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💢What does being feminine/masculine mean to you?

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
Nothing. I don't box people's personalities into strictly feminine and masculine. No one gender has a copyright on certain traits. If anyone tells me oh you can't be like this because you're a girl then I simply tell them if they have an issue they are welcome to pay for my sex reassignment surgery. If not then they can shutup about it.

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I have been following you for quite sometime now, by yourself, you seem to be a nice person, but you get offended easily and abuse others, which they absolutely deserve, but that doesn't suit you try to avoid them with a smile, dont get upset over people who dont matter. let them talk and be curious

farzamhaider’s Profile PhotoFarzam Haider
Thankyou for your opinion but you have no idea how many people come up telling me these absurd things. Of course i get offended because it's about my mental peace and nobody gets to mess with that. Such people deserve a shutup call now and then.

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+2 answers in: “Lahorie ladkiya single hoo e nhi skti koi na koi khota lazim rakha hota saman wagera idar sy udar krny ko??”

I am a girl of 22 years old . I have shifted to new city . There is a guy who live next to my house who stares me every time i get out of my house . What should i tell his parents ? It happening for last 1 week .

Ask him hoskta hy wo bhainga ho
Or agr koi or reason hui to wo bhi bta dyga.. give him a shutup call
Tb bhi baaz na aye to share this with your parents ta k wo khud nibat lein us sy

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Is it right for you to call someone "handsome" and accepting "pretty" in return? Think about it. If it doesn't bother you anymore and has become your daily habit then peace out. Reminders are for those who know their base.

Bhai jaan mjy unko shutup call deni cheiye the?
To ak or bhai sahab apki traah aa k msg krty k "larki itni choti soch q ha"
Kitny logon ko khush karon?

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+9 answers in: “followed follow back pretty”

Shutup just shutup this is too much ALLAH ka banaya hoa ha voh bhi usi tarah jis tarah tum bany howe ho

Funny how people get offended on BEHALF of someone else. Like "meri bhy lo" scene.
Most of the people I roast never question me back with negative remark but there is always someone else who does.
A famous question for people like you "kuyn urtay howy lul mein gand phasana ka shoaq hay?" fits perfectly here.
Anyway I don't consider myself as Prince Charles you know. I know my flaws and I appreciate when others do too, physical ones. And I roast people, if you have a problem, well that's not my problem.
So you can shut the fuck up and bend over to someone else who gives a shit about your irrelevant existence.

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+2 answers in: “پائل پہنانے کے فن سے واقف ہوں__! جانتا ہوں کہ پہلے پاؤں چُومتے ہیں__!”

Loved your reply against this guy Seriously such guys just want to get turned on or if a girl ignores wallah she's a ghasti Idk from where do they come from... life less humans who have nothing else to do... So proud of you posting about him socially ❤ much power love for you ^_^

Yessss,they are low life scumbags nothing more
And when a girl give them a shutup call,they bash over her saying that she is a typical feminist 💁🏼‍♀️
Weird people tho
Anyways thankyou babee❤️ glad to know that you support my answer
Loads of love ❤️❤️

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+3 answers in: “jao bey chutiye idk ku meri followed list m ho tum”

Sunoo.... Ye jo apky seniors bilAwajaa apko tang krty hyn... Aur ap unko jawab bhi ni dy paty.... Cz apko unky sath rhna h... Majbori h... Aur wo bary hyn... Kia kya jaye...( siwaye ignore k)

ohoomeBored’s Profile PhotoUnknown Bchi
Mostly log achey hotey hain bas kuch hotey hain jo thorey shokhey ho k tang kartey hain. Un ko bas you have to give a shutup call once lekin bohat tameez se.

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Himmat tb he ne di jaati jb tk un ko un k treekay sy baat na ki jaye Or kia shutup call...jo harami hotay vo harami he rehtay un ko krna prhta hy seeda

Har kisi ka apna perspective hai. Ap agar aisa sochty/sochti ho to apka experience aisa hoga.
I truly believe k larkion ki aik ghussy wali nazar hi kafi hai har chez ko khatam krny k liye.

