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What was growing up like for you?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
It was like a fairy tale for me. My memories are vague but full of bright moments and small adventures.
- I remember going to kindergarten. My favorite memories from there were when I and other kids were searching for brown tiny rocks on the ground because we believed they were pieces of chocolate 😂 and when we would go to the kids' gym and stretch with other exercises with a woman playing on accordion for us.
- remember going to the local church and how many members liked to hug me because I was very tiny. I was always afraid that they might squeeze me to death 😁
- remember my childhood friend, who lived in a private house, unlike me, living in an apartment. It was fun to visit his house because his dad built it in an unusual way, plus they had small chicks and I loved to hold them in my hands carefully. They were so soft 🥰 With the same friend and with my brother, we would spend time when our parents would go with us to the Bible study group, and the favorite part was to get the sweets and go to the other room and play 😂 It didn't happen often that there were always other kids, so I also enjoyed sitting with other adults at the table and listen to their discussion.
- I remember how I loved visiting my grandma's apartment, which was in the city, and her summer house which was out of the city. I recently shared how my dad let me practice driving a car when I was little, so he was letting me do that when we were going to that summer house.
- I remember going to visit my other grandparents that live in Crimea. My dad would drive us there and we would spend from 2 weeks to a couple of months there. It's one of my favorite places in this world, my grandparents' house. There are so many memories from that time... When we went to Crimea, we made sure to visit and spend a couple of days at the sea beaches too.
- I remember enjoying going to school and crying when the summer break would come.
- remember playing on a playground in front of our building with apartments. We knew a lot of games and it was torture when our mom's called us from their windows to go home. Sometimes, we were even afraid of going back to our apartments to drink water, because we could have stayed there and not gone out 👀
- remember trying to attend different clubs that my parents put me in, but in the end, it was violin classes that I chose to attend and kept going for a long time.
There is so much more, but those were the first memories that I remember. Growing up for me was very fun, and I consider my childhood to be the period from my birth until I was 9 y.o. That's when my grandpa died and soon my family moved with me to another city, where I had a different life and other experiences.

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Urwah with this beautiful face you should have so many friends and don’t need anymore. Are you reserved or don’t make friends that easily?

I'm not reserved but i don't make friends easily too, i only had 2 best friends from school and both of them are married and busy in their lives. I lost contact with everyone else too so.. lonely times ;_;

Вам легче общаться с людьми младше или старше вас по возрасту? Почему?

whitelila’s Profile PhotoЛилия Белая
Do you find it easier to communicate with people younger or older than you in age? Why?
Often older than me. Maybe because my parents were much older, when I came to be. Maybe because i graduated High School, early.

My dad, taught me in grade school, you are the average of your 6 closest friends (i still believe this is true).
As luck would have it, they were always older than me.
The things I like in life, are usually enjoyed by older people, not typically people my age.
My vocabulary matches the older generation and i really enjoy spending time with my parents/grandparents, Uncles/Aunts. Family means everything to me.
(Albuquerque, NM - Sony A6000)
Вам легче общаться с людьми младше или старше вас по возрасту Почему

Can love be infinite?

