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⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ❛⠀ ────⠀There are nights when the wolves are ⠀⠀silent and only the moon howls⠀⠀╱⠀⠀ブラッド・ムーン
⠀ ⠀
There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the

Do some people make you uncomfortable or no

sagetoriola58’s Profile Photosagetoriola58
Yes but I can’t always explain why that is. Usually, controlling and/or domineering personality types make me feel uncomfortable, especially when they don’t realize they’re being that way or when they think that that they’re doing others a favor by trying to control them. I’ve had a bad experience with someone who was that way and maybe they’ve changed now but they always had something to criticize me about. They’d also tell me that I talk too much when I was almost always silent around them and now that I’m thinking about it, I should’ve spoke up more and defended myself.

بعنوان ما تغلطش غلطتي ابعت نصيحة وغلطة استفاد منها ..

جايه في وقتها الحقيقه قررت افتح الابلكيشن أصيح علي حاجه و ارجع less active تاني المهم، keep Ur life silent بجد متتكلميش عن أحلامك ،حجات مخططه ليها أو حتي خطوات ماشيه فيها غير لما تتم .. متتكلميش عن علاقتك مع ربنا نهائي ، أهدافك لنفسك خطواتك في حياتك متعلنيش عنها غير لما تكمل ،قربي لربنا و بلاش ثقه زياده و الأمان التام حياتك تبقي safe zone و خليكي دائمًا بين ناس شبهك بتحبك تحب ليكي الخير و النجاح دائماً تشجعك و تبقي واثقه فيكي small circle تبقي comfortable zone وشكراً عيشي لنفسك و أهدافك وحياتك واسعي تكوني رايقه و أبعدي عن أي تشتت سواء كان من ناس حواليكي أو أماكن أشخاص مش شبهك اتعبي عشان توصلي ولما توصلي تكوني فخوره بنفسك_ وقت الفراغ لا" حاولي تشغلي نفسك بحجات كتير هتحبي نفسك أكتر لما تبقي شخص productive وهتبقي طاقتك حلوه powerful لنفسك و هتحققي السعاده فعلاً في كل حياتك لما تعملي كده!♥️♥️

Are you a middle child, first child, or the youngest? Has that influenced your personality?

nousernameavailable31645’s Profile Photo♠phlegmatic♣
I’m a first child and I can be quite bossy towards my siblings.
Outside of the house I’m not bossy at all, but I’m also not afraid to speak up to other people that are close to me. For example, my boyfriend is quite silent when his older brother is doing something that affects him in a negative way, I basically call him out for it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What to do when typical desi dad being cranky?

Respect him and stay silent because as a child even you must’ve annoyed hum with all the screaming and crying but they fostered, nurtured and protected you. May Allah bless you with a child too so that you can understand the feelings of parents. Abhi mazay karlo jitna kar skty ho, maa baap may say koi eik bhi kamzoor hua toh apko sambhalna ha phir yayhi sawal apsay poocha jaiy ga, why are you being cranky?

‏‎مش عارف اخد خطوه واقولها حاسس ان الكلمه عهد عليا ولازم اكون قدها بس ف نفس الوقت خايف تضيع مني

I’m not your advisor in this matter... I’m also one of those who would rather remain silent than say what’s on my mind🤷🏻‍♀️

There aee some things you cannot explain to anyone ... 🍒

And then you reach a point where words become futile, where the depths of your heart remain uncharted, unexplained. You bury your emotions deep, accepting the solitude as your silent companion. No longer do you seek a hand to pull you from the depths, nor an ear to understand your silence. You find solace in the shadows, making peace with the loneliness that envelops you.

What kind of conversations do you usually have with your friends❓

SN_Khan’s Profile PhotoAhsan Khan
I have three childhood friends who follow a particular sect and have different political affiliations. I don’t follow any sect and understand the flaws of this tyrant political system. I used to encourage them to study and look at the facts to help them out of their delusions, but they were very resistant and never listened to me. The same happened with my family, so I stopped trying to correct them and went silent on everyone...!!!

Whats the best car you ever owned?

My current. 2024 Lexus LX 600 F Sport. Cons: pricey, poor gas mileage, on the heavy side. Typical for a bulky SUV. Pros: everything else. Plenty of room for my gear, tech galore, superb infotainment system, rides like a dream, damn near silent twin-turbocharged V-6, over 400 hp. Toyota reliability in a tuxedo. 9/10
Whats the best car you ever owned

Kia aik mard zbrdsty ghar walon k kehnay pay majbor ho k nikkah kr skta h? Agar han to phir kia nikkah krtay wqt usko us lrki ki yd ni aty jis k sth usnay shadi ka khawab daikha ho?

