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Why is history important?

Some people claim that history is irrelevant because it is based upon faulty perceptions, bias, racism, lies, manipulation, deceit and propaganda. But... how can we understand the present if we cannot remember the past? Isn't our culture built upon accummulation of past events that contributed to our current knowledge and understanding? For example, how could we acquire langauge if the past was indeed irrelevant as some propose? The fact is that many of the inventions of the past enable us to be productive and useful in the present i.e. the wheel, combustion engine, computer, radio, rubber, glass, fossil fuel, nuclear energy, light bulb, electricity, internet, airplane, modern medicine, langauge, math, science, music, art, film, etc.
Without the past, one could argue that our contemporary society, appliances and inventions would not exist and humans would still be living in caves and grunting or drawing primative pictures to communicate. I reject the notion that history is irrelevant. >Marcus
"To control a people you must first control what they think about themselves and how they regard their history and culture. And when your conqueror makes you ashamed of your culture and your history, he needs no prison walls and no chains to hold you." > John Henrik Clarke
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Why is history important

What should be the goal of humanity?

EloquentlySagacious’s Profile PhotoEloquentlySagacious
The goal should be unity. The pentacle of human achievement will be becoming a class one civilization. That is a singular unified race/nation with mastery over our planet and resources. There is something called the kardashev Scale. It started off in the realm of science fiction authors, but a physicist designed it originally. It's how to measure the advancement of an alien race based on how much energy they control. Humans don't rank yet. We're about .7 to .8. Since we don't utilize all the planets energy without undo harm to the planet itself. It's nearly impossible to ensure unless we were one people one nation. A United Earth

Hanya Yanagihara "Małe życie"

Przede wszystkim, uważam, że jest to naprawdę dobra powieść.
Porusza ważne tematy, jest dobrze napisana, ma bardzo dobrze i ciekawie wykreowane postacie, jest mnóstwo różnych wątków, ale czytelnik nie powinien się z nimi pogubić, jest też dużo opisów wszystkiego, więc trzeba przygotować się na dość rozwlekłą narrację, a nie szybką, intensywną akcję w każdym rozdziale.
Czy jest smutna? Jest smutna, jest emocjonalna, jest wzruszająca, jest bolesna.
Jednak dla mnie nie była smutna w taki sposób, żeby płakać nad losami bohaterów. Nie płakałam, nie załamałam się, nie potrzebuję terapii, nic z tych rzeczy.
Na pewno skłoniła mnie do kilku refleksji, ale przede wszystkim była dla mnie tak życiowo smutna, bo ja zdaję sobie sprawę z tego, że to nie jest wymyślona przez kogoś bajka, to nie jest scenariusz do filmu science fiction, to jest po prostu życie i codzienność wielu ludzi na tym świecie, i to jest przykre.
Dla mnie czytanie tej książki to nie była trudna psychicznie przeprawa, ale ja mówię to z punktu widzenia osoby znającej realia tego świata, osoby widzącej i słyszącej już wiele, osoby zajmującej się na co dzień trudnymi tematami, z punktu widzenia osoby, której recenzent pracy dyplomowej zapytał, jak dała radę psychicznie przebrnąć przez tematykę swojej pracy.
Ale, to że moje granice są przesunięte, to nie znaczy, że generalnie książka nie jest trudna.
Uważam, że na okładce powinien być jeden wielki trigger warning, bo tematy poruszane w tej książce wcale nie są proste.
Odradzałabym czytanie tej książki osobom wrażliwym, osobom po różnego rodzaju traumach, osobom zmagającym się z lękami, osobom chorującym na depresję.

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Do you believe in the supernatural? Heaven, angels, ghosts? Luck, fate, magic? Mind reading, lizard people, the Illuminati?

