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Hai mai pianto per amore?

Sapessi, innumerevoli volte [!]. Ho pianto su film sdolcinati da morire, in quelle scene per cui val la pena nascondere la testa sotto una felpa. Per le belle parole, per tutte quelle lettere custodite in un cassetto, che col tempo hanno saputo addolcire le distanze; ho pianto per queste ultime, quando di sensazioni e di profumi dovevo farmi bastare il ricordo. Ho prestato lacrime nel scriverle, quelle frasi romantiche, quando nel mio farneticare consum[av]o pensieri che si addicono ad un sognatore, ma che dico, ad un romantico! Ho pianto sai quando ancora? Nello sperarci in quell'amore, quando stretta al mio cuscino mi chiedevo “ne esiste, al di fuori, un assaggio anche per me?”. E ho pianto nel realizzarne la forza, nello scoprire che quelle voci - in giro, nel corso dei secoli, per le strade, su carta e tra le note di una canzone - raccontavano il vero. Fa piangere, se pensi a quanto possa stravolgere la vita, ed io sinceramente non ne perdo mai occasione; non passa giornata in cui ne scordi l'effetto. E ve ne prego, se esiste un antidoto non offritene a me.

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Jak Lucasowi podobała się praca z Lily Collins?

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All
Zawsze bardzo pozytywnie wypowiada się o współpracy z Lily. Według Lucasa jest ona najmilszą osobą, bardzo profesjonalną i taką, która wiele od siebie daje. Powiedział, że kiedy gra się z nią scenę, sprawia, że jest to łatwe i po prostu trzeba za nią podążać.

Share your thoughts rn or a song or anything 👍

DEATHSTROKE420’s Profile Photo나벨 [Ł]
society me hm logo ney yeh concept bna liya hai k Jo b 18+ lrka ya lrki hai, uska koi na koi scene ho Kisi k Sath,🤦🤦🤦oooh bhai aesa nahi HOTA, yeh koii oxygen nahi hai k jis k bagair u can't live 🤷jisko dekho yehi baatein kr rha ,not only guys but also girls ,plzzz change it ,me tng a gai hon har aik ko yeh btaaty smjhaaty, k it's not a part & parcel of life 😏sirf fazoooliyat Hain,

Salut , as-tu de nouveaux projets d'animation dans un avenir proche ?

Feanor89’s Profile PhotoFeanor
Oui j'ai monté une asso, j'organise un cabaret dans un mois, un repas moules frites dans 2 mois, une balade en calèche avec le père noël + un spectacle avec magicien pour noël...
Ensuite je bosse sur une soirée-crêpes dansante en février et un spectacle/concours en mars. Des inconnus viendront sur scène présenter ce qu'ils savent faire (chanter, danser, jongler...) ; le public votera et celui qui aura le plus de votes repartira avec un cadeau de son choix d'une valeur de 300 €.
Pour le moment, c'est tout :)
Je crois que sur facebook tu l'as vu passer car je partage sur la page de la pizzeria ce que je fais avec l'asso.
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If you were to make a gag reel of your life, with your most hilarious moment (or one of them) being the final clip, what moment would you pick? Like, what would be the perfect end cap to the hilarious moments of your life, if they were all caught on camera? 📽🎞

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
One of them, was when I was 14/13. Had a school trip, and at that time I accidentally entered the male toilet 😅. I didn't realize it till one guy came out of the toilet and wanted to use the sink. And I just being me and being so confident scolding him and everything. To make it worst, I splashed water on him and only realized it was a male toilet after there was one guy came in and saw the scene. Two men were looking at me with me wearing my school uniform with my nametag and school name. And.. I just went out of the toilet without saying anything:,)
I was too embarrassed and I regretted that I left my spec in my bag. 😓😕😑😩
I don't know laaa. I don't know why am I so confident.
If you were to make a gag reel of your life with your most hilarious moment or

Se l'universo è un'ologramma significa che la terra è piatta. Penso che almeno su questo siamo d'accordo giusto?

shurenf’s Profile PhotoUnknown
A proposito di ologramma ho guardato un servizio in cui fanno vedere come praticamente nel cinema presto non ci saranno più molti attori e che dire ci saranno gli ologrammi solo per certe scene. Ecco io dico non fatemi rovinare pure il cinema per favore chiaroooo? No se l'universo è un ologramma si ripiega su se stesso però potrebbe fare rotazione su stesso 'oltre molte volte. Si come diceva Einstein che diceva gravità vicino a curvatura allineare de non sbaglio d quindi terra piatta. Però la terra piatta siamo sicuri e quindi viviamo in una realtà tridimensionale la sei sicuro?

