, but I know that they can’t. I had often wondered what sadness feels like. I do, now. It feels like you.

When will these depressing and sad days ends ? I want to live my life but this sadness and loneliness is killing me

Here's the thing. Nobody is going to be there for you all your life. You need to start admiring your own company most of the times. Even the closest people in your life will leave you at a point. You have to be strong enough to not let loneliness effect you. InshAllah, these days will pass and you'll emerge stronger than ever.

"May the stars carry your sadness away, May the flowers fill your heart with beauty, May hope forever wipe away your tears, And, above all, may silence make you strong."❤️


Out of the four seasons, what’s your favorite one?

Always and forever spring!
Winter definitely gives me the feeling of sadness and gloom a lot.. so when spring finally starts, I'm so happy and thankful!
It's when our world truly starts to come alive again! Blossoms in the trees, varying species of birds return, baby animals! The colour returns to what is essentially a black and white canvas :3
Out of the four seasons whats your favorite one

Do you miss the Queen?

To be honest, I don't pay much attention to the royal family.
It's common knowledge that a lot of media coverage on them is exaggerated, like anyone of any publicity. So it puts me off keeping up to date with their goings on.
That said, no matter the person, a loss of life will always be sad. Being our longest reigning monarch, losing her will hold a great sadness to a lot of people. It doesn't matter if people agreed with her actions or not, a death is still a death. There's still family members mourning, and unfortunately they aren't able to grieve I private.
So do I miss her? Hard to say.. I think I'll miss the quirky things she's happily was part of. Like her entrance at our 2012 Olympics, or the Paddington Bear skit.
The Christmas announcements won't be the same, we tend to have it on in the background :)

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Do you miss the Queen
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Either there’s a lot of cheaters on here or someone really messed up

kykyvidz1’s Profile PhotoKyKyVidz
i love life yes i got dumped well yea im sad but at the same time really happy that something can make me feel that sad its like it makes me feel alive you know? it makes me feel human the only way i could feel this sad now is if i felt something really good before so i have to take the bad with the with the good so i guess what im feeling is like a beauiful sadness

Does it even matter anymore? 🤷‍♀️

It sure does.
I find it… comforting… intriguing…. that people on here are possibly so aligned with me that they can sense my emotions. An anon sensing my sadness when all I’ve done is post images that aren’t particularly portraying any one emotion… that two dear friends noticed my account deactivation yesterday and seemed to sense some things surrounding it. Ask is a weird place. So much love to these people. You don’t know how much you are appreciated. 💗

to your favorite person .. 🖤

the one who was my fav person🖤✨
I forgive you and all that has passed, but not for you, but for me.
I am afraid of a day when the opponents will meet, a day when it will be said that the pens have been lifted and the newspapers have dried, my sadness will be a sin against you and I do not want that.
so I forgive you and from my side I say it was a happy opportunity to know you and I hope to hear all the best about you🖤✨
The end....

Do you wake up feeling stressed or refreshed ?

عندي الصباحات عبارة عن كومة أحزان، حتى مش بس الصباحات مجرد ما أصحى من النوم peak sadness
بذو في أشي اسمه melancholic features in depression
one of them is depression worse in the morning, tho i don't think i am depressed
وصح لاحظت من الcons انو تشكي لحدا طب انو بتيجي تحكيله بصير يسألك أشياء زي الدكتور بدل ما يسمع الشكوى وتكون لحظة emotional هههههه
أجيت احكي عن أحزاني لقيتهم بحددوا شو نوع الاكتئاب تاعي 🙂
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Diffrence between sadness & depression?

Sadness ... comedy yah Romantic movie Daikh K Thora Rona or Sadness Khatam Dil Khush .....
Depression ... horror movie main devil Jin Churail Pay Tarass ana or Un k baray Main Dukhi ho k Rona Serial Killers pay Tarss ana...Dil Or Ziada Tang Hona Or Bilwajah He Serial Killer Yah Azazil Ko Acha Samjhna.....

Diffrence between sadness & depression?

Sadness is something that everyone feels in the times of stressful events or loss. Whereas depression is a disorder. You're might be sad for a day or two but depression is an on going disorder which will get worse day by day if you don't look after it.

