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Do you think it's weird to sell lingerie online? I go on apps for secondhand clothes, and I see a lot of it being sold. I mean, I understand selling clothes, shoes, accessories, etc cause that's what those apps are for, but who in the world would buy 2nd hand underwear other than creepy f*tishists?

Nope. Usually used underwear are not allowed. New with tags are. I’ve bought collectible bras. Nothing wrong with it. Washing machines exist. B00bs aren’t generally dirty.

if somebody wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch and listen to?

amnabdr’s Profile PhotoAmna
'Walk in my shoes'.
Alot of things mold you into what you are. The place you come from, society, home, your people, your education.
I don't think stuff you shared can depict that. A glimpse maybe
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Okay, If a witch transformed me into a 1000$ pair of shoes and delivered me to your doorstep, would you spend all your time and money to turn me back into a human, what Would you do? 😆..

Expensive shoes ain't my cup of tea sorry. You wouldn’t be coming back. Rest assured tho ur sacrifice would mean new shoes for the homeless so you wouldn't have di.ed in vain. Just think of all the dirty and smelly feet being shoved into u, day and night until you were worn out and thrown away. That’s a far better use of ur carcass than ur current hobby of thinking up stu.pid shitposts here 😁

Do you own many shoes? Footsies? Can we do a foot comparison? Are you ticklish? Are you open minded? Do you shoe shop often? :L:L

Open minded, yes. However, that does not mean I am willing to indulge f*tish questions. That's not what I'm here for. I also don't appreciate being spammed. Over the last hour you have sent me multiple messages saying the same thing, over and over.
Now, I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt since you have sent me a couple of genuine questions in the past (and a few earlier today which I will get round to answering). But I am going to make my boundaries very clear to you, right now:
If you continue to spam me with multiple "hi/hey/hello" messages, or if you send me anything related to feet or shoes or tickling-- then I won't reply, I will just block you.
I hope we have an understanding. 😊

What is the most stupid rule you have ever had to follow? 🙄 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Not to talk but other people could still like?? Wha? Like in class
Here's another..
Everyone at my job was told we HAD to wear only shoesssss like shoes not saddles and we had to wear jeans only.
2 days later the owners daughter was wearing what they wanted. So I did the same. They wanted to yell at me and I pointed at their people and was like.. oh naw. Yell at us both 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 then they allowed us all again to wear. Don't be afraid to stick up on discrimination!

I saw a TV movie where some women stepped into ankle-deep water with heels and nylons on, lol. Would you do that scene if you were an actress? And what do you think would happen to their shoes afterward?

You asked me this years ago. 😂 I’d have no problem with that scene. Why would I? I think most shoes can get wet plus they’d be props anyway. I put mine in the washing machine. I’ve finally learned not to use hot water though or it breaks the glue on platforms.

Let enough people reply to this shoutout first. Once done, comment with the one thing you like and dislike the most about them/their profile. ((About the one whose reply is beneath you in the thread of answers)). You can type their name, no restrictions there.

So, you want us to judge others based on our own values of good and bad, without ever walking in their shoes...???

I remember being asked my ring size, shoes clothes etc. just to be played with. Abstinent until marriage❣️

casiya2222’s Profile PhotoCasiya2222
I remember having someone kneeling down and asking me to marry him. I still can't believe he was an enemy sent from the devil. Bought a wedding dress, order our wedding rings, had that engagement ring on my finger thinking that I've found the love of my life just to lose a baby, and almost my life.

How do you decide how many clothes to take with you when you travel?

It all depends on the location, the duration and the weather there.
For trips that last about 2 weeks, I always take at least 2-3 of everything:
Shorts, t-shirts, dresses, pajamas, sweaters, long pants, shoes. I always take a pair of socks and an underwear per day + 3 just to be sure.

