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Baji doctor!!! Which pads should I use??? Always or butterfly???? Plzz plzz tell me!! 😭😭😭😭

Excuse me? I can clearly see 'boy' written on your shoutout. Koi sharam lehaz bachi hai tum logon mein ya nahi? I don't get it ke tum logon ko kiya sukoon milta hai yeh sab karke. Shame on you, you're an absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being. Idiot.
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Magst du lieber Taschenbücher oder gebundene Bücher?

Oh boi, es folgt eine (unnötig) essay-istisch anmutende TL;DR - Abhandlung über Buchdruckpräferenzen (xd).
Taschenbücher verfügen meines Erachtens über eine "angenehmere" Sensorik, insofern das für irgendjemanden Sinn ergeben sollte. Sie sind preiswert(er), einfacher zu händeln und besitzen einen Touch "Vintage", wenn sie in gebrauchter Form anzutreffen sind. Hardcover meide ich überwiegend; es sei denn, es handelt sich um ein antiquarisches Werk, das ausschließlich in dieser Form erhältlich ist und meist wesentlich schicker als ein ein Taschenbuch-Pendant anmutet.
Bei modernen Hardcover-Büchern stört mich zudem meist der Umschlag, dessen ich mich häufiger entledige, um keine unansehnlichen Gebrauchsspuren zu hinterlassen.
Womöglich ist diese Präferenz auch dem Umstand zu verschulden, dass Taschenbücher finanziell rentabler sind und tendenziell weniger Platz einnehmen, jedoch habe ich mich wohl oder übel dazu bequemen lassen, nur noch selten physische Bücher in meine vier Wände einziehen zu lassen (mit meiner stetig wachsenden und zuweilen ungelesenen "Pile of Shame" könnte man mittlerweile die chinesische Mauer rekreieren, ehem).
Ich möchte der Schönheit eines Hardcover-Werkes als Taschenbuch-Girlie jedoch insgesamt keinen Abbruch tun und lediglich betonen, warum ich Letzteres eher bevorzuge.
Ich hatte vor einigen Jahren einmal eine etwas seltsame Unterhaltung mit einem Typen, der meinte, dass es für klassische Werke "unwürdig" sei, sie in eine Hardcover-Gesamtausgabe zu quetschen, als ich einmal meinen dicken Kafka-Schinken von Anaconda präsentiert hatte. Vielleicht bin ich dahingehend zu "simpel" gestrickt, aber irgendwie empfand ich diese Auffassung als regelrecht snobistisch und an den Haaren herbeigezogen. Letztlich ist das Medium eines Werkes für mich eher zweitrangig, wenn ein entsprechender Zugriff darauf besteht. Ich verstehe zwar die wachsende "Sorge" bei E-Books und der exotischen Formatierung des Schriftbilds (was ja letztlich auch das Leseerlebnis entsprechend beeinflusst), aber you do you.
Also Taschenbücher sind definitiv meine Komfort-Wahl, aber Hardcover besitzen auch ihre Daseinsberechtigung.

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Ucp ab official mujra point bn gya h shame on all girls boys doing bayshrmi stuff in university and university as well who are allowing them. Jo students yh sb ni krty ya is sb ko support ni krty or udr prh ry hain un k liya mushkilat hain inko to frq ni prta

princess567l’s Profile PhotoMiss Multiverse
See, this is the issue with Religious people or i mean just people, bhai jis ka jo dil kraha hy krnay dou, unless and until wo apko koi direct nuksan nahi pohncha raha. Jo jis mein khush hy let it be. Nafraton say zayda mohbtein bantein.

shaadi k baad insaan pagal q hojate hn. mtlb ye 50-60 sal k log inko apas me baat bhi dhang se nh krskte. kutto ki trha cheekhte hn ek doosre pe. or Bacho k mathhay ki maa bhen krdete hn. itni nafrat thi or h ek doosre se to itne Bache kyu paida kiye.