I believe so, as I believe we are love, not our manshaped corrupt earthly bound form, but our true universal form of pure light. We have the choice to access this and live a life of love or we can choose fear hate and prejudice. I chose life.
Love is not infinite. It is probably not going to serve you well to over-romanticize love and forego the recognition that humankind is a bunch of atoms made conscious, with passing emotions and lifecycles. It is good to develop love for yourself, friends and family, a romantic partner, and a general love for strangers, but not good to become attached to an unrealistic idea of love. That will end in disappointment. Love is not infinite* it is rarely unconditional. Accept it and take it for what it is, not what you want it to be. Infinite emotion is an abstract, unuseful concept. To others it may very well "be" infinite. This is a semantic, personal definition worth clarifying but not worth arguing. Cheers!
I can't answer for everyone but I can stand as proof that love at first sight exists! I met my husband when I was 14. He is the brother of a friend. She and I had just met because we would be attending the same high school. I was at her home and she introduced me to her family. I met her brother and saw stars. Not overwhelming, kick-in-the-gut kind, but the kind that gently whispered to pay attention...this man would be part of my life for a long time.
Fast forward 44 years later. We are still together. Has it been easy? Not always. Did we jump at the chance to get together? Not at 14 and 17 yrs old. But an acquaintance turned into a friendship then into a courtship and the rest is history. We've been together for 34 years.
Why do we fall in love with someone we barely know? I believe the answer is yours to find if you let yourself hear the answer that comes to you if this is a situation you find yourself in. I've since met coworkers who have told me their stories...saw his future wife in a photo and they had never met and he knew she was the one. He's no stalker, but happily married for decades. A woman who dated in high school with a man she loved but never got together are now happily married after leading separate lives for decades. In the words of his family after getting back in touch with him, "He always loved you."
And because I consider my relationship a gift from God, whenever my husband and I have to endure one of the rougher patches of life, I always go to the memory of the moment I met him and I know that my life is complete with THIS man regardless of the hurdles life throws at us.
I've read the previous answers and they all have validity. I don't disagree with them, I just wanted to add my perspective.
All the best to you. To love and be loved without reservation is one of life's greatest gifts!

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There is this girl in my school who told some people that Im ugly. I asked her if its true and she said “yea i said you were ugly”. I told her if my name continues to be in her mouth, I will fight her. Am i overreacting?

You should never turn it physical, then you're the one who gets in trouble even though you weren't the one who instigated

Have you considered going to therapy? (Not calling you a crazy person, I swear! Lol SheeeeeeEeeesh) 🤪😝 Have you ever gone? If so, what was your experience like?

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
When I was younger, especially around high school I honestly feel like I should’ve gone to therapy, I didn’t have the most healthy mindset back then. I have dealt with a lot of that since then though and I feel like I’m in a much better place mentally speaking. But who knows, I’ve come to learn that basically anyone could benefit from therapy, cause we all have inner demons we deal with 🤔
Have you considered going to therapy Not calling you a crazy person I swear Lol

Hace poco encontré que además de "feminismo" existe "masculinismo" https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminismo https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masculinismo (Igual conviene informarse) ¿Qué piensas de eso?

Anónimo 👽 Ettoo... Hace tiempo que existen esos conceptos y movimientos, para reivindicar género, identidad social, empoderamiento. También hay homo-bi-trans. Hay que leer de todo para informarse 🙄
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 12

Gran Gatsby (2013)

Gran Hotel Budapest (2014)

Gran Piano (2013)

Gravity (2013)

Grease "Brillantina" (1978)

Gremlins 1/2 (1984/1990)

Guardianes de la Galaxia 1 (2014)

Guardianes de la Galaxia 2 (2017)

Guerra de los Mundos (2005)

Guía del autoestopista galáctico (2005)

Ha nacido una estrella (2018)

Hairspray (2007)

Halloween 1/13 (1978/2022)

HalloweenTown 1/4 (1998/2006)

Han llegado (1996)

Hannibal 1 Silencio de los corderos (1991)

Hannibal 2 Hannibal (2001)

Harry Potter 1/8 (2001/2011) HP
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Hilo Invisible (2017)

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Hace poco encontré que además de feminismo existe masculinismo

Why do people make up excuses all the damn time

updating my life,
• started dating my fiancé
• ended up moving in w/ him & his family
• we all ended up moving into a bigger house
• went to Florida with his family
• got proposed to in Florida 🥰
• got my 1st car
• while my fiancé kept selling & getting a new car, he finally got his dream car (Camaro)
• started planning wedding
• going to school for ultrasound tech
Why do people make up excuses all the damn time

share ka naman ng lutang moments mo kahit isang beses lang

So ayun!!! Magcocommute ako papuntang school eh medyo late na ko kasi late din ako nagising HAHAHAHAHA magkalapit lang din old school ko sa new school ko now. Sa sobrang kalutangan ko ante, nasabi ko sa tricycle driver yung old school ko so ayun na after non nagulat ako bakit nasa old school ako HAHAHAHA late ko na narealize na oo nga sinabi ko nga talaga kay kuya na dalhin ako sa old school ko 😭😭😭😭
Bumaba nalang ako nun eh tas binayaran ko nalang, natulala pa ko sa school kasi nga lutang akoooo huhu. Matulog ng sapat, wag maging lutang! HAHAHAHA
share ka naman ng lutang moments mo kahit isang beses lang

Why did you refuse therapy?