How to live so you can look yourself in the eye in front of the mirror?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Yk I've realized that it has been a long while since I last looked myself in the mirror like really looked myself in the mirror and after reading your question, I'm not sure I can do that without feeling more unwanted feelings like guilt, shame, sadness, defeat and a lot other feelings.

⠀⠀‧•ʚ🕸🎃🕸ɞ•‧⠀⠀ᙢσũ лuчнσ сσбραнныũ ƬѺՈ — 8Յ гσmuческuх мульmφuльмα ≀ мульmсеρuαлα , gля сσзgαнuя мuсmuческu - nραзgнuчнσũ αmмσсφеρы . ℭσхραняũmе себе , gαбы не уmеρяmь . Ɓсех с Ɓелuкuм ℭαмαũнσм u Хэллσуuнσм ❣ ⠀

kali_ka_talina’s Profile Photo⠀ҟαταιĭŋα ☥⠀

⠀ ⠀⠀‧ ● ══╦ ‧ᘡ๑✿۩🕸۩✿๑ᘠ‧ ╦══ ● ‧

‧🕷️‧⠀Дом — монстр .
‧🕷️‧⠀Коралина в Стране Кошмаров .
‧🕷️‧⠀Паранорман , или Как приручить зомби .
‧🕷️‧⠀Труп невесты .
‧🕷️‧⠀Кошмар перед Рождеством .
‧🕷️‧⠀Ленор : Маленькая мертвая девочка .
‧🕷️‧⠀Рождественская история .
‧🕷️‧⠀Монстры на каникулах .
‧🕷️‧⠀Магазинчик самоубийств .
‧🕷️‧⠀Маленький вампир .
‧🕷️‧⠀Книга жизни .
‧🕷️‧⠀За тридевять земель .
‧🕷️‧⠀Семейка монстров .
‧🕷️‧⠀Франкенвини .
‧🕷️‧⠀Семейка Аддамс ﴾‧мульт. 2019‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Винсент .
‧🕷️‧⠀Носферату . Ужас ночи .
‧🕷️‧⠀Девять 11 . Мэри и Макс .
‧🕷️‧⠀Kuroshitsuji ≀ Темный дворецкий .
‧🕷️‧⠀Байки из склепа .
‧🕷️‧⠀Китаро с кладбища .
‧🕷️‧⠀Похоронная Команда .
‧🕷️‧⠀Люси — дочь дьявола .
‧🕷️‧⠀Каспер . Школа страха .
‧🕷️‧⠀Монстры без присмотра .
‧🕷️‧⠀Крипи : приключения необыкновенной девочки .
‧🕷️‧⠀Монстры на каникулах 2 .
‧🕷️‧⠀Дракулито вампиреныш .
‧🕷️‧⠀Лео и сатана .
‧🕷️‧⠀Монстры на каникулах 3 : Море зовёт .
‧🕷️‧⠀Смертельные приключения Билли и Мэнди .
‧🕷️‧⠀Тайный мир Анны ﴾‧2019‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Даже дьявол может плакать .
‧🕷️‧⠀Адская девочка .
‧🕷️‧⠀Школа вампиров ≀ School for Vampires .
‧🕷️‧⠀Битлджус .
‧🕷️‧⠀Девять .
‧🕷️‧⠀Готика ≀ Gothic .
‧🕷️‧⠀Странная Эмили .
‧🕷️‧⠀Канун всех святых .
‧🕷️‧⠀Крабат — ученик колдуна .
‧🕷️‧⠀Руби Глум .
‧🕷️‧⠀Ничуть не страшно .
‧🕷️‧⠀Кентервильское привидение .
‧🕷️‧⠀Легенда о Сальери .
‧🕷️‧⠀Белая цапля ﴾‧1987‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Страх[и] темноты .
‧🕷️‧⠀Черная курица ﴾‧1975‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Мастер из кламси .
‧🕷️‧⠀Пер Гюнт .
‧🕷️‧⠀Освобожденный Дон Кихот .
‧🕷️‧⠀Разлученные .
‧🕷️‧⠀Death Note ≀ Терадь Cмерти .
‧🕷️‧⠀Зомби — отель .
‧🕷️‧⠀Школа Монстров .
‧🕷️‧⠀Механика сердца ﴾‧2013‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Ужасные приключения Билли и Мэнди .
‧🕷️‧⠀Эмили Стрэйндж .
‧🕷️‧⠀Портрет малышки Козетты .
‧🕷️‧⠀Хеллсинг .
‧🕷️‧⠀Джонни маньяк — убийца .
‧🕷️‧⠀Lady Death ≀ Леди смерть .
‧🕷️‧⠀Katy Towell .
‧🕷️‧⠀D: Охотник на вампиров ﴾‧1985‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Hell Girl ≀ Адская девочка .
‧🕷️‧⠀Invader Zim ≀ Захватчик Зим .
‧🕷️‧⠀Devil May Cry ≀ Демон против демонов или Дьявол может плакать .
‧🕷️‧⠀Адские соседи ≀ Neighbours From Hel .
‧🕷️‧⠀Ergo Proxy ≀ Эрго Прокси .
‧🕷️‧⠀Монстр в Париже .
‧🕷️‧⠀Печальная Белладонна ≀ Belladonna of Sadness .
‧🕷️‧⠀Страх[и] темноты ≀ Peur(s) du noir .
‧🕷️‧⠀Каспер , который живёт под крышей ﴾‧1996‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Каспер и его друзья ﴾‧1945‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Каспер : дружелюбное привидение ﴾‧1945‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Семейка Аддамс ﴾‧2019‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Hakaba Kitarou ≀ Китаро С Кладбища .
‧🕷️‧⠀This Way Up ≀ Крышкой вверх 2008 .
‧🕷️‧⠀В ад и обратно — Hell and Back .
‧🕷️‧⠀Семейка Аддамс: Горящий тур ﴾‧2021‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Семейка Аддамс ﴾‧сериал 1973‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Семейка Аддамс ﴾‧сериал 1992 – 1993‧﴿ .
‧🕷️‧⠀Waiting ﴾‧an animated short‧﴿ .

