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What does a perfect burger consist of? 😋🍔💕

A perfect burger starts with a juicy, well-seasoned beef patty, cooked to your preferred doneness.
Add a soft, slightly toasted bun that holds up but doesn’t overpower.
Top it with melted cheese (cheddar or American), crisp lettuce, ripe tomato slices, crunchy pickles, and some tangy onions.
Don’t forget a spread of your favorite condiments—ketchup, mustard, mayo, or even a special sauce. A couple of strips of crispy bacon can take it to the next level.
Keep it simple, fresh, and balanced!
What does a perfect burger consist of
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What do you like about this app?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
This app is pretty cool for a few reasons.
It's a fun way to interact with people, which can lead to some interesting and honest conversations.
The Q&A format is simple and engaging, letting you learn about others and share your own thoughts without much hassle.
It's a good place to get advice or opinions from a wide range of people.
The anonymity can sometimes lead to negative comments, but overall, it's a unique platform for social interaction.
What do you like about this app

*Goth shrieks when he was thrown against the rocks and shakes his skull afterward, as if he's trying to shake off the hit he received* Ugh.. even Uncle Edge wasn't this rough.. but uh... did you just say my name is sacred? PFFT!! HA HA HA!! I know I should be afraid, but that's just hilarious!

GothsOfDeath’s Profile Photo﴾G̤̈﴿﴾ö̤﴿﴾ẗ̤﴿﴾ḧ̤﴿

⠀⛓ ﹔⠀Disappointing. Who raised this insolent child? A herd of wild animals? There was no conscience whatsoever regarding the potential! The divine force that would even allowed to change destinies and guide souls to transcend!
. . .
A waste of time. Though he expected no less, the insulting contempt of every syllable coming out of Goth inspired nothing. He could only see a spoiled child nothing special.
⠀ ❝...Perhaps you are not worthy to possess the recognition of darkness, peace and death,❞⠀ the divinity would make a singular motion with a hand as to require something, or someone. Rumbling footsteps manifested in the distance, approaching from behind Goth.
⠀ ❝Evicting you of this power and turning you into an empty shell is more than simple. You are blinded by stupidity. Until you come to your senses, I will see to it that you are forgotten.❞

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Pregunta de gala. ¿Crees que existen varios tipos de confianzas? Según tu opinión, ¿cuales podrían ser? "Szczęśliwego początku miesiąca".

He consultado un poco... • Confianza en los demás: Somos seres sociales, y por eso necesitamos a otros para vivir mejor y para gozar de un mayor bienestar psicológico y emocional. Tener relaciones cercanas da sentido a nuestra vida, y disponer de personas de confianza nos ayuda a ser felices. • Autoconfianza o autoeficacia: Permite superar los obstáculos que pueden ir surgiendo en el camino de un individuo a la hora de luchar por una meta. • Falsa autoconfianza: No confían en sí mismos. • Confianza conductual: Tiene que ver con su conducta, y es la propia capacidad de los sujetos de actuar positivamente o no, y tomar decisiones correctas que afectan. • Confianza emocional: Esa capacidad de entender e interpretar las propias emociones de los demás. • Confianza espiritual: Hace referencia a la fe que tienen los individuos sobre la vida que les rodea y el contexto en el que se mueven. • Confianza simple: Nacemos con ella, es automática, total y completa. • Confianza alimentada: No obstante, a lo largo de la vida y fruto de las experiencias, simple puede moldearse.

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★ Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? ★

crybxbyxo’s Profile Photo★ GᗩYᒪIEᑎ. ★
I would say that in terms of my personal style and home decor preferences, I tend to lean more towards minimalism. I like clean lines, neutral colors, and simple designs that create a calming and peaceful environment — that being said, when it comes to creativity and self-expression, I think there's definately room for maximalism as well so a blend of both. 🌻

What’s your expression of Joy?

IAbiAnjum’s Profile PhotoᏗ Ᏸ Ꭵ ♾
I think my expression of joy varies depending on the situation – but generally speaking, Iam someone who wears their emotions pretty openly on their sleeve. Like if something makes me really happy or excited - like seeing a friend I haven't seen in ages or finishing a work that I have been working hard on - you might see me bouncing up and down with excitement, clapping my hands together, or maybe even doing a little dance. And honestly, it doesn't take much to put a smile on my face. Whether it is simple pleasures like enjoying some good food or spending time outside in nature or bigger moments like achieving a major goal or something. I try to savor each moment and appreciate all the little things that bring me happiness cause at the end of the day, life is too short not to celebrate every chance we get. 🌻

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¿Te haré una simple pregunta Cuál ha sido la lección más dura de aprender en lo que llevas de vida?

