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What are the few things exclusively available in your city like I belong to Hyderabad Pakistan so Bombay bakery chocolate coffee cake exclusively available in Hyderabad 🌚

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Yeah I answered in question
Apart from this Al fajr world tastiest biryani exclusively available in my city
Sindhi handi craft clothes for women are only available in my city 🌚🌚🌚🙂

What's on your mind?

maryambaig19’s Profile PhotoM A R Y A M Z A F A R
Pakistan is a shithole to live unless you are an elite Sindhi or Punjabi or if you are born into extreme wealth, then you can take advantage of the inefficient legal system, high population and availability of cheap labour for your business and lifestyle.
That being said, Pakistani is more of a shithole especially for women. Dua Zehra case is full of inconsistencies and fake news from both sides. Its difficult to reach a conclusion at the moment. Trolling, ridiculing a young child and her family is just pure cruel. We all are aware of the existence of women trafficking gangs and their methods which appears one of the possibilities in this case. But one must consider what went on in that toxic house that a young child, was forced to run away to another city, away from the "safety" of her parents and family.
Regardless, its funny seeing the brown angraiz, liberals and their stooges implode when their narratives were destroyed. No sectarian angle, no masjids who refused the announcements, no female violence, no inefficient police doing their work, no 50 year old husband, no evil moulvi involved.

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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone do in public?

10 log bethy hon us mn pathan baloch panjabi sindhi muhajir aur achanak Poo💥 ki awaaz aye..pathan hmre mn katal o garat hojta ha is pr 😒 Baloch hmre mn bura smjha jta ha isko ..hr koi philosopher bngaya aur meri hansi ha k band hne ka naam nhe le rhi qk wo padd maine mara tha 😆😜😜

Edi sohnri cho ahin?😍

Look, I know who is this. Texted me several times in Sindhi and I am totally not okay with it right? You gotta find someone else. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. You're sindhi I respect you, but it doesn't mean that you'll act like an idiot okay? Better back off :)

I have noticed that paki people use to communicate in english each other. 😮 Why? Don't they all know urdu? 🙄🤔

Not necessarily in English, we communicate mostly in Urdu or Punjabi or sindhi or pashto when we meet.. but we use English on many social platforms just to make sure our message is understandable to the majority of people (as English is a universal language).

Where did we all go wrong?

Itishajra’s Profile PhotoHajrah
We all go wrong when we started following other isms, we should have been following Islamic socialism.
“You now have carved out a territory... Vast territory! It is all yours...
It doesn’t belong to a Punjabi or a Bengali or a Sindhi; It’s yours!
Therefore, If you want to build up...
Yourself in to a nation... and get rid of this poison
For God’s sake give up this provincialism”
Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Where did we all go wrong

U R NOT HER PARENT to tell what should she do and what not..🌚 agr koi apni pics post kr rha hai toh wo oski khushi hai oski mrzi hai wo jo kre ap kon hute ksi ko perosnally ja kr kehne wale? no body has a right to say her somethng...oski mrzi wo jo kre..apko nai pasd ap sedha un follow krdo simple

sidranaqvi’s Profile PhotoSyeda Sidra Naqvi
Sindhi main kehtay hain k "yaar jay kharay ta ashiq ty shaq karay"
So that's the same case with her and you all supporting her.
Obv I'm no parent par I'm a Human and i know when to speak and when not. A general statement i gave a month ago (on dressing) and that person took it personally. Baki wo apnay mindset k hisab sy conclude jo marzi karain, i don't really give a shit.
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I am a Sindhi and my experience tells me otherwise. My competitor was not a Sindhi but he got the job just b/c he agreed to pay while I did not.

someonedifferent3011’s Profile PhotoSuhail Murtaza
Bro I'm not talking bout parhe likhe sindhi lekin ye jo achi posts per bethe hain woh yeh fasad ohelate hain sindhi muhajir ka mere kafi dost hain jo interior k hain unke bina degree k bh government job milli hui hai or jo yahan k dost hain wo degree lekr bh farigh hain
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Government Jobs are not distributed based on Sindhi dressing. If the process is merit-based, they do not care what language you speak or what dress you wear. If the process is not merit-based, again language or dressing do not matter. What matters then is how much you are ready to pay.

someonedifferent3011’s Profile PhotoSuhail Murtaza
Sindhi logon ko bina pay kiye bh mill jati hai :))
And that's a reality
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sindhi mujhe samajh ni ati. lakin your tune was excited?? an you spoke quickly ya pher mujhe samajh ni i is liye. lakin is was really fast.

I always am excited for no reason and i speak fast, may it be urdu or sindhi :))
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chadd dia. meri bas neend poori nahi hui thi is liye mera mera dil khraab hua tha online classes se lol. khair you posted something in sindhi subha or wo to seedha seeda phadda lag raha tha .

