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Should people with dysmorphia be encouraged to accept their body or modify it?

dodoBluz’s Profile PhotoI am Jack's Amygdala
I sympathize with people who suffer with the condition but I don't believe in surgery to improve your appearance. People who are suffering need our love and understanding and to be reminded that they are beautiful just as they are. It's a horrible illness to be suffer from. There should be more counciling services available to help them deal with their condition ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Do you have any evidence of your above-average nature? I'm not asking for those who are more educated, but rather, more intelligent. Having a degree doesn't necessarily make someone smarter. So, what justifies the idea that you are smarter than other people?

There’s not an intelligence measure anywhere on earth that everybody agrees is a standard. You can quote MENSA; State education requirement tests; university degrees passed; MBTI…..doesn’t work. Some companies (including the armed services) get their people to sit all kinds of tests and then sort them into specialist roles based on their answers to the questions. I can get to the heart of arguments quickly.
I solve puzzles and always did as a kid. I solved the rubik's cube on the second day I had it when it first came out - before the internet. That's way quicker than Rubik himself.
I see things that others don't. I often do it in 'intuitive' leaps where i can see multiple steps ahead all at once, and I know it works even though I haven't had time to think it through. It takes a second to see it but might take 20-30 minutes to explain it. I don't know how, it just happens.
Formal IQ tests affirm it - they're just like more fun puzzles.
In my work I've become a global expert at something - mostly through problem-solving and creative thinking I saw possibilities that led to it being changed. But I'm not always really quick like some. I'm also not great at maths - never interested me, and only use it where it is relevant. My ability tends to be around things I'm interested in. It also doesn't mean anything - it doesn't make you better than anyone. It's just useful. When my car isn't working, I have full respect for my friends who listen for 10 seconds and know exactly what's needed.
Still doesn’t imply, let alone prove that intelligence is measurable by any standard than the one they themselves set.

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Comment convaincre les consommateurs que les voitures autonomes sont sûres ?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
Les voitures autonomes contribuent à favoriser l'autonomie et la mobilité des personnes en situation de handicap. Le recours à des voitures autonomes pourrait ainsi leur éviter le recours aux services d'un tiers comme un service de taxi par exemple.

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Do you think people read more or fewer books now than 50 years ago?

Fewer most definitely. Reading for knowledge or entertainment has been replaced by the Internet and streaming services.
We have become a society of instant gratification and short attention spans.
Glass half full - people are listening to many more audiobooks which is a very good thing.

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Do you think you've changed in the last years or are you the same as you were before?

In 2015 I changed... I was extremely extroverted to introverted! Best lifestyle choice I ever made!
No stress, no dealing with people who wanna drop others and me like a cold bag of sick!
Love my new me! I've become more and more reclusive over time. I was born a total extrovert and very assertive. I also like the new me so much better. Tremendously, I’m changing daily and I’m proud of the person I’ve become, but there’s still a lot I need to work on when it comes to myself. I will always continue to change, because it means growth.
Considering I was 15 at the time, I'd say I've changed loads. I now have a beard. Long hair. A car. I'm less chubby. I have a black belt in taekwondo. I am super good at more advanced maths. I'm pretty sure I hadn't even learnt about functions yet at the time. I have friends. I no longer have some kind of weird superiority complex. Those last two may go hand in hand. I am still a virgin, though, but baby steps. I've started making music. I'm a lot more independant, since I was forced to be after my dad died. I can cook, I can drive, I own a car. I have basically no respect for either of my parents anymore. I have more respect for my siblings. I can take responsibility for my actions and properly communicate when needed. I have a sense of identity and I’m learning to manage my trauma better. Though I’ve made improvement the journey doesn’t stop here. I’m working to improve myself everyday. I feel as though I have changed alot. When I was 18 I was an alcoholic who thought he was doomed to spend the rest if his life being miserable working in a factory. Alcohol was my biggest problem I would always embarrass myself worse than what I did the weekend before. I ruined so many friendships. Obsessed over a girl I never had a chance with (I still think about her a bit). I was basicly a disaster. Now I'm 22 I have quit drinking,I'm in a relationship and I went back to school this year to study human services and mental health and addiction. I'm super happy When I was 18, I was a liberal fundamentalist christian, and was weighing my options for my future, because I didn't think I would get into college, or ever have a romantic relationship with someone. I was taking my EMT-Basic in preparation for not getting into college, and was seriously considering just being a homeless traveler, hitchhiking around, working odd jobs where I could find them. I'm 26 now, I graduated college with a 3.8 GPA in a B.S. Criminal Justice degree, am currently working as a private investigator in the insurance field, am married to a wonderful, beautiful woman, have an even more awesome 1 year old daughter, and am now a small government conservative, and an atheist.

