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Your favourite movie? you can choose up to 5

A7md_haroun’s Profile Photoأحمد هارون
1) Shawshank redemption
2) inception / interstellar
3) The God father / the dark knight / Harry Potter/ the pirates of Caribbean
4) Lord of The rings / Avengers /matrix
5) Taxi driver / Good fellas / Heat / the Irishman / Casino / men of honour
6) scarface / the devil's avocate/ insomnia/ scent of a women / the insider
7) Forrest gump / cast away / saving private Ryan / The Green mile
8) Rescue Down / public enemies/ The American psycho/ The prestige
9) Malcolm X / Philadelphia/ glory / flight / American gangstar
10) Shutter Island / The Revenant / Django unchained/ the wolf of wall street .
11) 12 Angry men / seven/ into the wild / the imitation game / American beauty/catch me if you can
12) 3 idiots / PK / Dangal
13) I am Sam / leon the professional / V for vendetta / The pianist / who am I
14) Mad max fury/ pulp fiction / joker

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Recomendadme pelis 🍿💕:

ASMR_Amaya’s Profile PhotoASMR_Amaya
Beettlejuice, Big Fish, Eduardo Manostijeras, Pesadilla antes de Navidad, La novia Cadáver, Sweeney Todd: El barbero diabólico de la calle Fleet, Sleepy Hollow, Mars Attacks!, Frankenweenie, El Cuervo, El efecto mariposa, El show de Truman, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland, Hook, Moulin Rouge, Desde el infierno, La ventana secreta, Scarface, Pacto con el diablo, Carlito's Way, ...Y si nos enfadamos, La Princesa Mononoke, El castillo en el cielo, El castillo ambulante, Mi vecino Totoro, El recuerdo de Marnie, El viaje de Chihiro, Haru en el reino de los gatos, La chica que saltaba a través del tiempo, Hotarubi no Mori e, Evil Dead, la saga de Hellraiser, las de Pesadilla en Elm Street, las de Scream (esas me encantaban cuando era pequeña a pesar de ser de "terror"), las de Halloween con el personaje de Michael Myers, El ilusionista, La matanza de Texas...

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Recomendadme pelis

Buongiorno a tutti🌅 Sono a casa, mi sto riprendendo dall’influenza che ho preso, e il mio migliore amico è netflix🍿🎥 Vi chiedo di farmi una bella lista di film/serie tv (o anche un titolo così) che mi consigliereste; adoro i film thriller.🔥

giuseppemigliore99’s Profile Photo❌✠CRØCIA†Ø✠❌
Ciao ciao 🍕
Per quanto credo che i gusti siano molto personali, ci provo!
Tra i thriller che prediligi (almeno Netflix mette questi titoli tra i thriller) per le serie televisive ti consiglio Black Mirror, Mindhunter, Dark, Love Death + Robots, Sense8, The OA, Altered Carbon; per i film, invece, Fino all’ultimo indizio, Scarface (masterpiece), Tenet, Inception, Fight Club, Drive, Il corvo, Bastardi senza gloria, Choose or die, Il buco, American Psycho (ce ne sarebbero altri ma non voglio presentarti una lista per cui ti servirebbero anni).
Direi che basta così per stasera ahah.

Consigli su qualche film 🎥?

la grande bellezza, american psycho, night crawler, the equalizer, quei bravi ragazzi, trilogia del padrino, il silenzio degli innocenti, red dragon, ***** ****, the irishman, taxi driver, the wolf of wall street, django, scarface, la grande scommessa, bastardi senza gloria, constantine, shining, il corvo, v per vendetta, dracula di bram stoker, pulp fiction

What's the right thing to do ???

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
glad u asked scarface, the right thing to do is to not compile peoples’ music taste and throw in their face where is the boundary and so what if i streamed 627 minutes of mukesh its been a rough year but spotify wouldn’t know they misread the room and gave out chuwaray on a funeral

Ok so i have always been kinda afraid of you, like you are aggressive and stuff. But can you plz tell me the movie /series of which you put a picture of in your profile cover/background?

The person in my display is a real life gangster Al Capone and the movie in my background is Al Pacino Scarface or God Father 2, i really don't remember that...


