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Are you making any 3D modeling or video-art?

HysterPsy’s Profile PhotoАлександр Романов
Im just playing around trying to learn Zbrush. I won't be sculpting any blockbuster movies any time soon, I tell you that much😂
What I am good at, though, is screenwriting. That's actually something I do know. Maybe I will develop that into something in the future😃

What was the thing you regret the most in life?

Giving time of my life to unworthy individuals. Lessons were learned and all yea. But time remains the only true precious and irreplaceable currency in this world.
I used to be super religious and wanted to wait until I got married to have sex.....Looking back at the few times I could have got laid in High School and college makes me pretty regretful. Especially those few times when I had the chance to score with someone way outta my league. Wasting time. Admittedly I still have a decent amount of time left (turning 20 in May), but way too often I find myself just re-watching the same sitcom or youtube playlist for the 100th time or idly playing phone games when there are so many other things I could be doing. I keep getting myself trapped in loops and then getting depressed when I realise I've wasted an entire day.
Going on vacation and leaving my recently sober twin brother at my house alone. I knew something was wrong when he wouldn't answer the phone. Found him face down in my living room. It's been 9 months and I still can't close my eyes without seeing my best friend alone on the ground. His phone was 2 foot away and he couldn't answer it because he was already gone. In 2014 I decided I was moving from Austin to Los Angeles to try my hand at screenwriting. I gave myself a 3 month window to save up and sell off everything that wouldn't fit in my car and during that 3 months I met a girl. I told her about my decision to move right off the bat but she said she didn't care. We had a great time in that 3 months, probably the best time I'd had with another person, but I stuck to my guns and moved anyways. Chase the dream and all that. It wasn't long after I left that she hooked up with my old manager. Now they're married and have a kid.
I'm 28 now and I've been over this for about 2-3 years. I look back at things I had trouble doing, like talking to people (not just girls, I really realized I had a problem when I found myself having awkward silences with guys I'd known for years), and I can trace it all back to the years I spent not interacting with people in social situations.
I dropped off college, quit a decent job, went into a high key depression for years after we broke up, sacrificed my time and effort to take care of her kids and what did that leave me with? Depression, social awkwardness, stuck in a position where I cant study anymore and I cant get a "good" job because I need a college degree for that. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong after that. On the other hand I couldn't have met my current girlfriend if it wasnt for all the bad things that happened so in hindsight maybe things are not so bad I guess.
I regret breaking the relationship I had with my best friend. I was stupid and for the attention of the “popular guys” I lost the amazing friendship I had with my best friend. Don’t do that guys, and if you do, apologize as fast as you can.

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toest cel, kraen srok, lichna motivaciq i prag na zaguba ako neshtata ne se sluchat i nachaloto trqbva da e mnogo razlichno ot finala kolkoto e po razlichen nachaloto ot finala tolkova e po uspeshen! ima na Lynda Screenwriting beshe v zamundata ama e the piratebay

The most precious thing a person has and no one can take away from him are dreams. Each of us has our own hidden desires and secretly hopes that they will become reality. 🙈
toest cel kraen srok lichna motivaciq i prag na zaguba ako neshtata ne se

Tagesfrage #411: wenn du eine beliebige Person eine Frage stellen würdest, bei der die Antwort 'ja' wäre, was würdest du fragen?

Eine "beliebige" Person meint eine bestimmte Person meiner Wahl, nehme ich an? Das wäre dann die Frage, die ich mir schon im letzten Sommer zurechtgelegt und nie gestellt habe:
"Howdy! Deinen Retweets nach zu urteilen, bist Du ziemlich deep in dem US-Politics shit! Diesen Sommer habe ich die ganze Nacht lang Talkradios gehört und, my goodness, was würde ich es lieben, mit jemandem über den ganzen Kram reden zu können. Außerdem las ich, dass Du Dich fürs Screenwriting interessiert? Well, ich habe darin ein, zwei Onlinekurse an der UCLA belegen dürfen (Schwerpunkt One Hour Drama) und würde es lieben, mich auch darüber mit jemanden austauschen zu können. Du erwähntest mal 'Legacies' und damit haben wir eine gemeinsame Lieblingsserie in dieser Season. Könnten wir vielleicht auf einer anderen Plattform etwas näher darüber schreiben? Das wäre ziemlich cool."
Well - das ist so ungefähr die Nachricht, die ich in zig Variationen formuliert habe. Aber ich schicke sie nicht ab, weil das für mich immer alles creepy wirkt. Das also ist der Grund, weshalb ich nie, niemals, eine Person direkt angesprochen habe. Ich wundere mich, dass ich irgendwann mal in einer zwischenmenschlichen Beziehung die Initiative ergriffen habe. Heck, ich wundere mich allgemein, dass ich überhaupt Beziehungen hatte xD.