If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Oh really? this genre helps you fall asleep? that's something. Don't know if it's strange haha but it's really something new to me, since I am all ears, eyes, heart and everything when it comes to thriller/ crime/ psychological/ etc. Do you have any recommendations by the way? They are my favourite genres.
Talking about it, that reminds me of a funny story 😂 years ago I was at my (maternal) grandparents' house, and I was watching (at night) the film of 'Bride of Chucky' whilst my grandmother was sleeping. Suddenly she opened her eyes, and saw a damn scene 😂 aaaaaa ****** (some bad words), what the hell are you watching?
😂😂😂 I don't blame her, it wasn't a pleasant scene to see when you suddenly wake up (in case you watched it, it was when chucky's bride was giving birth).
To answer your question, maybe something calm like romance or comedy haha. I guess this kind of genre would help me fall asleep.

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Do you perhaps have any suggestions for games one can play to get to know each other better? Tomorrow I'll be hosting a dinner for novices at the student organiation I'm a part of, us mentors are tasked with coming up with such a game each 🗣🎲♣️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hi Tobbe. Unfortunately I am not familiar with many games but here are a few ideas:
- Monopoly - could pair users into teams where they need to work together to make informed financial decisions.
- Guessing Game - put names of people, places or things into a container and each participant selects a name and has to act it out w/o talking (non verbal) where people have to guess what it is.
- Karaoke - if the people are not shy (courageous) and you have the proper Karaoke equipment you could have people entertain by singing.
- Literary or Poetry game -
a. read a poem and see who can guess the author
b. Read passage from famous literary piece and have people guess writer.
c. Select a handful of famous poems and have people read the poem and have group discuss it's meaning.
d. Creative writing exercise: Provide a topic and have guests write a short story (paragraph) or short poem about topic. Then have them read what they wrote.
e. Roleplay: Choose a topic or historical figure or artist, etc and have people act out a script. For example, you could take a famous play (maybe one scene) with multiple characters and color code the text based upon each character. The participants could then read their lines. The props, music, background noise (horses, dogs, etc) could be supplied by the audience.
This assumes you are dealing with adults who do not mind expressing themselves in public.
Sorry I don't have much knowledge with games and so I just made this stuff up out of thin air. :)

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Jak aktualnie wygląda sytuacja ze zdrowiem Justina? Polepszyło mu się?

Iza12000’s Profile Phototaykook13
Z Justinem byłoby dobrze, gdyby nie wrócił na scenę i dobrze się wyleczył. Nie polepszyło mu się wcale, nie wiem z jakiej racji Ci jego lekarze pozwolili mu występować i powiedzieli, że jest z nim dobrze. Obecnie z Justinem nie jest za dobrze, przerwał na nowo trasę bo z jego zdrowiem znowu jest bardzo źle.

【⚠️】【ɴɪꜱʜɪᴅᴀ】The man who was accompanying Nova had been distracted by the phone, not seeming to have noticed, until by chance he turned to see the scene. "What the hell-!?" He exclaimed, quickly searching for something to deal with. ""Who are YOU!? GET AWAY from the lady!"

ONEEYEDDEMON’s Profile Photo✖⠀ 真島 吾朗 ⠀?
*his eyes looked purely malicious taking out his blade holding it to her in a threatening manner*She coming with me or I'll gut her right here and now. *he gently treads the blade against her throat* So be quiet. Shh..*he makes a hushing gesture attempting to leave with her*
ɴɪꜱʜɪᴅᴀThe man who was accompanying Nova had been distracted by the phone not

Quelles études scolaires as-tu faites et quels sont les domaines que tu as appris en autodidacte que ce soit dans des livres ou sur Internet ou ailleurs ?