Εννοείται ότι δεν είμαι ο Τόνι Μοντάνα αλλά είμαι ο Τομ Σελπι. Επίσης προσπάθησε να με νικήσεις με τα δικά σου χαρτιά και όχι με τα δικά μου. Οπότε το μογγολο και φλωρε σε πονεσαν πάρα πολύ και είπες να το αντιστρέψεις δεν τα κατάφερες. Και ξέρεις γιατί;
Γιατί εκτός από γκεικη φλωρικη μογγολικη αμοιβαδα με ψευτοποδια που είσαι. Είσαι και ΑΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ.

Ti les re tha se pigmaxisw ti les tha dis tha sou diksw gay ise esi ise flwros tin ides jai scarface se katuraw tha SE PIDIKSW KATALAVES THA SE GAMISW

Ρε μαλακα στο είπα πριν και στο ξανά λέω ειμαι στρ8 και όχι γκει όπως εσύ τραβα κάνε κάτι με ένα γκει και άσε με στην ησυχία μου ρε άχρηστε φλωρε

Ti na thapsis geloie tin ides kai scarface twra xaxaxaxa katse katw kourada xaxaxaxa

Είπε ο ανώνυμος εμένα κουραδα που είναι χεστης να δείξει το πρόσωπο του. Α ναι ξέχασα εδώ νιώθουν ντροπή οι άλλοι που σε ξέρουν δεν θα νιώθεις εσύ για τον εαυτό σου μωρή λουγκρα.

Quel film êtes-vous le plus fier d'avoir vu au cinéma ?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Aux cinémas indépendents du quartier latin j'ai vu le Duel Silencieux... Il Boom... I Magliari... Jeune et Innocent... et j'ai en souvenir une projection du Scarface de Palma à Cardiff où un couple de retraités assis à côté de moi avaient souhaité l'exécution par peloton de Keith Lemon, lorsqu'il apparut pour les publicités avant le film.

Tusse Vann Melo! #MillionVoices

stefankarlantoniojansson’s Profile PhotoSune
Av alla jävla filmkaraktärer som du kunde ha blivit döpt efter : Terminator, Gudfadern fucking Scarface så blir du döpt efter en jävla bondkatt i ett fucking barnprogram. Det är väl lite där man kanske hade kunnat önskat att ens föräldrar hade haft lite bättre

what are lady boometh's most highly recommended film viewing experiences? would love a little watchlist from you!

So I decided to do more of a serious movie list. So, heres all the movies I will always be obsessed with;
• Snatch
• Rocknrolla
• Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels
• Boondock Saints 1&2
• Reservoir Dogs
• Inglorious Bastards
• American History X
• Django
• Good Will Hunting
• Kill Bill
• Scarface
• Taxi Driver - 1976
• Shutter Island
• The Revenant
• Swordfish
• Gone In 60 Seconds
• Pulp Fiction
• Buffalo 66
• Goodfellas
• Fight Club
• Clockwork Orange
• Happiness Runs
• Hobo With A Shotgun
• The Godfather
• The Matrix.
(Theres many many more but i thought this was good enough lol)
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Tu penses quoi de la polémique sur Norman ?

J'ai suivi dans les grandes lignes et je suis assez d'accord avec lui. Que les réalisateurs fassent des films inédits avec des acteurs/actrices noir(e)s, asiatiques, latinos etc... , aucun problème. Par contre le personnage de James Bond existe depuis plusieurs décennies, il a toujours été masculin et blanc, je vois pas pourquoi ça changerai maintenant. C'est aussi couillon que de mettre un acteur noir pour jouer Tony Montana dans un remake de « Scarface ». 🧐🙄

Did you ever see that film Scarface out of interest? If so do you think the ultra climatic ending deserves the huge hype it gets, or was the violence - not to mention the accompanying foul language - a little too OTT in your opinion?

Haven't seen it ... but nothing is ott really

Did you ever see that film Scarface out of interest? If so do you think the ultra climatic ending deserves the huge hype it gets, or was the violence - not to mention the accompanying foul language - a little too OTT in your opinion?

I’ve never seen Scarface anon so I wouldn’t know 😬

Did you ever see that film Scarface out of interest? If so do you think the ultra climatic ending deserves the huge hype it gets, or was the violence - not to mention the accompanying foul language - a little too OTT in your opinion?

I watched it once, and I will never watch it again... like Pulp Fiction. I was at a friends house and we were all watching it in the lounge and I swear it traumatised my 8y/o self for a long time in a sense that... not only was I experiencing similar circumstances, but that some people glorified and worshipped these sort of lifestyles and behaviours. That's just my take on it anyway.

