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I recently bought a tb who has been a showjumper for the last year although his flat isn't great but he still manages to get around a course well. He is extremely stubborn when it comes to flatwork and accepting the bit so do you think I should just do flatwork for like the next mont

Yes defiantly! I personally don't really jump during the week, probably only about once if I need to. When you're doing your flat work, don't focus on his head. Focus on his rhythm, transitions, suppleness, impulsion etc. collection will come once he is working properly! 💕
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"How is a school pony better than a show jumper" wtf u learned to ride on school ponies! Ur making fun of people who ride them and the horses and ponies! Ur the only sick one here! Wise the hell up (my option js)

Not making fun of them, simply saying they are no where near the standard of a showjumper which isn't 'sick' it's fact, I never said they were bad I'm just being realistic. Stop bringing me and my pony down to make yourself feel better and riding schools sound better. I'm so grateful for Ballyknock and I've said that numerous times which you can't seem to get into your small little head, I would never stoop low enough to tell someone their horse should die and tbh you're just pathetic and childish lol
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Wish you didn't buy Nero, he's a pony showjumper pony, not a 1.10 pony! Totally unfair on others, move up. Level don't just prize hunt.

I'm sorry but if you'd like to try and find any competitions bigger than 1.10 around Yorkshire atm then please do let me know because we have to travel 3 hours to be able to do 1.20's and I'm lucky enough to have parents that will take me. If there was a 1.30 somewhere I'd do that, it's not that I don't think we're ready it's that there are no 1.30's around till the new year and I'm not just going to do 1 class after traveling 3 hours. So yea if you can find a pony showjumper right now then please let me know....

April is right guys. Toria was a showjumper who was jumped EVERYDAY and after a month, guess what? SHE. WENT. SOUR. Every time you put a jump up she would go into complete shock and would not move her feet until you put it away. LISTEN TO APRIL FOR GOD SAKE! Don't ruin your horse! :/ xx

It's happened to a horse at my yard too, thanks xxx

bet cause you wear a half pad you don't need it, they are not designed unless needed, you don't need it all the time, you just think u look cool..

No I need a half pad, they don't look cool I needed one on him and I like to protect his back I hate not wearing one as it thumps on their back the saddle, he's got so much more muscle and it's so bloody tight and small we've had many people out, so a lady wanted it to try on her 138 showjumper and it wasn't big enough for that! let alone johnnie! I'm riding him in mojos saddle atm as fits better than his..

"Junior Showjumper own a 148" - Rosie, you are not a show jumper yet! You have been to two bs shows, that is not a Showjumper!!!!!!! I would also give him the day of tomorrow considering how well he done today.

Actually I've only been to one, oo
I'm registered with BSJA, as is frankie - that makes me a registered showjumper! I compete showjumping regularly...
I'm also not giving him the day off, because he is my pony not yours, and I candy whatever i want with him. At cricklands he will be competing for 2/3 days running, so this is nothing compared to that!
Now shutup okay

(C) showjumper there is no way that you would be able to jump them around a full high level jumper course without a bit.

Define high level? People do pretty remarkable things even without a bridle. It takes lots of training but it can be done. Even jumping a course. So why do you believe the same can not be done without a bit?

They're not they're petty little ponies. Your just pony patters. Try going into the real Showjumping world and you'll realise how shit you look. People would be laughing at how shot and pathetic you and your fucking ponies are. <3

Skye ain't a pony! OMFG OMFG ARE YOU BLIND?!:DDD
Who said I have to go into the REAL show jumping world? I didn't want to, I'm not going to jump like every single day! As high as possible just to show off, no just no. What's the point in comparing a professional showjumper to me? Or anyone else? That's just low.... Well clearly they're better than me as they practise every single day! It's funny but I can probably ride way better than you, and you're trying to say all that so you don't have to admit that you're jealous;) Don't worry! It's okay to be jealous:') You'll get there one day hunny<3333

no I dont even know the pony obvs, but youve got it all in your head that youre going to be a top bsja rider like nat and johnnie is the next nero when you have hardly been placing and hes never sound. i loved watching you and mojo he was awesome but you and johnnie for bsja arent the best partnersh

Phahaaahahahhahaha I'm actually laughing so much, you try find in words when I've ever said I want to be that? never, you'll never find it because I've never said that, don't try and come up with false reasons once again, Nero is 1) smaller 2) black 3) older 4) not the same breed , they are not alike , a showjumper doesn't have to be bad unless it's Nero.. so many showjumpers aren't like Nero and they still do massive heights:/ i never said I want johnnie like Nero because they aren't the same anyway.. mate , every outing I've been to I've been placed..... EVERY OUTING,;) just get that straight ahahh , he's never been lame so that's even more awkward for you!;) he's always sound always, he got his leg cut all down him and you expect him to gallop round jumping huge? he's sore , , that's lovely to hear:/ apart from I get placed and go clear on johnnie and I never had a clear round on mojo I love mojo so much and I love johnnie and tbh I think we get on really well..

