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Have you ever been to Disneyland? I’m taking my youngest daughter there next week! While my oldest and my wife go to Hawaii.. you know I would have liked to go to Hawaii but I wasn’t asked by Lexies Girl Scout troop to chaperone. 😡. So what if I didn’t get certified by their cliquey organization??

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
Not Disneyland but I have been to Disneyworld. Tbh it was overrated to me. I hope Disneyland is way better. Hawaii may be awesome, but the special daddy daughter time y'all are getting at Disney can't be topped❤️
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Have you ever been to Disneyland? I’m taking my youngest daughter there next week! While my oldest and my wife go to Hawaii.. you know I would have liked to go to Hawaii but I wasn’t asked by Lexies Girl Scout troop to chaperone. 😡. So what if I didn’t get certified by their cliquey organization??

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
I've never been to disneyland, just disney world.
I was a girl scout for a hot minute but my scout leader asked my mom if there wasn't something I'd rather be doing because I was so snotty about not participating with the Christian stuff so I was essentially asked to quit

Have you ever been to Disneyland? I’m taking my youngest daughter there next week! While my oldest and my wife go to Hawaii.. you know I would have liked to go to Hawaii but I wasn’t asked by Lexies Girl Scout troop to chaperone. 😡. So what if I didn’t get certified by their cliquey organization??

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
I have!
I went to Disneyland Paris when I was quite young :)
I just don't remember much of it xD
Hawaii would have been fun! Bit you'll have lots of fun too :3
Have you ever been to Disneyland Im taking my youngest daughter there next week

Have you ever been to Disneyland? I’m taking my youngest daughter there next week! While my oldest and my wife go to Hawaii.. you know I would have liked to go to Hawaii but I wasn’t asked by Lexies Girl Scout troop to chaperone. 😡. So what if I didn’t get certified by their cliquey organization??

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
Been many times and love it! I personally think it’s better than Disney World bc it’s a much more manageable size. You guys will have an awesome time but tbh do will your wife and oldest haha

Jaká je vaše oblíbená značka autíčka ? Moje Cadillac,VW

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Já si nemůžu pomoct.. Ale hrozně se mi líbí starší klasiky.. Pokud je fakt pěkně udělaná, zachovaná stará "stodvacítka", tak prostě slintam. Jasne, není to nic moc, ale mi se ty klasiky prostě líbí.. Samozřejmě nepohrdnu ani Mitsu, Volvo, VW, některé Seaty (třeba ten nový Leon vypadá fajn, ale musí to být combi verze). Ani třeba ty novější Octavie nejsou špatné. Pokud Octavii, tak bych šel do klasické "dvojky" ale ve verzi Scout. No a takhle bych mohl pokračovat.

Do you play any musical instruments? If so, what instruments do you play?

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When I went to scout camps in the summer, I played guitar very often by the fire. At home, quite often, when I have guests, they ask me to play the Yamaha PSR-S670 keyboard. I received this instrument as a gift and wanted to learn to play it. When there is self-denial and desire, a person will learn to play even the keyboard
Do you play any musical instruments If so what instruments do you play

lo stai guardando Sanremo? 😍

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Be si sai pensavo al fatto che solo i grandi artisti che hanno avuto delle incomprensioni comunque diventano veri artisti. Sai c'è un artista che canterà insieme a Donatella rettore che ha detto che era solo une solista che deve la su la bellissima voce al mondo. Quando faceva oa boy scout tutti dicevano che era bravissima ms lei non ci credeva davvero fino in fondo. Poi ci sono artisti che si sentono molto incompresi che però passano attraverso Sanremo e soffrono moltissimo

ولاء شلون اعرف الشركات اللي بيهه وضائف بالبصره

- iraq job scout عندهم موقع وعندهم حساب ع الفيس
- linkedin حددي البحث بس عن الشركات
للعلم اني استخدم ذولا بشكل مستمر علمود اخذ فكرة عامة عن المتطلبات بالقطاع الخاص ، واستفدت منهم

People who either look younger or older than they actually are, what's the funniest story you have due to people not realizing your age?