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Mr. Shehab what is LDAP and how does it work? thank you

LDAP is the protocol or language that servers use to communicate with Active Directory and similar directory services. A version of Directory Access Protocol (DAP), LDAP is part of the X.500 standard for directory services in organizational intranets and across the internet. LDAP helps send messages between servers and client applications—messages that can include everything from client requests and server responses to data formatting.

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Avez-vous déjà essayé des services de fournisseurs de paniers-repas tout prêts ou à cuisiner? (Tels que quitoque,quitoque go,hello fresh,seazon,etc). Si non,seriez-vous intéressés d'essayer cette nouvelle 《tendance》 repas?

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
Non jamais :)
Eh bien....je suis vraiment mes envies au jour le jour et même à l'heure en fait.....donc je pense pas que ça me conviendrai, j'ecoute vraiment les besoins et envies de mon corps

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If you really love your country !! What you have done to it better?

FaisalShafique’s Profile PhotoFaisal Shafique
Good someone asked me that, just like Quaid wrote 14 points to Nehru report. I will tell my government SOPs to save the country
1. Eliminate duties of retired army personnel acting in various government organizations effective immediately and impose serious fines and recover all the their salaries to the national account.
2. All the unemployed students must be given employment as per their talent
3. Ban all the ulama from social media and impose serious fines who upload videos on nationality/ religion / sexuality.
4. Shoot the rapists / sexual abusers in front of victims
5. Terminate all the police officers / posts wether they have worked one day or 30 years. Induct new people who got approved by psychologists
6. Judiciary reforms must be brought and all the wrong judgments passed by any judge should be hanged to death. If already dead declare as to be hanged till death in government records
7. Lower the wages of army people and should be sent to borders. No need to help in internal country affairs like floods.
8. Corrupt bureaucrats must be castrated. And all these existing model girls should be fires from civil services of Pakistan. Impose serious punishments on the people recruiting them. Credible people sieved by doctors and professionals must be given charges.
9. International relations / trade with India and Afghanistan must be improved and army must recover the disputed Kashmir areas. Declare war on them
10. No aalim & journalist allowed to talk on internal affairs of my govery openly on media. Ban the channels who blackmail my government and impose serious punishments.
11. Improve the science technology and launch our space science program.
12. Shake hands with Israel and take the advance technologies from them.
13. No one allowed to participate in proxy wars.
14. Improve business relations with Russia, Europe, China, Japan, Korea and Iran and Afghanistan

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Are you Looking for Tamil Voice Over Artists ?

Do you want to hire an affordable Tamil Voice Over Artists in Delhi? Don't worry, we're here to help. We offer Tamil Voice Over Services with the help of certified, qualified, and experienced Tamil Voice Actors or Talent with years of experience at affordable prices. You can expect a high quality and impeccable location in every language in the world. You can find more information on our website: https://www.voicerecordingstudio.in/tamil-voice-over-service/

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Are you Looking for Tamil Voice Over Artists

What frustrates you? 😣

this is one of many stories that always frustrate me....🌝
yesterday i was with my some frndz ...sitting in icecream parlor...gossiping about class fellows...bragging about little worldly things which are actually clemency of Allah on us🍁....while looking across the road through big glass window...i saw girl of our own age...bare footed ...but was still looking more beautiful and attractive in her torn clothes than us🌼......we all and she were of same age...but we were there to enjoy luxurious leisure time and she was there under fiery flaming sun to convince and get some money from passerby....this enigmatic inequality of world always frustrate me🙁...she deserve same housing, same rights, health care , resources, education and services as us...but i don't know but i am sure about that there is some fathomless wisdom of Allah✨ that he created this world in such a manner...that some are so prestigious that they are choosing that what they want to eat , live, wear and some are even devoid of these necessities....💔

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What’s ur major subject ! Which field ?

sathik_05’s Profile PhotoSathik
My Bachelor's Degree is in Human Services with a Concentration in Child Court Advocacy! I have taken classes in case management, psychology, communications, child abuse and neglect and the law. My Master's will probably be in Clinical Psychology/Mental Health!👩‍🎓 My goal is earning my Master's in a couple years. I also have an Associate's of Arts Degree. #classof2020 #classof2021

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Whats ur major subject 
Which field

Qual è il video di YouTube più divertente che hai visto di recente?