I was forced into therapy for a different issue when I was a teenager and absolutely hated it. I’m sure the therapist I had was just a bad fit, but it really turned me off to the whole thing in general. I refused to believe that what I had was something that can be fixed with therapy or talking things out. In my mind, I knew what was really going on. That I was just a piece of shit that the world would be better off without. I'm an overweight high school dropout with a go nowhere production job that leaves me feeling cripplingly sore every day. I have no future, and no dude with a clipboard could understand or tell me otherwise.
Because I find that therapists are overly nice and it off putting. Like I just want to talk to someone about my problems that seems actullay human. No one is that nice. Even though I probably should, I can't because the ones around here are expensive and I'm not that rich.
One particularly self destructive night, my friend's mom convinced me to talk to a counselor. I figured to hell with it, what have I got to lose? At worst, I pay someone to bitch and moan about my life. I definitely didn't expect what I actually got out of these sessions. I was given the tools I needed to look differently at life, the world, and my role in it.
Fast forward four years. I'm currently in college working towards a bachelor's in computer science and got a job working in my dream field. I've lost 75 pounds, and have met and am now engaged to the love of my life.
I see no value in paying someone to pretend to care about my problems. And I'm also the most mentally stable person I know, with a full awareness of any issues I might have. I beat depression 9 years ago. By myself. Without the use of pharmaceutical medication or doctor assistance. There is no therapist alive that could do for me, what I already do for myself.. Everyone is different so you have to know that it isn't for everyone. Your standard answer seems to be try it, it can only help. Nobody can possibly say that with all certainty therapy would be good or bad for everyone. Just saying. When I started going to therapy I think that my dad didn't know what to think about it at first. I think that some people in his generation (he's 52y/o) have a stigma about therapy thinking that there has to be something very wrong with you for you to have to go to therapy. I went because I struggle with ADHD and anxiety and it really helped me. I think his opinion started to change once it started to really help me out. I still think that he would never go because of what he has thought about it his whole life but I think therapy could be beneficial for everyone no matter what you're dealing with in your life. It's just nice to have someone to talk to that you know will never share what you say with anyone.

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What is your definition of maturity?

PreciousB0y’s Profile Photor a ض a
Maturity is when you control your own self, your emotions..when you conceal your going, your gold and your school. The day you became aware of states of people, you will regret judging them. Maturity is when you realize ghar k tendy kaddu restaurant k khany sy zyada acchy hoty hain.

Paano kung sinabihan ka ng isang importante na tao sayo na "hindi lang naman kasi ikaw ang priority" ano ang sasabihin mo?

fujiwarazai13723’s Profile PhotoTonichi Chi
“Hindi lang naman kasi ikaw ang priority ko”. Para saken, wala ako karapatang magagalit or magtatampo pag ako ay sinabihan ng ganon. Masaya pa nga ako para sa kanya at alam nya kung ano ang priorities nya. Hindi lang dapat sa akin umiikot ang mundo nya may mga ibang bagay na pwede nya unahin maliban saken. School, trabaho, pamilya or kung ano man yan susuportahan ko at iintindihin 🙂.

