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❖ ⚊ [ @demon___butler ]

HarleyQuinn_DC’s Profile Photo❖ ℋᎯɾʅҽყ ℚυιɳɳ ❖
❖The city of London had been another travel point for the blonde who used to visit any of the places around the world, sometimes she took her friends along, when not, it was totally the opposite, which was going on in her new arrival to city cited. She took several selfies near tourist spots to record and store in her photo album. But a foreign hand spoiled that pleasant moment of the clown who had her cell phone quickly snatched from her hands and she only had time to scream and almost lose sight of the thief, so she didn't tell the conversation and went running after him.❖
— "HEY you bastard! Give me back my cell phone or you'll see me! You messed with the wrong person! Shit! COME BACK HERE!!!"
❖The thief accelerated his run more trying to distance himself from the blonde that was within his reach, every now and then he looked back and suddenly a fright caused by the blonde being very close to him took over. He ran more and tried to lose her by entering an open area, which was too late for the guy to hide there when the blonde jumped with everything on top of him and they both went rolling until they came to a stop a few meters away from a super luxurious mansion. They started to fight when a red flash quickly appeared in the scene resulting in the life snuffed out by that weakling thief by Harley, the blonde looked at his body thrown in the middle of the lawn that was dirty and destroyed also by the fight made between them, then she lifted her gaze to the sky and a slight drop fell on her nose indicating the gusty rain that would soon fall. Harley was starting to get drenched and limped towards the entrance to that mansion, leaving the body of the thief behind. When she reached the door, she didn't think about pressing the doorbell not wanting to be a cause for disturbance, she just sat there wanting to relax her body, and leaning against the door and watching the scene she had just committed. All this for getting your phone back.❖
— "That's... the real price paid for someone trying to steal my stuff..."

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¿Qué sueles guardar de las imágenes? 😅

Hay de todo un poco. Desde outfits que me gustan, citas de frases de escritores y/o ciertos libros, fotografías de mi Cosmo me tiene embobada que me da por tomarle fotos por todo así sea durmiendo, jugando en el césped. Como también hay screenshots de conversaciones y/o de llamadas que vengo haciendo con amistades en las cuales llevaba tiempo sin hablar pues hemos estado muy ocupados y en nuestras cosas. Hay más de mil fotografías en mi galería, solo me acorde de las más recientes. Claro que también hay selfies mías, me encanta tomarme fotos de vez en cuando, hay días en los que el outfit junto con el maquillaje que me he puesto se ve perfecto y merece que me tome una preciosa foto. Pero no las subo de una, la subo a las horas o al día siguiente. Mi galería nunca se acaba, cada día hay más de una fotografía en mi galería.

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which do you like more: taking pictures of others or pictures of yourself.

pennyyypieee3’s Profile Photopennyyypieee
I enjoy taking photographs of other people. My generation does not take selfies. Why in the world would I take a selfie? I already know what I look like and my friends all know what I look like. So what is the point other than unresolved insecurities, narcissism and a fatal attraction of the self? It's bad enough that I have to look at myself once each morning for 5 minutes to shave. That's more than enough time for me to self flagellate.

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which do you like more taking pictures of others or pictures of yourself

Do you usually like to keep your profile pictures on social media up to date? How often do you change those? 📸💁‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I used to in the past..not so much recently. I'm not as active on the social platforms these days so i don't bother with profile updates much, unless i feel it's time for a change. It went from once or twice a day to once every couple of weeks/months 😅. Maybe & hopefully in the future I'd be able to resume my activity, once i have enough time on my hands, but right now I don't see that happening.
PS: Another reason being that I'm not a big fan of selfies

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Do you usually like to keep your profile pictures on social media up to date How

Haven’t had fb or ig in 3 months!!!

I have fb and ig but hardly ever use them. fb I look at once a week for 5 minutes and ig I never look at. The whole concept of posting selfies never made any sense to me anyway.

Common Examples of Selfies:
Hey... here I am standing in the kitchen, here I am eating a hamburger, here I am looking in the mirror, here I am watching cartoons, and again looking in the mirror, and playing with dog, and talking to my boyfriend, and once again looking in the mirror, and brushing my teeth, and now I am taking a selfie feeling sad, another crying, another eating and yes...once again looking in the mirror.