⠀ ⠀⠀‧ ● ══╩ ‧ᘡ๑✿۩🕸۩✿๑ᘠ‧ ╩══ ● ‧

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ʚɞᙢσũ лuчнσ сσбραнныũ ƬѺՈ  8Յ гσmuческuх мульmφuльмα  мульmсеρuαлα  gля сσзgαнuя

Is life worth fighting for? Because I dont think that anymore.

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Hi, Jens, what are you saying? How is it not worth fighting for life?
What kind of melancholy attacked you? It's just autumn sometimes affects us so negatively, and you drive away these sad thoughts. After sadness, a new sunny day will surely come, sadness will definitely be replaced by some new interesting hobby. And you'll be fine, you just need to get through this moment)

When someone says I love you, Wallahi so many of them are just saying it because it's just like saying hello , hi, hru. If people can say LOL without Laughing they can say I love you without loving. And YK what I love you means sometimes nowadays, I want to use you. So be careful, abstain. Be strict

dietitianhifza’s Profile PhotoHifza
When Muslims used to commit a sin, intentionally or unintentionally, they wouldn't discuss it out in the public out of shame and guilt. Even the most vile ones wouldn't do that due to many reasons. But today, people are a Muslim during the day and a Non Muslim in the night. On one hand, they agree with every aspect of Islam. But on the other hand, they don't follow it. Just saw a Twitter Space in which people were telling their breakup stories. Like, Haram is so normalized that nobody feels any guilt or hesitation in doing it or even talking about it. It's all normalized. Astagfirullah. After witnessing all this, how can one say that Allah Almighty will bless our lives? How can one even compare himself or herself with the real Muslims; those who lived or still try to live by the Shariah of Islam? Don't expect the rewards of being a Muslim and don't look forward to such a fate if you are not following the exact definition - all the things which make us a Muslim. Rest is just deception. You can deceive yourself and probably others, but you can't do it to God. It's a state of worry when a Muslim disobeys Allah and doesn't feel any sadness afterwards.