I prefer to approach these topics with a reasonable amount of skepticism. Without substantiated facts and irrefutable evidence, very little can convince me. Faith is great but I would hesitate. In my opinion, there could be a scientific explanation for everything that you've mentioned except for a few points which will be addressed below. The science changes constantly and there are countless riddles which we still cannot decipher. With that said, it is important to recognize that science isn't always a final conclusion but an evolutionary process which, at times, can be a mystery in itself. Some might suggest that all questions have already been answered long before they were asked. There may be something to this notion. It may also be true that revelations can be somewhat challenging to ascertain, comprehend or disseminate but in the absence of adequate answers, we must continue to investigate further and avoid jumping to conclusions. Along the way, we will encounter numerous enigmas which are (or may seem?) inexplicable but we should resist the temptation of interpreting concepts, events or experiences from our limited perspectives. Plausible theories deserve our attention. Illusory proposals do not.
A) Luck. A figure of speech. Nothing more.
B) Fate. At best, a self-fulfilling prophecy?
C) Lizard people. Quite similar to flat earth. Pure nonsense.
:::uncontrollable laughter rebounds through my sanctum:::

D) The Illuminati. Yes, it existed. Google "Adam Weishaupt."
I have reason to believe that his quasi-Masonic experiment was a perversion of Freemasonry and an abject failure. If he were alive today and experimenting with such reckless abandon, I could think of one mischievous fellow who may be persuaded to infiltrate his cabal and thwart such efforts.
:::smiles fiendishly:::
Initiation ceremony in Viennese Masonic Lodge, during reign of Joseph II by Ignaz Unterberger (1784).
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is seated on the extreme left.

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Do you believe in the supernatural Heaven angels ghosts Luck fate magic Mind

What are some goals you have for yourself, this 2023? ☺️🎉🥂

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
@JoyouslyJoanna Figured I'd tag you, since this also answers a similar question you sent 😊
Last semester was quite intense for me, studying a course in political science at 100% speed while also writing my thesis. Now all of that is behind me and I'm now looking forward to a more chill semester. I'll be taking a course in CAD at 25% speed starting next week and one in graphical design at 50% speed starting in March. I also aim on working a bit on the side. I want to put more effort on keeping up a good workout schedule and get better at cooking. I've recently become a movie foreman at the student organization I'm active in. So another goal of mine is to make some real nice after movies and commercials 🎬🏊🍳
What are some goals you have for yourself this 2023

Apart from being pretty, what other nice things do you do in life?

MehrAR’s Profile PhotoAR Mehr
I read & read until I fall asleep with a book over my chest
Then I find links between Iqbal's paradigm of nation states & Foucault's biopower in my sleep
Then I wake up & choose to incorporate science instead of digital humanities into literature
Then I think of putting Russell & Nietzsche in parallels while I browse banal twitter hashtags
I sometimes imagine Ulysses on a span of years instead of a single day whilst painting whirling derveshis
And at night, as I close my eyes to sleep I try to find contexts of the disjointed letters at the start of some of my favorite Surahs
It ends on the same note: a book over my chest, my body on rest & a mind endless.

What memory of yours has the most love or happiness attached to it?

inktomy_pen_’s Profile Photopeanut
"Adoption" by Alex
Oh there are so many. I would say it was the adoption of our daughter. We started the adoption process before our daughter was born in 2006. We were notified of her birth and given 24 hours to make our decision. For the next 7 months she was cared for by a beautiful foster family who we still maintain contact with.
So in July 2007 we flew to Guatemala City to meet our daughter, the care givers and the lawyer and social worker. I remember it as though it were yesterday. My wife and I were staying at the hotel and received a call informing us that our daughter was waiting for us in the lobby. For me, it was love at first sight. We met everyone involved in this process, signed the necessary paperwork and brought our daughter back to our room.
Since my wife was not feeling well, I had the honor and privilege of caring for our baby until the plane departed the following day. As one can imagine, she was upset, crying and I would say traumatized from the uncertainty and drastic change to her environment. Every time I put the baby into the crib to sleep she started crying and would only stop when I held her. So for the next 24 hours I held her in my arms and when we awoke in the morning, I noticed a change in her demeanor. She stopped crying and started to smile and laugh because a bond, based upon mutual love and trust, had begun to form.
I could talk for hours and days about this experience because for me it completely changed my life for the better, for she is the apple of my eye. We do everything together which includes: performing music together, playing golf, tennis, helping her with homework (science, math, reading). She also likes to challenge me and debate me. She fondly calls me an old man and a geek because to her friends I am old enough to be her grandpa and because of my passion for music and poetry. There are times, for example, when her friends visit and hear me wailing away on my guitar or bass in my studio and I suppose they are not exposed to that type of behavior. Too funny, right? The best part is that whenever she is with her friends and they are giggling and behaving like teens, when I walk into the room, it becomes dead silent as though a loved one died and we are showing respect at their funeral service.
So... I have to say the adoption of our daughter and our time together are my favorite memories and the memories that give my life it's greatest meaning and purpose.