DavideDanna792’s Profile PhotoDavide2206
Io ho visto un video che parlava del fatto che il servizio di amazon web services è stato usato dalle cia ole pensa che questo servizio farebbe capo a servizi di streaming come Netflix. Sai che la cia avrebbe fatto parecchi contratti con amazon. Un'altra cosa che ho guardato è la politica estera che mi interessa ciò che succede nel mondo e sono sempre attento alle ultima novità. Sai ho seguito le ultime novità sull avvocatoxe Benedictis che hanno trovato nel muro di casa sua degli arsenali da guerra ma Ci rendiamo conto di queste cose. Poi ci sarebbe pure la questione che leggevo poi di app come Signal che adirittura la cina la usavano per fare altre cose. Ma lo sai che l app signal è un app in cui non vengono nemmeno rintracciato i nomi degli utenti

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If you had the authority or the legitimate power to control the global market and the economy today. How would you feel and react?

For starters I would feel honoured to control the world. I mean, when you can control the global market you're basically in control of everything. I would introduce Universal Basic Income so that everyone can get $1k a month at least. Screw how much it costs in the budget because our lives is a human right, not an experiment. We have every right to have money coming into our lives every single month for living on this beautiful planet.
I would eliminate taxes for anyone making under $50k a year. I don't think taxes need to be paid by people who are struggling enough as it is. I feel the top 1% can fill in that void. Just to clarify, I don't dislike rich people, but I also believe if you're making 7, 8, 9 figures a year, you can easily pay your fair share in taxes. That should be part of the job. If I were wealthy, I'd have no problems paying taxes. If you're truly wealthy, you would have no issues giving some of it up. I feel those who are hoarding on money still operate from a scarcity mindset. They're afraid it'll all disappear, or that it's the most amount of money they'll ever have in their lives.
To add onto that, I would force big corporations to donate 10% of their net income to one of 3 things -- taxes, eradication of world poverty, or helping underdeveloped nations. If they don't comply (meaning they don't donate upon request at the end of the fiscal year), then it's 30% - meaning they're forced to donate 10% of their net income for each of the 3 things - no questions asked. I would force the money to come out of their pockets. No need for trials or lawsuits - just pure force. It would be like a magic trick.
Small businesses can open up for free of charge for a 6 month trial period. The buildings would be paid for via tax money. After 6 months they will be given a review. If they've made a profit in 2 consecutive quarters, then they'll operate under normal rules. No financial aid. If they haven't made a profit, they will be given 6 additional months + some financial aid without exceptions. They need to be profitable, so I would go the extra mile to help them out. At some point they have to turn a profit. I wouldn't force them to shut down if they lost money. That's up to them.
Credit card debt, student loan debt, bankruptcies, foreclosures would cease to exist. So, no need to worry about missing a credit card payment or your rent payment. That's all taken care of.
On top of that, I would probably not give a single f*ck and force all telecommunications companies to go out of business. How? By making internet, cable, and mobile services free of charge. Screw all of them. I want everyone to have access to technology, and having them raise prices is only making me wish they could all go out of business. So I'd force them to shut down whether they like it or not.
I'm also not trained in economics, so no clue how much of this is even possible, but then again, I have all the control, so that means anything goes :p

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do you like the smart TV? i have one too, and at first it seemed so difficult to operate on it. I would ask my dad to show me how to watch netflix or youtube on it, lol. Technology isn't my thing, which is ironic considering I grew up surrounded by it.

i love it — i have all of my streaming services on it, including spotify and youtube, and it's so much easier for me compared to when i had to use my xbox in order to watch netflix and stuff.
i think my father had to show me too when i first got it, but the model i got is very easy to navigate. i highly recommend them if someone watches a lot of streaming services like netflix, hulu, prime, disney+, etc.

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Si tu étais Président(e), quelle serait ta première action ?

