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Steph, my wife and I have been married for 42 years and we are both shooting for 50 years of marriage. And with God's blessings and some luck, we just might do it. ❤️

That’s incredible and I’m praying both of you can celebrate 50. 🙏🏻 My grandparents would’ve been 64 years and my own parents would’ve been 38 years (albeit some hard times in between). Your generation was built for marriage and to keep things strong. This one we’re in though, it’s rare. It’s breathtaking to see though.

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Favorite thing to do in your free time?

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
Lately it's been wasting time here. I've been really contemplating why, what am I running from. There must be something in my subconscious that I'm avoiding, I just can't quite put my finger to it. Tbh, it keeps me up at night sometimes.
Anywho, I like to stay active. Hiking/backpacking, motorcycling, read, visit museums, competitive shooting and amateur photography to name a few. Work takes up a whole bunch of my time so I do what I can.

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If You Knew You Were Going to Die One Year from Today, What Would You Do and How Would You Want to be Remembered?

caszia’s Profile PhotoP ☀️
My attitude would remain almost same😝😁,+ (addition) taking ventures into this world!!! And I want to do some sports adventure activities 🤣😂😂, even tho, I know at that time, I will say that it looks soo tough to do it ,... So & so on... But still I want to give it a try and observe it from a near insight into it😬,
I will give auditions & interviews for companies & shooting purposes,🤔😊 Idc, If it will prove hard for me but I will go ahead 😁,
There's sooo much too try😩,. And this way, I will also learn many things😊,
Most importantly, I will like to build sooo strong memories with my friends & families, and capture each & every moment so that when I always remember it in a year, It always brought a big smile on my face😊
It's perfectly okay if people don't remember me as this way they won't get nostalgic 🥺❤️😊😊

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How close are you with your family? Further question: if you are not close, why? If you are close, what is your favorite memory with your family?

Not close because ever since my parents split my mom was always in her own little whirlpool of self-destruction and depression, and she literally had too many problems to really care about my brother and I. I don't blame her, but it's definitely taken a toll on our relationship. There have definitely been times when I felt like I could relate to my mother, but those times are few and far between, and most of the time at the end of the day I realize how different and distant we really are regardless of how much I try to believe otherwise. Same goes with my brother, he and I get along fine now (not really when we were younger) but it's really obvious we're on such different wavelengths. In some ways he's still a child, and sometimes when he tries to joke around and all it feels immensely awkward to have to force a laugh. We're just not that good a match, but I love them both all the same. I don't have a particular favorite moment because it is the small things that make it great. Chilling in the kitchen on a Saturday, snacking on leftovers and shooting shit, going out for lunch or dinner at a hole in the wall restaurant, wandering into museums on a lovely afternoon, all just quiet and reading in the same room, etc. The list goes on and on.
Today I don't think I can pick; I'm close to both and value my relationship with each of them in a different way. I guess if I really, really, really had to pick, I'd still say my dad. My mom once told me that she thought I loved my dad more and she was perfectly fine with that but that's not it, I don't love him more, it's just that we're more alike so we understand each other more easily.
I fear my Father's death a lot as I know I'll be fucking depressed for a long time (i'm fighting back tears just thinking about it) and I can always have a good chat with him... but we don't ever really talk about personal things. Dad tries, he's an incredibly great father, but I'm a bit closed off... not by choice, I just clam up and then feel shit because I've clammed up. Mum has that Mum power over me, where if I'm struggling to stay strong in a tough situation, just seeing her/hearing her will make me burst into tears and she'll say "awww what's wrong honey" and her support (I'm not sure if she realises she does this), always comes across like I could do no wrong and stuff anyone who's upset me. Luckily I'm a lot more open-minded and understand I make mistakes too, but it's sweet that she has my back.
Nah, I live alone, but they only live 30 minutes away and my little sister and nephew still lives with them, plus our older brother and his wife live very close to them, so I can drop in any time and it's always a light-filled happy house full of family... It will be devastating if one of those lights goes out.

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Quel est votre sport favori ?