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What is permanent in your life

Everything in this world is momentary, it is transitory. Life itself is not permanent, we are born and we die. Everything in this world is moving. We come with nothing and when we go, we take nothing. No relationship is permanent, all relationships end. Therefore, what is it that is permanent? The one thing that is permanent is the power in you, in me, the power of the Soul, the power of the Divine. Even science says energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. You, me, we are energy. This energy is transformed to matter and again to energy. This energy is permanent. It cannot be destroyed. It fills the universe. What is this energy? It is part of SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power. This energy is God. But we call this energy SIP because it's a power.

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So my question is. In Qur'an, it's said (and interpretation is) that pious men are for pious women and vice versa. Similarly righteous for righteous, Pure for pure. wicked for wicked, impure for impure men for women and women for men etc. (1)

Before you question any verse of the Qur'an, it's important to understand the context in which that verse was revealed. Also it is important to understand that Qur'an is not a book of rules. The rules of Shariah are taken from the Qur'an and ahadith. Some people take Qur'an as a book of science, some take it as a story book, some take it as a book of rules but the truth is that it's none of that exclusively. It is a way of life. Now what does that mean? It means that it has examples of almost every kind of situation a person will possibly face, so you study that and you get inspiration from it. It also is a book that teaches us who Allah is. And yes it does have some rules that are very strict and there's question about those rules not being obligatory upon us, because of the way they've been worded.. An example of such a rule would be verses that say drinking alcohol is a great sin. Surah baqarah verse 219 btw.
Or the quran saying don't even go near adultery in surah isra verse 32 I believe.
Just two examples, but the point is that if Qur'an mentions a rule, it is worded in a very clear manner. So clear that there's no question about it being forbidden or about it being a rule. Remember this point.
Coming to the first part of my answer, context. I'll explain it in the next question cuz no space here.

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Does the feeling of being famous can make you nervous? 🤔

zeldalink1’s Profile PhotoZelda
Do we really comprehend reality, or do we simply see what we perceive?
“Perceived Reality” by Alex
What is truth?
Is our reality real?
Are our perceptions accurate?
What would happen if I affirmed that people see what either they choose to see or are conditioned to see, and therefore; perception, reality, and truth, assume the same meaning for that person? I would say that for many people, there is no substantial difference between perception, reality and truth. So, what we perceive becomes our reality, even when it is not true.
Wisdom occurs when we can seek truth based upon our perception of reality, with the understanding that our perceptions might be false and our world view distorted, out of context, or not based on science, facts, logic, reason, empirical evidence, objective Analysis and truth.
So, is our reality based on distorted perceptions or truths?
I believe that the answer to this question depends on whether or not we have achieved the knowledge, understanding, humility, grace and wisdom, necessary to perceive reality, while recognizing, appreciating, and understanding truth.
God is truth.
God is wisdom.
God is love.

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Does the feeling of being famous can make you nervous

انا متابعه جديده حضرتك computer science ؟

طالما بنت فبلاش حضرتك ورسميات يا جميل، أنا كنت هندسة قسم كمبيوتر لكن سبتها وحولت علم نفس لكن مازلت بمارس دراسة البرمجة وإن كانت مابقتش مساري الرئيس.
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What's the closest thing to real magic?