Less funny but I also got some nasty comments from random strangers when I was pregnant assuming I was an unwed teenage mom who'd dropped out of school - it was rather satisfying to inform them I was 33, married, and had an M.S. degree in . Would've been funnier except I'm sure they're the sort to spout venom at actual teenage mothers.
There are a lot of people who assume I’m younger than I am. I have BIG eyes and a rounder face, and wearing a mask doesn’t help either lol. Earlier this year, I was at a mom and pop shop downtown chatting with one of the owners bc I saw she was putting up cool necklaces. She was talking about her daughter who helped find merchandise but also taught at one of the high schools in town. She asked me which school and what grade I’m in. I just kinda chuckled and said “I’m actually 25, but I went to (other high school).” She found it both embarrassing and hilarious, saying I should be thankful for my youthful looks, and I promised I was, haha.
In the other direction I was asked to scout out strip clubs for a friend's bachelor party - pick the one that'd do the most fun things for a group / etc. Took a friend with me cause it seemed like a fun afternoon and was told at three different locations that minors weren't allowed in - poor baby faced friend got tired of pulling his ID out and proving he was ok, but the ladies (once they knew he was legal) loved him. Dunno if it was a maternal instinct or if he's just a cute dude, but damn did he get a lot of attention that day.
Was buying second hand horror DVDs (literally around 10 movies, all 18+) and the girl behind the counter just straight up said I was too young to buy these. To which I insisted I was and showed my ID which said I was 21. After having her co-worker check that my ID wasn't a fake, the manager came behind the tills and recognised me and gave the all clear to sell me the DVDs. The girl apologised for the hassle, as she and her co-worker genuinely thought I had to have been 16 or 17.
I was 32 at the time of the incident. I was flying back to the states and thought I'd order some alcohol to calm my nerves. As the flight attendant passed by and asked what I wanted to drink and after asking for a glass of wine she gives me this incredulous look and just goes, "How old are you?" Took me by surprise but I told her the age which she refused to believe until I showed her my ID. Later on as she was on the other side of the aisle I heard her loud ass tell her colleague, "Guess how old that child is. Can you really believe she's in her 30s?"
When I was 15 and an assistant leader for a brownie troop (Girl Scouts), one of the girls father's was running for a local political office. This man showed up to the meeting to give his campaign speech to all the parents. Aside from myself and the leader of the troop, she was the last one to leave.

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¿Acaso leí bien? ¿Te gusta todo aquello que haga referencia a la muerte?

DarlingMarval’s Profile Photo☆゚.*・。゚.
No,Leíste bien,Estás en lo correcto
Me gusta hablar mucho de ese tema
Será un texto algo largo,Espero que tengas tiempo para leerlo
(Disculpa si aveces en tu respuestas escribo mal,Aveces peco de escribir muy rápido sin leer,por estar apurado,Pero trabajaré para mejorar en eso)
He estado muchos momentos cerca de ella,En vez de agarrar miedo,Agarrar curiosidad acerca de ese tema
La primera vez que estuve cerca fue en un Campamento Scout cuando era niño,Fuimos a Mérida un Estado de Venezuela,Estábamos muy apurado por que nos iba a caer la anochecer y tenia ganas de llover,Pasemos por un río y me resbale y caí el agua estaba helada,Comenzó a llover el frío que hacia era inmenso para mi cuerpo,Sufrí de hipotermia,Me ayudaron los mas rápido posible para entrar en calor,Pero mediante el proceso me desmaye,Soñé que estaba caminando hacia un túnel con una luz blanca,Pero había una persona que no logre verle el rostro,me decía que "No" con su cabeza,Yo estuve casi a entrar pero me dio miedo en ese momento y escuchaba fuerte ruidos y corrí hacia detrás,Y me desperté,Alado de una fogata con una persona abrazándome con varios abrigos,Se me bajo mucho la tensión y me dieron un caramelo que me trajo de nuevo a la vida
Después de esa experiencia rara mente despertó una curiosidad por ese sueño
Y me hacia preguntas como:
¿Habrá vida más allá de la muerte?
¿Que hubiera sucedió si hubiera cruzado esa luz?
¿Cómo la muerte configura la vida?
¿Que es la vida frente la muerte?
¿Debemos tenerle miedo a la muerte?
Comencé a investigar,Y me tope por creencias de otros países,religiones,Culturas
Antes sufría de terrones nocturnos,Y cuando estaba recién levantado,Veía muchas sombras,Y pesadillas reales,Veía una persona con un aspecto de un Shinigami (Una persona delgada,Con una túnica negra)
Al principio me daba mucho miedo,Luego con el pasar del tiempo se me fue quitando,A ver que no me lastimaban ni nada.Pero ya con las pesadillas era otro cuento.
Dato curioso,En los tiempos,Antes de cristo,Ponían una moneda de oro debajo de la lengua los muerto porque tenia la creencia que la muerte los trasladaba en una bote,Y pedía algo a cambio
Podría escribir mas pero no me da el texto,Y para mi es un tema muy amplío
Con todas las personas que he hablado sobre este tema le parece interesante de la forma que la digo
Espero que te guste,Explique lo mejor posible para que no te parecía absurdo mi gusto por este tema
Respeto toda tu creencia y opinión acerca del tema
Muchas gracias por pasarte por mi muro
No te quito más de tu tiempo
Feliz noche

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Do you think they should take mental health more seriously in school?