[QG] Cites 5 films et si j'aime le film (attention: je suis difficile en film mdr) = 5 flammes. En tout vous pouvez avoir 25 flammes.?

Rachoule’s Profile PhotoApprenez à lire une bio
Là je comptais me revoir Scarface et les Affranchis.
Sinon Le Parrain, Star Wars, Gattaca, Les Sentiers de la Gloire, Shining, Apocalypse Now, Le Jour le plus Long, Blade Runner, Alien, Harry Potter, Seigneur des Anneaux, tous les films de Sergio Leone, Lettres d'Iwo Jima....
Trop de bons films sur cette Terre.
QG Cites 5 films et si jaime le film attention je suis difficile en film mdr  5

Selam:)) senin isminin yanında yeşil ışık görmek güzel:)) mumya serisi bitti. Şöyle bir klasik daha tavsiye etsene gerekirse tekrar seyrediyim.

Selam 🍀 Al Pacino'nun filmlerini seviyorum. Biraz sıkıyor bazen ama yine de güzel. Scarface filminin projesini yapmıştım ne de güzeldi. Ve The Godfather serisi mükemmel bence 😍

Domanda di oggi: Quale casa di V.I.P. ti piacerebbe visitare se ne avessi la possibilità? Cosa pensi di poterci trovare?

dogtheblog’s Profile PhotoUn cane di nome Stan
Sono stato sia a Los Angeles che a Miami, quindi, almeno da fuori ne ho viste diverse. Dall'interno vorrei visitare quella utilizzata per il film Scarface che si trova proprio a Rich Island❤

What is your favorite old movie?

Scarface 1983??Especially the restaurant scene
“You all a bunch of fuckin assholes. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin fingers and say, That's the bad guy. So what that make you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie...”
Our society summed up really nice.
What is your favorite old movie

If you were to have three movie posters hanging on your wall, which three movies would those be of? 🤔😁

I literally have 3 posters hanging on my wall!! I also have a seperate wall in my room will all my artwork hanging on it :)
One poster is of SpongeBob with the theme song at the bottom, one is of Scarface and the other one is a Pulp Fiction poster 😁

Reci sta imas sve istetovirano? Bar tebi bitne tattoo objasni koje si napravio, vidim imas ih puno i jako su zanimljive

Na zglobu noge "thug life", težak život, vezano za moju priču a istovremeno i za 2paca, zato iznad natpisa imam nastavak s njegovom slikom. Onda iznad toga brod i vetar kao znak haosa, sentimentalno značenje. Na ledjima imam Tony Montana, scarface i lik Cosa Nostra iz filma kum, to sam povezao isto sa nekom svojom životnom pričom. Na šaci "Heavy Hustler", nastavak u rukav faraon u kovčegu prekriven rukama i lobanjom na kraju.. kao nešto život posle života haha, i tjt uglavnom nmg sve dobro objasniti pisajući

اعقتد ان المخرجين هما اللي زنقوه في ادوار الخير و انه غلبان ومظلوم حتى لما عمل دور ظابط شرطة في green mile كان كيوت جدا . وده ممكن قلل من فرصة للتشخيص والابداع ،مادام ده بيأكل عيش ناكل بيه عيش.

مش عارفة بصراحة يا أنون.. مشفتش كل أفلامه عشان اقدر أحكم هو على طول طيب ولا لأ. أنا بتكلم ف فكرة أنه أقل أقل تقدير يغير حتى طريقة كلامه ف كل فيلم عن اللي قبله.
يعني مثلاً:
-مستحيل لما تتفرج على الباتشينو ف Scarface تقول أنه عادي هو هو نفس الشخص اللي كان ف scent of a woman أو The Godfather.
-كذلك أحمد زكي ف البيه البواب ملوش أي علاقة بأحمد زكي ف أيام السادات أو أضحك الصورة تطلع حلوة مثلاً.
مع العلم أني ممكن كنت أتقبل ده منه و ميبقاش عندي أي مشكلة لو مكانتش الناس بتقول أنه ليچيند بقى و عظيم و بتاع، ف أما سمعت كدا حطيت expectations عالية و أتضايقت أما ملاقيتهاش.
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Tagesfrage{21}: Deine Meinung zu Gerüchten? Wurde schon mal selbst eines über dich in die Welt gesetzt? Hast du schon mal eher auf andere und auf ein Gerücht gehört? Wie gehst du mit sowas allgemein um?