AKONBES’s Profile PhotoTH!@GO @LC@NT@R@
"Me he dado cuenta de que no puedes
darme lo que necesito, y sería violento para
ti exigirte que cumplas mis exigencias. Pero también
sería violento para mí permanecer en un lugar
donde no recibo lo que necesito." — Mario Benedetti.

هو لو واحد عجبته واحده وعايز يتقدملها بس عايز يعرف منها ينفع ف الوقت الحالي او لا او لو فيه ف حياتها حد او لا بس هي مش مدية مساحة لاي حد يكلمها سوشيال يعمل ايه ؟!

الرؤيه الشرعيه افضل حال طالما مش مديه فرصه يبقا محترمه وكمان طريقها دوغرى فيروحلها دوغرى هكذا وصانا الرسول والاسلام

〔🐝〕¿Te da miedo la muerte?

ferencharsnyi4’s Profile Photoᴇ ᴍ ᴍ ᴀ
¿Miedo?, ¿De qué? Pfff. Con decirte que a lo largo de mi eternidad he tenido enfrentamientos fuertes, unos peores que otros, pero hubo de uno en el que estuve a borde de la mu.erte era algo que ya lo veía venir. Pero vamos, si llegara a pasar sea por una estaca directamente al corazón de ello puedo irme en paz, puede que haya hecho cosas en los que me haya arrepentido sea por ciertas acciones como también el haber conocido cierta gente que no valía la pena, el haber tomado ciertas decisiones que no fueron las mejores; el haberme alejado por mi bien de ciertas cosas y personas que no me convenían ni me valoraban. No me da miedo en esto de mo.rir pues es parte de la vida, así de simple.

If you were a character on a popular sitcom, what character would you be and how do you relate to them?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I think I had been a little kitten who wandered into the lives of the characters, offering a dose of cute and silliness to brighten their day. I had to bring a gentle reminder to always find joy in the simple things, like warm sunshine and freshly baked cookies.
My character would be a bit of a free spirit, always eager to explore and play and be there to listen, offer a comforting purr, and remind the characters of their inner strength and kindness.
⭐️ ╱|、
(` - 7

What's one of your favorite things to cook? Feel free to include the recipe and / or a picture if you want! Am looking for some inspiration 🍳🍲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I really love this food, it is called "fruit salad" it is a very simple recipe and it is worth giving it a try, they are fruits that combine with each other, such as papaya, strawberries, banana, melon, kiwi,Mango, pineapple, etc. are to taste without a specific quantity, add milk cream, with condensed milk, then a layer of low-salt cheese, and ice cream of your preference 😍🥰
Whats one of your favorite things to cook Feel free to include the recipe and
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What's one of your favorite things to cook? Feel free to include the recipe and / or a picture if you want! Am looking for some inspiration 🍳🍲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have lots of favorites, but a simple one that I cooked a few nights ago that was really good is chicken tortilla soup.
I dumped a lb of chopped chicken, 8 oz of cubed velveeta, a drained can of mexican style ro-tel, and a box of chicken broth in a slow cooker and that's it. it was amazing. serve with tortilla chips.

Ever thought maybe Devon is talking to maigua but is messing with her by feeding into her lies and pretending they're true so she'll make herself look more nuts?? Maybe kasey is in on it too

What don’t you people on this app understand. I see reading comprehension wasn’t your strong suit.
Devon does NOT and I repeat Devon does NOT talk to Maigua . Kasey has said this so many times .
Maigua can’t even post simple proof and expect everyone to believe her. Shes obsessing over someone else’s relationship is weird af.

i hope one day you get the help you need and find something fulfilling to do with your life instead of this app. have a good day

This is why you have no friends tbh.

Volve, ¿Por qué no activas?

