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Do you feel like you’re judged for your looks?

Who are we,
to judge a release.
And I still can't believe,
Some are too stubborn to see.
That the meaning of life;
Is to lend out our hand.
To care for one another;
to love our fellow man.
We tend to feed off eachother,
so why not feed off of love.
Try to help one another,
So we all can rise above.
I do know this;
I've lived both lives.
I've hid my selfish hands,
and ignored my brothers cries.
It left me dry,
And filled with hate.
It kept me hidden,
And scarred my face.
It ripped me apart,
And left me broken.
I let satan in,
When I thought I was jokin.
I fought the battle,
against the unseen.
The pestering demons,
that were actual living beings.
I was ripped by the ones,
that I love the most.
But then I realized,
It was me who was provoked.
It was me that was wrong.
It was me that was right.
I kept myself hidden,
And I cried out at night.
But in my darkness;
I found His light.
He kept me close,
And showed me life.
He unleashed inside of me,
This beautiful being.
It showed me love,
Like I'd never seen.
I realize it now;
I needed to be hurt.
I needed to be abandoned,
to find my worth.
He placed his hands,
Upon my eyes.
He washed the mud,
And dried my cries.
It was in that moment,
Where I found my mind.
He gave me the power,
To put my past behind.
He gave me his wisdom,
And a voice to sing.
Nah I'm just joking;
I really cant sing.
But I can write,
And I can make it flow.
I can pour my emotions out;
When the rhythm is slow.
But this I know now.
I must spread my love.
I say it all the time.
I have enough!
This all happend,
Because I surrendered myself.
And it feels so nice,
To escape my hell.
So this I will say to you,
And I always speak my mind.
There is someone who loves you,
And will be there through the darkest of times.
And if you dont believe me.
Just go look in the mirror.
There will be God sitting in front of you.
Is the image clearer?
Dont believe,
the devils that lie in your mind.
You must love yourself,
And yes, sometimes it takes some time.
But you my friend;
You are beautiful and loved.
Your soul is electric,
And your heart is as soft as a dove.
Dont give up on yourself.
Just not quite yet.
Because there is a God that lives inside you,
And this you can bet.
And if you ever do;
Need a helping hand.
God put me on this earth,
To help my fellow man.

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Reflection of the day!

The Davos Death Cult's Bad Moon Rising By J.B. Shurk
It sure seems as if another prescient verse from John Fogerty's ingenious (yet lifelong Democrat, doh!) lyrical mind is taking shape:
I see the bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightning
I see bad times today
When his band Creedence Clearwater Revival released "Bad Moon Rising" in 1969, America was enduring another era saturated with political assassination, rising inflation, war, and institutional corruption. Although it became an instant classic reflecting the tenor of the times, Fogerty actually took his inspiration from the 1941 movie All That Money Can Buy, which tells the tale of a nineteenth-century New Hampshire farmer who sold his soul to Satan for economic success. Tell me that's not exactly what's going on today, when the World Economic Forum does Lucifer's work in exchange for the promise of its members' personal salvation.
There's no denying what's barreling toward us. The Davos Death Cult and its Great Reset deal with the Devil to conquer the world is unleashing hell on earth. Dutch farmers are fighting for the right to grow food in a Build Back Better world dedicated to mass starvation. The great and honorable Shinzo Abe of Japan lies slain, while the communists in China and throughout the West celebrate his assassin. George Soros and Joe Biden have declared war against conservative members of the U.S. Supreme Court for daring to weaken the Leviathan's unilateral authority to dictate how individual Americans must live. Justin Trudeau is banning firearms in Canada before his subjects gain the courage to depose his regime. The U.S. government has ceded control of the Southern border to narco-terrorists and sex-slavers. And, in a disheartening example of how debauched crime and youth culture have become, seven Philadelphia teens recently recorded themselves beating a seventy-two-year-old man to death with traffic cones.
The globalist project to kick up a hornets' nest in Russia's backyard in service to the U.S.-NATO "rules-based international order" has destroyed mineral-rich farmlands throughout much of Ukraine. While Biden kills domestic energy production and exacerbates Americans' pain at the pump, he's shipping America's strategic reserve of petroleum to our geopolitical enemies in China. At the same time that Germany is gearing up to restrict home heating and ration hot water, one left-wing minister is pushing to confiscate guns owned by members of opposing political parties. Manufacturing plants and food distribution centers are suspiciously burning down all over the world. And the island nation of Sri Lanka — whose massive public spending and Green New Deal energy policies have predictably produced untenable debt, fuel, and food shortages, and runaway inflation — is now on the verge of collapse. (follow link for article) https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/07/the_davos_death_cults_bad_moon_rising.html