Nothing is sexier than a girl waking up early in the morning before husband,giving him towel for shower,preparing breakfast for husband n serving it with her hands then tying his tie and shoelaces then giving him crazy Liplocked kiss before moving to hospital Peaceful life indeed

I always knew it coming from an unmarried man.
Life isnt a KOREAN DRAMA dude.
Life dont work like that on a slower pace romantic novel
no faak has time to get you towel while you shower, even if she does its as fast as a blink of eye,
So the tea doest spils and the toasts dont get burnt.
Serving is fast, so she can pack your lunch,
No one wears ties we all aint "sunjay singhania" and men buy shoes without laces to save time.
And lip lock kisses arent real, cuz brown familes have mummy jee's around.
The romance you know if nothing more than a bookish story.
Life is graceful, the way it is, running, making things faster, small giggles, and moments are more prettier than this.

What’s one gift you would actually give me as a token of your appreciation ?

brown_fox359’s Profile PhotoBrown_fox35
Hmmm… that’s a hard one! I think I’d either write you a letter if it’s going to be sentimental or buy you your next pair of shoes if it were materialistic 😅🙈. The symbolism being, you can’t appreciate a man until you imagine a day in his shoes.
Whats one gift you would actually give me as a token of your appreciation

Have you ever sold things online? if so what kind of things.

I recently set up a Vinted account, so I've sold some things on there. I've sold shoes, dresses, video games, skirts, tops etc. Stuff like that. 🙂. I currently have a pillow spray selling for £10, but it retails at £36. I can't believe nobody is snapping that offer up!
I've also sold gig tickets online before.

https://ask.fm/M1ssSemy/answers/174146582740 - Please can I see some of your rules? 😆

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Oof, it's just a list of household rules.
Like no shoes in the house;
Always clean the bath after you've taken a bath or shower;
Always put up shower curtains;
Clean up the stove after use or before using it.
Be respectful. Just because. If it's a guest, "it" needs to leave because they're in my safe space. 😂
No letting strangers in.
I also have this thing where if there's anyone nearby, I wait for them to pass so they don't see what's inside although they can see some stuff from windows. Doesn't matter, I'm not opening doors if people are walking by or standing next to them.
They're reasonable enough.

Ayesha! If a witch transformed me into a 1000$ pair of shoes and delivered me to your doorstep, would you spend all your time and money to turn me back into a human, or... what Would you do? 😆

Wow what an interesting imagination u got there, 😅 Well, I would definitely try to find the way to turn you back into a human again no shoe is worth a human life. 🤷‍♀️
Ayesha If a witch transformed me into a 1000 pair of shoes and delivered me to

What'd be a typical outfit for you during this time of year? 👗☀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
A pantsuit, or a dress is what I wear for most of the summer! I almost always pair those with a belt. Occasionally, I’ll also wear a shirt and a skirt combo! And then for shoes, I like flip flops, platform shoes, or Mary Jane type heels like you see me wear in a couple of these pictures. 😁
Whatd be a typical outfit for you during this time of year

Яке взуття ви носите літом?

lenaaa0_0’s Profile PhotoLENA
В літньому взутті. То не цікаво. Краще я розповім про сон. Сниться мені рання весна, дерева ще голі, ледь бруньки з'являються. Але доволі тепло. Тепло настільки, що я як стародавній кельт ходжу топлес і босий, але в штанях. Штани шкіряні, рокінрольні, чорні. А я по всьому тілу маю блакитні візерунки. Чи було довге волосся, непамятаю. Але ходив і всіх лякав поведінкою рок- співака. А потім, я відчув що можу дуже високо пригати. А потім і літати. Тільки почав думати над тим, як це мені вдається літати, сон закінчився, і я прокинувся. О, я то ніби босий був, ніби у сандалях римського легіонера. Дивні дивності візуальні.
In summer shoes. That's not interesting. I'd rather talk about a dream. I dream of early spring, the trees are still bare, buds are barely appearing. But quite warm. It is so warm that I, like an ancient Celt, go topless and barefoot, but in pants. Leather pants, rock'n'roll, black. And I have blue patterns all over my body. I don't remember if I had long hair. But he went around and scared everyone with the behavior of a rock singer. And then, I felt that I could hypnotize very high. And then fly. I just started thinking about how I manage to fly, the dream ended and I woke up. Oh, it was as if I was barefoot, as if in the sandals of a roman legionnaire. Weird oddities are visual.