MarnieDavage’s Profile Photo✿ Marniee ✿
The True Science of .
'Magic' , 'real magic' ; is the the label people who are too lazy to make the endeavour to comprehend , or search for the reason , of the science of the 'phenomenon'
They are likely , more than likely to be too lazy to read the answers to their own questions
~ then there are things we feel are magical to us, are too delightful to define ~
Whats the closest thing to real magic

Can a boy and a girl be friends??? I want the answer according to the Islamic point of view .

urwaamin07’s Profile Photoلا پتہ ⁦:⁠^⁠)⁩
The attraction between cross-gender ‘friendships’ is undeniable. This is proven by science. Our brains tend to give off increased levels of chemicals while we interact with people of the opposite gender.
We will only be deceiving ourselves if we consider non-mahrams to simply be ‘friends’. Doing this means we will be susceptible to losing focus and hence commit sins. This invariably us further away from the bounty of Allah SWT.

Qual o melhor livro de física pra ter uma base sólida no ensino médio?

naduvidamitocondria’s Profile PhotoNa dúvida Mitocôndria
O melhor, para se "saber" Física mesmo e, não apenas, para treinar a responder questões do ENEM, é a antiga coleção do "Physical Science Study Committee" (PSSC), disponível para ser baixado em:
Está incluso, também, o "Suplemento de Tópicos Avançados", traduzido por nós, professores de EPCAR. Seu conteúdo, todavia, não é pedido em exames de admissão aos cursos superiores e nem no ENEM, mas é importantíssimo que se saiba, para se entender o mundo físico em que se encontra imerso.
Em verdade, todo estudante que "souber", de fato, Física, se revelará aprovado, pelo menos nesse conteúdo, em qualquer exame que fizer, independentemente de ter "treinado" resolver questões do exame considerado.
Em segundo lugar, eu recomendo este:
Em terceiro lugar, recomendo "Fundamentos da Física", em três volumes do Ramalho:

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ينفعاشترك انا وصحابي في موقع 365 data science بنفس الاكونت لان ماديا غير مقتدرين قبنجمع سوا وهنخش بنفس الايميل؟ ونفس القياس على كورسات يوديمي او اي محتوى مدفوع

الأصل الحرمة
يا شباب
كتير من المحتوى ده له شبه مجانا مع شوية تعب
وكورسات يودمي بحوالي 200 جنيه
واغلبهم اصلا بنفس جودة يوتيوب
والكويس قليل

واي الفرق بين كريديت وجنرال ؟؟!

الفرق بين جينيرال و كريدت في ٣ حاجات
١- سنة التخصص
في جينيرال التخصص من سنة ٣ اما في كريدت من سنة اولى
٢- المصاريف
جينيرال مصروفاتها عادية بتبقى في حدود ١٥٠٠ لكن كريدت بتبقى مصروفاتها كتير يعني في حدود ٤٠ الف دي مصاريف السنة .
٣- التخصصات
القسم العام التخصصات بتاعته ٥
Computer science
Artificial intelligence
Information technology
Information system
Decision support
القسم الخاص الي هو كريدت ليه ٤ تخصصات
Software engineering
Cyber security
Data science
Bio informatics

People rarely manage to be totally objective. Everything we do, think and express is filtered by subjectivity, emotions and personality. Therefore, it is very difficult to always be objective. What's your opinion about it?

Why do people believe in objective truth?
Because most of our personal experience seems to validate it. When we wake up we expect to see the sun rise. And when we go to bed at night, we wait for the sun to set. When we turn on the light switch, we expect the bulb to light up. Wherever we go, things happen no matter what our personal beliefs are. There is no evidence to support the belief that things happen because we "want" them to happen, right? If so, our world would be chaotic and unpredictable because people would want different things.
The subject of prediction is important. Scientific research assumes the existence of objective truths. In science, determining the validity of a theory is accomplished by making predictions and then creating tests to see if the predictions are true. If the predictions come true and can be reliably reproduced and verified, the theory gains support. If the predictions cannot be verified, the theory loses credibility because the evidence does not support it.
This process depends on the principles that tests will succeed or fail regardless of what researchers believe. Assuming the tests are designed and performed correctly, it doesn't matter how many of those involved think it will work; there is always the possibility that it will fail. If this possibility did not exist, then there would simply be no point in testing, right? Whatever people came up with would be "true" and that would be the end of it.
Obviously, that's nonsense!
The world does not and cannot work like that; if it did, we wouldn't be able to function on it. Everything we do is based on the idea that there are things that are true objectively and independently of us; therefore, the truth must be objective.
"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be
hidden. Nor do you light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine." light before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father who is in heaven." Matthew 5: 14-16