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
It begins with bx relatives and in-laws criticizing newlyweds, labeling them as submissive or accusing the wives of doing taweez kala jaadu type things, all while undermining their supportive behavior towards each other. This manipulation leads to hurt egos and husbands siding with their own families during arguments to avoid shame, causing rifts and bitterness btw the couple. Outsiders exploit the situation further for personal gains or to create mockery of it. Over time, fights escalate into family feuds until one spouse refuses to tolerate it anymore, shocking the other who's unaccustomed to such pushback. Along with this ongoing situations, despite the struggles, couple stays together due to societal pressure, harboring unspoken complaints. Eventually, love is sustained by shared memories, but marriages with unhappy beginnings struggle as resentment grows, particularly if happiness is solely tied to children or lifestyle. unresolved fights, outside manipulation and specially relatives interventions worsen it as they will always speak against their opposite side.
This leads to toxicity, quarrels, fights, divorces blablabla and now the couple is extremely against each other and this gradually turns into hatred, they try to hurt each other everytime and this way their ego stays intact while innocent children suffer the most in all this and this continues forever.
#averagehouseholdstories and even i am trying to find an answer how to avoid this situation because I really wanna guide somebody close going through this all.

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Imran ne arbo ka set 90 lac me bheach dia aur watch b usk bawajod wo imanatdaar ??? Kesy ?? Sb andhy ho kia 3 salo me usne itni mahngai ki aur itna qarza Lia jitna AJ tk Kisi ne Nhi Lia phir b wo Sacha kesay acha kesay ??

If you see Global Crona ke bad har jagah mehgaye hue he doo gunnah nahi 3..4 5 gunnah... still Pakistan manage it and did a record breaking export textile industry booooom from 16 billion dollars to 31... etc etc insaaf card sehat card.. youth program ...digital Pakistan ... foreign investment ...overseas Pakistanis trust.... daimer basha dam... and many other projects of billionss of dollar ... and and you think wo ek watch pe chori krega.. and that necklace wo jo personally gift huwa tha nake saraki dorey pe uske be usne paise deye... what the hell 3 arab ka harr... 3 arab kitne hotey hien 300 crore itne ka to wo Queen Elizabeth ka crown nee ..Such a shame a person who can earn billions uspe case be kya bana rahe watch and necklace wow

How do you react on receiving toxic anonymous questions on here? Are you the type to answer it sardonically to antagonize the questioner or do you just delete and ignore it? 😈😇

cometstrixxx’s Profile Photo✧˚Comet˚✦
I’m not to proud to tell you I asked Siri the definition of sardonic. Not bad comet. You are a wordsmith along with the other plethora of talents you have.
As far as the question, I usually engage in busting the questioners chops in hopes to shame them into stopping with nonsensical posts.
I do not engage when the posts are seriously vulgar or involve predatory behaviors.
I find this site unique and valuable because of its ability to free people to engage anonymously and release thoughts they never felt they could. I don’t want evil minds destroying this for all of us.

Livi what do you read in your spare time?📔

I haven’t read a physical book in ages, which is a shame! I mostly chill and listen to podcasts, I’m listening to one called Noble Blood, which is about fascinating tales from history which are slightly unusual, which affected nobility/royalty, from cultures all over the world. It’s told in a storytelling manner, and it’s genuinely very interesting to listen to! 🎧

「 свободный пост 📝」здесь можете прикперить все что угодно вашей душе. это может быть картинка, стих, рассказ, плейлист, ваши мысли.

Вспомним молодость и давно затерявшиеся треки:
Say It - Blue October
The Love Letter - Blaqk Audio
Weak и Fake It - Seether
It's A Shame - Quietdrive
the first of me - hoobastank
I'm Alive - Shinedown
Goodnight - Egypt Central
Get Back - Nine Lashes
Sorry It's Over - Joan Red
Hourglass - After Midnight Project
Time Bomb - All Time Low
Ugly - The Exies
From Yesterday - 30 Seconds To Mars
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring

omg have you seen Kylie Jenner in 2024? I’m not the one to shame people for having surgeries, but something is wrong with her. She’s like 25, but looks middle aged now, she looks older than Kim.

I don't think it's extra surgeries, I think she's changed how she does her makeup (there's a lot less heavy contour on the nose etc which makes it easier to see her real feature shape, less heavy eye makeup and lip over lining etc) plus photos taken at bad angles in unflattering lighting can make anyone look awful. So, though I have no love for that family, I think this is uncalled for. We shouldn't still be tearing women's appearance apart like this, Wether it's surgery or makeup or simply time, she's a woman, she has a face, that's it.