Soccer!! I used to play soccer SOOO much when I was younger. I have stopped for a really long time though, I almost never play it and it makes me kinda sad. I'm planning on doing something about that once winter ends though. I'm really good at goaltending but I'm sure I'm going to need a lot of practice to regain my skills. I've only recently started getting into watching soccer. I used to watch basketball and have watched hockey all my life though. Love those sports too.
I grew up in Alabama, which has no professional team. The university teams (especially Auburn University & University of Alabama) are the highest level, and I actually like watching them better. Going to a game live is really fun. The cheerleaders actually lead cheers with signs and the "mic man" (male cheerleader who uses a PA so the student section can hear and cheer along). Also, I like the halftime shows better (which they don't show on TV because of music copyrights issues) because I'm a former marching band geek.
Play: Basketball. It's basically the only thing I know how to play at a high enough level. (Too skinny to play football most of my life, hate soccer, too weak to actually play baseball, and chose track & field over playing volleyball.) Plus getting a neat little dopamine rush when scoring a lot or doing really impressive things like defensive stops or pinning someone's layup on the backboard, that's also nice.
It's a sport that's still in it's infancy. We're still figuring out how the hell it's all going to work in the long term. I like following along with a sport as it goes through it's "wild west" phase. It can be a complete shit show sometimes, but it's also a mad crucible where we're figuring what actually works in combat sports.
It's a draw between AFL and basketball. Both to play and watch on tv - I don't really like going to either of the games though. AFL has too much of the crowd screaming at the umpires about what call to make whenever there is a tackle and it's always miraculously the call that will give the home team possession of the ball. Basketball is kind of spoiled by the announcer constantly trying to hype up the crowd. I think tennis is my favourite sport to watch live.
I don't like playing sports or watching them, but if I have to, I'll watch hockey or basketball because they move quickly. Hockey in particular. Watching a full football, soccer, or baseball game is like torture to me. I mean, if we're talking less-conventional sports, I used to be good at archery and skeet shooting. And I'd rather watch some kind of auto racing than any ball-based sport. And there's nothing like taking a nap to a game of golf on a lazy sunday.

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(⠀⠀maisie⠀&&⠀sarah ⠀ ) : https://ask.fm/kookprxncess/answers/168300308998

kookprxncess’s Profile Photo☼ — sarah cameron
— 003.
Maisie knew that her statement would have left Sarah confused. Why would Maisie stick by a killer's side? It's simple, truly. It was the safest place for Maisie to be, she could find out information without them suspecting Maisie in the slightest. After all, other than Topper and Kelce, Maisie was the closest thing that Rafe had to a friend. The brunette shook her head.
❛Regardless of who he was shooting at, he shouldn't have done it in the first place.❜ She admitted to Sarah. ❛That boy needs to learn when to just hold the gun and when to actually use it.❜ Clearing her throat, Maisie nodded her head. ❛This family is definitely as broken as it can be. The cracks are just... to big to try and fill.❜ Her eyes glanced at their now joined hands. Softly, the brunette Kook squeezed Sarah's hands. ❛I've always been there for you. Always. I promise that won't change.❜ She muttered, a gentle smile on her lips. Sarah was like her younger sister, those feelings don't just disappear.
Shaking her head. ❛They fill me in on enough to make me feel included. But, they mostly keep me out of the loop.❜ She informed Sarah. ❛But, I think I can worm my way into a closer position with them. I would be throwing myself into the lion den... But, if it means proving that John B is innocent, then so be it.❜

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why is being one step ahead important?

Because you'll end up being ahead of anyone else, and you can reap more rewards. Look at some sports teams. The Warriors were miles ahead of everyone else with 3 point shooting, and are the only reason why the other NBA teams now emphasize on 3 point shooting. Is it always the best strategy? No. However, it's influential, and it shows.
Sometimes you can be one step ahead and not be too sure of the result. Like the 76ers with "The Process". It sure looked like they were steps ahead, but now as we look at the Sixers, one can argue they weren't ahead at all. They were just stuck in the same place they were at prior to "The Process", and that's mediocrity. Sixers have still not been to a conference finals with the core that defined "The Process". The Sixers should've been dominating the league at this point; being perennial conference finalists at bare minimum like the 2000s Pistons, or the 90s Bulls, or the Spurs. Instead, they're perennial chokers (for now).

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Has anyone been near or involved in a famous mass shooting or bombing? (IE.. The Boston Marathon bombing. etc)

I grew up in the greater Boston area and I attended college in Boston so I have a devotion and love for the City of Boston and all those folks who call Boston home. Although I was not in Boston on that day, I was only a short distance away when that terrible attack occurred. I prayed for the victims and families and all my brothers and sisters who were affected by this senseless act of terror.
But knowing Bostonians as I do, I knew they would rally, support each other and rise like a Phoenix from the death and destruction. No act of violence will ever destroy or defeat my beloved Boston, the city that I call home. The home of American Patriots and The New England Patriots. Go Pats!