FragnxMassakre’s Profile PhotoHalfbloodprince.
Dieses Scarface Zitat ist Antwort genug, oder?
"What you lookin' at? You all a bunch of fuckin' assholes. You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers and say: "That's the bad guy." So, what that make you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad guy. There's a bad guy comin' through! Better get outta his way!"
Tagesfrage21 Deine Meinung zu Gerüchten Wurde schon mal selbst eines über dich

Il y a t-il un film que tu as regarder tout pleins de fois quand tu étais plus jeune et que tu pourrais regarder encore et encore sans te lasser?

Ananaslove’s Profile Photomatou
Oh oui y’en a même 4!
- la haine 💙
- Ali G
- Scarface
Et le plus vieux je crois c’est
- la tour Montparnasse infernale
Je l’avais en k7 quand j’étais petit et je l’ai encore en dvd aujourd’hui ^^
Et toi ? :)

Scarface yo la vi y es muy buena. Pero la segunda que nombraste, no. ¿A caso es por falta de tiempo? ¿O falta de interés por parte tuya?

UserMisterius’s Profile PhotoClau
Falta de interés por parte mía. Lo que el viento se llevó es de los años 30.
+1 answer in: “¿Cuál es esa película que es un "clásico de clásicos" o "imperdible", la cual casi todo el mundo (o personas que conoces) ya la han visto, menos tú?”

"Como si fuera la primera vez" es imposible que no la conozcas, buscala en google y sorprendete jaja Y la Scarface que todos conocemos es un remake de una peli de los años '30..

JonasRiquelme’s Profile PhotoJonás Gabriel
Pues la busqué y no me parecío ni tantito conocida. Tendré que verla.
Órale jaja ¿de los años 30? Y la que vi se me hacía muy antigua... resulta que es joven al lado de la primera.
+3 answers in: “Hola! Todo bien? Si fueras a Hogwarts en que Casa serias seleccionado: Gryffindor (coraje y valentía); Hufflepuff (justos y leales); Ravenclaw (Inteligencia, curiosidad y sabiduría) o Slytherin (audaces y ambiciosos)? Ok, si quieres pregúntame o deja un MG a mi nueva respuesta.. Hasta la próxima!”

Widziałaś może ten wywiad z Jakiem G. jak mają naśladować kogoś lub coś i mają zgadywać co to jest? Jake naśladowała Ala Pacino z filmu Scarface i Tom nie miał pojęcia o co mu chodzi i kto to haha 😂😂 no nie mogę z niego, on coś takiego "to koleś ze scarface" o Alu tak hahaha.

Bette1313’s Profile PhotoNo its Betty
Przysięgam ten wywiad to złoto i diamenty, kocham! 😂
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBk4CdO_pyETomHollandPL’s Video 156808763820 xBk4CdO_pyETomHollandPL’s Video 156808763820 xBk4CdO_pyE

هاي كيفك 🙊بدي فلم حلو متلك ، يكون عن عصابات وتجار مخدرات وسرقة بنوك وهيك قصص، يارب تكون فهمت قصدي من هيك نوع افلام🙊، اذا ما تعرف لا تجاوب 💔، وسوري مان ما بعتلك، 💔😅

انت اجيت ع الافلام الي بحبها 👌
خد هدول 👇
asher / rockn rolla / check point / escape plan / xxx. return of xander cage / smatch / the departed / scarface / casino / good fellas / cool hand luck / the last castle / the green mile / the shawshank redemption
بكفوك 😅
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بعتذر على وقاحتي وتدخلي بحياتك بس لانو انا متابعيتك فالفضول انت عارف كيف .... طيب ممكن تحكيلي اسماء برامج مسلسلات اي شي ممكن احضرو على التلفزيون و تنصحني احضرو ؟ بحب ثقافتك الصراحه