Happy Autumn/Fall 🍁😄 how are you doing?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Thank you! Happy Autumn/Fall to you as well! 🍁🍂
I’m doing okay! Just trying my best to get through a tough time, as my step-dad unexpectedly passed away almost week ago now, and it’s really just been devastating, and a total shock the last few days.
In general though, and before this week, I haven’t been doing too bad at all. I’ve been apartment hunting, and just looking forward to the general coziness of the holidays coming up! Also, I’m gonna be prepping to go to barbering school in the Spring/Summer, if everything goes to plan! Very much looking forward to that!
How are you doing? ☺️
Happy AutumnFall  how are you doing

When was a time you were dissatisfied with the service you got? 😡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Honestly my intern advisors are kind of getting on my nerves lately. One of them calls me every half an hour for stupid and redundant questions like "How do I insert a footnote into Word"? It is so beyond me how this guy got his PhD. How did he manage to write his dissertation by himself? It's so annoying to explain simple things you learn in school and also in university to people twice my age who should definitely know better. Not to mention that I am the one who has to constantly improve their mistakes. That should not be the biggest part of my internship but unfortunately it is and I am kind of angry about that because I had to travel so far to get their service laptop and it was no cheap ride, if I am allowed to mention that. I am very frustrated and happy when this whole ordeal is over.

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If you had to go back and do high school all over again, what would you do differently?

I would have more faith in myself. I'd believe in myself. Most importantly, I'd stand up for myself and not let people treat me like sh*t. I got bullied in high school and even the people that didn't bully me were still unkind, laughed at me or just ignored my existence. Most of them, anyway. I did have one or two friends. I'd realise my self worth, understand I wasn't fat, ugly or weird. I'd realise I deserved better than how I was treated. I wouldn't let people walk all over me, manipulate me and I'd have more confidence in myself. 🙃
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Have you ever called a teacher by their first name when you were in school?

Nope :)
I have called a teacher mom before... but that was cuz my mom was the substitute teacher for my class a couple of times xD
Couldn't get out of the habit of calling her mom lol
Have you ever called a teacher by their first name when you were in school
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How did you learn to speak English? How hard or easy was it for you?

As many other Spaniards, I learned English despite the education system, not because of it. I absorbed as much as I could from the school, which is pretty much a decent knowledge of the English grammar, an only because I was the bookworm type of kid. Most of my peers were perfectly able to sit through 8 years of English lessons and thousands of exercises without learning much. And, as it turns out, the passive voice isn't cool anymore, none of my teachers got the memo though. So, how did I learn? Mostly books (gotta read the latest Harry Potter book NOW), TV shows, and English language forums, as you can find much more people with much more interesting things to say. Spanish online forums used to be pretty shity, as nobody bothered to write more than one line and there was so few people. I also took advantage of some oportunities to travel to English speaking places for free (twice with scholarships and three times for work). I always tried to speak with as many people as possible in my visits, as oppossed to the ancestral Spanish custom of sticking with the pack of Spaniards and limiting English comunications to McFlurry purchases at McDonalds. At first, I learned mostly through books and video games (this was in the early 90s, so no internet yet). English classes in school started in fifth grade, but at that point I had already taught myself enough to occasionally spot mistakes the teachers made. My family moved to North America when I turned 13, and my English improved even further. During my time there my test scores in English were usually close to perfect, and I had no problems keeping up with the other students. I started having English dreams around that time, too. To this day, many of my dreams are entirely in English, even if they feature friends and family who don't really speak the language. When we returned three years later, my English was more or less at the level of a native speaker. My spoken English has probably gotten a bit rusty over the past decade, since I don't really use it much these days. Everything else is as good as ever, though, if not better. I can thank the internet for that, I guess. In school from grade 5 to 10 and then continued in high school (the equivalent) to grade 12. Up until that point my English was rather mediocre. But I continued to "learn" English by watching movies and shows in that language only with German subtitles and few years after that I switched to English subtitles - also (online) gaming and browsing websites in English language. Now ~7 years after finishing school my English is much better than it used to be and I consider it to be a language I am almost fluent in. It's still nothing compared to my native language in some or most cases though.