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If you were in Neo's position, do you think you would choose to leave the Matrix?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
If I were in Neo's shoes ... I'd definitely choose to leave the Matrix. The idea of breaking free to discover the truth and fight for freedom is so compelling. It would be a tough decision but I believe the pursuit of truth and freedom is worth it..

What was your last doctor's visit about? I went because I thought I had an ingrown toenail, but it turned out I had just walked too much in shoes that hurt my toe. I paid $280 without insurance, a week's worth of groceries, just to be told to wear proper shoes and trim my nails correctly 💜

I only go when I need refills on sleeping pills and migraine medicine. I wouldn’t even go at all but I like to sleep.

What do you consider the biggest fashion mistake in history? What made it silly or ridiculous?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Aww I like classic fashion 😅, I like when things are clean, ironed and without holes 🤷‍♀️, so I really dont like ripped jeans, white socks in shoes, combinations sneakers & dress, socks & skirt, leggins on fat people, jeans with ass part between knees 😂 and other "modern" things 😅

Understood, Just hang in there and think positive - You already have the "Hope" thing going, So everything else will works it's way out. I was in your shoes 10 years ago when my ex closed almost every online account I had... Except my email address

Apeshitz’s Profile PhotoApeshitz
It sucks. Especially when I don’t have much going on in my life. Like I said, Lexy is keeping me sane right now. Keeping my mind off it all and trying to help the situation. I’m going to send you a private message. You’ve helped me put some clues together regarding one of your “favorite” people.

I wish you wouldn't post that baby. I have kids and I still don't like them.

James or Jim or Jimmy
Well٫ that's not up to you. Too bad you don't like even your own children. They will grow up wondering what they did wrong even though it's not their fault. I've been those shoes. If you don't like what I post٫ then keep scrolling. Thank you.
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If a witch transformed me into a 1000$ pair of shoes and delivered me to your doorstep, would you spend all your time and money trying to save me and turn me back to human or.... what Would you do??

How tf is my kids' school year going to be over with exactly 3 weeks from today🙃 life be lifing way too fast.

is it just me feeling like 'jealous' kpag nakikita ko yung post ng friend ko na lumipat ng ibang bansa then sa mga post nya sobrang peaceful ng lugar and sobrang dreamy like sana ako nalang sila swerte nila HAHAHAHA

fwby’s Profile Photoher
I moved to the US a few years ago, but life hasn't been easy. While there have been moments of happiness, most of my experiences have been challenging. One thing l've noticed is that social media often presents a one-sided picture. We tend to only share the good times and hide the struggles.
Be grateful, there are people out there who would love to be in your shoes.
is it just me feeling like jealous kpag nakikita ko yung post ng friend ko na

If u see from my eyes if u think from my brain if u walk in my shoes if you exp all my life events amd happening and you accumulate all the memories, you'll go insane... You won't find answers youll get lost in the maze and will never find your way back to normalcy

Only nescience attracts the state of normalcy. Otherwise a sound mind always knows what will be next.

How did some people manage to be on this app for 10+ years? How can you deal with so much toxic energy, bullying ,harassment, racism, ableism, bigotry etc? I've been here a year and someone told me to go back to my country.

