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How do people react to adults dressing up for Halloween?

No-one will think it odd if you are in fancy dress on the evening of Hallowe'en: but Hallowe'en costumes would be expected to be ghost/ghoul/vampire/witch or at a stretch generic horror, rather than random fancy dress. Every fancy dress shop will sell a wide range of costumes and accessories for adults, because fancy dress is reasonably popular all year round in Britain.
I think it’s regional in the UK. Halloween is massive in Northern Ireland and young adults go all out with the costumes when going out. Brought a friend from London over for Halloween when I was in Uni and she couldn’t get over how much effort everyone went to and said it wasn’t like that in London. Lived in Newcastle for 3 years and everyone went all out there with the costumes too (but most of the city is students). I think it’s highly variable. I have a group of friends, we’re not quite nerds but do fancy dress frequently, including a runway walk with prizes. But even a group of us walking to a party in costume together in many parts of the country attracts abuse or random loud sarcasm Eg “yes let’s all just randomly dress up as a witch” when it was Halloween. Try and find fellow Halloween lovers and stick together and keep your costume to something directly Halloween themed.
Unless your work have a "dress up day" for halloween, you won't find most adults dressing up for the day. Some supermarket workers may wear headbands/those headband bopper things with spiders or skulls...but not everyone. If it's late afternoon/early evening and you nip to the supermarket in costume, people will assume you're on your way to a party. Go at 9am and you may get some odd looks. Halloween parties/themed nights at pubs/clubs - people will dress up. Even if people go "sexy", there will likely be a horror/scary theme, like "sexy dead schoolgirl zombie" or it'll be like zombie, ghost, vampire type. Not random "I want to dress up as a bin lorry". Trick or treating - hit and miss. We've rarely had trick or treaters (as a child, I was the youngest on the road and the far end is all elderly people in bungalows). I've never been, and only I think twice opened the door to them because it was the first year we had children as neighbours so I was prepared. I think after that, they figured it's just not worth it down our road. So unless you're under 10, I doubt people would bother.
It can depend on the workplace but I worked in an office where they encouraged staff to dress up for Halloween if it fell on a weekday. Nobody cares what you dress up as - within reason of course - it's not just traditional "vampire etc" costumes either. There are a lot of costume shops you should be able to find, especially in London.

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Disculpen la ignorancia, ¿ver pornografía es bueno o malo?

Jeshonale’s Profile Photo⊱ ────── Aͫlͣpͬhͥaͣ ────── ⊰
Responde @jesusazomalaga:
Por experiencia diría que es malo. Te hace ver a la mujer seccionada por partes corporales, te vuelve más falocéntrico, más estético a la hora de practicar sexo, lo que te hace disfrutar más de ''la escena'' que de la unión del sexo en sí.
Te pudre el cerebro en lo sexual si lo ves en exceso, incluso romantiza las relaciones con menores a través de subgéneros multitudinarios como el ''teen'' o el ''schoolgirl''.
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Ahojte ľudia ,hľadám niekde takú tú schoolgirl sukňu, chcela by som si ju objednať ale nikde neviem nájsť niečo normálne, stále ma to hádže na Wish alebo na dajake čínske stránky , neviete o nejakej dobrej stránke kde mám istotu, že dostanem to čo objednávam? A nechcem žiadnu erotickú sukňu 😂 thx

zaful, shein alebo potom ak máš šťastie tak aj v sekáči nájdeš.
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Ahojte ľudia ,hľadám niekde takú tú schoolgirl sukňu, chcela by som si ju objednať ale nikde neviem nájsť niečo normálne, stále ma to hádže na Wish alebo na dajake čínske stránky , neviete o nejakej dobrej stránke kde mám istotu, že dostanem to čo objednávam? A nechcem žiadnu erotickú sukňu 😂 thx

Skús stránku House, možno tam niečo nájdeš 🤔

Young Hasay is a fourteen year old schoolgirl who is well skilled in melee weapons, very smart and beautiful. Has a lover named Yukiteru and are even ready to kill him if he is in some kind of danger. He lives alone in a house without electricity, suffers lapses of memory. Their parents, Young kill

готова убить за своего Юкитеру:3

if you could take a member of station (of the opposite gender) out on a date, who would you take? (could be a platonic!)

i can see @mimyouis and i lounging in the shisha bar (read: strip club probably). would totally take @yurakitty drinking again with lots of yummy food of course. or anywhere else honestly. @jonance that pizza & arcade date sounds awesome, i'll take you up on that! scream like a schoolgirl at 5sos concert with @jisouo of course. would take @sanachans to a nice museum date or something of that sort. @lisbun, kookie and i would have a nice family date. (pls don't max our credit cards dotter. ily.) and everyone else, please join in on the fun. it's on me. leggo!