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When someone says I love you Wallahi so many of them are just saying it because

What is perfection according to you?

sleepy2687’s Profile PhotoNainS.
Perfection is the end.
Once you are perfect there is nothing left.
Therefore the definition, in my mind, is perfection is the end of growth and the inability to grow.
If we were truly perfect or if life was truly perfect, there would be nowhere left to go.
Nothing to explore, nothing to live for, no changes, and we would not even notice we are perfect.
If all we have ever known was happiness, for example, if sadness did not exist in our mind, then how would we know we are happy?
We would loose the appreciation for everything we have.
It’s the journey to perfection, the growth to becoming better, that fills us with pride and joy, but reaching the destination would be horrible.
Imagine, for example, getting a perfect score in darts every single time.
No matter where you throw the darts you always score perfectly.
It may be fun at first to show off your skills, but if you can never truly have a competition then what is the point?
There is no growth for you to be had, no challenge from anyone else as the best they can do is tie, and no reason to continue working on it.
Given time, you would loose all interest in darts! The hobby would die.
So perfection is flawless, impossible to improve, exact, faultless, an ideal, an illusion, impossible, a chimera, an obstruction to peace of mind, a suspension of acceptance and a hindrance to happiness.

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Hola :) regálame tus 10 canciones favoritas en español, quiero aprender más y se ve que tienes muy buenos gustos :)

GustavoErnestoelchino’s Profile PhotoErnesto Gustavo
Espero que te guste alguna ☺️
🌼 Canción de Pop de Amor - Cariño
🌼 Minuto en la Lluvia - Carlos Sadness
🌼 Ojos Noche - Elsa y Elmar
🌼 La China - Porter
🌼 Catedrales - Viva Belgrado
🌼 Para Ti Mujer - Valsian
🌼 En Algún Lugar - Duncan Dhu
🌼 Feria de Botánica - Carlos Sadness
🌼 Ladrillo y Cemento - Lng Sht ft. Elsa y Elmar
🌼 Oda al Amor Efímero - Tulsa
Hola  regálame tus 10 canciones favoritas en español quiero aprender más y se ve

اکتوبر کی شام کس کے نام؟

sleepy2687’s Profile PhotoNainS.
we're words now,
but once upon a raging love,
we swam across the distance
between our eyes
till we met halfway
and froze there, together.
we're words now,
but many summers ago,
we left letters to each other,
promising to come back, someday.
now they're mere paper,
dying to be answered.
we're words now,
but when it rains, the ground weeps,
in moist anguish,
remembering how we were,
before we turned everything,
to blood.
we're words now,
but longing falls, silently
when your end of the phone
stays painfully silent, night after night.
maybe the only scar that absence leaves,
is on the inside.
we're words now,
but once upon a raging love,
we were more.
perhaps that is how we are,
leaving everything behind
but the sadness.

What song are you currently hooked onto?

You're alone, you're on your own, so what? Have you gone blind?
Have you forgotten what you have and what is yours? Glass half empty, glass half full
Well either way you won't be going thirsty Count your blessings not your flaws
You've got it all
You lost your mind in the sound There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king again
You don't get what all this is about You're too wrapped up in your self doubt You've got that young blood, set it free
You've got it all
You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king again
There's method in my madness
There's no logic in your sadness You don't gain a single thing from misery
Take it from me
You've got it all... 😌
https://youtu.be/lk1vwYga02Qzeldalink1’s Video 171988833219 lk1vwYga02Qzeldalink1’s Video 171988833219 lk1vwYga02Q

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zeldalink1’s Video 171988833219 lk1vwYga02Qzeldalink1’s Video 171988833219 lk1vwYga02Q

Ты жизнь моя, ты омут мой. В тебе я растворяюсь без остатка, Люблю тебя я нежно, страстно, сладко. Безумие моë, ты мой дурман, С тобой от счастья в голове туман, С тобой в облаках парю, Любимый, я тебя люблю! 💟💘r.💔💌📮

Don't ask you for your time, believe,
Your feelings don't I need.
My sadness times are often leave
In poems that I build.

It's very difficult for me
Admit that you not mine,
And selfish I don't want to be -
I let you go, I try.

I love you so much, my honey,
You took my heart again.
With you my crazy days are sunny,
Without you it's rain.

You are my sun, you shining bright,
I love your cosy eyes,
You are a spark of fire light,
You are the boy that nice.
Ты жизнь моя ты омут мой
В тебе я растворяюсь без остатка
Люблю тебя я нежно

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