Yes 😒
They should care less about academic/athletic numbers/scores & pay more attention to the kids. I know from personal experience for a lot of kids (including myself) were pushed just way too hard because their parents REQUIRED them to go to Ivy League schools, which caused them to start using super heavy drugs, rebelling, prostitution, getting super bad anxiety/depression. My closest childhood friend has such bad anxiety her first year of college that she never left her dorm because nobody noticed how much pressure they were putting on her. My best guy friend had so much pressure to be a Tennis star that he ended up abusing drugs so badly he lost himself. (I could go on & on)
I was required to be the best at every sport i would do, especially running. I look back & realize now that it’s because i run like a goddamn Nigerian 😂 if i just wasnt pushed super hard & wasnt just constantly told i wasnt doing good enough & i need to do better - i would have probably ended up getting a scholarship for college & i would still be running to this day.
Another thing is if i wasnt pushed so hard academically i probably wouldnt have rebelled as hard & i would have taken the Harvard scout way more seriously & actually went.
But, because i was being pushed so hard it caused so much anxiety & depression. It taught me i wasnt ever good enough or why would they push me so hard? & i didnt have any teachers that really took it seriously except for one English teacher. But majority of my teachers kinda played it off as like, “oh boo hoo little rich kid.” Which is super fu.cked. Schools should take this seriously when a kid openly talks about it & even if they are lying to get attention - GIVE THEM THAT ATTENTION.

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Ciao, ho letto la tua domanda sul totem scout e mi è sorta una curiosità curiosissima. Come mai conosci la tradizione dei totem?

Imasunder’s Profile PhotoJunilde
Ehi ciao 🐠
In realtà ho avuto molto molto a che fare con tantissime persone che hanno fatto scout nella loro vita, una ragazza che conosco addirittura portò lo chiamiamolo “stile di vita scout” come argomento di tesina di maturità al liceo. Per quanto non abbia mai partecipato a questo mondo attivamente, mi ha sempre affascinato moltissimo e mi sono sempre informata in merito, arrivando alla conoscenza di molte dinamiche interne, quella del totem compresa, di cui sono sempre stata grande fan.

Hello 🥐 Quale totem (come quello degli scout, con animale visivamnte simile alla persona + aggettivo caratteriale) credi di poterti autoriferire? Perché? E ne sei contenta?

SamanthaMarioli’s Profile PhotoMetanoia
Ciao! Un po' di tempo fa avevo intrapreso una bella ricerca sui vari totem e quello che potrebbe essere il mio, quindi quello più adatto alla mia persona. Se devo essere sincera, in base alle varie caratteristiche ho scoperto di avere un totem ibrido, o meglio, mezzo lupo, farfalla e topo, rido.
Ma è proprio quest'ultimo quello più coerente a me sotto vari aspetti: la sua caratteristica principale è l'osservazione. Mi piace osservare accuratamente tutto quello che mi circonda, analizzarlo, studiarne i vari dettagli. Sono una guardona a tutti gli effetti, ma non lo faccio esclusivamente per farmi gli affari degli altri, ma per pura e innocente curiosità. D'altro canto, questa mia tendenza a voler sempre esaminare attentamente ogni cosa, mi potrebbe portare a perdere la visione d'insieme e, di conseguenza, a complicarmi le cose (come se non mi fosse già noto, ahimè).
Un'altra caratteristica del topo è il fiuto sviluppato per il pericolo: in effetti, mi reputo una ragazza piuttosto timorosa, anzi, fifona, quindi spesso tendo a rinchiudermi in me stessa senza osare di più di quello che potrei realmente fare, probabilmente lasciandomi scappare anche importanti e belle occasioni. Il timore è forse legato alla paura di lasciarmi andare, come se qualcosa mi bloccasse. D'altronde, quando ho osato fare un passettino in più, sono inciampata e ho sbattuto violentemente il naso a terra.
Tutto sommato sono contenta di questo totem! Mi rappresenta sia dal punto di vista delle qualità, sia da quello dei difetti, quindi non potevo trovarne uno più adatto di questo. E poi, è piccolino come me.
Grazie mille per la brioche - spero ripiena di marmellata di albicocche - perché mi serve proprio una buona dose di zuccheri! Me la mangio volentieri.