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Do you support satan?

VeryRareOnly’s Profile PhotoVeryRareOnly
Satan means adversary and it's the position nearest to "god" in Judaism. It's not a demon or devil. It's an angel appointed by God to test the faith of the faithful.
You likely mean Helel, Samiel, Azazel, and all the other Fallen. I am not Jewish or Christian, but I study religion both from a historical and theological view point. As that's what's Occultists do. The devil as you think of it is little more than Christian fan fiction. It's not in the bible

hola, quiero ver pelis de terror ahora en vacaciones... ¿me dices algunas? chau

Hola, ¿casualidad? no lo creo. Yo también voy a ver pelis en estas vacaciones, ahí van de terror:
13 Fantasmas, 1408, Anticristo, Aftermath, Agárrame esos Fantasmas, Al Final del espectro, Alguien voló sobre el nido del cuco, Amanecer de los muertos, American psycho, Amnesia, Apocalipsis 1/3, Asesino del más allá, Atrapado sin salida, Atrapados 1/3, Bunker 1/3, Cabaña en el bosque, Candyman 1/2, Carrie 1/4, Casa de 1000 cadáveres, Cazafantasmas 1/3, Cementerio viviente 1/2, Chicos del maiz, Ciudad Fantasma, Colinas sangrientas, Colinas tienen ojos 1/5, Creepshow 1/4, Criatura, Cubo 1/3, Cuentos de ultratumba, Death Proof, Destino Final 1/6, Día de la bestia, Día de la madre 1/2, Día de los muertos 1/3, Diablo metió la mano, Diario de zombies, Doctor Jekyll & Mr Hyde 1/12, Doctor Sueño, Donnie Darko, Dracula 1/8, Efecto mariposa 1/3, Ejército de las tinieblas, El Cuervo 1/5, El Ente, El Final, El Resplandor, El Rito, En tierra de nadie, Encerrada, Engendrado, Esfera, Espantapájaros 1/3, Espinazo del Diablo, Está vivo 1/2, Estigma, Evil Dead 1/4, Exorcismo de Emile Rose, Exorcista 1/3, Expediente 39, Expediente Warren, Fantasma de la Opera 1/3, Fin de los días, Frankenstein 1/10, Ghost, Gothika, Grave Encounters 1/3, Gritos de muerte, Habitación sin salida 1/3, Halloween 1/5, Hannibal 1/4, Hellraiser 1/9, Hijo maldito, Hijos de Satan, Historias de la Cripta 1/3, Incubus 1/3, Insidious 1/3, Internado, IT payaso asesino 1/2, Jeepers Creepers 1/3, Justo antes del amanecer, La Niebla, La Puerta, Lake Mungo, Leyenda Mansión del Infierno, Línea Mortal, Llave del mal, Los Sin Nombre, Maniac 1/2, Mansión encantada, Matanza de Texas 1/8, Mensajeros 1/2, Miedo a la oscuridad 1/2, Momia 1/3, Mulberry Street, Muñeco diabólico 1/6, Naranja Mecánica, Niños asesinos 1/2, No vayas al bosque, Noche de demonios 1/3, Noche de los muertos vivientes, Novia del diablo, Nueve muertos, Oculto 1/2, Orphan Killer, P Semilla del mal, Paranormal Activity 1/4, Pesadilla en Elm Street 1/9, Phantasma 1/4, Plaga de zombies, Planet terror, Poltergeist 1/4, Posesión, Premonición, Profecía 1/4, Proyecto Bruja de Blair 1/3, Psicosis 1/7, Pura Energía, Re-Animator 1/3, REC 1/4, Reflejos 1/2, Relic, Resident Evil 1/6, Resurrección, Revelaciones, Ringu, Rose Red, Saw 1/8, Scanners 1/3, Scarecrow 1/3, Scream 1/5, Semilla del Diablo 1/2, Séptima Profecía, Seven, Sexto sentido, Silent Hill 1/3, Sleepy Hollow, Sombra de la noche, Sombra del Faraon, Suicide Room, Taxi Driver, Terror Experiment, Terror Final, The Eye 1/3, The Collection, The Collector, The Hole, The Hunters, The Purge 1/2, Trampa del mal, Viernes 13 1/11, Zombie Alien, Zombie Land, Zombie Party, Zombies 1/6.