LudovicRuiz’s Profile PhotoLudovic Richard RUIZ
Euh j'ai fait lettres classiques à un moment dans ma vie mdr. J'ai un peu traîné à l'antenne de théologie de mon bled aussi.
J'ai pris des cours d'éducation canine.
Mon copain a bossé en cuisine et il a une mention complémentaire traiteur, j'essaie d'imiter ce qu'il fait.
J'ai pris des cours de danse diverses, et mon père est un ancien instructeur de planche à voile/muscu. (Je sais toujours pas faire de la planche à voile, mais j'ai des bases en fitness.)
Mon grand-père était électricien alors je sais identifier deux/trois trucs, tant que c'est pas trop technique.
Mon ex m'a appris à jouer aux échecs et au clavier aussi.
Ma grand-mère et ma mère m'ont pas mal forcées à m'intéresser à l'ésotérisme et à l'astrologie.
A un moment j'allais à des ateliers de poterie, ça me sert encore quand je modèle de la pâte polymère.
J'ai pris des cours de théâtre et de danse pendant quelques années, j'ai déjà participé à la mise en scène de pièces +création de costumes / décors (fonds peints, récup de meubles et vêtements, ajustement de vêtements, costumes sur mesure et papier mâché)
Et là je suis en train d'essayer de me former pour faire de la médiation culturelle autour du folklore local.
Et toute seule j'ai pas mal bossé mon anglais et mon espagnol, mon latin et mon grec, des bases en polonais et en hébreu, la cuisine et la pâtisserie, le dessin et l'aquarelle, la couture, le surf, la broderie, le crochet, le jeu vidéo compétitif, je sais entretenir un jardin, des compétences de bricolage basique, etc.
+je vais voir du spectacle vivant, je lis, je vais à des concerts et des festivals divers
Puis j'ai approfondi ce que j'avais pu étudier avec des gens.
J'ai aussi récupéré la maison de mes parents qui était pas dans un état ouf, c'est bête mais on a été obligés de faire des réparations / du nettoyage partout, de la rendre vivable... je me rends compte que j'ai plus de compétences que ce que je pensais haha

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/170877165296

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Katherine could only imagine his frustration; having stopped mid-sentence as she had, she'd bet curiosity was eating him up as she watched him leaning against the wall where she had previously been, most likely catching his breath as was she.
His words and the sound of the engine broke the silence, eliciting a playful smirk and an eye roll from Katherine as Damon expresses his liking for the new car they 'borrowed'. Hours went by most of them silent with Katherine stealing glances between Damon and her phone at every opportunity. The taste of him had only just begun to fade off her lips, it's presence though was still strong in her mind as she played the scene like a tape over and over again.
"That's because you can't miss it." She smirked, pointing to a hotel sign to the left to the road.
Once the car was parked Katherine didn't waste much time leaving the vehicle, the tension in there was almost unbearable, not to mention how long the trip actually took. "Finally." She sighed upon exiting.
Her brown eyes were fixated on Damon as she leaned against the car. Arms folded on the roof of it. "You haven't said a word all the way here." She remarked, a spark of curiosity danced in the corner of her eyes. She couldn't read him, she couldn't tell what he was thinking and it drove the doppelganger near to insanity. "What are you thinking about, Damon?"

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmdasalvatorebrothersanswers170877165296

One word for Afghan people

ammad_06’s Profile PhotoAmmad Ibrahim Cheema
Don't judge the nation from a few ill mannered people who created a scene at the cricket stadium.
It's like judging all muslims from Usama Bin Ladin.
It's like judging all christians from Hitler.
It's like judging all Bani Umiya from Yazid.
It's like judging all Bani Abbas from Haroon Rasheed and Mamoon Rasheed.
It's like judging Banu Hashim from Abu Jehl.
So don't put the punishment of a few people's crime on the whole nation or ethnicity.
Stay calm, these individuals shouldn't have done it, they should have respected themselves and the honor of their country.
Peace ❤

Justin w końcu podjął dobra decyzję dla Niego 🥲 mimo że uwielbiam widok Justina na scenie to uważam że jak nikt inny potrezbuje tej przerwy, dla swojego dobra 🤍 oby tym razem odpoczął w 100% 🤍