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Has anyone been near or involved in a famous mass shooting or bombing IE The

do you have a hobby that you miss doing? 🎨🎶📝🎭

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Fly tying, and model building. But I'm too busy painting my house inside and out to get involved in anything else.🙁
Existing without headaches/migraines.
I miss being able to hang out with my friends. Especially my girlfriend. We had just started dating a few weeks before schools got shut down, and I can't drive yet to go meet her somewhere. I just wish I could have the ability to see her at school, but she is still doing online school until the second semester.
Going to the movies. Eating shitty popcorn and overpriced drinks. People noisily munching away at their refreshments but who cares? it’s all part of the experience. Some random kids sneaking in to a 15+ movie and then being dragged out by members of staff. Wonderful.
Duck hunting. If you have never done it, there is no rush like it. It takes real skill to navigate a river/lake/swamp in the pitch black, set up decoys, call in ducks, shoot them, and then have a properly trained dog to fetch them. If you ever have the opportunity to go, take it, you will be hooked.
I have two main hobbies now; motorcycling and playing the guitar. I have some other things I like doing but I'm not sure I consider them hobbies as I dont think about them when I'm not doing them. Things like playing video games, going walking, that sort of thing. My wife doesnt have any hobbies, and I've tried to encourage her to get into something but she just doesnt seem to make that push, to get so invested in something. She does have interests though, like fitness and cooking. I feel bad sometimes because I wan to just devote a couple of hours to learning a peice of music, or go out for a long ride, and she doesnt have anything to do. I just have this image she;s sitting doing whatever she can until enough time has passed that she has something important to do (like sleep, or go to work).
I have a couple that I partake in, but I usually dedicate more time to some opposed to others. For example, my most ardent hobby is collecting and shooting guns. I am always at the shooting range at least once every single day.
Honestly I have several hobbies but they aren't all things I keep up on constantly. I draw, I do makeup, I read, I play video games. I usually obsess over one for a few months then move on to another to obsess on for a few months. If I worked on all of my hobbies every single day I would never have any time to work or do anything I have to do.
I have a lot of hobbies that I feel invested in and I'd like to keep up with. From who I've talked to, however, it seems like it's normal to not have a hobby or to only have one or two. People who I've talked to that have multiple hobbies also don't seem that invested or have easily manageable hobbies. I'm wondering how many hobbies is normal.

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Wenn du Fotos von dir haben willst, machst du Selfies, lässt du die Bilder von Freunden machen oder fragst du einen Fotografen?

kptschmidt’s Profile PhotoSchmiddi
Bei Bewerbungen oder besondere Anlässe wende ich mich an einen Fotografen. Für den Schnappschuss reichen Selfies. Ein persönliches professionelles Shooting finde ich allerdings reizvoll. Mit genügend Kleinkind verwirkliche ich das vielleicht, wobei ich es schon schwierig finde, mich da quasi "anzuvertrauen". Nach meiner Erfahrung werden Fotos nur dann richtig gut und Natur, wenn man sich wohl und "gut aufgehoben" fühlt und fallen lassen kann.

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اخر فلم وثائقي تابعته؟

أمس.. بعنوان :
Lessons from a School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane
بسبب حادثتي إطلاق ىْار مريعة تفصل بينهم ١٦ عام في مدرىىىتي أطفال، تتوطد علاقة كاهن من "دبلن" بـ إسكتلندا ب رجل دين محلي من "ساندي هوك" بـ أمريكا لمرورهما بنفس المحنه.
الفيلم قصير من ٢٣ دقيقة موجود على نتفلكس.

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اخر فلم وثائقي تابعته

Are you smarter than the average person?