Piszę z anima ale jak jesteś to wiesz kto i że to do ciebie 🥹 musisz wiedzieć jeszcze jedno że żyjac bez ciebie to tak jak bym nie żył praktycznie wogóle brakuje mi Ciebie i zawsze będzie brakowało , a to co odeszło wraz z Tobą to było to co było najlepsze we mnie bez Ciebie end Kocham Cię !!!

No i proszę, a nie mówiłem? Mam nadzieję, że te tysiące użytkowników, którzy odczytali wyznanie, obficie zrosili łzami klawiaturę komputera lub telefon, ale już otrząsnęli się z szoku.
Właściwie to czuję się trochę obrażony takimi wiadomościami. Anonimowe (botowe) wycieranie sobie ryja jednym z najważniejszych, najtrudniejszych i najpiękniejszych słów, jakie można powiedzieć drugiej osobie. Małpa z brzytwą…
Ale nie zapominajmy, że to ask. Portal fantazji i ironii. Więc ze specjalną dedykacją ode mnie dla bota/anonima kochającego miliony askowiczów. Magiczną siedemnastowieczną angielszczyzną (udajmy, że wykonanie niczego nie uprościło).
No nights are dark enough for those…
Utwór pierwotnie na głos i lutnię, ale sami przyznacie, że taka chwila wymaga odwołania się do całego zespołu smyczków.

Flow my teares fall from your springs,
Exilde for euer: Let mee morne
Where nights black bird hir sad infamy sings,
There let mee liue forlorne.
Downe vaine lights shine you no more,
No nights are dark enough for those
That in dispaire their last fortuns deplore,
Light doth but shame disclose …
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eW3dCuRwc4domstarcow’s Video 173729186353 9eW3dCuRwc4domstarcow’s Video 173729186353 9eW3dCuRwc4

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domstarcow’s Video 173729186353 9eW3dCuRwc4domstarcow’s Video 173729186353 9eW3dCuRwc4

If you’re bilingual/multilingual, what’s the strangest/funniest song in your native language? 2nd language? 3rd? (If that applies to you) What is it about? Do you ever listen to it for fun? 🎤😆

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Ha, our carnaval songs are very interesting to say the least 😂
They almost always have double meanings, one of them being dirty 😂
I’m listening to them now to prepare for carnaval in February! The music is quite funny, but you have to let go of shame and doubts to actually enjoy it 😂 the music is a bit clumsy.
If youre bilingualmultilingual whats the strangestfunniest song in your native

AU-Zeit: Wo würde dein Götterfunken-AU in Mittelerde leben? Ein Mensch in Gondor oder Rohan? Als Elb in einem der Reiche? Ein Zwerg? Ein Orc sogar? Oder bestes Leben in Hobbingen?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ich muss zugeben, absolut keinen Plan von lotr zu haben 😂 kein einziges Buch gelesen, keinen einzigen Film geguckt. Als meine Klasse damals in der Schule gegen Ende des Schuljahrs nur noch am Filme gucken war, war ich an dem Tag nicht da, als sie lotr geschaut haben 😔 shame on me.
Aber die liebe @BonnieEldritch hat sich mir erbarmt und die verschiedenen Wesen + Orte kurz zusammengefasst 😂 Wir sind auf den Schluss gekommen, dass Sable ein schmuddeliges Menschlein aus Rohan ist, das als Jäger in der Wildnis herum frohlockt 😌

Do you think it’s wrong to shame others for not shopping “smart”? Basically I was talking about how much I paid for food, and a couple of people said that I don’t know where to shop, bc I can’t find cheaper groceries.They didn’t say anything of help, they did it to be arrogant and shame me.

In short, yes.
There’s also the issue of eating healthily and environmentally-consciously.
Fair trade, organic, locally sourced produce is of course much better for everyone concerned, but not everyone can afford it - nor is it available within easy reach everywhere.
People shouldn’t preach at each other negatively about what they’re able to buy.
But imho the government and large corporations are fair game to provide feedback to on what shops are stocking and its cost to the consumer and the environment.

What is it with people asking others to buy them things on their bday? Is it an American thing? Where I come from, it is considered a shame to ask, b/c it makes you look like a needy mooch. It's a pride thing. But some Americans I've met will just ask straight up like shamelessly.

I think it’s strange to ask for a birthday present unless you’re asking your family members for one. If it’s your best friend, it would make sense that they get you a bday gift without you having to ask for one. When it comes to acquaintances, I’d leave it up to them to get me something since you aren’t close enough with them to ask for a bday gift.