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS
Szkoda, że podjął ją dopiero teraz. Po co wrócił na scenę zaraz po miesiącu tego, że wykryto mu Ramsaya. Nie lubię u Justina tego, że jest taki nieodpowiedzialny i ma w dupie swoje zdrowie. Było tak w przypadku Purpose Tour, nie odpoczywał nic, a nic, grał koncerty na okrągło i nie widział tego, że jego zdrowie na więcej nie pozwala. Jeden plus tej trasy jest taki, że miał przerwy, koncertował co dwa dni, a nawet miał przerwę tygodniową, ale co z tego skoro wrócił i dał 6 koncertów i jego zdrowie powiedziało dość. 🤷‍♀️

▬▬▬▬▬⠀∫⠀Continuation ⊱

fangsandstilettos’s Profile Photokatherine pierce.
Her thigh pushed between his legs, for more reasons than just to find balance. One last lustful look before she stroked her bared fangs against his neck, his smell filling her nostrils before she slowly sunk her teeth in. She was gentle, especially in comparison to her previous move having pushed her against the wall with enough strength to break a human's rip.
She couldn't yet decide why she'd been so gentle but perhaps it was just how much this whole scene reminded her of their past, when a fragile human Damon Salvatore allowed her a taste of his life force. For now she was in no condition to think or talk, Katherine was lost, he tasted so familiar yet slightly different, it was intoxicating, and her grip on him softened the more she drank. She slowing down, pulling back slowly, trying to savor the last few drops in her mouth just a little longer. Finally her eyes met his and she looked like she might as well have been riding out an orgasm; whoever said blood sharing was intimate was underestimating it.

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day 1. dimmi una serie TV/anime che ha come iniziale la lettera A. (se vuoi argomenta dicendo cosa ti è piaciuto e non ti è piaciuto di questa determinata serie.)

f4by_’s Profile Photof4by ☽︎
Ti rispondo dicendo "Attack on Titan" che un vero fan degli shonen e delle opere d'azione la deve assolutamente vedere, un anime che consiglierei sempre.
Cosa succede se un giorno tutto il tuo mondo crolla? Se la quasi totalità della tua famiglia viene massacrata, vedi la disperazione, vedi la tua impotenza, sai che nulla tornerà come prima, di essere dentro una gigantesca gabbia, debole e insignificante, inutile, mentre il nemico è forte e pronto ad annientarti, di origini ignote, quasi imbattibile, implacabile, che più che un nemico ricorda una punizione biblica. Riassumendo in poche parole, la trama dell'opera è uno dei punti di forza, molto originale, piena di colpi di scena, di misteri, d'intrighi, fino ad arrivare a scoperte totalmente inaspettate, in un crescendo di rivelazioni che lascia scioccati anche gli spettatori più freddi. Le loro reazioni, emozioni, la loro storia, non possono certo lasciare indifferenti, e sono uno dei punti di forza principali dell'opera in questione. Fantastiche le musiche, molto coinvolgenti, e le opening ed ending sono qualcosa di meraviglioso. Le animazioni e la grafica sono eccellenti, il character design viene rivalutato e migliorato, le linee d'inchiostrazione modulate al limite all'inverosimile rendendo un contrasto davvero affascinante; però, come si suol dire “non è oro tutto ciò che luccica”: mi ha fatto storcere non poco il naso alla vista dell'utilizzo della CGI che stonano col resto, e alcune volte sono fin troppi presenti. Ma questi nei non possono comunque oscurare, il colossale comparto grafico dell'opera. In conclusione: uno degli shonen più interessanti che punta molto sulle scene d'azione, molto violente e crude, mischiandole con intrighi, misteri, e con una parte di spiegazione e tecnica molto raffinata.

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day 1
dimmi una serie TVanime che ha come iniziale la lettera A 
se vuoi

Drop ‌something !💗

Nada688399’s Profile PhotoYour fav little DEVIL
لوحة بعنوان "مشهد الطوفان"
من اللوحة هنلاقي هنا شخص بيحاول ينقذ أبوه ومتجاهل تماما زوجته وابنه اللي اقربله والاخف وزن ما بينهم انه ينقذه!
الام بتمثل الحياة والابن هو المستقبل، اما الجد فبيمثل الماضي اللي من الواضح ان الانسان متمسك بيه واللي بسببه بيضيع حياته ومستقبله!
‏Scene of deluge, 1827 | Joseph-Désiré Court (French, 1797 - 1865)
Drop  something

