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What do you like more: Summer jams or Christmas songs? 🎶/ Wat vind je leuker: Zomerhits of Kerstliedjes? 🎶

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I feel like if a Christmas song ever mistakenly comes on outside the Christmas season, people show immense disdain. Even if it's only December 26th. While I understand that a ton of Christmas music is annoying, are there any Christmas songs you wish weren't associated with the holiday so you could listen to them throughout the year? The three that jump out at me are The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland, and Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon. I'm fond of the melodies and imagery in the first two. I think Lennon's song has great atmosphere.
I'm not even religious, but when I hear these songs with a proper choir behind them, holy shit, you can just feel how people used to actually care about this holiday once upon a time. It lends it a sense of gravitas and makes this time of year feel like so much more than hokey novelty songs and plastic bullshit.
I've never actually stopped to read the lyrics, and it would seem they are both very dark and hopeful at the same time. It is a story of a starving sparrow getting fed by a small girl in a cold Christmas morning, but apparently the sparrow is actually the girl's dead brother (if I'm reading this right), who has come from heaven to greet her. Not sure if grim, sad, or optimistic.
For me, there is absolutely no album that is more summery than Operation Ivy - Energy. Maybe it's because I am from Florida and lived like 15 mins from the beach my entire childhood, but that album is the essence of driving to the beach with the windows down on a hot summer day. The albums that have always felt the most wintery to me are Sigur Ros - ( ) and Agaetis Byrjun. The bass line in Olsen Olsen particularly feels like snow falling. When I went to Iceland in December a few years back, I was taking the shuttle from the airport to downtown Reykjavik and as we were driving, Olsen Olsen came on shuffle. So one of my first moments in Iceland, driving through the snow on this shuttle bus, was listening to that song.
So far I've liked everything they've done. Their latest album is a bit weaker than the rest but still good. I think it's just lacking in memorable hooks and melodies. Tyler's vocals are great and Tim's synths are catchy as hell. I like the trance influence you can hear it a lot in how Tim produces the songs. Trance is another genre a love so it's a great combination. If they ever come nearby I'm definitely going to see them.
Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me has always been a fall record for me, both sonically and because I got into it in the fall of my junior year of high school. There’s something about the moments of empty cold interspersed with precipitating emotion and pain that play off the instrumentals and just sound like fall to me. Death Cab’s Plans is another fall record, though I got into this one my freshman year of college on long, lonely walks in the autumn twilight.

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Would you wanna go to space if given the opportunity? 🚀 Why / why not? If so, what kind of trip would you like to go on? Like a short back and forth into orbit or maybe even a trip to the moon / Mars? 🌚🌌

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No, I don't think so LOL.
Space freaks me out AND I think being inside a space shuttle would freak me out too 😅
I usually like to have access to a window whenever I'm travelling long distances bc I need the fresh air and you can't exactly do that in space!!
That's why I usually opt for a long road trip over a plane or train, if I can.

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Decade ( per i nuovi; dovete dirmi almeno un avvenimento accaduto non per forza presente nei libri di Storia in quel periodo che vi dirò, più ne mettete più sono contento) 2000-10 , allora in primis è nata il mio amore❤ inizia Scrubs, caduta Torri Gemelle e nel 2006 Italia Campione del mondo. A voi

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Che figo, ci sto.
Sarebbe impossibile non partire dell'attentato alle torri gemelle avvenuto nel 2001, poi lo schianto dello Space Shuttle Columbia che si disintegra rientrando sulla terra nel 2003, la comparsa dell'euro, nasce Facebook nel 2004, Obama diventa presidente degli stati uniti nel 2008 e ho paura di aver terminato di eventi.

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Do you find black holes fascinating, as in regions of space where a star has collapsed in on itself and the normal rules of the Universe don't apply? 😮 Would you ever want to view one from the inside - if it was possible to do so without being ripped into lots of tiny spaghetti like particles?? ⚫