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People rarely manage to be totally objective Everything we do think and express

A "populáris tudománnyal" (pop science) két nagy bajom van. Az egyik, hogy már eljutottunk odáig, hogy az átlag paraszt bármit elhisz, ha odaírod, hogy "tudósok szerint" vagy "egy kutatás szerint". A másik meg, hogy sok olyan kretént sikerült kitermelnie, mint a Zeltner Matyi.

Ezt nem fogom szó nélkül hagyni.
Amikor a többség megkérdőjelezi a tudományt, akkor vége van a reformkor elveinek. A kérdés az, hogy akkor merre tovább?
- Menjünk bele a dualizmusba, ami a nacionalizmusból: egy buta pusztító, kötött nihilista elvet csinált és két háborúba sodorta bele az országot?
- Ragaszkodjunk a posztmodernhez, ami az egyenlőségből: arrogáns racionalizmust és nihilizmust generált, és a COVID miatt értelmét vesztette?
- Legyen metamodernizmus kultúrája, ami alternatívaként szolgál, és arra készteti a gyakorlót, hogy legyen tájékozott, pragmatikus idealista és őszintén ironikus?
De ez se jó, mert, aki lehet nem tudatosan adja át az új kulturális nyelvet, az is rossznak van beállítva, mert nem értitek miért is akarja átadni a tudását.
Igen, például Kádár-korszakban a többség nem hitte el, hogy hanyatlik a nyugat, ma a többség elhiszi. Régen az emberek könyveket (tiltottakat is) olvastak, íróasztalnak írtak, ma a médiumokban, az ask.fm-en és a többi közösségi oldalon mérgezik az agyunkat, ezért sokan nem látják a valódi értéket mutató embereket, a reformereket. Hadházynak egy hét sátorozás és egy eléggé erős tüntetés után számoltak be az MTVA-ban, hogy tüntetés van és hozzá leadták a tanárok és diákok 9 pontos követelését. Basszus, állandóan erről kellene dumálniuk!
Itt meg "senki" nem foglalkozik ezzel, mert a szaros életét félti, vagy mindenki reménykedik, hogy az ő rétegetekét nem fogja kicsinálni a rendszer? - De kifogják csinálni, mert ilyennek, és például te, nem fogod tudni, hogy ki tudna megoldást mutatni, mert, aki valamilyen formában tudást akar átadni; azt lenézed, közben valószínű imádod annak a szavát, aki valójában rühelli a saját népét.

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السلام عليكم هل فعلا يا دكتور مجال الdata science صعب نكون شاطرين فيه كل ما اسال حد اكبر مننا أو معانا يحسسونى انى مش هكمل فيه

لا مش صعب
بس عاوز حد حابب إنه يتعامل مع البيانات ويستكشف أسرارها-
واحد يكون مستقل بيدور بنفسه ويعتمد علي نفسه عشان مبيكونش فيه وصفة واحدة تمشي عليها عشان كل بيانات (dataset) بتكون ذات طبيعة مختلفة
فده مش مناسب لكل الناس
بس كده

A "populáris tudománnyal" (pop science) két nagy bajom van. Az egyik, hogy már eljutottunk odáig, hogy az átlag paraszt bármit elhisz, ha odaírod, hogy "tudósok szerint" vagy "egy kutatás szerint". A másik meg, hogy sok olyan kretént sikerült kitermelnie, mint a Zeltner Matyi.