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Gioco del " si/no ": Quali delle seguenti cose hai fatto? 1- Cantato a squarciagola in un luogo pubblico 2-Desiderato l'uomo di un altra 3-Ubriacata 4-Provato a comporre una tua canzone 5-fatto un Rage Quit 6-Fatto pipì all'aperto 7-Giocato d'azzardo 8-Aver inveito contro un veicolo davanti al tuo

1. Sì haha
2. No, mai
3. Emh.. ops
4. Sì aiuto HAHAH
5. What is it? I think no
6. Yess, con i campi scout avoja
7. Meh, non credo
8. No e spero non mi accada mai
Comunque la mia canzoncina delle elementari non la batte nessuno HAHSSH
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Silent PANIC-- Octavo pointed in different directions, oddly enough seemingly to a mesmerising beat, and the monsters dispersed. To scout the area of any other Links. He then sighed and thought to himself. Champions, he needed Champions and new enchanted instruments..

STRUMS_GOLDEN_LUTE’s Profile PhotoBest Musician in Hyrule!
*is gonna be spying on him from his shadow... after he warns @MrImportantHero and @bookworm_elf *
+18 answers in: “Assuming a point where Shadow is on his own-- AHEM,-- It was a quiet and peaceful afternoon. Since Ganon has taken over, there were usually no wandering civilians now. But all of a sudden the plucking of a stringed instrument was heard in the trees. The musician in question; a Hylian who resembled..”

If you were travelling with a circus, how do you think you'd do that? Since I guess you wouldn't exactly fit in a typical circus wagon, right? 😂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
• I would just walk since my leg span is probably really big and makes it easier for me to travel.
• they could also like use me like im a donkey. I could just carry like a mega backpack or like pull some sort of wagon with my hips lol.
• they could even use me to scout ahead for any dangerous or hazards ect. I could be very useful lol
+47 answers in: “If you were a giant and the only one around during medieval times, what do you think that regular people would've thought of you? How'd you treat them in response? 🥾🏰”

If I have a roommate, meaning we’re sharing a home. Is it not my business to know WHO is coming in and out of OUR house 🤔especially living in a city with a high crime rate??

brownperfection’s Profile Photoangelaa
It absolutely is your business because that's the way people come in and try to break into your house and take your things they scout the area and they grab things when you're not looking or come back later and rob the place.. But they will take the stuff and put the stuff in their pockets and then they deny it completely when the stuff disappears and then you see it at their house. Definitely make sure that they let you know that someone's coming over and then you be aware because that's your stuff honestly I'd put all your stuff in your room and I would lock your doors and if they unlock it then I would call the police and let them know that the people that are coming in your home you don't know them at all and you think that they might be stealing from you. But that's only if they go into your room even after it's been locked. I would really be careful with that because there's a lot of people that steal

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Se ti dicessero che un talent scout ha notato quello che scrivi e vorrebbe fare un regalo all'umanità, facendoti diventare ciò che meriti (cioè scrittrice), cosa gli risponderesti?

Innanzitutto gli chiederei se magari non si è sbagliato e mi ha confuso con un’altra persona, perché io al massimo posso diventare scrittore.
Poi direi che purtroppo per me non può andare, perché ho bisogno dei soldi per vivere, quindi, di conseguenza di un lavoro.
Se lavoro però, non riesco a scrivere, perché per farlo ho bisogno di tempo, momenti, emozioni e mente “lucida”, fresca, con magari l’aiuto di qualche sostanza esterna come erba o fumo.
Una scrittura efficace, accattivante e che trasmetta nel modo giusto le sensazioni volute, richiede tempo e dedizione.
Quindi che ne dice di un paio di stupendi bonus regalati sulla fiducia?
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How would you describe yourself?

Believe in God (pray often).
Make my bed daily.
Love nature. Volunteer when I can As an Eagle Scout, taught Boyscouts, Girlscouts and 4H how to fly-fish, to obtain their merit badges. I enjoy the sound of kids laughing (seriously). Weird, right? If they are arguing, spend time with them, then give them a chores (obviously they got bored and it cant be homework related).
Also volunteered at the Sportsman Classic annual DNR event in Columbia, SC, assisting kids from 4 to 104 how to catch a catfish in our man-made pond. Alot of fun!
Leadership, Strong work ethics, Disciplined, Integrity, Discretion, Respect for superiors, Reliability, Resourceful, The ability to work as part of a team.
Some people call me frugal. I dont know. I appreciate what I have and not always look for the newest and greatest. I'd rather save and pay cash for something. If that makes me frugal, then maybe I am.
Like to dabble in the stock market. Like right now, I'm banking on the fact we were in a mandatory lockdown. I'm investing in Gerber and Johnson and Johnson. You cant tell me there wont be a baby boom in a few months, because people got bored. Right? 😂
I read on average of about 10 books outside of my educational books. I believe books inspire, let a person escape from our realities for a few minutes. My problem, it's hard not to read the entire book in one sitting or day 😂😂 Lost a lot or sleep with that mentality 😂😂
I dont believe Education or work define a person. Raised as a rancher, means nothing except I know what it is to be in a hard days work....weeks on end. 😂
https://youtu.be/TBuIGBCF9jcLuv_freckles’s Video 163640157244 TBuIGBCF9jcLuv_freckles’s Video 163640157244 TBuIGBCF9jc