What about girls like @jessie_belstone_x who had sex at 13, got pregnant, her boyfriend ran off leaving her holding the baby and now she's a schoolgirl mum? ???

My life, my choices. I fell pregnant yeah and I took responsibility for that. I'm raising a beautiful little girl, you're not in this position therefore it does not concern you. Lewis did not "run" off at all pahah I left him when emily was 8 months old and he still sees her so what's the problem? Get on with your own life will ya

Nicht im ernst. Du spielst wirklich Smite? Ich liebe es mit Hel zu spielen. Öhm.. Ich höre mich wie der größte Freak an. Jedenfalls finde ich deinen Steckbrief gut gelungen. Ist echt perfekt, demnach genauso beschrieben wie sie eigentlich beschrieben werden soll.

(Oh my yay! Ich spiele es wirklich gerne und es freut mich, eine gleichgesinnte Person gefunden zu haben! Dann sind wir wohl beide Freaks. Aber Hey, Hel spielt sich immerhin sehr gut.. am meisten im Schoolgirl Skin, huehue.
Dazu bedanke ich mich! Es bedeutet mir schon ganz schön was, dies von dir zu hören. Wirklich, vielen Dank! )

Helo, r u a type of person who would stick to your own fashion style or would you change it depends on where you are?

oh man honestly i'm not sure because since i moved to japan i've been exposed to so so many new styles (and access to it) and i can't say i'm not tempted to go outside my trashy goth schoolgirl confinement and i can feel my style slowly shifting into something simpler and slouchier

1. На сколько лет я выгляжу?? 2.С какой песней я у тебя ассоциируюсь?? 3.Кто был бы мне идеальной парой?❤ 4. Что отличает меня от других? ? 5.Опиши мою внешность? 6.Опиши мой характер? 7.Какое мое фото нравится больше всего? ❤

id167743185’s Profile PhotoMoréna.
Grustnenkaya schoolgirl

Do we say "I hope everything is okay at your end." or "I hope everything is okay on your end." or "I hope everything is okay in your end."?

I wish people said "in your end" cause I'd be giggling like a schoolgirl

do u like to draw lukas?? maybe u could draw schoolgirl frienship lesbians eat toast hehe. oh do u have a name u like to be called more maybe? QWQ"" a nickname? lulu lamb <3

YOU CAN CALL ME WHATEVER U WANNA!!!!!!!!!!!! i only have a few nicknames, im called lukas! luke! lu! even kiss is one of my nicknames :3c i like drawing but im not so good at it!!!!!!
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It isn't mean bae 😭 hahaha look the poor little boy wants to be a girl let him 😭 he wants to be a schoolgirl lmao what a funny sight that would be

i dont find it funny xD poor kid
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LG a para: From what I've heard you're an amazing person. But whenever your name comes up the only memory i have of you, is you, as the schoolgirl whom most of the guys were after!😂 I wish to have had many more memories, but you know what they say. It's never too late! How bout making some now?😉🎀

Alz2710’s Profile PhotoAlister Almeida
Ohhh god! 😂😂🙈 yeahhh sure😁

Someone was saying that sexualising and harming children is Japanese culture like wtf that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard

Mikihart’s Profile Photomik
it is technically in the culture though, lolita outfits, schoolgirl outfits, cuddle cafes, host clubs, girl bands like these (pictured below, the girls that look very doll like and young sell really well bc like i said) manga child pornography comics, etcetcetc and its all legal, Japan refuses to change these things
Someone was saying that sexualising and harming children is Japanese culture
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Time for Ruby's Raging Rant. Today I am irritable. I had 2 hours of sleep, got woken up by the neighbours dragging an elephant or something across their living room, had a bug zoom around my room, had the shower water go cold and then.. I scrolled through my kik folder on my phone. Oh boy. Bad move.