I know this is going to sound moronic, but if you accidentally dropped your toilet paper in the toilet, would you throw it away or would you let it dry if it's not super wet?

You’re right, your question sounds moronic. 😂
Do you literally mean when you drop toilet paper or do you mean the entire toilet paper roll? Because if it was just toilet paper I’d flush it away (not throw, like why would I pick it up..), but if it’s a toilet paper roll I’d throw it away. It’s a shame, but I rather waste it than to risk infections.
I know this is going to sound moronic but if you accidentally dropped your

what celebrity passing away shocked you the most?

heartjoana’s Profile Photoj
Chester Bennington.
The day he died i was at the restaurant and honestly i started crying at the table, without shame. i don't follow the world of celebrities, but his death shocked and hurt me for various reasons. Linkin Park was a band i listened to, i had been to their concert (the only one i've ever been to until now) and most importantly, their songs represent me. Unfortunately, i know his demons and Linkin Park's songs are the very few that represent me and from which i feel, unfortunately, understood.
what celebrity passing away shocked you the most

Already talking about you https://ask.fm/syd13kidxo/answers/175067470737

What a shame she felt she HAD to answer that instead of just keeping our names off her page.
What a shame indeed, some people wont change.
Anyways, I really am not interested in coming back to links about her or anyone else involved in this petty drama, so I ask that you not start this up again, otherwise, I won't be staying.
Good bye. 💕

Do you agree that there is no shame in saying that you don't know things or are uneducated on certain subjects - because you can always learn and educate yourself? It's only a shame to act like you know when you actually don't.

Absolutely, I'm happy to admit if I don't know something well enough to have a full opinion on, nobody can know everything and it's best not to form strong opinions on things you don't know anything about

ཾ༵ * .⠀ ݁⠀I am the knife which will slaughter heaven. heaven is full of blood ; soon it will ˢᴺᴼᵂ—

ICVRUSRISEN’s Profile Photo* ℭ.snow
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀i⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ s m e l l⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ b l _ o d
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀your fire,⠀ your pain,⠀⠀i know that you
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀hurt⠀ ⠀⠀and⠀ ⠀⠀suffer⠀ ⠀⠀like⠀ ⠀me.⠀⠀
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀i⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ s m e l l⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ l o v e
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀your fear,⠀ your shame, i can tell you're
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀f_cked, and⠀ ⠀⠀d a m a g e d⠀⠀like me

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀─────────────────────────
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ꜰᴇᴇᴅ ʏᴏᴜʀ ꜰᴀɪᴛʜ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴠᴛᴇ, ʏᴏᴜʀ ʀᴠɢᴇ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✝
I  am  the  knife  which  will  slaughter heaven  heaven is  full  of   blood

What do you call someone who trusts everyone?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Naive... Which is not "necessarily" a bad thing, because it means you are vulnerable and more open to letting others in, than most! Plus, you are more willing to give someone a chance to show you if they "are" trustworthy.
I can also understand why some may trust more, than others... 🤔
Because how can someone "earn" your trust without you being "open" to trust, yourself? And vice versa?
I think you have to have those walls down... You have to unguard yourself... or, at least observe how that other person is with others? Do they take accountability for their actions? Are they honest and true with the people around them? Or do they do things behind their backs? Do they talk about them in good light or in gossip? I think actions speak a lot of words.
Either way, I follow the rule of thumb: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
I can give people the benefit of the doubt... But, don't take advantage of that.

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What do you call someone who trusts everyone
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Do you agree that fear doesn't make someone weak? I often hear people say this crap. I don't believe I'm 'weak' nor a 'coward' simply because I fear returning to a place where I've experienced ab*se or be around someone who was ab*sive to me in the past.

fear doesn't make a person weak, especially if you're able to admit to it and/or face up to your fears. there is also no shame in being aware of your boundaries and prioritising your comfort.