Baisser mon indemnité présidentielle de moitié, nommer une femme compétente Première ministre et pour tous les ministères régaliens, un trans à la Santé, me donner 100 jours pour lancer de grandes réformes : interdiction cumul des mandats (y compris dans le temps), baisse de 1/3 de toutes les indemnités des élus (sauf conseillers municipaux des petites villes), prise en compte du vote blanc, abandon 49-3, impossibilité de briguer une élection en cas de condamnation, abolition des commissions, comités, conseils et cie qui ne se sont pas réunis depuis plus de 1 an.
Simplifier la bureaucratie, rendre automatique la plupart des mesures administratives. Style le versement des aides sociales. L'administration fiscale pourrait directement transmettre toutes les informations nécessaires aux organismes sociaux, avec toujours possibilité pour le citoyen de contester s'il perçoit une erreur. Elargissement du RSA au 16 ans et +. Fusion de la plupart des aides sociales en un "revenu universel" dont le montant est modulable selon votre situation : boursier, chômeur, retraité, handicapé....
Recalculer l'assiette fiscale qui n'a pas été retouché depuis des décennies, abolir les impôts qui coûtent plus chers à collecter qu'ils ne rapportent à l'Etat, baisse de la TVA, remboursement protection hygiéniques.
Améliorer la décentralisation, avec des services publics variés, de proximité, bien coordonnés entre eux. Retaper le système de santé au niveau de la médecine préventive et des handicaps physiques / mentaux, améliorer le système pénitentiaire pour pallier à la surpopulation carcérale (construction de prisons modernes, éviter la case prison pour des petits délits commuables en travaux d'intérêts généraux). Redévelopper le ferroviaire un peu partout, accélérer la transition écologique, lois somptuaires plus sévères contre le gaspillage de toute sorte.

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А мне наоборот ооооочень редко попадаются лесби-пары с детьми... И зачастую если у пары есть ребенок, то это благодаря тому, что одна из них - бывшезамужняя бисексуалка. А вам как часто попадаются детные пары?

Часто. Каждая первая. Если еще не родили, то в процессе подготовки к беременности. Ну и плюс, я работаю в этой сфере (fertility services), часть пациенток - лесбийские семьи. У меня к сожалению нет даже знакомых чайлдфри-лесбиянок кроме 2 старых подруг еще из Питера. У всех дети, как минимум 1 ребенок. От брака всего у троих, остальные все ИИ или ЭКО. Одна пара смогла удочерить.
Я не считаю бывших замужних бисексуалками, если сейчас они живут с женщиной и не планируют строить отношения с мужчинами.

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It was heartwarming to see the huge number of students coming out against the oppression of Palestinians and fighting for justice! #Free_Palestine ✊

EKhannn’s Profile PhotoErum Khan
While the #UselessUnitedNations has mostly remained either silent or biased, it's a positive sign that the youth around the world is seeing things the way they are, which is Israel's terrorism against Palestinian people. It's an act of state terrorism and should be labelled as such instead of calling it a so called "right to self defense."
It's ironic that most "superpower s" around the world have openly extended support to this inhuman behavior. Most of these countries claim to be secular nations and yet they are supporting an act of terrorism by a state, an act of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians and to top it all off, they call it self defense. The world watches through their hypocrisy and I hope that the sane minds grow beyond cast and creed discriminations to support what's right and help a nation free itself from the terrorist government of Israel. Justice demands that the world be united against Israel. Justice demand that they face sanctions. Justice demands that you and I ban their products and services. There are alternatives and if there aren't, it's about time we start working on them instead of letting one nation of merely 8 to 10 million people control and compromise the morals of 7+ billion people. Remember, as a consumer when you give up their good, you deprive them of another cent that let's them manipulate their capitalist slaves in these so called "superpower" puppet nations. That's the least we can do for our oppressed friends in Israel.
In Islam, Bait ul Muqaddas (Masjid Al Aqsa) holds such a high position, do it for the Masjid if not for people. If they take Masjid Al Aqsa, then they'll move further. What if they move towards Arab. Therefore, it's high time that we unite against the terrorist government of Israel and show our Palestinian brothers that we stand with them in solidarity until our last breath, until justice is served.
P.S. Here's a picture to show statistical proof that we live in a world of capitalist puppet nations.

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It was heartwarming to see the huge number of students coming out against the

Do you think mental health services should be free-of-charge? Why or why not?

Depends on your priorities - people's mental health or profit maximization, both of which are justifiable, imo.
Based on my experience, I'd say I was lucky that I had free access to them through my university when I desperately, desperately needed them. If they weren't free of charge, I might have looked into other avenues to find a solution, but that's because I've always been price-conscious over anything else. Regardless of whether the counseling helped or not, I think offering free trials can help to a great extent, especially in minor cases, but you can charge a fee when it comes to preparing elaborate, personalized treatment plans, etc.

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💢In a hypothetical case, imagine your life is a product and now you need to sell it! (with maximum profit) How are you gonna do it?