IQ of 126 if that means anything. I'm not book smart. I suck at exams. I do, however, know a lot of general knowledge, and I know a lot about things I'm interested in, such as film and music. I'd say I'm of slightly above average intelligence in general. Depends how you measure it, I guess.
I have no idea what intelligence is. I know that I'm somewhat smarter than most people I know, but not how much. I know there are many people I know who are smarter than me, but not by how much. I don't know who is who, though.
Smart enough to have common sense, educate people when they don't know something, but dumb enough to not be a cynical cunt who tries and brings everyone down by bashing on their dreams and such.
I work in the medical field. I'm responsible for the well being of 2-3 patients overnight. My favorite pass times are feeding small fish to my bigger fish, and getting drunk with friends and shooting fireworks at each other. So pretty smart.
I'm smart enough to know when I'm the smartest person in the room, and when I'm the dumbest. I know I'm good at analysis but bad with data. I can't remember a lot of information, and require lots of notes and references to solve problems. I am constantly amazed by how many facts and studies a person can bring up in a discussion, and I know that I'm just not built for that. I have to ask a person so many questions (and sometimes ask them to repeat their answers) in the course of a discussion, but by then end of it I'll have thought of more than a few things they haven't even considered. I know I'm smart enough to make connections people can't, and I think much further outside the box than my peers, but that's probably because my data retention is so bad that I don't even know where the box is. It's even gotten to the point that in my work (software development), I see a very well-made piece of code that everyone seems to like (and I'm pretty impressed with it as well), and I don't even know that I'm the one who made it.
Almost everyone has things they excel at in life and are really good at and other parts where they suck. For example, I'm quite good at writing and presenting but I can't translate my ideas in the form of lines to make a drawing for the life of me. It really depends on what one classifies as intelligence to judge if one is intelligent. And when one knows, it's still extremely hard to place someone, let alone oneself, on a scale.
I've taken 2 reputable IQ tests, taking each twice. On one I scored 135, then 136 a week later. I don't know how high it goes or where that puts me. The other test I scored a 145 and 147 in the same day. I took a Mensa 'pre test' and it said I am very likely to pass the test (this one I find dubious because obviously they want everyone to pay to take the actual test). I've always felt I am above average in intelligence, but not some sort of genius by any means.

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😀 Quelle est la tendance de vêtements en ce moment?

soulefet’s Profile PhotoSoulefe Taourit
I'm kind of sick of the transparent backs on sweaters or the sweaters that have silky/lacey material sticking out of the bottom of it. If you look up, "sweaters with lace/silk trim," you'll see what I'm talking about. It's not so much that I think it's an ugly look, it's just that I feel like there's too much of it. It's too popular and every store has sweaters like these. I always get tricked into thinking that it's a regular sweater and then once I pick it up, it reveals that there isn't a back or has a ton of extra fabric sticking out of the bottom.
-Timberlands on women. truly, I think they're ugly on anyone and any outfit. but i've seen women wear them with dresses and really cute outfits and it's just awful to me -High/low shirts. Sooo many times I've picked up a cute shirt in a store and found it's short in the front and long in the back. Why? -Sweaters with extreme slits up the side. Again, why? -I love thigh high boots but thigh high boots with open toes are so awkward in my opinion.
As a high school student, I detest the Instagram makeup every day. Is it really worth it to spend half an hour on your makeup just to take some tests and deal with a bunch of annoying people you're never gonna see again 5 years from now?, Also, I'm not liking the "throwback style" trend that's popular with us kids nowadays. Pairing a chunky jean jacket with a ribbed turtleneck dress in some nasty color like a mustard yellow is not haute couture, it's tacky. But whatever, if Forever 21 sells it, the teens will buy. T shirts with stupid, vibrantly colored designs on them such as a cat head, wearing sunglasses, shooting eye lasers at Barack Obama with a plethora of pot leaves in every color of the rainbow as the background. Who actually wears those? I'm in uni and my God those clothes are so damn comfy, I feel like it's the perfect step up from just straight up wearing pajamas to class. As a lady with not a lot of boob but a decent butt and legs, cute sports bra/shirt + leggings is my jam. Also, sometimes I'm not currently being active, but I'm on my way to exercising and won't have to time to change! Plus, they rarely have picky washing machine settings.

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Have you ever been to an arcade? What are your favorite games / machines to play there? 🕹

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hmm.. I’ve been to an arcade bar lol does that count? Drinking while playing games xD I’ve never been to - wait I lied, I’ve been to one. Kinda? It was called Gameworks and literally one of the most fun places I’ve ever gone to. That’s where my friends and I would meet up after watching a movie at the theatre next door to it 😂 old school games at your fingertips n_n
Air hockey, some shooting game and some racing games, Pac-Man, and this donkey Kong one. I think it was something like smash but idr the name lol

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Have you ever made a wish when you saw a shooting star? 💫

I've only ever seen one once. I was in the outback in Western Austalia, hundreds of miles from the nearest streetlight, and it was a perfectly clear sky in the middle of winter, with low humidity (in a virtual dessert) and the sky was really dark. Only it wasnt - it's the only place I've ever been where you could see the Milky Way clearly to the point of being able to identify colours in it with the naked eye. So I pulled the car over and stared at it for a while and saw quite a few shooting stars. | don't recall making any wishes though.