FansdeBryanM’s Profile PhotoTan solo soy una fan más.
/Lamento de todo corazón perderme a ratos, créeme que no me gusta ni un poquito estarlo, mucho menos dejar mi cuenta inactiva por tanto tiempo, pero se me ha salido de las manos y más ahora que hay mucho trabajo independiente me sobrecargo con pendientes. Créeme que tengo momentos, por no decir escasos en tener muy poca inspiración para mi reina de los vampiros y esto el venir a responder por simple obligación es algo que no me ha gustado, cuando pueda vendré a activar así sea en dar una respuesta por día como en otros con 25 para que no se vea tan desequilibrado. Sí o sí en todo momento he preferido responder a todo lo que tengo en mi bandeja más de mi personal de una manera bastante natural, en los que se vea que me entran esas ganas de activar, más no por querer forzar a mantener de mi cuenta activa, so...

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Un nombre? ¿Día o noche? ¿Qué haces en tus tiempos libres? ¿Sabor de helado? ¿Mejor amiga/o? ¿Fecha importante? ¿Un color? ¿dia de nacimiento? ¿Un país? ¿Un actor? ¿un cantante? ¿Un amor platónico? ¿Una canción? ¿Que Piensa Sobre El Aborto? ¿Un equipo de fútbol? ¿Un deporte? ¿un animal?¿idolo?¿edad?

• Damon. Es el nombre de mi segunda persona favorita. • Noche. Siento que con ella me identifico más con ella, puesto que me transmite paz y calma. • El tocar el bajo, el practicar un poco de yoga, y el escribir un poco. • Chocolate y frutos rojos. • Simón, Jules y Bonnie son mi todo. • Hay muchas, pero me quedó con 16.02.2014. • El rojo, es mi preferido. • Miércoles, podría ser. • Indonesia. • Ryan Reynolds, es un verdadero encanto. • Will Smith, me encanta la mayoría de sus canciones, pa’ que mentir en esto. • Ben Barnes y Chris Evans, estos dos me tienen a sus pies. • Closer, de The chainsmokers ft. Halsey. • Simple y sencillo... Cada una decida de acuerdo a su vida, a su contexto social, cultural y personal. Si tú quieres abortar, hazlo. Si no quieres hacerlo, no lo hagas. • No soy de ver fútbol, pero apoyo a mi Selección Colombia. • Voleibol, amo y amaré este. • Amor infinito para los pandas rojos. • Suzi Quatro, me la pusiste difícil porque tengo más de uno. • Por ahí 1013 reales, pero físicamente aparento unos 15 u 18 años años.

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I wonder why do people tell their story even before it's worth it? But then I realize aren't we all heroes in kur stories? And isn't that enough to make it worth it? What do you think?

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photoعلینہ قریشی
I think people share their stories cause it's a way to connect with others and make sense of our experiences and sharing our experiences and thoughts with others is just another way of validating our own existence and connecting with others on a deeper level. — and yes, we all have the power to be the hero of our own story, even if it doesn't seem like a big deal at first. Sometimes, it's the small moments that can have a deep impact on us and shape who we are. So, even if a story seems short or simple, there could still be something meaningful to take away from it. Always. 🌻
I wonder why do people tell their story even before its worth it But then I

Who’s watching Canelo vs Munguia ? 🥊

kurlyfriez’s Profile PhotoKurlyFriez
I watched it. Canelo will defeat both David Benavidez and Terrence Crawford when or if those fights happen, and I feel they will.
Benavidez is flat footed and squares his body up too much when he punches, only moves in a straight line and can't fight moving backward. Crawford isn't built for super middleweight plain and simple. He's a welterweight. Canelo is too much an authoritative puncher for Crawford.
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What should we do if the person who’s used to love us the most in this toxic universe no longer love us or care for us… even stop talking and became a stranger what should we do in that situation?? Should we leave that person or continuously begging then for love n attention

AreebaRehan56395’s Profile PhotoAreeba Rehan
That person was using you. Simple. Now it's upto you to define your worth to your ownself, his existence in your life is irrelevant.

Здравейте! Ако трябва да споделите цитат от книга, който описва състоянието ви в момента, кой ще е цитатът? Коя ще е книгата? Поздрави и хубава вечер!

GretaDimitrova971’s Profile Photo“Рапсодия в синьо”
Напоследък ми минават през ума всички неща, които съм могла да направя и поради една или друга причина не съм...
"It was a simple concept most people didn’t understand because they were too busy chasing short-term gratification, and it was the reason most people fail. They spent their lives sitting on their asses and telling themselves “someday” when preparation should’ve started yesterday. By the time “someday” came, it was too late."
- Twisted love, Ana Huang

Te miro, me miras fijamente, nos sonreímos, y nos despedimos sin mediar palabra. Por qué no doy el paso siguiente? Simple, me encanta vacilar al destino

Mucho más simple que eso, porque no hay siguiente paso, el destino no existe y el sentido común dicta que lo mejor es seguir tu camino.