The depths of a man's heart are a mysterious sea, holding secrets even he cannot fully grasp. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, he navigates the tumultuous waters of life, carrying the burden of responsibility with silent strength. His emotions run deep, hidden from view, yet guiding his every action.

What makes you question someone's integrity?

stormydazex6’s Profile Photodestiny
When they avoid me or choose to stay silent after I question them, if they’ve lied to me before, if they’re known to be a liar, when they care about impressing people too much, when they aren’t straightforward, when I know that they’re looking for a reason to get rid of me and stop talking to me altogether, and when they’re saying things for the sake of hurting my feelings.

What type of a person are you ???

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
– Not very easy-going,
– Oblivious to whatever is going on around me most of the time,
– Curious,
– Loud,
– Smiles plenty when met with attention, respect, and good humour,
– A little decent at sketching and writing poetry,
– I talk a lot about my friends, serial killers, mom, and lame jokes,
– I deadpan quite a lot, and
– I am silent at first, but once I dig the vibe, I cannot shut up.

Are people too afraid to stand up to what’s wrong in our society out of fear?

Fear somewhat definitely plays a role in why some people might hesitate to speak out against injustices or wrongs in our society. After all, it can be scary to go against the status quo and risk facing backlash or ridicule from others. But I also believe that there are other factors at play here as well - like systemic oppression, power dynamics, and social conditioning. Like, In many cases, speaking out against something might not even feel like an option if you have been taught your whole life that certain groups of people are worth less than others.
So while fear is certainly one factor to consider when thinking about why people might stay silent in the face of wrongs, I think it is important to look at the bigger picture too. We need to work on dismantling systems of oppression and creating more inclusive spaces where everyone feels safe and valued enough to use their voice without fear of retaliation. 🌻

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Какая компьютерная игра заставляла тебя надолго «залипнуть» на ней?

grazhdanin123’s Profile PhotoГражданин✅
Скажу несколько:
Need for speed hot pursuit 2010.
Битва за Средиземье 2 под знаменем короля-чародея. Офигенная стратегия всем советую.
Ну и конечно Silent Hill 1999 года.
Что бы вы понимали в ту игру я играл в 2016 году. Игра даже по сегодняшним меркам хорошо играется. А локация в школе самая жуткая из всех. Я её тогда забросил не из-за загадки пианино, а именно из-за жути в школе. Но игра офигенная. Лучшая в жанре хоррор имхо. Сюжет классный. Да, знаю про 2 часть, но то другое.
Ну и 2 часть тоже выделю. 2 раза в год перепрохожу её.

When you have friends that don’t get along, what’s your approach to keeping peace? Do you mediate, keep your mouth shut and listen, or advise parties separately while maintaining the confidence of what each party told you?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
I remain silent, listen, and maintain the confidentiality of what each person has told me. I simply stay quiet and do not get involved any further.

How much do you pay attention to images and their deeper meaning? Have you ever communicated something through an image that your words could not express?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
Images have a silent voice with countless words and meanings that cannot be expressed by tongue alone; you simply feel them.

Love, a feeling or a choice? I believe it is a choice that we feed to our brain. Your thoughts?

l217062’s Profile Photobb
It is both cause it starts with the feeling and is definitely a choice too — you wake up every day and decide to put in the work and make things work and it is an action, it is a conversation that turns puffy eyes to uncontrollable laughter, having the choice to get mad but always choosing to understand, it is having a fan even when you are far from admirable, being heard when you are silent and believed in even when you feel unlucky. 🌻

1. В какие комп.игры любил(-а) играть в детстве? 2. Как расставляешь книги на полках (по цвету, по автору и тд)? 3. Снимаешь ли суперобложки с книг? 4. Навигатор в твоей машине говорит мужским или женским голосом? 5. Хорошо играешь в шахматы? 6. Смотришь фильмы и сериалы на телеке, компе или ноуте?