sunehraa’s Profile PhotoRuby
"You've seen me smile,
Now you’re gonna have to see me hurtin’,
'cause pretending everything is alright when it ain’t, really isn’t working.
I wanna sing, I wanna shout,
I wanna scream till the words dry out,
So put it in all of the papers, I’m not afraid,
They can read all about it, read all about it."
^ Current mood.
Okay. So I was scrolling through my kik folder which contains any pictures I have saved from kik chats or sent to anyone, so of course it contained pictures that reminded me of the friend and honestly I'm really annoyed?? Do you have any idea how much time and effort I spent on them? This is the person I consoled when they were going through a rough patch with their S/O despite my being on holiday with family.. this is the person who I've consoled countless times and stayed up with because they weren't well, this is the person who, when I had a Uni assessment deadline in a few hours and I was painting and writing up stuff on one side, said friend messaged saying they were sad AND I WAS CONSOLING THEM THE MORNING OF MY DEADLINE?? Yeah.
It's been like a week since we stopped talking, and they don't really seem to be too fussed lol. Like was I that bad a friend? Surely a proper reason would have not been too much to ask for. I know I can make mistakes, I'm just as human as anyone else, but I am willing to apologise and make amends for them.. IF I BLOODY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE?? UM??
Really feeling let down by you babe, this wasn't the babe I befriended originally, you're like a different person now.
Get this though, we stopped talking the day after we had known each other for a year. Nice gift right? Nothing at all like the cute gestures their other friends received. Nope.
Throwback to schoolgirl Ruby. Schoolgirl Ruby used to get bullied for being too clever. No-one wants to be friends with the unpopular one right?? And the few friends I did manage to secure were, quite literally dragged away by the arm from my company by one of the popular gyals. I knew from then that I would always make my friends feel like they were the most important and worth their weight in gold.
So, aside from ranting, I will also take the time to thank the people who have been keeping me company and keeping my mind off things with stuff like kpops, old groovy songs, syringes, manicures and just general chit chat, in this time when I am more angsty than the brooding bad boy character of a badly written fanfiction on fanfic.net. Not name dropping because they're my babes and special treasures, and all mine. They're all equally important and irreplaceable. Anyone who thinks otherwise can fite me.
One smart cookie told me it's kinda obvious who hurt me, and maybe it is, but at this point I don't really care. They've made mince meat out of my feelings, why should I give a flying fart about theirs?
I'm not concerned, I have nothing to hide, I have done nothing wrong. My crime was maybe caring too much?? Sue me.
Might delete later.

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Hi Kak. Aku f17. I'm still so young I know. But I engaged with a man 31 y.o. (bukan dijodohkan) & we're about to get married around next year. Did we decide wrong? We're both educated & sama" akan terus belajar. Dia cukup mapan, sy juga cukup berpenghasilan. Saran kakak? #INeedThisKak #Thankyou 😄

If you're mature enough to handle the disdainful stares that are yet to come with a smile, proceed.
Although personally I wouldn't tie the knot with someone twice my age unless he's loaded. "Cukup mapan" won't do. I would want to spend a lot on video games and consoles and imported goods in my twenties and I know most women would want to pamper and treat themselves with designer bags and jewelry. In my thirties, I would want to have kids; would he be able to support me AND my children? Education is hella expensive these days. And of course I'd have to buy them their own gadgets and Xbox because I ain't sharing mine. Not to mention we'd have to feed and dress them up for at least eighteen years before we can release them to the wilderness.
Call me materialistic all you want but you know I've got a point there.
(I really hope you won't call off the wedding just because of one man's opinion. And by man I mean a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl you just called "kak".)

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Hi guys, ini pertanyaan yg cukup rame diaskfm 'sebelah😅'. So would you tell us 10 facts about yourself by which 7 are true and 3 are lies? pastinya nanti ditebak hehehe. thanks and happy holiday😊

staihly’s Profile Photopoys
Okay.. Sounds interesting.
1. I have a really really bad temper. I can lay a hit to someone's face when I am reaching the roof.
2. I am pretty friendly. I can talk with whoever and break the ice easily.
3. I dislike eating. Like, I only eat for the sake of my health, not to satisfy my desire.
4. I also dislike sleeping. Sleep wastes my time and I'd rather play with my puppies and only sleep when I really need to.
5. Dance is what I fond of.
6. I have only banged less than 5 girls and never felt addicted.
7. I had my first kiss in my senior year.
8. I am that neat bastard that sleeps regularly and wakes up in 6 AM to go for a run and takes a bath and lives a healthy lifestyle.
9. My weakness is schoolgirl in uniform, plump lips, and submission. Hell yeah.
10. I don't deal with those who tryna test the water on me. I don't accept sugary treat that comes from your mouth. No, thanks, I don't fuck with you.