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What’s your all-time favorite memory?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I grew up in Saudi Arabia .I have many fun filled good memories of school .I have friends from Lebanon ,Egypt , Yemen indian Pakistani etc
I love Saudi Arabia's restaurant foods .Al baik , altazij and mushakal which is pita bread in which falafel french fries boiled eggs spread cheese
Every Thursday either we go to Makkah or Madina I had good time there 😃😃😃😄🙂

Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your appearance? (Not a dig at anyone, inspired by something I'm looking into atm.)

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
I did want to wayyyy back when I was in school... which alone is kinda depressing! It was down to what people would constantly say about me... so like the moles on my neck, the scars on my face... etc etc etc
But now, I have come to love those things about me! Screw the idiots who said that back in school lol
Otherwise the only appearance thing I would change, isn't something surgery will change. It's more just keeping on tops of my health and stuffs :3
Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your

How many times per day do you shower? I used to shower everyday in the morning but after pandemic hit I'm also showering when I come home from work because I fell much clean. How about you guys?

About 4 times a week I believe, sometimes would do more, especially if it’s hot but it’ll just be a body wash mostly. I would shower everyday I just don’t want to wash my hair everyday as I don’t think it’s good to do so (for me at least).
Don't feel bad for that... there are a lot of factors, the weather or the type of clothes you use are some of them... in winter I can shower every other day while in summer I can actually do it twice per day! (Actually I took 2 showers yesterday, in the morning and in the afternoon after the gym... and then again this morning, although I did it just because a fast shower is often faster than using the sink). When I was at college I didn't shower that much, I used much more confortable clothes that didn't make me sweat that much, now I daily wear suit, shirt and tie... it's terrible. But if you don't feel dirty and you don't smell, then why showering?
I can relate. I was in the hospital at the start of the year and I just couldn't get myself to go there. It was clean and everything, but just the fact that there where always people buzzing around stopped from doing my duty. So I went as soon as I got home and boy I feared I would tear open my operation scars from the pressing. Felt like having a baby... through the butt.
Often it'll be three times in summer because I'll shower again before going out in the evening. It's so hot and humid here in summer that when you get out of the shower, you never really dry because you start sweating again straight away.
Once a day, in the morning. Twice if it's hot weather (like the 30 degrees that we had in southern Germany today). I don't like going to bed without a shower if it was warm. I also shower after a workout, obviously.
I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the US. We have a very huge Finnish population here and it's the norm to have a sauna either in your house or at your camp. I used to sauna at least twice a week while I lived at home. Definitely my favorite way to bathe.
I try not to shower too much because my skin is really dry (but my hair is super oily so that sucks). weekdays because when I come home from work, I don't like to sleep or sit in my chair when I am really "dirty". the sort of" don't wear outside clothes" on my bed sort of person.
Once a day, usually at night/evening. In the morning, just use deodorant to keep myself less sticky and smelly,since I need to rush to school sometimes, using deodorant save both water and time. Anyway I don't sweat a lot and do not emit any body odour even though SG weather all year long is humid.

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Tu te douches combien de fois par jour ?