Ejj, fiamlányom... senki sem mondta még neked, hogy nem illik efféle marhaságokat terjeszteni, mert "az átlag paraszt bármit elhisz"?

*Here's someone Majima hasn't seen in awhile, the shadow's partner, he seems to be sketching the skyline sitting on discarded I-Beams* "It's amazing how far this world has come based on science alone" *the Teen's Shadow nods enthusiastically in response*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀A slender figure approached at a leisurely pace, taking a seat in a vacant space at Vio's side. The sound of cans colliding with each other echoed through the scene, accompanied by a familiar male voice.
⠀⠀❝...Gettin' some fresh air, huh?❞ ⠀It was Majima, who soon spoiled himself with one of the canned drinks he brought wrapped in a plastic bag. Listening to the sizzle of an invigorating energy drink…one of the simple things he appreciated during a break.
His curious eye began to catch a glimpse of his current dedication. He was going to give a nice compliment for the drawing, though noticing the shadow being different stopped him. Instead, he just smiled.
⠀⠀❝Hope I'm not interruptin' the date,❞ he added, sipping his drink.

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Think of your brain before your heart

That's what makes everything so hard , don't think without feelings except in science or math or even in anything you must use all cells of your brain but in life you use them both your brain and heart cause that's what life is !
Liked by: Louis كان زمان K

Zachęcanie Cię do „big data science” było kompletną pomyłką, czy jednak miało jakieś uzasadnienie?

domstarcow’s Profile Photoperikarion
Miało uzasadnienie. Skończyłam w tym roku kierunek informatyka i ekonometria ze specjalnością analiza danych - Big Data. Jednocześnie sama dobrze wiem, że powinnam jeszcze sporo się nauczyć. Dopełnienie wiedzy z tych studiów byłoby wskazane. Ale mentalnie i finansowo nie byłoby mnie już stać teraz na kolejny kierunek. Wolę się skoncentrować na pracy, no i w listopadzie mam już 26 lat, więc nawet zniżek bym nie miała. 🥹

What motivated you to get into nutrition studies?

I was reading a lot of science books and magazines, and wanted a profession that involved some form of human biology. I did my research, and discovered nutrition would satisfy my craving for understanding human biology. “Dietitian” was listed, at that time, as one of the careers predicted to need more practitioners in the future.
Being a dietitian requires interaction and conversation with people regarding health and it has been satisfying to educate and guide people toward healthy changes in their lifestyles. Nutrition is a field that is constantly discovering and refining its knowledge base, so keeping current with research has also been interesting to me.

Have your ever felt like being stucked between religiousness and liberalism and modernism?

SohaibKhanPk’s Profile PhotoSohaib Khan
Liberalism is islam(Allah gave us freedom to do anything wether evil or good, our choice)
Modernisation is islam(islam has knowledge and is the reason for science & tech, proof read the research of old muslim scientists who devised science from quran) 🌝🌚 there is no reason to feel stuck. Bcox there is none

You can’t change the past but what would you do to reduce its impact on your future?

I’m not sure there is any one thing that would stop the steam roller, I think you need to believe that the world is changing and science will eventually clean up the mess. It is important to remember that with or without humans the world goes through ice ages and hot times but it manages to come back bigger and better each time (by the way, technically we are still in the tail of an ice age, the overall average temp of the world over time is around 42C)

I think women should be given equal rights. If a man can have 4 wives. Then a women should also have the opportunity to have 4 men at same time. What do you think? Am I right?

Pehle mai thora sa mazak uranay lagi thi aapka magar aapko tau yaar basics hi nai pta Islam ki.
A woman can do more than one shadi but the only restriction is she can't do two at the same time unlike men. Is mai kia rocket science hai bhaya?

😌 How do you like to spend your free time? ⏲️

curly_fries540’s Profile PhotoSummer ☀️
I go to quite a lot of gigs, usually little known prog rock bands, like the one I went to tonight called Lazuli, from France. They were amazing. It was sung entirely in French so I didn't understand a word, but that really didn't matter. I spent the rest of the day at a Japanese woodworking exhibition, doing a tour of the Medieval and Renaissance galleries at the Victoria and Albert museum, and viewing an exhibition on Cancer at the Science museum.
How do you like to spend your free time

you sound like a trump supporter. pro life, anti-vaxx, anti therapy, denying science. do you also have a confederate flag in your house as part of your tradition? it's a thing in the south.