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hola quiero ver pelis de terror ahora en vacaciones me dices algunas chau

Warum heißt es, dass Menschen mit roten Haaren keine Seele haben?🍁

Deep_Six666’s Profile PhotoKERRIGAN
In einigen biblischen Zeichnungen wird Satan am häufigsten mit roten Haaren dargestellt. Die Apotheose der Aufmerksamkeit für rote Menschen fiel auf das sogenannte Mittelalter. Sie wurden auch zu den Dieben des Höllenfeuers, Hexen, Zauberern gezählt. Einige hielten Rötung für ein Zeichen des Teufels, was einen Mangel an Spiritualität bedeutet. Es wurde geglaubt, dass Gott die Diener Satans speziell mit einem solchen Zeichen ausgestattet hatte, damit sie leicht erkannt werden konnten. Nur etwa 2 % aller Menschen auf dem Planeten sind Rothaarige. Es gab Gerüchte, dass alle Rothaarigen ihre Seele an den Teufel verkauften, weshalb sie überhaupt keine Seele haben.
Warum heißt es dass Menschen mit roten Haaren keine Seele haben

Do you close your eyes when drinking water?

menahal’s Profile PhotoMenahal:
There are 6 main etiquettes of drinking water according to Sunnah.
1. Saying Bismillah before drinking.
2. Sitting down.
3. Looking into water.
4. Drinking in 3 pauses/breaths.
5. Drinking with right hand.
6. Saying Alhamdulillah after drinking.
There are few other etiquettes too:
• Drink in a clean glass/cup.
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said in hadith: “Do not drink directly from a water pitcher or any water container.” (Bukhari)
• Do not breath into water (while drinking or while taking a pause)
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Do not blow from your mouth into food and water.” (Tibrani)
• Do not drink with left hand.
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Never eat and drink with the left hand because Shaytaan (Satan) eats with the left hand.” (Muslim)

Ah benim körler ülkesinde ayna satan kalbim.

Edebiyatımın biricik üstadı idi...
Türk edebiyatının en güzide şairlerindendi...
Dünya sürgünü bitti çok şükür...
Sıra bizlerinkinde...
Doğru sözünde!
Körler ülkesi ve bir de ayna satıcısı...
Ne kadar çırpındırıcı bir hareket :/
Adını andığınız için teşekkür ederim!
Çok çok severdim kendisini!
Ama siz ısrarla ayna tutmaya devam edin lütfen.
Kutlu günler!