♡ top three ; mejores momentos con tu pareja/mejor amigx.

qestixn’s Profile Photothe killa.
Hablaré tres momentos (juro que se me hizo difícil escogerlos, porque cada uno son significativos). • Una tarde me terminé complicando y ella muy decidida me llevó en su espalda, pudo tener un sinfín de inconvenientes, en tener que ir directamente a un lugar aclarar cosas y aun así nunca me dejó sola, me llevó ahí con ella sin importar qué. • Hemos dado un paso muy importante para las dos y fue más en hacernos dos tatuajes compartidos (y los que nos faltan) pero es una fiel muestra que esta amistad es real; Yin Yang y el ancla junto el timón. • Tal vez para cualquier persona inclusive para ella Hambo sea un simple peluche, pero ellos no saben que este tiene un significado enorme para mí. Me acompañó hasta aquel lugar y poder recuperarlo, no saben lo feliz que estaba de tenerlo devuelta, es mi tesoro. ⁞ Acá hubo una pequeña combinación de ambos mundos, dos en rol y una en usuaria.

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For cewek², please gw butuh jawaban kalian. Jd, gw mau belajar make up buat acara perpisahan sm nanti kerja. Nah, tolong sebutin peralatan make up dari yg basic sampe ke yg cukup diperluin, dan fungsi+cara pake. Asli gw baru tau foundation, bedak, lipstik, pensil alis, maskara, eyeliner. Tolong bngt

Hi girl, I need to see your face so I can give a simple tips because for some girls they don't need to use foundation, just bedak (can be pensil alis), no need eye shadow, just add eyeliner (or use eye shadow black) and lipstik
^ini untuk daily use tapi tergantung juga sama bentuk mukamu
btw, rutin cuci muka pake sabun cuci muka sebelum makeup and apply toner before makeup

- ¿Que opinan de la gente que aún estando en una relación, siguen conociendo personas? - Pienso que debe existir respeto y hablar con claridad, si no pues, ya conoce el camino.

ice2211’s Profile PhotoRey
Asumo que al decir "siguen conociendo gente" haces referencia a que buscan a relacionarse más allá de una "simple" amistad o ser sólo conocidos. Pues sin dudas hay una considerable inmaduręz/pendejęz/estupidęz en las personas que accionan de tal forma. Saludos.

Say, Askians, if you had to choose a topic or a type for your vlog, what would you choose? Bearing in mind that it would be for a project.

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
I would chose my life like it is as simple as shit, you don't need to make any content you don't need to dress up and makeup yourself you don't need to make fake things just post what ever you are doing name will be also simple like life with Berlin and you have alot of things to show your followers so I would prefer my daily routine ❤️

10 cosas sobre ti que no se vean a simple vista: os leo

xavigc12’s Profile Photoxavier Carrion
1- Tengo muy mala hostia y poca paciencia lo cual es algo en lo que estoy trabajando.
2- Me fascina todo lo que tenga que ver con criminología y asesinos en serie.
3- Aunque no lo haga mucho -por falta de tiempo- me encanta leer.
4- Cuando me gusta mucho una serie o peli, la veo tantas veces hasta que me sé los guiones de memoria.
5- Soy súper deportista.
6- Hablo 3 idiomas a la perfección y me defiendo en un cuarto -en casa hablamos inglés-.
7- Nunca veo la TV, pelis, series… en español, y lo mismo con los libros. Todo en inglés.
8- Quería tener 3 hijos, pero ahora tengo un niño de 7 años y no quiero más.
9- Irlanda es mi sitio seguro y lugar favorito.
10- Me encanta comer.

How many times have you let go?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Shaheer
Everytime! I think letting go is an art. Once you master it, your life will be simple.
In today's world, you can not claim that this xyz belongs to you! In a family, there is a love hierarchy between parents and children. The time has come when you can't even claim on your family members how can you say a stranger is meant for you. So keep things simple and mind clear and let go of the things that are a reason for your mental disturbance.

3) Not a fan of first-person shooters ("Call of Duty" games and the millions of clones) but I do like one military sim: "ArmA 3." Not your usual mindless Sagefest shooter, it requires a bit of strategy... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Sagefest. 🤣🤣🤣 I wish that was a search term. I usually need games that are simple for the most part. I have enough of a headache most of the time. 🤣

Kal ki solution nhn btai apne mjy??