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Hey Jensen, for a person who's worked in the tv world for some time now. What advice would you offer a fellow fan who has interest in one day hopefully, becoming a screenwriter?

Hey, Alexis, sorry for this late reply. You should simply start out by reading successful screenplays in drama. Or you could simply write a story and transform it into a screenwritten story. All you really have to do is just write. Write about anything. You could also take a few writing classes, depending on where you live. If there are any screenwriting classes provided, take it! But really the most important thing is just to write.
My point is to just write. It can be on anything you’re most interested in.

no you didnt! (: i took some notes on the screenwriting book assigned for this upcoming semester, cleaned around the house, watched some house, and now i'm watching big brother c: how about you?

AshleyBearr’s Profile Photoashley ♡
Oh okay good! Are you back at college yet? Ooo nice! Just preparing for my mom's birthday today so that's gonna be fine we're gonna get some Thai takeout since it's her favorite!
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March is also known as reading month. Do you plan to increase your reading or catch up on your reading? Are there books you plan to read this month? If you could set yourself up for a success and say the amount of books you wanna read this month what would the number be?

BQbyLilly’s Profile PhotoLilly's Book Questions
''March is also known as reading month'' - THAT SOUNDS LIKE YOU JUST MADE IT UP, GURL. I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm suuuuure it's true.
Ehmm well I'm supposed to read a screenwriting book for class but... Ehhhhhh. xD But yes, I want to read my mom's book this month for sure! Hhahaha finally finish it :D

What do you think about internet/social media popularity as easy way to kick start your real life career? Is it still important and legit?

Alkupra’s Profile PhotoAlkupra
It does help to make way to a real-life career, but it depends on how we use social media. I started getting writing jobs from blog articles I made and it led me to a career choice. I guess same goes to people who posts artworks on celebrity and tagging them, doing make-up reviews, etc. Even Farhat Abbas gets to appear on TV for being an ass on twitter.

It's also important how to maintain yourself in a 5-second popularity era. Raditya Dika's blog post got famous and became a book and a movie. Afterwards he did stand up comedy and screenwriting for movies and web series. Norman Kamaru got way lots of TV appearances after his chaya chaya dance got viral on YouTube, even quit his daytime job. But he didn't know how to maintain that so now he's making a living by selling bubur.

#AFH Nulis script itu ada aturan tertulisnya tidak Pa? Ada gak buku yang khusus bahas penulisan script film Pa?

Buku terbaik untuk basic rules of screenwriting adalah
Screenplay by Syd Field, tapi kalau mau belajar struktur, teori, sekaligus praktek, ikut kelas penulisan skenario di Bengkel Kuma aja.
Aku yg ngajar.
Bisa apply di:www.bengkelkuma.com

papa, is it possible for a freshgraduate from unrelated major to work as a movie scriptwriter? where is the better startpoint, do u think if I become a copywriter first in an advertising agency it would open my future career in a production house?

Most of the successful Indonesian screenwriters I know never studied screenwriting in college. Most of them didn't even go to film school. I know only a couple folks that started from copywriting in agencies. Not sure if that's a good start. People usually end up getting stuck there. A lot of the folks I know got their start from networking at screenwriting workshops.

I thought you're the one who writes the scripts then why is arjan asking people to send him scripts this is so weird it is stupid you'll are contradicting your own point i thought it was a private shortflim #pleaseanswer

See screenwriting is my forte. I will remain the screenwriter for Squid, however we may take a nice concept from someone. They'll get credits for the story, I'll convert their story into a screenplay and it will be filmed.

I've been following you recently and i just can't stand the temptation to ask you a question. As someone who is in the business, how do you get your creative mojo? And how do you stay consistent? I recently developed this love for screenplays and your answer could help me alot! Thanks before

Good morning, David. I just read your question, it was kind of buried and I failed to notice it until now. Sorry about that. My creative mojo? It comes from a lot of places; my anger, depression, boredom, happiness. Basically I derive the fuel to work from my feelings. It's better (not so much cheaper though) than therapy. How do I stay consistent? Well, in writing scripts, I still follow the 7 steps of screenwriting (Logline, Synopsis, Character Bio, Outline, Treatment, Step Outline, Script). Although people keep telling me that all those steps are for beginners, for me they ensure that my story logic is airtight and the flow of emotions is controlled. I hope this answers your question :)

Kak, saya telat daftar buat ikut belajar bareng minggu besok, soalnya saya baru buka askfm. Terus yang mau ikut belajar bareng minggu besok gimana?