ztnarf’s Profile Photoeuh
Climate, skin type, activity level, environment will all be major factors. Generally, we shower way more than is good for us and wash away a lot of our body's protective oils. I shower every morning, and then after doing anything sweaty or dirty. I know it's more than I need to, but I feel shit if I don't shower first thing. If you're happy showering every few days, and you've got someone close who can tell you if you become smelly to be around, you're good.
I used to do once a week but felt disgusting so changed to every 2-3 days but people at school made fun of my hygiene so I now shower every day and still get called unhygienic so I honestly have no idea but I do know that I've never felt better since I started showering every day.
As a woman I will shower every evening during the work week because I work in nature and nature is dirty so I don’t want to drag that into bed. But I’ll wash my hair every 2 days and use dry shampoo otherwise it dries out. On the weekend I’ll take a shower every other day because I’m generally not covered in dirt. You still sweat (albeit mildly) doing "just go to school and stuff". And that's enough to produce BO. Seriously dude, unless it's constantly in the sub-zero temps where you live, show a bit of respect for the people around you and don't jam up their space with your musk. Deodorants can only do so much, and there's a HUGE difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. If you're just smothering yourself in Axe and thinking "I'm sweet" you're really not.
When I was about your age I had an internship and my boss at the time told me I stink. Just straight up told me, no subtle hints or anything. It was pretty embarrassing but it was an eye opener as well. Pretty sure other people noticed it but were too friendly to say anything. You may even feel you don't smell at all, but you get used to your own stink. Others don't. I mainly use pads now, but I still shower only twice/week. I will use a washcloth in the mornings, though, and I keep sanitary wipes in my purse when I'm on my period. I try not to use them all the time, though, because that can apparently be bad for the ph-balance (or something, I don't know, my ob-gyn told me to limit use because I used them a lot when I was an active camper). I shower as normal. I used to use those Summer's Eve scented wipes until I learned about important the ph-balance is and that I shouldn't be ashamed of my natural smell. So, you can use unscented, non-chemical, and unmedicated baby wipes. I didn't use them a lot, since I tried to change my pad often enough but if you're feeling a little icky, those are good. They are sensitive enough for a baby, so why not you? That's what I used to do before I got my IUD. I use baby wipes for a lot of stuff now, tbh.

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Do you reply if stranger text on cell phone

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Noo I don't reply at all .they are either cousins ,school friends or some one who know you ,now cleverly trying to ask you questions and you reply them like foolish person 😃😄😄
Never guess !! Who are they ? Stay quiet 🤐🤫
I never reply them unless until they tell their names 🤪🤪🤪

Ever diagnosed with insomnia? Share experience and how you realized it please.

Not diagnosed but I have problems sleeping since I was 17.
Back when I was in form 5, my physics teacher would give us homeworks everyday even for weekends. And everyday, you must submit the homeworks before 6:45 AM at school, kalau gagal hantar, rotan 2 kali.
The homeworks are not easy and i have to handwrite 3-4 pages of "daily homework" and 3-4 pages of exercises (it's two different things idk how to explain it). Lab reports not included. This is just for physics btw, homework subject lain lagi banyak :)
Even form 6 pun homework tidak la banyak mcm form 5 dulu 😭
So anw, I developed a habit of not sleeping. Sebab everyday paling awal, tidur 3 pagi.
Lepas habis highschool, i still can't sleep well if I don't use ASMR or I don't tire myself. For a year memang my sleeping schedule sangat tak teratur. Pernah nosebleed a few times. Kalau tidur awal pun memang akan bangun at 3 AM. Maybe my brain masih terbiasa utk buat daily homework 😂
I was like that for a year but I got better. Sekarang okay sikit bc i didn't wake up at 3 AM. But i still hv problems sleeping early.
Reading helps. Pilih buku yang boring, buku business ka lol. If that doesn't work, do a light workout.

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If you were to make a gag reel of your life, with your most hilarious moment (or one of them) being the final clip, what moment would you pick? Like, what would be the perfect end cap to the hilarious moments of your life, if they were all caught on camera? 📽🎞

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
One of them, was when I was 14/13. Had a school trip, and at that time I accidentally entered the male toilet 😅. I didn't realize it till one guy came out of the toilet and wanted to use the sink. And I just being me and being so confident scolding him and everything. To make it worst, I splashed water on him and only realized it was a male toilet after there was one guy came in and saw the scene. Two men were looking at me with me wearing my school uniform with my nametag and school name. And.. I just went out of the toilet without saying anything:,)
I was too embarrassed and I regretted that I left my spec in my bag. 😓😕😑😩
I don't know laaa. I don't know why am I so confident.
If you were to make a gag reel of your life with your most hilarious moment or

Was your school's playground a breeding ground for bullies?

My secondary school definitely had a bullying problem. I don't think that my primary school did though. Or at least, I have no memory of ever being bullied during my primary school years and as far as I am aware, none of my classmates were bullied either.