If you’re given a chance to meet an ask.fm user in person who will it be and why?

joshuacazarez2’s Profile PhotoJoshuaCazarez
To date, Ive met 2 guys (1 in the U.S. Coast Guard, 1 in the Korean Navy) and 2 girls (1 you see here was in the Airforce, and 1 Ukrainian civilian; who paid me to take their wedding photos on their magical day.
Definitely, Friends for life! The girl im with in this has since passed away. She was in the Airforce, a dude texting and driving T-boned her, was told died at the scene of the accident. Feel blessed to have gotten to meet her. Her mom still sends me a text messages from time to time.
Im planning on meeting two this Spring and hope to meet two maybe 3, on my way to NB, in 3 years, only time will tell.
If youre given a chance to meet an askfm user in person who will it be and why

Yes, it's odd. I came from the Thrash Metal "scene" and that's basically all I played for years. Death Metal never "clicked" with me but I do like the Melodic or "Gothenburg style." With Black Metal, I found a new home in the 3rd Wave and I still draw inspiration from the 2nd. I feel your pain... 🤣

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis . ' .
Somewhat on the subject of black metal, lmfao at your crush response. 🤣 Don’t worry about the cats. They’ll be away in the studio working on Purrzum. 🐱🤣
Yes its odd I came from the Thrash Metal scene and thats basically all I played

Me gustaria seguir gente que haga preguntas normales

Laura56370’s Profile Photoa
@Laura56370 🌳 Holi Laura, un saludo 🙂
Ettoo... ya te sigo y te hice preguntitas, pásate 👍
"The Pianist" -- "Le Pianiste" -- "El Pianista"

Francia-Inglaterra-Alemania-Polonia (2002).
Dirección: Roman Polanski.
ACTORS: Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, Maureen Lipman, etc.
PERSONAJES: Szpilman, el padre, la madre, etc.
RESUMEN: Wladyslaw Szpilman es un pianista polaco de origen judío, vive con su familia en el ghetto de Varsovia (capital de Polonia).
Cuando los alemanes invaden Polonia en 1939, tiene que sobrevivir escondido.

Trailer [Scene Chopin Nocturne]
https://youtu.be/aS4YDuTfJ7Ysalquial’s Video 170930604857 aS4YDuTfJ7Ysalquial’s Video 170930604857 aS4YDuTfJ7Y

https://youtu.be/3cdFGhPh8PUsalquial’s Video 170930604857 3cdFGhPh8PUsalquial’s Video 170930604857 3cdFGhPh8PU

https://youtu.be/WA6dylOhbNMsalquial’s Video 170930604857 WA6dylOhbNMsalquial’s Video 170930604857 WA6dylOhbNM

https://youtu.be/qDexUwamV9Isalquial’s Video 170930604857 qDexUwamV9Isalquial’s Video 170930604857 qDexUwamV9I
Me gustaria seguir gente que haga preguntas normales

Poproszę ciekawostki z planu Zniewolonej.