YES x infinity. I find Astronomy in general interesting. As a child I was obsessed with it. I'd get books and videos from the library virtually every week, and would just love looking at the planets, the moons, and other astronomical objects like a comet, and an asteroid. This was back when Pluto was still a planet. I still maintain that Pluto's a planet. It'll forever be the 9th planet of our Solar System.
Over the years I started to follow less and less Astronomy. It wasn't because I hated Astronomy. Far from it. It's just that things happened, life happened, and my interests shifted in another direction. Yet, that interest remains there, and will forever remain there. It might not be as vivid as it was, but again, I still have that interest in Astronomy.
Now, about black holes, I remember when we saw the first image of a black hole, and thought it was super cool. For some people they look at it and go "pfft, big deal, it's not even that interesting", but this was the FIRST EVER image of a black hole. It was revolutionary. Like how New Horizons went to Pluto. Or when Man landed on the Moon. It was history in the making, and will be remembered forever in the world of Astronomy.
Back when I was a child we didn't even know what Pluto looked like, or how many moons Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto have. We also had no idea about dwarf planets, and the Space Shuttle was still active. Times have changed since then - big time. It's amazing to see what we've discovered, and how many more things we can discover.
I'd love if we could see what's inside of a black hole, or what's on the other side of a black hole. If I didn't have to experience Spaghettification, I would love to see what's inside of a black hole. That would be an incredible experience. I'd also be curious to see if there's truly anything on the other side, or if it's just infinite darkness.

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Charlotte turned around, seeing Leland was stuck and she jogged back, trying to smile at the Leland. “There you are. We have to keep going, our shuttle leaves soon.” She said, trying to pull him and separate the old man’s hand from him.

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“Don't do this.” Leland spoke again, feeling the handle of the phaser even closer. He could pull his own equally fast but he was glad violence wasn't necessarily since the man stopped bothering when the so called Trill's escort arrived. “Thank you.” he nodded

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Charlotte turned around seeing Leland was stuck and she jogged back trying to

this is going to be a very interesting space shuttle ride and hope we all survive getting through the atmosphere ?✅ ❣️can’t wait that’s a great group of ppl honestly

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Space shuttle? Nope. Spaceship! I'd drop off the first group and come back to grab @marisakamp & @MermaidOnTheMoon, locate @edgyqween66, @TessaDiego, @askamanz5506, @lnr87, @eatyourcake and @LouisaRHale and their families. Drop them off at the new planet, come back and grab @Itslaurencim and her huge family. Drop them off, come back and grab @Ice_Frozen_Vocals, @misswinnquestions, @astoldbyjoanna, @introgeeky and @learningwithlolaa. I'd also pick up @being__crystal, @anjatherandom, @draconianlord, @zy_cv and @Reginailessthan3u. Whew, that's a lot of flying. I'll make another trip to grab all the ones I haven't grabbed yet.

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+7 answers in: “If you knew the world was about to end, what would you do?”

“Starfleet has done pretty well so far.” She noted, smiling. “But who knows? Section 31 might be a better change.” She sat up a little more the closer they got to Yorktown. “Anything to keep my mind off of everything else.”

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“I'm hoping we can help.” Leland spoke, the shuttle finally landing in Yorktown. He hid his black badge again, knowing how uncomfortable black ops can make people feel rather uncomfortable. “Lead the way miss. Your task after all.”

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Starfleet has done pretty well so far She noted smiling But who knows Section 31
+2 answers in: ““My file was a little dull then, hm?” Charlotte asked and sighed. “Well, I’m from another realm. I came to earth a few thousand years ago.” She said with a huff. “Since then I’ve just been trying to find something to do. With most of my friends gone, or working on other things, I’m kind of alone.””

Die erste Mondlandung vor 50 Jahren faszinierte Millionen von Menschen in aller Welt. Hast du diese selbst als Kind noch live miterlebt am Fernseher? Wenn ja, was waren deine Eindrücke? Oder wie haben deine Eltern oder Großeltern dieses Ereignis miterlebt? Haben sie dir je davon erzählt?

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Ich war damals 5 Jahre alt und laut Wikipedia war die Mondlandung um 03.56 MEZ 😉 Ich glaube nicht daß viele in meinem Alter die Landung live gesehen haben 👦😂😂😂 Außerdem bin ich damals in der DDR aufgewachsen ! Keine Ahnung wie viele DDR Bürger sich das live angesehen haben, soweit sie überhaupt Westempfang hatten 📺🤔 Neun Jahre später ist Sigmund Jähn mit Sojus 31 ins Weltall geflogen 🚀 Auf dem Mond war er zwar nicht, aber immerhin war er der erste deutsche Kosmonaut im Weltall 👍 und darauf war die kleine DDR mächtig stolz ! Der Westen hat das damals ignoriert ☹️ Als 5 Jahre später Ulf Merbold als Astronaut der ESA auf dem US-amerikanischen Space Shuttle Columbia ins All gestartet ist, wurde er als der " erste Deutsche " im All gefeiert 😠 Ja, so war das damals 🤔

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Die erste Mondlandung vor 50 Jahren faszinierte Millionen von Menschen in aller

Since you are in the real estate business. What do you think about our country's situation being the lowest? See tondo? and so many more. Nakakahiya na pinas. Why can't we be like SG or like HK!!!!?