I typically choose to steer clear of toxic individuals on the app. “Internet barking” doesn't really affect me anymore, as it has become just as prevalent on all social platforms as owning a pair of shoes.🙂

Wolisz spacerować 🚶‍czy jazdę na rowerze 🚲 Zauważ, że jadąc na rowerze 🚴 możesz szybciej przebierać nogami i butów nie zdzierasz od chodzenia? Miłego dnia i smacznej porannej kawusi ☕ 😁

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
Do you prefer walking 🚶 or cycling 🚲 Notice that when you ride a bike 🚴 you can move your legs faster and you don't tear off your shoes while walking? Have a nice day and tasty morning coffee ☕ 😁
I prefer cycling. A basic condition must be met - the bicycle must be precisely adjusted to the height of the cyclist. If the seat height on a bicycle is too low or too high, the rider's thighs, legs and spine will hurt. When the bike is properly adjusted, you can ride it for dozens of kilometers and feel relaxed and happy while riding
Wolę jazdę rowerem. Musi być spełniony podstawowy warunek - rower musi być dokładnie wyregulowany do wysokości rowerzysty. Jeżeli wysokość siodełka na rowerze będzie zbyt mała lub zbyt wysoka kierującego rowerem będą bolały uda nóg oraz kręgosłup. Gdy rower jest prawidłowo wyregulowany można na nim jeździć dziesiątki kilometrów i czuć relaks oraz przyjemność z jazdy

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I threw my 16 year old son out for pretending to be a girl!! But people have been harassing me. Am I in the wrong? It’s against my religion and I will NEVER have that in my house!!

Umm… that’s still your son at the end of the day and even if you don’t agree with him and what he does, you shouldn’t disown him for pretending to be the opposite gender. He’s a minor so he’s still growing and maybe he just wanted to put himself in the shoes of the opposite gender for once and see what it’s like without intending to actually transition into a woman lol. Once he’s an adult tho, you can kick him out of the house if you have no sympathy and think that that’s the morally “right” thing to do.

What is the biggest ' what if ' in your mind? ✨

SalmanSamee’s Profile PhotoBiryani .
What if we could put ourselves in the shoes of those living in Palestine¿ What would it be like to experience daily violence, oppression, and displacement without any sense of safety or security¿ Yesterday I came across this video which my heart cant put out in words but at that time I felt that it is so easy for us to feel helpless or overwhelmed when we think about all the suffering happening around the world. But I believe that every little action counts - whether it is donating money, raising awareness, or simply having conversations about these issues. We can't single-handedly solve all the problems but we can always choose to stand up against injustice whenever and wherever we see it. Maybe that is where real hope lies - in our shared humanity and empathy towards one another. 🌻

Is happiness expensive?

For me it is and it isn't. Things that make me happiest come from love and laughter. Which comes from who I surround myself by. Then there's the other side of my happiness that comes with a cost. Traveling, going to concerts, going to sporting events, collecting sports memorabilia, shopping for shoes I don't need, etc. Happiness is really what we make of it.
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Why does the perception of others matter about us?

We are social creatures who always trying to seek validation and connection from those around us and it is natural for us to want to be seen in a positive light and appreciated for our unique qualities. However — it is important not to let the opinions of others define our sense of self-worth. We must remember that we are all individuals with our strengths, weaknesses, and life experiences - no one can truly know what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes, while the perception of others certainly matters when it comes to establishing connections and building relationships, it should never take precedence over our own personal values and beliefs.

I feel like sb bss aj kl matlab k hisaab se pyar mohobbat jesy alfaz istemaal krty hn. Koi jismani zrurt dekh k. Koi apna zaati faida dekh k. Sachi mohobbat milna mushkil ha bht.💯

Before you give a shit what anyone thinks of you remember that it's not them who has to walk in your shoes everyday.
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Ali didn't do his homework and the teacher told him to take his shoes off. then he Made his friends hold his feet 😅 ترجمي بالمصري كدة وجودي لو عايزة 😂

الواد علي الله يكسفه معملش الواجب بتاعه اوم ايه الاستاذ بتاعه خلاه يقلع الجزمه وخلي العيال زمايلة يمسكوله رجله ونزل بالخرزانه عليها. وشكلنا هنلبس ف حيطه

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