usafacts’s Profile Photousa facts
🦈Według twórców, ta suknia Jeleny jest najdroższa ze wszystkich.
🦈Gdy kręcono scenę ślubu Natalii i Grigorija, aktorka prywatnie w tym samym czasie wychodziła za mąż. Suknie ślubną za darmo wykonał dla niej projektant kostiumów ze Zniewolonej.
🦈Taras Tsymbaluk do roli Nazara musiał nosić perukę z kobiecych włosów.
🦈W scenie, gdy Katia jest zakopywana żywcem, tylko jej twarz jest zasypywana ziemią, ale i tak aktorka miała zaklejony nos, by ziemia się do niego nie dostała.
🦈Katierina Kowalczuk świetnie jeździ konno i nie korzystała z dublerki. Aczkolwiek była taka sytuacja, że jej koń nagle zaczął cwałować, ale aktorka dała radę uspokoić wierzchowca.
🦈Suknie z dodatkami ważyły 10 kg, bez krynoliny 5 - 7 kg. Najcięższą miała Lidia - 12 kg.
🦈Do roli Larysy startowało 80 kandydatek, między innymi odtwórczyni prostytutki Anastazji.
🦈Do dwóch sezonów uszyto ponad 200 sukienek. 100 kostiumów wypożyczono z Czech. Do wykonania jednej użyto 10 - 12 metrów materiału. Ciężko było znaleźć materiał do tamtych czasów, same koronki były drogie.
🦈Scenę balu u Lidii kręcono w hali Narodowej Akademii.
🦈Do roli Katii w trzecim sezonie wybrano Sonię Priss spośród 400 kandydatek. Do pierwszego sezonu o rolę Katii ubiegała się 800 pań.
🦈Wizażystka serialu wyznała, że najtrudniej było zrobić makijaż dla Nazara, trwało to godzinę.
🦈Kręcono w temperaturze najniżej - 27 stopni, a najwyżej 34 stopnie.
🦈Trochę to nieprawdopodobne, ale Zniewoloną kręcono w 496 lokalizacjach.
🦈W dwóch sezonach łącznie z aktorami i statystami wystąpiło 736 aktorów.
🦈 Do castingów przesłuchano ponad 1000 osób. O rolę Żadana ubiegali się Taras Tsymbaluk i Michaił Gawriłow.
🦈Gorsety dla dziewcząt z lupanaru były ręcznie haftowane.
🦈 Ksenia Mishina chodziła w gorsecie 12 godzin. Po zdjęciu go miała krwawe, podskórne siniaki.
🦈 By zmieścić się w suknie, nawet szczupłe dziewczyny musiały chudnąć. Bardzo je ściskano.

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Poproszę ciekawostki z planu Zniewolonej

@forgottenfifth @AngryBlueLink @PyromaniaRed @Stoicviolet @KingWra

yggdrasilplayer7’s Profile Photoᴏᴠᴇʀʟᴏʀᴅ ɪᴠ
A blatant invasion has not gone unnoticed. Not when a treaty Kingdom was at stake.
Approaching the scene was the Ruler Of Death, but as always, he bore a companion.
Except this time, he was riding /on their shoulder/.
Bulky feet the size of carriages slam down in a mindless autonomy, the sheer weight controlling them being enough to squash even a dragon if need be.
A far smaller Hinox is encountered, and swiftly sent flying with a swipe as once more, the Messengers descend from above.
forgottenfifth AngryBlueLink PyromaniaRed Stoicviolet KingWra

You said you were once a musician. For how long you actively engaging in the music scene? And with your current condition, are you still manage to take a lesser part or completely out of the scene?

kuringreja’s Profile PhotoR E Z A
I was a performing musician from about 1988 to, um, 2015 maybe? Then gigs became very sporadic and eventually had to stop altogether as I couldn’t get through a single song due to muscle pain and fatigue.
You said you were once a musician For how long you actively engaging in the

Bandaa bohat caring loving ho agr apka aur wo bht payar krta ho lakin wo gusse me thora apsy behas kar jaye yaa ooncha bole ya misbehave kre then???? Or bohat wo overpossesive b ho then?

Hazal5005’s Profile PhotoHazal
Baki sab tou samaj ata ha lekin ye “misbehave” or “over-possessive” scene gets toxic real quick. You should know better, if you’re okay with ^that (for the rest of your life) because people hardly ever change. They are who they are!

Masz ulubioną scenę w Extracurricular?

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All
Raczej nie mam, choć w sumie dramę oglądałam już dawno, nie za bardzo mi się podobała & dlatego też niewiele z niej pamiętam. 😅
Masz ulubioną scenę w Extracurricular

Which is the scariest fictional creature according to you? How'd you react if you encountered it? 😱👹

Mustafa_Rajput’s Profile PhotoM U S T A F A
As such there is no fictional creature I am afraid of. But this kinda face freaks me out and if I ever had to encounter this I will close my eyes and I'll wait for ANKH OJHAL PAHAR OJHAL SCENE
Which is the scariest fictional creature according to you Howd you react if you

