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When you starts with buying Christmas presents 🎁🎄 ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon says
I normally start shopping for Christmas around the beginning of October. I do sometimes buy gifts earlier than that though, if I happen to be out shopping and spot something that I just know a certain friend, family member, or my partner would love (and their birthday had already passed) then I'll probably buy it and put it away 'til Christmas! 😄 🎄

When it comes to household chores, how does the workload get divided on your home? Do specific people have specific chores, or do you take turns?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
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✦ ───────────── ✦
Yes, my fiancée and I divide everything fairly. For example, I take care of the laundry, cooking and looking after our pet, while she takes care of the garbage, the shopping and the vacuuming. Everyone does what they like and don't have a problem with.

Post something worth reading.

Okay. Goiyz. So it was lovely using ask. It's definitely been a beautiful journey but sadly you guys just don't value me as much. Hope y'all get picked up by someone who pays you for the new month shopping as well. Peace ✌️🕊️
Post something worth reading

🌸 hanafubuki 🌸 Tashi hat mir erlaubt, Fragen zu stellen, also... °^° Nenne vier Dinge, die dein OC liebt und vier Dinge, die er hasst. Der Twist dabei ist: Vertausche dabei je einen Fakt. Also dass eine Vorliebe bei den Abneigungen steht und umgekehrt!

ahellwig2507’s Profile Photocubescube
🔮 Nehro hat zugegeben nicht die spannendsten Vorlieben und Abneigungen (he's a simple man) aber ihr dürft trotzdem gerne raten was vertauscht wurde :'D
Hortensien 🌸
Rum 🥃
Vögel 🐦
Calico Katzen 🐈
Bücher 📚
Bier 🍺
Shopping 🛍️
Die Zahl 8 8️⃣

When cooking, how much do you usually make? 🍲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Way too much or too little, never in between.
I have to make food so it lasts for my husband's lunch and two dinners. Sometimes, with rice, I accidentally make too much of it.
Other times, with gourmet foods, they only last for one dinner.
What's worse is, then you have to cook almost daily and do food shopping more often.

What's the best money-saving advice you have? Mine is: don't go grocery shopping when you're starving.😂

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Hahaha that’s definitely a good one!
My advice is to write down the expenses you need to make for the month. Like your bills, subscriptions, savings, etc. Everything that is planned beforehand. Aka, make a budget.
That way you know how much money needs to be left on your account and how much money you can spend on extras.
It kind of depends on when you get your paycheck though. See for me, I get my paycheck at the beginning of the month, but all of the bills and such are paid at the end of the month. Lots of people get their paycheck at the end of the month, right before the bills need to be paid, so they don’t have to look as much forward as I do. 😂
Whats the best moneysaving advice you have Mine is dont go grocery shopping when

Netflix o prime video?

Scegliere tra Netflix e Prime Video dipende dalle tue preferenze personali e dalle caratteristiche che cerchi in un servizio di streaming.
Se preferisci una vasta gamma di contenuti originali di alta qualità, Netflix potrebbe essere la scelta migliore. Se desideri un servizio che includa anche vantaggi per lo shopping e una buona selezione di film e serie TV, allora Prime Video potrebbe fare al caso tuo.

Hello July✨ I hope July is kind to you 💓

waleedelsayed20’s Profile PhotoWaleed Elsayed
Thank you, my July has started very nicely! 😁:
1. The salary for June came 💸💸💸
2. My son was successful in test for his work 👍
3. I took half day of holiday to spend lunch and 4 hours of talking with my best friend 🥰
4. Then we were shopping together😅..... and what is very pleasant on July, last 2 weeks of July are vacations! 🤩 Have a nice July too! 💕👍😁
Hello July
I hope July is kind to you

What's your best Birthday memory ? As a kid ? As an adult?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
We had a family tradition in our childhood: on anyone's birthday, we'd go to another city. First, we'd go shopping and buy anything we wanted. Then, we'd visit the great park, followed by our favorite restaurant, and finally, we'd have Baba ice cream. We used to ask Allah for good weather as a gift, as it was the only thing we needed to ask for at that time. That was a lovely time.❤️

https://ask.fm/JocLuisHernandz/photopolls/226016011 ← ¿Este año 2024 te has dado este tipo de @GustosSuperficiales_ (ir de "shopping")? Lee bien la temática de la "encuesta-colectiva", vota y opina. *DNSB.