We are not the lowest 😂
fun fact? Hongkong has been the worse in real estate for 10+ years.
Why? Land grabbing.
Unlike us, we could buy lands, and sobrang dami pa. We're lucky that we still own the majority of lands unlike hk, govt owns their lands. Ergo, it is sold to the highest bidder kaya pag binenta na sobrang mahal.
Imagine a parking space size lot, in hk, majority, ganun rooms nila. alam mo magkano? 20k pesos.
condo na yun sa pinas dba?
ganun kalala housing nila dun.
even if you earn kunware 60k pesos yun average sahod nila, the rent for housing is 100k+.
alam mo yung shuttle hotels? dun nagoriginate sa hk to mask their problems on housing.
Minsan pa nga its called cage houses (see photo)
You are lucky na nasa pinas ka.
hk is the home of the richest and the poorest. its either youre poor or youre rich.

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Since you are in the real estate business
What do you think about our countrys

Leonard swam back to awareness to something in his brain. His head had that cotton-wool sensation of exhaustion mingled with withdrawal and it took a moment to realize, oh, and raise his head sharply, breath catching in his throat: "of course, captain."

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“We'll be lucky to have you, doc. And don't worry. James won't be there.” he chuckled, grabbing his coat again as he headed outside. It was getting late and he wasn't sobber enough to drive, but to his surprise, a friend was there to help. An old friend “Need a ride, Christopher?” the voice called, Pike almost jumping “Leland? I thought you were on a mission, I..” Pike chuckled, awkwardly. It's been years. “I was, Chris, but things are getting more trickier. I'm in the black ops now. Why am I telling you this? Well, to begin with, I'll be joining you tomorrow and secondly, I missed you Christopher. So I thought we need to start, from somewhere...” Leland was silenced by Chris' lips on his own “Just take me home before I regret this.”
Tomorrow morning, he woke up in an empty bed, mainly because Leland had made him breakfast and was already dressed in the section 31 leather outfit. Shuttle was leaving in two hours, but he liked being early. For Chris, of course.

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Leonard swam back to awareness to something in his brain His head had that
+6 answers in: “McCoy sat at the bar with a pad in one hand and a glass of Kentucky bourbon in the other. He'd found this dive bar by accident when he was in search of someplace to go that would be far enough away from Starfleet Academy. He was well into his third drink when he felt someone sit down next to him.”

“Do not think I have not seen the same as you, Diana. That is not - “ “Thank you, Menalippe. But, that is not necessary.” Diana looked, at the unconscious man she rescued, she was having the weirdest feeling of Deja vu.

Cecilia90464’s Profile PhotoBuffy Summers
It was not the first away mission to go wrong. HeII, he had lost count of these a long long time ago. Certainly wasn't the last as well. He was still breathing, somehow. Last thing he remembers is his shuttle crashing in the ocean, himself stuck inside, with nowhere to go as more and more water filled the control room. Soon enough, he was underwater. Well, isn't it ironic? A starship captain dyi.ng in the ocean, without even getting to say goodbye to his crew.
He could hear voices. Not clear enough to tell what they were saying but, he was almost certain it was a female. Finding his strength again, he gasped, eyes wide open. Everything was blurry. His heart was racing on his chest. What exactly happened? Where was he? So many questions.