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❖Just being in that pleasant company of the yakuza that she was beginning to consider a friend, Harley felt more comfortable repeating that round of alcohol, however, with another flavor: Whiskey, her favorite, which seemed to call the blonde to consume it, but that she didn't want to give Majima trouble afterwards when she fell into total inebriation, so she reluctantly pushed a bottle of the aforementioned drink a little way away from the counter she was leaning against and continued to hold the thread of the conversation between them. Every now and then she remembered the fight scene that, while forcing her to have a huge shiver down her spine, somehow brought her a certain relief that the yakuza was still breathing; Damn Joker; she thought. Harley then noticed the happy expression on Majima's face, as if he didn't remember anything from that day, allowing her to open an amused smile, but grateful to know that he didn't hold any anger towards her about it. She then let herself be carried away by the light laugh that escaped her lips when she heard his comment and felt a slight tingle on her cheeks that were discreetly blushing.❖
— Aww... so I'm flattered by this comment, especially coming from a yakuza heartthrob! Hahaha!
❖She said laughing mischievously as she retorted his comment in a teasing and playful way, waiting for some reaction. A few seconds later when Harley shot such a question about the man's eye patch, she felt a slight tension that made her undo her smile very slowly when she noticed it starting to get weird. The blonde then discreetly bit her lower lip thinking about having asked something she shouldn't have; Shit, you should have shut up, bi**ch; She thought or perhaps the voices that surrounded her head at that moment. Harley shouldn't have asked such a personal thing, so personal that it seemed to embarrass others, but it was something she had no control over, her tongue was stubborn. She swallowed hard as she listened intently to the details of the yakuza's eye loss, then returned to a friendly smile on her lips, holding her blue gaze to his lonely gaze.❖
— You apparently are handsome anyway, and even though you lost an eye, you didn't lose your charm and charisma!
❖Said the blonde smiling in a sincere tone in her voice as she was starting to gain confidence from him.❖
— So, would you like to go somewhere else after here? I don't care if we "scare" more people on the way. I've even gotten used to my nickname "The little monster of Gotham". Hahahaha!
❖She said jokingly, despite being seen by other people that way, but that she always managed to bring some positivity into it.❖

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Które sceny z After zaliczasz do swoich ulubionych?

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Mnóstwo ich jest! 😅 Tak po krótkim namyśle, stwierdzam, że bardzo lubię
- z pierwszej części: scena nad jeziorem,
- sceny z drugiej części After, gdzie Hardin rozmawia ze swoim młodszym bratem (jak się później okazuje) - to było mega zabawne. Tak samo, kiedy Hardin wparował do łazienki, w której był Trevor. Klimat imprezy Sylwestrowej i to, co się działo na tej imprezie. Sceny z mamą Hardina też są świetne.
- trzecia część najbardziej mi się podoba, jeśli chodzi o wybór między pierwszą, drugą a trzecią częścią (zobaczymy co powiem po obejrzeniu czwartej hah). Oczywiście scena na siłowni czy w jacuzzi są jednymi z moich ulubionych. To jak Hardin przyjechał w odwiedziny do Tessy (to jak się witają) - uwielbiam tę scenę. Słodkie było jak Tessa nie chciała zejść z Hardina.

Alla fine la triologia del cavaliere oscuro ti é arrivata? Ma scusa come mai l'hai presa? Nonostante su netflix c'è e sì può vedere?

Bhe. Domani arriva perché ho cambiato la destinazione. Bho. Ci sono scene in bmax, che sarebbero scene più veloci, 6 bluray totali piene di cose belle. Alla fine posso fare il reso, nel caso non mi esalti poi molto. Volevo vedere questa special ediction come era.
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What are your thoughts on Crossmare/Nightcross (shipping you x Cross)

*A lone cerulean eye which had been staring off into some scene that only the dark king could see, lazily rolls over to fixate on the anon. The gaze is at best disinterested. He shifts slightly on his throne, where he had been resting his skull on his left hand, he switched to resting on his right hand, his left hand now idly tapping the arm of his throne as he contemplates how to address this question*
You things show up here to ask me about shipping?
I am negativity incarnate, I find all these "ships" of me frustratingly amusing
I would sooner kill @CrossingOutNames than be shipped with him, it's what he deserves anyway
What are your thoughts on CrossmareNightcross shipping you x Cross

Mi consigli di comprare la triologia di Nolan di batman?