- Yaarr, it's like running in circles. If suggest you to remove yourself from the equation and view it from a third person's perspective then. I mean, yeh dekhu tumhari zarurat hai bhee usay or were you just another stone in his path?
Secondly, boys can go to every extent to make you theirs, but only IF they want to. Agar uska dil nahee huga tou tum kuch bhee kerlu, he won't budge. It's as simple as that with them. They're too chalaak, they just pretend to be otherwise. :)

Maigua responded to the expose page

I saw. I told yall it was her, and she's still lying. She deleted her page as SOON as I messaged branden cus she knows she got caught being embarrassing asf dedicating a whole page to kasey and another man.
She's not posting private conversations because there wasn't any,it's that simple, she sat on this app telling anons everything Devon told her, but when she gets asked to.prove it she runs scared and deletes. She's full of shit. Simple. I believe kasey when she says Devon never spoke to her or met up with her because she's the one marrying him and she would know. Simple.

C'est pas simple de répondre à cette question mais est-ce que de nos jours il y a des facteurs qu'on voit dans la vie de tous les jours qui serait susceptible de provoquer une nouvelle pandémie ?

C'est au contraire très facile d'y répondre.
La réponse est Oui.
C'est simple, l'hygiène a de nouveau disparu de certaines personnes crasseuses et/ou mal élevées.
Je travaille dans le commerce, et des des gens qui toussent et/ou éternuent sans rien mettre devant la bouche, pas même la main (l'idéal étant le coude, beaucoup moins crasseux), y en a un paquet.
Quand la personne tousse un peu 1 seule fois, je peux le tolérer, ça peut être une simple poussière
Mais l'autre jour j'ai du reprendre un client qui a toussé plusieurs fois, et d'une toux bien grasse pleine de miasmes, dégueulasse, écœurant ...
Il s'est heureusement excusé mais avec une tête de "oh ça va!"
Ce à quoi j'ai rajouté "Oui ben désolée mais moi je crains, je me choppe tout ce qui passe et j'ai pas envie d'être malade".
Non mais sans déconner!
Retrouvez votre hygiène et votre putain de respect envers les gens qui vous entourent, les gars!
Vous n'êtes pas seuls sur Terre!

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😋 hey could ya post the recipe for the chicken, broccoli & bacon pasta bake 🙏

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
Easy mate!
All I do is cook my pasta, I use stock in the water as well, extra flavour & whatnot. Remember to always save a cup of pasta water for later.
I then add my cooked & shredded chicken, cooked & diced bacon & frozen broccoli pieces together.
Once pasta is cooked, add the sauce, chicken, bacon & broccoli to a baking dish. Mix it all together, add your pasta water to keep things moist, sprinkle some cheese on top & voila! Super simple, but delicious. Add whatever herbs or spices to it. I would have added garlic but I don’t have any atm. Enjoy!

What has life taught you so far?

Let me tell you about a part of my early life. I was very arrogant and bitter, feeling trapped in my own anger. I saw the world as a harsh place and felt left out of normal childhood activities due to my blindness. This made me miss out on many experiences that others enjoyed.
People often responded to me with awkward pity and made assumptions about what I couldn’t do. They tried to help, but it often felt patronizing and more about easing their own guilt. They protected me too much, thinking I couldn’t handle even simple tasks, not realizing my resilience.
For 25 years, I was resentful and used my bitterness and arrogance as a defense. I dismissed the rare moments when people truly understood me, thinking they couldn’t really see who I was. Even after getting prosthetic eyes, my outlook remained negative.
Then, I faced a huge challenge with two brain tumors. This fight made me reconsider everything. I realized that my problem wasn’t just how others saw me, but how I viewed the world and myself. My negative attitude was actually isolating me.
Now, I accept the complexities of life and appreciate the kindness of those who see the real me. I’ve learned that our assumptions often block us more than any physical condition. I cherish every moment of joy and acceptance as a victory.
My journey, filled with pain and challenges, taught me that the biggest battles are often within ourselves. My scars show that I’ve survived tough times. I’ve changed, and that’s made a huge difference in how I experience the world. My story shows that sometimes the most significant victories come from our willingness to change and see things differently.

