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What do you consider your best achievement this year?

This year, I made a dedicated effort to immerse myself in the study of English and to broaden my understanding of foreign cultures.
Through this process, I have honed my proficiency in the English language.
Further, my knowledge of various cultures and their histories has been significantly expanded, providing me with a more nuanced and informed perspective on the world and its intricate intercultural dynamics.
While the acquisition of knowledge often brings with it a deeper appreciation of the challenges and complexities that exist, it also affords the ability to approach and address such issues with greater insight and efficacy.
In sum, the pursuit of knowledge has been a rewarding and enriching experience that has facilitated personal growth and the potential to effect positive change.
Though I am continuously striving for self-improvement and the acquisition of knowledge, I am aware that there is no endpoint to the learning process.
Indeed, the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong endeavor that brings with it a sense of fulfillment and contentment.
As I continue to strive for excellence and to expand my understanding of the world, I take solace in the fact that the process of learning itself brings joy and happiness.
The intellectual curiosity that drives me to seek out new information and experiences is a source of ongoing satisfaction and fulfillment, and I am grateful for the opportunities that have been afforded to me to grow and learn.

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"Becoming the best version of myself" can be interpreted in many different ways. How would you interpret it?

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Constant learning and growing out of past (bad) habits and experiences. It means you are working towards self-improvement.

Is self-improvement meant to be an endless journey or to arrive at a final destination?

avadroitII’s Profile PhotoAva Banana
I think you always improve! Even in the smallest of ways. Though, the journey to improve oneself is often fueled by a want to love and accept oneself and that (hopefully) has an end somewhere down the line. You can't let an endless search for perfection stop you for loving yourself for example 😵
Is selfimprovement meant to be an endless journey or to arrive at a final

Do you respect other religion such as Islam and Muslims people?

I am irreligious but I can respect all religious ideologies (and their practitioners) when religious doctrine can motivate and inspire acts of charity, virtuosity, atonement, introspection and self-improvement. I take issue with those who exploit or distort belief systems for nefarious purposes, but those who follow structured spiritual paths with sincerity and a desire to promote positive change should be universally revered.
Do you respect other religion such as Islam and Muslims people

Have you ever been madly jealous? What did you do?

sabvaddiya007’s Profile PhotoRana be happy
Rarely I have. But i wouldn’t call it jealousy, just a fascination. Jealousy is too strong emotion. It's common for everyone to obsess over someone else's achievements every once in a while, whether it be some special skill they have over you, or their ability to woo over someone who you're completely head over heels for.
Keep in mind that emotions are fleeting, but actions may affect you for the rest of your life. You may be jealous of someone now, but in a few days, months, or years, the tide may turn. It's important to keep in mind what you really want and strive to achieve it. It might be hard, but if it's what will keep you happy, who's stopping you? Work towards self-improvement, independent of what anyone else thinks, says, or does. When you look back at this moment, you'll realize how silly you were being.

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Have you ever been madly jealous What did you do

pengen tau dong, self healing terbaik kalian itu apa???

mutiaarasp’s Profile Photomutiara angelia

Baca Al-Qur'an, sholat. Jika perlu, baca buku-buku self-improvement untuk pendukung.
Seringkali, menghadiri kajian/majelis ilmu menjadi solusi untuk self healing. Di dalamnya kita mampu tazkiyatun nafs, yaitu membersihkan jiwa dan hati dari rasa sakit yang telah mengakar. Nasehat-nasehat dari asatidz pengampu kajian sangat kita butuhkan untuk memotivasi kembali apa sebenarnya tujuan hidup kita di dunia.

Hilangin stress ala kamu

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Ngaji, baca Al-Qur'an. Jika perlu, baca buku-buku self-improvement untuk pendukung.
Seringkali, menghadiri kajian/majelis ilmu menjadi solusi untuk menghilangkan stress. Di dalamnya kita mampu tazkiyatun nafs, membersihkan jiwa dan hati dari rasa sakit yang telah mengakar. Nasehat-nasehat dari asatidz pengampu kajian sangat kita butuhkan untuk memotivasi kembali apa sebenarnya tujuan hidup kita di dunia.