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Luv_freckles’s Video 163640157244 TBuIGBCF9jcLuv_freckles’s Video 163640157244 TBuIGBCF9jc

Se ti dicessero che un talent scout ha notato quello che scrivi e vorrebbe fare un regalo all'umanità, facendoti diventare ciò che meriti (cioè scrittrice), cosa gli risponderesti?

Lo metterei a conoscenza che forse, ma proprio forse eh, fino ad ora ha letto qualcun'altra e non la sottoscritta, la cui capacità, in fatto di scrittura, è riuscire a compilare correttamente la lista della spesa senza Orrori e strafalcioni.

Se ti dicessero che un talent scout ha notato quello che scrivi e vorrebbe fare un regalo all'umanità, facendoti diventare ciò che meriti (cioè scrittrice), cosa gli risponderesti?

Sinceramente risponderei subito di no . Queste cose non fanno per me , sto su ASK solo per passarmi il tempo è qualche volta anche solo per guardare le risposte di altri . Dico la verità mi piace molto scrivere e magari raccontare anche le cose che mi capitano nella vita , ma se dovrei scegliere preferirei mille volte starmene nel mio . Oggi questo social è cambiato molto , una volta era molto più bello e le persone scrivevano della loro vita ora è diventato soltanto il gioco delle x . Io continuerò a scrivere di me come facevo anche prima .

. ┏ 5 ┛ ❛ Lʏɪɴ' ɪɴ ᴀ ᴅᴇɴ ɪɴ Bᴏᴍʙᴀʏ. Wɪᴛʜ ᴀ sʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴊᴀᴡ, ᴀɴᴅ ɴᴏᴛ ᴍᴜᴄʜ ᴛᴏ sᴀʏ. I sᴀɪᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀɴ, ‶ Aʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʀʏɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴛᴇᴍᴘᴛ ᴍᴇ, Bᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ I ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴀɴᴅ ᴏғ ᴘʟᴇɴᴛʏ﹖ʺ. Aɴᴅ ʜᴇ sᴀɪᴅ, ᴏʜ... ❜

In Australia, Jack e Max assorbirono la vita da avventurieri come spugne, quella / vera /, secondo Joey; Jack vi si adattò, Max no. Max sentiva nostalgia della madre e della stabilità del Bosco. Aveva l'impressione di non appartenere a quel mondo, fatto di viaggi insoliti ed improvvisi e di interviste, di donne occasionali e feste esagerate; così, nel fiore dell'adolescenza, pretese di tornare dalla madre. Jack, completamente imbibito dagli insegnamenti del padre e dalla sua mentalità, provò a fermarlo. Ci fu un brutale litigio tra i due, che non comportò a nulla, eccetto che al ritorno di Max nel luogo di nascita. Non si videro più. Jack iniziò a nutrire dei forti dubbi: valeva la pena di continuare quello stile di vita? C'era qualcosa che gli mancava. Che fosse l'istruzione? All'età di diciott'anni, convinse Joey a segnarlo al Disney college, dove tutt'ora vive e continua a combinare guai, nella speranza di poter rincontrare il fratello... prima o poi.
「 ᴄᴜʀɪᴏsɪᴛᴀ̀ :
⇝ L'apatia cronica è subentrata in età infantile, poco dopo il divorzio dei genitori; l'allontanamento e il distacco netto dalla figura materna l'hanno distrutto interiormente.
⇝ Ha viaggiato in lungo e in largo, sia col padre che per conto suo, imparando a parlare fluentemente otto lingue: francese, spagnolo, cinese, giapponese, russo, tedesco, italiano e arabo. Sa qualche nozioncina anche di turco, islandese e norvegese.
⇝ Il suo gruppo musicale preferito è Men at Work, una delle tante cose trasmesse per osmosi dal padre.
⇝ Conosce pratiche di primo soccorso e per la sopravvivenza, da bravo avventuriero; nel tempo libero aiuta gli scout del college e altri appassionati attraverso un canale Youtube, “Le Perle di Manitoba”.
⇝ Nelle ore di botanica fa tirocinio nell'orto “Radura Incantata”, dove coltiva clandestinamente una piantina di marijuana. Ogni tanto la condivide con altri compagni di corso e non solo.
「 ғᴀᴄᴏʟᴛᴀ̀ :
Scienze biologiche — zoologia e botanica.
「 ᴘʀᴇsᴛᴀᴠᴏʟᴛᴏ :
Cᴏʟᴇ Sᴘʀᴏᴜsᴇ.