Tudom irtam már evvel kapcsolatban kérdést, de segítsetek, még mindig 21 éves nőről van szó aki nagyon tetszik ,de már nem válaszol arra sem, mikor kérdezem tőlle azt hogy "Ismerkedne e velem",mit ronthattam el, és mivel tudnám magamhoz húzni? Talán csak várja, hogy harcoljak? B ne agódj itt vagyok

Még mindig nem akarod hagyni, ugye?
Mit tegyél? Lődd herén magadat, majd a vért ami kijön keverd egy jó adag vízzel, vanília porral, és aminosavakkal, majd a kész termékkel fesd a ház falára a csaj nevét. Rajzolj egy fordított Dávid csillagot a padlóra, tedd körül gyertyákkal, S minden gyertya mellé tégy egy döglött legyet. Ha minden igaz, meg fog jelenni a sátán, és a faszán elvisz a pokol mely bugyraiba, hogy ilyen érthetetlen geci vagy.

Te escucho, te aconsejo... Sin compromiso Pregunta..

CriSstian33’s Profile PhotoCriSstian33
No es por nada, pero si quisiera que alguien me aconsejara no sería un desconocido cualquiera que no sabe mi historia ni el contexto de mis preocupaciones.
Si tú si, que vas ofreciendo tus "servicios" háztelo mirar, que luego cuando ese alguien utiliza lo que sabe de ti en tu contra es cuando te llevas las manos a la cabeza
Y no es que sea pesimista, ni que me cueste confiar en las personas. Es sentido común. No te conozco de nada, no sé si eres un buen tío o el mismísimo Satán. En fin, tú mismo

C. ¿Qué es lo que te aporta viajar? ¿Lo ves sobrevalorado?

moscurry’s Profile PhotoNana Moscurry
Depende de cuál sea el motivo del viaje, cuánto me interese el destino, o de qué vaya a hacer yo ahí.
A veces puede aportar muchísimo, ojo. A mí me ha ayudado a visualizar y entender mejor otras culturas y costumbres. También me ha traído grandes amigos, y cierto aprendizaje (o más bien voluntad de aprender) sobre la gastronomía de otros países.
El proceso del desplazamiento al destino es lo que me suele joder muchísimo. Me agobia casi todo lo que no termina siendo exactamente como yo lo planeé, y ya sabemos cómo son los aeropuertos, por ejemplo.
De todos modos, creo que sí está muy sobrevalorado viajar al modo "turista perseguido por Satán". Ya sabes, eso de querer verte toda Roma en un fin de semana, madrugando para ir corriendo a todos lados y sacándote fotos como un poseso delante de cada monumento.

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Σκέτο διαμάντι είσαι ρε σε παρεξήγησα και πόρνος και παρτουζακιας και αδελφή και λαίμαργος και άπληστος με λίγα λόγια τα 7 θανάσιμα αμαρτήματα είσαι ρε😂😂😂😂😢😢😢😢

IJCIL’s Profile PhotoGoddess Ira ❤️
Άμε με στο καλό που θα με μάθεις τα θανάσιμα αμαρτήματα. Γαστριμαργία, Πορνεία, Φιλαργυρία, Περηφάνια, Λύπη, Οργή, Κενοδοξία και Ακηδία. Azazel, Leviathan, Satan, Amon, Mammon, Belphegor, Beelzebub και Asmodeus. Ο πάπας Γρηγόριος, που σιγά μην τον θυμάσαι, συνένωσε την λύπη με την ακηδία, την υπερηφάνεια με την κενοδοξία, και πρόσθεσε τη ζηλοφθονία. Φιλάκια φίλη μου.

Warst du mal ein religiöses Mitglied der Hexen/Hexer?

Muss man religiös sein um eine Hexe zu sein? Oder gewesen zu sein? ... Hmm. Ich bin schon irgendwie religiös aber irgendwo glaube ich auch an vieles und nicht nur an einen strikten Glauben. Ich bin ja in erster Linie Mensch und muss mich nicht zwangsläufig nur für einen Weg entscheiden. Ich mag vieles aus dem christlichen glauben aber auch aus dem muslimischen doch so richtig hingezogen fühl ich mich zum Buddhismus. ...
Jedenfalls weiß ich es nicht. Doch vielleicht war es so den ich fühle mich dem sehr nah. Wobei Hexen im Grunde einfach nur Frauen waren die sich sehr gut mit Pflanzen und Ritualem auskannten. Sonst nichts. Sie waren reich an Wissen welche sich andere nicht erklären könnten und deswegen mussten sie wohl schlecht sein und den Satan anbetten.