1. В детстве любила серию игр о Нэнси Дрю, особенно любимыми были части “Stay Tuned for Danger”, “Curse of Blackmoor Manor” и “The Haunting of Castle Malloy”, а из более поздних, которые я прошла будучи подростком, мне нравились “Ghost in Thornton Hall”, “The Silent Spy” и “Labyrinth of Lies”
2. В алфавитном порядке по фамилии автора, но также и по изданиям и жанрам
3. Нет, мне их жалко)
4. Женским
5. Да
6. Чаще всего на телевизоре, но иногда и на ноутбуке, и на ПК

Is it easy to talk to you or are you abnormal?

S_fatik_F’s Profile Photosyed fatik
Listen to me very carefully. All this time, I have kept silent but not anymore. Do you know what a burning sensation is? It's like a tingle but it's hot. It hurts you. We humans are inflammable. We are created to hurt. We spend our entire lives trying to prove that yes, we can burn, that we are normal.
I am not though. I am not normal. Normal is boring. Normal is yucky. Talking to me is not easy but you know what I make easy? Being crazy. This is an invitation for everyone to act crazy with me.

How do you define grief?

Grief makes you.. silent. To me, being grief-stricken is equivalent to being dead.
People, overcome with sadness, crave death because they get tired of the noise and chaos of the world. They just want everything to become still... and silent. But the world doesn't stop, does it? Our world stops though. Graveyards seem peaceful.
And what is a grief-stricken person's heart, if not a graveyard? I wrote a long time ago, and couldn't relate to it back then, but now I do.
"مت پوچھو کہ کتنی باتیں دفن کر بیٹھے ہیں،
یہ جو دل ہے، اسے قبرستان بنا بیٹھے ہیں۔"
And that is what grief is. You are in the world but your heart is now a graveyard, burying all the good and bad memories.

How do you handle your stress 😅

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile PhotoLax
I try to listen to my body’s needs whenever I can.
Do I need to take a walk? Lets go (when I have the time)
Do I need to read a book/game? I do that.
Do I need to talk about it or be completely silent and on my own? I do that.
I try to balance my days of hard work with days of complete relaxation.

What's your favorite stone or cristal?

eyezofthebeholder’s Profile Photoeyezofthebeholder
The Mesmerizing World of Crystals. But my favorite is Amethyst. 💜✨
Contemplation of crystals sharpens the mind and elevates the soul. Stones are silent teachers, they make those who observe them silent, and the best that can be learned from them cannot be communicated to another.
Every stone is given its own. The native stone, in which the joy of the Earth is collected, makes spring in the heart, gives joy to a person.”
Whats your favorite stone or cristal

Haben Rhys und Vi Lieblingsfilme/Genres? Würden sie sich Filme oder Serien anschauen?

Vi müsste man bequatschen bis er einen Film schauen will. Aber die Pros sind, dass er währenddessen mit niemanden reden oder interagieren muss und wenn man ihm das so verkauft geht das schon :') er baut auch 100%ig eine Kissenwand zwischen sich und der anderen Person, damit man ihm nicht auf die Pelle rückt (looking@Rhys). Vi hat keine bestimmten Genres, will aber nichts mit nudity anschauen und er kann sich nicht mal on-screen-kissing ansehen...denke er würde bei den meisten Filmen einschlafen, wenn die Handlung zu kompliziert ist xD Lieblingsfilme wären Hachikō Monogatari (he isn't crying, you are crying!) und John Wick (a man seeking revenge for his puppy is just mood for Vi). Allgemein aber kein großartiger Film-Gucker.
Rhys sehe ich als niemanden, der lange still sitzen kann und die nötige Aufmerksamkeitsspanne hat um einen zweistündigen Film zu folgen. Für ihn gebe es so viele andere Dinge, die er mit seiner Zeit machen kann und es würde ihm bestimmt richtig schwer fallen die Klappe zu halten, was es anstrengend macht mit ihm zu schauen.
Er ist sicherlich der "Netflix & Chill"-Typ und wird zumindesst kuscheln wollen, sollte man im Hinterkopf behalten :'D
Flim-Genres...ganz schwierig. Nichts spezifisches, denke er schaut gerne richtig schlechte/"so bad it is good"-movies (the room | silent night deadly night | santa claus conquers the martians | troll 2 | samurai cop etc.) und macht irgendwelche Trinkspiele draus :'))

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🎮 1)Выхода каких компьютерных игр ты ждёшь в этом году? 2)Твои любимые дополнения Sims? 3)Какую игру ты проходишь сейчас? 4)Твои любимые персонажи Моrtal Kombat? 5)У тебя есть дома приставка? Какая? 6)Какая часть серии игр Метро 2033 тебе больше всего нравится? 7)Много денег тратишь на видеоигры?