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Have you ever made a wish when you saw a shooting star

So wie mich meine Mutter bei meiner Geburt genannt hat :3 😝 Toxiceyes hat man dich immer so genannt ?

Nein mein Künstlernamen kam damals als ich 17 war zu stande - wie genau weiß ich nicht mehr aber jemand äußerte einen Kommentar zu meinen aller ersten shooting fotos bezüglich meines Blicks und daraus entstand der irgendwie 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Why do some people say that life is like a shooting star?

“A Shooting Star” by Nico, Artwork by ig@carla_eum
Not feeling love, friendship, sadness, happiness or anything for anyone, is the opposite of life. It is what we will experience in death, and death lasts forever. Life is momentary… like a shooting star, and… in the blink of an eye, it is gone forever.

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Why do some people say that life is like a shooting star

Konntest du da oder zuhause duschen? Wie lang ging das shooting ? Hast du auch mal einen Mantel für pausen dabei ?

Ich habe im Studio noch das Wachs abgemacht und dann zu Hause geduscht. Das Shooting an sich war super schnell, weil ich die meiste Zeit eine Pose halten musste und das eben nicht ewig ging bzw schnell anstrengend wurde 😂 Wir haben wirklich nur ein paar Fotos gemacht und das war's. Nur die Vorbereitungen haben ne Weile gedauert.
Ein Mantel war bei dem Shooting jetzt nicht nötig, da es erstens drinnen und zweitens sehr kurz war, aber ich hatte schon was zum Überwerfen bei Shootings dabei, wenn sie draußen stattfanden, ja.

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What is your favorite thing about your country?

China: I love the long history and unique culture, I also love the unique blend of modernizations and old architectures in many Chinese cities, also I think Chinese cuisines are some of best in the world (real Chinese local cuisines, not bastardized ones here we see in the west). Canada: I grew up in Montreal, I loved the diversity, the friendliness, and just overall positivity of Canada. USA: I love the American Can Do spirit, I love my communities and my friends. I went to college in the south and I loved the football culture and greasy drunk food. I am not a gun fanatics but I do enjoy firearms and shooting range so I appreciate the gun culture. Canada. Super diverse and multi cultural, lots of land to move around and never get the feeling of over population. Incredible scenery, mountains to west, forests for the east and incredible camping/hiking. Hockey is one of the most entertaining sports in existence. The rest of the world thinks we are super polite and nice(this is mostly true)
I do however love how outgoing and friendly Americans seem to be (only know what I've been told from friends that visited), here most people are pretty reserved and sometimes when l just say hi to someone while walking my dog, it looks like I caught someone off guard and they weren't actually prepared for any unnecessary human interaction. Italy: food, scenery, and the fact the country gives you the possibility to study even if you are poor (by poor I mean people who are actually in a bad economic situation and not homeless people who can’t even afford clothes) and the cost of education which is very very low ( many countries in Europe do have the same costs more or less) compared to anglophone countries which I really like but the cost of education is literally too high for everyone to access.
US - really like the national parks, and the overall diversity of landscape. Where I live, you can hit the mountains and ocean in the same day if you like, and just about everything else except desert and that’s only a 12 hour drive away. It’s also much easier to get around and visit these destinations than a lot of other countries, just because there’s states rather than separate countries. The one thing I wish we had are the historical sites like the rest of the world has, though we do have some, they’re just not as impressive (when comparing to Greece, Italy, places like that). I live in the US and I’m honestly having trouble thinking of something here that I like better than other countries. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate living here, but I travel outside the US a couple times a year and there’s just so amazing things in each country. I’ve also never liked the individualist culture of the US, but I guess one thing we do best overall is movies.

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What's the craziest random thing that you ever witnessed? Did it frighten you or did you get excited?

Two things.
•Seeing a UFO - I wasn’t frightened or excited, I remember a really numb calming feeling.
•Seeing a shooting star (meteor) land across the street from me. It was beautiful and fascinating at the same time. So close! ✨

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What makes you smile?