Do you hear it? The crack of broken crowns, The hollow ringing, Of a weeping spirit, In this ghost town.

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
There are certain thoughts that rob me of my sleep. Questions like-
What was there before Big Bang?
Where did Satan get the concept of sin?
Why is it that dreams are so hard to remember?
Is time the antecedent of change or
is change the precedent of time?
Where do the choices we don't make go?
Why did you make me feel like I was the one?

Satannimus 😈 Was bedeutet es für dich

pascalkawecki’s Profile Photokawecki
Ich empfinde den LaVeyschen Satanismus tatsächlich gerade heute als sehr greifbar.
Der Mensch als Gegenspieler der Theologie, der die Metaphysik verneint, sich stattdessen auf Materialismus und Empirie stützt, ist spätestens seit der Tötung Gottes durch die "Fröhliche Wissenschaft" zum wahren Satan geworden.
Liked by: Elli kawecki

Może Putin w ostateczności użyć atomu?

Trudno powiedzieć co siedzi w głowie Putina, z jego wypowiedzi po rozpoczęciu inwazji na Ukrainę, można wywnioskować że byłby zdolny odpalić pociski balistyczne z ładunkami nuklearnymi, takie jak Topol-M, albo R-36 Satan. To wiąże się zaś z wybuchem III Wojny Światowej i wciągnięciem w tą imprezę krajów takich jak Chiny i Korea Północna. Ten pierwszy scenariusz to scenariusz ostateczny, o którym Putin zapewne myśli, ale nie zamierza dopuścić by było to konieczne. Jeśli ofensywa pancerna ugrzęźnie, podejrzewam że w ruch pójdą pociski Iskander i ciężka artyleria rakietowa, czyli, pociski typu Iskander, których Putin dotąd jeszcze nie używał na Ukrainie. Te pociski mają dużą siłę rażenia i uderzają precyzyjnie, są w stanie bez problemu rozdupcyć cały kijów ..

Te hiszel Istenben , Sátánban , démonokban vagy bármi egyébben ? Ha igen akkor miért ? Ha nem miért nem ?

MEGHALSZ1’s Profile PhotoNeve Sin Chen
Egy teremtő értelemben, Istenben igen, többször s különféle módon megtapasztaltam a létezését és szeretetét is. Sőt, a Sátán (az én felfogásom szerint a "sötét oldal") létezése ugyanígy bizonyított számomra.
(Semmi konkrétumot nem fogok leírni, senkit nem fogok semmiről győzködni, csupán válaszoltam a kérdésedre.)

De ce exista atat rau pe lume si atata suferinta? Daca Dumnezeu este atotputernic de ce nu ne ajuta sa scapam se durerea asta? 😑