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Do not think I have not seen the same as you Diana That is not  
Thank you
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❝Alles gute zum Geburtstag, Snickersweiblein. Du kannst dir sicher sein, dass ein liebevolles Geschenk auf dich wartet und von dir geöffnet werden möchte. Also heb deine Mundwinkel an und feier mit mir deine Existenz. Heute möchte ich dein schönes Lächeln, insbesondere, sehen. ❞

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┃⦲⠀⠀❝Vielen lieben Dank, mein fleißiges kleines Marsmännchen. An dieser Stelle möchte ich dir auch noch einmal für dir liebevollen Geschenke zum Valentinstag danken. Meine Existenz feiere ich sogar wirklich sehr gerne mit dir, da ich dich ja schon als persönliches Space Shuttle für mich beanspruchen konnte und ich demnach keine Strecke auf eigenen Beinen tätigen muss. Abgesehen davon verbringe ich natürlich auch einfach so gerne Zeit mit dir.. das sollte dir aber bewusst sein, Schokoriegel. Und jetzt lass uns zusammen die lecker aussehende Torte verputzen.. wenn du mich nach dem heutigen Tag nicht zum Training schleppst, bekommst du aber etwas von mir zu hören.❞

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Alles gute zum Geburtstag Snickersweiblein Du kannst dir sicher sein dass ein

“Hey.” She said, smiling softly. “Sleep well?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at him. He was out like a light.

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“Yeah, I'm a light sleeper and trust me, this was enough” he smiled, jumping up to move to the front of the shuttle “We are closer I see”

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+39 answers in: “She smiled softly and shrugged. “It’s okay. It would have been pretty ill timing I suppose. Telling him my feelings and then disappearing with the captain on some mysterious mission.” She said with an amused smile. “It was better that you interrupted, trust me.””

| Taxi | Kommt es hin und wieder vor dass Du Dir (ggf. mit Freunden) ein Taxi bestellst? Findest Du die Preise in Ordnung? Waren die Wartezeiten bislang immer akzeptabel? Gab es lustige, unheimliche oder gef.ährliche Situationen auf Deinen Fahrten? War der Fahrer stets freundlich und zielsicher?

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Wenn ich in den Urlaub fliege und das Flugzeug fliegt sehr früh los oder kommt spät hier wieder an, dann nehme ich den Flughafen Shuttle gerne in Anspruch. Da gibt es Festpreise pro Fahrt und dementsprechend wird dann auch der direkte Weg genommen und nicht erst eine Spazierfahrt durch die gesamte Stadt unternommen.

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Ci sono già stata, a dire il vero per un mese intero. Questa è la seconda volta! Comunque sì, JFK, ho fatto una lista di tutte le cose che non ho visitato la prima volta 😍

dismayatealaska’s Profile PhotoWendy
Ti assicuro che è cambiato tutto dall'ultima volta che sei venuta 😂 .. comunque si, ho visto su IG le tue foto (bellissime) dei posti che hai visitato, e anche quella del Brooklyn bridge. Ma ti fermerai fino al thanksgiving? Anyway.. io vivo a 20mins dal JFK (la mia zona precisa si chiama Sunnyside, forse ci sarai passata se hai preso la linea 7 che collega Flushing a Hudson Yards.. ti lascio in foto precisamente la mia fermata) e mi trovo sia vicino Manhattan che a Brooklyn.
Se nel tuo (oppure vostro se siete in gruppo) gironzolare avrai tempo, posso fare da Caronte 😌😂 .. anche se immagino che avrai ben pianificato il soggiorno essendoci già stata e sapendo come muoverti (eri stata per studio?) però se ti fermi a Brooklyn, sappi che la linea L (quella grigia) è in ristrutturazione e nel we, anche la linea G è praticamente ferma, infatti ci sono gli shuttle sostitutivi. Quindi, fossi in te, se non lo avevi scaricato la volta scorsa, farei il download di Uber 😆 o Lyft..
Ho ricevuto una domanda riguardo Little Italy, sei per caso stata tu? Se sei stata tu, Little Italy a NY è quella del Bronx, ad Arthur Ave (Belmont) e fossi in te andrei a "questa" Little Italy, perché quella di Manhattan è solo un brand turistico con appena 800m di viale (i cinesi hanno comprato tutto anche a NY 😂) mentre tutte le caratteristiche made in Italy sono appunto a Belmont. Se vuoi ti/vi accompagno: ci sono i mercatini italiani al chiuso, musei... è nel Bronx la vera Little Italy ❤🇺🇸🇮🇹

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Ci sono già stata a dire il vero per un mese intero Questa è la seconda volta
+3 answers in: “Tra una settimana sonoa New York 😋”

Heimdall stopped at one point and nodded, saluting them and wishing them a safe way back to the ship. On the ship Uhura was with Chekov, getting everything ready for the shuttle to arrive. "Enterprise is ready," she informed the shuttle

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Spock nodded, as Scotty brought the shuttle back to the ship. As they entered, Scotty went back to engineering and Spock back to the bridge, while Bones moved towards her new cell

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Heimdall was already awaiting the Fleet's shuttle. "Thor, the Captain of the Enterprise is arriving," he informed the god of thunder, who placed a hand on the man's shoulder. "I hope Hela did not draw their hostility on Asgard," he spoke. Heimdall nodded.