I don't know y girls are obssesed with diet, I love Bit overweight girls they'r Cute

Everybody has their own fitness standards
I appreciate that you are not one of those people who body shame people with more weight
But we should always remember obesity is a disease and one should atleast try to cut it its really not healthy for any of you

What's love for u !💘

nour2511999’s Profile PhotoNour⁦♪⁩
Love is loving without a reason,
Connecting to someone without reason. When you look into your eyes, you melt inside. It's trembling when you hold your hands, you can't even hug them with all your being because of shame, because loving is actually being ashamed, what is love actually? For the sake of dying? to live with it? To love all your life? Or when it is necessary to leave? What is the beauty that connects people to others? No one knows the answers to these questions... some love the beautiful, some love the special...-M

Dlaczego część mężczyzn nie lubi rozmawiać o swoich emocjach?

Fruubus’s Profile Photoa̷nett
PL: Bo mężczyźni są wychowywani na twardzieli, którym nigdy nie wolno płakać.
"Chłopaki nie płaczą", przecież płacz u facetów to wstyd i powód do hańby, trzeba być silnym, twardym, "Nie płakać jak baba", co nie?
Well, g***o prawda, smutek i łzy to wyraz tego, że odczuwa się jakieś uczucia i emocje, a emocje świadczą o byciu człowiekiem.
Każdy ma prawo do czucia, bez względu na płeć.
ENG: Because men are raised to be tough guys who are never allowed to cry.
"Boys don't cry", after all, crying by a men is a shame and a cause for disgrace, you have to be strong and tough, "Don't cry like a baby", right?
Well, it's bulls**t, sadness and tears are an expression of feeling emotions, and emotions are a sign of being human.
Everyone has the right to feel, regardless of gender.

What kind of girls do you like?

Innocent girls, those who have a sense of shame within them. No place for shameless chicks in my heart at all. And secondly soft girls. Who really are soft like they should be. By soft I don’t mean overly soft which isn’t good too. But by saying soft I mean feminine. I would never like a girl who has that cancer attitude of “boss bi*tch , I’m a baddie”. A man can never be attracted to another man or would marry him lol. That’s why masculine girls are a red flag 🚩

What's the last thing you saw that made you go "WTF"? I was searching pictures of this actress on Google and there was a picture of her feet from a page called WikiFeet? There's a whole Wiki page dedicated to celebs' feet? Not to k*nk shame but yikes

On the k!nk theme, the person (people?) on here that has been sending me stuff about wanting me to strangle and suffocate them. At first I thought they meant to the point of death. So I was a little weirded out. 🤣

ok but like. life hurts bnha au? tell us more 👀

iixtwo’s Profile Photoiixtwo
kdksksks listen- es sind nur abschnitte zu den charakteren mit quirks und paar hints zu deren leben und ich hab das auf englisch geschrieben (god knows why) aber könnte den abschnitt zu jedem? posten? wenn jeder damit einverstanden wäre. packe hier mal akihitos part als beispiel hin:
Akihito with a quirk that lets him absorb solar energy and enhance his strength, so the more he absorbs the stronger he gets, but the stronger he gets, the hotter he gets and he can only endure so much until he burns himself. Akihito who grew up with his mother in a small apartment in downtown. Akihito who swore to protect his mother because his father never could. Aki who swore to become a pro hero, because he must become better than his father, because he promised his mother to be a better man, because he has given his life to something bigger than himself; because the world still needs heroes and can you name one hero who was happy? no? but he wants to be the first. But Aki never manages to control his power. He is always covered in burn marks and blisters. He saves others but hurts himself but only because he never wants to burn the people he swore so deeply to protect (again). So he lives with regret, with shame and despair but he won’t let anyone ever know of his past mistakes because they don’t define him but his mothers voice whispers: you save everyone but who saves you? Akihito who is bright and golden, who is laughter and positiity because he is the sun, right? And not the boy who falls into the sea.

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Você já provou cerveja? e com o que você prefere combinar sua cerveja?

I do not offer any services, especially if you are talking about intimate services. Can you imagine what a shame it would be if my family had such respectful people (mom is a paramedic and saves people’s lives, and dad works for the police and puts people in prison). This is especially true for the LGBT community, since my parents, especially my mother, believe that such people definitely need to talk to a psychiatrist and take something.