Pentru că (pământul) lumea este condusă de Satan. El s-a răzvrătit împotriva lui Dumnezeu și a fost alungat din Împărâția Cerurilor pe pământ alături de cei ce îl susțineau pe cel rău! Când Adam și Eva au ales să nu-i respecte Cuvântul lui Iehova, acela fiind; să nu mănânce din fructul interzis, răzvrătindu-se împotrivă Lui, fiind înșelați de Satan(șarpe) ei au spus că nu au nevoie de conducerea lui Dumnezeu, că ei pot să hotarască și singuri ce e bine și ce e rău, etc. Dumnezeu ne poate ajută doar dacă ne întoarcem fața către El, îi urmăm Calea, îi respectăm Cuvântul și Voința, prin rugăciune ș.a.m.d 😉 doar așa El ne poate ocroti și să ne dea putere să putem trece peste toate cum și Iisus a avut putere de la Iehova și Îngeri în acele momente cruciale(când a fost răstignit). Trebuie să înțelegem că Dumnezeu ne iubește, suntem copiii Lui și nu ne vrea răul iar El conduce Împărăția Cerurilor, ce trăim acum sunt "zilele din urmă" pământ fiind condus de furia lui Satan ce vrea doar să provoace suferință și durere. Nu putem să stăm să zicem că de ce nu ne ajută Dumnzeu dacă noi nu facem nimic, să împlinim Voia sa! Nu poți sta cu mâinile în sân așteptând să ți se întâmple ceva de bine dar tu să fii păcătos și să-ți amintești de Tatăl Nostru doar la greu!!! Sunt multe de spus, dacă citești Biblia vei înrelege foarte multe, asta doar dacă vrei! Dar, nu Dumnezeu este responsabil de suferința de pe pământ! El ne iubește și ne așteaptă pe toți să ne întoarcem la El, facându-i Voia, urmându-i Calea!🙏🏼🕊

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what do you use social media for? 👨🏻‍💻📱💬

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
To warn the world . . . .
The american 'dream' is your worst nightmare
america is satan's arsehole
it thrives on the demise , destruction of others
biden the bastard prays & preys for total war , every day
Don't you hear him ? He is the voice of satan
just look at him ~ the walking , stumbling dead

Quelle chanson vous représenterais le plus ?

« Ni rose, ni heureuse
Ni cool, ni morose
Je cherche à déceler ce qui nous oppose
Ni d'avant ni d’après
Je m'demande ce qui m'reste
Au mythe d'Adam et d’Eve se mélangent des voix célestes
Y'a des signaux qui s'échappent dans la cour des grands
On parle de bac à sable et ça prend du temps
J'veux pas salir ton image, ce serait navrant
Comment devenir une fille sage attirée par Satan ? »

Namaz parte time song q dimagh me chalne shuru ho jate hai?

Well that's a good Q, mjhy iska jawaab ye mila that satan interrupts when you're doing good, that means your namaz is going perfect so he came to distract you, so you don't have to worry until unless you keep trying.
Lastly, someone told me that if you recite "A'oodhu billah..." in the start and spit on your left three times, the chances of you being distracted will be minimized by ALLAH SWT 's will

صباح اليقيِن بأن رحمة الله أوسع من متاعب الحياة ❤️

🇬🇧 Morning certainty that God's mercy is broader than life's troubles (
🇦🇪 يرجى إيقاف تشغيل vpn الخاص بك والتوقف عن إزعاجنا بوعظك الديني. لن أضع vpn الخاص بي في بلد يتحدث العربية وأصرخ كم أحب الشيطان أيضًا.
🇬🇧 Kindly turn your vpn off and stop bothering us with your religious preaches. I'm not going to put my vpn on an Arabic speaking country and scream how much I love Satan either.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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صباح اليقين بأن رحمة الله أوسع من متاعب الحياة

Sex erzelmekkel vagy erzelem nelkul?

Inkább Evil Within káromkodva és nasit zabálva, hogy az a kurva láthatatlan gexi megint kinyírt... ezeket a nem katolikus dolgaidat meg tartsd meg magad te sátán lélek!!!
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Une chose qui te rend heureux