Blackrosesfragrance’s Profile Photo✝ нelα ✝ (Hiatus)
Skurge walked closer to the two, looking at the shuttle “Say that again...” he muttered, looking as the shuttle landed. Spock walked out, Bones and Scotty behind him, Bones almost gasping as he saw Skurge “Is this a joke?!” he let out, taking a step back, Skurge chuckling “Well, look at that, a twin” he chuckled

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Hela was barely conscious as she was brought back to the cell, mumbling the whole way back. "Leonard please.. I have to watch," she whispered, hoping he was there next to her. While that, Uhura seemed concerned. "And who will go with you ?" She asked. They were yet unaware of Asgard's situation.

Blackrosesfragrance’s Profile Photo✝ нelα ✝ (Hiatus)
“I'm sorry... I can't disobey the rules. I'll tell you everything though, I promise..” was the last thing he said to her, before going to the shuttle
“I'll go with Doctor McCoy and Mister Scott. Mister Sulu is the captain for the next hours.”

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Hela's let go of Leonard as the nurse took her place and turned to Spock instead. "I know, you're only waiting for such opportunities," she said lowly, her eyes locked with his. "But will you now aim a phaser at me each time I'm next to an unconscious patient ?" She questioned him, brows lifting.

Blackrosesfragrance’s Profile Photo✝ нelα ✝ (Hiatus)
Spock seemed to make a face “No. But, I can understand when you're helping or not.” were his words as he walked away. He suddenly turned around, shutting phaser to stunt and fired “Take her to her cell and prepare our shuttle for Asgard. She stays on the Enterprise.”

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Helas let go of Leonard as the nurse took her place and turned to Spock instead

*suddenly the Shuttle stopped causing crashing sound* 👾🛸 An alien said with loud voice👽: We came from the other Galaxy to see whether you humans had developed or still live like cavemen 🦍 the Narrator: will the alien destroy the planet? How will major tomtom act? Look forward for her reply! 🐼

ايه ده في ايه !! الحرب قامت من ورايا و لا ايه 😁😂😂✋

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Ich habe gerade das erste Mal in meinem Leben ne E-Mail in einer anderen Sprache geschrieben, um Tickets für eine Attraktion zu buchen. Wann hast du das erste Mal etwas für einen Trip allein in einer anderen Sprache gebucht? Hattest du Probleme oder lief alles glatt?

FipsiLaughing’s Profile PhotoFranzi
Also die einzige Erfahrung, die halbwegs dazu passt, war vor zwei Jahren die Heimreise aus meinem Schottlandurlaub. Eigentlich sollte mich meine Tante nach Edinburgh begleiten, aber weil zu der Zeit das Tattoo war, waren die Hotelzimmer viel zu teuer dafür. Also bin ich alleine mit der Fähre von der Insel, mit dem Bus von Inverness nach nach Glasgow, habe dort im Hotel übernachtet und bin dann am nächsten Tag von Glasgow nach Edinburgh Airport und dort dann in den Flieger nach Deutschland. Glücklicherweise lief alles gut, wobei auch einiges hätte schief gehen können, weil der Shuttle Service nicht von dem Unternehmen durchgeführt wurde, bei dem wir die Fahrt gebucht haben, es wurde auch auf dem Ticket nicht darauf hingewiesen. Da ich aber recht kontaktfreudig bin - auf Englisch merkwürdigerweise viel viel mehr als auf Deutsch, warum auch immer - habe ich mich einfach durchgefragt und eine Dame am Busbahnhof konnte mir die richtige Haltestelle sagen. Dann fiel der reguläre Bus auch noch aus, aber der Busfahrer eines anderen Busses war so freundlich und sagte, mit meinem Ticket darf er mich mitnehmen und er fahre zum Edinburgh International, zwar eine andere Route, aber immer noch mehr als pünktlich. Mama hat die Nacht zuvor sicher schlechter geschlafen als ich. 😄

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