People being goofy just having fun. Or when they have thier brains off and trying to kill a fly or playing with something laying around the room.
It's probably a very generic answer, but kindness. Strangers getting out of their cars to help in pouring snow to push, help pick up spillage of groceries, holding a door, all with a smile and laughter.
Having a conversation about space. I have always been fascinated with it and would love to be an astronaut but that probably won’t ever happen. Having a conversation with someone equally as passionate is really quite an experience.
Sunsets and sunrises, stormy days or cold winter mornings, birds chirping, rolling over on a day I don’t need to be up early, stargazing in the mountains, and friends of course.
Shooting. Last time I was truly happy is when my dad and I headed up to our secluded cabin and just shot some 20 guage for awhile. It was really nice. Working with my hands, doing what most would consider "grunt work". I love making music and playing the guitar and as well as spending time with new people. Something that my family hated doing.
Given the opportunity to do the things I love. When I was young I was held down by my parents from doing the things I wanted, so now during present day, when I get something I've worked so hard for it definitely fills a small but yet meaningful void.
When someone questions me and I say the negative to their question, like asking if I took something from them. Every time I didn't do it I would start uncontrollably smiling at them until they start to get angry. Gotten me in some bad situations with friends.

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Cosa ne pensi di ragazzine minorenni che si fanno fare servizi fotografici su Instagram da uomini adulti, mostrandosi in intimo mezze nude, col cûlō di fuori e in pose provocanti?

ho iniziato anche io a fare shooting all’età di 15/16 anni mostrando comunque il mio fisico e detto ciò non c’è niente di male.
e smettetela di giudicare sempre, i vostri pensieri su queste questioni tenetevele per voi, grazie ciao.

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Salutations! Que pensez-vous de la chasse comme passe-temps ?

Never understood how hunters can flaunt corpses of dead animals with smiles on their faces. You are literally putting an animal in pain for your own enjoyment. That is textbook definition of sadism. If you don't absolutely need the food or income it provides. Even if you eat it afterwards, it's still fucked up. You're still killing a living being for enjoyment. You can get enough meat at the grocery store, and you can buy deer meat. Go play Hunter: Call of the Wild or something you lowlifes.
I'm with you on this one. Totally agree with everything. They try to make it some noble thing when it's hurting the animal and totally inefficient. Most people don't like hurting animals, so this is more popular than the downvotes.
If you get a direct hit on the heart they don’t run they drop immediately I’ve shot dozens of deer and yes when you get a lung shot or a gut shot especially they will run for a little bit and then lay down and die but the flailing in pain you’re talking about is just their nerves firing off for the last time this becomes incredibly evident when you know you killed an animal like in traps when you are able to walk up and get a solid brain shot on them the flailing is the sign that brain activity has stopped and they are dead. I don't like to see animals suffer, I love animals. But when I go camping in my cabin and hunt for food, it's like you can feel an unspoken bond between you and the wildlife. We're not Rambo-ing around just shooting up the world, I want to take out my target in as few shots as possible. Sometimes you don't even see a deer or elk for hours, if at all! It's hard to explain why we still like to hunt in the modern age, but if nothing else, it brings me to a calm state that makes me feel like a part of nature, instead of just another dude going to work eating microwave noodles.
It needs doing. There's too many boars and roedeer in Sweden and too few hunters to shoot them off. And I reason that if I'm going to eat meat, which I need because I have way too high metabolism to be vegetarian or vegan (I've tried several times since I loath the meat industry) so I prefer to eat animals that at least had freedom and natural lives, over the animals living in those nightmare farms.
I'm genuinely curious. I only killed an animal once. When I was about 14 I had bought an air pistol (this was in the UK, where people can only dream of owning a firearm), and I shot a bird high up in a tree, with one shot. It fell down by my feet, and lay there mute, with a small pool of blood forming on its chest. I was grief stricken that I had cut short this innocent animal's life, for no good reason. It just seemed so pointless. So for me, to tool up, with a bow, or a rifle and scope, gear and head into the mountains to track and kill a large animal, the purposefulness of it all, when it's not really necessary, seems peculiar, just a little. But people like doing it.

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Post Random fact!!! 🌚

MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
Mufti Aziz ur Rehman, who was literally caught r*ping a grown up man in a video, was protesting against Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed for shooting a music video in a mosque.
Remember how people lost their minds when it happened? Literally all those “Moral Thaikay daar” are silent right now. Everyone is chilling as if this is normal. Religious parties are SILENT and not HIGHLIGHTING this incident as well. Ghaleez aur Badtareen qoumo ki nishani..

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