Cavolo. Prendi questa. Ci stò facendo un pensierino pure io. Cioè 6 bluray Con molte scene in hbm max, scene con una bella velocità. Molte cose in più ha. Poi c'è pure una lettera del regista. Cosa vuoi di più? Nulla. Io ci rifletto ancora un po' se prenderla.
Mi consigli di comprare la triologia di Nolan di batman
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Czy uważasz, że Justin dobrze zrobił, że wrócił obecnie na trasę po jakimś miesiącu przez stan zdrowia?

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Myślę, że to był głupi błąd, że wrócił na scenę, rozumiem, że mógł się lepiej poczuć, ale to nie powód by wracać na scenę, jak Justin tak będzie robił to znowu odwoła trasę jak było z Purpose bo nie dba o swoje zdrowie. Dobrze, że kolejny koncert dopiero we wrześniu.

Viviamo in una società in cui un influencer guadagna più di un dottore. Cosa ne pensate a riguardo?

Perchè moltissime persone sono incuriosite dalle loro vite, da quello che pensano, che mangiano…e quindi un messaggio pubblicitario -ad esempio- con la faccia di George Clooney raggiunge moltissime persone. E continua a raggiungerle anche quando si presenta Clooney al di fuori dello spazio pubblicitari.
Sul fatto che facciano meno di un lavoratore medio mi permetto di dissentire: un calciatore che si prepara per una partita di 90 minuti di alto livello deve prepararsi duramente, ore e ore di preparazione tutti i giorni, ed è una professione che dura 15 anni quando va bene. E di sicuro non è per tutti in quanto è necessario avere delle capacità fisiche molto al di sopra della norma.
Anche gli attori professionisti, se vogliono recitare una bella parte, devono prepararsi a lungo, e se hanno un regista esigente devono ripetere le scene ben più di una volta.
Infine, anche gli influencer, quelli che riescono a collezionare migliaia (o anche milioni) di follower attraverso video e commenti postati in rete, forse sono nati per caso. Ma quando sono capaci di mantenere nel tempo -o accrescere- questi grandi numeri di seguaci, allora deve esserci dietro un lavoro di marketing non banale.

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Czy fani kiedykolwiek zepsuli lub utrudnili Lady przeprowadzenie koncertu?

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Przypominam sobie tylko jedną taką sytuację.
Było to na trasie Joanne World Tour, kiedy fanka została uderzona w twarz, i zaczęła krwawić.
Gaga przerwała wtedy swój występ, zaprosiła ją na scenę, pytała, czy nie potrzebuje pomocy. Wszystko zakończyło się dobrze, następnie zadedykowała jej piosenkę "Paparazzi" i kontynuowała koncert.

Ocenisz poszczególne koncerty z wczorajszego dnia na których byłaś?

Nothing But Thieves świetny koncert, ale zero zaskoczenia, wiedziałam, że będzie super, rock na najwyższym poziomie. Znam osobiście dziewczynę, która przeprowadzała z nimi wywiad przed koncertem, więc mam info z pierwszej ręki, że Conor Mason to super fajny gość, cały zespół to fajne chłopaki.
Quebo to klasa, byłam już kiedyś na jego koncercie i zawsze robi świetną robotę, totalny wzrusz, cudowna atmosfera, Quebo jest top top, Sokół wpadł na jeden kawałek 🥺
Kukon niestety, ale zawiodłam się, liczyłam na coś innego, miałam ogromne oczekiwania, a był to dla mnie najgorszy koncert tego dnia.
Kaśka Sochacka i Bitamina klasa, również zero zaskoczenia, nie jest to dla mnie muzyka typowo festiwalowa, ale były to fajne występy do pobujania się przy piwku.
Mr. Polska ogromne zaskoczenie, pozytywne zaskoczenie, energia nie do podrobienia, nie jest to moja muzyka, ale bardzo udany koncert. Na kawałek "Awaryjne światła" wbił na scenę Friz XD
Young Leosia i Żabson spoko, znowu nie jest to moja muzyka, ale podeszłam pod namiot z ciekawości, fajna energia.

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Zdarzyło się tak, że Justin zapomniał tekstów swoich piosenek?

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Pewnie, że tak! A najbardziej wtedy kiedy miał przerwę od muzyki tyle lat i wrócił na scenę promując swój album Changes i zapomniał tekstu do Love Yourself i czytał z telefonu.

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