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+4 answers in: “Yaar yeh jo larkiyan Gandi Galiyan deti hen yeh Dil aak kar RAhi hen larkiyon se.. Ajeeb Gandi hen.. Aur English Galiyan bhi utni hi buri lagti hen jitni Urdu.. Aur larkai bhi jo detai hen woh bhi buhot ghalat hai.. #STAIF”

Chlo maan lo aek lrka bghaer vaja k a kr tumaray sath bakvas krta hy tumeim galiya deta hy tumein bura bhala kehta hy Is k javab mein tum kia kro gi ya toe ro gi ya phir uska mukabla kro gi.Roi toe vo chorha ho ga javab dia toe tum pr batein hon gi Mtlb wtaf sb smjtay kia hein khud brhay he naik hy

Kisi ko itna himmat do hi na k koi itni himmat rakhy apko kuch bolny ki. Trust me shutup call sy waqai larky tang nhi karty.

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+4 answers in: “Yaar yeh jo larkiyan Gandi Galiyan deti hen yeh Dil aak kar RAhi hen larkiyon se.. Ajeeb Gandi hen.. Aur English Galiyan bhi utni hi buri lagti hen jitni Urdu.. Aur larkai bhi jo detai hen woh bhi buhot ghalat hai.. #STAIF”

Naa bhai mujhe untick karna nae pasand jistara apko apni pic lagana nae pasand😄😄 Ap aesi daleely dete hu ke bandy ku shutup hona he parta hai ..apka jesa demag nae hai mere pas isliye mai tu mar ke bhi ap se koi behes nai jeet sakti😒😒

Tou then insta pe ya twitter pe hi dm kar mar le... ha ha ha ha ha
Mujhe pata to lagay... baqi teri marzi... koi zor zabardasti to hai nai mere main..

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+15 answers in: “Tarek bhai kese hain? Os din zalzaly mai bhagy te ke nae”

But obviously dear first impression my na to bnda mazak krta hai na explanation deta hai ?? So when ever someone is going to talk he definitely don't have any intentions to hurt or disrespect anyone... Phr b agla sgut up call dy first impresion my he then what should he do ??

Syed_Farhan786’s Profile PhotoSyed Farhan
If in a beginning someone gives you shutup call so it’s mean he/she wants to reserve right ?
You need to tell them your intentions first you need to make sure then you’re not a person who cross his limits!
But still he/she is not interested you need to leave cause it’s a two way process.

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+8 answers in: “What's your philosophy in life ?”

Why is it we tend to easily accept and usually answer/reply those positive message we receive on ASKfm than those negative message? I noticed that they only post compliments, postive on public but not those criticism/negative message? Is it to avoid drama? Or they don't want other people to read it?

Syphira’s Profile PhotoSaphira
When you answer the negative stuff especially in a defensive manner it means they've won, they've gotten to you and that's what they want, they want to know that they've gotten under your skin. Responding is basically giving the a-ok to keep receiving negativity, I've seen it happen with a few people on here and you want to tell them to just delete and ignore it, to shutup and move on but they have the right to defeat themselves no matter how futile it looks from the outside.

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why are u so scared of these assholes that u removed ur BG Pic, u should be living for those pervs, u shud be living fr urself...if u liked that pic u shud put that pic as ur BG again and thats hw u wud gv a shutup call to those pervs...not be remving that pic they ll feel that THEY WON!!!!!!!!!

No I'm scared at all kya kr kya leingey aise khusreyy? It's just I couldn't handle all that crap it was irritating me so I did it.

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Last time he got very angry and he yelled at me crazily for weeks . I never yelled back . He told me it was nice of him to be still talking to me . I didn't say a word . I begged him to please come back . Be the same . He thought I was too irritating to apologise so many times

If he is yelling then the human inside him is dying slowly
Start Giving him a shutup call now or he might keep on doing this

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