Déchiré par la vodka, je vole une voiture et m’enfuis du réveillon. Je roule comme Satan qui ferait l’ouvreuse dans un G0 fast, c’est à dire en enc*lant la mort. Toute ma famille fait sonner mon téléphone, et cela m’irrite au plus haut point ; on ne peut décidément plus écouter de la musique en paix dans ce monde. Le mode avion rétablit ma tranquillité, en plus de leur indiquer d’aller se faire f0utre. Faut-il en arriver à voler une voiture pour qu’ils s’inquiètent à mon sujet ? Clope au bec, mon rire de fou à lier raisonne dans l’habitacle. Je pilote fort. Je bombarde sur ces routes de campagnes que je connais les yeux fermés. L’adrénaline du risque se mêle au plaisir intense de la transgression : le vol d’abord, le mépris du code de la route ensuite, et enfin l’objet de cette affaire. Puisqu’en effet, cette course effrénée me permet d’aller quérir de la camelote au four des gitans. La route est mouillée, si bien qu’en pleine négociation d’un virage, je doute de mener mon projet à son terme. Pendant quelques secondes, je tutoie la faucheuse. Mes compétences de pilotage me permettent de lui échapper, en prenant soin de l’inviter à aller n*quer ses morts. Sans mauvais jeu de mot. J’avale les 40km aller-retour en un temps record. En regagnant la soirée que j’ai déserté, le moteur transpire. La puanteur des pneus et de l’embrayage trahit la teneur de ma conduite.
J’emprunte les traits de l’innocence, parce que je sais que cette virée me coûtera cher. C’est salé. Ma mère et mes sœurs sont en pleurs. Mon beau-père me hurle au visage, et je me tiens prêt à déchaîner ma violence, s’il démarre les hostilités. Ma folie est connue de tous, alors ce ne sont que des mots que je reçois. Point de sang, ce soir. Je présente mes excuses et affiche un air de culpabilité. En vérité, pas l’ombre d’un scrupule ne vient ombrager mon euphorie d’avoir réussi cette entreprise. Cela valait le coût. Le réveillon s’en trouve gâché, mais il reste du vin blanc, et la liberté donne soif. Il ne reste à la table que 4 convives. L’un d’eux se délecte d’un excellent vin rouge. Il refuse de me faire goûter : «il est bon, mais je ne veux pas le partager avec toi», me dit-il avec une insolence qui ne me plaît que modérément. Ce fils de p*te ne me tient guère en sympathie, car à son mariage, j’ai manqué me battre avec son frère, qui était aussi son témoin.
J’aurai volontiers roué de coups ce jean-f0utre pour ainsi me refuser l’accès à du vin sous mon toit, mais j’ai estimé qu’il valait mieux se canaliser dans le vin blanc, qui par ailleurs était délicieux. J’éclusai la bouteille, en compagnie de gens qui n’eurent dès lors pour moi que de l’ignorance. Je pris congé sans un mot, et comme tous les autres soirs de l’année, je me fracassai tout seul, dans le silence.
Joyeux noël,
Et bien sûr,

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Missed u whole day and read ur chats too🙂

I’m dying of tiredness!. It’s the grave,horror of horrors. I’m going to the worms! Satan you joker you want to melt me down with your charms.
I demand it I demand it! A poke of the knives,a drop of fire. Oh and to come back to life again! To feast my eyes on our deformities 🖤

Ön támogatja a migránsok betelepítését?

Tudom, hogy kringék az olyan kezdetű mondatok, hogy "Nem vagyok rasszista, de...", ne de erre mégis csak azt tudom mondani, hogy nem vagyok rasszista (mivel önmagában nem vált ki belőlem semmilyen ellenérzést az, ha valakinek sötétebb a bőre, vagy egy másik náció tagja), de valahogy nagyon nehezen tudok elképzelni egy olyan társadalmat, ahol a szalafisták, az LMBTQ+ tagok és a feministák békében, szeretetben, és tiszteletben éldegélnek egymással karöltve.
Ez most lehet, hogy fura megfogalmazás, de pont azért nem gondolom jónak a multikulturalizmust, mert ami számomra érték (mondjuk nemek közötti egyenjogúság), az más kultúrákban a Sátán észjárásának szüleménye :D

Wie sieht das perfekte Date für euch aus?

tiffanyhyer’s Profile PhotoDie Queen
Jetzt noch eine Romantik Geschichte
Geschichte wieder in Istanbul
1. Flugticket buchen Koffer packen ab nach Istanbul.
2. Bütün gün onu mutlu etmek shoppen filan filan
3 . Akşam sahil kenarinda yürüyüş o üşüyom digcek direkt jacke geben
4 . Bir sahil kenarinda köfteci bulup bir tüm köfte ekmek ve ayran alip oturup yemek
5 köfte ekmek bitdikden sonra devam yürüyüp Misir almak bir banka oturup onu yigcen .
6 bide öyle Balon Satan amcalar oluyor ya ona bir balon alirim cocuk olmanin yaşi yok herkez cocuk olabilir cocuk gibi şimartilabilir .
Und wenn das nicht perfekt ist dann weiß ich auch nicht

Confess Something!!!