1. I'm not anti-vaxx....my kids are vaccinated lmao.
2. I'm not anti therapy either lmao. I simply don't need it.
3. When have I ever "denied science", I'll wait.
4. Y'all can't say you're pro-choice if you're going to shame me for not wanting abortions. Pro-choice means SUPPORTING BOTH DECISIONS

Why did you refuse therapy?

I was forced into therapy for a different issue when I was a teenager and absolutely hated it. I’m sure the therapist I had was just a bad fit, but it really turned me off to the whole thing in general. I refused to believe that what I had was something that can be fixed with therapy or talking things out. In my mind, I knew what was really going on. That I was just a piece of shit that the world would be better off without. I'm an overweight high school dropout with a go nowhere production job that leaves me feeling cripplingly sore every day. I have no future, and no dude with a clipboard could understand or tell me otherwise.
Because I find that therapists are overly nice and it off putting. Like I just want to talk to someone about my problems that seems actullay human. No one is that nice. Even though I probably should, I can't because the ones around here are expensive and I'm not that rich.
One particularly self destructive night, my friend's mom convinced me to talk to a counselor. I figured to hell with it, what have I got to lose? At worst, I pay someone to bitch and moan about my life. I definitely didn't expect what I actually got out of these sessions. I was given the tools I needed to look differently at life, the world, and my role in it.
Fast forward four years. I'm currently in college working towards a bachelor's in computer science and got a job working in my dream field. I've lost 75 pounds, and have met and am now engaged to the love of my life.
I see no value in paying someone to pretend to care about my problems. And I'm also the most mentally stable person I know, with a full awareness of any issues I might have. I beat depression 9 years ago. By myself. Without the use of pharmaceutical medication or doctor assistance. There is no therapist alive that could do for me, what I already do for myself.. Everyone is different so you have to know that it isn't for everyone. Your standard answer seems to be try it, it can only help. Nobody can possibly say that with all certainty therapy would be good or bad for everyone. Just saying. When I started going to therapy I think that my dad didn't know what to think about it at first. I think that some people in his generation (he's 52y/o) have a stigma about therapy thinking that there has to be something very wrong with you for you to have to go to therapy. I went because I struggle with ADHD and anxiety and it really helped me. I think his opinion started to change once it started to really help me out. I still think that he would never go because of what he has thought about it his whole life but I think therapy could be beneficial for everyone no matter what you're dealing with in your life. It's just nice to have someone to talk to that you know will never share what you say with anyone.

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Tell me how your month has been so far? Even if it's been bad or good, I want to know 💖

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I've had a busy month. I've been to:
2 National Trust properties (Nymans and Waddesden)
2 West End theatre performances (Anything Goes & Dear Evan Hansen)
Sat in the gallery for Prime Minister's Question Time
Had 4 days in Blackburn/Manchester staying with friends and doing 2 gigs
Done 3 other gigs in London & Aylesbury and booked a ticket for ABBA Voyage.
Watched Elvis in the cinema
Made a barrel of beer and a gallon of wine
Played Bridge and Table Tennis multiple times
Installed a satellite dish, built and varnished a plinth for a record player, replaced the power supply in a TiVo hard disc recorder, mended a clock, and made and painted a wooden herb garden out of an old pallett.
Had my electricity meter changed for a smart meter and booked my gas meter in for Monday.
Wore a full head to toe bee keeper's outfit when my friend showed me his hives. He gave me some honey and six different coloured eggs from his hens (see photo, the six colours are more obvious in real life)
Before the month is finished I will go to a day of public science lectures at my old university, see Graham Norton being filmed in BBC TV Centre, and meet a load of friends at another gig.

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Tell me how your month has been so far Even if its been bad or good I want to

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