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These people saying Fly has no potential or whatever are pissing me off, yeah like I only tried her out once etc but literally if you've not ridden her you have no idea, she has SO much potential and she gives the best feeling over a fence, sorry but these know-it-all's are winding me up aha! xx

ellieleddy’s Profile PhotoEllie Leadbetter
thank you Ellie, she does have a great feel and clear all fences by like a foot minimum ;-) yes she has shit flatwork but its coming, shes so much better than she was when i got her! silly people dont know a showjumper if they got hit by one in their face! hehe xx

Cause your rate going to see a showjumper doing an extended trot to the fence!-_- your right they only need to know flying changes to get on the correct leg to the fence!<3

Exactly;) So it's not exactly dressage-_- Dressage is basically dancing around the arena with all these fancy moves! And jumping there's only one move to learn!<3
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What height courses should a 14.2hh be showjumping at? And a single fence? I've jumped 1.40, is that good?

Well a pony showjumper is 1.35 course, and that's 14.2's. so in the j/o it would be 1.40. So they could go higher as a single fence. But it depends on the pony. The ponies I have seen/know that jump pony showjumpers of the year are top class, they are some serious good ponies :o

I'd pay 10k for Neens, hes amazing!!! sadly people good ponys aren't cheap, sorry to break it to you aha

Um I think you'd find if you were wised up on the bsja world, ponies that jump pony showjumper classes go right away. They are like In a different league. They don't even need advertising. We've had someone wanting to buy him then and there, and got people who want first/second refusal. So he will be going for a hell of alot more than that

Dont know you but your very pretty but anyway if you could meet anyone in the world who would it be ?

awh thank you:') hmmm im not quite sure. I think itd be someone like Ellen Whittaker, Shes a famous showjumper. Id like to ask her how she got to where she is now as Id like to be an Olympic Showjumper one day:)!
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in your display picture your position isn't correct, if you were a top showjumper you'd also have top of the range horses, not a fat cob and you wouldn't be jumping a 50cm stick either, also you'd have an indoor arena if you had 12 horses, you're living in dream land you little idiot.

I have 14, not everyone's rich sorry, yes that isn't my horse it's my cousins, we were jut messing around?

Any advice im 15 years old and have a 14.2 im going to look at a 16.2 showjumper as i want to compete what should i ask about the horse to make sure i know everything about it

Ask to see a record and videos of it competing, ask if you can take him to a show also. When jumping lye your coat on the jump to see if the horse is spooky and ride like complete shit to see if the horse will help you out!

The reason people think you're a good rider is because you have conny an he knows everything, if you went on my horse you wouldn't be able to ride him

Oh I wouldnt? Well I learnt to ride on problem and project horses and Conny's the first proper showjumper I have ridden in my whole life, before him it was all self trained and problem horses.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaTuVEKGnDsThereseMoser’s Video 34357281606 HaTuVEKGnDsThereseMoser’s Video 34357281606 HaTuVEKGnDs
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYbhZsPcOdAThereseMoser’s Video 34357281606 WYbhZsPcOdAThereseMoser’s Video 34357281606 WYbhZsPcOdA

1) Favourite colour? 2) Will you do me a fansign? 3) Dream job? 4) dream boy 5) Celebrity crush. 6) Favourite band? 7) age? 8) Ever going to get a tattoo? 9) Favourite song. 10) Favourite person that you follow?

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don't do them sorry
international showjumper or eventer (horses)
a perfect boy
joey off eastenders or joey Essex
don't have one
doubt it
mac miller best day ever
no idea

do u think that in your life you will be a top showjumper? and that leaving school isnt wasting oppurtunities to get qualifications so youhave an option of another job?

I think that if you want something in life you will give it everything you've got to make a success of it!
When I 16 I will go into a professional yard to work my way up like that because its always been a dream of mine to be a top ShowJumper ... I dropped out of school to dedicate my life to showjumping and I will do everything to make it work :D x

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