1. «Avowed», «Silent Hill Townfall», «ArcheAge 2»
2. Их нет, я не играл в симс с дополнениями
3. «Lies of P»
4. Кабал и Соня Блейд
5. PlayStation 5
6. Не проходил ни одной
7. Когда как

Сможешь назвать 5 своих любимых игр, если Симс, Ведьмак и Скайрим под запретом?)

Ведьмак дешевая ссанина для дрочеров.
при чем все 3 части.
любимые игры? окей.
Вся классическая серия Хитмена. это уже 4 части.
Ну можно добавить и Абсолюшен как законченную вселенную. 5 игр.
Мне нравится серия Бэтмен Архем.
3 части основых. и 1 как спин оффная и 1 отдельная история
Вселенная Байошока. 3 части
Вселенная Алана Вейка 3 части.
Первая и вторая и Найт... что то там как продолжения первой части.
А еще сюда можно добавить и Контр. 4 игры?
Вселенная Борделенса. 3 части
не говоря уже про спин оффы... так что около 5 точно будет
Дед Спейс.. 3 части и 1 ремастер
Вселенная Депонии. 4 части
Вселенная Деуса Ех (5) и в особенности история Адама
которая из 2х частей
Вселенная Фир. 3 части
Вселенная Фолыча.. 7 игр?
Вселенная Халв Лайфа..
которых... 11 игр?
Том Райдер.. новый 3 части
Серия Метро из 3х частей
Серия Mount & Blade.. которая тоже состоит из 5 где то
ЛиС (Life Is Strange) буду брать основную ветку а это
истории Хлои и Макс. 2 игры.
Пенубра. которая тоже насчитываеет около 4 или 5 игр
Амнезия туда же
Постал.. онли вторая часть.
первая без сюжета. третья ссанина. 4 такая.. сырая.. беззубая и не интересная
Resident Evil и Silent Hill
игр и спин оффов дохера.
Saints Row 2/3/4
Вселенная Звездных Войн и Вархамера 40к
тоже игр хватает и не тока настолочки.
так что я думаю назвал достаточно и это еще не все

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Czy łatwo jest Ci okazywać uczucia? 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
PL: Wręcz przeciwnie, nie potrafię okazywać uczuć.
Cóż, czasami pewne sytuacje sprawiają, że stajemy się skryci, cisi i zaczynamy preferować samotność niż wygadanie się.
ENG: Absolutely no, I can't show my feelings.
Well, sometimes some situations makes us introverted, silent and we prefer to be lonely rather than overshare.

What kind of things would end a friendship for you?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
A lack of open and honest communication is a big one for me. When I am upset with one of my friends for whatever reason, I talk to them calmly about it and try to resolve the problem. I don't do silent treatment, I don't send someone else to voice my grievances for me, and I certainly wouldn't act as though nothing's wrong to their face while secretly bitching about them behind their back. Nor do I expect to receive that sort of behavior from anyone else who calls me their 'friend'.
It's an immediate dealbreaker for me. All it tells me is that they don't respect me or our friendship enough to wanna work on it.

Do you find it easy to show your feelings? 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Yes, I do find it easy to articulate my feelings.
There's also those rare situations where I feel the other person is so shallow that they don't deserve any kind of expression or an explanation so there's the silent treatment for those ones.

How ruthless can you be?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
I say something quite often, something very obvious, “I hate getting angry” because duh, right? Who, in their right mind, would prefer getting angry over other emotions? I do. I hate anger because I love it. I love the adrenaline anger gives me, I love how I lose my conscience, how I get blinded by it. It's like a bed waiting for me to return every night, a blanket eager to swallow me, hands offering to wipe my tears. Anger feels like home, it feels like warmth, like an uncontrollable laughter waiting to unfold.
How ruthless can I be? I have fought for most of my life to avoid knowing the answer. I keep myself in control, keep my anger in check at every moment by making sure to go silent even at the hint of it.
Although, to completely contradict what I said above, I don't believe I could be THAT ruthless. I don't believe I'd be cruel enough to watch somebody bleed and scream in agony in front of me. So yes, 7.89/10, maybe?