Kennt ihr diese Leute die in deutschen Sätzen englische Wörter wie „tbh“ „actually“ was weiß ich noch was schreiben? Einfach peinlich 😂😂

tbh in meinem Sprachgebrauch ist so viel Englisch, dass ich actually die deutschen Pendants vergesse
But we can also have our convo in english I absolutely don't mind
I think it's rather ridiculous to shame people for their natural intuitive way of talkling but maybe that's only me idk

Peter Steele had such a deep and powerful voice, and for his dark and introspective lyrics... he left us so young, rest in peace! 48 years old. Such a shame! 😔

Yes, he was a dream man for sure. I was blessed enough to see Type O Negative live once. I remember that show well. Short lived British band Twin Method opened. I was a fan of them because I had seen them earlier in the year at Mayhem Fest. So when they were hanging out in the crowd after their set I got some photos with them. I wish I still had the pics. MySpace lost them. They were a great band. I wish they made more than one album. Getting back to Pete, yes, he left us much too soon. His music is greatly missed.

What event has had a large impact on your life?

Nimmz31007’s Profile PhotoNimmz
i don't understand why people here aren't talking about Palestine. every time i eat, sleep, laugh, or enjoy the weather, i feel guilty. whenever i go on social media, i see people dying in Palestine. we may not be able to physically help them, but we can speak up for them. those who lost their lives in this tragedy, may Allah grant them the highest place in jannah and forgive their sins. may Allah give them sabar. it's a shame for us that we're not supporting them. we have started a chain of Aayat-e-Karimaml
for the people of Palestine. may Allah Almighty through the sadqa of Huzure Paak (SAW) protect them and punish the israeli 💩 oppressors.
What event has had a large impact on your life

If you could have a large room stacked full of any one thing, what would you want in it? 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
books!! that would be heaven for me, i love to read. it’s a shame i won’t have enough time to read every book i want, though :(

Hiiii! So recently, I found p*rn on my husbands phone. My initial reaction was to cry & honestly shame him. He says it's been happening for years & he's kept it a secret because he feels embarassed. He says he wants to stop & is aware it's an addiction. How do you feel about p*rn in a relationship?

I rly don’t care tbh. It’s not the end of the world & it’s not cheating imo.
Maybe he needs to seek therapy if he’s having those problems where he’s addicted

Hiiii! So recently, I found p*rn on my husbands phone. My initial reaction was to cry & honestly shame him. He says it's been happening for years & he's kept it a secret because he feels embarassed. He says he wants to stop & is aware it's an addiction. How do you feel about p*rn in a relationship?

I encourage my husband to use (ethical) porn because I'm asexual and he prefers self love over cheating on me. It's just a tool. Nothing in porn can replace a loving relationship.

Why do people with depression always think that they’ll never get better and decide to take their life?

Depression is really difficult and painful to experience, and it can make it really hard to see any hope or positives. It can also reduce people’s ability to problem solve, and that can lead the thoughts to become increasingly negative, and feel like there is no way out.
This, combined with feelings of shame, guilt, and inadequacy, can all contribute to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. It can be really hard to deal with these thoughts and feelings, and it’s important to reach out to trustworthy people or professional help so that you don’t have to shoulder this burden alone.

How does bullying affect people's self-esteem and confidence?

Bullying can have a profound and negative effect on a person's self-esteem and confidence. It can lead to feelings of worthlessness, humiliation, and shame, which can in turn lead to low self-esteem and reduced confidence. This can make people feel less confident in their abilities, more introverted, and less likely to take risks. It can also affect people's self-image and lead to feelings of inferiority and guilt, which can damage their sense of identity and self-worth. Ultimately, bullying can have a deeply detrimental effect on people's self-esteem and confidence.

Do you think there is any shame in taking a break from a friend group you are in, because you are simply exhausted from socialising so much?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBilly Walker
Don't worry, it's completely normal to need some time alone when you've been socializing a lot. Taking a break from your friend group to recharge and focus on self-care is a healthy choice. It's important to prioritize your well-being and mental health, and your true friends will understand and support your need for some alone time
Как вы думаете, есть ли стыд в том, чтобы отдохнуть от группы друзей, в которой вы состоите, потому что вы просто устали от такого большого количества общения?
Не волнуйтесь, это совершенно нормально, когда вам нужно побыть в одиночестве. Отдохнуть от компании друзей, чтобы восстановить силы и сосредоточиться на заботе о себе, — это здоровый выбор. Важно уделять приоритетное внимание своему благополучию и психическому здоровью, и ваши друзья поймут вас и поддержат вашу потребность побыть в одиночестве.

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Do you think there is any shame in taking a break from a friend group you are in

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