مش فصول ولا شيء بالعكس..
أنا ما بحضر تلفزيون.. بس بحضر عاللابتوب والتلفون من موقع egy.best و yts و popcorn.. و يوتيوب..
أنا بميل للدراما وأكثر فيلم حضرته بحياتي هو ثلاثية العرّاب.. The Godfather.. وعندك scent of a woman وكمان scarface و the great gatsby
أفلامي المفضلة ❤
Game of thrones أفضل مسلسل بالتاريخ بس فيه مشاهد إباحية.. لكن يبقى أفضل دراما فانتازيا تاريخية إطلاقا..
بحب مسلسل suits لأنه عن المحاميين..
House of cards سياسة
The blacklist بعشقه أكشن❤
Preaky blinders أشك اني كتبت اسمه صح لكن رح أحضره هالأسبوع بس أخلص
Death note
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Se fossi bloccato su un'isola e potessi scegliere solo una persona da avere con te, chi sceglieresti?

vorrei i capelli piu lunghi così mi faccio bionda nei miei sogni sono michelle pfiffer in scarface nella realtà sembrerò una troia slava ma sai una cosa magari così imparo il polacco per davvero
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Μάλιστα.. τι να σου πω άθελά μου κόλλησα στην προφίλ σου έχεις ωραίο πρόσωπο.. είδα κάτι Τόνυ Μοντάνα, καλός ακροατής σαν και εμένα.. μπορώ να ρωτήσω την ηλικία σου??

Ααα μαλιστα😂 είναι η καλύτερη ταινία εβερ το Scarface και λατρεύω τονυ μοντανα ❣️💕
17 είμαι
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Il Sesto Senso, American Beauty, Amélie, 8 1/2, Inception, Truman Show, Edward Mani di Forbice. Mi sanno molto di Daria questi

Solo american beauty.. Closer, ragazze interrotte, la ricerca della felicità, il grande gatsby, memorie di una geisha, scarface e boh non me ne vengono più in mente ma sono un botto

Suchst du auch immer nach neuen, tollen Filmen? Falls ja: Ich habe euch mal meine Top 10 Lieblingsfilme zusammen-/ vorgestellt, vielleicht findest du den ein oder anderen Film für dich. :) https://youtu.be/IAw-ZusEc20

Ich finde den einen oder anderen Film aus deiner Top 10 auch gut :) Bully mag ich sehr und auch Inception ist ein super guter Film. Sonst teilen wir jedoch nicht den gleichen oder einen ähnlichen Geschmack was Filme betrifft :)
Ich kann keine Top 10 Filme auflisten, viel zu schwer. Dafür habe ich mal die für mich besten Filme und Serien die ich kenne aufgelistet. Es sind zusammen 41 und alle bekommen 10/10 Punkten.
Die Liste ist alphabetisch und nicht nach Beliebtheit :)
1. 24 [TV-Serie] (2001)
2. 300 (2006)
3. American Psycho (2000)
4. Armageddon - Das jüngste Gericht (1998)
5. Avengers, The (2012)
6. Azumi (2003)
7. Bad Boys II (2003)
8. Bei Anruf Mo.rd (1954)
9. Collateral (2004)
10. Dark Knight, The (2008)
11. Entourage [TV-Serie] (2004)
12. Fenster zum Hof, Das (1954)
13. Fist of Legend (1994)
14. Fog - Nebel des Grauens, The (1980)
15. Halloween - Die Nacht des Grauens (1978)
16. Hana-bi - Feuerblume (1997)
17. Herr der Ringe: Die Gefährten, Der (2001)
18. Herr der Ringe: Die Rückkehr des Königs, Der (2003)
19. Herr der Ringe: Die Zwei Türme, Der (2002)
20. Imperium schlägt zurück, Das (1980)
21. Inglourious Basterds (2009)
22. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
23. Krieg der Sterne (1977)
24. Miami Vice (2006)
25. Ocean's Eleven (2001)
26. Pate, Der (1972)
27. Psycho (1960)
28. Pulp Fiction (1994)
29. Rocky (1976)
30. Rocky Balboa (2006)
31. Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter, Die (1983)
32. Scarface (1983)
33. Scream - Schrei! (1996)
34. Sin City (2005)
35. Sons of Anarchy [TV-Serie] (2008)
36. Sopranos, Die [TV-Serie] (1999)
37. Spiel mir das Lied vom To.d (1968)
38. Starship Troopers (1997)
39. Zombie (1978)
40. Zwei glorreiche Halunken (1966)
41. Zwei stahlharte Profis - Lethal Weapon (1987)

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Sind das ehrlich deine Eltern auf den Bildern auf snap? ? die sehen soooo stilvoll und elegant aus! Vor allem deine mutter sieht unnormal schön aus

Nah das ist vom Film scarface
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