Ahsan4767’s Profile PhotoEh san!
Okay since the witching hour has started, here goes nothing:
Women are either pathetic AF or they’re evil and can’t be outsmarted. We literally don’t have an in between and if you think otherwise, you’re stupid.
Remember how they said, when ‘Satan can’t reach you, he’ll send a woman?’ That’s correct.

Oof https://ask.fm/reachel_n/answers/168044570365

I REALLY DONT KNOW WHY SHE IS STILL TALKING. It hasn’t been 2 years 😂😂😂😂 I only found out about the account around this time last year. So honey boo boo last time I checked it has to do with my life not yours. Another thing I didn’t make it anyone else’s drama. You’re little friend who you stick up for is the one keeping it going. She is the sending you, Steph, bri, Melissa, gabby, and satan girl all my link. You have complained about the anons sending you shit but little do you know you are buddy buddy with the person who sends them. Watch do a test block her for a few days, see what happens because there won’t be any links get sent to you. You also have control yourself, you don’t always have fucking answer everything, but I also know and you have admitted you LOVE drama. I Have done the test myself, I don’t get all the links the rest of you because I have her blocked, and it’s obvious asf it’s a common Denominator. But you can go on and on and on about me that’s fine idgaf. Don’t come at me with bs saying I dragged you in when you need to go to your friend and you did it to yourself. Like I said to the test and find out.

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Por Satán! STOP tanto insulto y amenazas a mí persona y alrededores míos, que obsesión de que "voy calentando pollas" solo he contestado a un "hola que tal" para seguir con una conversación normal, no quiero decir el donde vivo o el que trabajo/estudio públicamente, no es difícil entender.

ElizabethBG18’s Profile PhotoLiliana
No entiendo que la gente haga tal gilipollez. No hagas ni caso y ya. Ése es el problema, que se hace caso a gente así

Por Satán! STOP tanto insulto y amenazas a mí persona y alrededores míos, que obsesión de que "voy calentando pollas" solo he contestado a un "hola que tal" para seguir con una conversación normal, no quiero decir el donde vivo o el que trabajo/estudio públicamente, no es difícil entender.

ElizabethBG18’s Profile PhotoLiliana
Hola buen día, esas conductas me parece malas y nada respetuosa, por mi parte tienes todo mi respeto 😊🔥

https://ask.fm/reachel_n/answers/167880417533 she doesn't understand haha

Thiccc isn’t the same as fat. Thicc is thicc and being fat is fat. And she is the queen of being up old ass shit. She tried to bring up old ass shit with me and kasey. She says she “doesn’t care” but she has to bring up people to be relevant I’m talk about anyone. Kasey, gabby, me, Stephanie, even satan girl, she always has to be talking about one of them to get attention. But call her out once for something she has done it a problem for her but she can talk about you did 5 YEARS AGO. Bitch please. No one CLEARLY LIKES YOU.

Hayatındaki birisi sana hiç ihanet etti mi?

Hayatıma giren herkes ihanet etti. Kaderimmidir nedir nerde satan ihanet eden beni buluyor oysa tek istediğim koşulsun sevilmek sevgi ya parasız içten gelen ama içleri o kadar kara ki sevmenin değer vermenin ne demek olduğunu bilmiyo kimse bu saatten sonrada önemi yok sevmeyen sevmryen tek istediğim mış gibi miş gibi yapılmasın artık çok yoruldum

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