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do you believe that its important that the person you marry should be a virgin or not? how important is this?

MAN prefers to marry an intelligent and responsible girl, not a foolish young schoolgirl who hasn't a clue what life, sex, and marriage are about. He knows his chances for a secure and lasting marriage are much better if he marries a grownup who knows who she is and what she wants, and is not an inexperienced child.
#DEEP Question Θ_Θ

Beth have you ever imagine that your life will be like that? i mean with all these twitter guys (or bunnies idk how you call them lol)

what are you even talking about when i created my account my username was PrettyPinkySchoolgirl and my background was some stupid picture with sponge bob' quote with bio like "im funny little schoolgirl please follow me" and my tweets kinda "Haha my classmate is so stupid. I love em". i hate my past and i've never expected i'll be who i am right now. i love my bunnies

hello, I've noticed you like schoolgirl complex and it's honestly so aesthetically pleasing, do you have any other movies and or photoshoots similar to that? Thanks!

Hello! mmm.. i dont think so, no..
I mean the ones with similar tones.. maybe you can try rinko kawauchi?
hello Ive noticed you like schoolgirl complex and its honestly so aesthetically
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will yoh have yoh girlfriends with you from skool when me will dress up as schoolgirl :) dont mind if you want to bring your girlfriends if they promise to be nice

YOU FINALLY SPOKE ENGLISH 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 sure
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http://www.fandompost.com/oldforums/showthread.php?48365-Sentai-Filmworks-Maiden-Japan-January-2016-Solicitations On the scale from 1 to 10 (10 being most), how surprised were you that Sentai Filmworks decided to dub a schoolgirl slice of life Manga Time Kirara anime title (Hanayamata)?

DaarkPaladinX’s Profile PhotoDark Paladin X
Just because it's slice-of-life does not mean it's automatically doomed to not have a dub. I'll admit it took me a little off guard, but that's because it's about traditional Japanese dancing and not because it's slice-of-life.

Do any of your characters have one seemingly out-of-place characteristic that just...makes people both IC and OOC go "Wait. Was not expecting that."?

• Lilith is a complete softie under all that sarcasm (exhibit a: Twyla.)
• Kiano is as horny as you expect a seventeen year old boy to be, and maybe more so (never heard Sammy complaining.)
• Rhian's a complete lovie. Seriously, she's like a blushing schoolgirl around Aeron.
• Oscar gets super angry very easily when he's rubbed the wrong way.

Kak shay tadi aku lihat di youtube acara di RTV kalo ga salah extra seleb, episode nya kak shay ada kak bian nya, trs ceritanya kak shay pulang sekolah ke rumah kak shay bawa temen2, trs makan bareng sama mama nya, trs ceritanya ikut mama nya shooting trs di tempat shooting makan mie sama devano hah

Mrstiaratr’s Profile PhotoTiara Risris
Oh dear god what a good time that was. Back when i had bangs, back when my boyfriend was just a schoolgirl crush, back when i danced like there was no one....

kak, cosplay-nya kapan? ntar janji pap yaaa? aku juga suka dan pengen jadi cosplayer but my face didn't support me to do dat:(

deanovitta’s Profile Photodea novita
Ayo ayooo kamu harus coba cosplay!
Gak ada yg gak cocok kok kalau mau cosplay, aku aja udh tuak gini masih mau cosu jadi schoolgirl yg jejepangan gt. wkwkwk.
I've always wanted to know what it's like to be a school girl in Japan.
I'll do it on my next life, for now a cosplay will have to do 😊
kak cosplaynya kapan ntar janji pap yaaa
aku juga suka dan pengen jadi cosplayer

do you know if it's possible to get quality japanese schoolgirl uniform over ebay? i want one for so long now, but the only place where i an get it is ebay, and i don't want to end up looking like cheap striper :/ i would wear it on daily bases, not cosplay so...is it a good idea to order from ebay?

Uhm I don't know... I know there are some of those galaxy uniforms on some Storenvy stores, you might wanna check there?