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Have you ever had issues with commitment or are you the kind who isn’t afraid of commitment in most cases?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Never been an issue on my end but I demand it in return and that has been a challenge for most. I have learned a simple truth about most people. Once they have your attention, it is only a matter of time until boredom creeps in and they focus elsewhere. Somebody else will always appear more exciting, attractive, etc. Rare exceptions exist but the average person has the attention span of a gnat. Here today, there tomorrow. Perhaps it's human nature to explore externally when one's search should begin from within. Silly species. It ignores the gravitational constant, insists on falling up and wonders why it orbits the wrong planets... 🤣
Have you ever had issues with commitment or are you the kind who isnt afraid of

¿Cree compartir esta actual vida con alguien que compartió con Ud. una vida pasada ?de ser así ¿es alguien cercano?¿se lleva bien?

PinoRe’s Profile PhotoPINO RECALDE
Por desgracia para mí, mis perspectivas de una vida pasada o futura son nulas. Vivo en un mundo extremadamente simple sin reencarnaciones, metaversos, ni paraísos repletos de ángeles o vestales que me aguarden.
Lo que hay es lo que tengo, y lo que tengo es todo lo que puede haber.
Un saludooo, D. Pino.

Consejos para bajar de peso?

Empieza sacando tu IMC, luego de eso hay una fórmula en internet para poder calcular de manera fácil cuántas calorías son las que necesitas para el simple hecho de vivir, de ahí habrá que checar tu nivel de actividad física para poder empezar con un déficit calórico sano y empezar a a bajar poco a poco.
En mi caso particular también empecé a buscar cómo suplir la comida chatarra o ultra procesada a la que estaba acostumbrada, como avena en vez cereales, leche deslactosada o light, pan blanco o refinado por integral, pan francés y bajé mi consumo de azúcar utilizando adulcorantes y por supuesto agregando frutas y verdura a mis comidas, llevé una vida sedentaria mucho tiempo, así que empecé con ejercicios de cardio por 10 minutos diarios, luego conforme me cansaba menos aumenté el tiempo y tenía un amigo que siempre iba al gym, como a mí me daba pena le pedía consejos a él y me enseñó varios ejercicios de fuerza que podía hacer en casa 🏠 🥰.
Espero te sirva lo poco que he aprendido yo ✨. Lindo día 💞.

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Do you comfort your friends when they're sad?

Yes, I try my best to Comforting a friend who is crying and feeling sad can be a delicate but meaningful gesture. Here are some steps you can take to offer support:
Be Present: Simply being there for your friend can provide a great deal of comfort. Sit with them, offer a hug if they're comfortable with physical contact, and let them know you're there for them.
Listen: Encourage your friend to express their feelings and thoughts without judgment. Practice active listening by maintaining eye contact, nodding, and offering verbal affirmations such as "I understand" or "I'm here for you."
Empathize: Validate your friend's emotions by acknowledging their feelings and letting them know it's okay to feel sad. You can say things like, "I can see that you're hurting right now," or "It's completely normal to feel this way."
Offer Comforting Words: Sometimes, simple words of comfort can go a long way. Reassure your friends that they're not alone and that you care about them. You could say, "I'm here for you, no matter what," or "I care about you and want to support you through this."
Avoid Minimizing Their Feelings: Refrain from saying things like "It's not that bad" or "You'll get over it." Instead, validate their emotions and let them know it's okay to feel sad or upset.
Ask How You Can Help: Offer your support and ask your friend if there's anything specific they need or if there's any way you can help them feel better. This could be anything from a listening ear to practical assistance with tasks.
Respect Their Wishes: Everyone copes with sadness differently, so respect your friend's wishes if they need space or prefer to be alone for a while. Let them know you're available whenever they're ready to talk or need support.
Follow Up: Check in with your friend after some time has passed to see how they're doing. Let them know you're still thinking of them and available to support them whenever they need it.

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Es muy simple, tiro de sus cuerdas y ellos bailan, bailarias para mi?

Es muy similar a una frase que dijo Borja Escalona en televisión, un youtuber español conocido por sus fechorías, ''yo pongo música y vosotros bailáis''.
Fue diagnosticado con sociopatía.

what happens in a marriage if husband is the traditional, more conservative type and wants his wife to be a sahm, but she wants to work? should she obey him?

No, she should go and find her happiness away from him. If two people’s principles don't match it’s better to leave the relationship. You are a free soul and not obligated to obey anyone. Simple as that.

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