pilotsilvia’s Profile PhotoSilvia D. S
Selamat malam, teman-teman!
Untuk kegiatan "Belajar Bareng #3: Introduction to Filmmaking" hari Minggu, 26 April 2015 nanti, akan ada regulasi untuk para peserta yang ingin menghadiri acara:
1) Bagi pemegang tiket yang SUDAH melakukan registrasi di >> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/belajar-bareng-tickets-16659753772 << diharapkan untuk bisa hadir 30 MENIT sebelum sesi 'Introduction to Basic Screenwriting (Dasar Penulisan Skenario Film)' dimulai (pukul 09.30 WIB), guna efisiensi waktu di bagian pendataan.
Jangan lupa untuk menunjukkan QR Code yang tertera pada e-ticket (boleh dicetak atau ditunjukkan lewat telefon genggam atau tablet.)
2) Bagi pemegang tiket yang TERLAMBAT hadir (maksimal 15 MENIT dari jadwal yang sudah ditetapkan) untuk sesi 'Introduction to Basic Screenwriting (Dasar Penulisan Skenario Film)' (pukul 10.00 WIB), maka akan dianggap TIDAK HADIR dan tempatnya akan diberikan ke peserta non-terdaftar yang datang paling awal.
3) Bagi peserta yang ingin hadir namun TIDAK memiliki tiket, tetap diperbolehkan hadir. Namun, akan dimasukkan ke WAITING LIST. Peserta yang masuk ke daftar tunggu (waiting list) akan didata sebelumnya dan berkesempatan untuk mengikuti sesi 'Introduction to Basic Screenwriting (Dasar Penulisan Skenario Film)' apabila ada pendaftar (pemegang tiket) yang tidak hadir/terlambat.
4) Bagi peserta yang tidak bisa mengikuti sesi 'Introduction to Basic Screenwriting (Dasar Penulisan Skenario Film)', dapat mengikuti sesi 'Diskusi Bebas' yang akan dibimbing oleh Kakak-kakak Pengurus yang berada di tempat.
Mohon dibaca baik-baik, ya!
Ditunggu kedatangannya hari Minggu nanti!
Terima kasih atas perhatiannya! :D

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What's wrong between you and Nolan ? It looks like that you feel Nolan is too mathematic-scientific and you don't like it. Could you please share your opinion about it ? :) I think there's no wrong being "matematis" sometimes.

I never said I don't like Nolan. I actually admire his technique and his screenwriting structure. He's like an illusionist, his films are well crafted illusions. Very precise and calculated.
Which is a very good thing IF matched with equally textured emotions and characterization. Those two things are where I feel he lacks. The emotions in his film are often only surface level and his characters often feel thin and motivated to move only by the plot and not really because of something inside them urging movement.
To put it bluntly, his characters feel like chess pieces that are being moved by a chess grandmaster and not real human beings.
That's where I feel Nolan to be lacking.
Structurally and technically, he's a genius.

OMG so i just found out that i'm getting a presidential scholarship for usc based on academics so now usc is a much more affordable option and i'm like 95% i'm going there and yayyy i'm so fucking excited :))) also, quick question, how difficult is it to double major? i love physics + english and (1

(2) idk if i could possibly choose one of the two subjects to major in. sorry if i'm bothering you or anything, you're probs really busy with schoolwork and stuff :/
*closes tumblr* yeeaaahh schoolwork haha totally
But in all seriousness: congratulations! That's super exciting!
I know of a couple of people who are double majoring and it obviously isn't a complete walk in the park, but it's definitely doable if you already know what you're going for (so you know what you need to take freshman year and can get the requirements knocked out in good time)! I knew a girl who majored in Philosophy and French, and by her second semester senior year she was done with all the requirements and took a bunch of "joke" classes (intro drawing, guitar, dance, etc.) all for pass/no pass. So you can double major and still have fun or get experimental (like you could take a screenwriting class! or try something in personal finance! there are so many options actually).

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If you had the chance to enroll in a filmmaking workshop, which director would you choose, and on what subject matter (cinematography, scriptwriting, post-production, etc) ? Thank you~

Joaru’s Profile PhotoJO ♪
Kalau workshop action movie: Guillermo del Toro, untuk workshop fantasy screenwriting — I adore how he puts a poetic beauty in such a dark movie. Kalau workshop animation movie: Hayao Mitazaki, untuk workshop cinematography. BECAUSE EVERYTHING ABOUT GHIBLI'S CINEMATOGRAPHY IS BEAUTIFUL. >///<
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Have you heard about J.K Rowling doing the screenwriting for Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them? I can't wait for it! It's is going to be based in New York in the 1920's, still a wizarding world and everything.

unicornsandcarrots’s Profile Photo
I Found out about it and I'm really excited wonder how the movie turns out and it's really cool how it will still be based on the wizarding world and everything cause that's what she's really good at. wonder when it's going to be released?
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