JocLuisHernandz’s Profile PhotoјǿÇ ļยĺ$´Ħz ⚙️
Bueno.., ayer tomé una buena parte de plata (dólares) y decidí ir a darme esos gustos banąles, he de ahí mi ausencia en la red. :'D

Nessuna TikToker/Influencer si è espressa riguardo la vicenda Palest!na. Si sono limitati tutti a una semplice foto ripubblicata nelle storie per poi continuare a postare le loro solite cose, tra cui viaggi, shopping, tiktok. Cosa ne pensi?

Ma che cosa vi aspettate da gente diventata “famosa" per dei balletti, delle canzoncine cantante in playback o per qualsiasi altra cavolata simile? Avete dato notorietà a queste persone? Non indignatevi

Quel est ton budget shopping par mois en moyenne ?

Douce_Epine_’s Profile PhotoDouce_Epine_
Mon budget shopping par mois varie pas mal, mais en moyenne, je dirais que je dépense environ 200 à 300 euros.
Ça dépend aussi des besoins du moment, parfois c'est plus pour des vêtements, d'autres fois pour des gadgets ou des livres.
Et toi, tu dépenses combien en général ?
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Which shops do you miss that aren't in business anymore?

amycheetham09’s Profile PhotoAmy Rose
I really miss Topshop! I’ve still got clothes from there that I wear often that are at least 12+ years old which I absolutely love. Clothes shopping is hard enough aha, I miss being able to find awesome graphic tees or printed dungarees with ease :)

When I go to antique stores I cant feel the energy from anything. Why?

Not everyone is sensitive to energies. I used to be dragged into them by my parents as a child. It was overwhelming for me and at the time I didn’t completely understand why. It’s actually surprising that I ever decided to start shopping second hand online. I’ve been told I’ve brought a lot of energies into this house. Clothing touches a person’s skin so that’s intense energy to begin with.

Poi sai vorrei dirti che comunque pare che sai c'è il fatto che io volevo dirti su può comprare gioielli a poco Nello stesso negozio?

polle85’s Profile PhotoAnge light
Non sono mai entrato in tutta la mia vita in uno di quei negozi, non mi piace lo shopping proprio credo piaccia più alla femmine che ad i maschi lo shopping, io odio passare tra un negozio ed un altro. Ci vuole troppa pazienza cosa che mi è quasi sempre mancata, la perdo davvero troppo facilmente essa. Devo cercare di recuperarne un po’ ma sarà dura.

I hate shopping in the middle of the week, why do you prefer make your fridge more empty

Thisjdembowski’s Profile PhotoY'ALL BORING
People use to buy many things and then they forget what they have... and after some time they must throw old things away. 🤔 I prefer to know day or two days before what we will eat and as shopping guru in grocery in my family is my husband, I dont mind 😅 😂
I hate shopping in the middle of the week why do you prefer make your fridge

do you prefer shopping for your kids or for yourself

Thisjdembowski’s Profile PhotoY'ALL BORING
Don't have a preference, both needs to be done at some point t sometimes. I shop for my son the most because he is 1. The easiest to dress and to make happy with toys and 2. Grows the quickest.
My daughter is very awkward when it comes clothing so I only buy things I know she would wear.
I only buy myself something if I need too but recently I've needed too so I've bought a lot of things for myself recently
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Do you do online shopping ? Whats your favourite website ? What do you usually buy from there

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I rarely shop – online or not – but I actually really like this online page that sells jewellery made with either clay or crystals. It's @numtasfrog on Instagram, it's a small business and the owner is actually very sweet so it would be great if you support her!

It's sunny and warm, the birds are chirping; it's such a lovely Sunday morning. I'm sitting outside on the patio right now, drinking coffee and relaxing. How's your morning going? What are you up to?

It’s pretty warm out here. Almost 70. I went outside briefly. Too warm and sunny for me. Going shopping and for vegan burgers at Burger King later. Also just randomly saw that the onion rings there are now vegan so that’s cool. I haven’t had those in forever.

Perfect age to get married ?

Athar_Lati’s Profile PhotoAthar Lati
When stranger aunties start staring at you from a distance, with the brightest smile on their face, eyes glued onto you for a some time, at some grocery store, shopping mall or hospital. That’s the perfect age for you to to find someone before you get into their stuck with their hopelessly romantic child.

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