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5   Lʏɪɴ ɪɴ ᴀ ᴅᴇɴ ɪɴ Bᴏᴍʙᴀʏ Wɪᴛʜ ᴀ sʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴊᴀᴡ ᴀɴᴅ ɴᴏᴛ ᴍᴜᴄʜ ᴛᴏ sᴀʏ I sᴀɪᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ

Dumm-gelaufen-Donnerstag. Huch, wir haben eine Zombieapokalypse, was nu? Mit welchen 3 OCs hast du die größten Überlebenswahrscheinlichkeiten?

sol_koroleva’s Profile PhotoUyen
Ich habe gestern Nacht so lachen müssen, als ich diese Frage bekommen habe. Eines der insgeheimen Horrorszenarien für Meschen mit deutliche Sehschwäche wie mich XD
Die größten Überlebenschancen hätte ich vermutlich mit Kenneth, Thore und Jocelyn. (Ich drücke hier mal ein Auge zu. Joce ist zwar kein aktiver HC, aber immerhin aktiver NC mit komplettem Steckbrief :P)
Ned und Thore sind zwar gegen Gewalt, haben aber aus unterschiedlichen Gründen trotzdem eine solide Ausbildung in Kampfzaubern. Feuerkraft wäre also genügend vorhanden. Außerdem sind beide abseits von Kampfhandlungen unglaublich nützlich. Ned ist expeditionserfahren, Entbehrungen gewohnt und als Handwerker Gold wert, wenn es darum geht, einen Ort zu befestigen. Gefunden hätte den wahrscheinlich Thore, der sich als Scout betätigen, die Gegend erkunden und Nahrungsquellen auftun würde. Er wäre leiser als Ned und damit ein effektiverer Jäger. Außerdem würde er auskundschaften, wo die Zombies sind und wo man sich einigermaßen sicher bewegen kann.
Joce wäre wiederum das Brain der Gruppe. Sie ist intelligent, rational und hat die besten Einfälle und Pläne unter meinen OCs, würde ich sagen. Joce hat genug Durch- und Weitblick für einen Plan, um uns alle auch langfristig am Leben zu erhalten. Und as of seven minutes in hell ist sie außerdem ausgebildete Heilerin, was sie doppelt wertvoll macht. (Vielleicht weiß sie ja doch etwas für meine miesen Augen? XD) Außerdem traue ich ihr zu, ruchlos genug zu sein, um Zombies magisch wegzufegen :P Damit macht sie ihren kleinen körperlichen Nachteil mehr als wett.
Tja, und mein eigener Job? Ich schätze, ich bin der kleine squishy human, der aus irgendeinem unerfindlichen Grund das Heilmittel gegen einen Zombiebiss in ihrer DNA trägt? Ich fürchte, ansonsten bin ich leider ziemlich nutzlos und die anderen hätten kaum einen Grund, mich mitzuschleifen und am Leben zu erhalten ^^'
Joce würde mich eiskalt zurücklassen, wenn sie sich nicht erhoffen würde, mit meinem Blut etwas gegen die Epidemie zusammenbrauen zu können XD Zum Glück würden Ned und Thore sie davon abhalten ^^'

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*PSA-Stimme* Wir unterbrechen ihren regulären WCW für eine OC Frage: außer der Epoche in der sie sich tatsächlich befinden, in welche Zeit würde euer OC am besten passen? Von Mittelalter bis dystopische Zukunft könnte das wirklich alles sein.