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School or college life?

zeldalink1’s Profile Photokanoi.
Both 💫✨
School life prepares you to be an adult. College life teaches you how to actually adult. Both experiences are fun in their own ways and offer very unique experiences. It is definitely a tough question to answer which life was better.
The big gang of friends.
The boring uniforms.
The silly fights over window seats in a school trip.
Homework was done but forgetting the notebooks at home.
The group photos.
The games period.
The rocking annual days.
So many hands in a single lunch box.
Horror of exams.
Checking if teacher comes with answer sheets after the exam.
Sleeping with books.
Covering books before the start of every academic year.
Scribblings on the last page.
Faking illness to take leaves.
Handwriting that keeps changing.
Keeping quiet when Principal is on round.
Remarkable marks and report cards and The parent-teacher meetings.
Waiting for summer holidays.
Doing signature of parents by ourselves.
The last board exam.
The farewell.
** Life was just a Heaven **
Pranks and bunks in college is fun.
Cakes and birthday treats are such a joy in college.
Acting innocent to slip out of punishments is okay.
Bunking the classes in college is fun.
Blackmailing to complaining to the HOD is justified.
Being appreciated by your professor gives you joy.
Low attendance, late submissions and backlogs might be scary.
Posing for hundreds of selfies might feel trendy.
Those canteen days.
Outting after classes are over.
Planning for movies, outting.
Final year project works.
Annual day celebration.
Semester exams.
**Life was awesome**

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School or college life

C'est pas mal vu, peut-être es-tu jalousé par des personnes. Je dois dire que je te trouve jolie, même sans maquillage et dans une tenue vestimentaire banale.

thxiaoshu’s Profile Phototheo xiaoshu
Je ne parlais pas que de moi, t'as plein de nanas qui s'en prennent plein la gueule parce qu'elles postent des selfies ou qui essaient tout simplement de s'aimer. Faut croire qu'il faut rester mal dans sa peau et se cacher des gens pour être tranquille.

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Welp, I'm uninstalling this shit show because I'm sick and tired of these toxic, stalkery, sick people with 800 accts, stolen selfies, catfishing people who are unaware. most of them type in 3-6 different languages via a voice to text travel app. I'll come back when ppl get some help.

SpacePixelCats’s Profile PhotoSpacePixelCats
The whole point is to be anonymous, I don't think it was ever about getting to know the real person. I put up pictures because I choose to, not because I have to.

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Welp Im uninstalling this shit show because Im sick and tired of these toxic

Do you pay much attention to the number of "likes" you get on social media?

WellHelloJonesyMo’s Profile PhotoJM.
A little bit, but for me it is what it is.
Like the only thing I notice is the difference of likes I get with different kinds of pictures (selfies vs scenery for example). But they don’t bother me luckily and I don’t try to make myself have more likes.
I’m happy to say that the amount of likes I get are not equal to the amount of confidence or happiness I gain or lose! My instagram is some sort of (not an all too personal) digital diary.

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Do you pay much attention to the number of likes  you get on social media

Is it necessary to release hands after having handshake with a girl . I can hold it whole day .

You can, ofc, but think about the poor girl whose hand you'd be holding. I mean, she's got works to do, people to talk to and if you hold her hand ALL DAY LONG, how will she click her pictures and selfies and stuff.
I'd suggest you let her hand go after a handshake.

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Will you post an absolutely stunning picture of yourself so we can blow it up with likes? 👌

I will post more selfies soon, but not tonight. I'm not here just to post pictures for likes, likes on answers and pictures is just a bonus for me. I'm here because I like this app and I like the community here. Send me questions instead if you wish. 🙂

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Genre ils sont pleinement intégrés à la modernité... font la fête... boivent en terrasse... fument... prennent des selfies à foison... sont aussi soucieux de leur présence en ligne que quiconque... mais se prennent pour des nobles parce qu'ils ont un fleur de lys en pseudo et qu'ils sont cathos

Scaevolascar’s Profile PhotoCélibat nocif
Y en a plein qui sont anti réseaux sociaux mais du coup ils sont pas sur twitter. Ils sont tout aussi drôles par contre.

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Minar e Pakistan incident! Who do you think was at fault? The girl or those 400 men?

MalaikaAslam’s Profile PhotoMalaika Aslam.
Obviously the so called tiktok girl 🤦🏻‍♀️ dramy e nh muqdyy dyy ina dyy 😤 mein ye nh kehte thk hoa because haqeqt m b nh janti zydti hoe b hai ya nh but the fact is that ye sub preplanned tha jub fans selfies ly rhyy thy or bss assaulting to honi he thee phr esleye ghaltii zyda larki ki hai sub drama tha conclusion is that tiktokers are trash tiktok snack likee baned honi chaheye 🙌🏻

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So it was just a publicity stunt to get viewership. Lets end this shit and shitty TITS-TOKERS. Sub mil kar hamain chutiya banna rahain hain.