You are the epitome of perfection and practical-mindedness that's why your friends surround you😁 Your elegance, grace, and earthbound wisdom are so reviving. Wishing my expressive and organized conversationalist Virgo, a very Happy Birthday whose whole life revolves around self-improvement.🙂

ghayoor_rao’s Profile PhotoMuhmmad Ghayoor Riaz
Thanks a lot!🌺 Apart from all the midnight birthday wishes that I received right when the clock struck 12, this one was really surprising for me. And the way you bombard my humble and unpretentious soul with such compliments is way too impressive. Also, the feeling is mutual, your Takiya-e-kalaam with a tinge of humor is enchanting for me as well.✨💫
This birthday wish that you remembered gives me another reason to feel fascinated about the fact of having a Virgo partner like you! Cheers🥂😎

Selamat senin malam. Tanya boleh? suka pada baca buku apa.

suka sama buku karya rintiksedu
sama akhir² ini lagi baca buku tentang self-improvement. bukunya alvi syahrin yang insecurity. bagus banget banyak motivasinya☺️ sama i want to die but i want to eat tteopokki

There is a saying "A leopard never changes its spots" . Do you think we can change our base personality?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
_The characters vary from one character to another and from style to style, and this leads to a diversity of human personalities...... Some people are more attracted to her than others because she is "strong,nervous... And it's calm and conscious" ♡ as I am♡"⚘🦄♡_ ϻαࢪίάм Άşħࢪάғ.♡, except for" ..... I agree, however, that it is possible to change from our basic personalities.... "As life goes on.... And to improve ourselves to the best of our ability..... The leopard also has black spots, but what distinguishes it from other animals..... The characters are different from person to person. And when you find what's best for selfimprovement, I do it._ بتختلف الشخصيات من شخصيه لأخري ومن إسلوب لآخر وهذا ما يؤدي الي تنوع الشخصيات الأنسانيه...... فمن الاشخاص من لهم شخصيات تنجذب إليها دون غيرها من الشخصيات نظراً لانها " قويه، عصبيه...وتتميز بالهدوء وذات وعي" مثلي تماماً ⚘⚘🦄 ..... ومع ذالك أتفق مع إنه يمكن التغيير من شخصياتنا الأساسيه....» بمرور المواقف الحياتيه التي نمر بها .... ولتطوير ذاتنا للأفضل علي قدر المستطاع..... وكما أن النمر لديه البقع السوداء علي جسده ولكن ما تميزه عن باقي الحيوانات..... كذالك الشخصيات مختلفه من شخص لآخر .. وحينماتجد ما هو الافضل لتطوير ذاتك أفعله
ϻαࢪίάм Άşħࢪάғ أّلَتٌـوٌلَيِّبًهّـ أّلَبًيِّضًـأّء...⚘🦄

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Hey Matthew. It feels like I've been spending all my energy lately on improving my critique and my standards on games, only for your Microvideos video to knock me two steps back. I feel the quality of my life would be much improved if only I could see things as you do creatively. Is it hopeless?

This comes across more morose than I hope you intended. I doubt your life will change dramatically just by understanding games a little better so don't dwell on it too much. I know that sounds the same as "ignore your problems" but that's not what I mean. Acknowledge your problems, let them in and entertain them for a few minutes so that you can get some closure then admit that the best course of action is to adopt a more productive mindset. Rumination does nobody any good.
There's no secret to analysis, just time, knowledge, persistence, all the usual good stuff. It takes up the vast majority of my energy too and all you see is the end result, not the effort that went in or the stuff that was thrown away. It's not hopeless.
I don't know you so I can't say if it's what you should be doing with your life but try to take any little improvement as a victory. Self-improvement tends to come in drips.

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Pntsn aj cpt dpt pacar wong mau" aj lo di grepe" tete lo keenakan

'cepat dapat pacar' LOL says who.. who are you to judge?¿
being in a relationship is not always about sexual interaction.. it's about commitment and also trust, communication, and self-improvement to grow together.
im 21, i'll be 22 in about a month. sudah bukan waktunya gombal gombalan sayang where we actually talked about what we want for the present and the future.
If you think its so easy to just move from one relationship to another, it's not, it's mentally exhausting..
also fyi, all of my relationship lasted about a year or so unlike someone who prob never been in a relationship. nggak laku aja jangan spread your germ and negativity around. keep it to you and yourself😚

pagi ka janet! aku mau tanya, kamu pernah ga ngerasain pgn sendiri aja? dalam arti ga kepengen pcrn dlu, dan pgn nyiapin diri buat kuliah aja gamau mikirin yg lain2. dan rasa pgn pacaran itu cuman 40%, krn km udh prnh sakit hati. aneh ga sih? aku ngerasa kaya gt krn gada 1pun cowo yg aku suka skrg

waduhh, ga selalu tiap abis putuss aku ngerasa pgn sendiri. tp abis yg trakir ini, yess. aku lg sibuk memperbaiki diri dan fokus sm selfimprovement karen dgn gt Tuhan bakal lebih sibuk lg perbaikin jodohku yeaaaa~~~ kamu jg hrs gt. santaaii aja sumpah.

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