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
Okay, so “Selling the Life of James Leyshon”:
The life of James Leyshon is Extraordinarily unique, it’s come with it’s ups and downs like any life some fascinating and mesmerising stories none the less.
In this life you will inherit many relatives and friends in Spain, some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet and be expected to go a lot to see them all and have fun with them!
You’ll inherit a small business that if run correctly is rather lucrative and grows at a steady pace.
An extraordinary life plan that is on track for quite an astonishing time between ages 28-40!
A good level of cardio vascular fitness, you’ll have a cool mountain bike and many friends to go on mountain biking adventures with!
You’ll become an exclusive member of the “Bowtie boys club”, this is a group of friends that do quite extraordinary and daring things that push them beyond the boundaries of what they’re used to, they don’t do comfort zones!
You’ll get an amazing family that always has your back in the bad times and the good!
You’ll receive many contacts in the property sector that will help you achieve and push forward in business.
You’ve got a car and it’s practically immortal, I have tried killing it and can’t seem to kill this one so look after it!
You have a good credit score and no debt and only use credit cards to build that score!
28 years of age, you’re confident, very social, know where you’re going, street wise, capable, self disciplined, physically active and consistent.
You’ve got a large skillset, ranging from negotiating and selling property to building, fencing, years of financial services experience from banking to mortgages, you can also do sales and marketing, so in terms of work opportunities, I can guarantee you’re never out of options and know a lot of people in each area that can help you with each.
You’re physically fit with no underlying health conditions!
You don’t drink and you don’t smoke either!
There will be around 10 books that you will be expected to read and really learn the materials in them which are very important to continued success in life.
I put blood, sweat and tears into building absolutely solid foundations for the future if the buyer even attempts to squander this the sale will be instantly rejected and refunded.

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In a hypothetical case imagine your life is a product and now you need to sell

Your husband only married you because he works for Social Services and was tasked with infiltrating your family to spy on whether you're treating your kids right from the inside. 🕵️ 👩👧🏻👦👧👶

My husband doesn't work for social services lmaoooo. & why would he need to 'infiltrate' when he was my ex fiance's stepbrother & has always been part of the family.....

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Mise en situation professionnelle : vous avez un collègue qui ne respecte pas les procédures et qui en raison de son comportement, met en péril l'activité. Vous lui en avez déjà parlé, mais rien ne change. Que faites-vous ? Vous en parlez à votre responsable ?

YoungGhost96’s Profile PhotoTom Faon
Qu'est-ce que tu veux faire d'autre ? Le laisser saboter le travail de tout le groupe et désorganiser les services ?
Après si c'est un fonctionnaire il est intouchable. Nous on a même pas pu révoquer un fonctionnaire qui a agressé sexuellement sa collègue. Il a écopé d'une suspension temporaire de 3 mois, avec injonction de soins médicaux.

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"Quanto maior a massa maior a atração" foi a forma educada de Newton dizer que nós gosta é das gordinhas.

Ryusakkazuma’s Profile PhotoQuadrinhos
Isso me lembra de uma coisa, ja que tocou no assunto; Saudades de ir nos rodízios, self services a vontade, restaurantes diversos e dar aquele prejuízo pro dono.
Como dizia minha avó:
"Esse estômago não tem fundo"
E como sempre digo, estou em fase de crescimento. 😅
Na foto, que fique claro, é só a entrada. 😋😁😎
Boa noite! 🙂 Comer é tudo de bom. 😋

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Quanto maior a massa maior a atração foi a forma educada de Newton dizer que nós

As per Authorities, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, TikTok & Telegram Services will remain suspended from 11 AM to 4 PM. Anyone knows about this? i received this message from my internet provider

Sarmadking123’s Profile Photo^_^ x
آدھا گھنٹہ ہوگیا ہے مجھے سر کھپاتے۔۔۔
وٹس ایپ پہ میسج کیوں نہیں جا رہے۔۔۔
کھوتے کا سر جائیں گے میسج بھلا۔۔۔
اچھا اچھا، ہن ٹھیک اے۔

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Please could you take a moment to click on my new website and let me know what you think. I promise it's not porn or anything like that 🙏🙏🙏🙏 www.no1oddjobman.co.uk www.no1oddjobman.com

Overall good website but some things I would change.
I would put "services" page left of "contact us", that usually goes at the end.
On services there is only a subscribe element, list at least 4 "Best selling" services that are the most attractive to your customers, list them with a photo, title and subtext clearly.
Remove "GODADDY WEBSITE BUILDER" From footer, after all, you pay for it, why do they get free advertising for the privilege? 🤷‍♂️
Apart from that, everything is clear, concise and easy to read, fonts are clear and colour scheme is clear also.

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