Hain? Kesa phadda? Did i speak that harshly? :p
+9 answers in: “5 HOURS OF ONLINE LECTURES???? Are you alright? Has your uni management lost their mind? Mere se to 3 nahi guzartay. I just want to sleep. :(( Or ab meri ek bjay class hai or ab me tab uthoo ga. :(”

Ohh! You said mein is app pey time pass karrhi? Let me tell you one thing.. pashto roman mein smjh ajati hai asli likhi hwi pashto bht mushqil ha 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

Syed_Suleman’s Profile PhotoSyed Suleman Rehman
Mujhe na Sindhi ati hai na Pashto ati hai na Balochistan ati na Punjabi ati hai.....
So no Problem man😂😂
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Appreciation ni bas ye interesting bol dia hai ye kafi hai mere liye and just dont call me nerd and theta and kitabi keera. Because i am not. And why would you kick a bechara dinnet set?? Khair how is your foot after the kick?

I was all into my phone and didn't see the dinner set. Sat on that traditional sindhi jhoola and very sweetly saw the set flying. Locked my lips so she may not know it at the moment, later made a very meesni shakal to cover up :)) hehe.
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I Am Fine What About You? Btw I Heard That Video Of Yours And At First I Though You Were Speaking Chinese Since I Really Don't Know The Counting In Urdu, Its Weird How I Know It Arabic But Not In Urdu And Yes You Have A Peaceful Voice. Just Felt Like Saying It And Thats Not A Compliment.

It wasn't urdu :) it was sindhi. But yeah it sounds more like urdu as there's a bit difference in both. Sounded familiar as i don't have the accent (THE SINDHI ACCENT YK) :p
Tysm for another one :p
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Har k jeetny walay ko bazigar kehty hain aur jo tumhare liberty chowk pa kharay puchnh per k liberty kidr hai aut tumhe wob firdous market bhej dy usy lahori kehty hain tum.kya harao gy humein :p

Ausafali’s Profile PhotoAusaf Ali Khan (rajput)
Demaag ki thori si tuning krwa lo phir q k baat ye hay k Lahori ho ya islamabadi ya sindhi ya blochi Hum sab ,sab sy pehly PAKISTANI hain.... so before pointing out anyone for their city merit think twice Kido ...!
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HAHAH wowww sindhi nikli chori to :D Khariyan to punjab main hai i thought wahan ki hogi... HAHAH bas mjy aur ni aati lekin samjh agai kya bola :D Sindhi larkiyan aur main history is very bad xD

Hahaa :) to change the history i came :p
Yahan tou achi khaasi ban jati hai hamari so acha waqt aa gaya hai ap ka :p
Kharian main tou temporary stay hai :) rehna hum ny Hyderabad hi hai xD
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Aheyo he galh aa par alahye punjabi ayen pushtoo wara galhinda painjhi panjhi zaban ma sindhi alahye cho konta galahen marhan k sharam payo ache shayad..

😂😂 in main sharm jee keri gaal ahay. Pr jiyan maan sindhi ahyan pr aetro galayindi na ahyan chaa jee laye aedi suthi sindhi maaan k achay na. Ta koshish kandi ahyan k aedo na galayan :))
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Bas tumne tou ab ye maskay lagane haina followers aur likes ke khaatir xD (jks) Dekho na phr dost ne dost ki baat sunli, atay hi I visited your profile.

Maskay ? Nahi nahi xd.
Koi chunay ginay hi sindhi hain mere paas idhar aur un main sy you're the best 🌚😂
Tysm for visiting my profile.
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Oh vital component of culinary arts. Quality of food. Where do you see yourself in the future? In your career? What will you major in?

I don't see myself anywhere ? I'll try my best to become a food inspector and work with Sindhi Food authority because nowadays it's kinda impossible to find pure food. I really want to work for the betterment of this country.

LG/TBH: Cute pandaa ❤️❤️ display hmesha he cute hoty 👌😍 and apky anons MA SHAA ALLAH pora din hazir rehty xD acha rishta paka hoa tha ya reh gya 😂 sindh k loug wese b bht sweet hoty 😌 STAY BLESSED JUMAH MUBARAK 😇

Tysm pretty lady 🌸💟 Alhamdulillah anons k honay sy barkat bohat hai 😂😂✌ rishta pakka hotay hotay reh gaya yaaar 😭😭 haan Alhamdulillah sindhi achay log hotay hain 💟😂✌
Apko jumma mubarak❤
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Oyee oyee, Mene bhi Sindhi shuru kardeni hai. 😂 Haan, ajeeb lag rha hai jaldi maaf karliya taang nahi kar rhi,Mujhe pareshani horhi hai, saans nahi aarhi apki is harkat se 😂

Sindhi ni ati mujy 😅
Mai ny socha zindagi ny pareshan kia hua mai maaf kr dun😂
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Oh okayy. Btw so many people are concerned about your crush xD Khair I'm seeing first time a Sindhi from Peshawar

So many people aren't 😂😂 I'm concerned about my crushes more kiun k aik time py boha logon pr hota mjhy so decide krna mushkil hojata hai . 😂😂 abba jee army main hai so sindhi peshawar main hain filhal , wese tou there are many sindhi's in peshawar . Punjabi km sindhi hai kaafi zyada :)
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