Geschichte... Da bin ich ja so gut drin ^^' Aber gut, ich versuche mich mal daran.
Kenneth: Ende des 19. bis Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts. Ned ist Handwerk und von Schiffen möchte ich ihn auch nicht trennen. Zwar mag ich ihm seinen Lieblingswerkstoff Holz kaum nehmen, aber wenn er in späteren Zeiten aufgewachsen wäre, hätte er vermutlich ein Interesse für Dampfmaschinen und später Motoren entwickelt. Er wäre dann als Ingenieur oder so etwas über die Meere geschippert, vielleicht mit Nansen und Amundsen auf der Fram zum Nord- bzw. Südpol. Ein wenig Expedition darf es sicher sein ;)
Lydia: Regency – kunstgeschichtlich, als ausgehendes 18., beginnendes 19. Jahrhundert. Oder anders: zur Zeit von Jane Austen. Ich weiß nicht, irgendwie kann ich mir Lydia gut in einem Austen-Roman vorstellen. Das mittlere Kind aus gutem Hause, standesgemäß erzogen und kulturell bewandert, aber gesellschaftlich eher übersehen, weil sie schüchtern und keine Erbin ist. Bis sie eines Tages dann doch auf ihren Seelenverwandten trifft, der ihre wahren Qualitäten erkennt.
Audrey: Ihr mute ich eher kein Zeitalter zu, in dem sie als Frau wenig zu sagen und entscheiden hat. Da würde sie halb wahnsinnig werden. Wäre sie mehr Revoluzzer, würde ich sie (in guter Gesellschaft von Pandora und evtl. einigen anderen) zu den Suffragetten schicken. Da das aber nicht zutrifft, wie wäre es stattdessen mit dystopisch/postapokalyptischen Zukunft? Dort ist Audrey die Anführerin einer kleinen, aber gut organisierten, befestigten Siedlung – vielleicht haben sie sogar eine alte Burgruine wiederaufgebaut? ;P Alle haben ein wenig Bammel vor ihrer strengen "Chefin", aber sie wissen auch, dass diese an sich selbst die höchsten Ansprüche stellt und am meisten Entbehrungen auf sich nimmt.
Thore: Pionierzeit. Er erkundet als Scout die Landschaften Nordamerikas und führt Siedlertrecks in den Westen, z.B. auf dem Oregon Trail. Jede Menge Abenteuer und Gefahr, die zu seiner Arbeit gehören – ihm dürfte wohl kaum jemals langweilig werden. Und er ist immer in interessanter Gesellschaft.
Elinor: 1940er Jahre. Sie würde sich bei Vorarbeit, Gründung und Aufbau der Vereinten Nationen engagieren. Nach den Erfahrungen ihrer Elterngeneration im und nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg wäre Ellie zu Beginn des Zweiten Weltkriegs längst in der britischen Regierung tätig, um dort bei der Völkerverständigung zu helfen. Nach Scheitern des Völkerbundes würde sie bei der Erarbeitung der Atlantik-Charta mithelfen. Nicht federführend, aber auch kleine Beiträge sind wichtig, wie Elinor findet und sie würde ihren Wg schon finden.

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Se ti dicessero che un talent scout ha notato quello che scrivi e vorrebbe fare un regalo all'umanità, facendoti diventare ciò che meriti (cioè scrittrice), cosa gli risponderesti?

Che il mio amico @Axelyujo è più portato alla scrittura, io non scrivevo manco i testi scolastici

Have you ever bought anything at a yard sale/garage sale? What did you buy? BQ: have you ever had a yard sale before?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoPocket Full Of Sunshine
I've not done one myself but I used to go to them fairly often. We call them car boot sales here so before eBay and Amazon dominated you could find a few gems at them. I'd mainly just scout for any guitar gear or books and whatnot. Nothing amazing springs to mind but I do remember buying a stack of old football programmes for something silly like £10. Total steal.

Se ti dicessero che un talent scout ha notato quello che scrivi e vorrebbe fare un regalo all'umanità, facendoti diventare ciò che meriti (cioè scrittrice), cosa gli risponderesti?

Che non posso diventare scrittrice
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if you had a kid in the future and some talent scout approached you and wanted him or her in a project, would you consider it or not?

It depends. If its something my kid is interested in then yes. Personally, I do wish that my parents put me into sports when I was younger, like gymnastics, martial arts, that sort of thing. Because when you are young you are more flexible and its easier to learn versus when you are a grown up adult. I think if parents know their kid has a natural ability or interest in something they should help their kid explore that talent. My mum knew I was interested in creative stuff so she got me a lot of sketching, painting, and crafts books. I remember watching M.A.D. art on Pogo and I got a book too. I made a pop art poster I saw in that book and a few other things.
+3 answers in: “Just interested, not looking for a debate: Is anybody worried for the kids growing up with their whole lives being recorded and broadcast by their parents? Do you think it is a breach of their privacy to be posting the kids acheivements and failures on facebook?”

given that you've changed your mind on some pairings from what you originally intended the endgame to be (eg. scout/callum), without telling us if you've changed it or not, could you tell us your original endgame ships?