Imammmmy’s Profile PhotoAhmad Astaghfar.
Agreed. But still un 400 bando ki galti hai yeh accept karna paray ga.
Koi larka agr Red light area sey guzarta aur wahan jaa kar zna jaisa gunah-e-kabira kar ata toh woh yeh jawaaz paish nahi kar sakta key kiu key wahan larkiyan yehi chahat rakhtin thi isi liye mai ney zna kar liya. Bilkul nahi. Woh beshaq wahan chahat rakhtin hain lekin tumhari aqal kahan gayi? tumhara halal haram mey faraq karna kahan gya? Tmhara zna jaisey kabira gunah sey duur rehna in sub cheezon ko consider karna kahan chla gya tha?
Lehaza gunah karnay key kayi maukay miltay aur zariye bantay iska mutlb yey nahi kartay chlat jao yeh keh kar key mauka mila muje provoke kiya gya toh kar diya mai ney.
400 bando ki galti toh thi hi thi aur un sub pey lanat lekin us larki pur bi lanat joh fan meetup key liye gayi aur pehly 50 60 larkon key beech mey khari ho kar selfies bnati rahi, flying kisses karti rahi aur doosro ko dawat deti rahi.
Kisi aik ko bura kehna munasib nahi is minar-e-pak incident mey. Agr mardo ko mention kiya jaa raha toh is so called mazlooma ko bi mention karein please.

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Wenn du Fotos von dir haben willst, machst du Selfies, lässt du die Bilder von Freunden machen oder fragst du einen Fotografen?

kptschmidt’s Profile PhotoSchmiddi
Bei Bewerbungen oder besondere Anlässe wende ich mich an einen Fotografen. Für den Schnappschuss reichen Selfies. Ein persönliches professionelles Shooting finde ich allerdings reizvoll. Mit genügend Kleinkind verwirkliche ich das vielleicht, wobei ich es schon schwierig finde, mich da quasi "anzuvertrauen". Nach meiner Erfahrung werden Fotos nur dann richtig gut und Natur, wenn man sich wohl und "gut aufgehoben" fühlt und fallen lassen kann.

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Si por cada foto que te tomarás te quitaría un poco de tu alma, bueno digamos que un día de vida, que tan muerto estarías???

rubulnes’s Profile Photo:p
No solo estaria muerta si no que sería la reina de las almas en pena por selfies infinitas 😂😂.
Oiga ¿Sabe usted que el self necesita alimentarse también?
La cámara fotografía y los likes en redes lo hacen.
Qué turbio! ¿No?

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¿como eras de chiquita?

Bueno según mis papás & mi familia en general .. de chiquita era muy callada .. tranquila .. nunca tuvieron que gritarme ni nada de eso que me decían algo & yo hacía caso 💙 pues de hecho nunca fui rebelde en el nido, colegio o secundaria .. 🖤 recuerdo que en la inicial yo me ofrecia para peinar a los chiquitos más pequeños .. siempre les hacía sus colas, sus peinados & así osea siempre me gustaba ayudar en todo .. 🖤 en el colegio era como que mis amigas & yo éramos las más populares & en la secundaria si tenía mi grupo de amigas .. la que siempre paraba con sus selfies .. la enamoradiza .. la callada .. haha no diré que tipo de amiga era yo 🖤pero pase momentos lindos en mi inicial hasta la secundaria & hasta ahora 💙

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Tell me your Eid wasn't as uneventful as mine.

ossamaaltaf007’s Profile PhotoOssama
Spending those remarkable weird moments where you dont know what else to do rather than wearing stylish clothes and clicking some breathtaking selfies, wishing each and every relative/friends via phone and sending them remarkable GIFs to show how much we are excited to wish them and insisting them to send their eid pics while in reality we really don't care, even calling some people bcoz maybe they're special and thn doing that awkward talk where we dont know what else to say rather than "Eid Mubarak.... ji ...ji ..ji..." and whn u start to get super uncomfortable thn u hand it to others saying " ji yh baaqion se bhi baat kar lain" & last but not the least... most of the times dozing off in soothing sleep and believing that it'll drag every bit if tiredness on that auspicious occasion..
In short, it was Awesome👍🌚

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te mit gondolsz hogy fogadnad a farok selfies embereket? engem is betalaltak neha pedig fiu vagyok😂

:D Annyi kérdés jön f....al kapcsolatosan , hogy már lassan azt fogom álmodni, hogy valami fa. kiállításon vagyok 😂😂😂
Amúgy ha csak úgy a semmiből küldenek egy ilyet, akkor nem reagálok rá.
Vissza igazolásra várnak , ezért mutogatják.

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