Hailey była tancerką ? :o

AliciaVikanderPoland’s Profile PhotoAlicia Vikander Poland
Była! Hailey jako dziewczynka uczęszczała na lekcje baletu do American Ballet School, a także Miami City Ballet i była pewna, że w przyszłości będzie profesjonalną baletnicą, ale zrezygnowała z tej drogi z powodu kontuzji stopy.
Hailey była tancerką  o

How long has your longest friendship been? Are you still friends? #spreadingpositivity ❤

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
Longest would be pretty much my entire life bar the first 3 years.
Her name is Jess! We grew up together! Went to all the same schools :)
Though once we got into high school, we kinda drifted apart. We had different friend groups and our interests changed.
I still see her as a friend and we still connect and see how each other is on Facebook :)
How long has your longest friendship been Are you still friends

How long have you been on ask? What made you stay? 😊

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I started in 2012, recommended by my social circle. And lost interest in it for a couple of years because back then, the amount of questions depended on one's popularity in his/her local school and spins on a random question generator feature that sometimes repeated its content (shoutouts hadn't existed and international interaction was limited),, and a nerd like me ain't that sociable. I returned once in a blue moon over the years and consistently stuck around since 2018. Initially, it was to catch up with social trends of having an Ask.fm account. And then, my return was sparked off by a desire to stalk my Twitter crush before shifting onto my ex-partner. Now, I'm interested in insightful perspectives and ideas presented by selected few, and explore new horizons.

How long have you been on ask? What made you stay? 😄

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I believe I started using Askfm in 2012. Back then it wasn't popular in Singapore yet, and I was among the first in my school. I got to know it because at that time my twitter account was following a lotta people from US. I saw their answers there with their links, so I tried. True enough, there weren't many fellow Singaporeans. But I used Askfm anyways, sharing my answers on Twitter. A couple of weeks later, my friends started asking me what that was all about and then they all started.
I still use Askfm today (this is the same account since 2012) because it is a great concept for social media. Tellonym is around too, but I don't really use it. Rarely, and right now it's as good as not having an account there. Couple years back I even got to know someone who ended up being special to me. Though not anymore, I still use this, but not because of her. It just became part of my life. I'd compare Askfm to Facebook. Facebook been around before Twitter, and just like Askfm, I use Facebook more than I use Twitter.
I'd also like to say thank u to people like yourself for making Askfm a great social media platform by keeping it alive. We may be so far apart, but I'm glad that people like u and me don't care or mind about nationality. Thank u, everyone!

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If she has nt removed that pics u will see a cardboard i think she is a school going girl this is wat i think rest is up to U wat u think & Plz Don't bring it to Public.

bro don't tell me who's is she you don't know her i know she's real nd i know her personally so don't blame her don't msg me again about her she's my friend nd i have her insta nd snapchat ID's 🤨

How's your sleep-dream cycle these days?

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Horrible 🥲
I was attempting my fsc exam in school with my university fellows in a dream and I forgot my summer vacation work at home. I was panicked about my grades and I wasn't feeling well but still studying hard.
Why brain why😭
I woke up and had a different dream after 10 mins 😕😕😕
P.S: These days I'm not on day-dreaming mode so it's quite peaceful

4th yr med, ongoing clerkship. Feel ko ubos na ubos na ako at di ko mabalance pressure ng med school at life problems (family & internal conflicts). Please share some motivation you would tell someone who is about to give up everything.

i cant give you one. even ako nagstop due to schedule conflicts, difficulty focusing and theres pandemic. ngayon ubos na ubos na rin ako 3rd yr pa lang. damayan na lang kita :)
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Would you of you had the money and ambition, buy an old school bus and make it your home, and travel across your country or the world?

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That would be interesting! 🤪😁 I always thought it was super neat how people would recreate small little spaces and create a living cozy, nook out of it for the road! Plus, it would be a great way to see the rest of the world ☺️👍✨🚐
I think in my older years, I'd do this... But, I got to be honest, I'm not really a good long distance driver, so either the bf (hopefully hubby at that point) will do the driving... Or self driving buses better be a thang, lol

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