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Na studentské koleji hvězda umístil japonský student kameru na dámskou toaletu. Kdyby ji dal do sprchy..ale na záchod?😕 To je nějaká japonská úchylka sledovat ženský na hajzlu? 🤔

Japonská úchylka....ha kámo tam jich maj tolik ...
Holky co bydlí sami musí davat pozor aby jim někdo v noci nevyšrouboval kukátko. Když si pronajímáš byt musíš ho stejně jako jakýkoliv Airbnb projit s takovou tou vecičkou co odhaluje skrytý elektronický zařízení. Na záchodech bývají kukátka, ve sprchách taky.... japonci jsou známí úchyláci protože mají moc práce od útlýho věku a žádnej osobní život a dost často žádný ženy v okolí na sociální interakce.
Taky je tam známej fenomén že mladí muži večer stojí na turisticky významných bodech a obtěžují turistky... jakože si fotí jejich spodní prádlo, catcall8ng a regulérní stalking.
Na eskalátorech ti taky když jsi holka a máš sukni fotí spoďáry..
Proto v japonsku je zákonem daný, že foťáky na mobilech musí mít zvuk, i když máš telefon na silent mód....
Takže...furt ti to přijde v tomhle kontextu divný...?
Se chová jako doma....

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*Goth then holds up a small bag of donuts after Hades dragged him into the Underworld* Uhh.. I'll give you these donuts if you stop holding my face! *XD I won't even ask what he thinks about Goth*

GothsOfDeath’s Profile Photo﴾G̤̈﴿﴾ö̤﴿﴾ẗ̤﴿﴾ḧ̤﴿

⠀⛓ ﹔⠀Beyond the depths, far from the world of the living, the Underworld existed. Before the sight of an innocent——not too innocent——living lay a shadowy, dark, terribly silent and lonely visage. Complex structures formed a sort of temple, as well as a rocky terrain being accompanied by that characteristic greenish river that extended in several directions. There were some signs of recent violence; weapons from mortals, rifles and pistols, broken wooden rafts, dried blood.
As if malevolence were not abundant.
Flames consumed the offered appetizers. The divine entity threw the descendant of Thanatos against scraggly rocks offering rough-handed treatment. Hades was not known for being so benevolent and approachable in front of those deemed dishonorable.
⠀ ❝Renounce that foolish childish attitude and make your name respected. The title you have been conceived is sacred, future God of Death.❞ ⠀Pair of greenish lights saw through the soul, demanding firmness. Clawed hands gesturing at the sides like an invitation.
⠀ ❝You are here for a purpose. Show me what it is you can do. What power awaits within you?❞

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Goth then holds up a small bag of donuts after Hades dragged him into the

What is it like raising boys vs girls??? (If you are a parent that is)

Fun fact: Boy babies need more emotional support from their mother's than girl babies because boy babies have a harder time regulating their emotions, hence why both my sons are huge mama boys. Enough of that, but I figured I would throw it out there.
Boys are usually easier to raise than girls, but I think that's because they have very different values and need to be taught differently in order to meet their needs. Boys are harder to calm down than girls because of our testosterone levels. Ellis, as sweet and caring as he is, he will test you if he is feeling sassy or having a bad day, whereas Amariah will go silent and would rather walk off than argue, but she's a highly in tuned child and Ellis is very sensitive and will react to certain emotions more intensely. My sons love to just go-go-go and be messy, and my daughter is more reserved and likes to listen and take everything in. It's really entertaining watching your children simply be themselves and their differences.

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‏الزعل بيبان على صوتك و لا على شكلك 🙂

HindMahgoob’s Profile PhotoHind ❤️
ال٢ اول حاجة الصوت انا مش بتكلم خالص وانا زعلانة ببقى silent خالص الكلام بيبقى تقيل اوي عليا لو اتضريت للكلام مع ان ف طبيعتي رغاية بنكش ف كل الحوليا
الشكل بحس اني بسمر اوي انما اي تاني معرفش بصراحة مش بلاحظ ف نفسي الفرق بس اول م هتشوفيني هتعرفي فاهمة حتى لو احنا مش قريبين اوي عادي مجرد م بتشوفيني ف الطبيعي وتشوفيني وانا زعلانة هتعرفي .

When your parents abandon you emotionally, detachment and give you silent treatment, it hurts . So I just sit and limit myself quietly and pretend alright and they get me like I don't care. Alot of misunderstandings and miscommunications are making me crazy

Talk to them and have a conversation in detail. Discuss all the miscommunications. You'll never be able to resolve matters in your life by being passive and complacent.

Language: English