Wow Nyan, neko, kawaii, japan, tumblr, anime, why are we not associated? ;c (p.s not the previous anon who kept using kawaii emoticons pfft)

nyan was something i found on youtube one of my very first findings that there's more to the internet than just social media and information :p a friend introduced me to the word kawaii, its really cool so i use it often. anime, im not really an avid anime watcher i just watch what people suggest so ya. when someone says the word japan, the first image in my head is Obama dressed in a japanese schoolgirl outfit saying "kawaiiii". aaannd then is the luv of ma lyf and the grim reaper; tumblr. now, tumblr will destroy you and rejuvenate you. tumblr made me wat i am today friend. we are not associated becccc idk you havent texted yet (??¿???¿) ;-;

can i gve u prompts instead of noobhmoob? so cn u write about schoolgirl lykin schoolboys?? cux that's ma situation rn :D :D :*

"schoolgirls liking schoolboys"
It's just been two months and I'm asking myself wow when was I ever a schoolgirl?
Don't fall for a schoolboy you'll fall in love with him and then you guys will be separated and it's going to be the worst thing in the entire world so yeah sorry if I'm not making any fckn sense

1. schoolgirl 6ой школы :) 2. Чудесные глаза. 3 Живешь недалеко от меня. 4. Не веришь в Деда Мороза :"( 5. Ты и Артем -очень красивая пара, вы даже похожи чем-то)

unidentified9177’s Profile PhotoRemember me..
живу недалеко от тебя, поэтому часто тебя вижу😏
за все остальное-большое спасибо✨
безумно приятно😇

Ух, я рискну :) 1. Мария значит :) 2. schoolgirl 1ой школы.3 Лучшая подруга Матяшовой Анны. 4. У тебя не открывается вконтакте с аска :( .5. Симпатичная :3

unidentified9177’s Profile PhotoRemember me..
ахах,не,у меня лп-Альбина,а у Аньки Лина)
все,теперь открывается вк с аска,ахах

One of the groups of people who will be shaded by the 3arsh Of Allah (swt) are those who spent their youth in his path , mashaAllah youre still a young schoolgirl and you're talking about marriage and veils and Islam instead of boyfriends and other haram thing , may you be one of the shaded , ameen

Ameen :) Aww! This actually touched my heart, wallahi the same for you :) alhumdulilah for everything!
Come off anon? xx

The anonymous person who always accuses that people like me spoil the name of the country, please do read something that happened just yesterday and decide who spoils the country's name as a whole.

The sister superior at Jesus and Mary Convent, Gangapur Ranaghat, Nadia district, was allegedly gang-raped by robbers last night.
The 71-year-old senior sister was severely beaten up, brutally gang-raped and then fastened with ropes by the miscreants who also looted Rs 12 lakh cash from the iron chest at the principal’s adjoining office room.
The security guard at the convent was also beaten and tied up with a rope. Junior sisters and staff living in the convent who came to the rescue of their sister superior were also threatened and beaten.
The sister superior was admitted to the local hospital, but as her condition worsened, she was taken to Kolkata’s NRS government hospital, where her condition was stated to be critical by the hospital authorities.
The same day, two other similar incidents took place — one at Canning town where a 25-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped by her would-be groom and his friends at a vacant room in a public garden.
In the other incident, a schoolgirl at Chanchal town was allegedly kidnapped when she was returning home from school and gang-raped. She was found in an unconscious state near the school premises.
Now tell me dear anon, is it me or people like you who accuse me of accusing such people who vandalise the country's name as a whole. :)

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And what do you think of when I tell you 2000 Nigerians were killed by a terrorist group called Boko Haram, an event most of the has simply ignored, and the 300 or so school girl that were massacred within that 2000. Do you really think they achieved their purpose?

Cjhunter’s Profile PhotoCJ
The people who resort to violence will get violence in return. Karma, in simpler words.
People who do good will get good. Maybe the schoolgirl fulfilled her purpose. Even if she didn't, she died a martyr. This doesn't mean that nobody has a purpose. Some people are yet to know what their purpose is, it comes with time.
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that anon from a few days ago is fucking stupid just because you like anime and have black hair doesn't mean you want to be asian like literally so many people have those two qualities jfc. and you were cosplaying in your schoolgirl picture jfc what an idiot.

yeah lmfao idek watch anime i just like the drawing style

Bae I'd fuck you high and low and anywhere else you wanna go let me take you out and show you what I'm all about I'd touch up your body like a schoolgirl that's been naughty We'd go all the way if you let me show you my sleigh

Your rhyming skills are fab

say you had this boyfriend and you were dating him for a year and 1 month and he asked you to dress up in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit so he can make love to you in it. would you do it.

i really question this website sometimes
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