The following are ships (or lack thereof) that I'm willing to spoil:

– Joey x Kira were supposed to float. But readers pointed out that they were rebounds and their personalities clashed (and not in a good way).

– Seung Jae x Nala are an open book. It doesn't matter to me whether they end up together, and many of my readers feel the same way. Her journey is the important part.

– Shane x Beverly were supposed to sink. But they're so iconic and No Sparks Required is the first story I've ever written online. I'm inclined to give them a second chance. Maybe.

– Callum x Scout were supposed to float. Then readers said that their relationship was too toxic and Scout too good for him. (Therefore, I've sent him to jail!)

– Jordan x Clover were supposed to float. But readers pointed out that they were too argumentative for it to be a healthy relationship. And I concede.

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Se ti dicessero che un talent scout ha notato quello che scrivi e vorrebbe fare un regalo all'umanità, facendoti diventare ciò che meriti (cioè scrittrice), cosa gli risponderesti?

Se fossi tanto brava a scrivere, sicuramente sì. ?

Se ti dicessero che un talent scout ha notato quello che scrivi e vorrebbe fare un regalo all'umanità, facendoti diventare ciò che meriti (cioè scrittrice), cosa gli risponderesti?

vorrei tornare maschio
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hero ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀/ˈhɪərəʊ/ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ «a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities»

● Nombre kryptoniano: Kal-El.
● Nombre terrestre: Clark Kent.
Superman nació en un planeta llamado Krypton. Jor-El, su padre, viendo que el planeta iba a desaparecer debido a que los elementos radiactivos de su núcleo eran inestables e iban a explotar y destruirlo, lanzó a su hijo al espacio en una nave especial hacia la Tierra para salvar su vida. Ahora bien, los padres de Superman se quedaron atrás y murieron.
La nave aterrizó cerca del pueblo de Smalville, Kansas. El matrimonio Kent lo encontró y posteriormente adoptó, criándolo en una granja agrícola. Le llamaron Clark Joseph.
Superman se adhiere a un estricto código moral, que se atribuye frecuentemente a los valores de la región del medio oeste estadounidense con los que fue educado.
Su compromiso a operar dentro de la ley ha sido un ejemplo para muchos héroes, pero ha creado resentimiento en otros, que se refieren a él como el gran boy scout azul. Superman ha permanecido bastante inflexible al respecto, causando tensión en la comunidad de superhéroes.
Como parte de su historia siempre incluye la pérdida de su planeta natal Krypton. Se muestra generalmente muy sobreprotector con la Tierra y en particular con su familia y amigos. Esta misma pérdida combinada con la presión por usar sus poderes de manera responsable le provoca algunas veces una enorme sensación de soledad y carencia de apoyo.
Superman posee extraordinarios poderes, se le describe tradicionalmente como más rápido que una bala, más poderoso que una locomotora, capaz de saltar altos edificios de un solo salto.
Durante la mayor parte de su existencia, el famoso arsenal de poderes de Superman ha incluido vuelo (aunque de manera limitada), superfuerza, invulnerabilidad, supervelocidad, poderes de visión (rayos x, calorífica, telescópica, infrarroja, y microscópica), superoído y superaliento, el cual le permite soplar a temperaturas congelantes así como ejercer la fuerza de un viento huracanado.
Ahora bien, es vulnerable a la kryptonita verde, deshecho mineral de Krypton transformado en un material radiactivo por las mismas fuerzas que destruyeron el planeta. La exposición a la radiación de la kryptonita verde anula los poderes de Superman y lo inmoviliza, sufriendo dolores y náuseas; la exposición prolongada puede significarle la muerta. El único material en la Tierra que puede protegerlo de la kryptonita verde es el plomo, al bloquear la radiación. El plomo es también la única sustancia conocida a través de la cual Superman no puede ver usando su visión de rayos X.
● Completa en: https://shorturl.at/dioK4

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hero      ˈhɪərəʊ  a person who is admired for their courage outstanding

Parliamo dei boy scout. Durante il Regime fascista alcuni gruppi di boy scout riuscirono a non essere soppressi dal regime e si chiamarono aquile randagie. Ti consiglio di vederlo. Tu che pensi della questione dei boy scout in America che rischiano di non avere più una sede amministrativa?

polle85’s Profile PhotoAnge light
Sai, non c ho mai capito niente dei boy scout, cioè il senso, lo scopo, non che mi importi però boh🤷🏻‍♂️
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